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July 15, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE Ladies and Gentleman, My Name is Paul Heyman DVD Logo

A second synopsis for the “Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman” DVD and Blu-ray has now come through, which you can read below.

Paul Heyman was extreme long before being extreme was cool. Find out how an attorney’s son from Scarsdale, New York, became one of the most revolutionary forces in sports-entertainment history. Heyman shoots from the hip, detailing his contributions as a producer, promoter, manager, writer, general manager, advocate and, in his words, “all-around creative genius.” Things are about to get extreme, and as usual, Paul Heyman’s fingerprints are all over it!

Yesterday Paul Heyman’s official website revealed this new preview clip. It’s a first look at documentary footage in the Heyman DVD, looking back at the infamous Beulah McGillicutty – Kimona Wanaleia kiss in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

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WWE Ladies and Gentleman, My Name is Paul Heyman DVD Cover

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For those asking us since last night’s RAW – yes, there is a Sting WWE DVD on the way.

Last month we exclusively confirmed the go ahead of the DVD/Blu-ray and Sting’s involvement in the WWE 2K15 video game too.

It will be released in September and as of now it’s slated to be a match compilation with the title “Sting – The Ultimate Collection“, three discs on DVD and two discs on Blu-ray.

You can already pre-order a copy of the Sting DVD/Blu-ray here on

Sting in WWEK15 Trailer Reveal

Released TODAY is the “United We Slam – Best of Great American Bash” DVD and Blu-ray, in stock now at and It’s now available in both the United States and UK/Europe. It will follow to Australian fans early next month.

WWE United We Slam - Great American Bash DVD and Blu-ray

The upcoming “Harley Race: Greatest Wrestler on God’s Green Earth” DVD (listed for pre-order here on will have a 1 hour and 40 minute documentary, plus nearly 2 hours of matches and bonus footage. The full content is listed below.

Harley Race - Greatest Wrestler on God's Green Earth - DVD Documentary

Disc 1 – Documentary
Early Life
Happy Humphrey
Jack Long
Pretty Handsome
1st World Title
The Champ
Starrcade 83
War With Vince
The King
Training School
Harley Race v. Ric Flair (All Star Wrestling courtesy of Harley Race)

Disc 2 – Bonus Footage
Harley Race v. David Von Erich (courtesy of Larry Matysik)
“The Doublecross” as told by Jim Cornette and Harley Race
Harley Race v. Ted Dibiase (8 MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner)
“Great Times” told by Terry Funk
Harley Race v. Ric Flair (8 MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner)
“His Hands” as told by Vader
Harley Race v. Dick Murdoch (8 MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner)
“Bruno folklore” as told by Larry Matysik
Harley v. Tommy Martin (8MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner)
“New Zealand” as told by Ric Flair/Jim Cornette
Harley Race v. Pierre Lefeber (8 MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner)
“Outlaws” – Les Thatcher
Harley Race v. Spike Huber (courtesy of Larry Matysik)
“Vader” – Magnum TA
Harley Race v. Dory Funk Jr (courtesy of Harley Race)
“US Title” – William Murdock
Harley Race v. David Von Erich (8MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner)
“Driving Harley” featuring George South
Harley Race v. Ron Sexton (courtesy of Larry Matysik)
“Broadway” featuring Larry Matysik
Harley Race v. Omar Atlas (courtesy of Larry Matysik)

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  1. Little Black says:

    Anything ECW related is gold so the Paul Heyman Blu-Ray will be featured in my collection for sure!

  2. Mike says:

    Until we get some match listings on the Sting DVD there is no news.

  3. David says:

    Looking forward to the Heyman Blu-ray. Surprisingly the Blu-ray and DVD are actually cheap in Canada. Usually its about $25 for the DVD and over $30 for the Blu-ray, but the Heyman DVD will be $17 and the Blu-ray at $20.

    The Harley Race DVD also looks great. Got the autographed version, so also looking forward to that.

    • SRB says:

      Would you say you are overall typically satisfied with Highspots products? They are hit and miss for me. I love their Gaijin compilations. Worth checking out.

      • David says:

        I have the 3 Disc Jim Crockett DVD, Barb-wire City and several Japan DVDs and i’m quite satisfied with the quality. Have some of the ECW compilation DVDs as well since i read RF Video takes forever shipping them out.

        Might pick up the Legends of the 90s Gaijin set. That looks awesome based on the match listing.

  4. TheManInBlu says:

    I cannot wait for the Paul Heyman Blu-ray! Have it on pre-order and am gonna spend the whole day watching it when it lands on my doorstep 😀