Price Changes for WWE Raw Box Set, Stacked September, Mid-South Review

September 5, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWF Raw is War Stage 1997

Since our original article Amazon’s prices for the “Raw 20th Anniversary Collection” box set have gone higher. The DVD version went from $62.99 up to $79.99, while the Blu-ray version went from $83.99 up to $109.99. Check that out here.

The prices for the December box set are now identical on the Amazon and Best Buy websites. Anyone who ordered theirs from Amazon before the prices went up will be honored with the original lower cost due to the pre-order price guarantee the site offers.

As mentioned, a synopsis for the collection hinted at 4 episodes planned out of the 20 full shows that will comprise the final set. These were two episodes from 1999 (aired January 4 and May 10), Raw Roulette (aired November 24, 2003) and the 15th Anniversary show (aired December 10, 2007). More details on the box set as we receive them.

September is stacked for WWE DVD and Blu-ray releases!

This month sees the release of three major titles in Legends of Mid-South Wrestling next Tuesday on the 10th, SummerSlam 2013 on the 17th, and Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come on the 24th. You can get your pre-orders in for any of those three by clicking here.

WWE Blu-rays Triple H & Mid-South Wrestling

SummerSlam is also now listed here on Below is the official trailer.

[flv: 610 343]

Legends of Mid-South Wrestling is the next title to hit US stores. Look out for that next Tuesday. You can listen to Shaun Blackford’s review of the Blu-ray set below.

The winner of our latest giveaway for the Money in the Bank DVD will be selected in just 1 week! To enter all you need to do is get involved with our Community forums before September 12th. Some discussions currently going on in the forums are listed below.

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WWE Money in the Bank 2013 DVD Giveaway

Here is the newly unveiled cover artwork for the TNA Slammiversary XI DVD in the UK market. That’s a 2 disc set and is released to the UK later this month at

TNA Slammiversary XI DVD

Stefan sends word of some deals to be had on WrestleMania DVDs in Australia. He notes that ‘BIG W’ stores in Australia have been restocked with the WrestleMania 19 to 29 DVDs, all of which are priced at only $13 each.

WWE WrestleMania DVD Collection

The next WWE release to UK/Europe is Madison Square Garden on Monday, which can be pre-ordered from £19.99 over at Below is a look at the UK’s Blu-ray edition and comments left by Bully Ray on Twitter about one of his matches being included.

WWE at Madison Square Garden Blu-ray UK

WWE at Madison Square Garden Blu-ray UK

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Shane C. MOntgomery says:

    This will be a great, once in a life time set, but the price is way high, even though it will be 10 or 12 discs. I hope the prices do not go up any more.

    • Mark D says:

      I thought that the price was very reasonable, especially given that the RRP for a 3 disc set is $29.99, and given that this has another 9 discs, it is only just more than twice the price.

  2. woo hoo best in the world

  3. Jamyn Blanton says:

    I wish I would have pre-ordered the RAW Blu-Ray set. I’m probably going to get the Summerslam Blu-Ray definetly getting Thy Kingdom Come Blu-Ray and probably not getting Mid-South Blu-Ray. Can’t wait to see who wins the MITB.

  4. Eric says:

    Good thing I got my preorder in.

  5. Chris says:

    Guess theres no chance of that “Homecoming” episode making this set, due to Benoit I guess :/

    • @IMDJLUIS says:

      I think it’s possible. He didn’t speak and wasn’t seen very much. Remember, Eric Bischoff came out and canceled their match.

  6. THOMAS says:

    I will not be buying the Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden 3 dvd set and the three dvd set is not in my top list

  7. SRB says:

    To my knowledge, this is the first Blu-Ray WWE set, which is a really great thing. I would love for them to put out more and bigger PPV anthologies from WCW and ECW. I’d love sets on Great American Bash, Halloween Havoc and others similar to what they were able to pull off with Starrcade and War Games

    • David says:

      The thing with full WCW PPVs, most actually sucked – especially from the early to late-90s…they had likely 1 or 2 standout matches from the mid-card and cruiserweights but the rest were pretty forgettable.

      Also i don’t think there is demand for full WCW PPVs. Even when WCW were releasing VHS (distributed by Warner Bros from the late-90s) i don’t recall any stores carrying them, only WWF at that time.

      WWE knows they could make more money releasing compilation sets for WCW so they could pick and choose the standout or good matches over the crappy ones instead of putting out full PPVs that majority won’t buy.

  8. Mr Disc says:

    This could end up being the most expensive DVD/Blu-Ray set WWE has ever released. Apart from those full Anthology sets of course.

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