Report: The Reason WWE Survivor Series Anthology Has Not Continued

December 7, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Following yesterday’s article clarifying what we know on the situation with the Survivor Series Anthology being put on hold, we had the chance to talk to a former WWE employee in this area, concerning the status of the series.

The source revealed to us that the prominent reason why further volumes of the Survivor Series Anthology haven’t been released is because they feature Owen Hart footage on them. They went on to say that WWE had plans in place to continue the collection in 2010 and around the same time that year Martha Hart went after them over the Hart & Soul: Hart Family Anthology DVD set.

Judging by this revelation and further comments from the former employee, it would appear that other theories on the Survivor Series Anthology not continuing (such as Chris Benoit’s inclusion or WWE no longer releasing ‘complete collection’ sets) can now be put to rest.

No official word if we’ll ever see new volumes but as of now that seems unlikely.

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  1. Joe A says:

    That`s a lame excuse now that Bret is in good terms with wwe they should release the whole set, Owen is a legend a underrated wrestler he was a amazing wrestler and it`s wrong and ridiculous to remember him just for that tragic incident instead of his talent he delivered in the ring and also I heard they won`t release due to the, incident with Benoit, Chris Benoit was one of my favorite wrestlers since his days in WCW those 2 wrestlers I was shocked and literally in tears cause I grew up watching owen Hart in Wwf and Benoit in Wcw it is a tragedy that wrestling fans that grew up watching them both Owen in Wwf and Benoit in Wcw/Wwe that 2 greats ended but wwe and Martha shouldn`t remember Owen and Benoit for the freak accident in the ring or what Benoit did, people and wwe should remember what they could do in the ring so please release the rest of survivor series

  2. William says:

    This is 2015 now, that it is time to move on from whatever reason the wwe are holding up volume 3 & 4 of survivor series, like you can still get them seperate in stores or online, so why not just continue with there volume set of survivor series? I am also still waiting for the 15 years anniversary collection of smackdown, but there’s no mention of it yet.

  3. Joe A. says:

    It’s dumb that they won’t put the rest of the volumes on dvd I’d be happy even if they stopped the volumes at 2000 cause I can get 2001 and so on invidually, And I know it’s out but I can’t find the royal rumble anthology vol. 3 anywhere amazon says they have them used but the price they want for it is a rip off, but I just bought the summerslam anthology I’ve been watching it for 3 or 4 days straight now I’m on 94 one of my favorites of the collection.

  4. Jeff Leach says:

    I wish WWE Release Survivor Series Anthology Volume 3 1997 – 2001 soon & leave everything on all 5 Dvd’s. Chris Benoit not on 97,98 & 99. I’ve all the other Survivor Series on Dvd’s.

  5. Kane45 says:

    I would think that Martha Hart would’ve want Owen’s legacy to live on forever in DVD’s from WWE guess she doesn’t want all Owen’s fans to remember his classic matches and moments.

  6. Jonathan M says:

    If possible someone please email WWE ask them why have delayed releasing the DVD of the million $ man Ted Dibiase that supposed to come out this month. If any can get that info on WWE please and ask them why they delayed it thanks.

  7. Mark D says:

    I would think another contributing factor to the discontinuing of the series would be; around the time of the discussions of volume 3 (early/mid 2010) was the time that WWE had dropped the Survivor Series name and concept from the calendar, following a lacklustre buy-rate for the 2009 edition. Vince McMahon even commented in the confernce call that the concept of the Survivor Series served them well – but it was no longer viable. And given that they dropped the PPV it would appear a little odd to release a 3rd volume of the show that you have just dissed, wouldn’t it? 

  8. Kevin Fisher says:

    @ Marty, I grew up during the 90’s but a little too young to remember Seasons 1 and 2 of Raw, but Season’s 3 4 and 5 was the one’s I really remember, being a kid and being a DX fan and acting like DX to everyone was awesome. Also was a huge NWO fan too, DX and NWO my 2 favorite wrestling groups and the only 2 that had an awesome ppv, Canadian Stampede for the Hart Foundation doesn’t count as one. WWE should release a Best of Souled Out dvd.

  9. biloche says:

    hi, i’m new here, and my reason to be here is … i wanna the survivor series anthology vol 3 and 4 !! and best of raw season 3 and 4 . i’m desapointed to saw king of the ring best of why not a complete anthology pay-per-view from 93-to 2002 on 2 volumes .

    i have 344 wwf wwe dvd inclued blu-ray and i’m not including my vhs, and i think i can have the right to require the survivor series anthology vol 3 and 4 and best of raw season 3 and 4 and continuing this collection too.

    so the best thing is make pressure and make a petition on the net, so i think they have a lot of people here and on the rest of the net who want this dvd’s . if someone is good on the net and have easy facility to put a petition do it, make a petition, put a pressure on wwe , this is not a rediculous idea, we have to move and tell what they want. wwe put a survey this years concerning what we want on the list they make ..and on this they haved king of the ring.. many of you and me wanted..and selected but wwe make decision and put a best of …not a complete anthology…

    so now wwe have the watch and listen what we want!!!!
    please help me to make this happen

    (sorry for my english…) 🙂

  10. Marty says:

    Kevin Fisher: “Whatever happened to the Best of Raw seasons 3 and 4? They will have Owen footage on it also. I hope they will do a RAW on 1997 best time to be a wrestling fan with DX.”

    That was definitely an issue of sales for Seasons 1 & 2. Too bad, because I dug the heck out of those first two seasons and looked forward to more of the same. It’s unconventional, but some of my favourite sets they release are the TV ones. If they ever did a “Best Of WCW Saturday Night” going back to the GCW days, I’d be all over that like a fat kid on a Smartie.

  11. Vince says:

    then why the the best of king of the ring have an owen hart match on it? it is BS that Survivor Series Anthology isnt being released!!

  12. tickc317 says:

    not callin it bs, but i believe this is not the reason at all. Owen has featured on loads new DVDs. like mentioned below. And as for Shaunblackford, saying go somewhere else. Why don’t you? It’s not like it’s your website lol u just do reviews that are boring for it. Loser. @danbee don’t know why u put up with comments from people like Shaun telling people to go elsewhere.

  13. George says:

    Either way i think its dissapointing, if they hadnt released the first 2 volumes i’d understand, but leaving this anthology half released is unnaceptable, i wish they would at least release volume 3.

  14. Matt Cake says:

    WWE is selling out I think by not releasing these DVD’s/Blu-Ray’s, they should buy in and have them on the to do list, which should also include for next year is an NWO documentary set with tons of great moments and matches, have the best of Raw seasons 3 4 and 5 together, another Macho Man dvd, and one more Shawn Michaels set to complete it and this is such a great site to get everyone’s input on wrestling even have a person with the user name Little Jimmy Sucks how cool is that, the little Jimmy’s won’t like that but it is still awesome. I’m going to make an accurate statement I believe that 80% of people that comments on here or another other post was an Attitude Era fan/NWO/WCW fan during 1996-2002 best time to be a wrestling fan.

    • Steve says:

      As I recall, Owen was in the 93, 94, 95, and 96 and those were released with no issues. I think that the WWF logo issue is the reason. If they would have released volume 3, that would have been 97, 98, 99, 2000, & 2001 when 98-01 uses the WWF scratch logo.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Owen is only in 97. He’s not in 98. WWE is really messing up with this knee jerk reaction to that lawsute, I do remember something on Jr’s tweeter page saying that Owen’s next of kin was the resaon why Owen was not in the hall of fame let along a DVD of him is out.

  16. Little Jimmy Sucks says:

    They still release the WrestleMania Anthology and it has Owen matches on it, they should release the Survivor Series Volume 3, like Triple H said about Bret not doing business Fuck him, do it anyways for the money and the awesome matches/moments at Survivor Series 1997-2002.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I dont think Owen is the issue here, seeing as he is being featured on the KotR DVD. Honestly, I couldnt tell you why they havent completed the SURVIVOR SERIES Anthology, of the Big 4, I suppose its got the worse track record between 1997-2008. Maybe they feel, people just arent interested enough in owning that material, I could actually see a future set focusing on this period, possibly including matches like Bret vs. Shawn (’97) Mankind vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (’98) WCW vs. WWE (’01) etc. It’d be a pretty strong set and they could include stuff from as recent as this years event. My REAL question is where is our Million Dollar Man set and the rest of RAW, those where my two most anticipated DVDs of the year, far more then even continuing SURVIVOR SERIES – which is probably a pipe dream these days! D:

  18. Anonymous says:

    I don’t buy the fact that they are not releasing the rest of SS anthology because of Owen Hart. They released the first two sets, and he is featured in the 92, 93, 94, 95, 96 Survivor Series, and on top of that, he’s in the Best of KOTR set.

  19. Jesse Lanning says:

    I think there would be money in it. The major blurring would only take place on volume 3 as they went to WWE instead of WWF in 2002 which would begin volume 4. I’m ok with 4 and 5 not coming out but the fact that 3 of those events on volume 3 have never seen a dvd release (at least in the U.S.)it seems a crime not to

  20. Daniel Bee says:

    My guess is that it won’t continue, if only because a lot of time has passed since the original release and there now being more focus on “Best of” compilations. I also get the feeling it will (naturally) depend on whether WWE thinks there is money in it or not.

  21. Jesse Lanning says:

    So Daniel Bee, in your opinion, do u think since they included Owen on Best of KOTR that they will finish the anthology since they have enough for 3 more volumes. Owen is only on the 1997 one so they can now go forward. I hope they do finish just to give everyone the chance for a complete collection

  22. Daniel Bee says:

    Debating news and happenings in the comments is absolutely welcomed and encouraged. Love to see it. The mini wars about whether cover artwork matters put a smile on my face :).

    In my first comment below I was just trying to give a little more background to this report in regards to who I talked to (in case by “calling bullshit” you meant I made it up), and admitting that in my opinion there were/are probably other factors at work as to why the Anthology didn’t continue. I aint upset by your comments.

    Are we certain this Owen Hart situation is all about whether he’s promoted on the cover? I’m not sure about that. When all of those DVDs were suddenly removed from earlier in the year it seemed Owen footage was the thing in common with them all. As we know, the DVDs came back but for a brief time WWE was ordering for them to be taken down. Makes you wonder.

  23. John peterson says:

    If they never release the rest of the anthology,then there is really nothing we can do.we can either buy the original VHS versions,watch em on YouTube,or get them from understand the stance on Benoit,but the whole no Owen hart on DVD stance is ugly.from 97 to 01, he is only on 1997.i ain’t gonna be upset over something we can’t control

  24. Brett Mix says:

    I pretty much think this is a double-edged sword. Or triple…I think sales, Benoit and Owen would be the three reasons. Also how they package the discs could be another since the number is not 5, 5, 5 etc. Like the other Anthology sets. No need to bash the site for posting what they hear, but no need to give attitude either.

  25. Bad Booking says:

    I believe the main reason why the no-Owen policy is in effect is this: WWE hasn’t been paying royalties to Martha and her family, and thus Martha went legally apeshit on them. Of course WWE won’t pay royalties to Benoit’s family, and are 50/50 on Jesse Ventura’s commentary. You see people, this isn’t a new practice, but it still sucks.

  26. Anonymous says:

    with that attitude I think people might stop watching your videos. I’ve never noticed Mr. Bee talking to people the way you do.very

  27. Kevin Fisher says:

    Whatever happened to the Best of Raw seasons 3 and 4? They will have Owen footage on it also. I hope they will do a RAW on 1997 best time to be a wrestling fan with DX.

  28. SRB says:

    @Shaun and DB…. No one on this site is calling you liars… What we are saying is that the reason given is not the entire reason and the reason given by the former employee is probably not 100% the truth, which is not your reporters faults. You spoke to a source and reported it as any good reporters would do. Sure, it could have something to do with the lawsuit, poor sales, the blu-ray push (anyone think of that?), side bars, WWF logo editing, PG editing, Benoit, etc. The use of Owen’s matches and footage is not the issue as people have said he is on the KOTR set. But again, you guys are not “liars” at least not in my view. No disrespect intended, all I’m saying is that the issue will not rest with one former employee saying it has much to do with Owen, it’s unlikely.

  29. Harry Faversham says:

    Shaun Blackford, with that attitude I think people might stop visiting the site. I’ve never noticed Mr. Bee talking to people the way you do.

  30. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I’m sorry, but doesn’t Martha Hart know that she is KILLING Owen Harts legacy?!?!? A great athlete and Superstar. She doesn’t realize in the long run it hurts her deceased husbands career. Not to mention the money she could make. I don’t mean that in a bad way neither. By Mrs. Hart trying to “stick it” to WWE, she’s also “sticking it” to her late husband. Doesn’t she want people to remember the Superstar her husband was?!?!? His career? His legacy? His spot in this industry? DAMN!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Can’t be about Benoit, since he was on the Summerslam anthology a year after he died. Owen was in the other anthologies without a problem… I Fu**ing hate that B!tch of a wife…get over it…Let his legacy live on in dvd’s

  32. the amount of anoms that feel need to call us liers or think they could run a website on dvds. if ur not happy with the NEWS we are dishing out then go to another site. oh wait they aint one.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I call BS! Owen is in the new King of the Ring set! And Martha’s lawsuit wasn’t because Owen was IN the Hart and Sould DVD, it was because he was on the cover of the DVD and WWE was using his image to sell the DVD.
    There was nothing in the lawsuit about Owen being used within the program, therefore that can’t be the reason why Survivor Series was cancelled.
    I say it was because not enough copies were sold for the first two volumes.
    Yeah all of us on here say we want it, but there probably aren’t enough people worldwide that would pay for an entire anthology to make it viable to sell.

  34. Marty says:

    It’s very possible that “the Owen lawsuit factor” was given to that employee, among others (although there would’ve only been two more shows of that to go).

    I wonder about other factors, like how well the anthology sets have sold over time. I’ve no doubt WrestleMania sold well, and maybe the Rumble did fairly well too. I’m curious about SummerSlam, though. There’s obviously a good reason why they went away from the complete anthology to just a couple volumes for Survivor Series. And who knows how well they sold? Even if they kept them down to volumes, they’re still more expensive than other DVD sets the WWE has released.

    I still have this feeling that, at the end of the day, like all these sets they’ve sold, it depends on what Vince feels makes money. Sometimes he’s right (Undertaker, DX sets), sometimes he’s wrong (Superstar Graham set). I would love to see the SurSer Anthology volumes continue, but it depends on what Vince feels brings in the buyers. I also want that rumoured Goldust DVD set too (he’s had a fun career), but I’m guessing that ain’t happening for the same reasons.

  35. Bill says:

    Damn you Martha

  36. Daniel Bee says:

    Nobody is saying it’s Owen’s fault the Survivor Series Anthology hasn’t continued.

    You have to consider if WWE were set to release more volumes in 2010 and then the lawsuit kicked off right before they were going to, they had to be sensitive to the situation, regardless of who is right.

    This came from a former employee and the Owen Hart situation was the reason told to them by the ‘higher ups’ as to why this DVD set didn’t continue.

    There could be more reasons to go along with that, like WWE not seeing continuing it as a top priority because sales were not that great the first time around. All factors, and it’s been over a year since that time so only WWE know what their stance is on using Owen Hart footage in new titles now.

  37. SRB says:

    APD… I agreee with you all the way. Owen’s matches have been seen here and there on sets all over the place, so this is false to say the least. There’s footage of him on Austin’s new set, he’s in the new KOTR set and is on the best of raw seasons 1 and 2 set as well. Maybe WWE are worried about sales, maybe they dont want Benoit, myabe they are just lazy, but dont blame it on Owen. He and the rest of the Hart family have had enough blame for garbage from WWE.

  38. APD says:

    I call bullshit on this, if it were true Owen wouldn’t be on the new King of the Ring set.

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