Exclusive: Planned WWE DVD 2011 Schedule – Reveal #2 & Video Inside

November 2, 2010 by Daniel Bee

WWEDVDNews.com has obtained a list of currently planned WWE DVDs & Blu-rays for 2011. Not the previous bunch of rumors, but a schedule from the WWE themselves.

Given the time frame, obviously it’s tentative and some titles will change but the source can’t be faulted. At this moment all are scheduled. We are revealing 2-3 DVD titles each week!

This week’s reveal is 2 new Superstar titles & a movie!


The Big Show: A Giant’s World – This DVD is on the schedule right now for a release in February 2011, which we first reported on back in April.

Triple H – No title decided for this one yet, but we can exclusively reveal it’s currently planned for a DVD & Blu-ray release in late 2011. This might be the HHH DVD that gives a documentary covering his whole career.

The Chaperone – This is a WWE produced movie starring Triple H and it’s release won’t come as too much of a surprise. It’s currently scheduled to be released on DVD and Blu-ray in March 2011.

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  1. Gav says:

    The game dvd n movie cant wait 2011 sites of doco full dvds

  2. Daniel Bee says:

    These are on the schedule right now yes, though it can change if WWE decides it. We’ll try to get updated lists as time goes on also.

  3. SRB says:

    let me get this straight… at the moment these are totally planned and are for sure unless something happens down the line? i was just watching king of kings last night and realized we need a trips doc and a 3 disc. big show is totally necessary. you got wcw in there, show coming in at the attitude era and his title wins all over his career.

  4. Jessica says:

    Ouuuwww, I can’t wait for the DVD of Big Show. 😀

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