RAW DVD Box Set Removed, WWE Planning New Show, Cover Art Revealed

January 8, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Box Set

As you can now see over here, the “RAW 20th Anniversary Collection” DVD box set is no longer available to purchase from Amazon themselves. There remains only copies of the DVD being offered by third party sellers on the site.

We’ve also noticed that the MovieMars eBay account today removed their listings for the DVD, which were until the time of the removal the cheapest available option to find the set online still brand new. A remaining “Buy It Now” listing brand new is priced at $139.99.

As we’ve been mentioning here on WDN, early promotional material for the RAW20 DVD referred to it as being “limited edition” with lesser than usual quantities produced. It’s been on back-order with multiple retailers, including both Amazon and Best Buy, since the holiday and completely unavailable to order on WWEShop for over a month.

Given the popularity of the RAW box set, what if WWE released a follow up this year?

Below is a new “Fantasy Concept” created by Mark, showing his picks of another 20 RAW episodes that could end up being featured in a second box set!

Fantasy Concept - WWE Raw 21st Anniversary DVD Box Set

Ahead of WWE’s big announcement tonight, expected to pertain to the debut of a “network”, the company is looking for fan feedback on a name for a new Superstar themed show.

WWE Network Announcement - Superstars

A survey was sent out to fans today with the following choices for names: WWE Presents, WWE Profiles, WWE Chronicles, Superstar Showcase and Beyond the Ring.

The synopsis for the new show idea reads as follows:

This program will shed a gripping spotlight on the triumphant and turbulent careers of WWE’s most famous Superstars, from WWE’s first-ever Champion, the controversial Buddy Rodgers, to 2013’s most popular WWE Superstar, John Cena.

Each true story will offer fresh revelations about these larger-than-life personalities, with insight coming from the people who know, or knew, them best: close family and friends, embittered in-ring rivals, childhood crushes, high school mentors, the WWE Superstars and Legends themselves and more.

What name would you give the new show?

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Here’s the cover artwork for WWE Live In The UK: November 2013.

The DVD is slated for release to the United Kingdom and Europe next month. Be sure to look out for your chance to pre-order a copy at WWEDVD.co.uk very soon.

WWE Live in the UK - November 2013 DVD Cover

The new Jim Cornette “Breaking Kayfabe” shoot interview was released yesterday. It’s available now at KayfabeCommentaries.com on DVD and instant streaming.

Watch the official trailer for the release below!

Here at WWEShop.com you can find the original “Hell in a Cell Greatest Matches” DVD on sale for just $2.99, plus multiple $6.99 Blu-rays (WrestleMania 27, Extreme Rules 2011, Elimination Chamber 2011) and one other Blu-ray for $8.99 (The Best of RAW 2010).

Next week’s TLC 2013 DVD is also now available to pre-order on the site.

WWE Hell in a Cell DVD & Blu-ray

Three reasonably priced RARE WWF DVD auctions are ending on eBay tonight:

Undertaker: This Is My Yard – $5.75
Royal Rumble 2002 – $13.50
Triple H: That Damn Good – $15.00

Rare WWE DVDs - Triple H That Damn Good

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. THOMAS says:

    WWE has to have more matches for the Royal Rumble event for this Sunday, since 2011, 2013 the event has only had 4 / 5 matches on the event, so hopefully 2014 will be the best Royal Rumble event since the past 1990 / 1991 / 1995 / 1998 / 1999 / 2000 / 2001 / 2003 / 2006 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2012 royal rumble events

  2. Aaron Park says:

    Can u explain in detail or list what other matches were on the episodes for that Fantasy version for the 21st Anniversary of Raw?

  3. Scott says:

    I ordered the Raw set on Cyber Monday, from WWEShop, and it took them until yesterday to tell me the order was cancelled. So I ended up ordering a copy yesterday on Amazon from a 3rd party seller for 60 bucks. The last copy. I was VERY lucky to manage that.

    But this kind of crap is why I’m so hesitant to order from WWE directly, and rarely ever do.

    • Krystal says:

      The issue is more likely ordering on Cyber Monday (or Black Friday). Websites get a huge traffic load on those two days and issues are most likely to occur during that shopping period. It happens with all websites not just WWEShop.

  4. Erik G. says:

    Nothing from Feb 96-Oct 98? That was the best era in wrestling history!

  5. Anthony says:

    For anyone that wants to buy the raw boxset gohastings . still has them Brand New for $61 that’s we’re I originally got my boxset from.

  6. @DEVILSHOLIC says:

    I have a feeling they’re taking the box sets down because of the WWE network maybe putting these shows on it… I could be wrong…

    • Krystal says:

      Why would they take them down? That would be lost money. They don’t take down tv show DVD’s just because re-runs are aired. Amazon was most likely given a certain amount of stock and now they’re out of stock, simple.

  7. Charles says:

    The 20 RAW episodes boxset is the set I enjoyed watching the most out of all DVDs I own. I would be really, really interested in a sequel. 1995-1996 episodes on there please.

  8. Vintage Simon says:

    Will be sleeping soundly with my two copies of the Raw 20 boxset tonight.

  9. John says:

    It is a very good thing that my parents ordered this for Christmas a day before it sold out

  10. Kenny says:

    That’s weird that it’s being pulled from websites. I was at Raw live this past Monday in Baltimore and they played a promo for it on the Tron during a commercial. I wonder what the story is.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I’d say no story to it – a limited edition DVD made in lesser than usual quantities proving popular in sales, thus selling out. Maybe each retailer were allocated a certain number of units to sell until they run out. That would explain the WWEShop and Amazon removals.

  11. Mark D says:

    To clarify the episodes I listed on the “21st Anniversary” Raw concept were episodes which weren’t listed on the initial list I made prior to the reveal of the content for Raw20. Which is why the 1st Draft and ECW Invasion 2001 aren’t listed this time.

  12. Corey Rice says:

    February 18th 02 should have been on the 20th the nwo destroys the rock was epic

  13. Simon says:

    Great episode listing for the fantasy concept on Raw 21st Anniversary

  14. Kevin says:

    Finally got enough money to buy the Raw box set and it gets pulled? Not so fast! I found it for $65 on Amazon.

  15. Anan says:

    All the names for the new show sound good. Questions are, what will be the contents of the show? How long will the shows be? Will it air on TV or via internet on WWE.com and/or WWE’s Youtube page? I guess it can air on their Youtube channel. But I also think they’ll be part of the WWE Network whenever that launches. Hope NXT will be there too along with the classics like Wrestling Challenge, the original Superstars, SNME, Shotgun, Heat, Coliseum Video releases, WWE Confidential.

    Based on the names of the new show, I’m guessing…

    WWE Presents: No idea what it would be about. Maybe they’ll allow us to watch a non-televised live event or off-air stuff from TV shows. Doubt it though.

    WWE Profiles: Judging by the word, profiles, they will profile someone like a legend or current superstar or something like Wrestlemania or RAW.

    WWE Chronicles: Chronicle means descriptive facts dealing with important or historical events in the order of their occurrence. With that said, this show may deal with facts about the concept of PPV’s or how a LIVE show compares to a taped show along with the advantages and disadvantages of both, for example.

    Superstar Showcase: This seems like it’ll be a profile along with highlights of a Superstar.

    Beyond The Ring: A Confidential-type show. If you’ve seen WWE Confidential, you’l know what I’m talking about.

    Again, they’re just guesses.

  16. Dan says:

    I wish they would release the best of UK Tour dvd in the states

    • Anan says:

      Your computer is a region-free DVD player so it wouldn’t matter where you got that DVD from. You’d still be able to play it on your PC.

      • SRB says:

        But playing WWE’s game of, “This country gets this release, but others don’t” can get old really fast. Fans shouldn’t have to go on a scavenger hunt to get the sets they want. I love collecting the sets, but refuse to pay the UK to ship to America. I’d rather not get the set at all.

        • Anan says:

          I can understand that. In order to be fair to everyone, I feel regardless of where they live, everyone should get the same thing. Not this place gets this, that place gets that.

          Same goes for video games too. In order to get this with the game, you have to go here to get it. But to get something else, you have to go somewhere else. I’m talking about the Best Buy/FYE exclusives where one store has one thing and FYE has something else. It shouldn’t matter where you go. You paid for it and should there get whatever anyone would/could get.

          It’s all a scam pretty much. At least you for regions though, you can just get any region and play it on your PC. Imagine how bad it’d be if you couldn’t? That’d make the scam suck even more.

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