Exclusive: Planned WrestleMania Season DVD Sales, ‘Music of WWE’ Giveaway

February 6, 2014 by Daniel Bee

Signature Sounds: The Music of WWE DVD

Let’s kick off a brand new giveaway for February!

To celebrate “Signature Sounds: The Music of the WWE” releasing on DVD next month (more info) we’re giving away 2 musical themed wrestling DVDs. There will be one winner chosen and all you’ve got to do is get involved before this coming Monday.



Jimmy Hart: Keep on Rockin’ DVD
– Hart is interviewed about writing music for Memphis Wrestling, WCW, WWE, and more! Look out for unique performances of songs he wrote including “Sexy Boy”.

WWE The Videos Vol. 1 – Ramped Up DVD
– Extended versions of 10 WWE entrance videos. Featuring stars such as The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho and Kane.

Giveaway - WWE Music Videos & Jimmy Hart DVDs



Leave a comment below this article stating your favorite entrance theme in wrestling history!

Just for fun and discussion – the winner of the giveaway will be chosen completely at random. Make sure to use your real email address so we have a means of contacting you should you be our selected winner. Your email address will not be displayed with comments.


· Entries close on February 10th, 2014.
· Strictly one entry per person (this will be checked).
· Only real email addresses will be eligible.
· Single winner chosen at random from all entries.
· Worldwide entry is allowed.

WrestlingDVDNews.com has this week learned of several planned WWE DVD and Blu-ray sales expected to hit stores across the United States on the road to WrestleMania 30. All of the details we know are listed below and are subject to change.

WWE WrestleMania 30 Logo

Expected is a dedicated “Road to WrestleMania 30” section containing 40 to 50 WWE DVD titles such as Walmart exclusive 2-packs and top sellers of 2013.

There may be a pre-purchase WrestleMania 30 offer coming whereby orders of the DVD/Blu-ray receive a VUDU instant download of 1 WrestleMania event of the customer’s choice, an e-copy of WrestleMania 30 when available, along with the physical copy ordered.

Best Buy:
Similar to Walmart, a dedicated “Road to WrestleMania 30” section is expected. This one looks to have 30-40 titles including ones at $5 each, $9.99 each or $12.99 for Blu-ray 2-packs.

FYE/Trans World:
An estimated 24-36 WWE titles could be on sale and include a free gift with purchase. The gift is planned to be a Daniel Bryan “YES, YES, YES” foam finger.

In addition to that, customers who buy $30+ worth of WWE products can receive $10 toward a Trans World gift card, or receive a $5 coupon off the price of the WM30 DVD/Blu-ray.

A WrestleMania themed toy/apparel/DVD sale promotion looks to be in the works. On top of that, a possible Target Exclusive WrestleMania 30 DVD could be coming.

K-Mart, Toys ‘R Us, Others:
Expect to see similar themed sales in other stores and free gifts with WWE buys.

Coming soon here on WDN is “March Mania“. It will start with almost 400 WWE DVDs and will end with just 1, as you decide the greatest WWE DVD of all time!

Look out for voting opportunities beginning this month.

WrestlingDVDNews March Mania

UK UPDATES: Below is the confirmed artwork for the Royal Rumble 2014 DVD and Blu-ray releasing to Europe in April and available to pre-order now here at WWEDVD.co.uk.

WWE Royal Rumble 2014 DVD & Blu-ray Artwork

Before then, “The Best of RAW & Smackdown 2013” will be released on DVD and Blu-ray to UK/Europe on March 3rd. This one is hosted by Josh Mathews.

Josh Mathews Hosting WWE The Best of RAW & Smackdown 2013 DVD

Also for UK fans, a noteworthy eBay listing has popped up today for all 4 WWE Anthology box sets – WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam and Survivor Series. It has a ‘Buy It Now’ price of £299.99 with ‘Best Offers’ also available. Link to sale here.

All 4 WWE Complete Anthology DVD Box Sets

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Spritz1999 says:

    Triple H – My Time from 1999-2001

  2. Triman says:

    Easily Brock lesnars hope I win 🙂

  3. Joe Compton says:

    My all time favorite was Sensational Sherri singing “Sext Boy”, Shawn Michaels entrance song.

  4. 2ndBestInTheWorld! says:

    Mark Henry’s Current Theme by Three Six Mafia!! Somebody’s gonna get their ass kicked,, somebody’s gonna get their wig split!!

  5. Eric Montgomery says:

    Well I am torn between 2 theme songs and that’s Badstreet USA and Man Called Sting!

  6. Toni says:

    I liked very much Mr Perfect’s theme. It fit the character so well.

  7. ekkoes4life says:

    I really wished the WWE for once had spend some extra cash to royalties, for having the Johnny Cash song “Ain’t no Grave..” for The Undertaker’s entrance at WM 27 to be on DVD/Blu-ray.

    It was so effective to be used for the angle.

    Only.. Justin should have waited with the announcement till Johnny Cash had sung the Deadman all the way to the ring. 🙂

    • ekkoes4life says:

      It was so effective to be used for the Last Outlaw / Defining an Era angle.

      Don’t know why something ate that part of my msg. lol

      • Timothy Thorpe says:

        I agree. Triple H’s use of Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls” at 27 was epic as well. Yet somehow “The Memory Remains” made it for 28. Sigh.

        • ekkoes4life says:

          absolutely.. come to think about it.. I don’t remember any other times better executed of entrances, choice of music and how it was presented, than VM 27, Triple H and The Deadman. Part so much of the story telling.

  8. Ruairi O'Brien-Kelly says:

    My favourite Wrestling Theme of all would have to be The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels’ theme “Sexy Boy” it’s just too good!

  9. Dale Sawyer says:

    Stone Cold Steve Austin Glass Shatters

  10. Riley says:

    I like Edge’s
    most recent theme personally.

  11. Skip says:

    Goldberg’s Theme! Just sounded epic, like something from “Ben Hur” or “The Ten Commandments”

  12. Tyler says:

    My favorite theme of all time is by far The Rockers theme.

  13. CHRISTOPHER B says:

    The Ultimate Warrior had the ultimate theme!

  14. Justin F says:

    I’m in the minority and perhaps one of the few, but I loved Vladimir Kozlov’s theme before the WWE gave up on him. Such a badass theme….

    • ekkoes4life says:

      could’nt remember it, so I just put on No Way Out 2009 ppv elimination chamber match he’s in. I agree.. cool piece of music, but gotta admit, his performance in that elimination chamber match was the only thing I found compelling and interesting. Way to one-dimensional a wrestler.

  15. Miguel says:

    My favorite theme song in WWE history is Stone Cold Steve Austin’s.

  16. ekkoes4life says:

    wonder, if it is only wrestler’s entrance, that are “eligible”..cos, the Armageddon PPV theme is soooo cool too!

  17. David says:

    My favorite of all time is probably Bret Hart’s theme. Each time I hear it, I have good memories.

  18. Eric Rich says:

    Degeneration-X. The original version. “Break It Down”.

  19. Kelton Kupka says:

    My favorite entrance theme is definitely stone cold Steve Austins!

  20. Brandon says:

    WOOOO! Ric Flair’s classic entrance theme!

  21. ekkoes4life says:

    “The World’s largest Love-machine: Viscera”!

    Just check out that slow-stepping funky grooves..and the Man’s humping sleazy moves! lol

  22. number1jf says:

    My favorite entrance theme has to be Invasion (Goldberg), it just gets the crowd pumped up & ready.

  23. Milan in Austin says:

    My favorite wrestling theme is Jive Soul Bro, could someone please explain why JSB has been removed from recent WWE home video releases?

  24. ekkoes4life says:

    Theme for the first – and imo best – Doink. Scarrie, haunted.. “Can’t sleep, Clown will come and eat me” imagination that theme gave.

  25. Jamyn Blanton says:

    Shane McMahon’s theme is my favorite theme.

  26. Daniel says:

    I loved the NWO THEME

  27. Adrik Fedorov says:

    My favourite theme song is Stone Cold Steve Austin’s.

  28. CM_Padge says:

    My fav is Edge’s theme song

  29. Jamey T says:

    HARLEM HEAT! and Stone Cold’s theme. I also liked Eddie G’s theme from WCW s well as the Ultimo Dragons.

  30. Andres G. says:

    I don’t have the “Ramped Up” DVD, and if I could get it for FREE, I might actually want to get it! So I’ll participate.
    My favorite entrance song ever since I started watching wrestling (WWE in particular) in 1999 is easily Gangrel’s/The Brood’s. I mark out every single time I hear it. (Honorable mentions in that respect: Al Snow’s, Steve Blackman’s (2000-2001), and Christian’s “At Last”)

  31. Micah Ferrin says:

    No one can match the Undertaker’s theme from any era. It gives me chills every time I hear it.

  32. Duke Cronk says:

    The Undertaker’s entrance is the coolest entrance of all time. I’ve seen him live a few times and it always gives me goosebumps.

  33. Martin says:

    My all-time favourite entrance themes are: Cm Punk-Cult of Personality and This fire burns, The Real Americans entrance theme and the Rock’s entrance theme in 2003.

  34. Thijs says:

    My favorite theme is CM Punk cult of personality

  35. Charlie M says:

    My favourite theme is Goldust’s theme, although Tazz’s comes a close second.

  36. @DEVILSHOLIC says:

    Favorite themes
    Dudley boyz
    Undertaker- rollin
    Fandango-(because i was at raw 4/8/13 a night i will never forget)

  37. Bailey Sumner says:

    I’m a actually looking foreward to this dvd

  38. Steven Moore says:

    For some strange reason I have to go with Mr.Kennedy’s theme.

  39. Lisa says:

    Toss up between John Cena’s “My Time Is Now” and Chris Jericho/Fozzy “Break Down The Walls”.

  40. Charles Stewart says:

    My favorite entrance theme in wrestling history? Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold,” for Kevin Von Erich.

  41. CARLOS MORALES says:

    My favorite theme is CM punk’s SES theme

  42. Aaron says:

    I would have to say D Generation X theme. Coolest entrance music ever.

  43. Adam Hamburger says:

    My favorite theme was John Cena’s ‘Basic Thuganomics’

  44. Big Jon says:

    Andre the Giant’s theme is the best…oh wait he never had theme music, then it would have to be Macho Man’s Pomp & Circumstance

  45. David Spaur says:

    Favorite of all time has to be Stone Cold Steve Austin “Glass Shatters” by Disturbed.

  46. Devin says:

    good ol JR!!! BOOMER SOONERS!!!!!

  47. Anson says:

    C.M. Punk’s “Cult of Personality”, by Living Colour.

  48. Steven says:

    hands down edge’s alterbridge – metalingus with a close second going to jack swaggers patriot theme (current one)

  49. Matias Reijonen says:

    I have to go with “Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)” by AFI, used by CM Punk in ROH. It just gave that vibe, which I in my opinion he hasn’t been able to recreate in WWE.

  50. Cory Walker says:

    My favorite theme is Real American – Hulk Hogan.

  51. Thomas says:

    Best theme is tough – I pick The Undertaker theme, Graveyard Symphone in the (post) WMXX version.

  52. David Schlichtig says:

    My favorite themes are between The Rock’s 2003 Hollywood song, “Sexy Boy” (Shawn Michaels), and Ultimate Warriors theme.

  53. Megan says:

    My favourite entrance theme hands down has to be Punk’s “Cult Of Personality”, I have it as my ringtone xD I love Drew McIntyre’s theme when he’s solo, “Broken Dreams” too though <3

  54. Vlad says:

    My favourite entrance theme is NWO’s “Rockhouse”!NWO For Life

  55. Emil says:

    Billy and Chuck “You Look So Good to Me”. Lol

  56. Jada Arriba says:

    Here’s an entrance theme nobody gives enough credit to: Hakushi “White Angel”.

  57. Josh says:

    My favorite theme is The Undertaker’s theme that was released on the Volume 3 CD. He didn’t use that theme for long but I always thought that theme rocked.

  58. Velvita says:

    What’s down right amazing is 123 Kid’s Theme So Awesome!

  59. David Riley says:

    The best them without a doubt is the nWo Wolfpac theme. WOLFPAC IN THE HOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSEEEEEEEE!!!!

  60. Kevin Daly says:

    Best entrance theme hands down evolution motorhead is just amazing

  61. Arlene says:

    My favorite theme ever is Harlem Heat’s.

  62. Joshua Roberts says:

    Fandango’s theme song. DADA DADA DADA DADA DADA

  63. Velvita says:

    The Best Theme song of all time is Too Cool Entrance theme! every time I here it I want to get down and get funky!!!

  64. Billy says:

    Hulk Hogan’s Real American

  65. SCSA says:

    Christians theme

  66. SCSA says:

    My favorite music ‘entrance theme’ was; Triple H’s ‘My Time’.

  67. Daniel Madge says:

    My favourite entrance music is ‘Cult of Personality’ by Living Color (CM Punk).

  68. Disturbed-glass shatters, and most of the ppv themes from 2001-2003

  69. Aaron says:

    “Slow Chemical” – Kane

  70. Jose Gpe says:

    the greatest theme song is Your Gonna Pay – Undertaker

  71. Kevin says:

    My favorite entrance is “Burn In My Light” of Randy Orton
    Do you remember?

  72. My favorite entrance theme is Unstable with Ultimate Warrior.

  73. Jason Burks says:

    One of my favorite entrance themes of all time is Demolition. One of the first artist performed entrance themes. (Hulk’s Real American is one of the other.)

  74. Mike Buzzard says:

    My favorite will always be The Road Warriors coming out to Iron Man in NWA JIm Crockett promotions. Always gave me chills.

  75. Cecil Clark says:

    I will also say that Triple H has a Awesome Theme

  76. Cecil Clark says:

    My favorite song and entrance is John Cena

  77. Tommy B says:

    I’m crossing the border to TNA here and saying the Bad Influence theme. Never before has a theme song embodied the wrestlers so well.

  78. Anthony D'Alfonso says:

    My favorite theme is Break It Down (DX).

  79. The Undertaker has an epic entry theme. It’s the one that starts with the tolling of the bells! I love it…

  80. Arkam says:

    My favourite theme song of alltime is The Undertaker’s. Ding Ding lights off Thunder great theme

  81. Shaine Campany says:

    Favorite Theme of All Time:
    “Demolition” by Rick Derringer For Bill “Ax” Eadie and Barry “Smash” Darsow AKA DEMOLITION!!!!

  82. My favorite entrance theme is randy orton voices in hs head that theme is so alwsome and the best in wwe right now

  83. Shane C. Montgomery says:

    My favorite theme would be a tie between Mankind and Brett Hart at WWF, not the bad WCW entrance music. Both would get me pumped up in just a few notes.

  84. Charlie 1185 says:

    Favorite entrance theme has to be the ric flair space odyssey theme. Classic!

  85. Jeffery says:

    My fav theme is the road warriors!! What a rush!!!

  86. Timothy Thorpe says:

    Ric Flair Also Sprach Zarathustra. One of the classics.

  87. Gary Toner says:

    Sid Justice’s old WWF Theme circa 1991/1992!

  88. Luke Jordan says:

    Triple H (Motorhead – The Game)

  89. Matt Pearce says:

    It’s gotta be John Cena’s Doctor of Thuganomics theme. Catchy, I must say

  90. David Bell says:

    For a singles wrestler, it is the undertaker’s 1998-1999 theme with the guitar riff. I also like his “Your gonna pay”

    Another one is the Unholy Alliance, Taker and big show.

  91. Stoopid Head says:

    Shane-O-Mac’s theme “Here Comes The Money”.

  92. Rick0023 says:

    Alex Riley’s theme is gotta be up there

  93. Daniel says:

    Mine would have to be Eddie Guerrero’s theme Lie, Cheat, Steal. I loved it!

  94. Donald says:

    Hmm.. my favorite theme song from Jim Johnston would be “Reality” that he did for The Miz a few years ago(, the one before the “I Came To Play” which is suckish. Haha.) For a real song, I’d say RVD’s “Fury Of The Storm” by Shadows Fall or Edge’s “Metalingus” by Alter Bridge. They’re both pretty beast! \m/ The ending of the original “Metalingus” was put as the intro.. oh and can’t forget Brock Lesnar’s “Next Big Thing”, that song pumps me up! Hope a top 4 is ok. Lol.

  95. Nicholas jones says:

    Koko b ware piledriver

  96. Michael says:

    My favorite WWE entrance theme is CM Punk’s Cult Of Personality, got me pumped whenever i heard that static intro & the sick guitar riff.

  97. Richard Collins says:

    I love the Four Horsemen theme.

  98. BR says:

    My favorite theme is The Undertaker’s 1998 theme music, think he started using it in late 1998.

  99. brennan says:

    my fav theme is chris jericho

  100. Junior Rice says:

    My Favorite Entrance Theme is Stone Cold’s 2001 WCW Theme Song because it was Just electric and Really cool in my opinion.

  101. pete blosser says:

    my all time favorite wrestling theme is demolition

  102. Thomas Brunette says:

    My favorite wrestling theme of all is “Steinerized” for the Steiner Brothers.

  103. Mason says:

    Payback – undertaker American badass biker theme

  104. Lee Burkinshaw says:

    Mine would have to be CM Punks ROH theme

  105. landan says:

    I am a fan of the warriors theme..as soon as it starts, your adrenaline gets pumping!!

  106. MisterPogo says:

    Without a doubt…From the Streets Of Fire soundtrack….tonight it what it means to be young. I believe randy mulkey of the mulkey brothers used it once or twice.

  107. Joey Bag of Donuts says:

    Favorite entrance theme… Hmmm so many. Christian – Just Close Your Eyes 2005. Probably my fav. Runners up Ahmed Johnson had a pretty raw theme back in the wwf music vol 2 days, Goldust is classic, Ken Shamrocks, Test 1999, Stone Cold “Disturbed”, Edge “Alterbridge” list goes on…

  108. MisterPogo says:

    I like Rocky’s theme song…Gonna Fly Now.

  109. TakerDX6990 says:

    My favorite WWE theme song is “Next Big Thing” used for Brock Lesnar.

  110. Jbird says:

    The rock theme from 2001

  111. Ole! Ole! of former El Generico…. (Now in WWE as Sami Zayn)!!!

    OLE! OLE! OLE!

  112. Simon says:

    My favorite has to be Kane 97-99 i think this qas one of the best entrance ever… and do you guys have any idea if wal mart in Canada would have these sales??

  113. Joey Bag of Donuts says:

    Big fan of upcoming Signature Sounds dvd! Jim Johnston is under appreciated, “beyond the mat” was all the behind the scenes we have from him, aside from the originals cd/dvd. Hard worker glad to see a dvd title dedicated to him. As a musician, i loved the music of the wwe growing up, wife can’t stand on long car rides when she sees me reach for WWF music vol. 4 lol.

  114. Joseph Klunk says:

    Have to go with Enter Sandman. You heard that, you knew shit was gonna go down. In like seven minutes and twelve beers later, but still.

  115. Simon Lawery says:

    Chris Jericho

  116. JDKnowsBest says:

    My favorite theme song has to be the Junk Yard Dog’s… g.r.a.b.t.h.e.m.c.a.k.e.s.. Grab them cakes!!! I don’t care what it takes..

  117. Wonderllama says:

    Hopefully people don’t vote something lame like CM Punk: Best in the World as the greatest DVD of all time. That would suck.

  118. Jake E says:

    Stone Cold Steve Austin

  119. Alan Donahue says:

    I love a lot from the 1990s like SCSA, The Undertaker and Mankind, but my favorite has to be Vader’s. The opening “It’s Time, It’s Time, It’s VADER TIME” is an intense intro.

  120. IfYouSmellWhatTheRockisCooking says:

    The Rock 2003 Hollywood Theme when he was a heel, Simply bad ass and fit the rock perfectly.


  121. Mike says:

    I always got amped up whenever the Brood theme song came on. Something about it always got the adrenaline moving.

  122. Simon says:

    Harry Beaver Cleavage. Had that theme stuck in my head for about 12 years. And he only appeared once.

  123. Marcio says:

    A lot of great themes hard to choose but im gunna go with THE BROOD! Loved that theme!

  124. KurtK26 says:

    Stone Cold! Stone Cold! It’s no contest. When you hear the glass, it’s your ass!

  125. Batesy says:

    I will always keep a candle lit for My Time, the HHH/Chyna/Stephanie McMahon song.

  126. James says:

    Hmm so hard to choose but ill go with The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness theme

  127. Jordan Cassatt says:

    STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN! People went nuts when his music hit!

  128. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    My favorite entrace music would have to be Razor Ramon’s. Always loved that theme.

    Has anyone noticed that when WWE shows the DVD commercial for the Best of RAW/SmackDown 2013 it also shows as being released on Blu-ray too? I watched the commercial during WWE Main Event last night and it said it again. Gets me mad everytime.

  129. Brian Damaso says:

    Vince McMahon – no chance in hell, suits him perfectly!

  130. Christopher Burns says:

    Line In The Sand, 10 years on & it’s still timeless. I feel like greatness when listening to it.

  131. FearNixon says:

    Vader’s WCW theme 2nd version. Vader Time!

  132. MisterPogo says:

    I will tell you sumthin’ I really like American Males…wcw oh the memories.

  133. Kilark says:

    the greatest them song has to be “American Males” or Bam Bam heel theme.

  134. Don Mandel says:

    Voodoo Child worked so perfectly for Hollywood Hogan!!

  135. Darren Bongiovanni says:

    My favorite theme song of all time belongs to my favorite wrestler of all-time, Sexy Boy for Shawn Michaels.I have a lot of favorite themes, but whenever Sexy Boy starts, I stand up and dance.

  136. Sake Joe says:

    My favorite theme song has to be Demolition. Something about when that music started, you know a fight was fixing to start.

  137. Johnny W. says:

    So many good themes to choose from, but I have to go with Billy Gunn’s “Ass Man”!! I am shocked nobody mentioned this one already!!

  138. Felipe Gonzalez says:

    My Favorite theme is Hulk Hogans real American theme. Once you heard it start you knew exactly what was going down.

  139. chris matyasovszky says:

    My fav theme is Kurt Angles WWE theme. It worked so well and with the fans joining with “you suck”………”you suck”. It sounded great.

  140. MisterPogo says:

    “I wanna be a Hulkamaniac” ….Dave Sullivan 🙂

  141. CMFabe says:

    My favorite Theme Song is Evolutions “Line in the Sand” by Motörhead!

  142. Austin says:

    HHH The Game by Motorhead. Best theme he’s got.

  143. MisterPogo says:

    REAL AMERICAN…..nuff said!

  144. Sean Pihulak says:

    Million Dollar Man Theme, that evil laugh is still the best

  145. RWW2010 says:

    My favorite theme is stone cold steve austin’s Glass Shatters theme by Disturbed.

  146. Billy says:

    I would have to say my favorite is undertakers theme (not ABA taker). Nothing sends shivers down my spine like the sound of that gong.

  147. Marvin says:

    My favorite theme is Trish stratus “rock n roll”

  148. stestaman says:

    the american badass version of undertaker

  149. Clyde Anderson says:

    My favorite theme is Sexy Boy by Shawn Michaels

  150. Merle Alexander says:

    My favorite entrance theme of ALL TIME would have to be Stone Cold Steve Austin’s “Glass Shatters” theme by Disturbed. It was repetitive, but still kicked some ass.

  151. Alex says:

    The original Chris Jericho theme is my favorite entrance theme.

  152. J.R. says:

    My favorite entrance theme song of all time is Pomp and Circumstance of Macho Man Randy Savage. When that music hit it felt like the greatest wrestler was coming down with class. When I graduated from College and that theme played I put my finger in the air like Macho Man and yelled OHHHHHH YEEAAHHHHHHHHHHH. I am even thinking of having the song played at my wedding.

  153. Danielson says:

    The Corporate Ministry theme is in my favorite entrance theme of all time.

  154. Billy Fletcher says:

    My favorite entrance theme song of all time is CM Punk’s Cult of Personality

  155. SRB says:

    Since you asked about my favorite entrance theme, I’m going with Sid’s, when he came out to no music.

  156. Kenny says:

    I loved Demolition’s music by Rick Derringer, and also the music Disturbed did for Steve Austin, however I think my favorite has to be “Line In the Sand” by Motorhead for Evolution.

  157. Wesley Stover says:

    My favorite entrance theme is Hulk Hogans American Made theme from WCW

    • Hulk Hogan says:

      Dear Wesley, I can’t believe you admit this in public. This is worst theme song in history…and it was mine! You will never d.j. any of my parties, brother!. Your friend, Hulk Hogan.

  158. J Gold says:

    Demolition song. Good rocking song and defines who they are.

  159. Favorite entrance theme: Stone Cold Steve Austin

  160. AnonyWolf says:

    Favorite entrance song? Dude Love’s “Dude Shack” theme, full stop.
    nWo, Mankind’s “Wreck” theme, Hulk Hogan’s “Real American” theme, and Maria’s “With Legs Like That” theme are all in a tie for second favorite.

  161. Maulana says:

    My Time is Now by John Cena. I Love the intro 😀

  162. Wes says:

    The Undertaker!

  163. Riandi says:

    My favorite entrance theme? Flight of the Valkyries of course. YES YES YES!!!!

  164. John Amato says:

    My favorite theme is and always will be kurt angle’s medal

  165. Kevin Ford says:

    There’s so many to choose from, and a lot have already been said (Demolition’s being one of them), but for some reason Edge’s theme “Metalingus” by Alter Bridge is one I never tire of hearing. I’ll go with that.

    • Kenny says:

      Ooh! Yeah, I totally forgot about Metalingus! Love the band too!! I was introduced to them from Edge using that song!

  166. Gordon says:

    ‘Demolition’ – Rick Derringer.

  167. @IMDJLUIS says:

    My favorite entrance theme, man that’s a really tough one. I would probably have to say Demolition’s theme because of any theme that I ever think of going back and listening to, that is one I always go back to and always enjoy.

  168. Mario says:

    The Undertaker’s Entrance Theme

  169. Drew Smith says:

    NWO theme

  170. Gene Porochniak says:

    HHH always has the coolest entrance music, I will pick The Game by Motorhead as the best of his several awesome entrance songs.

  171. Mongoose Wizard says:

    My personal favorite is Edges 2001-02 theme of Rob Zombies Never Gonna Stop! It just blows that they dub this theme now days >_>

  172. Book says:

    Edge. One of the best themes WWE ever had!

  173. Keith Ballard says:

    hulk hogans real american

  174. Pacman Addison says:

    Kurt angle’s ECW theme is my favorite

  175. John Peterson says:

    Warrior’s Theme FTW

  176. Paul says:

    Stone cold Steve Austin’s original theme is the best ever.

  177. Ray Cornwall says:

    It’s the Stone Cold, glass breaking, no nu metal rap, just the paranoid guitar licks.

  178. Tommy D says:

    Favorite Theme has to be Macho Man’s. So Iconic. And I REALLY want that Ramped up DVD badly. One that I don’t have in my collection.

  179. Chris says:

    Mr Perfects theme song was/is the greatest EVER!

  180. thomas cianci says:

    Kurt Angle: Medal is my favorite WWE theme. if i win, please send me a copy of WWE The Videos Vol. 1 – Ramped Up DVD. thank you. 🙂

  181. Jimmy says:

    70s and prior- umm silence. 80s- Mr. Perfect
    90s- Shawn michaels
    2000s- edge
    2010s- cm punk

  182. cmvag says:

    My fav entrance theme of all times? Whatever (Benoit)

  183. Matt says:

    One of my favorite themes ever would be that of The Brood/Gangrel. Always had a fun feel to it.

  184. josh says:

    Real american hulk hogan.. I was a hulkamanic back then.

  185. Andrew Botsakos says:

    Best theme ever is real American – hulk Hogan

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