Exclusive: Pre-Release Photos of WWE’s Falls Count Anywhere Blu-ray

June 21, 2012 by Mark D

WWE Falls Count Anywhere is released in the US next week on Home Video, and we have some exclusive pre-release pictures of the Blu-ray edition to show you.

Hosted by WWE Legend Mick Foley, the Blu-ray set features almost 30 of “The Greatest Street Fights and Other Out of Control Matches”. You can pre-order your copy here, or if you are in the UK and Europe over here for August.

Stone Cold Steve Austin. Triple H. Bret “Hit Man” Hart. The Road Warriors.

For decades, sports-entertainment fans have witnessed the most ruthless and unrelenting Superstars step through the ropes to settle their scores. But what happens when rivalries inside the ring become so intense that ropes, rule books and officials are powerless to contain them?

In this 2-disc Blu-ray set, host MICK FOLEY takes a look at over 30 years of bouts from WWE, NWA, WCW and ECW in which the “anything goes” law of the streets takes over, action sills out of the ring…and spirals out of control! WWE presents Falls Count Anywhere – The Greatest Street Fights and Other Out of Control Matches!


Boiler Room Brawl
Mankind vs. Santa Claus
Raw · December 20, 1999

Street Fight
Triple H vs. Sheamus
Extreme Rules · April 25, 2010

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes
Extreme Rules · May 1, 2011

Street Fight
Kane vs. Randy Orton
Smackdown · July 22, 2011

[Click to pre-order WWE Falls Count Anywhere for June 26]

Head over to Silvervision.co.uk to get your copy in the UK and Europe!

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  1. This is the definition of thrown-together.

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      And you’re the definition of cry baby. Every post I see you whine and complain.

      • Jeez, I forgot I can’t give my opinion. THIS DVD IS SO AWESOME! THE WWE DVD DEPARTMENT IS DOING A FANTASTIC JOB AND EVERYTHING THEY DO IS GREAT! There! And no, I don’t complain about everything, I have given my thoughts; good and bad in the comments, that’s why there is a comments section. And I’ll stand by what I said about the DVD being thrown-together, read the title! Next up: “Pole Matches: The Greatest Pole Matches and other atrocious gimmick matches”

    • Mark D says:

      @electrifyingstun Sorry you don’t like it.
      What were you expecting it to be when you clicked the link?

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