Exclusive: Photos of WWE The Top 100 Moments in Raw History DVD

December 4, 2012 by Daniel Bee

WWE Raw Top 100 Moments

Thanks to WWEDVDNews reader Shane Montgomery for passing along these photos, which gives us all a pre-release look at WWE: The Top 100 Moments in Raw History DVD.

This one hits stores on DVD and Blu-ray next week [click here to pre-order yours].

WWE Raw 100 Moments DVD

Since 1993, Monday Night Raw has delivered non-stop thrills, action, and controversy for WWE fans to enjoy every week. Having surpassed an astounding 1000 episodes, WWE counts down the definitive 100 moments of the longest running weekly episodic program in TV history!

Fans of all eras can enjoy the most memorable exploits of all their favorite WWE heroes, from the shocking… CM Punk drops a pipe bomb! The new Raw GM… Eric Bischoff!? John Cena drafted at #1. To the emotional… Bret Hart returns to WWE after 12 years, Shawn Michaels loses his smile, Edge’s retirement ceremony. The hilarious… Stone Cold whacks Mr. McMahon with a bed pan, The Rock’s concert, DX impersonates the Nation of Domination. The utterly outrageous… Tea time with Santino, Mae Young powerbombed off the stage, Stephanie’s wedding in Vegas… and so much more!

Plus, own the 3-hour Raw 1000th episode that celebrated history and launched a new era in WWE, including an exclusive, never-before-seen feature that takes you backstage with the Superstars, Divas and returning Legends for the making of this monumental celebration.

Full List of 100 Raw Moments & Special Features

WWE Raw 100 Moments DVD

WWE Raw 100 Moments DVD

WWE Raw 100 Moments DVD

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WWE Raw 100 Moments DVD

WWE Raw 100 Moments DVD

WWE Raw 100 Moments DVD

WWE Raw 100 Moments DVD

Available December 11th at Amazon.com; following January 9th at WWEDVD.com.au.

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  1. Scsa says:

    Hi, I’ve seen the ‘DX Impersonates The Nation’ listed as one of the top hundred moments, but could you please tell me if you’ve come accross the ‘DX Impersonates The Corporation’ yet by any chance in this set?

  2. Shane C. Montgomery says:

    So far I have watched the entire first disc and part of the third, and so far I am loving this DVD. The segments are longer and more in depth than I thought they would be and they do not blur any logos this time around. There is no physical host for this countdown but if there were each disc would run way too long, but it flows smoothly and time seems to fly watching this. I like this one better than the “Attitude Era”. I am happy that we get three good DVDs in a row, NWO, Attitude Era and now Raw 1000 Moments. What a way to end 2012!

    • Cold Stone says:

      Just a random question but why did you not watch the discs in order? Good to hear it’s a good set!

      • Shane C. Montgomery says:

        I did not plan to watch them out of order, but after watching disc 1 I was wanting to see some matches so I put in disc 3 for awhile. Disc 3 is the full 1,000 episode and a five minute long “The Making of the 1,000 Episode” extra. Plan on watching disc 2 tonight. But having watched the first one, I have a good idea of what some of the moments for disc 1 will be, “Austin smacking Vince on the head with a bedpan comes to mind.


      Shane are the matches in full complete with entrances to what you watched from disc 1 so far??

      • Shane C. Montgomery says:

        Disc 1 and 2 only show the countdown with some entrances but no complete matches. Each segment is roughly five minutes long. The one problem I see with this set is that the only full length matches are on Disc 3 from the 1,000th episode that most of us have seen already. A fourth disc with nothing but matches from the events from #1 and #2 would have been great, but that would be asking too much really, but I get selfish and always look for full matches, hopefully ones I have never seen or haven’t seen in years. WWE has spoiled me this year! Also, I was surprised to see so many current and past superstars they got to work on this DVD.

        • Shane C. Montgomery says:

          I am bad at critiquing DVDs, makes you appreciate what Daniel and these others guys do, the make it look easy!

        • John says:

          No complete matches? I am sure glad my friend pre-ordered for me for Christmas, otherwise, I would have pass

        • WWEATTITUDEERA says:

          So none of the matches that are in the countdown are in full and just shown for 5 mins??
          Was Hoping the matches would at least be in full, you cant say the 1000th episode disc 3 has complete matches because obviously its the complete show and the matches are going to be in full, the problem is they crammed so much that they have forgot to show the matches in
          full 🙁
          Great was looking forward to this!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Is there much swearing in the DVD? Middle fingers not blurred? Please say so!!!

      • Shane C. Montgomery says:

        There is swearing, not censored and no blurring of the finger. I said earlier that the scratch logo was not blurred, and then on disc 2 Mike Tyson’s WWE shirt is blurred! WTH!

  3. Jeffrey says:

    The artwork is pretty cool. Its the pictures of the 100 moments thats in the set.

  4. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    The Blu-ray is gonna be a great set. The Legends of Wrestling episode is an extra 2 hours, plus the 100 countdown, plus the RAW 1,000 episode. This release is packed!

    I want WWE to start releasing season sets of RAW, or at least continue the “Best of” season sets. I need to have every full episode from 1996, 1997 and 1998 already. Good times.

    • Turnbuckle says:

      Never gonna happen dude cause the Raw The Beginning sets from 1993 and 1994 done poor sales so they changed their minds on further releases which is a shame.

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:

        I know… And it definitely is a shame because there were so many great moments that will probably never make a “Best of” countdown or anything like that.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s a shame they didn’t keep it going though as subsequent releases would have likely sold more copies. 1993 and 1994 wasn’t the greatest era for Raw.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have the first 12 year of raws in full but still want 2 buy the blu ray for the legends part

  5. Geolink says:

    Why am I annoyed that there’s more pictures of Cena than other important wrestlers that wrestled in Raw’s history?…

  6. We Want Puppies says:

    The artwork on the 3 disc dvd sets always look better than the blu-ray releases. The cases for blu-ray suck!

  7. The Top Rope says:

    The artwork for this set looks good

  8. Stratus Fan says:

    I hope they don’t do a stupid music thing on every clip on the countdown like the OMG! set. It really got on your nerves. lol

  9. RabidHeat says:

    My worry is how short each clip is gonna be. They seem to have crammed an awful lot on to one disc, I’m betting not one segment will be full, which would make it pretty frantic viewing. 🙁

  10. Anonymous says:

    Whoa.. That 3 disc set is incredibly cool looking.

  11. James says:

    Awesome, its a shame AUS doesn’t make digipacks anymore

  12. Paul says:

    Look guys, it’s rated TV-14!!! Awesome cover/slip cover btw.

  13. matt says:

    Love the inside cover! Especially the use of each era of Raw logo-R-original logo A-Raw Is War W-2007 logo…can’t wait to see it!

  14. Anonymous says:

    This one is gonna be epic!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    nice inside cover

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