Exclusive: First Look Photos of Tomorrow’s WWE ‘The Best of Sting’ Blu-Ray

September 22, 2014 by Daniel Bee

The only thing that’s for sure about Sting is that nothing’s for sure. Well, except that his WWE DVD releases tomorrow!

WWE The Best of Sting DVD Logo

“The Best of Sting” showcases more than 30 matches in total. Video packages in between bouts tell the story of Sting’s career and feature archive interviews with the man himself, plus new interviews with wrestling personalities. Below are exclusive photos of the Blu-ray edition.

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WWE The Best of Sting Blu-ray - Photos

WWE The Best of Sting Blu-ray - Photos


Against an army of shadows lies the dark warrior.
The prevailer of good.
With a voice of silence.
And a mission of justice.
This is Sting.

The battle between good and evil cast a dark shadow over his soul, but through all transformations, one man remained the lone symbol of an era. Sting became “The Franchise” of WCW almost instantly when he arrived and carried the company’s banner through to its final match in 2001.

Whether casting his piercing war cry into the sky, or descending from it with somber, stone faced determination, Sting captivated wrestling fans from all walks of life. Now, celebrate The Icon with this collection of matches and moments guaranteed to strike fear into the black hearts of all evildoers.

Runtime Info

The runtime of the Blu-ray (with extra content) is just under 8 hours and 25 minutes.

DISC 1: 4:23:59
DISC 2: 4:00:44

Full Match Listing for WWE “The Best of Sting” on DVD & Blu-ray.

WWE The Best of Sting Blu-ray - Photos

WWE The Best of Sting Blu-ray - Photos

WWE The Best of Sting Blu-ray - Photos


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  1. I bought the Blu-Ray at Best Buy for $22.99 at Best Buy along with the Batista Blu-Ray. I wished Sting got involved in this project. Personally, it should have been a documentary, but it’s better than nothing.

  2. BordensBoy says:

    All the f’n pics of sting out there and they get one that isn’t even him!?
    That’s unbelievable.
    Really, multiple people should b fired.

    • Timothy Thorpe says:

      I agree. That’s like using a photo of Brian Lee as the Undertaker for an Undertaker set.

      • Person says:

        This is even more reprehensible… Faker Taker did a lot better job looking like the actual Undertaker than Fake Sting ever did. That hair is a dead give away, and sting never wrestled in crow gear in without the singlet top… He never had pants with that logo. The people who work in the video department have little to no idea of wrestling history, and what angles, matches and builds were actually good at the time… that is why the dvd match listings are built primarily on the name value of the guys listed, and very rarely have standout promos or moments. Hire an actual fan of the genre, seriously. Or at the very least someone who takes a little pride in their work.

  3. Fake Sting says:



  4. Poffospal says:

    On the back of the bluray case, what the hell is that black and white picture in the middle? Is that the Fake nWo Sting in Japan????

  5. King1111 says:

    Pre-ordered my copy long ago, and these photos look amazing. Can’t wait!

    I do hope Sting never signs with WWE, though. He is way too good for them

  6. Rick V says:

    Just noticed that this doesn’t have a WWE logo on the front of it it other than the home video logo.

  7. David says:

    Looks great! my pre-order from Amazon just shipped, so should be receiving is tomorrow.

  8. SRB says:

    That looks really great, especially the back.

  9. richie Colombo II says:

    this looks so good can’t wait til tomorrow

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