Photos of WWE Night of Champions 2013 DVD – Released Next Week

October 10, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE Night of Champions 2013 - DVD Cover Art Featuring Daniel Bryan

Night of Champions 2013 is released on DVD next week! You can get hold of your copy for just $10.99 over at, or very soon at

Below, with thanks to WDN super-fan Kyle Conzett, here are first look photos of the full artwork on DVD. Also, we’ve laid out the list of extras you can expect to see.

WWE Night of Champions 2013 DVD

WWE Night of Champions 2013 DVD

Daniel Bryan attempts to shatter WWE’s glass ceiling when he faces the Apex Predator, Randy Orton. Can Bryan win back the gold that many feel was unfairly ripped from his hands, or will the regime keep its hand-picked champion? Curtis Axel is all that stands in the way of CM Punk unleashing fury on his scheming former mentor, Paul Heyman. Rob Van Dam tries to punctuate a successful comeback by seizing the World Heavyweight Championship from Alberto Del Rio.

The WWE Superstars and Divas reach for the brass ring at WWE Night of Champions!

WWE Night of Champions 2013 DVD

DVD Extra

Tag Team Turmoil – Winners Earn Championship Match against The Shield
The Usos vs. Primetime Players vs. Tons of Funk vs. Real Americans vs. 3MB
Night of Champions Kickoff – September 15, 2013

Blu-ray Exclusives (UK/Europe)

Monday Night RAW – August 19, 2013:
– The Coronation of Randy Orton

Monday Night RAW – August 26, 2013:
– CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel
– AJ Lee Drops a Pipe Bombshell

Monday Night RAW – September 9, 2013:
– The Cutting Edge with Daniel Bryan
– Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose

WWE Night of Champions 2013 DVD


Get your hands on Night of Champions 2013…


US Release: October 15th. Click to pre-order.

AU Release: October 18th. Click to pre-order.

UK Release: November 18th. Click to pre-order



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Reply to LP1


  1. RabidHeat says:

    Not to moan about spoiler covers just for the sake of it, but seriously, why do theyther asking questions on the back of it I.e. Can Bryan win? when that is the front cover?

  2. Bill says:

    Again they’re not having the match listings on the back, why not?

  3. WWENOC2013DVD says:

    The Tag Team Turmoil Match is Not in Full and its Highlights as it runs for around 8 mins!!

  4. Tommy D says:

    Any confirmation on whether or not the Tag Turmoil match is in full?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      From Kyle Conzett @kconhawks:
      “It is definitely shortened. I don’t know by how much. The match is only 6:38 on the DVD.”

      • LP1 says:

        The actual Kickoff match from the opening bell to the closing bell had a total match time of 11:06. If you cut out the two commercial breaks during the match then you have 8:23 of actual TV match time. Anything less then that is what was cut off the DVD.

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