RELEASED TODAY: WWE’s ‘SmackDown 20th Anniversary’ DVD – Extended Trailer & More News

October 8, 2019 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'SmackDown 20th Anniversary' DVD - Logo

Today’s the day for a brand new WWE DVD release in the United States and this one’s a biggun — “SmackDown 20th Anniversary”. is celebrating with an extended trailer for the Home Video, featuring your hosts Jerry “The King” Lawler and Byron Saxton. Watch the preview below:

Grab your copy of “SmackDown 20th Anniversary” by clicking here to where it’s in stock right now for $14.96. It will follow to fans in the UK on October 14th, which is next Monday so there’s not long to wait!

It’s no coincidence that the anniversary set is well-timed with SmackDown’s recent move to FOX last Friday, and this is promoted on the DVD’s packaging with a sticker:

WWE - SmackDown's Move to FOX Advertised on New 'SmackDown 20th Anniversary' DVDPhoto credit: @TheDVDFreak

As for the content of the discs inside, they squeeze in almost 30 of the most memorable SmackDown matches and moments as WWE went to work selecting footage from the blue brand between the years 1999 and 2019. The DVD menus are laid out like this:

WWE 'SmackDown 20th Anniversary' DVD - Main Menu Screen
WWE 'SmackDown 20th Anniversary' DVD - Match Selection

Release Dates for WWE’s new “SmackDown 20th Anniversary” DVD…

USA: RIGHT NOW! Get the “SmackDown 20” DVD right now here on

UK/Europe: October 14th. Pre-order the “SmackDown 20” DVD now via

Australia: December 18th. Your pre-order opportunity is now live at

Speaking of trailers, one of has been unveiled for Clash of Champions 2019 which you can check out below.

This will be the next WWE DVD release on the horizon, the second this month, as it’s due to hit stores across the United States on October 22nd. Once again the UK release won’t be far behind on October 28th, while Australia fans can add this one to their collections on November 20th.

We hear that Clash of Champions will be a single-disc DVD in all regions. In case you missed it, the WWE PPV DVD’s cover artwork was recently updated to the below.

For those wondering, this past Sunday’s Hell in a Cell is scheduled for a DVD release in November.

WWE Clash of Champions 2019 DVD - New Cover Artwork

Did you know that WWE’s new Super Showdown 2019 DVD has finally hit stores too? This one is a 2-disc set with 6 extras and it’s in stock now here on

The 2019 installment of Super Showdown headed to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and brought in some big names for some even bigger matches, including the likes of: The Undertaker vs. Goldberg, Triple H vs. Randy Orton, Shane McMahon vs. Roman Reigns, and not forgetting an attempted Money in the Bank cash-in by “The Beast” Brock Lesnar, plus more!

So how did the DVD itself turn out? It’s time for a few first look photos, kindly sent in to us recently by WDN reader Matthew Tremble.

WWE Super Showdown 2019 DVD - Photos, Front Cover
WWE Super Showdown 2019 DVD - Photos, Back Cover


Two legendary competitors meet for the first time ever in their careers as Undertaker clashes with Goldberg! Triple H and Randy Orton settle their incredible rivalry in one-on-one action. Dolph Ziggler challenges Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship. And Seth Rollins defends the Universal Championship against Baron Corbin.

On a monumental night in sports-entertainment history, rivals collide, dream matches come true and new Superstars make their names know to the universe on a colossal stage.

Full content listing and extras for WWE Super Showdown 2019 DVD…

WWE Super Showdown 2019 DVD - Photos, Packaging Layout
WWE Super Showdown 2019 DVD - Photos, Disc Artwork

Grab your copy of the new WWE SUPER SHOWDOWN 2019 DVD…

United States: RIGHT NOW! Get the Super Showdown DVD now here on

UK/Europe: RIGHT NOW! Grab a copy of Super Showdown now via

Australia: November 20th. Your pre-order opportunity is now live on

WWE Super Showdown 2019 DVD - Available Now!

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Timothy Thorpe says:

    I finally got around to watching the 20th Anniversary of Smackdown set. It wasn’t the best set nor the worst set. It was a fun watch for what it was.

  2. AK says:

    Can’t wait for them to continue their Unreleased sets. Wonder who or what the next subject of the set will be on. Depending on the subject, I may get it. I have the ones they released so far and have enjoyed them.

    • Patrick Mcnamara says:

      I agree would love to see a set on the unreleased matches of The Undertaker, unreleased matches of Triple H, Unreleased matches of STONECOLD STEVE AUSTIN, Unreleased matches of REY MYSTERIO (featuring his WWE championship victory over The Miz from Raw),Unreleased matches of ANDRE The Giant, Unreleased matches of MICK FOLEY, Unreleased matches of Nature Boy RIC Flair, Unreleased matches of Randy Orton. I would also love to see a release about The most twisted and MONSTEROUS superstars in Wrestling history a 2 disc set featuring matches with the most MONSTEROUS superstars. I.e. Giant GONZALEZ. VS.Tantanka,The Boogeyman on Piper’s Pit from SD 2006 (eating the mole off Jillian Hall’s face),The 20 man battle royal in which The Great Khaki won the World Heavyweight championship, Raw June 29th,1998;Kane’s WWE championship celebration, and other great moments. I mean that’d be a sick release.

  3. Patrick Mcnamara says:

    I’m not saying this to talk down or insult anyone. Let me make that point absolutely clear. The reason WWE didn’t release Crown Jewel on DVD last year was because VINCE McMahon disagreed with the politics going on in Saudi Arabia. As you can see they released Super Showdown despite its negative reviews reception. They are releasing HIAC 2019 on November 12th. So I believe unless the Saudi Government does something VINCE disagrees with, not saying that I think it’s right or wrong, then WWE Crown Jewel 2019 will be released on DVD Q1 of next year, more than definitely.

    • SRB says:

      Saudi’s backwards politics have always been in place and I will actually stretch my neck out and credit the Saudis for making their stances on subjects known beforehand. For them to release some DVDs and not one other over politics seems odd since I’m sure Vince knew exactly what he was getting involved in. I’m not sure why Vince would hurt the media collectors over politics he disagrees with when he is openly doing business with the Saudi Nation in the first place. Obviously he doesn’t disagree with them enough to take their money.

      • Patrick Mcnamara says:

        Yes and no you are absolutely right. However VINCE McMahon has been notorious for either to riding the fence just to spite the public. Everything he does is either something that you would never suspect or it’s something that doesn’t make sense. Truth be told nobody can understand McMahon accept himself.

        • SRB says:

          It’s beyond ridiculous for Vince to release all of their shows except for this one. For a fan like myself that used to collect everything they released, this would really annoy me, so I can only imagine how some must feel about it. Not only that, Vince’s move will actually not do anything effective in the long run except make collectors angrier than they already are. I feel like there is a bigger reason the event was not released? Maybe he thought the show was just bad, which they pretty much all are, but then it would be hard to say that was the reason too since I just watched Goldberg/Undertaker on DVD and that match stunk up my entire living room.

          • LP1 says:

            Last year’s Crown Jewel wasn’t released because of all the negative backlash it received. That’s it. No other reason. If Vince had any problems with Saudi politics he wouldn’t have the run show there, period. These Saudi shows are their biggest money making shows every year, way more than Wrestlemania. This is all 100% about money. Not because they want to show how progressive Saudi Arabia is becoming or because they want to “change the culture” or anything like that.

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      really thats the reason for not releasing crown jewel last year. i still have not seen it but it looks like such a bad ppv. And honestly super show down this year was not.. that.. bad really.

  4. Patrick McNamara says:

    November 12th,2019 HIAC 2019 will be released on DVD it’s on Amazon as a coming soon. WWE is going to be releasing their events because I believe that they won’t really be releasing any other DVDs or few others in order to maximize money in as much as having both the WWE Network and DVD releases. Every cent counts no matter how little revenue it costs. Warner Brothers does have a minimal existing contract with WWE for next few years at the least.

  5. Patrick McNamara says:

    Also HIAC 2019 should have extras like The WWE Championship match between Kingston and Lesnar,and Cain Valequez coming out and beating up Lesnar after the quick victory. The Ladder Match between Shane MCMAHON and Kevin Owens,then that release would possibly sell better.

  6. Patrick Mcnamara says:

    I have every HIAC event since 2009. So I really want this to be released so I have every HIAC event. And I loved Supershowdown I don’t get why people hated it.

  7. Tommy D says:

    Daniel, Any word on the possibility of a Crown Jewel DVD this year? I’d imagine if it was it wouldn’t be until Q1 next year as that is how the others have been. Also, any word on 2020 DVDs? I’m just hoping they don’t stop producing.

  8. RabidHeat says:

    I honestly think they may as well not release HIAC at this point. Haven’t heard of anyone who didn’t hate it.

    • David says:

      I didn’t watch HIAC but read the results and I feel bad for people wasting 3 hours watching it. It sounded terrible with only 4 matches announced and the rest announced 3 hours before the show. Its like Vince wants to drive fans away and its quite the accomplishment for them ruining the Hell in a Cell gimmick, Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt all in one fell swoop…its amazing actually how tone deaf this company is and the out of touch old man thinks his product is good. Vince just seems to do things like this for his own enjoyment and creative unfortunately cater to him. Now with Fox, USA and Saudi Arabia those are the three audiences Vince will cater to and screw the fans.

      If I’m in the mood for some terrible wrestling I might watch it as background noise.

      To me WWE are reaching WCW 1999-2000 in terms of booking and have no clue what fans want…just makes absolutely no sense. I’ve been watching WCW from its dying days and I find its actually much more entertaining then current WWE.

      Its funny they hired Heyman and Bischoff as “creative directors” making it a huge deal but its all in name only. The one that still runs the show and approves everything comes down to Vince, so I found it hilarious fans actually thought getting those two back will magically fix the product.

      • SRB says:

        WWE has given us years of great entertainment, but for quite a while now, the product has been very stale and the booking has been odd to say the least. With everything from their Saudi shows and what a nightmare those are for many reasons, to the politically correct movement they embrace, and not to mention what has happened to our beloved media department, the company is just not the same. I get changing with the times and Vince loves to do just that, but these changes seem more regressive than anything.

        I have stopped watching the product and collecting media from them and come on the site only to interact and see what the upcoming releases are out of a general nostalgic interest. Hell in a Cell was close to my town and I did contemplate going. I am so happy I decided against it.

    • LP1 says:

      The sad thing is HIAC wasn’t really a complete waste of a PPV. The first two matches were really good. Becky vs Sasha in the Cell and the Reigns & Bryan vs Harper & Rowan tag match were very enjoyable. But then the show fell off a cliff from there.

  9. SRB says:

    I just watched the Smackdown set last night and it was truly amazing. WWE spared no funds on this one.

    The amazing 1-cassette tape set features 18 minutes of classic Smackdown matches from the past 20 years! Mine also came packaged in a Ziploc bag as WWE is trying to save money on production costs. For the low price of $32.99, and the buyer has to purchase an all region cassette tape player, this set can be yours!

    • RabidHeat says:

      Well they clearly did spare funds in terms of how many discs they included, rendering several years of history and long stretches of time not being represented.

      • RabidHeat says:

        I really shouldn’t have replied after only reading the first line; now I realise you were being sarcastic, lol. Forgive me, I’m very tired.

  10. the dvd guy says:

    I got my copy on Saturday, well they al least had hosts on this dvd unlike the 30 years of Summerslam set. This should be at least a 3 to 4 dvd set. Yes there are retreads on this, I believe this could be better if they had more outtakes and made like the unreleased sets WWE has been doing the past couple of years. I got this using a gift card given to me for my birthday, if I was using my own money I would not be buying this. It has some good memories however it is lacking so much. I would have like to seen this broker into 5 year blocks or different smackdown eras. It lacks structure, I mean it is done in Chronological order however some of the moments just feel randomly thrown on here.

  11. Mark Markson says:

    The Smackdown set is so full of repeats, so I will not buy this.

    I would have liked a Smackdown unreleased set with matches that haven’t been released on DVD.