30-Minute Preview of ‘Owen – Hart of Gold’ Documentary Streaming Now on WWE Network

December 2, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE Network - First Look: Owen Hart Documentary

The biggest sneak peek of the “Owen – Hart of Gold” documentary yet!

Available to watch right now on the WWE Network is a 26 minute long preview of WWE’s brand new Owen Hart documentary before it officially releases to the public. The “First Look” special features selected portions of the Home Video’s 1 hour and 11 minute main feature.

So, to see more like this…

…head over to the WWE Network and watch First Look: Owen – Hart of Gold.

The full length “Owen – Hart of Gold” DVD and Blu-ray set hits stores in UK/Europe this Monday, in the United States this Tuesday, and in Australia this Wednesday. Pre-order now.

WWE Owen: Hart of Gold - Blu-ray Discs

Since our coverage of new additions to the vault yesterday, American Wrestling Association (AWA) content has shown up on the WWE Network for the first time!

That’s joined by continued uploads of Mid-South Wrestling, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and NWA World Championship Wrestling. Sprinkled between that lot are a few new WCCW shows too.

You can see a full rundown of all the new content, here: WWE Network Updates.

WWE Network - AWA Content

WWE Network for $9.99

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  1. Jeff Copeland says:

    picked this up today. i enjoyed it, again way to short maybe its cause of martha’s restrictions and stuff but it was not to bad. Felt like old wwf vhs tapes you get that were a hour long like hell yea stone cold, or three faces of foley or walls of jericho vhs from 2000.

    matches wise hit or miss i wish we they would of added owen and yoko winning the tag team titles at wm 11 or the unforgiven 98 match owen hart vs hhh for the european title.

    some said the wcw tribute match bret vs benoit should of been on here but that was not gonna happen or steel cage match from summerslam 94 which thats on hart and soul dvd and summerslam anthology. other matches i would liked to see owen and jarrett title defence or even wining the tag titles raw after the royal rumble 99 ? i think. or even owen vs blackman from rock bottom eh ending but a good match.

    but over all not a bad dvd, could of been better yes if given no restrictions from martha and company but…. what are you gonna do, maybe one day we might get a another owen dvd with just matches like how bret got the dungeon one i think from 2012 ? or 2013 but in closeing ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND WE GOT A OWEN DVD WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! 😀

  2. David says:

    Had a chance to watch the preview and really liked it and looking forward to watching the full thing. Everyone really talked so highly of Owen and even today everyone I have heard in shoot interviews never had a bad thing to say about him and was just an awesome person to be around which makes his death even more tragic and sad. I still get choked up when watching the RAW tribute show.

  3. Bandit says:

    The price of the Owen Hart Blu-Ray on Amazon has been lowered from $24.99 to $21.99. Glad I waited – not only I saved $3.00 but also I’m able to use a $10 gift card from Amazon that I received from those My Coke Reward Points. Bought it yesterday. (If anyone does that – a $10 Amazon E-Gift Card is worth 225 points this week.) The Owen Hart DVD is priced at $17.99 at Amazon.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Just a note for the future, if you pre-order on Amazon and then they lower the price before the release, they will give you that lowest price. 🙂

  4. SCSA says:

    I just received my copy of the Owen Hart Blu-Ray yesterday & I have to say that It has some amazing matches!
    I was mostly looking forward to the WMX match on blu-ray against Bret Hart! Though my best match so far I have to say has been the 2nd one Vs Shawn Michaels at In Your House 1996!
    The Documentary was rather short, though worth watching 🙂

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