Exclusive: Pre-Release Photos of ‘Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden’ DVD

August 14, 2013 by Daniel Bee

Best of WWE at MSG DVD Logo

The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden officially hits stores in 2 weeks time! Today, WrestlingDVDNews.com can give you a first look at the 3-disc DVD version of the set with these exclusive photos.

You can pre-order your copy on DVD or Blu-ray for August 27th by clicking here.

The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden DVD

The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden DVD

The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden DVD


For nearly 50 years, Madison Square Garden has been home of WWE. Relive over 20 of the most iconic matches and moments to take place in The World’s Most Famous Arena, from Bruno Sammartino’s incredible run to John Cena’s return to glory.

Also, get the stories behind the history with new interviews from several Garden greats including Bret “Hit Man” Hart, Bob Backlund, Shawn Michaels, Ivan Koloff, Trish Stratus and for the first time on WWE Home Entertainment – Bruno Sammartino.

Full Match Listing for WWE at Madison Square Garden DVD & Blu-ray.

The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden DVD

The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden DVD

The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden DVD

The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden DVD

The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden DVD



US Release: August 27th. Pre-order now.

Canada Release: August 27th. Pre-order now.

Australia Release: September 4th. Pre-order now.

UK Release: September 9th. Pre-order now.

The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden DVD

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  1. Bill says:

    Wow, big surprise, people complaining. What’s happened to today’s fan?

  2. Shane C. MOntgomery says:

    Cena again?! I am so sick of this phony. We do not need him on the cover of everything that is WWE! I don’t care if he is the face of the company, most people do not like him, me for one.

  3. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    Very nice set, especially after I hear that MSG has something like 10 years to re-locate. (According to HLN)….May just pick this one up.

  4. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I hope they make a Volume 2 of this set eventually. Nice artwork too.

  5. wwefan says:

    great picture of wrestlemania 20.

  6. Scott says:

    Yea great inside cover but terrible matches pass

  7. Philip says:

    Great artwork, but a truly HORRENDOUS match listing.

    Definitely a “Must Avoid!”

    • SRB says:

      I’m going to avoid this set more than an STD test. Right guys?

      • King Shabazz says:

        Right. This release should be avoided like an std. But maybe not- perhaps if they wrap it in a collectors condem much like they wrapped the mick foley release in a collectors socko sock.

  8. Simon says:

    The text on the back cover is priceless: “definitive matches from the first WrestleMania, WrestleMania X and WrestleMania XX”! By what stretch of the imagination is John Cena vs. The Big Show for the US Title a ‘definitive match’. It’s tantamount to false advertising.

    Also, they chose to use up seven lines to include that Survivor Series 1996 elimination match, and made sure that Marc Mero, The Stalker and Crush are all used as selling points? I’m not in marketing, but it’s pretty obvious to me that highlighting matches with the likes of Hogan, Austin, Michaels etc. would result in more sales.

  9. John says:

    Personally, the artwork is bleah to me

  10. Steve says:

    Repeat-A-Mania is running wild

  11. Lawrence says:

    The match listings on the inside flap!
    One little thing like this means something to me. It makes it that much easier to view the content rather than having to remove each disc individually.

  12. Brian Kraemer says:

    Even though I am not getting this, the art work is fantastic… I don’t know if that shot from WM20 is the best one they could’ve gotten, but nonetheless it’s still great. You get the some of the most infamous shots of each decade. 80s with Hogan, 90s with Austin, and even the 00s with Cena. Great artwork inside makes up for the MS Paint cover

  13. SRB says:

    Nice shots.

  14. Book says:

    Like it. Look’s good

    • King Shabazz says:

      It’s okay, i guess… but they could have included some pictures of the Red Rooster. After all, he was the man who built Madison Square Garden.

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