Exclusive: Details of WWE Edge “You Think You Know Me” DVD for 2012 – Documentary

January 10, 2012 by Daniel Bee

Over the weekend we broke the news of WWE You Think You Know Me: The Story of Edge incoming on DVD and Blu-ray in April. Time now to reveal further details.

We can confirm the new Edge DVD will be a 3-Disc set like his last, and WWE will produce a Blu-ray edition too, which will be a 2-Disc set.

There looks to be a biographical documentary planned as the main feature, in addition to matches for the remainder of the set.

We can also confirm the release date previously revealed of April 10th, 2012 – which looks to be one reason the Triple H DVD has been derailed.

You Think You Know Me – The Story of Edge [3-Disc DVD]
– Catalog: WWE95039
– UPC: 651191950393
Buy it.

You Think You Know Me – The Story of Edge [2-Disc Blu-ray]
– Catalog: WWE95040
– UPC: 651191950409
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You think you know him—he’s the Rated-R Superstar, the Ultimate Opportunist, and one of the most decorated champions in WWE History. Edge has won more than 30 championships, including 11 world championships and a record 14 tag team championships. He’s the only superstar in history to win the King of the Ring, the Royal Rumble, and Money in the Bank.

And now that his career has been cut too short, fans can relive his entire storied career in the first ever home video biography to chronicle this Canadian superstar’s rise through the independent ranks into WWE. The release is also packed with career-spanning matches hand selected by Edge himself.

Amazon is already taking pre-orders for the April 10, 2012 release here.

What and who would you include in a documentary on Edge? Comment below!

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  1. WWE FAN says:

    These DVD doesnt contain Edge’s appreciation night…..W T F!!!!!!!!

  2. RabidHeat says:

    Hans, he didn’t actually do her, you know! 😉

  3. Hans Feltersnatch says:

    For the love of God-please include the live sex celebration with Lita,that’s all we ask,preferably the unedited version!

  4. ratedrpoed says:

    please don’t have the edge/hogan vs billy/chuck tag title match on this set, that match has been on so many dvds now i am sick of it.

  5. Fuck You all says:

    please add more rare no shit stuff from 2010 you can have his last match of his career but that be it plz

  6. Fuck You all says:

    this looks and sounds great but i feel like after this is out edge will be done wwe is washing hands with him for sure hall of fame 2012 member

  7. Evan McFarlane says:

    Looking forward to this, I can see it being a fantastic documentary.

  8. SRB says:

    As long as they include a documentary and do not do any repeats from his first set I’m good with whatever they put on it.

  9. Joe says:

    So what matches do you think we’ll get on here that weren’t on his last set? I’d say his match with Jericho from Extreme Rules 2010 and his Mania match with Alberto will definitely make it. Hopefully we don’t get a lot of repeats.

  10. John31 says:

    They really should add the Hall Of Fame on here, but at least it would come with the Wrestlemania 28 DVD/Bluray

  11. Brad Attitude says:

    I’m going to pick the blu-ray set up if the match listing satisfies me.

    @Stacey John: the money in the bank ladder match from wrestlemania 21 is on the first Ladder Match dvd set.

    @TheChamp0617: it’s been confirmed wwe will include the edge appreciation night on the set. my guess will be on both or just bluray.

  12. captain planet says:

    Looking forward to this. They really should delay this a month to get his retirement HOF speech in, with his thoughts on it.

    People want COMPLETE bios when a guy retires. I understand completely if he wasn’t planned for the HOF or something, but he is. The same deal for Rock’s DVD – dude’s about to go into Wrestlemania for a last match. Just…hold off on the DVD so people can get the full retrospective. Flair’s DVD was perfect for this reason – that was his entire relevant career in one package.

  13. Bill says:

    Edge is going to the Hall of Fame now too, maybe if they wait long enough they can add that to it

  14. TheChamp0617 says:

    Hopefully the Edge Appreciation NIght is on it. I was at the event live, I have a video on my youtube channel, just click my name

  15. Stacey John says:

    Was hoping they would add the Money in the Bank 1 from Wrestlemania 21 but it has Chris Benoit

  16. Wiiliam says:

    So he is going into the hall if fame that’s nit a surprise with this DVD but it’s way to early

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