Review: ECW One Night Stand 2005 DVD

January 23, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE-ECW Present “One Night Stand 2005” Review

“Steve Austin is here!!!”Joey Styles




-WWE-ECW One Night Stand 2005 took place on June 12th, 2005 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City in front of 2,500 fans.

-Although the build-up for the PPV began in the middle of May, plans were in the works behind the scenes for several months in advance. Tommy Dreamer and Paul Heyman were in charge of organizing the event and getting ECW Originals to participate. He contacted several people.



-325,000 people bought the event on pay-per-view


-WWE adopted One Night Stand as an annual pay-per-view event. The event returned to the Ballroom for another show in 06 and the event was used as a yearly pay-per-view until 2009 when its name was changed to WWE Extreme Rules.



-Joey Styles and Mick Foley did commentary.



-Now onto the PPV……………


ECW is chanted and then we get the intro music followed by Joey Styles who comes out to an Austin-like pop.


A visibly-emotional Styles delivers his trademark OH MY GAAAWD followed by a roar. He welcomes us to the show and introduces his broadcast partner Mick Foley and of course he gets a big pop coming out to Cactus Jack music in Cactus gear.





1) Opening Contest- Lance Storm (With Dawn Marie) vs LionHeart Chris Jericho



Jericho made his wrestling debut against one Lance Storm so why not open the show this way.

Fans pumped for what should be a great opener.

I am pumped because watching this show is just so entertaining due to the lively crowd, all the chants and the non-stop action.

Here we go!

Dawn Marie looks so happy to be here, the fans are in love with Storm cheering and chanting welcome back.

Jericho is announced as Lionheart and wears his retro gear but comes out to his WWE theme so there is sort of a mixed reaction.

Foley and Styles give us some background on how these guys started their careers together.

Fans chanting EC DUB over and over through the night and opening part of this show.

The match starts off with both guys showing respect to one another.
Your typical chain-wrestling start here to this match which gets a roar of approval by the crowd. Mostly the tie-up leading into a side-headlock take-over into a leg-scissors then Ricky Steamboat like arm drags by both men, both men technically sound, also some Monkey Flipping inbetween to counter the other mans offense inside the ring.

Jericho now tries to lock the legs of Storm back. Jericho dropkicks Lance Storm out of the ring.

Storm irishwhips Jericho to the ropes and an amazing dropkick to Jericho. Storm hits a standing vertical suplex. Storm with a chinlock on Jericho. Jericho sends Storm to the corner and he lands on the top turnbuckle, Jericho dropkicks him in mid-air.

First Holy Shi* chant.

A nice Chris Candido chant is started.

Jericho with an inziguri and a beautiful german suplex into a bridge in pinning position getting a two count.

Amazing pace here.

Storm caught Jericho off the ropes launching himself at him and now Storm hooking the leg of Jericho caught him with a high boot to the face, a superkick. Then on the mat a left shoulder of Chris Jericho up just barely to kick out. Jericho with some offense and an elbow from the top getting just a two.

Fu** John Cena is chanted.

A Single Leg-Crab is applied onto Jericho by Lance Storm. Styles points out how ironic it is that Jericho has a finisher called the Walls. Jericho slingshots Storm to the corner and Chris hits a running bulldog.

Jericho holds the Walls and Dawn distracts.

Justin Credible comes in and Jericho knocks him off the apron. Justin hits Jericho in the head with a weapon behind the back of the official and Storm pins Jericho.

Fans roar.
So in the end at 7:22 Lance Storm got the victory and the Impact Players live!

This match was the perfect opener. Not long, full of action and respect and retro. L


*** 1/4


They talk now about the INVADING Raw and Smackdown! Superstars who are going to crash this party.

We get an ECW tribute brought to us by the remaining Pitbull.

Rocco Rock 1953-2002.

Terry Gordy 1961-2000

Mike Lockwood (Crash Holly) 1971-2003

Original Sheik 1926-2003

Mike Lozansky 1968-2003

Pitbull Durante 1967-2003

Big Dick Dudley 1968-2002

Chris Candido 1972-2005


May all of them as well as the other wrestlers from every other promotion rest in peace.






2) Super Crazy vs Yoshihiro Tajiri (With the Sinister Minister and Mikey Whipwreck) vs Little Guido (With Tracy Smothers, Tony Mamaluke, Big Guido and J.T. Smith) in a Three Way Dance



Well here comes Tajiri with his managers.

Styles points out this is not a WWE style three way dance where its over after the first fall. This is single elimination. Once one pinfall occurs the match becomes one on one.

Little Guido comes out with his F.B.I. to a big pop.

Super Crazy comes out, and Styles says the official is a poor Bastard having to call this match.

Bell rings and now were going to get gang wars from New York City. A solid backbreaker by Super Crazy to Tajiri.

A backbreaker countered by Little Guido to Tajiri until Super Crazy comes back in the ring, he was tossed out previous. Super Crazy dropkicks Little Guido to the face. Tajiri and Super Crazy flip around and apply boots to the face of the opposition.

Little Guido off the top with the Slice, John Cena does that move, a Fame-Asser from the top rope so to speak. More Holy Sh** chants.

This match gets taken to the balcony.

EC DUB and Holy Sh** are chanted as Super Crazy does a move that is well, Super Crazy then poses in the ring with a moonsault.

He took out the entire FBI.

Tajiri went for a sunset flip then locked on the Tarantula to Super Crazy. The FBI on the outside drag Super Crazy into the turnbuckle groin-first.

Tajiri takes care of business in the ring.

Mikey with the Whippersnapper and Tajiri gets the pin on Little Guido.

Super Crazy and Tajiri the only two guys left in the ring. Super Crazy with a springboard moonsault onto Tajiri. Tajiri then countered a powerbomb into a ddt but only scored a nearfall. Super Crazy down and Tajiri kicks at his head. Super Crazy with a moonsault off two turnbuckles to Tajiri.

Mikey knocks him off the third. Super Crazy ducks the Buzzsaw kicked and a round-house right hand. The first You Fu**ed up chant. Not sure if it was an error or not.

Tajiri is knocked out by Super Crazy.

In the end at 6:12 Super Crazy got the victory!
This match was extremely entertaining. The spot of the match is Super Crazy and his moonsault off the balcony to the FBI, and Foley on commentary says he has never seen anything like that which is really SOMETHING coming from a hardcore legend like Mick Foley.

Nothing but quality, not a dull second in the six minutes and twelve seconds.

Great, great stuff.




3) Rey Misterio Jr. vs Psychosis



Fans were kind of against Rey here for doing his WWE moves in this ECW match.

Psychosis comes out first with his mask. Extreme Lucha Libre is on and the fans are not happy with him taking off his mask even though Styles said he did it out of respect.

Fans chant Lucha Libre.

Foley says in 95 they had the feud of the year in ECW. WOW, above Malenko-Guerrero says hello.

Put your mask on is chanted to Psychosis.

The match starts off with Psychosis working over the arm of Rey.

A test of strength now. An arm-drag out of the corner Psychosis hits an arm-drag to Rey. Rey up on the shoulders of Psychosis and gets a two. Rey smiles at the maskless Psychosis.

Misterio (note the spelling for ECW) leaps in the air but Rey Rey is planted right into the canvas by Psychosis.

Psychosis pushed Rey to the corner and then Misterio hurt his back as a ton of velocity on the irishwhip.

Psychosis with a sleeper on Rey. Fans are not feeling this match and boo.

Psychosis with a clubbing forearm to Rey and then he drops Rey abdomen first on the guardrail. Psychosis to the top turnbuckle and hits a wonderful legdrop onto Rey on the top barricade that makes Misterio flip over onto the floor. Spot of the match for sure.

Rey gets a leg on the rope so no pin for Psychosis.

A chop by Psychosis to Rey and he leaps back and then Rey is pushed into the corner. Psychosis charged and missed Rey in the corner with a dropkick and crashed into the turnbuckle.

Mysterio drives Psychosis face-first into the canvas.

Shoulder first into the steel and Psychosis goes into the front row on ladies. Rey launches himself off the top onto Psychosis.

This match has become better accepted by the fans until the 619 is hit as its a WWE move. West Coast Pop for Rey and the win.


In the end at 6:22 Rey Misterio Jr. picked up the victory.

This match was not nearly as bad as the fans may of said but it did its job effectively.

** 1/2





In comes Smackdown! JBL and Angle lead Orlando Jordan, the Bashams in the Cabinet. Fans chanted that they liked oral in a homosexual sort of way.

Angle gets on the mic and really got the crowd in a big sort of way.

JBL gets on the mic and the fans give it to him in a bad way as well.





RVD Shoot-Promo

A Couple weeks short of holding the tv title 2 full years as said by RVD was the best point.

Van Dam was injured and said it sucked that he could not wrestle and it blew more then missing Wrestlemania. RVD talks about pitching the idea to McMahon.

RVD shoots on how the WWE handled his promo skills.

A great heart-filled promo by RVD.

Rhyno then speared RVD. Fans chant for Sabu.







4) Sabu (With Bill Alfonso) vs Rhyno


The lights turn dark and out comes Sabu.


Rhyno and Sabu are ready to go. Fans chant you got fired to Rhyno who apparently broke a plant at a hotel, I wish I was making that up.

Rhyno the last ECW Champion.

The match starts off with Sabu taking it to Rhyno.

Sabu launches himself off a chair, a springboard dive onto Rhyno and drove him into the steel barricade.

Rhyno once back in the ring takes it to Sabu.

It did not take long for Sabu to get back in the match launching himself at Rhyno, using chairs thrown to him. A legdrop and then a two count.

Sabu is tripped going for a moonsault and Sabu eats the chair set up in the ring.

Rhyno now scoops up Sabu and in a torture rack drops Sabu face-first onto the steel chair. Rhyno picks up Sabu and drops him back head-first onto the top turnbuckle.

Rhyno gores the official instead of Sabu but hit the piledriver to Sabu.

RVD comes in on one knee and throws the chair to Rhyno.

Van Dam picks up the chair limping and he plants it in the corner on Rhyno and injured and all dropkicks Rhyno.

RVD sets up a table now and Sabu drops a chair below his leg on Rhyno through a table from the top. Amazing.

Foley says OH MY GOD, Styles says BANG BANG.


In the end at 6:30 Sabu wins the match.

This match like all of them on the night was a ton of fun.

A spotfest done well.

Fans in love with Van Dam and his participation and lead-in helps the star rating. Both men tribute the Original Sheik by pointing to the sky who trained them both.


** 3/4



The Raw brand arrives.



5) Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero



Benoit gets a great pop, this WAS just one year after his World Title reign in the WWE.


Eddie does as well, and he looks calm as all hell. It is hard to believe he would be dead in a matter of months.

The match starts off with a test of strength.

Lets go Benoit and Lets go Eddie are chanted.

More Fu** John Cena is chanted.

Styles elludes to the fact these men have wrestled in many different continents.

I myself saw them open a Smackdown! in 2003. A moment in my life I will never forget.

These men truly are artists.

The quick striking in this match is superb, slick arm-drag takedowns.

Eddie Guerrero takes a break on the outside.

You screwed Matt is chanted at Edge in the balcony.

Eddie Guerrero back in the ring chops Benoit and now off the ropes hits him with a reverse elbow. Eddie Guerrero chops Benoit he hits him back three times. Eddie Guerrero with a thumb to the eye then a snapmare and takes Benoit over with his boot.

Benoit is down on the mat Eddie has his nose cut.

Benoit with a chop, Eddie Guerrero ducks and hits one of his own. Good vicious match this is.

Not maybe the most technical-mat match you may have expected but this is still solid. It would be pretty hard for these two to put on a bad match.

This is not to be honest their finest hour together in the ring such as in Japan or Vengeance 2003 for example.

While Eddie Guerrero has a headlock on Benoit, the fans chant Fu** you Bischoff, Coach plugs his ears as Easy E Eric is all smiles.

Benoit charging at Eddie on the outside and missed him crashing to the floor through the middle ropes.

Eddie hits Benoit with a steel chair across the back and then slams his head into a wooden table on the outside.

Superplex from the top, Eddie went for a frogsplash but took too long, Benoit moved. Both men down as the fans applaud a solid wrestling match. Chris fights back.
Beautiful bridge on a Northern Lights Suplex to Eddie and a bridge, only a two. Benoit then set up Eddie with a superplex from the top rope.

Payback is a bitch says Styles as Eddie Guerrero got Benoit in a time before that.

Benoit hooks up with the Germans, one, two and then a third. The hattrick. Foley calls it Classic Benoit, not Vintage. Take notes Michael Cole.

Benoit signals for the end and hits a diving headbutt.
In the end Benoit defeated his good friend Eddie at 10:27 with a Crossface.

Beyond sad to think that in just two years both men would be gone.

This match was definitely solid by both guys standards.

RIP boys.



*** 1/4




Bischoff now rips on the crowd.





6) Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka



“This Match Rules!”

A chant heard many times during this amazing match here between Tanaka and Awesome who had a long history together in ECW as they put on an awesome series of matches.

This night felt so special and was such a nostalgia rush for everyone, and this match stole the show hands down.

Here we go!

Masato Tanaka gets shoved and he shoves Awesome back as the bell had already rung.
Styles goes insane on Awesome for leaving ECW awhile back. Raw and Smackdown! were watching from the box.

A suicide dive from Awesome to Tanaka after a shoulder blocker inside the ring.

Joey Styles says “It`s a shame he didn`t take his own life“ after Awesome`s suicide dive.

Well I guess he got his wish not even two years later. I think he would probably call that differently now.

Masato Tanaka connects with a chair shot to Awesome on the outside followd by pressing his back against the steel, but the bigger Mike Awesome fired back with a charging clothesline to Masato Tanaka. Masato Tanaka inside the ring was rolled up in the middle while Mike Awesome set up a table n the gaurdrail. Masato Tanaka ducked a clothesline and then recieved one from Awesome.

Mike Awesome from the ring apron gave Masato Tanaka an amazing Awesome Bomb through the table outside the ring.

Masato Tanaka was then driven over the top rope by Mike Awesome and through the table, even a sign had read Awesome Bomb!

Back inside the ring Masato Tanaka got hit with an Awesome Splash and Tanaka kicked out! Fans applaud the efforts.

Raw`s Edge and SD`s JBL argue from the box.
Awesome then with more Raw power hit yet another Awesome bomb to Masato Tanaka inside the middle of the ring. Mike Awesome looked for more weaoins and found a steel chair. Awesome missed a chairshot, Tanaka issed his. Awesome hit one.




And finally a third. Amazing chair shots.

ECW chants. Masato Tanaka in the corner got a boot up on Tanaka and then hit a snap takedown to Awesome on the ground. Masato Tanaka set up a chair on the mat in the midle of the ring and hit a Tornado DDT to Awesome on to the chair and he kicks out.

Great pacing with spots, and all of them were hardcore to say the least. Masato Tanaka slammed a chair on top of another chair to Awesome. A chair still laying on Awesome, meanwhile Masato Tanaka does a leg drop from the top onto a chair onto Awesome and somehow he managed to kick out!

A waistlock go behind by Masato Tanaka, but Awesome charged towards him and speared him back first onto a table! Awesome with a steel chair in hand went to the top turnbuckle and slammed a chair into the head of Masato Tanaka. Everything is legal.
Foley says the human skull was not made for this kind of punishment, and he`d know. Infact I`m surprised with the shots he`s taken he even still is able to know that.


Awesome then having table troubles outside the ring and finally puts one in to a sarcastic applaud from a rowdy ECW fanbase who were just having a good time all night long.

Masato Tanaka was on the corner and Mike Awesome set him up on top of the turnbuckle. Mike Awesome then had his move reversed in mid-air, a tornado DDT by Masato Tanaka through the table! What a counter, and just a two count for Masato Tanaka on Mike Awesome.

Fans chant ECW once again.

JBL seems to have been cheering on Mike Awesome. Masato Tanaka to the top rope got caught with a forearm by Mike Awesome. Awesome then from the top rope hit an unbelievable powerbomb onto the table head first.

And still just a two count.

That powerbomb was beyond unbelievable and I personally do not see how Masato Tanaka even agreed to that seeing as it was beyond dangerous due to his head nearing one of the legs of the table.

Masato Tanaka was in the middle of the ring and rolling in pain and agony. Awesome set up another table outside the ring. Mike Awesome got back in the ring and then set up Masato Tanaka for another Awesome Bomb and he drove him over the top rope a splash through the table, Mike Awesome flew over the top rope right behind him which is impressive for his size.

In the end 12:49, Awesome won.

This match was the best of One Night Stand 2005 which is hands down one of the most enjoyable events of all time so that is really saying something.

Foley said it right when he said, Mercifully, it is over.
One of the best spotfests you will ever see between two guys throwing there balls to the wall.

One of my all time favourite matches.



**** 1/4





Heyman cuts a Shoot-Promo


Paul E comes out to a wonderful ovation obviously.

Emotional and gives us thanks, the hardcore fans in attendance. Paul E is chanted.

His memorable lines were Hide your wives its Edge! The JBL rip because Triple H did not want to work Tuesdays.

Amazing stuff.









7) Main Event- The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) vs Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman


The Dudleyz are here. It is Main Event time, what a fun event.


Out comes Mr. Loyalty in Tommy Dreamer in an EC Effin W shirt. The Innovator of Violence.


Enter Sandman. One of the best entrances in wrestling history as the New York faithful sang along to my favourite song. Also the entrance theme for Lesnar in UFC.


Now the bWo and Axl Rotten join in as does Balls Mahoney. Stevie Cool is beaten down. A bunch of ECW talents who did not make the main event battling before it starts.


Bubba Ray Dudley uses a cheese grater on Dreamer and his busted open hood. Ugh.

Bubba takes Dreamer and his blood and puts it on his own face. Bubba Ray Dudley jumps off the top rope and missed Dreamer.

Dreamer now rips open the flesh of Bubba.

Hardcore everywhere. That was really what this match was all about. Sandman is not a catch as catch can wrestler and neither is Dreamer or the Dudleyz.

Everyone knew what to expect here.

Weapons, Ladders, tables, blood all over the place. Trash can lid to the head of Bubba.

Sandman suplexed D-Von so Bubba layed him out with a chair.

Holy Shi** chanted!

Styles talks about how these men love each other which is the scary part. Dudleyz now double-team the Sandman and he is on a ladder. Bubba with a splash off the top onto the ladder on Sandman.


Sandman and Dreamer put a figure four on the Dudleyz and the Impact Players come out with barbed wire.

Credible drops Sandman headfirst on the barbed wire.

All of the sudden Francine comes in and kicks Dreamer. Now it is Buelah and a cat fight starts.

Hilarious stuff.

Beulah knocks Storm in the gonads. Dreamer all bloodied hugs Buelah and then double ddt the Dudleyz.

A kick-out!

Kendo stick shots, blood everywhere. 3-D, Dudley deathdrop but they bring out another table!

FIRE is chanted. Bubba Ray Dudley signals for help. Spike comes out. Lighter Fluid on a table and Styles says we are going to jail. Bubba Ray Dudley does not stop pouring.

Fire on the table and Tommy is driven through.

OHHH MY GOD. A bloodied Tommy is put away.

Everyone starts chaos.

In the end at 10:52 the Dudleyz got the win.

This match was EXTREME, to say the very least.

Sandman came in!

Sandman calls for a beer!



The Glass breaks. Just when we had seen it all, the XFL Las Vegas Outlaw Jersey sporting Steve Austin walks out to his usual thunderous roar and everyone goes wild.

Steve Austin is here screams Styles as he is an ECW Alumnist.

Austin comes out and gives Sandman his props for bein a beer drinker. Austin trash-talks WWE wrestlers.








After the match Austin calls the WWE Superstars down and they go at it with ECW. Fans chant for Taz, not Tazz. The FTW Taz and they get him to a loud pop, Austin smiled on the outside downing a Steveweiser.

Then Austin orders Foley from the booth to grab Bischoff to the ring and Joey Styles loves this on commentary taking every cheap shot imaginable vocally.

Austin tells Benoit to KILL THAT SUM BITCH.




Eesssh…I think Steve would of used a different term if he only would of known. Almost as bad as Styles talking about Mike Awesome taking his own life earlier in the broadcast. Two very ironic pieces of commentary.

Bischoff says F*** ECW and Stone Cold stuns the hell out of him and they end the show with a Beer bash and everyone goes home happy.






Final Rating for “WWE-ECW One Night Stand 2005” = 9/10


This is one of those special events that will stand the test of time for so many different reasons. RVD and Paul Heyman on the mic. The Raw and Smackdown wrestlers in the booth. The Nostalgia. The adrenaline. The fun the fans had, Steve Austin at the end. The Humor, the commentary, the match quality, the star power, it was one of those special events that could not be duplicated. It will forever go down as one of the best shows ever put on by the WWE and ECW together. For that reason and many more it scores a high rating.

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  1. Bill says:

    Now this is how you do an ECW reunion, not that crap TNA tried

  2. Brett Mix says:

    Yes, infact I have already done it Bryan it is just a matter of posting it. I can do that this week, so come to the site every day this week and you will see it. Also the Rise and Fall of WCW, ECW are already done I just have to post it. Rob thanks for the feedback, appreciate it as well. And I watched the Enter Sandman youtube vid, then turned back my DVD player. 😉

  3. bryan says:

    Brett will you be doing a review for Starrcade The Essential Collection sometime soon?

  4. The Angelic One says:

    Only thing that ruins the DVD release is they replaced Enter Sandman. 🙁

  5. Rob L says:

    Always love reading your reviews man. As soon as I got done reading this I went and popped in my copy of One Night Stand 05. I had to relive all the great memories. This is how a PPV is supposed to be done.

  6. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks Bryan, I appreciate it buddy, it is events like this one that make going over shows fun.

  7. bryan says:

    this event was so great and then Vinny Man in his infinite wizdom saw all the dollar signs between this and the Risa and Fall DVD and brought some watered down crap back in 06 and the “rebirth” of ECW on SyFy wow way to ruin all of my great memories of syndicted TV Sat nights at midnight. I’ll still always remember ECW for it’s pre TNN days and way before “the rebirth” and this event always did all those good old ECW days proud. Great review Brett Mix

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