Exclusive: Planned WWE DVD 2011 Schedule – Reveal #3

November 8, 2010 by Daniel Bee

WWEDVDNews.com has obtained a list of currently planned WWE DVDs & Blu-rays for 2011. Not the previous bunch of rumors, but a schedule from the WWE themselves.

Given the time frame, obviously it’s tentative and some titles will change but the source can’t be faulted. At this moment all are scheduled. We are revealing 2-3 DVD titles each week!

This week’s reveal contains a DVD that was until now unheard of and a new Superstar set!


The Million Dollar Man – A new multi-disc WWE DVD set on the career of Ted DiBiase, Sr. This is on the schedule right now for mid 2011. There were some rumors circulating on the web about this but we can now confirm it is currently planned, with production likely taking place now.

The WrestleMania Story – WWE has this on the cards right now to be released on DVD & Blu-ray in early March, not surprisingly close to the WrestleMania 27 event itself. This is not a title we had previously heard about in the running of WWEDVDNews but this looks to be incoming for 2011.

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  1. Erik Raether says:

    I’ll definitely be buying the upcoming multi disc dvd set of the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. For this upcoming dvd release, I hope that WWE will get the rights to include the very well known episode of “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous” that Ted appeared on. I also hope that all of the vignettes that aired before his debut match as the “Million Dollar Man” will get included as well. I also want all of his classic interviews and promos to get included as well. I hope that it’ll be a three disc dvd set, but my guess is that it’ll be just a two disc dvd set. I’m completely sure that the documentary will be so very well done. I’d been waiting for WWE to do a dvd on Ted’s life and career for so very long.

  2. SRB says:

    @Ritwik… Rick Rude wasnt that big of a star? In my opinion, he was bigger than Billy Graham and Brian Pillman and we have dvds for both of them. His popularity was comparable to mr. perfect and we do have a dvd on him. his IC title run was great and his matches in wcw against sting and steamboat were classics. as far as a luger dvd lets not forget his world title runs in NWA, WWE and WCW. much less his appearance on the first ever nitro as well as his nwo turn and feuds with hogan, sting and savage… why would i not want a dvd on these guys? why wouldnt you?

  3. tommy says:

    million dollar man set absolutely awesome mania story eh it looks ok but i have the wm anthology so probably not gonna buy it

  4. Ritwik says:

    @SRB It’s safe to say that there won’t be a DVD on Rick Rude. Simply because he wasn’t that big of a star. BTW, why would have you want a DVD set on someone like Lex Luger?

  5. Ritwik says:

    Was expecting this for quite sometime now. Will be great.

  6. David T says:

    Like the Ted Dibiase dvd set, long overdue. Would like to see a Mid-South/UWF dvd set eventually. Hopefully WWE can come to terms and get that library. SO many talented performers in that territory.

  7. SRB says:

    so niiiice. the ted story will be great, absolutly great. give me a rick rude, british bulldog and luger dvd and im all set… and a mania story.. perfect, we have a starrcade dvd so we should have a mania dvd

  8. Jessica says:

    A DVD from DiBiase is always welcome for me. 🙂