Exclusive: Preview Clip of ‘Kevin Nash: Too Sweet’ Documentary on WWE Network

July 30, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE Network - Kliq Week Logo

“Kevin Nash: Too Sweet” will be the next addition to the WWE Network’s KLIQ Week!

An exclusive source just passed along this 3 minute preview clip of the documentary to share with you, the WrestlingDVDNetwork.com readers. Get a taster with the first few minutes of the Nash special before it even airs, then catch the full length version over on the Network.

Subscribe to the WWE Network to watch “Kevin Nash: Too Sweet” – the special airs tonight after SmackDown at 10pm EST and will of course be available to watch anytime On Demand.

“Celebrate the career of Big Daddy Cool as WWE cameras follow Kevin Nash during his 2015 Hall of Fame induction.”

WWE Network - Kevin Nash: Too Sweet Documentary

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  1. Azura Benson says:

    Shameful what WWE is doing toward Hulk Hogan. You’d think Vince was still butthurt over the government trial & the Monday Night War, and was waiting for an excuse to erase his era. This better not continue through their Roddy Piper tributes. Vince deserves to be beaten with a baseball bat.

  2. attitude.era.4life says:

    Like I said before: thank god for physical medias, where elimination, deleting and erasing of so called political incorrect segments, elements or charachters can not be done, so you can enjoy what you have paid for, and YOU descide your self, if you want to watch what you actually pay for, and YOU yourself can have the choice of desciding:

    “I can distinguish between a charachterised fantasy personality, and a private human being, who talked garbage trash, but in a private home, which was taped and then leaked.

    Or, I can say, that I can not distinguish between script and real reality, and I do not want to continue to watch that particualar charachter, or segment or element.”

    The key here, is, I as a fan, and as a consumer, get to make my own choice, when I have physical medias, that I have paid for…that’s clearly not 100 % possible with the Network. Sad..

  3. David says:

    Get ready for WWE to not show Hogan, his matches and any mentions of him for a while. Finished watching the Nash documentary and WWE were really trying not to show Hogan anywhere, even though they mentioned and shows Nash and Hall’s jump to WCW and coming out during Sting/HHH at WM31. WWE rewrote history as if nWo was started by Nash and Hall the way they were documenting it.

  4. attitude.era.4life says:

    wonder, how many times in the 3 minutes preview alone, that Big Sexy tore his quad, not to mention during the full lenght of this “jack-knife power bombing” program!?