Photos of ‘The Music of WWE’ DVD, Update on ‘Road to WrestleMania’ Sale

March 10, 2014 by Daniel Bee

Signature Sounds: The Music of WWE is released next week, and we can now show off exclusive first look pics!

If you’d like to try to get this DVD before the release date, seller “nonstopwrestling” here on has an early copy ending in an auction today, right now only $0.99.

Signature Sounds The Music of WWE DVD - Photos

Signature Sounds The Music of WWE DVD - Photos

Getting to the big dance takes style and grace, and only those who are pure of sound and rhythm are fit to enter the grandest stage. And if your soirée involves a ring, a ref and thousands of screaming fans, a signature sound makes all the difference.

Now, count down the greatest 25 entrance themes of all time with Signature Sounds: The Music of WWE. From shattering glass, to chilling bell tolls, to seductive melodies fit for the ball, these are the tunes that ring in the arrival of your favorite WWE Superstars.

Full Content: “Signature Sounds: The Music of WWE” DVD

Signature Sounds The Music of WWE DVD - Photos

Signature Sounds The Music of WWE DVD - Photos

Get “Signature Sounds: The Music of WWE” for only $6.00 by clicking here.

Here’s a new teaser trailer for “YouShoot: ICP” by Kayfabe Commentaries. It will be released on DVD and On Demand through on March 25th.

UK FANS: “The Best of RAW & Smackdown 2013” is now available on DVD and Blu-ray as of today! You can get it at, and heads up, last year’s RAW & SD 2012 DVD/BD is reduced in price this week only to coincide with the new release.

WWE Best of Raw & Smackdown 2013 DVD Blu-ray UK

Last week the First In-Store “Road to WrestleMania” WWE DVD Sale started at participating Walmart outlets in the US. WDN reader @eyerighteye on Twitter spotted a few more titles in the “WrestleMania XXX Value Packs” and provided the pic below.

For those asking, the T-Shirt bundled in the other packs has an old school WWE logo.

Walmart WWE WrestleMania 30 DVD Packs

Jim Ross mentioned WWE’s upcoming Paul Heyman DVD in one of his recent blog posts. His comments are shown below. The new Heyman DVD is slated for August release and will feature a documentary as its main feature. More details as we receive them.

“Based on what some of those interviewed have told me, I’m not sure that the upcoming Paul Heyman DVD will be a tribute or a roast. Seriously, the DVD should be entertaining and informative but if you would have told me in our WCW days that Paul would someday have a WWE DVD, I’d have asked what you were smoking.

My Happy Heyman DVD interview lasted over two hours and from what I was told I was the last person to be interviewed for the much anticipated release.”

WWE Paul Heyman DVD 2014


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  1. Jeff Copeland says:

    Walmart sale this year was ehhh i got lesnar show and top 50 finishers jake roberts combos compared to last years this is dissapointing

  2. LP1 says:

    “…if you would have told me in our WCW days that Paul would someday have a WWE DVD, I’d have asked what you were smoking.”

    Actually he probably should have asked “What the hell is a DVD?”

  3. SRB says:

    Ross sounds bitter about the Heyman set.

  4. Justin F says:

    That white case does make the DVD look really cheap-looking. Almost like the DVD is a bootleg copy.

    • TedFox says:

      Same here. I thought it was a burnt DVD from RF Video, since half of their titles seem to come in those white cases.

  5. Mr Hesse says:

    I’m pretty sure ICP fans bathe in dog piss.

    • Roy says:

      The pop they used to get when they were in the WWF was pretty loud. Thats kind of gross that 20,000 people smelled like dog piss. I’m glad I didnt make it to any of those shows. I wonder how many people in the stands threw up from the smell?

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