$8.99 Pre-Order Price for WWE Attitude Era Vol. 2, Updates on ‘Slam City’ DVD

September 8, 2014 by Daniel Bee

Heads up! Right now here on Amazon.com you can pre-order “The Attitude Era – Volume 2” on DVD for only $8.99.

WWE The Attitude Era Volume 2 DVDGet it on Amazon

Blu-ray collectors may get it even cheaper. That looks to be listed here for only $8.98.

Both are likely to be pricing errors – be quick with your order before they update!

The Attitude Era Vol. 2 match listing came out over the weekend, boasting over 30 matches. The DVD and Blu-ray officially releases to fans across the United States on November 4th.

WWE The Attitude Era Vol. 2 DVD - Stone Cold Steve Austin

Click here to grab The Attitude Era Vol. 2 for only $8.99…

WWE’s planned “Slam City” DVD this year may not be a UK exclusive title after all, as it has now been added to Australian schedules too.

There has been no sign of it yet on any schedule for the United States but it’s possible that it could be released as a store exclusive or perhaps even under the Mattel banner.

As of last word it will be a single-disc DVD released in time for the holiday season, containing 26 episodes. Temporary artwork for the DVD is shown below. New episodes have also just been added to the WWE Network, making it 18 episodes in total streaming there right now.

WWE Slam City Poster - Temporary DVD Cover Artwork

Below to watch is the US version of the Sting DVD trailer.

“The Best of Sting” is the big WWE DVD/Blu-ray release this month, incoming to the US on September 23rd. It follows to Australia on October 1st and UK/Europe on October 6th.

Get it on Amazon
Get it on Amazon

The UK cover artwork for “Macho Man – The Randy Savage Story” DVD has now come through, as shown below. The release date to UK fans is expected to be November 7th. Look out for your chance to pre-order it from WWEDVD.co.uk in the coming weeks.

This Savage DVD is also expected to be the next that a content listing will be revealed for.

WWE Macho Man - The Randy Savage Story DVD Cover Artwork

DEAL: This lot of 48 WWE PPV DVDs ($69.90) ends today, here on eBay.com.

WWE PPV DVD Collection

Over on the UK eBay site, WDN reader Adam Gunnell sends word of his listing for a huge collection of 108 WWE Blu-rays. Best offer prices can be submitted here on eBay.co.uk.

WWE Blu-ray Collection 2014

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. buckyduckyquackyquacky says:

    I ordered the Blu-ray set when it was the original price of 27, Amazon’s usual price of WWE Blu-rays. I emailed them about all the trouble & will let you know what they tell me.

  2. Andres G. says:

    Supposed Blu-Ray is now $27.97, but the 3-disc DVD is still $8.99 as of right now. Pre-ordered it just in case. Figured that if they changed the price on me I’d just cancel it.

  3. Richard W says:

    This looks like a great deal, don’t get me wrong BUT look closely at the specifications and details of this set…it is stating the primary language is in Spanish and their distributor is listed as Alebrije HE, which I believe is the WWE Home Video affiliate for Mexico and Central America, so order withj caution but again, not a bad price…


    “Language: Spanish
    Number of discs: 3
    Rated: Unrated
    Studio: Alebrije Home Ent”

    • Daniel Bee says:

      That was explained a few times in some of my earlier comments. The specifics are still related to the other product before it changed back to Attitude. Likely to update soon. Blu-ray price rise is a good sign.

  4. Jordan B says:

    The dvd version (the $9.99 one) says that its language is Spanish… The other ($9.98 one) has English… anybody with info on that?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      It’s as simple as the original listing changing to a DVD that looked to be Spanish or something, then it went back to Attitude as it is now. The other listing ($8.98) has to be the Blu-ray, temporarily listed in error as a 2 disc DVD now.

  5. Howard says:

    I pre ordered the macho man collectors edition set for 12.99 at bestbuy.com.

    • Jordan B says:

      I wonder if best buy will honor it once it goes up in price (I assume it will)

    • Jordan B says:

      Thanks for the heads up. Just got confirmation from BestBuy that they have a preorder price guarantee (like amazon) and I got the collector’s edition for $16.49 total with shipping and tax!

  6. Jamie says:

    Good ole DVD collecting in Canada. Getting raped with the shipping costs again…

  7. Scott says:

    Dan the man! Thanks buddy! We’ll see if it works!

  8. Jordan B says:

    Holy Crap…. Both Attitude era dvd and bluray for $18! What a deal. Thanks for the heads up

  9. Timothy Thorpe says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Saved me (hopefully) a lot of money in November.

  10. funker says:

    I ordered this product on bluray for 28, the real price. I rechecked it and the price went down to 7, I was stunned but clicked on it and it led me to another movie not even associated with WWE. I rescheduled after this article, it still says 7 instead of 9. I’m going keep up to date with this too see if Amazon keeps there promos.

  11. lance says:

    This is obviously a product error. WWE isn’t even listed in the product title or description. This item will be ordered by people and then cancelled by Amazon as a product no longer available. I mean you don’t even know what your ordering. It could be Attitude era of The View, as again “WWE” isn’t even shown anywhere

    • Vintage Simon says:

      Does lead actor “Austin, Steve” star in The View then?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      For a bit of added background, these pages on Amazon when first put up were the Attitude Era Vol. 2 DVD/Blu-ray. They then changed to two totally different titles (an unusual occurance), then now have changed back. The release date was also changed to Nov 4, the right date for Attitude.

      They could very well be the real deal for those reasons. And if they’re not, it’ll either get cancelled or the buyer can cancel themselves before November. Little risk I’d say, but it’s of course up to you.

  12. Mr Hesse says:

    Never mind. Format says DVD, but it’s clearly Blu ray. Amazing deal. Just ordered one.

    • Eric Rich says:

      And they’ll kick the Blu Ray orders out due to this (I’ve had it happen multiple time before). They’ll be hard-pressed to cancel the DVD version though.

  13. David says:

    Thats a great price for the Attitude Era Blu-ray…i placed an order for the Blu-ray, even with shipping and Canadian conversion its about $18 and still way cheaper than Amazon.ca which is showing $28.

    Anyone in the past have luck with Amazon honoring price errors? I read from others if the error is significant they will likely cancel the order and give $5 gift certificates or something for the inconvenience.

  14. Mr Hesse says:

    Blu ray is nowhere to be found on Amazon…

    • Daniel Bee says:

      It’s linked to in the above article. Link again: http://amzn.to/1lR4kA2. 🙂

      It does say “DVD” but it also says 2 discs, and both listings can’t be the DVD. The other says DVD and 3 discs. That happens sometimes.

      Probably worth a chance pre-ordering before the price goes up, since you can always cancel before the release if the listings change (again) to another product.

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