RAW Box Set ‘Sold Out’, WWE Black Friday Returns, Elim Chamber 2014 DVD

December 13, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection Logo

As you’ve heard, the “RAW 20th Anniversary” DVD box set quickly sold out at WWEShop in a matter of days. There were delays experienced due to the demand but thankfully we’re hearing from more and more of our readers that orders are now shipping out.

For a time this week the box set was also gone from the Australian distributor’s website WWEDVD.com.au, since made available again. WDN reader Josh Sharp in Australia notes that this version is limited to 4000 units, and no more will be produced after that.

In early marketing material that we received for RAW 20th Anniversary Collection the following line was present, confirming the shorter shelf life than usual WWE DVD sets.

AVAILABLE LIMITED TIME ONLY! While supplies last. Limited quantity produced.

WWE Magazine - Raw 20th Anniversary DVD Ad

It’s being advertised in the latest issue of WWE Magazine, as shown above. Thanks to Jamyn Blanton for passing that along.

The 12-disc DVD box set contains approximately 31 hours of footage and is still in stock here on Amazon.com with a price tag of $69.99.

There are a few eBay auctions for it over here too. The best prices for copies sold there to date have been around the $50 mark.

WWE Black Friday is back today! That means selected lines of merchandise at WWEShop are marked down up to 80% and promo code “YES” returns to give 20% off site-wide.

Click here to go to the sale or look below for some top picks of the Blu-ray deals.

WWE Black Friday Sale

Use code “YES” to get the prices down to the following…
Blu-ray $5.59:
Elimination Chamber 2011 Combo

WWE Black Friday Deals

Blu-ray $7.99:
Royal Rumble 2011 Combo
The Attitude Era
Royal Rumble 2012
WrestleMania 29
Extreme Rules 2011
Survivor Series 2012
ECW Unreleased Vol. 1

Blu-ray $9.59:
WCW Clash of the Champions
nWo The Revolution

Blu-ray $10.39:
True Story of WrestleMania

Blu-ray $11.99:
50 Greatest Finishing Moves
Epic Journey of The Rock
CM Punk Best in the World
Shawn vs. Bret Greatest Rivalries
Best of WWE at MSG

See more in the returning WWE Black Friday sale…

Fans in the UK and Europe: there’s deals for you too this weekend!

At WWEDVD.co.uk you will find the WrestleMania 29 DVD & Blu-ray on sale from £12.99 and anyone who orders a copy will be entered to win a signed WM29 event chair!

To celebrate TLC this weekend, the site also has TLC 2012 for £8.99 (£9.99 on Blu-ray), plus the TLC 2011 and TLC 2010 DVDs are both down to just £5.99 each.

WWE WrestleMania 29 DVD UK Deal
WWE TLC 2012 DVD UK Deal

Elimination Chamber 2014 will be released on Home Video to the United States on March 25th. At the time of writing there is only information available on a DVD release with no indications as yet of a Blu-ray edition. Below is the official synopsis.

WWE Elimination Chamber Logo

It’s the final and most treacherous stop on the Road to WrestleMania 30. With the show of shows on the horizon, Superstars with the hope of walking into the historic event with championship gold must first step inside the unforgiving chamber. Inside, five other Superstars await, all ready to put their careers on the line for a chance at immortality. Who will have the necessary fortitude outlast the competition? And after the brutality of the chamber, will the winner be able to walk away from the chaos? All the top Superstars such as John Cena, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and more will take their game to another lever when WWE presents Elimination Chamber 2014.

YouShoot: Balls Mahoney is the next offering from Kayfabe Commentaries and will be released via DVD and On Demand next Tuesday.

For those unaware, “YouShoot” is a series of shoot interviews conducted by fan questions. Keep an eye on KayfabeCommentaries.com to get your copy.

Kayfabe Commentaries - YouShoot Balls Mahoney DVD

We are giving away all 10 of these DVDs pictured in the WDN Christmas Giveaway!

You have just over 1 week left to enter on Facebook, Twitter, email subscription or all three. Have a read of this article for the full details on how to get involved.

WWE DVD Christmas Giveaway

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Andrew says:

    This is such a waste… I mean just 20 episodes? How about releasing a whole season/year of episodes uncut? Imagine how awesome that would be. That’s what I’ll wait for.

  2. Krystal says:

    Glad I managed to get it at a steal at $52 on the day it came out. Interesting to see if it will remain limited numbers or if they’ll distribute more.

  3. John says:

    I asked this for Christmas since I am afraid it will be out of print and rare in the future

  4. Nathan Weber says:

    Glad I bought my RAW box set 2 days after its release date!

  5. Dan says:

    Just for clarifcation for my self, the Raw 20 set is being produced in limited quanities just in Australlia right?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      The line about it being limited quantities was from our US material. Don’t know the numbers. A figure of 4000 came out for the Australian version.

  6. loso says:

    I still wished they would of made the raw 20th for blu ray it would of look real good

  7. Anthony says:

    I ordered my Raw set from gohastings for $62 .

  8. Matthew says:

    I pre-ordered my box set on cyber Monday, and It just started shipping last Tuesday.

  9. Angel1997 says:

    Does anyone know if the Raw box set is eligible for FYE’s buy one get one free sale?

  10. Steven says:

    Got my box last week. From Amazon paid 62 bucks.

  11. John Peterson says:

    I got My Raw Box Set at FYE For 56 Bucks Used.So I lucked out

  12. Scott says:

    I’m also part if the group that preordered on Cyber Monday and was told 30 days. Thankfully it’ll take me at least that long to watch all the box sets I just purchased at FYE’s BOGO sale!

  13. rocky245 says:

    This Christmas I am going to send wwe a dictionary with the words uncut and unedited highlighted so they can see what they have done wrong as this box set has been butchered more than my Christmas turkey is going to be. Shame on you wwe you should be charged with false advertising

  14. Scott Criscuolo says:

    I still have not received my Raw 20 set and I preordered it the day before it came out.

  15. Ray Cornwall says:

    Hmmm…I had ordered one through Amazon, but got another one through WWE when they ran the first-day sale. I was going to return it to Amazon, but I might leave it unopened and eBay it in a few months instead…

  16. vader says:

    Still hoping this makes it to a UK release. I do wonder why it hasn’t been announced, don’t really wanna import it.

  17. David says:

    People that are waiting to purchase the RAW set should probably pick it up ASAP. This will probably end up pretty rare within 6 months-1 year or so and fetch double.

    Hate when people complain about paying premium on ebay or amazon marketplace just because they didn’t act fast enough or just waited too long to purchase it when it was available. Its not going to get any cheaper so whats really the point of waiting?

  18. B Weed says:

    I pre-ordered my Raw box set on Cyber Monday and they haven’t even shipped mine out yet. They told me I would get mine in about a month. Rediculous!!

  19. Spritz1999 says:

    Does anyone know if the UK is still going to get the Blu-Ray? Or no?

  20. RabidHeat says:

    Ignore me, I just realised. It’s better than keeping them on VHS, I get it, lol. At least the VHSes would actually be unedited, and fill the full screen. 🙂

  21. RabidHeat says:

    Does anybody know what they mean by ‘Finally There’s a Better Way…”? I’m confused.

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