Reactions to No More WWE DVD Releases in 2022, Photos of ‘Drew McIntyre: Scottish Warrior’ DVD

December 14, 2021 by Daniel Bee

Check out the trailer for “Drew McIntyre: The Best of WWE’s Scottish Warrior”, above!

You can now get your hands on the new Drew McIntyre DVD, his first, as it officially released to fans in the UK on Monday and followed today to fans across the United States. The match compilation covers Drew’s early days in WWE, his return run in NXT, and his rise through the ranks of the main roster to become WWE Champion. Grab a copy via or

WWE 'Drew McIntyre: Scottish Warrior' DVD - Available Now!
WWE 'Drew McIntyre: Scottish Warrior' DVD - Photos, Front Cover



Possessing immense power, undeniable skill, and respect of the WWE Universe, Drew McIntyre climbed to the top of WWE and rechristened it Claymore Country.

Now, you can relive the most exciting matches of one of WWE’s most resilient Superstars with Drew McIntyre: The Best of WWE’s Scottish Warrior. From starting as WWE’s Chosen One to thriving in NXT, to main eventing WrestleMania, this DVD set covers McIntyre’s rollercoaster ride through sports entertainment.

This collection highlights Drew McIntyre’s greatness, featuring matches against Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Goldberg, and more!

Match Listing for “Drew McIntyre: The Best of WWE’s Scottish Warrior” DVD

WWE 'Drew McIntyre: Scottish Warrior' DVD - Photos, Back Cover
WWE 'Drew McIntyre: Scottish Warrior' DVD - Photos, Disc Artwork


United States: RIGHT NOW! Get Drew McIntyre’s first DVD now on

UK/Europe: RIGHT NOW! Get Drew McIntyre’s first DVD now on

Sadly with the news this month of WWE DVDs considered cancelled in the domestic US market, Canada and Australia after 2021, this would mean the new Drew McIntyre DVD that just hit stores was the final Superstar-themed Home Video produced in those markets.

Since the announcement, WWE DVD collectors past and present have been reacting online with videos and messages on social media, reflecting on what these video releases meant to them over the years and sharing some of their fondest memories.

That included long-time YouTubers and friends of the site, Stevie Breech, “Gemni” and “TheDVDFreak”:

The ever-controversial Jim Cornette chimed in on the subject on his podcast:

And the reactions kept on coming, with videos from the likes of Notsam Wrestling, Solomonster, GoodMicWork, Cultaholic, Don Tony, Wrestling DVD Central, FOG Wrestling, teamryry, WhiteStoner, Amanda Talks Wrestling, and more!

Thank you also to the messages coming into us privately with WDN-specific kind words.

It is our belief it’s “business as usual” for WWE DVDs and Blu-rays in the UK and Europe — remember, new titles such as the Day 1 and Royal Rumble PPVs are confirmed to be on the way next year for Home Video in the region, and more could well follow, but we will leave official UK sources to confirm this in their own time.

Nonetheless, we wanted to take this moment to shout out the fans elsewhere for all the support.

El formato físico en WWE tiene los días contados

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. whut says:

    I guess if Fremantle finally ceases the production of WWE dvds/blurays (which hopefully won’t be in 2022, but who can say?), it might be it for me.

    I hadn’t had a Network subscription since 2015 and I don’t plan on changing that.

  2. Daniel Bee says:

    Something to keep an eye on, hoping to confirm either way soon…

    • BAS says:

      I can only make one of these guesses

      A. Maybe it’s a listing that was made before the announcement and it just hasn’t been taken down yet

      B. It’s actually possible to order UK items through Amazon in America from places such as Rare Wave Imports and Zover Stocks and assuming the UK is still getting these releases, maybe it’s a listing from one of those two I mentioned. (Though possible to order UK items from Amazon in the US, they do leave a blurb on DVDs/Blu-rays from other regions stating that it won’t play in your player unless it’s region free.)

      C. Maybe 2022 will actually be their final year of home video releases rather than no more going forward?

      • BAS says:

        I know C is probably unlikely since the article previous to this one was headlined “no more beginning 2022” but for this to even still be up, assuming it’s not in error or a listing for a UK DVD, this could be possible. (But again, I know it’s realistically doubtful)

  3. BAS says:

    Call me crazy, but I feel like WrestleMania could still be released since that was the money maker for their home video market. I know the news stated “no more” going forward, but I wouldn’t rule that out. We’ll know soon enough, but I’m sure this is me being too hopeful. But we all knew this was coming. Aside from the new age, their releases have had little to no effort in recent years and they might as well have been releasing stuff for the sake of doing so.

    I will say, I will not only miss it for the sake of the collecting hobby, but it’s also disappointing to think that we may not be able to own Undertaker’s Hall of Fame induction, or own the rest of the Ruthless Aggression series. But, an upside is that there’s still other promotions to support. For any completionists out there too, collecting all the releases may become easy for them to keep up with since there aren’t new ones coming in. Or if you’re not a completionist and still have some you want, you can just go over the catalogue and buy what you don’t have and not worry about having to keep up with the latest since again, there won’t be any.

    • Andrew Hass says:

      I also wouldn’t be surprised if the WWE still releases Wrestlemania on DVD/Blueray or special DVD/Bluerays.However they may no longer release every pay-per view on DVD/Blueray because they may have noticed that sales have declined.However maybe a year from now the WWE could change their mind if they people want to buy their DVDa,

  4. ChadWWE says:

    I quit watching current WWE after SummerSlam, so no new releases isn’t horrible for me, but I will miss the releases of old matches and future Wrestlemanias. I plan to tune in for Rumbles and Manias going forward.
    Thank goodness we had the home dvd and bluray releases we had and that they can be enjoyed anytime.

  5. DDT says:

    My responses
    1, dont spread negativity as it reduces sales, 2, carry on collecting including older realeases, 3, support new realeases where you can whether the wwe realeases planned in uk or the aew, impact, pwg, shimmer women, and other wrestling that still being realeased..4, catalogue your collection for the future 5. make the case for physical media in wrestling media, 6, if i had the money I would establish a wrestling dvd library it would probably work in chicago or philadelphia the aim would be to get a copy of everything significant ie pwg, roh, czw, tna, but also wwe itself, but alot of important history is nt available for streaming..

    • Bob says:

      Huh?.Its a dad dsy Agenda 2p30 crap, they do not wish for anyone to own anything, mor havr acess without streaming.Another control freak move by those who have declareded this multi faceded war on us as a people. On the plus, more time for seading, working to help others and pray to our Lord God. There is a dark energy around WWF these days.

  6. Mark Markson says:

    It is a bit sad, but I guess we knew this day was coming. The amount of releases have fallen the past couple of years. What is most important to me is the releases we got. I still enjoy watching all my old DVDs.

    • Bubbs says:

      Honestly I’m surprised it didn’t happen earlier, I remember a year or two ago when they cancelled all the non-PPV releases, then miraculously they released a handful over a couple of months. I would never have bought the Drew set if it wasn’t the last. who knows, some of us collectors might be sitting on a gold mine.

  7. RabidHeat says:

    Jim Cornette’s comments on it are gold.

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