Photos: WWE Triple H That Damn Good DVD & VCD

April 25, 2010 by Daniel Bee

Photographed shows WWE Triple H: That Damn Good, official DVD and VCD versions.

WWE Triple H: That Damn Good on DVD was an FYE store exclusive in the United States, and was also available in Australia.

The DVD did not appear in the Europe, likely because soon after it’s release in 2002 the WWE lost the rights to the ‘WWF’ branding following a legal battle with the World Wildlife Fund which meant all DVDs containing reference to ‘WWF’ were removed from production and sale. Despite the WWE logo appearing on this title’s cover, the content on the DVD readily refers to WWF which is the reason it was “deleted”.

The DVD contains the following full matches/moments:
– Triple H vs. Vince McMahon .::. Armageddon 12.12.99
– Triple H vs. Cactus Jack .::. Royal Rumble 01.23.00
– Triple H vs. Chris Jericho .::. Fully Loaded 07.23.00
– Triple H vs. The Rock vs. Kurt Angle .::. Summerslam 08.27.00
– Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin .::. No Way Out 02.25.01
– Triple H’s Return From Injury .::. Raw 01.07.02
– Triple H vs. Chris Jericho .::. Wrestlemania X8 03.17.02

WWE Triple H That Damn Good also saw a VCD release in Asia and pictured here is the scarcely-seen official VCD release in Singapore which includes bonus discs of Home Video releases “Triple H: The Game” & “It’s Our Time” (making this a 4 Disc Set).

Due to this title’s release being close to the time the WWF DVDs were removed from sale, in addition to being exclusive to one store in the United States, this DVD can be quite difficult to find.

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