EXCLUSIVE: Pre-Release Photos of WWE ‘NXT: From Secret to Sensation’ DVD – In Stores Next Week!

November 6, 2017 by Daniel Bee

This is NXT! On DVD!

The first of 3 WWE DVD releases on the way in the month of November will be the biggest of ’em all — “NXT: From Secret to Sensation”.

WWE’s second NXT DVD produced to date will be available to the United Kingdom a week today (£20.99; Amazon.co.uk) and will follow to the United States next Tuesday ($19.99; Amazon.com).

A 20-minute “First Look” will be uploaded to the WWE Network this Thursday.

Before that preview and before the physical set hits stores in any region, WrestlingDVDNetwork.com is here to give you an exclusive early peek! Shhh…

WWE 'NXT: From Secret to Sensation' DVD - Photos, Front Cover

“NXT: From Secret to Sensation” is a new 3-disc DVD collection that’s set to pack in a documentary main feature telling the story of NXT’s rise to prominence while counting down the Top 25 Greatest Superstars in the history of the brand, as voted by fans earlier this year on WWE.com.

It will also compile close to 20 full-length matches witnessed by fans between 2011 to 2017; from NXT’s pilot episode all the way through to the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III special from this summer.

As you can tell from the early look, the US release will be housed in a Digipak. The packaging spotlights a number of matches and moments involving several NXT alumni, including the likes of: Finn Bálor, Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka, Big E, Seth Rollins, Charlotte Flair, Sami Zayn, Bray Wyatt, Tyler Breeze, Sasha Banks, Kevin Owens, and Bayley.

Thanks goes out to WDN reader “JayJayRock206” for sharing the pics.

WWE 'NXT: From Secret to Sensation' DVD - Photos, Back Cover
WWE 'NXT: From Secret to Sensation' DVD - Photos, Inside Artwork


NXT is the brand where WWE Superstars compete before appearing on RAW and SmackDown Live and is responsible for producing some of the greatest talent and most successful champions in WWE.

Hear from current and former NXT Superstars themselves, as we count down NXT’s Top 25 Greatest Superstars.

Includes interviews with NXT favorites like Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Finn Bálor, Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Tye Dillinger, Big E, Carmella, Neville, Big Cass, William Regal, Bo Dallas, Becky Lynch, Bayley, Seth Rollins and more!

WWE 'NXT: From Secret to Sensation' DVD - Photos, Disc Artwork
WWE 'NXT: From Secret to Sensation' DVD - Full Content Listing

Runtime Info (approx.)

DISC 1: 1 hour and 28 minutes
DISC 2: 2 hours and 37 minutes.
DISC 3: 2 hours and 43 minutes.

The Blu-ray edition, now a UK exclusive, will include 1 hour and 33 minutes of bonus content on top.

Full Content Listing for WWE “NXT: From Secret to Sensation” DVD & Blu-ray…


WWE 'NXT: From Secret to Sensation' DVD - Disc Artwork, Big E Langston
WWE 'NXT: From Secret to Sensation' DVD - Disc Artwork, Asuka
WWE 'NXT: From Secret to Sensation' DVD - Disc Artwork, Sami Zayn

Get a copy of WWE’s “NXT: SECRET TO SENSATION” DVD or Blu-ray…

UK/Europe: Next Monday! Grab your copy of the NXT DVD (or Blu-ray) on Amazon.co.uk.

USA: Next Tuesday! Pre-order your copy of the new NXT DVD here on Amazon.com.

Australia: December 13th. Pre-orders for both DVD and Blu-ray are live at Madman.com.au.

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Robbie says:

    The no mercy 2017 hell in a cell 2017 U.S. out i bought mine today

  2. Robert emons says:

    Have the NXT DVD and no mercy and hell in a cell combo waiting for it to ship this week sometime!

  3. rayray says:

    Why do they continue to not use 2 hours on the first disc?

    • Brandon vendetta says:

      Because they just don’t care. In their minds people are going to buy it anyway. It activates me too but what are we gonna do? Nothing we can do. Sadly I’m used to it by now.

      • Brandon vendetta says:


        • SRB says:

          I strongly agree with Brandon on this one. I feel like WWE could release 30 minute DVDs and people would be all over them. From my view, there are actually few “casual” fans and many more obsessive wrestling fans. Of course saying every wrestling fan owns every WWE release would be incorrect, but I do not know many people who just own the ones they want. Sales might be decreasing in numbers and what not, but I find wrestling fans to be overly obsessive, spending hundreds of dollars for a single DVD the same way other people spend hundreds of dollars on Lady Gaga tickets.

          • Brandon vendetta says:

            Well said SRB. There are way more ” obsessive” fans than your current ” casual” fan. And I will admit spending a ton of money on my collection but I have never spent hundreds on just one. I don’t rule it out though.

        • The Midnight Jobber says:


  4. Cherie Smith says:

    Very surprised to see 2 NXT DVD sets and American Alpha vs Revival 2 out of 3 falls isn’t on either set very disappointed heard amazing reviews about that match

  5. Eric says:

    I’m getting this for sure, but damn it, I wanted the Blu Ray

    • whut says:

      depending on your personal setup, there are workarounds if you get the UK/EU version (afaik all you need is a desktop pc with a bluray burner)

  6. RabidHeat says:

    Will probably get this set as I just have to own Nakamura vs. Zayn, but I am a bit aggrieved that the first disc was wasted on a countdown. NXT’s Greatest Matches Vol. 2 would’ve been the best way to go, IMO.

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