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  1. Tomdavey says:

    I miss the attitude era like crazy I still watch wwe but its just nothing like them days. They were just brilliant

  2. miz4life says:

    nWo on Nov. 6th. Happy birthday to me.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Steven says:

    I was going to get the Top 50 Finishing moves but decided to wait for nWo and Attitude Era, it’s killing me not to buy any WWE dvd till nWo and Attitude Era.

    • Deadpool17 says:

      I would wait till nWo and Attitude Era comes out because the only one that looks good besides them is the Cm Punk dvd/blu-ray. I hope on nWo set it will include the nWo 2000 when Jeff Jarrett hit Sid Vicious with the guitar and the nWo 2000 ladies were hot. April Hunter, Midajah, Kim Kanner, Major Gunns, and another one.

      • Steven says:

        You are right Deadpool17, it would be not a good decision just to get a a DVD that your not interested in and nWo and Attitude Era I lived through and enjoyed the hell out of them.

  5. Steven says:

    Thank goodnes for DX, The Screwjob and The Attitude Era because if it wasn’t for them it would be Vince Russo WCW still intact and that was god awful. DX saved the WWE in Septemer of 1997.

    • Harry Faversham says:

      Vince Russo was a writer for the WWF from 1993 -1999. The original DX was gone by the time WWF overtook WCW in the ratings in April 1998.

      • Steven says:

        You got admit that Vince Russo controlled WCW was terrible. Especially the Bash at the Beach 2000 main event of Hogan vs Slapnuts Jeff Jarrett.

        • Harry Faversham says:

          I do agree. I was a fan of WCW until 1999. That period was terrible. But I don’t think its right to blame everything on Vince Russo. Maybe he wasn’t the genius everyone hoped he would be but a lot of people could have done a better job at WCW. But thats not the point I was making.

          What I was getting at is your timeline is a bit wrong. You can’t say DX saved wrestling from Vince Russo’s WCW in 1997 when Vince Russo was with the WWF at that time. I also think DX, whilst they helped the WWF turn a corner, it doesn’t make any sense to say they saved the WWF in September 1997 when they were losing in the ratings until a week or so after the original DX finished in April 1998. I think the credit would be better placed on Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon because thats the feud that was happening when the tide switched. Literally when it was Austin vs. McMahon in the main event that night it all changed.

          And during that hot period of 98 and 99 for the WWF, Vince Russo worked for the WWF. Its not like the WWF was going against Vince Russo for all of the attitude era. He was part of the team in the WWF and when Russo made the switch WCW had already sucked for months.

          Nothing personal Steven but history is important I think.

          • jasongoldsmith says:

            history is important and i will agree that stone cold brought wwe back and between him and the nWo they both helped wrestling to its biggest boom since 1985.

            • Harry Faversham says:

              The nWo DVD (blu ray) is by far the biggest release of the year for me. That’s the one I’m most excited about. I really hope it sells well so maybe nWo will get a bit more credit for the good things it did. Not sure why they’ve waited so long to release it. But there might be some repetition from the Nitro DVD from the early days because they might want to show how it all came about on the dvd and they should really.

          • Steven says:

            I see your point and I knew Vince Russo was still with WWF/E during the Attitude Era. I’m glad to see you are excited for the nWo dvd/blu-ray like I am but my point was that DX was one of the reasons WWE was gaining momentum in the Monday Night Wars with WCW.

            • Harry Faversham says:

              Which is absolutely true and there’s no denying that. My favourite years would be 1997-1998 , especially 97 when you had DX, Austin, Undertaker and the Hart Foundation on one channel and nWo on the other. Just a great period for so many reasons. If you give the top 50 stars of all time DVD any credibility (which none of us do) then you apparently had the 4 greatest of all time in their prime in the WWF in 1997 and the 5th as an emerging star in The Rock. I’ll get the nWo blu ray because I’m sure they will put extra matches or segments on there like they usually do.

              I never really understood why they never did a proper nWo dvd before and I don’t understand why they haven’t done a history of D-Generation X rather than always releasing one for the current incarnation. There is a lot of ground they haven’t covered there and that doesn’t make a lot of sense. But now they’ve had 3 DVDs already and so many for them individually, it will really be overkill on the brand name to do a proper one. But then again would probably still sell so maybe it will happen one day.

              • Steven says:

                It does seem odd that WWE never done an nWo DVD till now but I heard back in black was bad. I need to get a Blu-ray player but I get it on DVD, Blu-ray has more extras. For me on the nWo I want a lot of Macho Man nWo matches and The Outsiders and the Wolfpack of Hall, Nash, and Syxx.

                • Harry Faversham says:

                  Back in Black was ok for a DVD release in 2002, but DVDs came a long way very quickly after that DVD and it doesn’t hold up too well now. It was only to promote their 2002 run which was over by the time it came out I think. There were 4 matches which were fine. But the doumentary started ok and covered the early days in detail, but only upto when the Giant joined in 1996 and then it jumped to Ric Flair coming to the WWF in 2001. Pretty f***ing sudden. Then the documentary was suddenly all about The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. At the end it showed X-pac joining after Hogan had left. So the previous nWo dvd neglected to cover the real story of the nWo, essentially covering the start in WCW and some of their WWF run, but nothing from 1997-1999 or beyond in WCW. The Matches were Bash at The Beach 1996, War Games 1996, Goldberg vs. Nash (Starrcade 98) and Hogan, Hall & Nash vs. Rock & Austin on Raw before Wrestlemania X8. The Starrcade match was quite an odd choice actually now I think of it since Nash was nWo wolfpac at Starrcade 98, which wasnt even mentioned on the DVD. But at the time I was glad to have it. I loved the DVD when it first came out, but we hadnt seen many documentaries up to that point and the nWo deserves much better.

                  • Steven says:

                    Thanks for the insights on Back in Black. For this nWo set they should cover disc one 1996-1998 1999-2000, forget the wwe one disc 2 and 3 matches and moments. nWo 2000 wasn’t that bad but it was over in May of 2000.

                    • Harry Faversham says:

                      nWo 2000 was kind of knackered before it started because Bret, the WCW Champion, already had the concussion when they formed on Nitro. But I enjoyed it for a few weeks, then it got really crap after Souled Out 2000. So to me it only lasted about a month. I think Scott Hall disappeared again too. By the end it was just Jeff Jarrett walking around with the Harris Brothers, not really what I think of when I think nWo. I’d like to see the fake falling out with Bret and Kevin Nash and Bret vs. Terry Funk and Bret vs. Kevin Nash (His last match until Wrestlemania 26, which doesnt really count, so his last real match). But I just cant see WWE giving Jeff much credit for anything. They never seem to. Hopefully they will cover the group in detail like they did on the Four Horsemen DVD. I would really like a lot of focus to be on 1997 and 1998. I would like to see some of the WWE stuff too though. Their return at No Way Out 2002 and Hogan vs. Rock would close the set nicely and Shawn Michaels joining would make a nice addition.

  6. mommy says:

    how can they not screw this up

    so many great matches/promoes, anything nwo related from 1996-starrcade 97 was gold, and even 98 was good, this is a chance to really open the vault on not only nitro, but thunder/saturday night/ppvs

  7. nightmare says:

    If the money is right Hogan will make anything happen the same goes with Bischoff just have to wait and see

  8. Brad Attitude says:


  9. Deadpool17 says:

    What’s one historical nWo match everyone wants on this set? For me I want Kevin Nash vs Goldberg Starcade 1998. That win by Nash was huge not only for him but later it reformed the nWo into one again.

    • Anonymous says:

      the historical nwo match i want to see has to be for me is TEAM WCW vs TEAM NWO vs TEAM PIPER from wcw uncensored 97. classic forgotten nwo gem.

      • Dave says:

        Great match! but i doubt they will include it since it heavily involves Chris Benoit…what they would probably do is edit the commentary to remove any praise and mention of his name.

        Would be great if they included the following:

        – Hogan vs Piper – Starrcade 96 (not that great but quite significant)
        – Hogan vs Luger – Road Wild 97
        – Wargames 1997 (same deal as Uncensored 97 – Benoit would likely be edited)
        – The Giant & Luger vs Hogan & Rodman – Bash at the Beach 97
        – DDP vs Savage – Las Vegas Sudden Death Match – Halloween Havoc 97
        – Savage & Piper vs Bret & Hogan – Great American Bash 98
        – Malone & DDP vs Hogan & Rodman – Bash at the Beach 98
        – Bret Hart vs Terry Funk – Hardcore Match – Thunder (Jan. 6, 2000)

      • Bollea's Bud says:

        Hogan v Piper SuperBrawl 97

        The Uncensored 97 match previously mentioned

        Sting v Savage Spring Stampede 98

        & at least one Hollywood v Madness match

        … None of which have been released

    • Bollea's Bud says:

      Sting v Savage Spring Stampede 98

      & at least one Hollywood v Madness match

      • Anonymous says:

        I Would Like To See Some NWO Wolfpac Matches Like Goldberg vs Sting For The WCW Title On Nitro In There First One On One Match,And NWO Hollywood vs NWO Wolfpac vs Goldberg From Road Wild 98. AWESOME CLASSICS.

  10. Acemon says:

    Hopefully the nWo DVD will be in it’s entirety. Why Back in Black in 2002 was short? It only focused on Hall, Nash and Hogan. I hope that this production is loaded with all formation groups that existed from WCW ’96-’00 and from WWE in 2002. Best matches and their best paid announcement promos should be included as extras. The attitude era is a gem that no WWE fan can forget. Hopefully it includes bios of top superstars that rised to the occasion of glory and superstardom, best matches and promos. These two productions are a must have for any die hard fan of these wrestling timelines.

  11. mommy says:

    nwo will be epic if done right, focus mostly on 96-98, make it was real doc with loads or promos/matches, back in black was way to short

    attitude imo started early to mid 97, pillman x files anyone?, hart heel turn, there really is no “official” start date or end for AE, but you could argue wm14 was the “all out turning of the page attitude era” with wm17 ending it

    but i hope they have stuff from mid 97 to late 2000

    anyways both sets will be in my top 10 of all time probably, if done right

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      The ONLY thing that I see as a problem, is getting new interview footage from Hogan and Bischoff, as they are currently on vacation in Orlando…. Thats something the Rise & Fall of WCW lacked – no new interviews with those two, the two biggest players.

      • Dave says:

        If thats the case they will probably recycle their footage from Monday Night Wars, nWo Back in Black and possibly the Wrestling Roundtables…i’m sure they have some unaired interviews and thoughts from them that will make the DVD.

        I think the synopsis that was posted a while back did mention thoughts from Hogan and Bischoff. So they will likely use old footage.

        • Vincenzzzzzo says:

          Yeah, I figured they would probably use cut clips from previous releases. Both of them played a large part in the nWo, and I would hate to see only 5 second clips of them talking about it, lol.

  12. Joe Israel says:

    I tried to check to see if this was mentioned anywhere and didn’t notice it, but do we have confirmation that these are both 3-disc DVD (2-disc BR) sets?

  13. Tom says:

    Anyone else notice, on vintage collection the last few weeks, they dont censor “WWF” when said by announcers anymore?
    Maybe we will start seeing the logos and hearing those magical 3 letters again!

    • JFR_WWfE79 says:

      I watched the Caribbean Kid vs Stone Cold Steve Austin match on YouTube and I did noticed that “WWF” wasn’t censored. Can’t wait until these 2 sets.

  14. Daniel says:

    Does anyone know when these two massive DVDS will be out in the UK? Normally we get them a month after the US. So i’m guessing either December or early January

  15. SRB says:

    These are the releases of the year without question and are perfect for the holidays. Cannot wait for the content on these, and if you’re not buying blu-ray then something must be wrong with you!

  16. Scsa says:

    Lovely JUBBLY!!! I’ve been waiting for these titles 4 ages now! I just hope that they giv us the best content! Especially 4 the ATTITUDE BLU-RAY!

  17. DrFever says:

    No blur or no buy, thems the rules

  18. Geolink says:

    I’m wondering if the Attitude Era DVD will be a documentary on various AE wrestlers commenting on various moments, or a compilation of moments. I’ll guess we’ll find out.

    • Dave says:

      I think it was like the Best of Nitro DVD where it will be matches from 97-01 and segments in-between. Likely there will be a host – possibly Austin or Foley.

      Highly doubt it there will be a documentary.

      Definitely looking forward to both…Blurred or not, the Attitude era will be a must have.

      Blu-ray all the way!

  19. Geolink says:

    Wow. These are two big releases. Can’t wait for them!

  20. Mr Z says:

    Is there a defined time period for the Attitude Era? I guess it would start somewhere in 1997 just before Wrestlemania 13 and end in 2001, maybe at Wrestlemania when Austin joined McMahon.

    I’m hoping for some big title matches that haven’t been released before, like either Bret/Sid match from 97, Austin/Taker on Raw the night after King of the Ring 1999, McMahon/Triple H from Smackdown, maybe Big Show/Triple H when Triple H won the belt back. Rock/Triple H Ironman would be cool too.

    • Straightedge47 says:

      It started on 15th December 1997 when Mcmahon introduced it with his “shades of grey” speech. It ended at Wrestlemania 17.

    • Tom says:

      Wrestlemania x-8 was the end of the attitude era.
      Wrestlemania 6 was also he end of the classic era.
      Both in Toronto.
      Anything after those manias was just the smoke clearing after the fire had burned out on those eras.

      • Mr Z says:

        Wrestlemania 18 seems too late, when I think Attitude Era I don’t think of WWF vs The Alliance. Wrestlemania 17 seems like a good end point.

        As for the beginning, after thinking about it, maybe Survivor Series 97. Bret’s last match, McMahon becomes universally hated, and if I’m remembering correctly I think that was the night they first used the scratch logo that’s been blurred out these last 10 years.

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      I really hope the Bret Hart vs Sid cage match from Monday Night RAW just before WM13 is a featured match on the Attitude Era DVD. Not the greatest match, but Hart’s promo after the match is awesome.

      • Harry Faversham says:

        That’s one of my favourite segments ever. Such chaos! Austin’s involvement was done so well, trying to help Bret win so their match would be for the championship and then saying he was gonna whoop Bret’s ass for losing. Not to mention Bret’s promo which was the kickstart of the ‘attitude era’ (funny how none of the dick joke fans remember that). Vince McMahon also says this was the moment the Mr. McMahon character was born when bret knocked him on his ‘keester’.

        • Vincenzzzzzo says:

          That whole segment was awesome. Undertaker came down to save Sid so their match would remain to be for the championship too. Shawn Michaels, who wasn’t even booked for WM that year came down swinging steel chairs, lol. And you’re right, McMahon always says that episode/segment was the birth of the Attitude Era. Great time to be a fan.

          Thats why I wish they would continue the RAW Seasons boxsets. So many great RAW moments pre-1998.

          • Harry Faversham says:

            Absolutely. The Raw box sets were one of the best ideas they had. Instead of a lot of random compilations that don’t really mean anything. I know they didnt sell that well but I thought maybe that was because 1993 and 1994 weren’t the stongest years. Subsequent sets would have blown them out of the water. Maybe thats what the Raw box set on the survey was getting at though. Would be nice to see. And a 97-98 season would be one of the best sets ever. Little bit odd how they never finished the Survivor Series anthology and only did a best of for King of The Ring too.

            By the way, when Undertaker slammed that door in Bret’s face he closed the door on their friendship.

            • Vincenzzzzzo says:

              One of my fav parts of that segment was McMahon on commentary. “Bret Hart just hit Hall of Famer Pat Patterson… that dirty rotten son of a…..” lol! Classic.

              When I did the survey I thought the same thing, but I didn’t vote for it because I ended up thinking it would be just like the RAW 15th Anniversary set, just an updated version.

              • Harry Faversham says:

                Hilarious! And a year later Austn and everybody else was beating Hall of Famer Pat Patterson’s ass! I used to have this on Best of WWF 5, which should make its way to tagged classics soon as silver vision has vol 1 & 2 up for pre-order.The match is joined in progress though. I wasnt sure what Raw box set meant either.

  21. nightmare says:

    It really depends on what special features and matches these 2 release will have before I buy them .I want the NWO so much but it depends on all I hope it loaded with all the matches and the history and more and not a release of the old NWO Back In Black

    As far as the Attitude same thing there just have to wait and see .

  22. mason says:

    wwe is realesing so much i need to buy first there is money in the bank then summerslam then cm punk then night of champions then brock lesnar then wwe 13 then hell in a cell then nwo and attitude era then survivor series i alreacdy planned all that sorry about spelling

    • john peterson says:

      I’m in that same boat,plus I’m going to Tna Bound for Glory,their fanfest,and the Royal Rumble.Our pockets are being lightened when its all over.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I wish WWE could just go back to the original deal where they didn’t promote the DVD as “WWF” and have WWE logos only on covers and listings but the content inside the disc had WWF uncut like the 2002 releases of Rock Just Bring It and others.

    Also hope this DVD is UNCENSORED!!! (Not talking about blurs) I mean I want the whole swearing, middle fingers and other stuff uncut because censoring the attitude era makes me kind of sick.

  24. Roaster says:

    The pic is from the night after St. Valentines day massacre. It was the opening of the show when HBK was in charge and brought out Austin and Mankind who was the champion. Shawn is holding the title because Mankind was gonna have a ladder match with the rock which rock won thus Austin vs Rock at WM15

  25. Simon says:

    Anybody know when the Austin/Michaels photo is from? I’m as big an HBK fan as you’ll find, but stumped on this one.

    • Steven says:

      I think it’s from Raw of March 1999 when HBK was the commish and he made life a living hell for the Corporation after they attacked him weeks before.

  26. Harry Faversham says:

    Very excited about the nWo!

    • Harry Faversham says:

      As long as they don’t start blurring the o. Imagine a set on the nW#….

    • Steven says:

      Me too, from now till November that’s all I’m thinking nWo DVD and Attitude Era, dang I sound like Chris Jericho when he said that’s all he was thinking WWE when he was leaving WCW.

  27. Steven says:

    Huge fan of both nWo and Attitude Era, both will sell great first week of release. I think a future DVD on Kevin Nash will be great, he was a huge success and his powerbomb move was amazing.

    • Brad Attitude says:

      So you want to see a dvd on a 7 foot tall giant who was totally useless and limited in the ring, had no respect on the business, sh*tted on the people that really cared about it, had failed wrestling gimmicks apart from Diesel and had the most tainted championship wins and boring title defenses (as world champion) ??? I see this dvd set doing low sales.

    • Brad Attitude says:


  28. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I absolutely cannot wait for these two releases.

    Besides the obvious “Beer Bath Incident”, the “Zamboni”, and the “concrete corvette”, which have been shown on many releases before, there are still ALOT of Attitude Era moments that never made it onto DVD. This set is going to be perfect in alot of ways I think.

    Although most nWo matches ended in a beat down disqualifycation, their history is rich, and it will be great to have another WCW themed DVD this year. I’d like to have the same guy who narrated the Monday Night War DVD to also “voice” this documentary too…

  29. Deadpool17 says:

    Going to get both first day and nWo set will be a top seller. I want some of the nWo 2000 like when Jeff Jarrett went guitar crazy with the guitar shots.

  30. X-23 says:

    I know WWE can’t remove these blurs on the DVD I already have, but it would be FANTASTIC if they took them out of the Attitude Era DVD. And I hope we get Attitude Era Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3…

  31. ALK says:

    If they can include the F, that’ll be a HUGE selling point….

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