Photos of nWo: The Revolution Blu-Ray, Austin VS. McMahon WWE DVD?

October 26, 2012 by Daniel Bee

WWE Austin VS McMahon In an odd turn of events listings for WWE Greatest Rivalries: Austin vs. McMahon on DVD and Blu-ray have gone up recently on Amazon Germany.

The pages list a release date of November 9th, 2012. Despite this, we know the planned WWE DVDs for November are in fact nWo: The Revolution and The Attitude Era. We speculate that Austin vs. McMahon may have been in the works for this year but later replaced. The title is also not present on the recently published 2013 WWE DVD schedule.

Here are pre-release photos of next month’s nWo: The Revolution Blu-ray, with thanks to WWEDVDNews reader Sunny Gupta. Pre-order yours at this link.

WWE nWo The Revolution Blu-ray

WWE nWo The Revolution Blu-ray

WWE nWo The Revolution Blu-ray

WWE nWo The Revolution Blu-ray

Get your nWo pre-order in over at (US), or (Europe).

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  1. Acemon says:

    Looks like they’ve added 5 more paid Announcements: Birthday Party nWo Style (no idea if it’s the first or second birthday party vignette. I bet’s the second one!), Arn’s Spot (Part I of 4 Horsemen Parody), Average Intelligence (Part II of 4 Horsemen Parody), Second Generation (Curt Hennig’s promo towards Bret Hart for their match @ Uncensored ’98) and No Respect for Tradition (2nd 4 Horsemen Parody that includes David Flair and Torrie Wilson as “part” of Wolfpac Elite). 2 swee-e-e-e-t!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thumbs up for the nWo revolution blu-ray!! Can’t wait!!!

  3. insanetombstone96 says:

    Great pics! Thanks.

  4. wrestlingfan says:

    I may not get the brock lesnar blu ray right away but the NWO blu ray looks really awesome. I like the inclusion of the round table discussion

  5. john rega says:

    I think they should name the slip covers different from the actual dvs case so they can show more photos. But looks like a grear blu-ray im buying

  6. Harry Faversham says:

    This looks incredible to me!

  7. Brad Attitude says:

    I wish the Outsiders vs. Konnan & Rey Mysterio match would have made the bluray exclusives.

  8. pmdmf says:

    It will be an interesting watch, especially what I consider a real treat: The roundtable discussion. I always liked the Legends of Wrestling series on dvd.

    RIP Mike Graham.

  9. Daniel Bee says:

    One more.

  10. indyfan says:

    Im only buying this because of what it looks like. I don’t care whats on it!! Slip covers are annoying but it adds so much to this Blu Ray. YES!!!!!!

  11. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I can’t wait to grab this nWo Blu-ray. And I’m extremely happy they’re making more and more Blu-rays with the slip covers for the cases. Excellent.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know why people keep ripping on the cover. The cover is the best thing about this nWo release. The documentary is probably also okay. It’s all downhill fast from there featuring highlights that should be labelled the reason WCW went out of business OR the reason people started tuning into Raw in record numbers.

  13. John Anderson says:

    I’m not sure if I’m excited for this set or not. The nWo was a HUGE reason I was such a big fan of WCW between 1997-1998. Looking at the matches makes me very skeptical every time, because w/ a lack of segments & a short doc, that’s all I have to really justify the 20+ dollars. Ill wait for the review…

  14. Joey says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn this is going to be a Epic DVD!!!!! 🙂

  15. Geolink says:

    So far Raw 1000th and NWO DVDs have simple but effective cover arts. I’m liking it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    there is content listed on the disc 2 exclusives that have not been previously been listed as being part of the set. look closely on the inside of the case. it looks like 5 additional “announcements paid for”.

  17. John says:

    I do not know about you all but I like the disc art!

  18. Hate how they use the 2002 NWO for the back cover. They’re doing a DVD set about a WCW stable.. but damn it, you better remember that WWE crushed them…right?

    They’re doing a good thing here, but not without the slightest touch of revisionist history.

    Either way, I’m glad they’re making this set. Not sure if I agree with leaving out the ‘silver & black’ NWO, or Muta/Chono & NWO Japan (maybe it’s mentioned, but not its own chapter, & no matches), but it looks like a phenomenal set regardless.

    • mommy says:

      agree they always need to hit it home that “vince beat wcw”

      we all know it, and this set has nothing to do with that, YET there always is that little poke of ego by vince

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      You really cannot be serious? Because they used an updated photo of the original 3 members of the nWo? Really?

  19. The Awesome One says:

    Have my nWo DVD pre-ordered from Amazon. Cant wait 🙂

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