Review: WWE Cheating Death; Stealing Life – Eddie Guerrero DVD (Disc 1)

November 15, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story Review:



“We hurt the ones we love the most, and you have nobody to blame but yourself. It hurts so bad just to breathe, that I didn’t want to live anymore.”Eddie Guerrero




Disc 1 Documentary:

This Documentary is pretty interesting because it shows Eddie go into some personal things like his problems-addiction’s with substances and how he got fired from the company.


It also goes into detail about how he turned his life around, how he came from a great Wrestling family and how he cheated death.

Of course this was put out before he died but it’s still meaningful just like the Benoit documentary.
Benoit said that Eddie was so lucky to be alive given everything. They show clips of some of the emotional topics they’ll cover in the documentary like the Car Crash and the OD where his family, mainly Vickie his now widow gets extremely emotional.

Eddie then is shown in his car talking about his childhood. Talked about how he got his name from his mother and talked about his deceased wrestling father Gory Guerrero.


Eddie talked a bit about his siblings, and it was definitely a plus that Eddie Guerrero was alive unlike Pillman or Road Warrior Hawk for the DVD’s documentaries however those were both good.

Eddie Guerrero shows us clips of his old house and his neighborhood, talks about being born in El Paso, Texas. Being born and raised there and how he loved it. We see Hector Guerrero talking about how fun Eddie was to be around. Mando Guerrero recalls Eddie being active and how he’d visit with every member of the family. A very loving boy.

Eddie Guerrero’s mother calls him The “Macho Man.” Yeah, they wish. 😉

Eddie talks about loving Taco’s and then there is clips of him meeting fans and signing there autographs.

Now we get into wrestling.

“I was all Wrestling. Dedicated myself to Wrestling, stopped playing other sports.”

We see shots of the wrestling ring they had in there backyard and Eddie spent every day out there. They show clips of the El Paso Colliseum where his dad wrestled for 12 years every Monday Night. Eddie talked about growing up in the lockerroom similar to other 2nd or 3rd generation wrestlers, we see Chavo say the same thing. Eddie Guerrero and Chavo both say that during intermissions they went in the ring and wrestled and people use to not go and buy snacks and watch them.

He wanted to live up to the family name since his dad Gory was the best wrestler in Mexico. Eddie Guerrero talks about Low Rider’s now and how big they are in El Paso.
Eddie talked about meeting Vickie and how they hit it off. They talked about how hard it was to get married just 5 days after his dad died but Gory told Eddie that no matter what happened, just live your life. An emotional Eddie talks about feeling guility but also saying he wanted to do what his father would have wanted.

Eddie mentions being successful in Mexico after a half decade of work, he knew he had to gain muscle because in North America that’s who was the top draw’s. (Hogan-Andre-Savage-Piper-Flair)

They show him in Japan as Black Tiger and he talks about meeting Benoit and Eddie there and gaining chemistry and friendship with them there.
They show some clips of ECW and then he talks about the Malenko-Guerrero “classic” that he calls one of the highlights of his career. These were fans who wanted blood and guts and they got an all around technical classic. This is also one of my favourite matches. Eddie Guerrero talks about the emotion in the building.

Now they go onto WCW. Eddie Guerrero says it was a great oppurtunity and they speak on the Classic with Rey, and they show clips of Rey talking about it as being “Wild.” Rey said Eddie brought the best out of him. Rey says that there isn’t a time where he wouldn’t want to wrestle Eddie.

Eddie Guerrero said at this point in his career everything was going great but then it went sour. He got his fix with wrestling but before he knew it he was taking a pill here and a pill there mixed with alcohol.

New Years Day on 1999.

Eddie Guerrero says he drove to get some Eggs because he was craving it, he was taking GHB (for sleep) and he said he was doing it more for the high. He talks about getting in a car accident, the cops left him for dead and Vickie is emotional when talking about this. Eddie broke his hip socket, broke his collarbone among other injuries. His sister says she was supposed to die first and not him. Remember this documentary was done before he died. Eddie then was allowed back to wrestle, he healed. He was supposed to be out one year but he pushed it and was back in the ring in 6 months. Eddie said he came back to early and his body was hurting so he started taking pain pills. He knew he had a problem and sooner or later he OD’d. Vickie thought Eddie was going to get it because he nearly died again.

No, he didn’t.

You can’t judge someone unless you’ve been in this situation by the way. This is coming from someone who has had problems with prescribed medication themselves.

Two months after that OD it happened again and his family was angry at him for doing this in front of all of the people who worry about him.
Eddie said he kept making mistake after mistake and he didn’t think anything was wrong.
They then talked about Benoit, Saturn and Malenko with him going from WCW to WWF.

Show clips of Eddie Guerrero and Chyna. They showed a bunch of comedy clips as Latino Heat.

Now comes an interesting part.

Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn and Chris Benoit knew Eddie had a problem so they went to Jim Ross for him to get help as friends.

Theys how a clip of Eddie saying it hurt tha they did that. Eddie first heard on this video which is very interesting.

Malenko says something creepy, “I don’t want to see my friend Eddie dead in a hotel room one day.”

Guerrero says all he wanted to do when out of rehab was just have one glass of wine but then it would always lead to another. Guerrero talked about being in the paper after jail and now

Eddie said he knew in his life he could never take a drink once again.

Eddie said his life turned upside down.

Vince said “down deep there is a wonderful man here, you just have to get there, and you can see that in Eddie, but like anyone it’s hidden a lot when under the influence of drugs.”

An emotional and crying Eddie Guerrero says….

“The hardest thing to hear when you love somebody, is that they don’t love you anymore. You realize one day you’re not going to wake up with your children. Everything you worked for is down the tube and you have nobody to blame but yourself.”

The song to this video (not this actual video) is played at this part in the documentary and is pretty emotional looking at Eddie and his demon’s and it just means all the more now that he is gone. It is BROKEN.
Eddie Guerrero was infact “broken” indeed.


He said he didn’t want to kill himself but he didn’t want to live.

Vince says Eddie had to hit Rock Bottom to get himself better. Eddie said he got the phone call that he had been let go, he said “please don’t let me go” and then JR said “If Vince lets you on what does that say to the other boys.” Eddie questioned himself and what he was doing in life.
Eddie had lost his money, his job and was about to lose his family.

This was the beginning of the NEW Eddie.

Eddie had started to do independant work. Eddie started to prove himself and WWE was watching.

Vince says he believes in second chances. McMahon says that Guerrero had a warmth to him and he was special. Guerrero said he had to start living his life moment by moment and make smarter decisions.

Eddie says it’s amazing how when you lose something and you get it back, and he talks about seeing Vickie once again and he thanked god that he had this one moment again. Vickie said Eddie’s eyes had peace in them and she could tell he had changed.

Eddie said things just started rolling after that. Eddie and Vickie then re-newed there wedding vows to “start over” and his kids got to be there this time.

Now they show the Eddie in WWE where he’d lie, cheat and steal.

They fly through this documentary as it isn’t very long and he talks about the frog splash from Art Barr. (His former partner who had passed)

Now they showcase the Brock/Eddie classic where Eddie came full circle and Eddie’s

WWE title victory at the top of the mountain.

Eddie said this moment was so special because his mom was there and how he dedicated his title victory to his dad when he looked up celebrating on the ramp.
They show McMahon hug Eddie, as well as other superstars and Chavo Senior. They show him talk with Vickie on his cell after his title victory.

Eddie said the worst is over, he’s proud of who he is. (Clips of him with Benoit at WM 20)
Eddie said he hated the mistakes he made, but he is not ashamed of the person he has become.

Nice touching end to this documentary with clips.

The beginning lacked but it was very interesting while it lasted and since it wasn’t long it didn’t really get boring. Good stuff.

A very good documentary to a successful story. Good for Eddie Guerrero.







Disc 1 Extra’s:

-Los Guerreros Vignettes:

Baby Carriage


Low Rider



These were some comedy segments that Chavo and Eddie did.



-Music Video’s:

Finger Eleven “One Thing” (Otherwise known as The “BENOIT” song)

Seather “Gasoline”

Soil “Redefine”

-Day of Reckoning Video Game Trailer





Disc 1 Matches:


1) Hector, Chavo & Mando Guerrero vs Cactus Jack & Rock ‘n’ Roll RPM’s in a 6 man tag match -AWA Superclash 3: December 13th 1988



This event was a big one in late 1988, Jerry “The King” Lawler took on Kerry Von Erich for the AWA World Title in a fantastic match!

Anyway this match doesen’t even include Eddie Guerrero so it’s an interesting choice to present to show some of the Guerrero family legacy wrestle in a North American promotion in an old school environment.

Hector Guerrero teamed with family members Mando and Chavo on one side to take on a young and VERY SKINNY Mick Foley who was with The Rock N Roll RPM’s who were the heels. The announcers credit the Guerrero family for being fast.
The RPM’s were the Southern tag Team Champion’s and both teams warmed up a little before it started with the blue, red, blue ropes here in the AWA at Superclash 3 in late 1988.

Here we go!

Hector Guerrero started off for the Guerrero brothers and caught a side headlock but Hector Guerrero ducked RMP’s double team attempt quite quickly off the ropes and then hit a head scissors on both RMP’s, great stuff. Hector Guerrero rolled out and tagged in Mando Guerrero. Mick Foley got tagged in.
Mando Guerrero with a clean break then kicked Foley and twisted his arm but Cactus Jack hit him with right hands and threw him out of the ring. Mando Guerrero on the outside though hit some chops on Cactus Jack and then back dropped him on the concrete floor. Cactus Jack then inside the ring with Mando Guerrero who sweeped the legs of Jack and then tagged back in Hector Guerrero. Hector took out his leg and he tags in Chavo Senior who dropped his body weight on Foley’s leg.
The Guerrero brothers picked apart Foley’s leg in fast fashion and worked effectively with fast and frequent tags. Cactus Jack rolled out of the ring and tagged in one of the RPM’s who ties up in the ring with Chavo. Chavo hit an armdrag takedown. Chavo Guerrero then with a go behind and a flying legscissors and then chokes him out on the canvas floor. Hector Guerrero got tagged in and hit a flying body press to both RPM’s who came in and then Chavo Senior took out Cactus Jack in the ring and absolute mayhem broke out in the ring.

Cactus Jack with knees to the mid-section of Chavo Guerrero and then he snapped him dwn and tagged in one of the RPM’s as he worked over Chavo in the corner and both RPM’s ended up doing that in the corner until the quicker Guerrero member Mando came in to protect the Senior. Cactus Jack came in again and kneed Chavo Guerrero until he gave him a reverse chop. Hector Guerrero got tagged in and her hit all three opposing heels with dropkick’s, mayhem had broke out once again as all six men were in the ring going at it! Intense stuff.

Hector Guerrero with a big boot to one of the RPM’s and then a dropkick. Mando Guerrero flew from the top onto the floor on the opposition. Chavo with a moonsault off the top to one of the RPM’s and the Guerrero’s won the match at just over ten minutes.
This match is pretty great, I like the old school stuff and the fact it is rare. Showing the Guerrero family is important and having Foley in there was a plus.

** 3/4





2) Eddie Guerrero and Love Machine Art Barr vs Octogan and El Hijo Santo in a 2 out of 3 Falls Hair vs Mask Match -When World’s Collide: November 6th 1994

Here are the rules: This isn’t a normal 2 out of 3 falls tag match.
You need to pin each member of both teams once, meaning each team needs FOUR decisions to win the match.

Eddie was close with the late Art Barr who passed away on November 23rd 1994.

I got some info from “SLAM” that Eddie Guerrero asked himself every day what if Art hadn’t died?

What if he hadn’t lived the fast life?

What if his friends could have straightened him out?

Well it’s a good thing Eddie wasn’t around for the Benoit tragedy and who knows if that would of even happened if that was the case. For Guerrero, the death of his best friend (in the early 90’s) was still a painful memory.

They were close. Very close.
“He was like a little brother to me,” said Guerrero, trying his best to fight back the tears. “We lived together (in Mexico) for three years. If I wasn’t with my wife I was with him.

We were each other’s family.”

Barr and Guerrero comprised La Pareja del Terror (The Tag Team of Terror) arguably one of the top tag-teams of the 90s. Plying in Mexico’s AAA promotion, Barr and Guerrero set Mexico on fire.

Here in this match they took on two other greats in El Hijo and Octogan in a HAIR vs Mask match. Bar and Guerrero’s hair, versus the other two’s MASKS and masks were a big deal in AAA clearly.

This would no doubt be a fast, intense ride.

El Hijio Santo meant “Son of the saint.” They talk about how Eddie is the son of the legendary Gory Guerrero.

Eddie Guerrero played to the crowd wonderfully before the match.
A ton of hesitation before this match as Machine (Barr) and Eddie Guerrero walked around the ring and hesitated to get things going. The place went for Octogan and El Hijo Santo while Eddie played a heel very well here. Lively crowd which should add to the match.

Eddie Guerrero started out with a tie up with Santo and he hit an armdrag to Eddie and then took him down on the mat with a go-behind, but Eddie went on top of Santo and got a near fall, Eddie with a headlock, into a frontfacelock and then a vertical suplex by Eddie followed by an armbar. Santo reversed it with work to Eddie;s arm but he flips twice and takes out the leg of Santo and then snapped him down and put him in a reverse chinlock which got an ovation and Santo powered out and then he snapped Eddie to the outside of the ring and then Classic Eddie complained he grabbed the hair.
Wow, Eddie is incredible. What an offensive exchange there.

Octogan comes in now and Eddie Guerrero tags in Love Machine Art Barr. Barr jumps over Octogan but he catches Barr with two armdrag’s, until Barr hit a reverse elbow and then missed him when dropping his body weight. Barr charged towards Octogan but he knocked down Barr. Eddie Guerrero tagged in by Barr, and then ocotgan tagged in Santo. Art Barr set up Santo and Eddie Guerrero came off the top with a frankensteiner. Eddie pinned him and got the three winning the first fall. Excellent fall.

Eddie Guerrero then set up Octogan on the corner of the ropes after pinning Santo for the first fall. Eddie Guerrero went for a superplex and caught all of it. Love Machine with an awesome frog splash from the top and got the three.
If Eddie and Barr could get another fall they’d win, as they had different rules in this match.

Either way the bout was pretty amazing in AAA here in Los Angeleas at the Sport’s Arena. The offense was great.

Eddie Guerrero then took down Santo and scooped him up and hit him with a modified samoan drop and got a quick nearfall, then Eddie Guerrero hit a standing powerslam similar to Davey Boy Smith, holding Santo in the air. Santo rolled out of the ring due to the punishment from Eddie Guerrero. Octogan was furious when coming in and took down Eddie but on his knees in Eddie Guerrero fashion he poked the eyes. Eddie Guerrero tagged in the Love Machine.

The arrogant Art Barr slapped Octogan and then gave him a standing dropkick followed by a kick up and then a powerslam. Art Barr set him up for Guerrero to flip over the ropes and land on Octogan. Eddie Guerrero and Barr in control until Santo came in and took Eddie to the outside. Octogan and Santo then double teamed Barr on his own inside the match until Eddie got back in, hit an irish whip on Santo until he ran into a head scissors and then a left from Octogan. A double dropkick and Eddie and Barr go out, and then to follow up Octogan and Santo dive through the ropes out to the outside onto both Eddie Guerrero and Art Barr. Awesome spot.

Amazingly quick action here!

El Santo with a sunset flip to Eddie and then a nearfall, he dropped Eddie Guerrero face first to the cavas, and then when Santo was going up Eddie caught him and hit a hurricanrauna and got the three.

3-0 for Love Machine Art Barr and Eddie Guerrero.
All they had to do now was pin Octogan and they win the match 4-0, two falls to none.

Eddie and Barr controlled most of the match but it was still back and forth at times and extremely entertaining. Barr hit a chop on Octogan. Santo is out of the match so it’s two on one. Eddie and Barr irish whipped Octogan but he came off the side ropes and planted both men head first. Barr elevated Octogan onto Eddie and then he pinned Eddie with a sunset flips and the fans went wild!

Could Octogan comeback! He did, he then pinned Barr after taking him down after ducking a move. They celebrate.

So now it’s 3-2 for Guerrero and Barr, first one to 4 falls wins and Octogan is by himself!
Fans going wild in LA.

Eddie Guerrero and Art Barr just need to pin Octogan, while Octogan on his own needs to pin Eddie Guerrero and Barr both by himself. Fans were on his side.
This match had been fantastic to this point and was quite unique, never boring with the quick falls and excellent action throughout.

Eddie Guerrero tied up with Santo. He is apparent allowed back in the match due to the “FALLS” being tired although Eddie’s team was one half fall ahead. Eddie threw a camel clutch on Santo but Octogan hit him in the head. Santo then slapped a camel clutch on Eddie until Art Barr the Love Machine kicked him in the back of the head. El Santo picked up by Barr but Santo then turned him over and got a pinfall attempt till Eddie kicked him off.

STF by Love Machine. Octogan then punted Barr and then gave him two hard martial arts kicks to the mid-section and then a double irish whip and down goes Art Barr. Eddie Guerrero on the outside watching Santo hit Barr with a vertical suplex. Eddie broke up the pinning attempt by Santo, another kick by Octogan to Barr inside the ring. A headbutt by Octogan and then a hammerlock until Eddie Guerrero came in and locked on a stretch to Octogan but Santo grabbed and then hit him with a knee lift to the face. Eddie punched Santo in the stomach and then slammed him down to the canvas. Eddie went up high but Santo caught him from up high and dropped him back first from the top, that could of been it but Barr came in and broke up the pinning attempt. Eddie and Barr roll to the outside then a double dive between Octogan and Santo, just incredible action here!
Eddie Guerrero threw Santo into the ring.

Santo hit a sunset flip to Eddie Guerrero from inside to the outside. Art Barr hit a piledriver (tombstone) to Octogan. The rules kept changing for some reason as Barr pinned Octogan. Now they needed to pin Santo again, I imagine Santo’s defeat had been erased when Octogan double pinned Eddie Guerrero and Barr, that’s the only logical thing I can think of.

Eddie rolled up Santo with a bridge and got a two. Eddie Guerrero then hit a superplex and then Barr with a frog splash but Santo kicked out! Amazing.

They took Octogan to the back and then Santo was against all odds all on his own, Eddie Guerrero got hit by accident by Barr as Santo ducked, Santo then leaped off the top taking down Eddie Guerrero on the outside. Behind the refere’s back Love Machine Art Barr got a piledriver from someone in a blue mask who interfered. Santo then pinned Barr.
Now it’s one on one.

Eddie Guerrero vs El Santo in the final here after a half dozen pinfalls, interesting rules, but seriously, what a great match this is! Octogan worked on by the paramedics and Barr is gone. Eddie Guerrero then on Santo and got a two. Eddie Guerrero then hit a tremendous sitdown powerbomb but a kick out by Santo. What a match this is, just wow.
Eddie Guerrero then set up El Santo for a suplex, he put him at the top and instead of another superplex, he hit a belly to belly suplex from the top rope. Eddie Guerrero only gets a two. Eddie Guerrero then sat up El Santo on the top rope and then came off with a huricanrauna. Eddie gets just a two. A full nelson into a bridge but Santo somehow kicked out. Eddie Guerrero then with a full nelson slam attempt, Santo reversed it with a roll-up and pinned Eddie Guerrero! Eddie and Barr would lose there hair!


Unbelieveable wrestling, just unbelievable. Can’t say enough. Just money.






3) Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero -ECW- 1995 2 out of 3 Falls FAREWELL MATCH: August 26th, 1995



Todd Grisham, Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero all sat and talked a bit before the match.

We see Joey Styles announce it will be Eddie and Guerrero will be leaving for Turner’s WCW and the ECW fans boo and chant Bischoff sucks.

This will be the last time Eddie and Dean would compete in ECW and it was an emotional sendoff that even Steve Austin commented on in his famous ECW shoot promo.

This is one for the ages.

Him and Malenko put on a clinic here.

This is the best ECW match ever.

Fans chant “Please don’t go!” during the technical masterpiece that was emotional for both men especially after the match and all the way through.

Again, this is a CLINIC in every sense of the word, can’t be stressed enough really. The Game in its finest form.

Eddie Guerrero said with Todd Grisham and Dean Malenko before the match that he wanted to leave something to be remembered by, yeah I think they did.

Malenko gets a standing ovation before the match which is both touching and heartfelt from real fans who know wrestling.

The Shooter thanks Joey Styles for the introduction and shakes his hand.

“Eddie” chants fill the air as he is being introduced from the world famous Guerrero family and both men are very emotional, as both 2nd generation superstars knowing what a passionate fanbase this brand had.


Eddie Guerrero put his hand out and Malenko shook his hands. Both men circle the ring and both guys tie up.

The bell rings and it’s officially on.

Eddie with a go behind into a waist lock, both men high up and the emotion was all over the arena with a lively crowd, Guerrero caught Dean with a side headlock takedown and then a roman knuckle lock but Malenko countered with a leg sweep which didn’t get Malenko even a one count as Eddie got him into a legscissors and both men sprung up to an ovation already.

Fans show there appreciation of the early stages.

Such crisp action with tremendous chemistry in this one.

Now into some chain stuff as a hammerlock is slapped on by Eddie Guerrero after a tie up and then Dean tried to reach back and he dropped to one knee trying to get rid of the leverage and then Eddie hits a snap takedown but Malenko bridges however Eddie Guerrero had Malenko in a pinning predicament as a counter to the bridge. The Shooter tried to roll out but Eddie kept the hammerlock on after he couldn’t get a pinfall, now into an armbar and he rode him in the down position but Malenko resourcefully was able to grab a leg!

The emotion and technical skill just drips here.

Both men down and then Malenko twisted the knee and then Eddie Guerrero tried to roll Malenko over on the mat with his shoulder and then was able to get up and slap on an armbar wrapping the legs around Malenko. Joey Styles does a fabulous job at calling the action by the way. Eddie Guerrero had his arm but Malenko had the leg strenth and targetted the legs to make sure the quicker Eddie Guerrero would stay down but he reached the ropes. Eddie Guerrero with an irishwhip and a hiptoss to Dean Malenko and then he hopped up and twisted from behind in Mexican AAA style and threw him over with an armdrag takedown perfectly. Guerrero then got took down by a Monkey Flip by the Shooter, Guerrero ducked Malenko then took him down but Malenko kicked him down. Malenko missed a standing dropkick, and then Eddie Guerrero jumped off the corner with a bulldog takedown.

AMAZING exchange.

That was one of the most exciting sequences I’ve seen in any match, period.

Eddie Guerrero goes back to riding the shooter on the mat and then he twisted Malenko’s arm while he jumped off the top rope for leverage and twisted his arm for another armdrag takedown. Guerrero with a nice takedown and then a fishermans suplex. Eddie Guerrero locked the legs around the chin of the Shooter and meanwhile pulling the arm of Malenko making it harder and more difficult for him to break the hold.

Seriously, I can’t stress how phenominal this action is as the fans plead the two men not to leave.

Eddie Guerrero rolls to his front trying to make sure Malenko stays grounded but he came out of this with a standing leg lace and then grabbed onto Eddie’s arms for a pinning attempt. Dean Malenko the man of 1, 000 holds puts on an arm-stretch followed by an STF to Eddie Guerrero. Malenko knows how to get in and out of every hold. Styles calls Malenko “Stone Cold” well his facial expression anyway, again this is 1995. Well deserved he was ice cold and all business.

The Shooter with a knee and a snap takedown to Eddie Guerrero. Malenko was dead set on gaining the advantage but Guerrero scooped up the leg and then kicked him in the face down on the mat. Eddie with a hard European Uppercut to Malenko into the corner, and then an irishwhip that sends him to the outside. Eddie Guerrero stands in the middle of the ring looking on at Malenko on the outside. Styles states Malenko may have gone out of the ring intentionally to take a breather. The action was fast and crisp and this was only the first fall. Eddie cornered Malenko and a beautiful belly to belly gets him just a two count. Guerrero irish whips Malenko and then hits a spinning heel kick to his head. Eddie Guerrero then sets up Malenko for a suplex but he puts him on the top and now attempts a SUPERPLEX and he hesitates but hits it eventually! Nice. Malenko kicks out.

Eddie Guerrero with another irishwhip and then a tilt of Malenko as he flips into a back breaker! Amazingly applied. Eddie Guerrero picked up Malenko irishwhipped him once more and then Malenko with a sunset flip out of desperation gets a two count.
Next, both men literally flip over and over and over again. Guerrero attempts to lock the arms, Eddie flips over and then Eddie with a roll-up and Guerrero just barely got the three as Malenko lifted the shoulder JUST after the three count which was semi-controversial but still legal. The fans cheer in appreciation showing both men the amazing amount of respect they both rightfully deserved.

Eddie is up 1-0 at 10:29.

The second fall is about to get underway and “Please don’t go!” is still being chanted.
Eddie Guerrero safely dominated the first fall but some of the best wrestling the country had ever seen took place in the first fall. It had everything but a fist fight but it was still pretty physical given the impact both men knew how to bring.

This is wrestling.

Malenko went for a dropkick onto the ankle but Eddie Guerrero had him scouted well so he lifted his foot to avoid it.

Eddie Guerrero with a german suplex and a bridge that gets a two count on Malenko.

Joey Styles says that he hopes this match is making great television because he doesen’t know if he can say anything that would sum up how amazing this match is. It’s kind of like what I’m writing now, I’m talking about the match but it’s just words, this is a masterpiece that needs to be studied to truely be appreciated. A gem.

Malenko grabs the bad left leg of Eddie that he’s targetted the entire duration and continues to wear down Eddie Guerrero so he stays on the mat, that’s where Malenko wants Eddie but he reached the rope, however Dean kept on him kicking at the leg and cornering him with kicks. Malenko with an irish whip to the buckle, elevates Eddie Guerrero and then hits an amazing spinebuster.

Dean Malenko locks in Texas Cloverleaf and then Eddie Guerrero had to submit, the pain was far and away more then anything he could sustain.

Would of liked a bit more offense in this second fall but after the amazing first fall, this is perfectly acceptable. Most definitely logical seeing as the Shooter sensed desperation to tie up the fall on Eddie who scored one on him minutes before. Still great wrestling seen in the second fall, to the say the very least.

The second fall ended at 13:25.

All tied up at one, ready for the final fall of a Classic.

Eddie Guerrero had walked around the side of the ring during the break to walk off the pain sustained from his lower back and left leg on Eddie, nice selling as usual from him. Malenko was in cotrol momentarily and Eddie Guerrero tried to get focused in this last fall.

Eddie irishwhipped Malenko into the corner hitting face first and then Malenko did the same and hit Eddie with a gutbuster version of a vertical suplex this gets him a two. Dean Malenko irishwhipped by Eddie and then caught him with a boot to the face as he was launched right into him. Eddie Guerrero went to the outside and Malenko irishwhips him into the steel post. Eddie Guerrero caught with a vicious forearm from the Shooter very viciously now. There was still a ton of respect but it became rough when it was now all on the line.

Dean Malenko then inside the ring went for a sitting-tiger powerbomb and got it but still Eddie Guerrero manages to kick out!

Malenko in control since the start of the second fall all the way to the middle of this third and final one. Guerrero was woozy and was slammed face first into the top turnbuckle but Eddie with a shoulder block fought back and landed with his first offensive move in over five minutes and hits a swinging DDT off the top rope to Malenko! Amazing. Eddie gets a two count!

Awesome stuff! The DDT from the Shooter reminds one of his awesome finish with Scotty 2 Hotty at Backlash 2000, another great match.

Malenko manages to kick out knowing this is the third and final fall. Eddie Guerrero with another gutbuster version of the suplex to return the favor. Eddie Guerrero up high hits the Frog Splash and Malenko kicks out! Incredible.

Eddie Guerrero knew his late partner Art Barr and him made that move famous in Mexico and he dedicated his career to him.

Eddie Guerrero with a frankensteiner now to Malenko and got a dramatic nearfall. Malenko gets caught with a sunset flip by Eddie Guerrero off the top rope but again Malenko managed to especape the pin. Eddie had Dean up high but he countered and threw Eddie off the top! Malenko picked up Eddie Guerrero and then a press into a rib breaker!

Fans giving this match a standing ovation and now chanting “Shooter!”
Guerrero shot in by an irishwhip by Malenko and then Eddie rolls him up somehow but then SOMEHOW Malenko kicked out. Malenko with a waistlock into a bridge and leaning back Malenko got the three count or so it seemed. They both had there shoulders on the mat so it ends in a draw at 19:40.

The fans give this a standing ovation.

Likely the only draw from the top of my head you’ll see get treated with an ovation and rightfully so.

For excitement, quickness, technical skill, mat game, this one had it all. The chemistry and emotion with the crowd made it so much better then it already was.
Just amazing stuff, one of those rare matches that words can’t simply do enough justice for the match.

Both men should be proud and I know they were as Eddie admits it was one of his best ever. For my money, it’s the very best from both.

Malenko and Eddie thank the fans on the mic after the match which is a nice touch. (Malenko speaks!)






4) Eddie Guerrero vs “Lionheart” Chris Jericho (c) for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship -WCW Fall Brawl 1997


At this event they had two rings set up next to each other for the night’s action so it was unique and what a tremendous way to kickstart a PPV with a match like this!

I still say this is one of the best opener’s ever and it’s a personal favourite match of mine that I’d perhaps but on both men’s top 5 and definately there top 10 matches of all time.
Jericho so great at playing both face and a heel, encouraged the “Eddie Sucks” chants and then Eddie Guerrero ran out of the ring when it looked like Jericho would strike.

Jericho took down Eddie with a quick hiptoss, both men get back up and then Eddie told the ref he pulled his hair in typical heel fashion to a chorus of boo’s. Heenan is here! Nice.
Heenan says Eddie Guerrero is smart for slowing the pace down and taking a breather. Neutral position for both men and Eddie with two side headlock takedown’s that get countered by Jericho twisting Eddie’s head with his legs as a reversal. This actually happens three times and then Eddie Guerrero complains he is grabbing Eddie’s hair, nice.

Good exchange there as well. Eddie Guerrero (kayfabe) knew Jericho had him beat so he had to resort to telling the official Jericho was cheating to buy himself some time and look for an opening.

This match is extremely fast by the way.

Jericho with a shoulder block to Eddie Guerrero off the side ropes to a loud roar from the crowd. Eddie Guerrero down and dissapointed with the power move by Lionheart. Jericho then stared into Eddie Guerrero’s eyes and the two locked up again but Eddie with an armbar into a leg sweep and then twisted the knee and he began to pull the hair of Jericho!


Eddie Guerrero twisted the arm of Jericho but then Lionheart answered back with a quick armdrag takedown, and Eddie Guerrero slams his hand on the mat in frustration. Hillarious stuff how Eddie can’t be the better man. Jericho one step ahead and then the two tied up and Eddie cornered him.

Eddie Guerrero with a stiff uppercut and then a backhand followed by a chop and a reverse elbow and another chop. Eddie Guerrero irish whipped Jericho to the ropes he stops on the top and flips back onto Eddie in a counter move and then an armdrag takedown followed by a shop and then another hip toss. Jericho had Eddie Guerrero grounded into an armbar and then he drove the knee into Eddie’s arm.

Chris Jericho to his vertical base and then he hits a side takedown while Eddie Guerrero is still in a painful looking armbar, despite Eddie doing the thing he complained about earlier. “Pulling the hair”

The foot positioning of the champion Jericho while laying down in the armbar was fabulous. Eddie Guerrero tried everything he could to get back to his vertical base and fight out of it. Eddie used the ropes with his legs for leverage but then Jericho still had the armbar for a good two minutes but Eddie Guerrero battled out of the hold slowly but effective. Eddie grabbed the arm of Jericho and leaned him back for a near, nearfall. Eddie reversed with an irish whip and then Eddie hit an inside cradle, but Jericho flipped over with another roll-up and Jericho hit a quick armdrag takedown.

That roll-up, cradle, mat work was some of the best back and forth sequences I’ve ever seen in a match. Jericho keeps Eddie on the mat after this still working on the left arm.

Eddie keeps trying to knee his way out and Jericho just hits a hiptoss and then while Jericho had Eddie in the armbar he got to his feet and then grabbed onto the ropes to hit a backflip but he got into a waistlock by Jericho he fought off and then off the side ropes leaped over Jericho but then Lionheart elevated Eddie Guerrero to the ropes, then hit a Lionsault and got a two. Jericho with another takedown and then continued to work on the left arm with another left armbar this time on top of him!

Fabulous! Wow.

Jericho lifts the arm of Eddie Guerrero up high and Guerrero tried to escape the top wristlock and then he slammed Jericho’s face into the top rope while flying to the outside. Nice move. Eddie Guerrero came back in the ring with two dropkicks and then Eddie made sure Jericho’s throat was driven into the middle rope. Eddie’s dropkick’s also made Jericho’s lower back feel the pain. Eddie Guerrero irish whipped Jericho into the corner hitting his back. Eddie with wonderful psychology leaning back with a chinlock taken from behind with extra emphasis on Jericho’s injured back.

Eddie is just amazing.

Jericho controlled the first bit and now the match turned to Eddie’s favor. A methodical pace to slow it down by Eddie and he picked him up belly to back and then Guerrero from behind reached for the arms and stretched Jericho’s arm to lift Jericho back in the air, with an upside down surfboard and then went right back into the reverse chinlock while Jericho’s legs were in pain.

Eddie Guerrero was destorying Jericho’s whole body, his quads, abs, chin, back. Jericho tried to powerout of the behind chinlock and then Jericho got to his base somehow.
Jericho’s arms being stretched to both sides while Eddie very Benoit like drove his forehead into Jericho’s shoulder blades for more pressure. Jericho pushed out of it but Eddie Guerrero gives European Uppercut’s which he was so famous for due to his quickness. Eddie so quick with an attack and hit Jericho’s back, and then slingshotted in with an elbow drop to the back.

Eddie Guerrero then picked up Jericho and took a page out of his father’s book and held the Gory Special stretching the back. Jericho reversed it! Eddie Guerrero though dropped by Jericho and he gave him an elbow drop but Eddie Guerrero moved out of the way and then missed a dropkick. Jericho chops Eddie a couple of times in the corner rocking his head. Jericho hit crisp clotheslines and then missed Eddie and he side stepped him, Jericho hit head first into the buckle. Eddie grabbed Chris’s arm and walked the ropes until he fell groin first on the rope and then Jericho shook the ropes as the fans cheered. Jericho elevated himself off the top buckle and caught Eddie Guerrero with a springboard dropkick on the apron. Jericho followed him with a waistlock powerbomb off the apron that Eddie Guerrero countered and pushed him off. Both men collide and then they both go face first into the steel gaurdrail, and both men’s throat hitting the post.

Jericho’s throat had been injured before in the match as well.
Chris Jericho also favoring the lower back due to tremendous and innovative work by the one and only Eddie Guerrero.
Chris Jericho back in the ring now.

Eddie speared him with a shoulder block from the apron, he flipped into the ring, a back elbow, a standing switch and Jericho threw him away with a standing suplex but only a count of two. Jericho then grabbed Eddie by the hair and gave him a hard forearm shot and then Eddie Guerrero irish whipped Jericho to the ropes and went for a powerbomb and Jericho slipped away, however Eddie Guerrero then hit a DDT and it was devistating. The Champion was out. Eddie Guerrero then charged towards Jericho who hit a powerslam out of desperation and STILL only a two count! Jericho kicked Eddie in the mid-section then cornered him and gave him a chop. Eddie charged towards Jericho and Jericho with a spinning leg kick and then a two count. Jericho didn’t know what to do from here but he irishw hipped Eddie and then he caught him up high with a samoan drop, monkey cradle by Jericho, Eddie reverses it only a two. Jericho with a standing powerbomb!

Jericho lifts him again and a double bomb, 1 count and then Jericho broke it and lifted him up high and set him up top for a Superplex, both men go up but Eddie countered in mid-air and Jericho hit hard with his head landing first. Eddie hits the frogsplash from the top and we have a new Cruiser champion, Eddie Guerrero.

Seriosly this match is fantastic. Some of the best reversals, chain wrestling and psychology you will ever see.

I always thought this was a **** 1/4 match and I leaned towards **** 1/2 just because its a favourite of mine. But no, not after this viewing. This match definitely is worthy of the praise I am giving it for just about every reason you could give a match this high of a rating.


**** 1/2




5) Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Eddie Guerrero (c) for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship -WCW Halloween Havoc: October 26th 1997


“Pound for pound you’re not going to find a better wrestler then Eddie Guerrero.”Tony Schiavonne

Well THIS is IT!

This is THE Match that so many talk about in regards to Rey Mysterio Jr and Eddie Guerrero both for that matter. I know SOME don’t look at this match and say it’s one of the finest cruiserweight matches of all time for WHATEVER reason but to those people I ask this?

If it’s NOT then WHY can’t I think of better Eddie Guerrero match in WCW? Think about it, Eddie is a top 10 Wrestler most would agree yet I can’t think of a better match then this one for him.
This is also Rey Mysterio’s best ever as far as I’m concerned because this cruiserweight bout is still a talked about classic to this day nearly eleven years lateer it STILL has people thinking it’s beyond amazing or perhaps its never been outdone, I’d have to agree. Most say it’s the best match in WCW history as well which is no easy task.

Sure there are some people that make a claim that’s it’s overrated. Well, I can’t even begin to see the logic to that argument. Everything about this masterpiece and I said that right, “masterpiece” was BEYOND brilliant. These two had insane chemistry together, Eddie’s magnificent mind games with mastered psychology and solid mat work with Rey’s unbelievebale high risk offense and BRILLIANT, breathtaking improvisations blended together at a spectacular place made Vegas say “WOW” throughout this classic’s entire duration and it wasn’t even that long.

They kept the time relatively short and never let it go on for a few minutes longer then it should have, like other matches have in the past! Rather, everyone wanted MORE from this brilliant contest and soon as it ended but the crowd was happy with the result, with the effort, how it ended and knowing they just witnessed a classic for the ages. Similar to Steamboat/Savage from Wrestlemania 3 where it was just quality, quality, quality in such a short amoung of time.

This STILL gets talked about daily seemingly and for good reason, this match was simply THAT good.

Eddie Guererro going into this PPV defense was the reigning Cruiserweight title holder and Rey hadn’t held the title in quite some time but he spent that time training and winning some impressive battles to move up the ranks in that division as shown on Rey’s DVD.
Rey is wearing a purple suit, while Eddie is as cocky as ever with his hair down giving Rey a glare.

Eddie says this ranks up there as one of the best. Everything clicked, the psychology, the pacing, everything. I’d agree and so would many, everyone is high on this match.
Fans are behind Rey here at Havoc 97 im Vegas while the broadcasters are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan and the American Dream Dusty Rhodes.
The bell rings at Halloween Havoc and the two cruiserweight’s waste little time to get things on. “Eddie Sucks” chants bug Eddie to the point of frustration and then hillariously Mysterio slaps him. The beginning few moves happen so fast that you literally can’t keep up, with Eddie on the outside, Rey does a flip on to the apron and Eddie just scoops Rey’s legs to take him down to the mat. Every time Rey tried to perform a unique high flying move it would be Guererro coming back with a suplex as Eddie Guerrero seems one step ahead of Rey Mysterio and Heenan points out how Eddie Guerrero is the best wrestler in the world.
Eddie Guerrero told Rey he would not get the belt while the fans chanted Eddie sucked.
Rey struck Eddie with some shots and he leaped over Eddie and then caught Eddie Guerrero with an armdrag takedown and then he flew across the ring with a crossbody! Eddie on the outside and Rey went for him but he landed on the apron and Eddie sweeped his legs and he fell on the floor hard.
Bad move by Rey as Eddie had it scouted. Eddie Guerrero had a mean strak and he slammed Rey into the steps. Eddie Guerrero then slingshotted into the ring on top of Rey.
Eddie with a hard chop to Rey. Eddie Guerrero in control here and a european uppercut to Rey Mysterio and then he grabbed him by his power ranger head but Rey reversed an irish whip and gave him a dropkick. Eddie caught Rey after a handspring and hit a back body drop. Rey didn’t want to lose the mask. This was Rey’s 9th mask match and he was 8-0. Mask vs Title obvioussly. Eddie almost got the three and showed frustration.
Eddie with a back breaker to Rey and then only another two. Eddie grabbed Rey by the head and then attempted to take off Rey’s mask. I wish he did in the WM 21 bout, perhaps that one would of been better.
Eddie Guerrero with an abdominal stretch and even in this hold he tried to rip it off his face.
This match owns even more for the fact it happened at Slim Jim’s Halloween Havoc, OOOO YEAH!

Guerrero had this hold for a good minute until picking him up and hitting a back breaker to Rey’s small body and he is in pain on the canvas. Eddie Guerrero with a two count and then he stretched Rey’s arms.

Eddie Guerrero tried his best to make sure the weight advantage was still evident by over powerhimg on top of him. However Rey sprung up out of no where and used the top rope for leverage with his great jump and hit an unbelievable springboard backflip DDT combination. A dropkick sent Eddie outside.

Then Eddie Guerrero drop kicked Rey off the apron as he was one step ahead after a bunch of re-positioning. Match really picks up here.

Eddie sends Rey hard into the railing on the outside and then back into the ring.

Eddie Guerrero then with a surfboard reverse chinlock, and then he ripped off half the mask, or the eye hole while Eddie squeezed the life out of the quick Rey with his forearms crossed. Eddie knew what he was doing here. Eddie Guerrero picked up Rey Mysterio and then locked on a Gory Special locking Rey’s arms back and then Rey counterds with an armdrag but missed a dropkick. Eddie still in control but Rey with instances of resilience. Eddie Guerrero then with a back breaker.

Eddie Guerrero showing who is boss despite Rey’s quick counters. Different variation, first with the shoulder breaker and now he forced his knee into the abdomen of Rey while twisting Rey’s right arm and leg while he layed on his left side in a modified submission hold. Eddie Guerrero irish whipped Rey, he ducked then caught a hard reverse elbow off the side ropes. Eddie got a nearfall.

Mysterio down and sent head first into the corner where he caught another hard European uppercut before a hard chop. Eddie with a right hand and Rey struck back and got Eddie in the corner and the fans got fired up as Rey chopped Eddie for payback, Rey went for an irish-whip but Eddie caught him with one after a chop. Rey Mysterio hung upside down on the turnbuckle helpless and Eddie Guerrero dropkicked him before a baseball slide where Rey sat up with great agility and Eddie hit groin first into the Slim Jim pole, hurting his own Slim Jim.

This changed the complection of the match buying Rey enough time to launch himself off the top onto Eddie from the turnbuckle then chopped him.

Mysterio reaching down to get the ball back in his court. Rey reversed off the side ropes, landed on his feet, a quick roll-up and just a two count. Eddie though came back with a clothesline to Rey. Eddie was close to being defeated for the title with a hurricanrauna. Rey with a springboard and missed and with a headscissor he took him to the outside off the inside apron.

Rey then with a summersault flip to the outside and then in mid-air hit a headscissors/hurricanrauna to Eddie onto the ground that launched Eddie to the outside. Eddie then inside the ring caught a Corkscrew moonsault from the high flying Rey Mysterio. What aerial offense.

Talk about exciting.

Rey with a powerslam.

Mysterio tried a split-legged moonsault but Eddie blocked it with his knees.

Eddie Guerrero hit a hard powerbomb and then pinned him and got a two. Eddie Guerrero is frustrated!

Eddie charged towards Rey and then hit face first into the corner and Rey hit a spin wheel kick to Eddie. Rey signalling to go to up top for a springboard hurricanrauna and went for it but Eddie caught him in mid-air and turned it into a back breaker.

This looked like the Champion was going to put it away with a frogsplash now, but Eddie rolled when he realized Rey was going to move. Rey jumped and got caught from the top turnbuckle by Eddie but he turned it around and Eddie went for a powerbomb from the top but got caught with a Hurricanrauna by Rey Mysterio who hooked the legs and got the three at 13:41.


The classic was over.
One of the best matches in WCW history if not the very best.


**** 3/4




Disc 2 to be continued…

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