Photos of WWE’s The Marine 3 Blu-ray, Issues with Bret Hart DVD Footage

February 24, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE Bret Hart

Bret Hart: The Dungeon Collection is released in just 9 days. Click here to pre-order.

We now have some further details as relates to the content of the “Dungeon Collection” set. Sunny Gupta sends word that for the Blu-ray edition Disc 1 runs approximately 4 hours and 17 minutes, while Disc 2 runs about 4 hours and 12 minutes.

Within those runtimes Disc 1 contains 17 minutes of Blu-ray exclusives and Disc 2 has 1 hour and 22 minutes of Blu-ray exclusive matches.

The Bret Hart vs. Andre the Giant match from Milan that’s included in the feature is reportedly of poor video quality. As speculated, the Stampede Wrestling footage is also not of exceptional quality and is clipped. Do keep in mind the focus of the DVD is rare and unseen matches from the vault so imperfections are to be expected.

In regards to edits, the Twin Tower’s theme “Jive Soul Bro” is dubbed by an in house instrumental. Instances of “Superstars of Wrestling” on banners are blurred on screen.

Below, check out first look photos of The Marine 3: Homefront Blu-ray & DVD combo pack. The latest WWE Studios offering, starring The Miz, is released on March 5th. The combo and standard DVD versions are available to pre-order from $14.96 at this link.

WWE The Marine 3 DVD Blu-ray

WWE The Marine 3 DVD Blu-ray

WWE superstar Mike “The Miz” Mizanin delivers a knock-out performance in the most explosive, action-packed Marine adventure yet. After returning to his hometown on leave, Sgt. Jake Carter learns that his sister has been abducted by a band of violent extremists. To save her, Carter launches a daring one-man assault on their base of operations…only to discover the group’s ruthless leader is plotting a deadly terrorist strike. With time running out, Carter realizes he’s the only man who can stop the impending massacre — but this American hero may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save thousands of innocent lives.


WWE The Marine 3 DVD Blu-ray

WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Logo

WWE Royal Rumble 2013 is officially released this Tuesday on DVD and Blu-ray formats. Get your pre-orders in now over here.

The event was headlined by the 30 man Royal Rumble match and CM Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship.

As reported, the DVD extra is a John Cena interview following his victory. Blu-ray extras include segments and matches from the Raw and Smackdown shows leading into the PPV.

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  1. Lawrence says:

    The match with Buzz Sawyer on the Bret Hart Dungeon Collection DVD appears to be from an old VCR tape that was used to tape a program off of a TV with rabbit ears (no cable/satellite back then).
    Not that I’m complaining as it’s still a cool DVD to have, but some might have issues with this match as well.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Seems like that’s true. The guy who actually uploaded the video to Youtube seems to think so, and Mark D who’s watched the Bret DVD think it’s identical. Gotta be a new move for a WWE DVD.

  2. MizSux says:

    LMFAO. Miz looks like a ridiculous dork in this DVD.

  3. JFR_WWfE79 says:

    The Marine franchise reminds me of another franchise titled The Substitute. With The Substitute franchise you had Tom Berenger in the title role in the first movie and Treat Williams in the title role in the last 3 movies.

  4. B.T. Huffman says:

    Will the Marine release by Frementle Media?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      There’s a listing for the DVD on with April 15th release date. Not sure if it’s FremantleMedia doing it though.

  5. Thomas Goodearl says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Miz looks like a young Michael Bien?

  6. LP1 says:

    A lot of people need to realize that Stampede Wrestling, didn’t keep “master tapes” in the archives. They only kept the shows as they aired on tv. Which would mean, obviously, edited matches that could fit into the 1 hour tv time slot. Most wrestling companies back then didn’t foresee a future where home video would be a major source of revenue so it wasn’t important to keep them unedited.

    As for the video quality of the matches, these are tapes from the 1970’s. Anyone expecting them to look perfect are fooling themselves. I’ve seen quite a few Stampede matches online, and the Andre match as well, and the quality is fine. It’s just not acceptable to some people who have become accustomed to HD standards and have forgotton what television shows used to look like.

    • Brad Attitude says:

      different strokes for different folks.

      if people are getting a compilation set of matches, they expect full matches not clipped ones. i’m sorry if your standards isn’t so great but u shouldn’t tell us what we should or shouldn’t expect to see.

      • Anonymous says:

        The unclipped matches don’t exist though. They can expect full Stampede matches all they want, but if they don’t exist, it ain’t happening.

  7. The Top Rope says:

    If they had any sense they would’ve gave Maryse a role in it (maybe a topless scene) then we would think about watching it. Seriously WWE has never made any watchable films since See No Evil and that was only average at best!

  8. The Top Rope says:

    Come on The Marine 3? They wont be able to give that shit away for free! What a waste of discs and plastic.

  9. Mark D says:

    Matches from Stampede Wrestling weren’t ever shown in full (possibly never even taped), so anyone expecting a 45 minute unedited match was sure to be disappointed. It was often the case that the matches were joined in progress and the closing 10 minutes or so were shown.

  10. Nick says:

    As long as the matches are watchable I could care less about quality. If the andre match looks like the one from youtube then that is very watchable. It’s not like it pixelated.

  11. Brad Attitude says:

    thank god i’m not getting the dungeon collection.

    the best there is, the best there was & the best there ever will be was part of my bret hart trilogy collection along with the Hart and Soul Family Anthology and The Greatest Rivalries.

    I dont need this collection with poor quality and clipped matches. Thats just ripping ppl off.

  12. Ryan says:

    I wonder how many minutes are shown of the Bret vs DK in Stampede match?

    If it’s only 5 minutes or so I’ll probably pass on this set.

  13. John says:

    What is the point of releasing those 2 matches if they are in very poor quality?

  14. Steve says:

    Maybe I’m an idiot, but why, exactly is the “Superstars of Wrestling” logo blurred? Is there a definitive answer or just conjecture?

    • Jason H says:

      WWF/WWE let their trademark on the term expire in the late 80s and now someone else owns the term “Superstars of Wrestling”, thus, WWE has to blur it or buy it back; they’ve chose to blur it. This is also why when Superstars of Wrestling was relaunched a few years ago, the show was simply called WWE Superstars.

      • sheezy says:

        They wouldnt have called it superstars of wrestling anyways. That has the w word in it. Thats why they had stopped calling it that way back when it was a &highlight show hosted by Kevin Kelly.

      • RCS1988 says:

        Indeed, but it’s still stupid. If someone didn’t tell Vince about making a donation to get the rights to use the WWF scratch logo in archived footage, it would still be blurred today. Hopfully Triple H buys the rights to the trademark Superstars of Wrestling. I also hope he uitilizes the video library of stuff that was never seen before as well.

  15. Shank Hill says:

    So is the Dynamite Kid match clipped? That’s a huge sticking point for me and if it’s not complete I’m not sure I’m picking this up.

    • indyfan says:

      i don’t think its even possible to get non clipped Stampede matches at all. I think they are all clipped. You would have to have been there live in attendance to see a full match.

      • sheezy says:

        Really? your telling me the cameras just stopped filming during portions of every match? For what reason?

        • LP1 says:

          Its not that the cameras stopped filming, its that Stampede(and many other companies from that time period) only kept the edited versions of the tv shows as they aired, not the master tapes.

  16. Person says:

    It is ‘Superstars of Wrestling’ banners that generally get blurred, and it would be as such in the above referenced Twin Towers/Hart Foundation bout.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Yeah we noticed this mistake shortly after publishing the article and then edited it. Thanks for pointing it out though.

  17. ALK says:

    Marine 3, coming soon to a bargain bin near you! XD

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