WWE 21st Century DVD Preview, Randy Orton DVD in UK, Tagged Classics

July 14, 2011 by Daniel Bee

– WWE.com has put up three video previews of the Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century DVD (released July 26th). One of which is the profile of Randy Orton and you can watch it below.

– Speaking of Randy Orton, his DVD “Evolution of a Predator” will be released on September 6th to North America. It’s expected to follow in the UK via Silver Vision later that same month.

– It’s official. As we reported on last month, Triple H: That Damn Good and The Game (WWF DVDs from 2002) will comprise a new WWE Tagged Classics DVD set in the UK.

It will be released in September, available to pre-order now at this link, marking the first time That Damn Good hits the European market, having been only released to US and Australia.

Two great DVDs in our opinion!

– A one-hour special of WrestleMania 27 highlights will air on NBC in the United States on Saturday, August 13th at 9 pm ET / 8 pm CT. Another way to watch WM27 for free is winning our DVD giveaway – to enter simply subscribe to our new YouTube channel before Saturday.

– Trish Stratus herself has heard about the rarity and crazy prices of the FYE “Collector’s Edition” version of her DVD, and had a look to see if she still owns it. She does, in fact it’s still sealed with the bobblehead intact, and she posted this pic of it on her Facebook page.

These WWE DVD rarities are up for auction on eBay right now, ending in a couple of days:

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Alan says:

    This is a great tagged classic. It has many of Triple H’s key matches from 1999-2002 in full (without blurring), and the documentary is very enjoyable too. I’ll be buying without hesitation, and I barely own any tagged classics.

  2. Daniel Bee says:

    Those 2 Triple H DVDs compliment each other very well though. That Damn Good is just a bonus, that’s clear, but it has decent matches/moments all from a great era for HHH, and of course it’s unedited WWF footage which is a plus too. The Game is great, and watching That Damn Good after or before it is the perfect mix I think.

  3. Scott says:

    As a follow up. The Rumble 2000 match with Cactus is featured on BOTH sets! And I was off a bit. “That Damn Good” doesn’t have 7 matches, it has 6. One of the chapters is his January 2002 WWF return at Madison Square Garden. While that was an amazing moment, I gotta say it again.


  4. Scott says:

    Thats really just 1 “Classic” with an extra disc of bonus matches. I have “That Damn Good”. Its just 7 matches with the only extras being the lead up to each one.

    There’s a reason it was a Best Buy exclusive.

    “The Game” only has 3 bonus matches, only one of which is a genuine Triple H classic being the Rumble 2000 match with Cactus Jack. The other matches are his WWF Debut against Buck Zumhoff of all people, and Flair vs. Steamboat from Wrestle War 89.

    While thats an all time classic and everything, its on other DVD’s. The Documentary on Triple H is just ok, and basically focuses on his quad injury comeback.

    Hate to say it….But I have to.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Daniel Bee for the Eddie´s profile posted!

  6. Guy says:

    Lol when they said Orton become the youngest world champion at summerslam 2004 the footage they showed was not from the match instead orton rko undertaker at wrestlemania 21 this made me laff do they think the viewers are dumb to think that he beat undertaker at summerslam 2004 when he was actually wrestling JBL for the WWE Title, there are long time WWE Fans out there and they know exactly who he beat at Summerslam 2004 for the World title despite all efforts from WWE acting as if the man ‘Benoit’ did not exist its true and utter shame that Benoit will not mentioned again WWE are just Pathetic for this reason!!

  7. Randy Orton became the youngest World Champion at Sumerslam 2004. I wonder who he defeated?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yeah some of the first WWE DVD’s were made around the time of the transition and so the footage itself contained WWF logos but they changed the badge in the corner of the screen. They must have thought this was the only change needed at the time or something (It would have been nice wouldnt it). But shortly after these DVDs were all deleted because they were not edited (correctly) I guess. Some such as the nWo DVD still had the WWF badge but said wwe on the case, whereas The Rock: Just Bring It and Insurrextion 2002 had the badge replaced and nothing else edited. I havent seen these Triple H DVDs but as they were deleted they must have WWF on there somewhere, but my guess is the badge will be changed and thats all. Another example of this was Hulk Still Rules, which said wwe on the box and was made using the wwe badge, but they did not edit the WWF out. Personally I think this last part of the ruling is disproportionate and its the part that really pisses the fans off, the blurring. If the box has been changed, the company name has changed I would have thought that was enough, but they made them edit retrospectively and that bloody harsh because it wouldnt have made any difference to the wildlife fund whatsoever. They arent going to watch the DVDs are they? Silvervision was an innocent third party in the contract breached and suffered a loss by having their videos deleted. Hence they were permitted to reissue tagged classics by ediiting only the outer artwork.

    That Damn Good must have been on silvervision’s schedule or something special because it never came out originally in the UK. But I think ‘The Game’ has the WWF badge and ‘That Damn Good’ will have the WWE badge, but will not have been edited enough and had to be withdrawn (or not released at all) for that reason.

  9. Daniel Bee says:

    About the WWF/WWE logos, my bet is That Damn Good on this TC set will just be exactly the same as what was released in the US, because that’s what they were about to release.

    Eddie Guerrero profile on Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century:

  10. Anonymous says:

    So happy the Triple H tagged classic will be released here in europe!Can´t wait!

  11. CJ says:

    The narrator for that Orton video is a bit annoying.

  12. Saf says:

    Triple H that damn good did not have the wwf scratch logo in the left hand corner present instead they used the block wwe logo the big one but everything else was uncensored and their was no blurring, i believe this was the case with insurrextion 2002 orignal dvd in that it did not feature the wwf scratch logo at the bottom instead the big wwe block logo and everything else was untouched i wonder if thats the same in the tagged classic version if anyone can confirm that, that damn good will be the original footage but it will remain to see if it will have the wwf scratch logo in the bottom left hand corner or the wwe block logo!!

  13. Alan says:

    I’m not usually one to ask the dreaded ‘Is the scratch logo blurred out’ question, but considering that ‘That Damn Good’ was never released in the UK, and that its release was right around the time of the WWF/E transition, I’d say it’s a fair question. I’m assuming that it’ll be the clean, original footage, but maybe some could confirm. Thanks!