Review: WWE Daniel Bryan & Sheamus “Superstar Collection” DVDs

August 2, 2012 by Joe Israel

Out of all of the Superstar Collection DVD’s that WWE is releasing over the next few months, there’s no question that the two August releases have been the ones I’ve looked forward to the most.  Daniel Bryan has been one of my favorite wrestlers since I first saw him live at ROH Survival of the Fittest in 2004, and Sheamus has been one of my favorite wrestlers in the WWE ever since he moved over to Smackdown.  Also, neither man has ever had a DVD released about himself, so we are getting a good number of matches that are new to compilation DVDs.

Ultimately, I don’t think either of these DVD’s disappointed.  Because of the previous Cena & Ryder releases, I went in with a good idea of what I was going to be getting in terms of packaging and presentation.  But because Sheamus & Bryan have been such great characters for the WWE over the past couple of years, I think these DVD’s both exceed those previous releases.  And again, with such a low price tag (it appears they are going for 7 dollars from most major retailers), it’s hard to go wrong here. Each DVD is rated TV-PG, and is 90 minutes long.



If you are curious to see my more detailed thoughts on the overall formatting of the Superstar Collection series, check out my review of the Cena/Ryder DVD’s under the Reviews tab above.  To review the key points, though, the biggest problem with the Superstar Collection DVD’s are the packaging, the menus, and the short introductions.  In these areas, you really notice that these DVD’s are budget DVD’s, and they come across as pretty cheap.  The only advantage is that the boxes at least have the same overall artwork, and when they are all released, they will look good together on a shelf.  The brief introductions to the DVD are pretty generic; they give a decent idea of who the overall character is, but don’t really give us any details of the superstar’s history.  For Sheamus, they emphasize his brawling, warrior-like style, and for Bryan, they focus on his history and his submission abilities.  We do get a few photos from the indy scene on the Bryan DVD, and it was cool to see the GHC Heavyweight belt on WWE DVD release, but still, the intros are fairly insignificant.

One of the biggest strengths of these two particular Superstar Collection features is that they chose the perfect matches to show the evolution of each superstar.  In the case of the Sheamus DVD, they did an excellent job picking the 5 most important matches of his career from his debut through January of 2012.  I honestly don’t think there could really be a complaint about the matches that they chose. Sure, a lot of them are PPV matches, but most of them are new to compilation DVD sets, which is what I consider important when it comes to matches being repeated on DVD’s.  The only somewhat confusing aspect of Sheamus’s career is his switch from heel to babyface, which isn’t all that transparent.  You can see the change in looking from the King of the Ring match to the US Title match to the Royal Rumble.

In regards to the Daniel Bryan release, I again felt that a lot of his biggest matches are included on the set.  The only glaring omission is his Money in the Bank cash-in on TLC 2011.  The biggest issue with this DVD is something that the WWE really had no control over: Daniel Bryan’s character has had a huge evolution since he lost the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania XXVIII, and becuase of this, the DVD already feels a bit outdated.  There’s no question that the YES! catchphrase has been the biggest thing to ever happen to Daniel Bryan, and this DVD mostly predates that taking off (although we get to see the early days of this version of his character at Royal Rumble 2012).  Another weird choice for this DVD is that it includes a short video package showing the history between Bryan & The Miz.  While I loved the inclusion of this video package since it helped show the evolution of the feud really well, it felt strange because there aren’t any video packages like this on any of the other Superstar Collections.  It’s hard to complain about it because it is a good video package, it just feels a bit out of place.


“Celtic Warrior”: The Sheamus Matches

WWE Championship Tables Match: Sheamus Vs. John Cena (TLC, 12/13/09) – ***

A pretty standard tables match from early on in Sheamus’s career.  The finish didn’t do much to help Sheamus get over as the new WWE Champion, but he still put up a pretty nice showing.

WWE Championship Fatal 4-Way Match: Sheamus Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Edge Vs. John Cena (Fatal 4-Way, 6/20/10) – *** 1/4

The most memorable part of this match ends up being the Nexus invasion at the end of the match, but up until that point, the match is basically a series of each wrestler’s signature maneuvers. Definitely a fun match to watch, but I was hoping for a bit more with such high level talent together in the ring.

King of the Ring Finals: Sheamus Vs. John Morrison (Raw, 11/29/10) – ***

A great TV match that, for me, turned Sheamus into a star after his 2 WWE title runs that came too early in his career.  Morrison & Sheamus both look good and at the same time make each other look good.  Unfortunately, the guest ring announcing from Miss USA is dreadful.

US Championship Match: Sheamus Vs. Daniel Bryan (Raw, 3/14/11) – ** 1/2

A very short TV match.  After Extreme Rules 2012, we all know what these two are capable of in the ring together, so it’s hard to not look at this match as a disappointment.  Still nothing terrible, though.

Royal Rumble Match (Royal Rumble, 1/29/12) – N/A

As expected, this match is joined in progress at the point Sheamus entered (#22). Fortunately, this still allows us to see the highlight of this Rumble: the final sequence between Sheamus & Chris Jericho.  I am a huge Rumble fan, and have seen each one multiple times, and this may be my favorite final 2 sequence in the history of the match (it certainly would fall in the top 3).


“I Paid to See Daniel Bryan”: The Daniel Bryan Matches

Daniel Bryan Vs. Chris Jericho (NXT, 2/23/10) – ** 1/2

Yes, at one point there was a memorable match on NXT.  Although this match is relatively short, Jericho & Bryan have as good of chemistry as you would expect. A fun, short match.

US Championship Match: Daniel Bryan Vs. The Miz (Night of Champions, 9/19/10) – *** 1/2

Daniel Bryan & The Miz end up playing off each other well, bringing out the best in each other.  This is a very well done match between the two men, and the first match from Bryan in WWE that proved he wasn’t just an “indy guy”.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Daniel Bryan Vs. Cody Rhodes Vs. Wade Barrett Vs. Kane Vs. Heath Slater Vs. Justin Gabriel Vs. Sheamus Vs. Sin Cara (Money in the Bank, 7/17/12) – **** 1/4

This Money in the Bank ladder match is loaded with great in-ring workers, so you get some excellent spots throughout this match.  Each wrestler is given an opportunity to shine, and they put together one of the stronger Money in the Bank matches.

Daniel Bryan Vs. Mark Henry (Smackdown, 9/4/11) – * 1/2

I feel the only reason this match was included on the DVD was to show some build-up to the next match featured on the set.  The match never gets out of first gear, and is very short.  Bryan & Henry did what they needed to in this match, but it clearly is more of a storyline set-up.

World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match: Daniel Bryan Vs. Big Show Vs. Mark Henry (Royal Rumble, 1/29/12) – ***

For what it was, I thought this match was very well put together.  Both of the big men look really good, and Bryan gets a few opportunities to show he deserves to be in the main event.  It is a bit slow because of the limitations of the two big men, but it still is a fun match.  I also really enjoyed the finish with Bryan & Big Show.


“Yes! Yes! Yes!”: Overall Thoughts

I’ve read from various people all over the internet that these Superstar Collection DVD’s are “garbage” or “a total waste of money”.  At least in the case of these Sheamus and Bryan DVD’s, that could not be further from the truth. 

I enjoyed each of these DVD’s a great deal, and for $7, they are a total steal.  Although they are short, I think the 90 minute length works very well in one sitting, and you really get to see the evolution of each man’s career.  You get some very strong matches on each set as well.  I’m sure down the road, we will get more detailed DVD’s looking at the careers of Bryan & Sheamus.  At this time, though, these DVD’s give a great spotlight on the first couple of years of these two superstars’ careers.  Looking over the match listings for the rest of the Superstar Collection DVD’s and having watched the first two released, I feel confident in saying that the Sheamus & Daniel Bryan releases are the 2 that should be the highest priority to pick up. Please don’t dismiss these DVD’s as only being for the casual fan; they deserve a spot in your collection as well.

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The UK will not be getting the Superstar Collection DVD series, but they are also available in Australia. Fans down under can get hold of them at first.

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  1. nightmare says:

    I never got a replay back for what I said I have look but fine and it is on ebay I just don;t want to rip anybody off that all .I am know for being honest to people and I want it to stay that way .

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Look down the page. You had two replies to your big comment about value. And selling on ebay is perfectly honest. If it’s an auction people bid whatever they like.

      Use your brain, please.

  2. Daniel Bee says:

    Nightmare: I just had to delete a comment of yours here because it was the exact same long one again you left on this page the other day about what DVDs you have to sell and their rarity. Look back, people did answer you.

    It seems like you leave comments but don’t read replies and it’s getting tiring. This is not a place to sell your DVDs anyway. Use eBay – you’ll have a lot more luck getting buyers. Don’t complain the forum has gone because barely anybody was trading. I’ve said that a few times now but no doubt you didn’t read properly.

  3. Tony Kegger says:

    $7 is not a total steal. It is for a new DVD, but if you wait a few years, you can get 3 hour+ DVDs for less than $6.

    As for the Daniel Bryan matches, I saw the money in the bank match and the match vs. The Miz both in-person. Both of them are in the top 5 of the best matches I’ve ever seen and I have seen over 50 televised WWE matches (RAW and PPVs) in person. The match vs. Miz stole the show and the Money in the Bank was one of the best PPV openers in WWE history. Prior to WM 28, I would say those two matches were in the top 3 Daniel Bryan WWE matches so good DVD to get if you don’t own those matches and you like Daniel Bryan. That Jericho match is a good one too.

  4. nightmare says:

    I will agree with someone because I said the same thing if you don’t like these than don;t buy them I mean AX3 is right all the bitching in the world is not going to stop someone from buying these or Vince making them .It your choice

  5. jasongoldsmith says:

    just more low budget crap from WWE kind of like the rock vs cena set–a 3 disc set for ONE match.
    but on one hand it does open up the possibilty for more rivalry dvds like:
    hogan vs hbk
    jeff hardy vs scott hall
    goldberg vs hugh morrus
    the mulkeys vs the gladiators
    hhh vs vladimir kozlov
    amongst other great feuds…….

  6. CaptainCrazy says:

    only have the sheamus king of the ring match so these are a must buy for me

  7. Nate says:

    theres a huge spot in my collection for them

  8. oldschool says:

    These dvds just do not wow me at all, unless they are in the bargain bin I will not be buying it. If I were trying to reach a larger audience I would provide more content or a ten to fifteen minute bio on the wrestler…

  9. the man says:

    these dvds are made to rip off the fans while provding zero worth while content. major duds. I agree with below posters. I think the only ones liking these are the ones who are paid by the WWE like the ones on the take running this website

    • Joe Israel says:

      I just want to make sure that no one thinks we actually receive any money from the WWE (or really any money period). To say these DVD’s provide no worthwhile content, in my opinion, is just wrong, when both DVD’s contain almost all the major milestones in each man’s career.

      • Daniel Bee says:

        Joe’s right. WWE does not pay for this site to exist or particular articles to go up. Nothing of the sort. We’re fans passionate about the topic.

        WWE is in support of what we do though. These are two real quotes from them.

        “Nice website.”

        “We appreciate the boost it gives us.”

        And that’s for positive or negative reviews/feedback 😀

    • Dave says:

      Just for your info liking these DVDs doesn’t mean WWE is paying us to like them. We don’t bitch and moan about these DVDs because its not a big deal like many people make around here, they’re many others things to worry about than what DVDs WWE are releasing.

      People really need to lighten up around here…Its not like they’re charging $25-$30 for these DVDs, rather than a price of a Big Mac combo…not a big deal.

      You like these DVDs good for you, at least you’re supporting WWE…you don’t, simple answer is DON’T BUY THEM, no need to act all cool by bashing them and saying “pass pass pass” “waste of money”, etc. nobody cares.

    • CaptainCrazy says:

      this man is such a douche

  10. Eric says:

    These DVD’s are kind a quick look at their careers. They aren’t made for people that have tons of WWE DVDs, but for casual fans. I considered buying them until I saw the matches. I have already have almost all of those matches on DVD.

  11. ax3 says:

    for the people out there who are bitching about these dvds just shut the f*** up already because no one give a s**t about ur comments

  12. nightmare says:

    I sure this is an odd questions but how to you determine how rare a WWF/WWE dvd is I have the original Attitude Collection Austin vs Mcmahon 2002 dvd not the reprint and I have that along with a few others in a lot of ebay and was wondering how do you figure out a price for it

    I know I seen it on Amazon for 200.00 and then there 2 for 75.00 but there scratch up and don’t have the insert and mine does .

    I am wanting to sell these I have the bid staring at 165.00 but you also get these

    The Rock Just Bring It 2 disc dvd set brand new very rare

    Attitude Collection Best of RAW Vol. 1 Brand New DVD original not reprint

    WWE Edge You think you know me blu ray

    WCW GREAT AMERICAN BASH 1996 VHS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION COMPLETE WITH BOX and WWE: Night of Champions 2008 (2008) BRAND NEW is this a good starting price for it ,

    I don;t know if the reprint which was never sold in the States makes these more rare or not I was also told that the Attitude Collection Austin vs Mcmahon 2002 is the rarest dvd they made

    I would like some help please

    • Anonymous says:

      Kudos Nightmare, nice job of trying to attract people toward your DVDs for sale while trying to not seem like a troll/shill. You almost pulled it off.

    • james says:

      There is no “price guide” to tell you how much DVD’s are worth. Look on eBay and Amazon to see how much people are paying for them. That’s how much they’re worth. Stop hijacking threads with this completely unrelated BS.
      I was considering throwing some derogatory insults in your direction, but I’m going to hold off on doing that because I think there might be something wrong with you mentally based on how often you do this. And that would just be in bad taste if that’s the case.

  13. Harry Faversham says:

    Boooo! Booooo! Booooo! Thumbs down….Booooo!

  14. nightmare says:

    I think there a waste of money but that my opinion I mean Vince owns all the wrestling footage and I feel he could release much better ones like how about the ppv that where never release on dvd just vhs or the best of WCW ppv

  15. Anonymous says:

    awesome reviews, thanks YES!

  16. Dave says:

    I found the Bryan and Sheamus DVDs from Walmart couple days back and they’re decent.

    What’s funny is that when i went there all the Cena superstar collection DVDs were gone – placeholder was there and they had tons of Zack Ryder DVDs.

    Its all about money and these are targeted towards casual fans and people that don’t buy a lot of WWE DVDs.

  17. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Nice review…thanks.

  18. Steve G says:

    Look like pure garbage to me; the only match worth it is the NXT D Bryan contest. Just say NO! NO! NO! To crappy half assed budget releases!

  19. Scott says:

    I agree. These are the two DVDs of the Superstars series that I am most excited about and the only two I’ll be buying. Match selection is dead on. Would I like to have seen a documentary about each man’s career so far? YES! YES! YES! Something similar to the old VHS releases such as Kurt Angle “It’s True, It’s True” and Jericho’s “Break Down the Walls”. They were short, but a great synopsis of the newer talents.

  20. Bowers says:

    I have the Bryan one on Pre-order, the Jericho match from NXT makes a buy for me

  21. CaptainCrazy says:

    the sheamus one is a must have for me

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