Review: WWE Cheating Death; Stealing Life – Eddie Guerrero DVD (Disc 2)

November 15, 2010 by Brett Mix



Disc 2 Extra’s:


-Eddie’s Mother Has a Heart Attack Segment (2004)

Behind-The-Scenes YJ Stinger
YJ Stinger Spot English
YJ Stinger Spot Spanish
Behind-The-Scenes Low Rider Magazine
Outside The Ropes
Eddie Guerrero Celebration


Special Extra’s:

Gory Guerrero
Eddie vs The Monkey
Fighting for Honor
Los Guerreros

Disc 2 Matches:


6) Eddie Guerrero vs Chavo Guerrero in a Hair vs Hair match -WCW Bash at the Beach 1998


Chavo came out with a squirt gun and a plastic floating device while he acted like a lunatic and Stevie Ray is already in the ring.

You could tell WCW’s booking was starting go go downhill.

Chavo looked both fit and young. He says he is dedicating this match to his favourite wrestler Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie came out with scissors.

Chavo and Stevie Ray about to go at it now.

Chavo looked confident despite the big size difference and flexed a bit while Eddie watched on. Chavo shook Stevie’s hand but he overpowered him and then the ref rang the bell.

Stevie won by Submission in under a minute with no move applied and Chavo gave up on purpose just as Ray grabbed his arm so he could save himself for Eddie.

Eddie Guerrero was furious.

The bell sounds and Uncle and Nephew Guerrero about to go at it. A shoulder block by Chavo off the side ropes, he ducks and then with a waistlock Chavo bit Eddie’s ass it seems.


Eddie on the outside is wondering what is going on and quite frankly so am I.

A lot of taunting going on and Eddie kicked the ropes then hurt his own leg and the fans laughed.

Eddie went outside and grabbed a chair but Chavo got control and sat it up in the ring and looked on at Eddie while yawning and the fans laughed and cheered. Chavito was entertaining here.

Both men then set the pace and trashtalk in the ring like at a Guerrero family reunion.
Eddie goes down to his knees with an arm behind his back but Chavo has none of that. Eddie Guerrero back to his feet offers the hand and catches a clothesline by Chavo. Eddie irish whipped by Chavo who hits Eddie Guerrero with a backdrop. Eddie hugs the ref in the corner and then Chavo bites Eddie’s backside again.

Strange match but humerous.

“Eddie Sucks” chants fill the arena. Chavo cornered Eddie Guerrero until Eddie Guerrero dropkicks Chavo and then focuses on the knee before sending Chavo face first into the corner, Eddie came up from behind charging into the corner with a dropkick to Chavo Guerrero. Eddie with a back suplex and then another kick up high to Chavo. Eddie stomping on his Nephew Chavo and kicking at his lower back before slingshotting himself over the ropes from the outside apron with a roll-away slam. Eddie then on the outside drove Chavo who was laying stomach first on the mat face first into the outside of the apron. Eddie goes into the ring and jumped off over the top rope sending Chavo’s face into the apron hard.

Eddie irishwhipped Chavo hard face first into the steel railing.
Back into the ring Eddie Guerrero in control and he picked up Chavo and set him up for a Gory Special. Eddie looked to set up Chavo for a powerbomb but instead kept the Gory Special which was very unique locked in on Chavo who looked to be in pain all over.

Chavo powering out of the Fory Special and he did so with an armdrag takeover but then Eddie clotheslined Chavo right after this instance to maintain control of the match. Eddie Guerrero then slapped on a camel clutch to Chavo Guerrero. Eddie tugging on the chin of his nephew and had been disecting Chavo’s body throughout the duration of this match. Eddie Guerrero with a European uppercut and then a chop to Chavo on the side ropes. Eddie Guerrero irishwhipped Chavo and then he caught a hurricanrauna from Chavo who also kicked Eddie off while on his back as he came off the side ropes and Eddie flipped in mid-air. Chavo sets up Eddie in the corner and hits a hard chop before a big European uppercut for payback to his Uncle. Chavo landed on his head as Eddie missed but then he tilted Eddie and hit a back breaker out of desperation.

The control of chavo wouldn’t last as Eddie sent him shoulder first into the ring post. Eddie on the outside slammed him head first into the ring steps. Eddie then removed the mat beside the ring and then he tried to suplex Chavo but Chavo turned the tide and reversed it by countering a suplex of his own and Eddie hit back first to the concrete.
Eddie Guerrero down on the mat and Chavo got up and then grabbed Uncle Eddie by the hair while the fans chanted “Eddie Sucks!”. Scoop slam by the fundamentally sound Chavo Guerrero and as he went up high, Eddie Guerrero was one step ahead and pushed him off and then he went to the top and went for a superplex and hit it! Nice.
Both men down and he hit him hard to the mat.

Eddie irishwhipped Chavo to the corner but Chavo picked him up and sent Eddie face first in the corner. Chavo came off for a frogsplash attempt and then Eddie scouted it and blocked it with his knees up.

Eddie Guerrero then hit a tornado DDT off the top rope out of Chavo`s playbook for payback! Eddie then went for scissors although he hasn`t yet won. Eddie went for a frogsplash and Chavo moved out of the way. Chavo back to his feet hit his tornado DDT from the top to Eddie and then he grabbed the scissors and this is what bougth him time in the first place so it wasn`t the smartest idea. Eddie though with an inside cradle got the victory because Chavo was wasting time.

Chavo then shaved his head.

I never said this wasn`t a strange match.

However the action was good, very good!

This was the only “questionable” match on the entire DVD other then the first one without Eddie I guess but it was still a rare gem in areas and fun to watch overall.


** 3/4




7) Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Rob Van Dam for the WWF Intercontinental Championship in a Ladder Match -WWE Raw: May 27th 2002 Edmonton, Canada

Todd Grisham calls this one of the most famous matches in Raw history. It`s also famous because a drunk Canadian with an Oilers jersey came in and pushed Eddie off the ladder and you can see it on youtube.

You can`t see it here or on the Ladder DVD because it`s taken out and rightfully so, what a moron. Makes me ashamed I was born forty minutes from Edmonton. 😉

It`s often an underrated match as far as the Ladder Discussion goes.

Eddie Guerrero trash talks Van Dam a bit and the bout begins with a slugfest!
Eddie Guerrero irish whipped but after a back slide ducks a clothesline and then the two with chain wrestling countering each other`s waistlocks until RVD hits hits a kick and then flies to the outside and sends Eddie shoulder first into the pole.
These two had awesome matches at Backlash and Judgment Day in 02 and Eddie Guerrero was ready for a big push into a program with Austin at the time.

Eddie set up on the barricade, RVD does his taunt then drops the leg to his back. An uppercut to Eddie on the outside followed by Latino Heast reversing an irish whip to RVD into the ladder! Eddie Guerrero viciously then stomps on him! Eddie with a snapshot vertical suplex on the mat to RVD hurting his back and then Eddie dropped the ladder onto RVD down on the mat outside the ring.

Eddie Guerrero wasn`t done. He then set up the ladder vertical and continually slammed one side of it into RVD`s head and this kind of looked awkward. Eddie with right hands inside the ring and then RVD who always shoots back with unorthadox moves caught a reverse elbow by Eddie after an irish whip to the side ropes. Eddie Guerrero dropped an elbow to Van Dam`s neck and then went to the outside and grabbed RVD by the legs to injure his vertical base. Smart Psychology by the champ.

Eddie rammed RVD`s legs into the post and grabbed a chair. Eddie Guerrero then dropped it but slammed RVD`s leg into the post before grabbing the chair and smacking it hard against Van Dam`s leg. RVD down with his legs hurt looked to be out as Eddie kept stomping but Eddie Guerrero got RVD up and hit a slam to Eddie before giving him a ton of hard right`s in the corner. Eddie irish whipped by RVD though and then he monkey flipped Eddie Guerrero in the corner out of desperation as he had been on the recieving end of a ton of punishment up until now. Eddie Guerrero though didn`t let RVD maintain control for very long and then went under the ring and grabbed yet another Ladder. Eddie sat it up but RVD with a baseball slide hit Eddie Guerrero right in the face with it. RVD then flipped out of the ring on top of the ladder on top of Eddie.

All of the sudden Chris Benoit came through the crowd as he was Edmonton`s son. He gets a huge ovation but he shows security his ticket.

Benoit then walks through the crowd and back from the break Eddie rams the ladder into the head of RVD! Benoit is watching from ringside.

Eddie Guerrero then set up the Ladder in the middle of the ring with RVD on the outside looking on.

RVD met Eddie Guerrero climbing the ladder and dropkicked him off the ladder!

RVD then with high kicks to head of Eddie and then hits him with a forearm before RVD hit a back breaker followed by a rolling thunder and Edmonton pops, a rolling thunder into Eddie on top of a ladder, ouch!

Van Dam set up the ladder but Eddie met him up there and proceeded to slam RVD`s face head first into the ladder and then followed that up with a sunset flip over the ladder and powerbombing RVD hard to the canvas!

Wow, insane spot.

Eddie then went to climb the ladder and this is where the fan came in as he fell off but the action continued. They just showed a clip of Benoit looking worried. These days the WWE wouldn`t even be allowed to show BENOIT!

Eddie Guerrero then with a monkey flip off the ladder onto Van Dam which hurt both men. He should of just went for the belt, that would of been smart. Regardless Eddie Guerrero was up to his feet first and grabbed a steel chair which he smacked at RVD`s lower back a couple of times. RVD planted Eddie`s head face first into a chair in the corner and then kicked at him. RVD grabbed the chair and then dropkicked it right in Eddie`s face! Awesome.

RVD went to set up the ladder but then dropped it only to legdrop Eddie and then RVD bounced off the top buckle stomach first on top of a ladder onto Eddie Guerrero. Eddie Guerrero got up just in time to take RVD off the ladder and then he suplexed him right into the Ladder. Eddie set the ladder up in the corner. RVD irish whipped Eddie into the ladder then into another corner before attempting a monkey flip which Eddie counterered momentarily but then RVD in unqiue fashion monkey flipped Eddie inside the middle of the ring and his back hit the ladder standing up in the corner of the ring.
RVD with another rolling thunder on top of the ladder to Eddie Guerrero.

Both men going all out here!

RVD kicked at Eddie Guerrero in the corner until Eddie took the leg out of him. Both men up to there feet slowly and RVD with a Van Daminator to Eddie`s face with a chair shot. Benoit is seen clapping.

RVD then set up the ladder in the corner of the ring and went up top for the 5 star frog splash and went to hit it but Eddie at the last moment kicked the ladder over which bought him enough time to get up slowly.

Eddie Guerrero then from up top got caught by RVD and he sent him to the outside face first hitting the top of the barricade.

This bought Van Dam enough time to grab the IC Title and become the NEW IC Champion.

Benoit is applauding.

What an effort!


In the end RVD won the title but Eddie Guerrero attacked him with the ladder after the match.

Great stuff.


Underrated! Extremely violent with good wrestling and a hot crowd to boot!




8 ) Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle vs Los Guerrero’s vs Edge and Rey Mysterio (c) in a Triple Threat-Elimination Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship -WWE Survivor Series 2002


This was a fun match from the Garden.

Of course being in MSG helped the atmosphere in any match like it did this but anytime you’ve got Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Benoit, Angle, Rey, Chavo in the same match it’s going to be good.

It’s also going to be quick and this match was, not in overall length thank god but it’s a very fast moving match that you can get sucked into quite easily which helps its value.
Micheal Cole said that three titles had already changed hands on the PPV and asked if a fourth would before it started?

Angle got a huge pop in MSG and he was inasanely over in this match and the “You Suck” chants were large and loud. I remember the hug backstage between Angle and Benoit before this match.

Mysterio got his own stage due to the show being in MSG and you couldn’t “POP UP” from that entrance. Tazz said he needed to start wearing a mask to get that kind of treatment and that Cole needed to start wearing one for sure. Good stuff.
Eddie Guerrero talking some trash with Angle and Benoit and you could hear small

“Eddie” chants before the match.

Chris Benoit started the match with Rey Mysterio.

Benoit intensely irishwhipped Rey to the ropes and then hit him with a chop and Rey kicked back but Benoit whipped him to the ride again but Rey took him down with a leg scissors. Rey then off the ropes elevated Benoit and dropped him to the mat before dropping the leg down on the back of his head.

Benoit sent Rey to the corner but hit head first as Rey moved out of the way and tagged in Edge and both men hit a double team move, a double hiplock to Benoit. Edge dropped elbow’s to the sternum to Benoit. Benoit tagged in Angle and Angle got hit with a backdrop from Edge and Edge then irishwhipped Angle but Chavo hit Angle off the side ropes and the ref counted it as a tag.

Chavo didn’t want to come in but Edge hit a droptoe hold and then a shoulder black. Chavo kicked up but Edge with a dropkick to the chin followed by a powerslam and then Rey from the top rope hit a splash on Chavo and got a nearfall. Rey then went to irishwhip Chavo but he reversed it into a powerbomb attempt that Rey reversed with an armdrag. Chavo then elevated Rey up and dropped him and tagged in Eddie Guerrero.

Latino Heat kicked at Rey inside the ring followed by some boo’s after he yelled to the crowd. Rey hit an amazing hurricanrauna on Eddie and the crowd reacted accordingly. Eddie then rolled to the corner and tagged in Angle and Angle got pissed. Angle then pounded on Rey in the middle of the ring with hard shots to the side of the head with forearms. “Let’s Go Angle” was chanted by MSG but Rey hit some quick offense and then as Angle sent Rey to the corner he sat up and Angle hit the corner shoulder first. Angle sent Rey to the corner and he lost his balance up high and fell down, and Angle went to the attack on Mysterio in the corner when he realized he lost his balance. Angle then with a vertical suplex followed by a nearfall. Kurt Angle with a hard clothesline to Rey and then he tagged in Benoit. Chris Benoit with a spinning neck breaker and then a vertical suplex. Benoit went to work right away on the neck of Mysterio after he saw him fall earlier. Benoit sent Rey in hard and tagged in Angle again. Angle and Benoit systematically taking apart Rey Mysterio. Angle with a back suplex and a nearfall and then he lifts up one of Rey’s arms and hits Rey with some boots before knocking Edge off the apron. Angle went for a slam but an armdrag by Rey sending Angle to the side ropes and then a clothesline.
While all this action took place Los Guerrero’s just waited and rested on the apron.
Benoit got tagged in and hit a front facelock on Rey followed by a snap suplex and a nearfall.

Benoit tagged in Angle again and they were doing a great job isolating Rey Mysterio in one side of the ring. Angle held a front facelock on Rey Mysterio while Edge encouraged him on from the ring apron.

Angle continued to pressure with this killer grip. I thought Benoit was the killer. No? Anyway, Tazz said he wouldn’t be surprised if Mysterio tapped out. I don’t know about that but he had definately been in there awhile.

Mysterio to his vertical base but still in the front facelock, tried to battle back with shots to the ribs but Angle elevated him up to counter a reversal but Rey flipped up and hit right hands to the side of Angle’s head and then flipped back behind him and hit a heel kick to Angle’s chin.

This perhaps opened up an oppurunity for Rey and Edge to get back in the match.
Angle rolled over to tag in Eddie Guerrero but he hopped off the apron hillariously to save his team.

Benoit tagged in and so was Edge by Rey. Benoit got slammed by Edge and then he tagged in Angle.

Action all over the place as everybody ran in the ring and then Rey hurricanrauna’d Eddie to the outside.

Edge went for a spear to benoit but he got caught in crossface/anklelock predicament which was awesome.

Edge was likely to tap out having to endure two finisher’s like that at the same time, but his partner Mysterio springboarded off the top rope and hit Angle with a West Coast Pop! Rey then dropkicked Benoit in the head and Chavo pulled Angle to the outside of the ring but Mysterio hit a corkscrew to the outside to both men.

Benoit hit a German Suplex inside the ring to Edge, arms locked around the waist of Edge. But Edge came from the top rope!

Eddie from the top hit a sunsetflip on Benoit who German Suplexed Edge at the same time! MSG applauds and Tazz says “That was awesome.” I’d agree. Great spot.
Eddie hit some forearms to Benoit but he leaned back and caught Eddie and suplexed him over the top rope and then hit another German on Edge as they were alone in the ring, he connected with another and then another.

3 German Suplexes to Edge by Chris Benoit and then he said it was over with the throat slash, but Eddie came from behind and hit a Frog Splash and got a two. Benoit dove off to break the count. Angle hit an Angle Slam on Eddie and then an Ankle lock. Benoit then with a Crossface on Edge and Chavo hit Benoit with the title belt behind the official. Chavo gave the title to Angle and then he turned around with the title belt and Benoit thought Angle hit him with the title.

Rey hopped in and dropkicked Benoit and then a baseball slide and hurricanrauna’d Chavo on the outside. Edge went for the Edge-a-Cution got pushed off by Benoit and then he speared Benoit and eliminated there team. Benoit and Angle gone which wasn’t popular with MSG. Angle back in and German suplxed Edge while Benoit suplexed Rey.

Benoit and Angle argued out of MSG. Angle and Benoit dominated the other teams to leave nothing left while they left ringside.

It’s down to Los Guerrero’s and Rey and Edge for the tag straps.

Eddie Guerrero covered Edge as he tried to sneak one in but Edge kicked out. Eddie Guerrero dropped some blows to Edge’s face and then he suplexed Edge and tagged in Chavo who hit a dropkick to Edge’s ribs. Chavo with an uppercut to Edge and then a snap takedown. Eddie Guerrero tagged in and hit a heel drop after flipping over the top rope and in the ring. Eddie Guerrero dropped elbow’s to Edge’s head. All of Guerrero’s weight on Edge’s body with a sleeper. Edge had earlier been weighed down from three straight german’s. Chavo tagged in and hit a dropkick to Edge but he somehow kicked out. Chavo kicked at a groggy Edge in the corner of the ring. Rey argued in the corner but Eddie Guerrero choked out Edge behind the official and the double team continues.

The crowd was silent after Benoit and Angle left and Los Guererro’s were taking apart Edge. Eddie Guerrero with a side suplex to Edge focusing on the rib area. Eddie with a front facelock trying to wear him down even some more. Eddie brought him to the corner and blind tagged in was Chavo.

Chavo snapped Edge down and hit a leg drop. Tag Team Wrestling 101. Edge ducked a double clothesline attempt and dropped Los Guerrero’s facefirst. Could Edge tag out to Mysterio? Yes. Rey Mysterio came in and hit a crossbody from the top to Chavo. Rey uniquely in air landed on both and then hurricanrauna’d Chavo and took on Eddie in the corner. Chavo splashed into Eddie in the corner, until Edge hit a spear into both men in the corner. Rey with a diving dropkick to Eddie Guerrero in the corner of the ring. Eddie Guerrero up high and Edge hit some blows before he elevated Rey up to hit a hurricanrauna on Eddie Guerrero from the top rope! Nearfall as Chavo saved the match and then Edge went to throw Chavo out but he got hung up in the ropes before going out and the crowd laughed.

Eddie Guerrero with right hands to Edge but Edge sent Eddie Guerrero into the second rope and then choked him out in the corner, Rey hit the 619 on Eddie! Rey got up and went for the West Coast Pop but Chavo hit him with a title belt from behind. Edge then speared Chavo off the apron and attacked him on the outside meanwhile Eddie spotted Rey had been knocked down with the belt!

Eddie then his El Paso finisher locked in a submission hold on Rey and he tapped out and Los Guerrero’s became the new WWE Tag Team Champion’s the only way they knew how.

They waited, they cheated, they won.

What an amazing thrill ride, non-stop acion, a full-throttle blast between six of the best.

Brilliant stuff.





9) Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit in the Finals for the WWE United States Championship -WWE Vengeance July 27th 2003


This is one of the best opening matches of all time from a PPV event that was very good. Vengance 2003 was Smackdown’s first ever PPV event from Denver, Colorado.
Mike Keota explained the rules to both men before the match and held the Vacant title high as this was the finals in the US title tournament.

Crowd mixed for both guys, Benoit got a much bigger pop but Eddie chants were heard before the opening ringbell.

Eddie Guerrero backed away from an intense looking Benoit and Tazz called this match a classic in the making!

A Wrestling Purist’s dream says Cole.

Benoit with a tie-up in the corner to Eddie but then Keota broke it off and “Eddie Sucks” chants were then heard.

Crowd for both men as Eddie bought himself time and hit a hammerlock onn Benoit and then took him down to the canvas. Eddie Guerrero up to his base and Benoit elbowed him in the head before coming off the side ropes and hit Eddie with a huge shoulder block.

The Rabid Wolverine wanted more but Eddie rolled out to buy himself some time. Benoit waited for Eddie to get back in and he did. Both men circled around the ring and Eddie Guerrero hit another wristlock, and took down Benoit’s leftarm but he rolled out and twisted Eddie’s arm and then tried to work on the beginning of a crossface. Both men traded holds.

Exchange after exchange, shot after shot, Eddie came off the ropes with a shoulder block after some reversals and chain wrestling. Benoit looked at Eddie as if he knew he just got taken down by Latino Heat and he stared at Benoit with a cold look.

Eddie and Benoit then both went to tie up again mid-ring, feeling each other out, going hold for hold. Eddie then with a two on one in a test of power, stale mate, as Benoit and Eddie balanced power until Benoit got the strength advantage that brought Eddie to his knees and the crowd cheered!

Eddie up to his feet screaming in pain. I’d see the re-match on Smackdown between the two, just two weeks later.

Eddie then took Benoit off his feet sweeping his legs and then a top, overhead wristlock by Eddie Guerrero. Eddie kicked at Benoit’s mid-section and then twisted the arm of Benoit before hitting a hard chop followed by two more. Eddie hit with a strong forearm shot. Chris brought to his knees but reversed an irish whip with a leg scissors then a pinning attempt after a hurricanrauna by Eddie, both men rolled each other up with pinning attempts.

Both men so evenly matches, Denver applauded that offensive exchange. Guerrero started to build some momentum so Benoit took a walk on the outside.

Eddie Guerrero felt a bit cocky as he played off the crowd so well. That was a great back and forth exchange though with roll-up’s and both men trying to one up the other.
Eddie back in the ring with a side headlock and tried to put all his bodyweight on top of Benoit for a power attempt. Benoit with a shot to the ribs but Eddie with a shoulderblock off the side ropes and then back into the side headlock.

Guerrero kept it locked in until Benoit hit a suplex but Eddie made it a flip and landed on his feet and Latino Heat went back into the side headlock. Guerrero with a side headlock on the mat and some idiots in Denver chanted boring, it surely wasn’t. Benoit flipped Eddie over and then Eddie went for a tombstone, Benoit reversed it and hit a shoulder breaker.

Benoit went into the Crossface!

Benoit locked it in after a high impact shoulder breaker, and this right after Eddie was wearing him down. Great mat sense by Eddie Guerrero to get out of the predicament and land his feet on the bottom ropes.

I’ve always said it helps a match’s quality when you have a Climax spot in the middle of a match, where they tease a finisher. What does this do? Well it gets the crowd who weren’t following the story back in the match and for the fans not wanting a long match they can think “well it’s almost over” so it turns there attention back on. Then they just get sucked into the dramatic folding of the later stages of the match and treat it better then they would have if that Climax spot originally wasn’t there to begin with. That’s my theory anyway and this match had that right here.

Eddie Guerrero flipped to the outside and then Benoit dove through the 2nd rope onto Eddie. Benoit pulled out all the stop’s with a suicide dive, fully realizing this is the finals. A splashing forearm to the jaw!

Benoit rammed Eddie’s shoulder into the corner, first a shoulder breaker and then a relentless attack. Benoit snapped him over and grabbed Eddie by the head and powerslammed him on to the shoulder.

Benoit in control going to work on the weakened left shoulder of Eddie and slapped on a half nelson in attempt to pull the AC joint out of his shoulder, and to weaken Eddie for a possible future Crossface. Good psychology and mat instinct by Benoit.

Guerrero reversed an irishwhip by Benoit using the ropes and then he chopped Eddie who chopped Benoit back and he took over. Eddie desperately planted Benoit on the top turnbuckle and hit a leg scissors from the top rope! Eddie then with a cover to Benoit and he kicked out! Eddie Guerrero thinking on his feet grabbed Benoit by the arm and kicked at Benoit’s ribs while the fans chanted for Benoit. Eddie Guerrero picked up Benoit and hit a back suplex to Benoit and then he gets a two count. Keota turned red like he usually did when telling a guy he only got two.

Eddie stomped on Benoit some more as he kicked into another gear as he worked on Benoit’s lower back. Eddie started to build confidence as he hopped around the ring. Eddie held the left arm of Benoit, held an armbar, stamina played a big part for Benoit here to try and stay in as Eddie Guerrero was now in control of this back and forth match. Eddie got chopped back after he threw one out and then chopping wars took place while the crowd was wooing away. Eddie slapped Benoit in the face and the place booed. Eddie irish whipped Benoit but he reversed it and hit a backbody drop followed by a shoulder block. Benoit one step ahead of Eddie and hit him with chop’s in the corner.

A switch after a german attempt by Benoit but he still hit Eddie Guerrero with a suplex from the top rope! Awesome!

I loved how Benoit was one step ahead of Eddie and even if he wasn’t, Eddie Guerrero would get back in the match by cheating. Awesome story telling for sure here.
Both men down!

The fans were vocal in counting while both men were down and Eddie Guerrero just snuck a shoulder up after Benoit was at two. Benoit would of been the new US Champ!
Race, Austin, Steamboat, Sting, Goldberg were named as previous US Champion’s by Cole!

Benoit with two German suplexes and then went to follow it up with the hattrick, Eddie got out of it with a waistlock into a switch but Benoit countered it!

Is Eddie Guerrero going to tap! Eddie got out of it for it for a second time in the match with a foot on the rope.

Benoit then with a back breaker to Eddie Guerrero and only a two.
Chris went for a second back breaker but Eddie with another switch after a flip and then a quick knee to the ribs of Benoit.

Eddie with a spin and then the three-amigo’s by Eddie to Benoit but on the third he set Benoit up to the top rope looking for a superplex and he hit it! Both men down again in the center of the ring.

Guerrero hit hard as did Benoit and both men breathed hard.

Eddie stirring and looked dazed after a textbook, top-rope superplex! Eddie then to his feet smiled and went to the top rope as the fans booed! Eddie Guerrero goes for a frog splash but Benoit moved out of the way!

Benoit just got out of the way even though Eddie Guerrero’s forearm caught a bit of

Benoit on the way down!

Chris Benoit hit a powerbomb to Eddie Guerrero and then somehow Eddie kicked out after all of Benoit’s bodyweight was on top of Eddie. Benoit again with a Crossface and Eddie struggled to make it to the bottom rope but he did. Third time Eddie had done that as any time Benoit saw an opening he went for it.

Eddie Guerrero drove Benoit into referee Mike Keota.

Eddie went to the outside and grabbed the new US title and hit Benoit in the head with it.

Eddie Guerrero went up high and hit a frogsplash! Eddie got a two but Benoit kicked out!

Eddie’s face was priceless after this. Guerrero grabbed the belt again and then hit the referee with it and then put the title on top of Benoit and the fans laughed. Eddie Guerrero was called Marlon Brando by Cole for his acting skills and then he pushed over Keota to wake him up and shook him again as the crowd laughed. Awesome stuff. Eddie yelled and he shook the ref some more. Benoit got up from behind and locked on a 4th Crossface to Eddie Guerrero. Eddie tapped out but there is no official. Benoit then got up and did something I love in matches. He slapped the ref and then Eddie went for a title shot to Benoit’s head but he reversed with a german suplex after a waistlock. Benoit signalled the end and then went to go up high for a diving headbutt. Benoit landed on Keota though as Eddie pulled him to the ring. Rhyno came in the ring and signalled a GORE to Eddie but hit Benoit! Eddie pinned him for the three after a Frogsplash!

This is perhaps the greatest match they ever had together, at least from North America.

A classic!



 **** 1/4






10) Brock Lesnar (c) vs Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Championship -WWE No Way Out February 15th 2004  


I remember thinking Eddie Guerrero didn’t stand a chance in this match.
This was held at the Cow Palace in California so Eddie was insanely over and his name was chanted and Brock looked pissed.

Eddie signs galore and chants for him all over. Eddie Guerrero’s new high is to perform in front of these fans according to Cole.

This was a pleasent surprise, the match had a lot of potential but it came off even better then remembered.

If Eddie won he’d be defending the title at Wrestlemania 20.

Lesnar had a sixty pount weight advantage.

Brock shouted early and then got Eddie Guerrero into a corner and said he isn’t anything.

Brock shoved Eddie off and then Eddie got up and smiled. Eddie tied up with Brock again and he hit a clothesline to Eddie and then kicked at him in the corner.

Lesnar pounded on Eddie in the corner some more with kicks and a choke.

Brock with a big shot to his back and then an irish-whip hurting his back more, and then a back drop! That would do damage. Brock with a suplex to Eddie Guerrero. Eddie tried to get back in it but Brock slowed a comeback down with a knee to the gut and then took it to the challenger some more. Lesnar was such a dominant WWE Champion and had no flaws in his gameplan but he did catch a reverselbow in the corner by Eddie Guerrero. The Champion caught a knee but still he irish whipped Eddie hard into the corner before hitting a shot to the jaw with both of his boots when Lesnar charged towards him.
Eddie jumped on Lesnar but he powerbombed him as if he was nothing.

Lesnar then circled Eddie around as he just held him like a piece of fish. He swung Eddie around and hit another slam followed by a belly to belly, while he said “Eddie aint nothing!”

Lesnar with more knees to Eddie Guerrero and then disected him bit by bit as he dropped a knee to the jaw of Eddie Guerrero. Lesnar leaped into the air and dropped his knee right in his face. Lesnar was quicker, had more agility and more power.

Tazz built this match up so great making Eddie Guerrero seem like such an underdog.
Eddie tried to fireback with forearms but again Lesnar hit a shot to the ribs.
Any time Eddie delvered a blow Lesnar would respond back. The third belly to belly by Brock of the match and Eddie Guerrero had to roll out of the ring to buy himself some time.

Lesnar again kicked at Eddie’s ribs as he tried to get back in the ring and he’s just roll to the outside but Lesnar kept this up more and more showing how dominant he was. This started to embarass Eddie.

Eddie hit a resourceful shoulder to the gut and he hung Lesnar’s head off the top rope and then he tried to drag Lesnar towards the ring post. The strength of Lesnar tried to avoid the collision as he knew his intentions. Eddie Guerrero created an opening for himself as he tried to take the big man off his knee, which would take him off his vertical base.
Lesnar’s leg power pulled Eddie into the post and he hit shoulder first however some damage was done to Brock’s knee as well.

Back in the ring Lesnar hooked Eddie by the leg and pulled him up with a fisherman buster, a big high cradle and then he slammed Eddie hard to the mat with a crushing blow to the rib/back area which Lesnar has worked on.

Eddie kicked out, and to say this match had good psychology is an understatement.
I would of liked a re-match.

Brock with a rear-choke and both legs locked in front of Eddie’s MUCH SMALLER body.

Eddie hit a jaw breaker, tried to go in for the kill with a dropkick but got caught by Lesnar who went for a gorilla press but Eddie got out of it and landed on his feet. Eddie then dropkicked him off the side ropes.

Every time Eddie Guerrero built any momentum in this match though Lesnar just shut him down.

A monsterous clothesline by the WWE Champion. Lesnar released a powerful German suplex to Eddie Guerrero.

Brock kicked at Eddie’s back and then hit him hard as he drove his shoulders into the abdomen/lower back of Eddie Guerrero.
Brock Lesnar is the most physical WWE Champion ever and he continued to drive his shoulders into Eddie’s ribcage.

No signs of Lesnar slowing down, just like in his UFC matches.

Brock though charged towards Eddie and he ducked and Lesnar landed on the outside holding his knee!

When Eddie worked over Brock’s knee earlier in the match this story came back into play.
Eddie Guerrero realized it was desperation time and leaped over the ropes onto Brock on the outside.

Both men down on the outside until Brock broke the count at nine.

Lesnar and Eddie Guerrero both back in the ring but Eddie dropkicked the leg of Lesnar off the side ropes, the wise veteran knew where to attack. Eddie kicked at Brock’s leg and then Brock missed with a clothesline and hit a suplex as the fans were back into it as Eddie had life in him!

Eddie then caught a stungun from Lesnar after he charged towards him.
Even though Lesnar had been wounded he was able to get back the advantage because of his conditioning and size/power. Brock then to his feet started to choke out Eddie Guerrero while he grabbed him and told him he was nothing. He grabbed him by the face but Lesnar got taken apart as Eddie caught an opening similar to Frank Mir on Lesnar in his first major UFC bout! I hope he doesen’t read these reviews! Brock that is…for my sake. Hey I train five days a week, but I am NO LESNAR.

Eddie with a desperation STF to Brock. The knee had been torked and Eddie drove Brock’s bad knee to the mat. Eddie then kicked at his knee because Eddie Guerrero knew Lesnar relied on the leg so much. Eddie like a shark, viciously taking apart the knee. Eddie tried to lock in a figure four which got Woo’s but Brock battled out with his one good leg kicking off Eddie.
Eddie Guerrero continued to pressure Brock going for the knee again and again but he kicked Eddie off of him. Eddie Guerrero landed a dropkick continuing to keep the Champion down and he kept shoving Eddie off. Lesnar knew he had to keep Eddie off the knee to keep his vertical base. Brock with an amazing belly to belly and the sound effects only helped matters to make you realize just how vicious the move was.

The fans chanted for Goldberg.
Brock went for a suplex but Eddie landed on his feet and countered with a leg scissors and went to the knee again. Eddie Guerrero continued the assault on the left knee of Lesnar hitting a dropkick and then he hit the figure four!
Eddie Guerrero with a figure four on Lesnar and will Eddie win the title? Will Brock turn over? The suspense of it all.

We all knew the match had brilliant psychology and WRESTLING but the suspense and drama helped matters, the crowd got better with time as well. Brock layed back and the crowd counted to two but as he sat up the move felt the effect even more. Brock reached to the bottom rope and got there. Eddie Guerrero then kicked Lesnar’s knee out at every turn and then slapped on a leg lock further hurting the knee of Brock.

STG again at the side by Eddie Guerrero as he twisted the knee of Lesnar. The versatility of Eddie Guerrero was shown as he grabbed the head of Lesnar while he was tilting the exposed knee. Brock was in trouble as Eddie Guerrero was taking him apart but the powerful Champion came back quickly with a quick release. A german suplex by Brock Lesnar!

Both men down again.

Lesnar caught a running Eddie off the side ropes with a Spine Buster hard! Awesome.
Lesnar only got a two though and was frustrated because he went for a pinning attempt a couple of times. Now Lesnar a head hook with a body scissors using his good right leg, and not his injured left leg. Nice selling by Brock.

Brock turned it into a sleeper with a rear choke as his legs were wrapped around Eddie Guerrero. Eddie seemed to be fading after coming back in the match and being in control for a bit of time however Eddie came to his feet but Brock kept his weight on Eddie. His amateur background came into play as he was riding on top of Eddie with his body weight but Eddie went towards the corner and Brock hit head first into the corner.
Eddie Guerrero went for a missile dropkick off the top but missed it. Both men down again. Lesnar up but limping and then he suplexed Eddie but did it with one leg, his only good one left the right leg.

Brock yelled “Just Die Eddie! JUST DIE.” Lesnar then with a waistlock while Eddie was stomach first. I’m not even going to attempt at a joke in bad taste there.
Lesnar kept screaming “just die” as Eddie hung on but Lesnar kept the waistlock in to wear down the mid-section of Eddie and this would cut down on his speed as well.

No signs of Lesnar letting go of this gutwrench until he hit an awesome gutwrench suplex to follow it up and then when pinning Eddie with his arms locked Eddie kept kicking out! Brock rolled back with a bridge forcing Eddie to kick out, forcing him to exert more energy which would ultimately take the life out of Eddie Guerrero so to speak.

Eddie on both knees tried to reach for something while Brock had the waistlock on hard. Lesnar got slapped by Eddie and then a headbutt. Eddie Guerrero got the Champion down to one of his bad knees and Eddie took it out again with a dropkick. Eddie Guerrero then with a missile dropkick to the back of Lesnar’s head and then he caught Lesnar with a headscissors. Eddie Guerrero to his feet but then Brock with his good knee hit him up high. Lesnar found nobody home in the corner of the ring and then Eddie Guerrero kicked him in the mid-section and hit a suplex.

Eddie swung the hips and hit a triple vertical suplex, the Three Amigo`s.

Lesnar got to his feet after Eddie missed a frogsplash! Lesnar then hit an F-5 which also took out the referee!

The fans chanted for Goldberg!

Lesnar get the three counted due to no official.

Goldberg came in the ring and speared Lesnar! Cole and Tazz wondered where he came from as if they didn`t expect him. That`s hillarious even when they builded to it.
Raw`s Goldberg speared Smackdown`s Champion OMFG!

Everyone was down.

Fans chanted for Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie hooked a leg but only got a two count. Lesnar was still able to kickout. A lot of fans thought Eddie was going to be champion after Berg interfered and now that he didn`t win at that moment a lot of fans stopped cheering.

Which is one of the reasons this climax is so great.

Eddie grabbed the title belt and stalked Lesnar from behind and as he slowly got to his feet (due to his bad leg and still selling Berg`s spear) Eddie Guerrero went to hit him with the title but Brock ducked and hit Eddie with a knee shot.

Brock got Eddie up high and went for the F-5 but Eddie countered with a DDT in mid-air on to Lesnar`s head hitting the title. Eddie cheated with that move, the only way he knew how.

Everyone on there feet.

Eddie off the top with a Frog Splash…1…2…..3!!!

Eddie Guerrero did it!

One of the best matches to go back and re-watch, amazing chemistry between the two guys.

This would of been a dream match had it not taken place but thankfully it did.

One of the best moments ever and a fantastic way to end this dvd.

My all time dream match besides Benoit vs Steamboat would be Bret vs Lesnar. Bret worked amazing with big guys like Nash and Taker, Brock worked tremendous with technicians like Angle, Benoit and Eddie. So Imagine Bret vs Lesnar. Five star potential right there.


**** 1/2




Final Rating for Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story = 8/10


This set on the surface is only two disc`s and has ten matches with a short documentary so you might think it`s not the best especially with Viva La Raza out there now. In all reality for what you get, you get nothing but quality. Outside two pretty average matches, eight were AMAZING, some CLASSIC. It`s a feel GOOD DVD that will be overshadowed by Eddie`s new set but looking at it as a whole it is fantastic! I suggest picking it up, it`s great, especially the short documentary that is very emotional. Solid all around.


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