New Randy Orton WWE DVD Release Date, Attitude Era DVD In Works?

June 18, 2012 by Daniel Bee

The upcoming Randy Orton DVD, part of the new WWE Superstar Collection, now has a confirmed release date.

Along with the Kofi Kingston DVD also in the series, the new Randy Orton DVD is scheduled to hit stores across the United States on September 4th.

A total of eight titles have been revealed so far for Superstar Collection. The Zack Ryder and John Cena DVDs are confirmed for July, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan for August, then Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston for September. Given the pattern, we can assume the remaining Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio DVDs are planned for October. have confirmed that they will not be producing the Superstar Collection in the UK and Europe. They are however stocking all other recent WWE DVDs, along with some exclusive Blu-ray editions, which you can check out or order over here.

To speculate further on possible Attitude Era themed DVD being in the works at WWE, at last night’s No Way Out event Booker T stated on commentary that he was recently interviewed about the era. Whilst there was no mention of a DVD by Booker, nor anything solid, you may recall Mick Foley also referenced it on Twitter lately. Given these two occurrences and the confirmation that the WWE ’13 video game will be “Attitude” themed, perhaps these are all signs the project is under way for a late 2012 release. Again, this is purely speculation right now.

The WWE Over the Limit 2012 DVD hits stores tomorrow in the US, featuring Randy Orton on the front cover. A week later sees the release of Falls Count Anywhere on DVD and Blu-ray. Both titles are now available to order at

Courtesy of, here’s a look at the artwork on next month’s No Holds Barred release by WWE Studios. The 1989 film hits stores on DVD for the first time on July 3rd and you can pre-order a copy for only $10.99 by clicking here.

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  1. kwl says:

    It’d be cool if one of these were made for Kane…….with newer matches from after he returned with the mask in 2011.

  2. KirbbDogg says:

    Glad to hear the Attitude Era is comming out on DVD. But you know I wish they would just do Jerry Lawler DVD set myself.

  3. TebowTime says:

    No offense to other Era wrestling fans but growing up in the Attitude Era was awesome. You can tell Jerry The King Lawler is miserable doing commentary now, back then he was having fun, now it’s just a paycheck instead of having fun.

    • Anonymous says:

      For me, Lawler was at his peak in the booth during the mid-90’s where he truly was a heel. Stu and Helen jokes above pervert Lawler and puppies any day of the week.

      Lawler phones it in for now several years but I think it’s more due to the fact that he doesn’t announces with Ross anymore.

  4. Mike Miller fan says:

    The way they should do this with the Attitude Era is molded it a little after Greatest Star’s of the 90’s that was excellent, the other Greatest Star’s of the 21st Century sucked big time. Break it down into DX, Austin, Rock as the main last ones, start with Kane then go to New Age Outlaws then Divas, then Goofy/embarrassing storylines.

  5. Captain America says:

    The Attitide Era won the Monday Night War for WWE over WCW, from 1997-2000 WWE was gaining in the ratings with DX, Austin, Rock, and everyone else performing at a high level, where WCW was dying out around 2000 because they didn’t push the younger guys and not because of the nWo. It was a good concept of nWo Wolfpack and nWo white and black, but lWo was dumb I thought and nWo 2000 was cool but it wasn’t the original nWo.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hopes are being raised far to high for the potential Attitude Era set. The bleeping and blurring will be all over it. You can also not to expect to see Sable with painted knockers,Evening Gown matches,or anything of the like. Since they just recently used a reverse angle shot for Keibler flashing her bum during Survivor Series 2001 on 24/7,you can fully anticipate that being the “rule” more than the “exception” moving forward.

  7. my weiner is fairly large says:

    There is a lot of good attitude era stuff that needs to be released. Like when Sabu jumped off the “R” when ECW invaded RAW, that was cool. Also, when Ryan Shamrock (Ken Shamrock’s hot sister) sided with Val Venis, she was real hot. I want to see more of her. It would be nice if they included some unaired outtakes of the attitude era. Like when Tori Wilson’s dog peed on the ring apron, or when Kurt Angle tore the crotch of his singlet during a match.

  8. KarlKayfabian says:

    Some unreleased WWF World Title changes from the Attitude Era:

    Sid vs Bret raw
    Taker vs Scsa raw
    Vince vs hhh smackdown
    big show vs hhh

  9. Anonymous says:

    Plenty of good ppv matches from the Attitude Era that have not gotten the dvd treatment:

    1. 6pack challenge

    2. Rock vs Triple H (ironman)

    3. Angle wins title from Rock

    4. Trips vs Angle

    5. Shawn vs Shamrock

  10. Human Torch44 says:

    I hope the Shawn Michaels dvd will be good but I got faith that it will be and has the DX: In Your House match vs Ken Shamrock, the DX pants HBK wore was awesome.

  11. Bill38 says:

    This will be epic and most everyone was an Attitude Era fan except for the little Jimmy’s they are too young to remember the Era. Attitude Era is Stone Cold, DX, Rock, Undertaker, Kane, New Age Outlaws, Mick Foley, crap even the Hart Foundation had some part to do with the Attitude Era till DX took over as the top heels.

    • Dave says:

      Yes, there have been great moments and superstars from the attitude but also some of the most embarrassing and awful moments and superstars have occurred during the attitude era.

      People seem to forget that…Mae Young giving birth to a hand anyone?!? or “choppy choppy your pee-pee”, how about Road Warrior Hawk attempting suicide falling off the titantron, the BRAWL FOR ALL.

      Those were mostly during 98 and 99, but 2000 was when it really picked up with amazing matches and the rise of Kurt Angle, Jericho, Benoit, Edge/Christian, HHH, Hardys, Rikishi.

  12. RabidHeat says:

    You realise he’s possibly talking about the King Booker skits for the Attitude Era sections of the King of the Ring set? LOL!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Before anyone starts saying THEY HAVE RELEASED EVERYTHING FROM ATTITUDE ERA!!!!! No they have not there is MANY moments that have never ever been put on DVD this set is “Attitude era” not best of raw so they can include some gems from Smackdown and even heat! When it was the number 2 show. Remember Attitude era set doesn’t = best of raw.

  14. Matthew says:

    I hope the attitude dvd will be 4 disc/ blu-ray 3 disc, and it would be cool if they get rights to have the wwf logo shown just for that video but i highly doubt it.

  15. Scsa says:

    ‘Attitude Era’ DVD/Blu-Ray shud include; SCSA Vs Owen Hart – IC title, D-X; HHH & HBK w/Chyna n Rick Rude, The formation of D-X; X-Pac returns, Outlaws join HHH, Chyna n X-Pac! D-X impersonate The Nation & Corporation, Rock joins the Corporation n hundreds of other things!!!

  16. Captain America says:

    Best news of the day, Attitude Era DVD might be on the works. Awesome a ton of DX moments.

  17. SRB says:

    I just like most would totally welcome the idea of an Attitude era set. Nice job by WWE recognizing that this was quite possibly the most important era in wrestling, so important that a DVD set needs to be made. The only future problem I see is that just like any other set you will get complaints of all of the moments that were left out. Perhaps thats why WWE is doing Superstar sets on guys like Zack Ryder and Kofi, not too much can go wrong as far as content goes, they are much safer in regards to content

  18. yoshi says:

    about time.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Never thought they would release an full Attitude-era retrospective since they’re pretty much shying away from anything from 98-01 on WWE 24/7 that isn’t already released elsewhere (save for the monthly Monday Night Wars). There will be a ton of music edits, WW* and Blurry-mania. Hopefully they won’t also try to do a PG-version full of beeps and black-and-white footage.

    And for obvious and good reasons, an amount of great matches will be skipped because of Benoit. (has the tag-match with Jericho, Austin and HHH ever been released on DVD?)

    • UKWWEFAN says:

      The HHH Austin vs Benoit Jericho Tag Match in 2001 on Raw was released on the WWF best of 2001 dvd viewers choice but the match is clipped and not in full unfortunately, i agree wonder how they guna edit the wwf logo there is guna be blurs all over the place it will ruin the dvd, maybe they might have exception and make a deal with the pandas and court to use the wwf scratch logo and have it unedited etc just for this sole release cause they dont a ruin a dvd etc so they might let me but i highly doubt it, i look forward to what they come up with!!

      • RabidHeat says:

        “they might have exception and make a deal with the pandas and court to use the wwf scratch logo and have it unedited etc just for this sole release”

        That’s NOT going to happen, so don’t even entertain the thought.

  20. Anonymous says:


    Attitude era DVD FTW!

  21. KirbbDogg says:

    If the cage match Hogan and beafcake had with Zuse and Savage is in this. I’ll buy it. But I think it it should have been in Hogan’s last DVD set.

  22. Dave says:

    I wonder if No Holds Barred will also include the cage match as an extra. Also Jesse Ventura is used in the movie and match, wonder if they will edit it to avoid paying him royalties.

    I have the laser disc version converted to DVD-R that i found a while back and its pretty decent quality. It has decent list of extras and the cage match. Would finally retire they are on the original DVD.

    But have a feeling its going to be a bare bones release with probably the trailer as an extra.

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