Exclusive: Preview Clip of Ultimate Warrior’s New WWE DVD – Warrior Speaks!

March 29, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection DVD

We’re 3 days away from “Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection” on DVD and Blu-ray!

Check out this exclusive new preview video which features Ultimate Warrior himself introducing the new compilation and addressing WWE “rewriting history” and “telling a different story” in the past (see: The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior DVD from 2005).

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New Ultimate Warrior WWE DVD Interview

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  1. Warrior Fan says:

    That’s the man right there, he gets way too much heat from media and fans. It’s really undeserved.

  2. Brad Attitude says:

    Too bad it doesn’t show clips of his public speaking/preaching days 😛

  3. SCSA says:

    OMG! Warrior looks really different from all the times I’ve seen him with his face-paint, running around always shaking the ropes & his huge set of muscles!

  4. SRB says:

    Haha! Warrior is hilarious. I totally love the guy, but that was hysterical. The second I pushed play, he started screaming. Classic

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