Exclusive: Photos of WWE Mick Foley “For All Mankind” Blu-ray Edition

April 11, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE Mick Foley For All Mankind DVD

You’ve had photos of the DVD version of the incoming Mick Foley “For All Mankind” Home Video and now it’s time for a first look at the Blu-ray counterpart!

Pictured below is the UK release which hits WWEDVD.co.uk this month. As we’ve mentioned, contained on this edition is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes of Blu-ray extras.

WWE Mick Foley For All Mankind Blu-ray

WWE Mick Foley For All Mankind Blu-ray

Mick Foley broke into sports-entertainment in 1983, shortly after a fateful trip to see his idol Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka inspired him to pursue his dream. Now- 30 years, 3 personas, 3 WWE Championships, multiple New York Times best sellers and countless bumps and cheap pops later, WWE brings his comprehensive story to home entertainment for the first time ever!

Friends, family, peers and the Hardcore Legend himself detail his story from being Mrs. Foley’s baby boy in Long Island, New York to becoming an international Superstar, philanthropist and author. Get inside commentary on his brutal matches in ECW and Japan, struggles in WCW, his notorious Hell in a Cell matches, and the fascinating evolution in WWE as Cactus Jack, Mankind, Dude Love, and all the unparalleled success in between. Plus, take home bonus matches and moments spanning his entire career.


The Blu-ray edition has been price dropped to just $19.99 on this Amazon.com page!

WWE Mick Foley For All Mankind Blu-ray

WWE Mick Foley For All Mankind Blu-ray

WWE Mick Foley For All Mankind Blu-ray

BANG! BANG! Get your copy ordered…

In the US: Order “For All Mankind” for April 16th at Amazon.com or WWEShop.com.

In Canada: Also available April 16th when ordering over at Amazon.ca.

In UK/Europe: It’s scheduled for release on April 22nd. Pre-order now at WWEDVD.co.uk.

In Australia: You can get your orders in now for May 1st over at WWEDVD.com.au.

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  1. Jeff Copeland says:

    I Just spoted this at kmart with the MR SOCKO! so i got it payed 20 bucks but worth it so BANG BANG OWWW HAVE MERCYY AND DONT FORGET TO HAVE A NICE DAY :D!!!

  2. captain planet says:

    Shoulda split the Cactus flannel with the tye-dye on that first disc face graphic. I really love the Mankind one, though. That’s just perfect art for the disc!

  3. Marty McFly says:


    I’m gona wear this blu ray out.

  4. NoNoYesYes!! says:

    Cant wait for this one, Looks Fantastic, Blu-ray looks good, its all about the content even though artwork is nice and the dvd version has the best artwork but i take content over artowork anyday:)

  5. Mark D says:

    This whole set should of been 4 discs. Where’s the leopard print Cactus Jack disc?

  6. Hot Rod says:

    The only downside to the Blu-Ray, is you don’t get that sweet “Dude Love” tie-dye themed disc.

  7. Shane C. Montgomery says:

    Way over due! This is one I had marked on the calender for some time now. Thanks Daniel for this early look.

  8. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I definitely cannot wait to get this. The documentary should be a great watch. I’ve been waiting for years to hear Mick’s story.

  9. WWEFAN2013 says:

    How did you get this copy Danny? Are Fremantle sending copies now?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Lucky enough to be sent them a little in advance of release to promote here to the readers. As you know Fremantle are getting the Foley one out quick, mere days after the US release. Royal Rumble and Foley are the next to the UK.

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