Review: WWE Big Show – A Giant’s World 3 Disc DVD

December 11, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- The Big Show: “A Giant’s World” 3 Disc Review:


“The only way to bet big, is to bet on The Giant!”The Giant (WCW Slamboree 96)








-This is the first DVD on The Big Show released by the WWE.

-This 3 Disc Set has a good Documentary with some pretty interesting Special Features on Disc 1, Matches basically cover Discs 2 and 3.






Disc 1 Documentary:




-We begin this Documentary with Show’s early life but before all that we hear about his health condition and why he is the way he is. Big.


Something THAT so many of us take for granted is how our size is so convenient for our modern day, every day life.

We can fit in cars, cabs, elevators, what have you….Big Show has a problem with this standing in at over 7 feet, nearing at 500 lbs.

Big Show seems to have a fine attitude about this all which obviously effects him in a positive way. Not everyone like this would feel this way. It’s certainly interesting hearing about this as an outside who doesen’t have to deal with these things and the more we hear about it the more we are compelled to learn about this Wrestler.

The Big Show can apparently fart anyone out of a car. Good to know. Never drive with Paul.

They talk about how he never showed signs of being a Big Guy until the age of 10 or 11. Show worked on cars as a kid outside in the garage rather then say watching cartoons as a kid on Saturday mornings.

He said he was 6’8 at 14 and ate about 14,000 calories a day. Wow. He talks about being athlete of the year in 1989 when playing basketball. He didn’t see a problem with his size until he realized the problem with his P gland and now he knew he had a abnormality.

Pituitary Adenoma Surgery as he grew a tumor around age nine, and then it removed through Surgery in College.

Now we talk about Big Show’s dad dying of cancer. There was a storyline in WCW that Andre was his dad. False. There was also a storyline where his dad died in 1999 in the WWF, also false as his dad was dead before.

The Big Show figured his Basketball career was over and he did quite well with selling cars despite not knowing much about it.

He talks about meeting Hulk, and Regal as well as guys like HHH.

He talks about Terry Taylor (Red Rooster) being a training like figure to Paul aka The Big Show.

Arn Anderson talks about first seeing Paul, now we get clips of Kevin Sullvan introducing The Big Show or the Giant to Pro-Wrestling in WCW.

He talks about beating Hogan in his first match for the World title. Talk about making an impression. The Big Show would land movie roles, he had a Cameo in Adam Sandler’s “Water Boy” of course as Captain Insano.

Giant was billed as the most dominant man in the sport.

They talk about him being with athlete for a man of his size unlike say Andre the Giant. Those are my words though, they of course don’t diss Andre on this Documentary.


They do a good job of showing a bunch of WcW clips.
Now they talk about the transition from WCW to WWF and he said it was like minor-league’s to major-league’s.


The Big Show made his debut at the Massacre to stop Steve Austin.


Big Show said he was lacking in WWE because he didn’t have enough depth with the new guys becausse in WcW going against Savage, Flair, Hogan, Luger, Sting, Hall they could carry him.

Show knew he’d have to be better.

Show says Arn and Taker are how two biggest mentor’s.
Show said he had no problem doing the 1999 Father Angle because he dealt with it big time in 1992 when it really happened.

They show clips to the hilarious Show-Bossman feud.
Now we go into the first time he won the WWE Championship because of how he was thrown into it.


Chavo puts it best that in WCW The Giant was not able to put over his comic side.

As the Big Show he started to become entertaining.

He was the Showster, the Show Easy-E, Show-man the Barbarian, The Fat Bastard, Dancing with 2 Cool, Show-Kishi, immitating Val Venis and they tried to find the fine line between being entertaining the threat.


This guy did switch allignments a lot.

And now they go over how Big Show was being sent down to OVW.

He stated it waaas a wake u call.

Now his feuds with Lesnar, Angle, Taker, Rey, Cena, Eddie are gone over on the Smackdown! brand.
Big Show goes over the ring imploding with Lesnar.
Now they talk about how he has a bus driver and at being his height it’s hard to travel and now he has Tobey Keith’s bar.

He talks about how his bus helps him stay fresh and can keep his career going.
Now they go into his ECW tenure and becoming Champ.

A lot of stars put him over.
They show his working out skill with his new trainer then they go into the Mayweather angle that ran into Mania 24.

Big Show’s biggest moment in his career or definitely one of them.

Definitely a win/win angle.

They highlight the Mania 24 match well here with Show’s opinion.
They talk about his acting and personal life and where he might of got his sense of hour from.

Finally they go into Knucklehead a WWE film/comedy for Big Show. Never seen it and don’t plan on it but I will say the WWE did a great job with his life-story here and the DVD Documentary ends.


The Documentary ends at exactly an hour.


Overall this was an interesting Documentary and there’s a good thing there was one. Not every wrestler has a life like Show and the WWE was intelligent enough to realize that there would be enough room on this DVD for most of his big matches.






Disc 1 Special Features:

Meet The Parents
You’re The Big Show
The Rock is First Class
Big Show vs Dumpster SD! Oct 28 99
Dearly Departed SD! Nov 11 99 (OMG! 50 Moments DVD)
Big Show the Entertainer Raw is War April 3 2000
The BigFather
Big Show vs Torrie Wilson’s Car SD! April 15 2004
Big Show vs The Jeep SD! Mach 24 2005
Triple H Roasts Big Show
Kenny in Knucklehead
Lifestyle Change
Big Show vs Everyone









Disc Two Matches:




1) WCW Halloween Havoc ’95: Sumo Monster Truck Competition – The Giant vs Hulk Hogan




This “match” took place on top of the nearby Cobo Hall. Although it was portrayed as live, the segment was actually taped the previous night.
This was the match where Randy Savage in his famous “Your Mustache is Crooked” Promo with Mean Gene said “My curiousity is killin me like a cat would be killed by the Curiousity, yeah!” When asked about these two Monster Trucks colliding.

Some people say this is 100% pure Wrestlecrap and they don’t know why it’s on the disc.
Maybe the WWE wants to make WCW look bad? Wouldn’t be the first time.
The Giant and The Hulk had their trucks welded together here outside in Detroit.
It’s a Monster Sumo match.

It’s on.

Hulk Hogan and The Giant are going at it in these trucks.

I think fans want Wrestling when they tune into a PPV but that might be just me. Then again if it involved Hogan god knows what I’d want.


Bischoff said they are five stories high, a river seperated Detroit and Windsor, Ontario Canada.

Heenan, The Brain says this is exciting. Hlarious as you can detect the sarcasm. He says they could end up in Toronto.
BOOOOOOOORing. I’m saying that.

In the end Hogan’s “Hulkster” truck pushed Giant’s “Dungeon of Doom” truck out of the circle for the win…finally. This lasted a little longer then I would of liked.

WCW stunt co-ordinator Ellis Edwards portrayed the referee for this match, and the commentary team was joined by Bigfoot creator Bob Chandler.
After the match, Hogan and The Giant began fighting, resulting in Giant (kayfabe) falling off the side of the building.

Bischoff tries to win an Oscar as icing on the Cake after this on commentary.












2) WCW Halloween Havoc ’95: WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match – Hulk Hogan (c) (with Jimmy Hart) vs The Giant (with The Taskmaster)




Hulk Hogan comes out to “American Made” wth his manager Jimmy Hart.

Hogan in his last few months as a Babyface.

Hogan says what just went down (on the mic) wasn’t supposed to go down that way.

Giant then comes out with Kevin Sullivan thus proving his toughness I guess we could say. Schiavonne calls him super-human.

Hulk Hogan layed rights onto The Giant and looked to the crowd each and every time it didn’t work.

Giant fought back with rights of his hown and Hulk Hogan went down.

Giant tossed Hogan to the corner and hit a biig boot before a crushing blow to the back of The Hulkster. Giant chopped Hulk Hogan.

Giant choked Hogan out in the corner with his boot.

This match is going a lot like Andre vs Hogn did at WM 3 although much faster and no where near as big.

Hulk Hogan down to his knees and Giant was winning a test of power with his strength hold locking the wrists of Hogan despite him fighting to his feet. Hulk Hogan got bak to his feet and Giant kicked him back down.

Giant locked him with a font facelock and then a reverse elbow to the throat of the Hulkster before scooping him up and slammin him to the canvas.

Giaant went for a leg-drop and Hulk Hogan moved out of the way. Hogan pointed to the top turnbuckle and smashed Giant’s head into the buckle, then the turnbuckle opposite and punched away going to #10.

Hogan rakes the back and then clotheslines Giant in the corner of the ring.
Heenan speculated when Giant was going to chokeslam Hogan and take the tite because Hulk Hogan didn’t bring him off his feet yet.

That was until Hogan clotheslined Giant out of the ring and he fell to the floor.

Sullivan was taking the Giant to the back but Hulk Hogan dragged hm back in and used a dirty tactic a thumb to the eye.

Hulk Hogan takes more shots at Giant with rights and lefts, a shoulder block. Giant went for the choke hold then Hogan raked the eyes and grabbed his throat. Hulk Hogan walked into a sidewalk slam from The Giant.

Giant covers Hogan late and because of it gets a quick two. Giant stops on Hogan some re before a bear-hug off the ropes.

A bear-hug from Giant on Hulk Hogan.
Hogan hulked up and punched at Giant until a CHOKESLAM.

Hogan kicked out!
It’s a miracle!

What else is new….Hogan hulks up and hits a big boot. Heenan says he gives up, well by now he better.

Hogan slams the Giant!

Hogan hits the leg-drop.

Jimmy Hart took the ref down, no count.

Jimy then picked up the ref and behind him levelled Hulk Hogan with the title.

Giiant squeezed Hogan with the title in mid-ring, Sullivan took shots at his back while the fans chanted for Hulk Hogan.

Luger and Savage came to ring-side, then all of the sudden Luger turns on Savage.

Luger puts Hulk in the torture rack.
The official still down.

Now Luger with a torture rack on Macho Man.

In the end at 16:27 The Giant defeated Hulk Hogan by disqualification to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championshp when Hogan was disqualified after his manager Jimmy Hart hit the referee with the WCW World Heavyweight Championship belt.
Jimmy Hart then turned on Hogan by hitting him with the world title belt and became manager of the Dungeon of Doom.


After the match The Yeti came to the ring and assisted Giant in attacking Hogan.

As mentioned Macho Man Randy Savage came to the ring to try to save Hogan, as did Lex Luger. And once again as mentioned Lex Luger turned on Savage by attacking him and then put Hogan in the Torture Rack, joining the Dungeon of Doom.

The Giant took the belt from the referee after the match and left with it; Jimmy Hart later revealed that he had a clause put in the contract that the title could change hands on a disqualification, but a week later on Nitro, The Giant was stripped of the title, because the disqualification was due to Jimmy Hart’s interference, The title belt was later rewarded to the winner of the 3 ring 60 man Battle Royal at WCW World War 3 1995, which was won by none other then the late great Legend, -The Macho Man Randy Savage.


This match overall was actually booked pretty well.

I didn’t think these two could put on a great match over 16 minutes in length but it was very good, especially considering The Giant wasn’t really known for Wrestling back in this day.

The ending really made it what it was.



** 1/2







3) WCW Nitro 4/29/96: WCW Championship Match “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (With Miss Elizabeth and Woman) (c) vs The Giant (With Jimmy Hart)



A rare meeting between two different styles from two different era’s going at it on free television for the main strap in WCW.

This was also on the Rise and Fall of WCW DVD.

The Giant in 1996 up against Flair in 96 shouldn’t get your expectations very high, but knowing Flair this should at least be watchable, I figured I’ve seen this match before but not since it happened live or on the Rise and Fall of WCW set so this is a reminder.
Ric Flair in green trunks runs into The Giant.

Paul slaps Flair across his man boobs and he falls to the mat. Flair goes outside for a word with Woman. Flair comes back in Giant tells him to come closer, Flair is no no hurry certainly. Flair runs off the ropes and into the chest once more of The Giant. Giant scoops him up and slams him hard back first to the mat before posing. Giant in the corner irishwhips Flair to the corner and he does a flip over the turnbuckle down to the outside apron falling to the floor.

The Giant chases Flair around the squared-circle on the outside. Flair hides behind his Women before getting back into the ring and finally begging Giant off. The Giant wanted a test of strength but Flair hit him with a thumb to the eye. Flair chopped at The Giant and he shook it off and threw him to the buckle. Flair caught a break as The Giant crashed and burned into the corner of the ring. Flair climbs up top and of course gets caught by The Giant who just tosses him to the other side of the ring. The Giant lands a standing vertical suplex to Naitch. Giant went for a chokeslam on Flair but he made sure he stayed on his feet by holding onto the top ropes.

With the official distracted Flair hit a lowblow to The Giant. The Giant dumped Flair off of him each time Flair started landing shots to The Giant who was on his knees. Flair grabbed a weapon from his boots and layed at The Giant with a shot to the head and The Giant was out of it. Naitch rakes his face with a boot and then goes for the Figure Four. The Giant then found himself in the Figure Four and he sat up and grabbed Flair by the throat.
The Giant chokeslams him and we got a New Champion at 6:54.




* 1/4






4) WCW Slamboree ’96: WCW Championship Match The Giant (With Jimmy Hart) (c) vs Sting (with Lex Luger)


Sting comes out with Luger first after Giant cuts a pretty god-awful promo but it was hilarious at the same time which is why I quoted a part of it for the main title on this review.

Sting enters a five-time WCW Chamion, not in this match as The Giant is defending obviously but Giant and Sting get set for a World title bout here at Slamboree.

Sting ducks two clotheslines then goes for a crossbody on The Giant and he is tossed off.

Broadcasters say they have never seen anything like that as he bounced off the big man. Sting leaps on The Giant and locks a sleeper.

Out of the corner he hits two dropkicks to The Giant but he fails to drop him.

Sting needs to re-group on the outside with a small chat with Lex Luger.

Giant tries to clobber Sting in the corner but he hits an enziguri levelling The Giant in the jaw. Sting scoops up The Giant and he falls on him and almost gets the three, very similar to how Hogan dropped on Andre at the beginning of their WM 3 battle.

Show stands on the Stinger’s chest and then drops a gigantic elbow. The Giant irishwhips Sting and he walks into a reverse elbow shot to the shoulder.

The Giant uses the top ropes for leverage and stands on top of Sting choking him out. The Giant corners Sting and spears him in the gut and irishwhips Sting to the buckle.

Sting with a desperation right, then another but The Giant slugs him back down again. Giant uses a headbutt to the lower abdomen of Sting, but close to a low-blow and he was warned. The Giant then chokes him out with his boot some more.

Giant drops an elbow and now locks on a body-scissors, or a bear-hug on the mat and reaches out with the lower-rope for extra leverage.

Good strategies and a tremendous pace to this match thus far. Very good and fast.

The Giant has controlled the pace but Sting has been such a good seller and has been very fast making this match exceptionally better then one say versus Hogan or Flair just before this. You can tell the difference.

The Giant tosses Sting right out of the ring as if he was nothing. The Giant out of the ring tosses him onto the concrete.

The Giant goes for a chokeslam on the table as he notices Luger holding Jimmy Hart on the table.

Giant drops Sting and waits for him in the ring. Once on the apron he clobbers his sternum. Sting looks like he had been to hell and back.

Sting accidentally hit the official and then Big Show goes for a splash but hits nobody, and Sting levels The Giant.

Stinger Splash n the corner!

Sting unloads with rights and now Giant chokes Luger on the apron by the neck but Sting again wth another Splash, then another.

Sting hits a third and kicks The Giant over and the Giant is down.

Sting signals to get Jimmy Hart but he moved out of the way and fell down onto Giant as a result from the corner.

As the official gets up Sting gets to his feet.

Sting from the top turnbuckle hits a splash and then The Giant kics out. Sting again with a splash rom the top and Jimmy Hart tried to get him with the Mega Phone but Luger blocks him.

Sting with a Scorpion Deathlock and as Luger got it out of Hart’s hands it accidentally hits Sting.

The Giant hits a Chokeslam.
In the end Giant pinned Sting after Sting collided with Hart’s megaphone, being held by Luger, and Giant performed a Chokeslam at 10:41 to retain the World’s Heavyweight title.



This match was booked tremendous.
Just a great match here.




*** 1/4






5) WCW Great American Bash ’96: WCW Championship Match The Giant (With Jimmy Hart) (c) vs Lex Luger



The Giant wasted no time and took uger to the floor and threw him in the ring with a press-sla and now Luger fought back while Giant was half-way in the ring.
Lex Luger with a stiff European uppercut and then a high kick to the face of The Giant.

Luger then leaped off the top and pulled a Sting from Slamboree and tried to wear-down Giant with a sleeper-hold from behind.

Jimmy Hart on the apron tried to get to Luger but Sting ran out and without the face paint took Jimmy Hart to the back.

The Giant meanhile took Luger over his shoulder out of the sleeper and countered it by ramming Lex back-first into the buckle.

The Giant a lot faster in this match then any of the other matches on the disc, other then the Sting match that is, he’s kept about the same pace. The Giant kicked at Luger’s back.

Luger crashed sternum first into the buckle and sold the clubbing blows he recieved from The Giant in the corner of the ring.

The Giant now slaps on a back-breaker submission hold and lets go. Now a back-breaker hold up high and tossed him down.

The Giant stragecially breaking down Lex focusing on the spine.

A methodical approach from the Heel Champ.

Now a surfboard-stretch driving the knee into the spine focusing on it while he stretches both of Lex’s big biceps backwards.

Luger though with a desperate counter hits a jaw-breaer, Luger attempts a press slam to the Giant but his weight falls on top of Luger and collapses Lex.

A nearfall.

The Giant then chokes out the Total Package on the back and kicks at his neck.

Giant continuing to work over that entire section of Luger.

The Giant sets up Luger on top of the buckle and whales away at his back and he falls to the canvas.

Luger gets some-what of a breather and dropkicks him from the apron, Lex with a series of clotheslines and flying forearms.

Lex then chops one leg down, then the other. Lex has him down to one knee and then The Giant shoves him away. The Giant charged towards Luger in the corner but nobody home.

Luger kicks at the abdomen of The Giant on the top buckle. Luger wth another kick and he signals for the torture rack.

Luger goes for the rack.

Luger scooped hi up and Giant’s weight took him over. The Giant gets up and takes off his straps and signals for the end.

The Giant chokeslams Luger.

In the end at 9:31 Giant retained the World Championship after pinning Luger after a chokeslam.

This match told a great story and maintained a very good pace.
Simple yet effective.











6) WWF Raw Is War 3/22/99: The Big Show Paul Wight vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (With Special Referee Mankind)

Now we get into the WWE portion of the DVD.


This match is also on Austin’s Bottom Line DVD.



So Big Show known as Paul Wight back when he made his debut at the WWF’s February of 1999 PPV the “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” when he interfered from beneath the ring canvas in an attempt to help Mr. McMahon prevent the Rattlesnake from going to Mania 15.

This of course back-fired on Paul as he sent Steve into the side of the Steel Cage and he fell to the ground declaring Austin the winner.

There was then a lot of speculation around this time that Big Show would be the ref in the Corporation’s “Rock” vs Austin Man 15 encounter, and with Big Show being in that stable this stacked the odds against Austin once again.

That’s one thing that made the rivalry so great between Austin and McMahon is the odds were always stacked very high against Austin making his adversity that much bigger when he overcomes it.

So it’s safe to say the crowd was hot for this one. A modern day Hogan vs Andre but on live, free TV as WWF scored one of the WCW’s biggest draws and now both these men on Raw were going one on one.

So here we go from the Attitude Era, it’s Austin and Show live!


This was the same night as the Beer Truck segment that opened the show 6 days before Mania 15 where Austin hosed down Rock, Vince and Shane.

Voted Raw’s #1 moment ever at the Raw X awards.

This show did a very high rating leading into Mania.


Stone Cold Steve Austin the Challenger for the WWF title at Mania had to go up against Big Show here.

Vince and Rock begin in the ring on the Mic and Vince is not having the best hair day due to the beer party earlier in the night.
Mankind comes out as the special guest referee after Show comes out. This might even be Big Show’s debut WWF match, if it’s not it’s one of the first.
Austin gets a monster pop as you’d expect.

The Rock joins Cole and Lawer for commentary. Ross thankfully took over as play by play man at Mania 15.

Cole calls it the biggest match in Raw’s history.

Rock on commentary made it a lot better.

Austin and Show set to go.


The Big Show is flpped the bird by Austin and he lets go right’s and lefts and doesen’t stop on Show and then he sends Austin hard back-first into the corner of the ring.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is chopped by Big Show.

Big Show then kicked at his chest and Austin fell down. Mankind checks him out. Big Show chokes out Austin with his Size 22 boot.

Fans chant Austin and Rock says listen to his fans chanting his name.

Show kicks Austin over the barricade outside the ring. Stone Cold Steve Austin with a huge right to Show but then Austin leaped onto Show with a bear-hug and Mankind jumped onto Show breaking the hold.

Roc said what in the living hell is that? Hilarious.

Show went after Mankind then Stone Cold Steve Austin took off the turnbuckle pad.

Austin with right hands to Big Show, an elbow and Austin went for the Stunner, Show sent him to the exposed buckle and then Big Show dropped a giant elbow to Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mankind only counted to two.

Mankind ith a right to Show and then Austin did as well. Show slammed Austin to the mat and then delivered a big boot.

Austin went for the stunner twice already and fell to the ground. Stone Cold Steve Austin then hit with a headbutt by The Big Show.

Show on the outside of the rng clobbered him with his first to the spine on Austin. Show scooped up Austin and is dropped eight feet onto the concrete floor.

Big Show chases Stone Cold Steve Austin around and then drives his head into the ring post. Mankind grabs a chair and says get back in the ring.

Big Show tossed Stone Cold Steve Austin inside the ring. Big Show missed with an elbow and off the ropes Big Show squeezed Stone Cold Steve Austin with a bear-hug. Austin fought back out of the bear-huf and then Stone Cold Steve Austin is caught once again by the Big Show and he apples the bear-hug while the fans chant “Stone Cold.”

Mankind tells the bell-ringer not to ring it. The Rattlesnake strikes wth right’s.

Lou Thesz Press and then Big Show kicks out with authority. Austin grabs a chair and unloads over and over on Show and he went for Rock but he left.

Austin hit the Stunner.

In the end at a tv time of 9:20 Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Big Show.



This match was a lot of fun.



** 1/2





7) WWF RAW 6/7/99: WWE Champion The Undertaker (c) (with Paul Bearer) vs The Big Show




This was one of the top OMG moments in WWF/E history what concludes this match when Big Show chokeslams Taker through the canvas, I’m thinking that’s why this got chosen.

This took place just before the two became a tag team.
The Undertaker hasn’t even taken hi belt off and Show and him engage in a fist fight.

Big Show with high elevation drops a right elbow on Undertaker. Show scoops up Undertaker high and then stomps on the Champ in the corner.

Undertaker grabs Show by the throat.

Undertaker couldn’t chokeslam Show, Show grabbed him by the throat, a low-blow by Taker and then a flying clothesline.

This jam-packed attitude era crowd pretty quiet.

The Undertaker tried to Slam show’s head on the steps but he makes Undertaker on the steel.

Big Show the driven head-first into the ring post. The Undertaker drives Big Show’s heads right into the announcer’s table.

The Undertaker grabs a chair and levels Show in the kidney’s.
The Undertaker wouldn’t quit punishing Show in front of King and JR with head-shots as he drove hs head into the table. The Undertaker with both hands raking the eyes of Show.

Ross says he’s never seen Taker more vicious….

Hmmm…King of the Ring 98 anyone?

The Undertaker throws Show finally back in the ring and before the seven minute mark.

Big Show chokeslams The Undertaker all the way to hell screams Ross as the bell rings.

The Acolytes come out and then Mideon and members of the Mnistry as Show destroyed the ring.

Great Raw moment.


This match wasn’t note-worth for anything other then that spot.




* 3/4







8 ) WWF Survivor Series ’99: WWF Championship Triple Threat Match – Triple H (c) vs The Big Show vs The Rock



So one of the biggest triple threat’s was about to take place in the peak of the attitude era in Hunter defening his gold against the Rattlesnake like he did at No Mercy, and the very over Rock.

Infact it’s arguable Rock had more steam as a Babyface then Austin at this point since Rocky had yet to get his big babyface run with the title, at least not yet. (Until Backlash 2000)

Then of course in Detroit, backstage Rikishi (hired by HHH kayfabe) runs down Steve Austin.
As a mystery replacement we get….the Big Show. A man who had competed earlier on and was in a a god-awful feud with the late Ray Traylor (Bossman) over his dead dad, after Bossman was done feeding Al Snow his dead dog to get into this feud. This was also the same year Bossman competed against Mideon in a heel versus heel BORING PPV match, and not to mention the worst Hell in a Cell match ever with Taker and then getting hung from the top.

Just a bad year for Bossman all around and it’d be capped off with a terrible Armageddon 99 bout with Show.

First though Show had to win this match and beat the odds.

Could the Big Show become the WWF Champion for the first time here?

Rock was definitely the heavy fan favourite here.

If I was a fan I would of felt ripped off for not getting to see the hyped Austin-HHH-Rock match, if I was there live.

Even watching it on PPV was dissapointing as you pay to see a heavily hyped match and boom…it’s gone.

But moving on…

The Big Show was attacked by both Rock and HHH to begin but he flies off the ropes with a double-clothesline to Rock and HHH before a big boot and headbutts to both Hunter and Rock.

Big Show then tries a chokeslam on Rock but he lays out Hunter with a chop then Rock.

The Big Show gets dominated by HHH in the corner and then Rock started to open up on HHH and then layed the Smackdown! on Show.

Show then scooped Rock out fo the riing picked him up but then landed on his feet. Rock and Hunter go at it outside the ring.

Rock and Hunter doing what they do best together which is punch and kick of course.

Back inside the ring Rock hit a side russian leg-sweep to Big Show then threw HHH out of the ring.

Rock hit the People’s elbow on Show but then Hunter broke up the count. HHH choked out Rock with his boot. Fans chant for The Rock in the corner of the ring. HHH rakes the eye of Big Show, Rock punches Hunter.

The Big Show hits a side-walk slam to Rock then kicks Hunter out of the ring.

This match is a littlel alll over the place.

The Big Show with a millitary press outside the ring and Rock sprints out there to clothesline Bi Show and then Rock shoves HHH down on a bunch of tables near the entrance stage.

HHH with a clothesline to Rock. The Big Show with a headbutt on HHH.

Rock with a fire extinguisher on The Big Show and down goes the 500 pounder.

HHH goes for a suple to Rocky on the concrete but her reversed a snapshot veritcal suplex and hit one of his own.

Big Show went to chokeslam Rock but HHH stopped him. Rock then hit a side suplex to Hunter on the concrete. The Big Show then cme back and hit a headbutt on HHH. The Big Show rams HHH into the steel steps.

Rocky gets some water and spits it in The Big Show’s face. Rock then knocked Big Show with a ring-bell.

Rock and HHH double-team The Big Show and double-suplex through the announce table.

Good spot.

HHH is then clotheslined over the barricade by Rock.

This is your typical attitude era main event, a brawl outside the ring.


The Rock gets back in the ring and nails the official down. Hunter wlked into a Rock bottom predicament then HHH countered it into a Pedigree attempt.

A catapolt by Rock to HHH into the corner, Rock covered but no official.

Shane runs to the ring and got a long two count.

Rock hits a Rock Bottom on HHH but The Big Show pulled Shane out of the ring and now Bg Shoow blocks his head being smashed into the announce table.

Big Show clobbered Rock by the announce table.
A headbutt by The Big Show to Hunter and he steps over the top rope and Rock fights back.

The Big Show irishwhipped Rock into the steps.

HHH grabbed the title, Shane grabbed it from him. HHH pedigreed Shane-O-Mac.

The Big Show wth a headbutt to Rock, Rocky though ddt’s HHH in the ring, Big Show drops both Rock and HHH.

DX comes out and this is when they were heels circa 2000.

Fans chant for Austin not realizing he was injured and vince walks out. Vince has the title belt swings for Hunter an hits him a second time.

The Big Show chokeslams HHH.

In the end Big Show realized his dream and put away Rock and Hunter after he won the WWF title the first time at 16:15 McMahon screwed Helmsley.

This match was very solid. Good stuff but typical attitude era brawling.









9) WWF Backlash 2000: The Big Show (aka Showster) vs Kurt Angle

So Big Show is now a babyface because he wanted to go Hollywood. After his feud with The Rock Big Show now wants to be funny.

This was extremely hilarious at the time when he came out as Hogan. Spot on impression from the man who taught him the road.

Angle was extremely over and on a hot streak at the time to boot.

The Showster took apart Angle to begin but then Kurt took apart his leg. Angle dropped down his weight on Show.

Angle in the corner is worked on.

A big Hogan chant after the clothesline.

The Showster sets up Angle for a chokeslam after the Hulk up routine.

In the end at 2:57 Big Show got the win over Angle.

Comedy points.




* 1/4






10) WWE Survivor Series 2002: WWE Championship Match Brock Lesnar (With Paul Heyman) (c) vs The Big Show



So this is the beginning of the face turn for big Brock Lesnar whch was just inevitable from MSG.
Heyman would turn on Lesnar here and join forces with Big Show after he became WWE Champion.
Huge chants of “Let’s go Lesnar” fill the same Garden that “Lets go Rangers” is often chanted at.

Brock Lesnar could throw Show around like no other obviously because of his size and his power.
MSG behind Lesnar as mentioned. Lesnar with broken ribs, Big Show with a broken left forearm. The Big Show tossed Lesnar ribs-first and he falls to the mat.

Lesnar chaged at The Big Show and speared him down. The two battlle on the floor and The Big Show caught him up high driving his ribs into the ring-post. Brock kicked at The Big Show in the groin region then a side suplex by Brock to Show.

Lesnar then speare to The Big Show. A german from Brock to Show.

Lesnar then scooped or tried to but Big Show with knees to the ribs the official is knocked down.

Lesnar with a belly to belly suplex and Lesnar is tossed over his head.

Heyman tossed a chair in the ring and Llesnar knocked Big Show twice and Brock F-5’d the Show! Heyman pulled the official out of he ring.

Heyman screwed Brock.

Brock walked into chair-shots by The Big Show and then a chokeslam on the chair. Keota counts the three.



In the end at a very quick 4:19 Big Show pinned Lesnar to become Champion.

This match was awesome for the time it lasted.
Short and sweet.




** 1/4








11) WWE Backlash 2003: Big Show vs Rey Mysterio



Rey Mysterio hits a dropkick early on The Big Show and Mysterio would have to hit early and often to have a shot here.

Big Show drops Rey Mysterio head-first on the top turnbuckle.

A hard chop by Big Show to Mysterio. Rey Rey rolls out of the ring.

Big Show held Mysterio in the air once back in the ring.

Mysterio lands on his feet but then Big Show misses with a boot and Rey is sent to the outside.

Rey Mysterio finds a steel chair and hits Big Show when the official had no idea.

A flying senton and Big Show just got the shoulder up. A 619 to the gut of Show, and then the back. And then a third one.

Mysterio goes for the west coast pop and Big Show hits a chokeslam.


In the end at 3:47 The Big Show made quick work of Rey using his huge leverage advantage to help secure the victory.


This match was very short and basic.








12) WWE No Mercy 2003: US Championionship Eddie Guerrero (c) vs The Big Show
Eddie Guerrero defending his title against Big Show here.

Certainly his biggest challenge.

Eddie Guerrero smart right away dropkicked Big Show down-low attacking his veritcal base much like Mysterio did in the last match.

Show though hits back with headbutts to Eddie and then chops him in the corner.

Big Show clobbers Eddie Guerrero’s back with clubbing blows. Now size 22 boot across the spine and then he chops the back of Edde hard.

Eddie Guerrero tries to climb out of dangers way.

This all didn’t help the fact that Eddie had his back taped up.

Eddie Guerrero hung on onto the side ropes while Show went for him and then went for Randy Savage like flying lariat hang-over as Show is swung forwards though over the ropes.

Eddie grabbed a trash-can lid and smacked it against the head of The Big Show. Eddie then slammed Big Show’s head into the top turnbuckle.

On the outside the Giant that is the Big Show tossed Eddie Guerrero spine-first nto the post.

Then from the floor tossed him simply over the top rope and Eddie landed on his injured back straight to the canvas. Big Show drives 500 pounds of his knee into Eddie.
Big Show with a surfboard stretch to Eddie, sort of implementing one of Eddie’s favourite submission holds with a knee to the spine wearing him down vertically on the mat stretching the arms back.



Big Show continues the pressure working the back over of Eddie.

Show having his way with the reigning US Champ in Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie elbows out but Big Show drops him down. Big show exposes the turnbuckle and sends Eddie Guerrero flying spine-first into the corner.

Big Show taunted Eddie on.

Now Show sets him up top but Eddie Guerrero then slmmed Show head-first into the exposed buckle and Eddie splashed him from up top.

Show went to drop a leg on Eddie but he moved and hit the official.

Eddie striked Big Show straight away but Show tossed him to the corner. Show missed him in the corner.

Now Eddie grabbed brass knucks and smacked Show in the face. Eddie Guerrero covered Show hooks the leg but Big Show still kicked out.

Eddie then slapped his chest and signalled for the Frog Splash.

The US Champion hooks the leg of the Big Show and now kicks out of the Frog Splash.

Eddie looks lost and Show with a partial Spinebuster and Show didn’t get all of it but Eddie Guerrero kicked out.

Eddie Guerrero then fnds himself in trouble as Show chokeslams him and Eddie gets his foot on the bottom rope.
Eddie Guerrero kicks low out of the chokeslam predicament and hits a ddt.
Both men down.

Eddie hooks the leg of Show and stll only a two but then walks into another Chokeslam.

In the end at 11:27 Show beat Guerrero to become the NEW US Champion after he hit a second Chokeslam.

This match told a tremendous story.
Just all around aweome. Very impressive win from the Big Show.









•SmackDown 9/9/04: Big Show Returns!


-Eddie is wrestling Angle in what looks to be a lumber-jack match when Big Show makes his return, head-full of har and all and Show destroys everything in hs path on the SD! brand making a surprise appearance.

Good return here for Show, very dominant, reminds me of his 01 Rumble return only The Rock wasn’t there to eliminate him.





13) WWE No Mercy 2004: Big Show vs Kurt Angle

Remember one of the funniest wrestling pics ever?




Okay now you do. Show shaved his head full bald after this.


If anyone gets involed here in the match Teddy Long wll fire them.


Big Show starts off this match normal, slaming Angle down, stepping over him and sending him to the buckle, over-sizing him and as a result over-powering him.

Angle gorilla pressed 8 feet in the air and slammed Angle to the canvas and Kurt Angle sells the spine rolling out of the ring.

Brian Hebner counts as Angle says to hell with this but Angle gets himself counted out.
The match re-starts as Long says he doesen’t care if the match takes all night.
Big Show methodically taking apart Angle but then out of no where he rollls into an Ankle Lock on Show.

Angle keeps fighting back.
In the end 13:10 Big Show beat Angle after he put him away with a chokeslam off the top.

This match was decent but nothing more.

A little slow to begin, didn’t really tell a story but nothing boring either.




** 3/4














Disc Three Matches:




14) WWE Taboo Tuesday ’05: World Tag Team Championship Match Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (c) vs Big Show & Kane

Kane begins in the ring with Murdoch and chops and chokes him before delivering a giant clothesline.

Murdoch gets a bit bot on Kane and then tries to isolate the bigger man in the corner of the two Champions.

The late Cade is tagged in and he works over Kane in a front facelock and Show gave him a shot from the apron. The Big Show is tagged in and gets a good pop. He tells everyone to Shhhh, and chos the hell out of the chest of Cade.

The Big Show will not be moved by Murdoch even thugh he tried to move him. Show chops the chest of Trevor Murdoch and Kane comes in to handle the left-overs but he gets a thub to the eye.

Kane with a big boot to the kidney as Cade kind of botched the big boot and now Cade meets Kane up high and Cade is pushed off the buckle. Murdoch sends him to the floor.

Cade and Murdoch with sweet and sour on the floor to Kane taking him out up high and below.

Both men got the momentum and isolate the bid red monster in their corner.

An atomic drop by Murdoch, a swinging neck-breaker by Cade.

All of the sudden Kane picks up Murdoch but both men take Kane down until he hits clotheslines on both men.

The Big Show tags in and lays out both compettion with a series of clotheslines. Big Show squashes into Cade as they send him to the ropes for a double chokeslam, after Kane clotheslined Murdoch outside the ring.

In the end Show and Kane became the new Champs at 7:59 n their first ever tag together.

This match was your avererage tag team PPV bout.



** 3/4






15) WWE New Year’s Revolution 2006: Big Show vs Triple H




Hunter can work, so can Show lets see what 16 plus minutes can do for them on PPV here.
These two had a minor Raw brand feud around the time of the 06 Rumble and since this happened just before this they had a chance to go one on one together on PPV.

Here we go.
HHH kind of backed-off to begin this bout and The Big Show more or less yelled “Come on!” at him.

HHH knew he had to stay away from the right-hand because Big Show had a big cast on.

Hunter is dodging Big Show early and the boo birds are out. The Big Show with a headbutt to HHH.

Hunter chopped in the mid-section by Show.

Big Show then goes for elbow drops to the sternum of Trips until he rolls out of the ring.

Big Show with a headbutt to HHH putting on the breaks. HHH then drives his knee charging off the ropes with a huge shot to Show.

On the outside he smashed The Big Show’s cast into the ring-post.

HHH smells blood and goes after the arm of Show. HHH then jams the cast and the inside of his wrist met the steel.

Hunter came back in the ring, Cerebral Assasin like relentlessly attacked the cast and now Show is dropped onto the ground.

HHH methodically disected Shw and dropped a knee down on Show.

Now Hunter wrips at the bad arm wth an overhead wristlock. HHH then punished Show more slamming his bad arm against the post.

Now a modified top wrist-lock once again by the Game ripping away at the fingers trying to seperate them and hyper-extend the arm.

The Big Show then too HHH over with his bloody hand. HUnter from the corner leaps right into a flying forearm from Big Show. The Big Show with a headbutt to HHH

Big Show lands a side slam.

Big Show went for a chokeslam but Hunter got him out of that predicament.

HHH went for a Sledgehammer shot, Big Show broke it with his bad hand.

HHH then slammed Big Show’s bad hand over the steps with a chair breaking every bone on Show in that region.

Show then speared Hunter out of no where on the floor!

The Big Show goes for his other arm to do a chokeslam with his other good arm and HHH levelled Show out with a Hammer shot.

HHH hits the Pedigree.


In the end at 16:11 The Game defeated The Big Show.

This match featued top-notch story-telling.
One of Show’s best.










16) ECW 7/4/06: ECW Champion Rob Van Dam (c) vs Big Show for the ECW Championship (ECW: Extreme Rules)



RVD comes in the heavy fan favourte and defending ECW Champion.

Show loves the heel heat he gets.
That is until the “You Can’t Wrestle” chants came flooding in from the rough and hostile ECW crowd.

Big Show lifted up Rob Van Dam and went to ram his head into the ring-post, RVD then got tossed over the barricade after he landed groin-first.

Show clobbered RVD nd then sent him over into the crowd and chopped loudly on his chest.
RVD came back with a leg-drop onto Show on the barricade, it didn’t take long for the Big Show to drop RVD chest-first on the barricade and then slam n the ring.

Big Show climbs up to the top to catch RVD up high after delivering a headbutt.

Rob Van Dam levelled with a Giant Superplex.

Show continuing to wear-down RVD with elbow drops.

Fans still chant that he can’t wrestle when he clearly can.

Bg Show with a back-breaker he looked to chop down Big Show. RVD then with a drop kck off the ropes.

Rob Van Dam hits a desperation counter ddt after avoiding a chokeslam.

Rolling thunder connects and then RVD got a nearfall.

Rob Van Dam in the corner hits a spin-kick.

Show caught Rob Van Dam in mid-air and tossed him over the top roe and he landed violent on the ground. Rob Van Dam then tossed Show’s skull into the steel steps.

Rob Van Dam caught in mid-air by Show and he drives RVD by the sine hard apron0-first. Rob Van Dam dagged Show by the lariat over the top rope clotheslinng him back.

RVD brings a chair in the ring but RVD kicks out f a chokeslam from Big Show.

Big Show tosses an official to the outside.

Rob Van Dam set up Rob Van Dam for a powerbomb nd Van Dam hit a steel chair shot on Big Show. He goes for the cover and then RVD hits a Van Daminator and then  five star frog splash.

Heyman screws RVD here out of the ECW title by not counting the three. Show with a Chokeslam on the chair. Heyman counts the three.

In the end Show became Champion at around 14 minutes of tv time.

This match was great for sure.




*** 1/2





17) SummerSlam 2006: ECW Champion Big Show (c) vs Sabu in an Extreme Rules match for the ECW title

Yeah it’s the first ECW Title match on PPV and Sabu is the Number one contender while Big Show is the ECW Champion.

Show comes out to terrible music.

Here we go!

It’s going to be a rough match….in more ways then one.


Sabu throws a chair to Show’s head before Smacking him with one and then the Arabian face-buster to Show. A Chair is set up next to Show who is laying down then he trips Sabu and he falls face first into the chair.

THEN Joey Styles says Holy Crap as Big Show puts his foot right through the chair. Big Show hits Sabu with a headbutt. Show with a chop to the chest of Sabu.

Show even slammed Sabu to the canvas and while the fans chanted for tables Show just told them you’re not going to get it!

Show scooped up Sabu with a bear hug and the fan’s boo until Sabu rakes the eyes, bites the nose and springboards to Show who hits a overhead suplex flying and I mean FLYING Sabu on the canvas as he sldes to outside of the ring. Sabu throws a chair to the head of Show on the outside, then again on the inside.

Sabu dropped his chair and the fans chant that he fu*ked up but he still kicked it to the head of Show. Sabu keeps getting two counts so he gets a table and the place pops.

Back in the ring Sabu hit Show with a modified Bulldog from up top to the big man. A Table in the corner and a chair in the middle of the ring, Sabu runs and uses the chair for leverage and drives Show into the table breaking it! Fans chant ECW!

Good spot.

Show then fell back with Sabu in the corner and we see some blood on Paul’s face.


Big Show goes up to the top and hits a splash from the middle rope down across the sternum of Sabu. Sabu rolls to the outside in a ton of pain. Show then puts steel steps inside the ring and then Sabu comes in the ring selling the blow that was about a minute old. Show then threw the other steel steps in the ring with a new and what Tazz calls a “fresh” table.

Sabu then botches huge as he went up the steps and then put his foot on the table making it fall off but he then got bombed though the table.

Nether men know who got hurt though…… OK? Show then hit Sabu with a chokeslam through the table.


In the end The Big Show retained the ECW Title at 8:30 when the Chokeslam through the table to Sabu from Show was hit.

For a match that had SOME good moments it can be summed up as a spotfest with a lot of botches. For that it loses points.



* 1/4


•RAW 3/10/08: Official Weigh-In for WrestleMania XXIV


-So the official weigh in for the hyped fight at Mania 24 between Mayweather and Show.
Mayweather is 159, Show is 441 lbs.
This was obviously not going to be Tyson-Austin from 98 but this did an extremely good job for who they had and on Raw in 2008.

This segment hyped the match perfectly.






18) WrestleMania XXIV – The Big Show vs Floyd “Money” Mayweather in a NO DQ Bout

It’s a big deal being the top attraction on a stacked Wrestlemania card/poster.



The WWE did a great job promoting this special attraction as said in the last segment.

I loved Mayweather’s cooperation as he is a great talent despite some repetitive promo’s about breaking Big Show’s jaw.

This was a lot better than I expected.

Loved the entrances and this didn’t even feel overbooked, it had an appropriate pace and place on the card at that night’s event.

Big Show worked well with him and he did with the Giant likewise.

Floyd Mayweather gets set to go with Show and he lands a couple of shots.

Show charged at Floyd Mayweather and dropped one of his handlers off the apron. Show flips him in the ring and he beats on him with a lot of rage since he knows he can’t keep up with Floyd Mayweather.

One of the WWE’s worst when it comes to endurance would be the Big Show, which is exactly what Floyd “Money” Mayweather specializes in.

Big Show grabbed Floyd Mayweather and had his back to the mat, but the speedy Mayweather got out of that predicament.

He soon found himself in the air though.

Show grabbed Mayweather by the neck and held him in the air.
Floyd Mayweather got out of it with a few shots and now he tried to choke Big Show out as a nice counter. Big Show then attempted to flip him over the top rope but Mayweather held on.

Floyd Mayweather held a sleeper on the big man bringing him down to his knees, Big Show then stood up and hit a snapmare on Mayweather and then dropped his boot to the mid-section of Mayweather.

Big Show cornered Mayweather and landed a chop on his chest. Props to “Money” for taking it, the crowd chanted for it to be hit another time. Show stepped on Mayweather and the crowd ate it up.

Big Show got hit with a couple of kicks as Floyd Mayweather got up, Show turned it into a sidewalk slam in the middle of the ring. Show has a look of satisfacion on his face and then he rops his leg on Floyd Mayweather’s left arm. The size difference between Show’s leg and Floyd Mayweather’s arm is frightening. Show then walked over him. Big Show hit a headbutt on

Mayweather as he attempted some shots at Show out of desperation. Show slammed an elbow on Mayweather and then asked the fans if he should do another. Floyd Mayweather’s boys dragged him out of the ring.

They attempted to leave. Big Show chased them. Show dragged Mayweather back to the ring and clobbered him in the back while putting him in a front facelock. Big Show grabbed Floyd

Mayweather by the throat but one of his men slammed Show in the back with a chair. Show dropped him with a chokeslam. With Show turned around Floyd Mayweather grabbed a chair and landed a shot to the mid-section on Show, then the back. Floyd Mayweather goes for a head shot with the chair but Show grabbed him by the throat. Floyd Mayweather kicked him with a lowblow. Floyd Mayweather drops Show to one knee as Floyd Mayweather bends a chair on Show with headshots.



Floyd Mayweather then takes off his gloves and grabs knucks from one of his boys. Floyd Mayweather knocks out Big Show.

So Mayweather finished off The Big Show after finally knocking him out.

Entertainment is the key right here.

Mayweather won via knockout when Big Show failed to answer a ten-count after being hit with brass knuckles at 11:36.
Yet again…good stuff, a theme for the night.


Just as LT in 1995 turned out better than we thought, so did Floyd Mayweather in 2008.









19) WWE SmackDown 4/10/09: Big Show vs Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston tried his best to get on Big Show but Show just beat on Kofi Kingston with clubbing blows to the back.

This was just after Show lost a triple-threat match at Mania 25.

Show shoves Kofi Kingston across the ring, Kingston with a dropkick.

Kofi Kingston with a flip after hopping on Show landing on his feet.

Kofi Kingston goes for a flying dropkick but Show tossed him aside and Kofi Kingston falls to the canvas. Kofi Kingston irishwhipped to the buckle.

Kofi Kingston with a unique, innovative kick to the head of Show.

Kofi Kingston using his speed and then knocks Show to the ground. This happened easier in WWE then WCW.

Big Show kicks out of a splash from Kofi Kingston off the ropes.

Kofi Kingston from the top runs into a right-hand by Show, looking to knock him out and that does it at 3:40 plus of tv time.


In the end Show wins by knocking Kofi Kingston out.
I have no idea why this matchw as on the DVD other then to maybe give Kofi Kingston some DVD time? Or to make Show look like a dominant monster after the Mayweather match on this Big Show dvd.









20) WWE RAW 4/20/09: London, England- The Big Show vs Rey Mysterio


They show Show knocking out Jeff Hardy on Smackdown!

Now it’s David versus Goliath for the second time on this DVD.

The first time was on Backlash 2003.

Rey runs into Show and he clotheslines him.

The Big Show tosses Rey Mysterio with a gorilla press. Show sets him on the top buckle and does one of those palm-shops into the smaller chest of Rey Mysterio.

Big Show pulled Rey Mysterio by the head into the ring over the ropes, wow.

Mysterio with a hurricanrana sort of a modified version sending Show into the buckle.

Rey goes for the 619 as he dropkicked Show to the side ropes.

Show has Rey in the air and punches him out.


In the end Show wins at just over two minutes.

This match was pretty much exactly like the Kofi match, exactly the same just a minute shorter.








21) Y2J Chris Jericho and The Big Show (c) vs Batista and Rey Mysterio for the WWE Unified Tag Team Championship -WWE Hell in a Cell 2009



Short name for the team, JeriShow.

Two WWE veterans defendin the gold against Mysterio and Batista.

A lot of Smarks were going for JeriShow but this match should be a good one.

It was given time to work here on the HIAC 09 PPv.


Good god, so Jim Ross and Todd Grisham are on commentary here.

This is 200 and f***ing 9. Ross is talking about Eddie Guerrero and how Rey still holds him in his heart.

Okay, we get it. He`s been dead for four years at this point.

Why not talk about the awesome series Y2J and Rey engaged in up until this point in the calendar year of 2009 instead Ross…jeesh, I doubt he cares he`s already in the Hall of Fame and don`t get me wrong he deserves it but enough is enough.

Anyway both Rey and Chris have great chemistry as stated.

Jericho swings Rey Mysterio to the ropes and he lands a moonsault onto Jericho.

Rey Mysterio kicks Jericho and then tags in Dave.

It`s absolutely vital that big Dave (who actually gets some boo`s coming inside the ring which probably forced his heel turn, all the boo`s) that Jericho is the best in the world at what he does.

Chris Jericho worked over by both Dave and Rey Rey as they isolate Jericho. A high kick to Jericho`s head.

Batista tagged in and now Jericho meets a reverse elbow. Batista with a snap-shot vertical suplex.

Another frequent tag cutting off the ring and Mysterioo with a splash from the top and Y2J kicks out. Jericho finally makes a hot tag as some of the crowd cheer.

In comes Big Nasty. Oh sorry, that`s just Show`s rumored WWF name in 1999, The Big Show.

Show and Rey always make for entertaining tv, in this case PPv. Show laughs but Rey Rey kicks at the Giant and Big Show headbutts Rey Mysterio while he held him in the air. Big Show with 500 pounds like we`ve seen many times on his DVD steps over little Mysterio like he did to Floyd Mayweather.

Jericho calls Show a destroyer and Show slap-chops little Rey Mysterio in the sternum and he flies to the floor. Batista tries to encourage little Rey Mysterio on the floor.
Show with ONE hand leaps Rey over the ropes and then the flexibility to kick at Rey Mysterio and drags him to the corner.

Now it`s a chance for the heels to cut off the ring in their favor. Y2J with the hot tag and now taunts the crowd, half love his arrogant attitude in the PG era and he smiles while half cheer. Rey Mysterio hooked by Jericho.

Jericho a 5 time World Champ, a 9 time IC Champ at this point in time, the 08 Superstar of the year at the Slammy`s, the first ever Undisputed Champion. Y2J with great credentials wrestling in New Japan, ECW, WCW and the WWE.

Rey Mysterio hits an enziguri to Jericho. Rey Mysterio if he`s up tries a 619 but Chris had time to get up and lure Mysterio in and nails him with a forearm.
Chris turning defense to offense and now Y2J tries to get to Rey Mysterio`s mask like he did earlier in 09 but Rey kicks him off. Rey gets some boo`s against Y2J a lot in 09 and then he tags Batista.

Batista gets major boo`s as he clotheslines Jericho then Big Show off the apron.

He drops Jericho with a side-walk slam and a nearfall. Off the ropes Y2J ducked a clothesline but is scooped up by Dave Batista, Jericho lands on his feet runs off the ropes but runs right into a spear.

Batista throws Jericho into Show.

Now Batista with a huge Spinebuster and Jericho kicked out! Batista can`t believe he didn`t get the three there.

Big Show grabs ahold of Dave`s foot and Jericho hit the code-breaker!

Jericho then with great timing pinned Batista but he kicked out. Big Show left his feet and hit a shoulder block on Batista once tagged in.
Two heavyweights in the center of the ring and Batista with right`s, Show hits a chokeslam and the fans pop. Mysterio springboards in and half the fans boo but he interupts the count. I always wondered why that is allowed in tag matches, shouldn`t that be a DQ.

Anyway, the Batista chants turn into Y2J when Chris puts his hand to his ear.

Jericho goes for a Lionsault on Dave and he moves, it does not connect.

Tag on both sides, Show gets dropkicked by Rey Mysterio and then he dodged a big boot, he flies onto Show, tossed to the corner, lands and now Show cracks into the buckle driving in and missing.

Rey Mysterio launched onto Show. Almost a big upset but Show kicks out.

Show drives towards Rey Mysterio and his own momentum-his own mass took him to the floor. Rey Mysterio went for a 619 on Jericho he moved, but landed it on Show`s head. Batista speared Show on the floor who was carrying Jericho and all three men are down.

Rey Mysterio is in the ring. The Big Show finds his way back in this chaotic tag match, carnage everywhere. Rey Mysterio dials up and lands a 619 on Show but diving into Show he lays him out with a huge right.


In the end at 14:41 half the fans pop as Jerishow retains as a result.


This match was top notch. So fun, excellent material.

Non-stop action, a thrill ride. One of the best matches on Big Show`s dvd.



*** 3/4






22) WWE Raw – February 8, 2010: The Big Show and The Miz vs (D-X) HHH and Shawn Michaels (c) vs CM Punk and Luke Gallows in a Triple Threat Elimination Match for the WWE Unified Tag Team Championship



Now there`s the Awesome-Trush (Miz and R-Truth) in the WWE in late 2011 as of this writing, so maybe we can call Miz and Show, the Awesome Show…..just a thought.
Sort of an awkward match here.

We get no bell-ring to begin.

We do get a commercial. Great. Who will be the NEW unified tag champs was the question heading out.
We come back.

HHH is chanted, boy does he have the world in his hands doesen’t he…

Michaels lays shots on Punk and reverses an irishwhip and then a high knee and a running bulldog.

Cole and Lawler on commentary, Teddy Long sitting at ring-side. How long as he been SD` GM…I remember in early July of 2004 when he took over I thought it would be so quick and he`s been gm for like 8 years, it`s amazing.
The Big Show doing damage early on to this Luke Gallows who is a big man in his own right. The Big Show headbutts HHH.

The Big Show doing damage early on, the World`s largest athlete.

The only man to be ECW, WWE and WCW Champion. Awesome statistic to have. RVD was 2-3`rds just never WCW Champion. A little tidbit there. A lot of people were 2-3 I guess.

Hunter went for the Pedigree early and Show drops Hunter over the top rope.

Wait, what…ANOTHER commercial.


We missed out on so much already, and then we get told by Lawler it`s been a war.

I absolutely hate rating matches I can`t see. King and Cole can praise it all they want.

At least in the Russo era he booked matches so only ONE match on a whole Raw had a commercial break, IF that.

Now it seems that every match has at least two and if it it`s a main event, 2-4. It`s unbelievable.


Punk works over Miz here and is seemingly in control for awhile.

A jaw-breaker by Miz to Punk.

Normally I wouldn`t even rate this match but since it got time and is elimination style and one of the last on this DVD, I`ll be Game and do it.

Speaking of Game, the Game hits a Spinebuster to Miz on the outside while he ran around the ring.

Hunter looking for a tag to his DX partner Michaels, the hot tag is made despite Punk trying to stop it. Michaels hits a flying forearm and then an atomic drop to Punk.

Shawn hits the Superkick.

Punk and Gallows are gone.

Down to two teams now.

Show comes in and D-X is double-clotheslined.

The Big Show told Shawn he`s going to find out the hard way and he calls him weak.

Michaels chopped Show but Show hit a headbutt to HBK.

The Big Show was taunting Michaels.

The Big Show with a hard shot to the sternum of Michaels. Show choked out Michaels on the ropes.
Fans trying to will the defending champs on with HBK chants but The Big Show is methodically earing him down until Shawn with some right`s from out of no where.
Big Show tags in but the Sweet Chin Music out of no where. Big Show`s dazed but he still tags in Miz.

Good thing for Michaels despite being worked on tagged in the Cerebral Assasin who lays a Harley Race like knee into Miz, drops Show off the apron and then Spinebuster`s Miz.

Both DX argued a bit and Miz from no where rolled up Michaels.
NEW champion`s at 12:09 of tv time. (Taking away the two commercials, the actual length of the match was probably 15-17 minutes)
In the end the team that won the tag title’s was The Awesome Show. Miz and Show win it from D-X.


This one was pretty fun in spots, not that great of a flow though.


** 1/2





23) WWE Summerslam 2010: 3 on 1 Handicap Match: Big Show vs CM Punk, Luke Gallows, and Joseph Mercury


The match starts off with CM Punk.


The Big Show clears house early tossing Mercury on Gallows over the top rope.

Funny spot as we hear CM PUNK, CM PUNK, CM PUNK chants.

Nobody seems to hate him. Maybe not until he did that Steve Austin tease which was a great way to gain heel heat by teasing the live fans in Boston the presence of the biggest name in the history of the business, or draw anyway.

You gotta love CM Punk.

Punk now has Show and drives his knee into his head.

Some nice tandem, double-team offense by Punk and Mercury to Show applying a running bulldog off the top rope. Punk assaults the Giant.

The Big Show makes it to his feet and Punk is lifted up.

Mercury caught off the top but Gallows with a kick to the jaw. Punk goes to the outside.

They keep calling Big Show the Giant, I love it.

Show scooped up Gallow and chokeslammed him on Mercury.


In the end The Big Show puts out the Straight Edge Society at 6:45.

This match was very decent.

I can see why it was added to the DVD to make Show look dominant.


** 1/4









Final Rating for “The Big Show: A Giant’s World” = 7/10



This set is a winner ultimately because they did infact choose the best of the Big Show. Most of his matches anyway. Not only that but this was a DVD on paper not overly-appealing but if given a decent documentary (which it was) with some good extra’s and different matches throughout different era’s of career was a breath of fresh air. I’d suggest this DVD to anyone, especially if you have a bigger collection. I enjoyed Disc 2 the most including his WCW matches. I would of liked the Savage-Giant match from Hog Wild 97 but at the end of the day it’s a winner.

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  1. TNAJason says:

    Good review. I agree it was much better than it had any right to be. Oh and Miz/Show actually did have a team name like Jericho/Show’s JeriShow. It was ShowMiz (Big Show named them saying something about it was like Showbiz)

  2. Marty says:

    I thought it was a solid DVD, maybe not the best of the past year, but still pretty good. I’m not sure why the Kofi and Rey 2009 matches were on here either other than to establish Show’s right hand as a new finisher at that point in his career (it sure wasn’t the debut of it, as he was using that well beforehand). This DVD really needed a Cena match, though. Sure, I’m struggling to think of a time Show beat him, but those two work very well together. No real complaints, though, the inclusion I was most happy with was the Eddie match, as it was part of an incredible string of matches Eddie was having as champ.

  3. Harry Faversham says:

    I thought it was a bad DVD. The documentary was short yet boring. His personal life doesn’t interest me as much as his in ring career and I felt it was rushed and badly done all round. I would say its one of the most disappointing DVDs they’ve done because I thought it would be better considering how long he’s been around. I didnt care for the match choices much either. When they were saying what a great entertainer he is etc I found it almost unwatchable. Frankly I’m surprised you rated it so highly because I usually agree with most of your views, but each to their own. A very very poor DVD set in my view. I hope it goes out of print soon.

  4. Wilson30 says:

    Good review but I only liked Big Show when he was in the tag team JeriShow.

  5. Brett Mix says:

    Anyone with thoughts on this it was kind of a giant DVD.

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