Review: WWE Hard Knocks – The Chris Benoit Story DVD (Disc 1)

November 7, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- Hard Knocks: “The Chris Benoit Story”  Disc 1 Review:


“It haunts me…a life time of sacrifice…gone in a flash!”-Chris Benoit (2004; during a video package)






To the fans of WWE, I (Brett Mix) am taking a look at the DVD put out in 2004 focusing on the career of Chris Benoit. This is not a tribute to the man on any level and if I praise a match it has nothing to do with my views on him now as that is not relevant to the match or DVD details. This is simply a review beneficial to the people who own it now and want another opinion as this is no longer being sold in most stores to my knowledge. Scott Keith wrote a book, and many more will on Chris after the deaths, and there was nothing wrong with that so I will not tolerate any backlash for reviewing a DVD on Chris Benoit. This Review is not to offend anyone and if you want nothing to do with the man then click the X button in your top right corner, or the BACK button on your top left.


Thank you.


-Brett Mix.

-Disc One- Documentary:
Probably the hardest Documentary to review for the most obvious reasons, we take a look at a man who was at the top of everyone`s respect lists and then we know now what we know about his final few days and it`s just such an emotional tragedy when trying to comprehend anything to do with that.
I`ll try and not write anything in bad taste but I wasn`t really looking forward to reviewing this Documentary, as it`s without question pretty tough to watch. I still admire the man`s drive, passion, work ethic and talent and he was just a GREAT Person as this DVD shows but that still doesen`t make it any easier to watch again or review. SO it is time to seperate the man from the performer for this Review and if you fail to do that then just click the x button on your screen and go away, that simple.

They start the Documentary with his family talking about how good of a person he was, and his father Micheal said he’d WORRY about him sometimes because of how quiet he WAS. Interesting.

This was all done in 2004 the year of his World Title reign, and three years short of his death.

They talked about how he was hooked from Wrestling from the start once he saw the Dynamite Kid who he’d idolize growing up and crafted his style just like him.

He says the first event he went to was in Edmonton and he saw Dynamite Kid and it made such an impression on him that he wanted to be exactly like THAT GUY. He talked about weight lifting and how that came about after his passion for Wrestling. He talked about a weight room he had in his house and how he’d spend all his time there, it’s just kind of sad and ironic knowing he died in a weight room.
They show a bunch of clips throughout this documentary of him in Edmonton, signing autographs for kids, shaking hands with the Mayor, taking photographs, posing with the belts, etc. We hear from one of his best friends, and his family during the beginning.

Now we’re into the section of Benoit riding the Alberta Greyhound (God knows I’ve been on them before) and he went to the Dungeon when Bruce Hart invited him and Stu Hart began to train him. And god knows I only wish I could of taken a visit to the Dungeon.

Another Ironic moment when his mother said “I didn’t want Chris to be a hurting unit by the time he was 40 at the pace he was going…”
An emotional moment when Benoit talks about how he owes everything he has to Stu Hart. He then is shown hugging Stu front row at a Raw taping with

Jericho and Benoit tears up when talking about this as it happened some time in the year 2001 when Raw came to Calgary.
He talks about his first match and his suplexes and diving head butt we all know he got from Dynamite but his friend says even when he was Green you could tell he’d be the next great one.
He talks about going to Japan and how excited he was. His mother was upset and he said he hated it because he was at the bottom of the pole, however when he went back at Christmas he was told by guys like the late Bad News Brown to have a different attitude.

Chris Benoit then went back to Japan and had a different positive outlook on the environment over there and then they show the birth of Pegasus Kid.

They then talk about his match where he won the title off of Jushin “Thunder” Liger which is a match that is shown on the first disc. It was a surreal moment for him to be in the Sumo Palace in Tokyo Japan. Liger and Benoit are arguably the two greatest wrestlers in the entire world, that is my opinion.

He lost a mask match against Liger and then became Wild Pegasus without the mask and he liked it a lot better.

They then talk about the beginning of Eddie and Benoit’s friendship in Japan. Funny stories and also Dean Malenko was apart of that family, and Benoit talks about the bond they formed.

Chris Jericho talks about the 2nd round match he had with Pegasus in Japan, the two Calgary Chris’s went at it in the Super J Cup tournament in 1995 and I love that match, it’s **** 1/4 as far as I’m concerned.

Chris didn’t see a lot of Sasuke’s work but in 1994 he first got to work with him and they really put on a SHOW. Chris really knew he could put on something special for him.

They skip to ECW now.

Heyman knew of Benoit’s talent and asked him to come to ECW and Benoit did. They show clips from his many great matches with Scorpio in ECW. They’d also have one in WCW on this DVD.

They then show the famous clip where Benoit drops Sabu on his neck and this is shown in a full segment on the DVD extras, no need to go into it right now, Benoit felt bad about it but Heyman was just happy he could find a gimmick for Chris now to be called the Crippler.

They continue to show some good clips of Benoit legitimately caring for Sabu and some of his early ECW Promo work as well as talk about how ruthless he was as a character, and how close he was with guys like Malenko, Guerrero, etc.

Benoit talked about his troubles and how he couldn’t stay in ECW then he had three try out matches with the WWF against Owen Hart, Adam Bomb and Bob Holly. He talked about how it was still a big man’s world in North American Wrestling (Showing Giant, Hogan, Yoko, Diesel, Sid) and he didn’t think people wanted to see Chris Benoit just yet.
WCW worked a deal with New Japan where they could exchange talent so he signed on with them.

Eddie Guerrero talks about how wonderful of a person Chris Benoit was. He never judged him and was always there to listen.

Benoit talks about his Horsemen stint in WCW and they show clips of Pillman and Arn introducing Benoit as the new 4th Horsemen. They talked about how the Horsemen thing didn’t take off as well as it should have.

Oh here we go….his conflict with Kevin Sullivan is now brought up. Benoit and Sullivan had some awesome bouts and they had bad blood on and off screen. They showed Kevin and Chris beat THE LIVING HELL OUT OF EACH OTHER. Benoit said Sullival was a true professional.

They talk about the Best of 7 Series with Booker T. Benoit is stimulated by changing up his styles, he loves the contrast but with this Best of 7 Series he needed to change it up and they talked about how they were able to do it and it was a lot of fun because of there chemistry.

They then skip to the Owen tragedy.

They showed JR and King announce Owen’s death at Over the Edge.

Chris Benoit talks about that night and when he learned of Owen’s death and then in this part of the interview he turns his head because he was so sad.

They show Benoit in an Owen Shirt coming out to face Bret in an Owen Tribute Match.
Very emotional moment when Benoit talks about that match with Bret and how they showed clips of that beautiful match.

Benoit tears up and says he still misses Owen…

They then skip a year ahead to when Benoit just couldn’t take WCW anymore due to the politics and he still called it a great learning experience, but he said when he hated going to work then it’s wrong. So he made a move.

They then show the January 2000 Raw episode where the Radicalz are sitting at ringside.
Benoit said this is where the names were, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H and The Rock.

Benoit was considering going to Japan and says he was hesitant in the WWF at first but when Wrestlemania rolled around and when he won the IC Title he knew it was so important and how the WWF were more about oppurtunities then politics. They then show a little bit of the feud with Rock/Benoit and Shane. This would take place in the Summer of 2000 and was Benoit’s first big WWF push.

This Documentary has skipped a lot of things and they skip even more soon after this but they do a nice job at looking at the Benoit/Rock feud around Fully Loaded.
Benoit said he felt right at home in the WWF.

He tells a funny story about winning the title at Fully Loaded 2000 and getting messages from friends about how he finally did it, but then of course Foley reversed the decision so they called back and he thought that was funny.

Benoit said he always admired Rock’s charisma but he was curious to know if he could go in the ring, and he said there chemistry surprised him.

He talks about WM 17 and how he appreciated chain wrestling with Kurt Angle and how he was impressed with how Kurt was able to do that despite not much experience but he was an Olympic Champion.

They show clips of the famous Raw Cage match between Benoit and Jericho (but have skipped numerous amount of things like the Y2J ladder match) and Benoit knew his neck was hurting at the time and the cage match dive didn’t help, and he’d get severly injured at KOTR 2001 which they show in the triple threat match with Benoit-Jericho and Steve Austin. They also skipped the Austin feud and matches which is a shame.
They went right into the injury skipping all that.

He then talked about not wanting to take the time off but after talking to Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff he made that deicision.

He said he got a spark when Vince drafted him third to the Smackdown brand!

His comeback was in his home town of Edmonton (and where I was born) and that’s when he turned on Steve Austin.

They then skip the whole year to the Rumble in his classic with Angle. So they missed all the Smackdown Six stuff in 2002 as well as his awesome matches with RVD. Obvioussly this match is going to be discussed and Benoit says every match he had with Kurt was a personal favourite of his. He says after the match it was one of the most emotional moments ever as he got a standing ovation. They then SKIP the WHOLE year of 2003. They show a backstage segment with Heyman and Benoit and Benoit says his Wife and his Kids and everything he’s worked for…Heyman will never break his will. Benoit went through 29 men and won the rumble as we all know to earn his trip to Wrestlemania 20. They show clips off the air with Austin giving Benoit some much needed beers after the Rumble because he had cotton mouth after the Rumble match. They then show the WM 20 match being made and Benoit talking about how that match was everything to him.

This was the moment for him.

Benoit made HHH submit and became the new champion!

Benoit and Eddie’s dreams come true and Eddie talks about how nice it was to see because that was his moment. Benoit said he started crying. 18 year’s worth of emotions came out of Benoit says Eddie.

May both men REST IN PEACE.

Malenko says he wanted to make sure he was the first one to praise him.
Anyone can look up to Benoit was the message here. Hard work does pay off, it just doesen’t always end well.

The top of the mountain had been reached and that was the video they ended the package with!

Unfortunately that was the end of the DVD but that wasn’t the end of the Chris Benoit story as we all know.
He is gone but never forgotten in my mind. The greatest wrestler to ever step foot in a ring as he was the total package for pure wrestling, all the ingredients needed, all the fundamental skills and only a few are close to him in that regard.

What he did can never be forgiven or forgotten but I don’t think we have any right to judge what we don’t fully know, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with applauding a man for his 40 years of hard work and respect.

RIP…gone but never forgotten.





Disc 1 Matches:

1) The Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit) vs Jushin “Thunder” Liger (c) for the IWGP Jr Heavyweight Title- Tokyo, Japan: August 19th 1990

The DVD starts with a match as good as you can start any kind of set off with.

For those of you who don`t know, Jushin Liger is considered to be pound for pound the greatest wrestler of all time by many credible sources.

I`m sure most of you know Chris Benoit is considered pound for pound one of the Greatest ever by many credible sources, myself included.

Can`t wait for this match up, Benoit looks to be in phenominal shape as this happens pretty early in his career but he had a lot of training and experience so he wasn`t anywhere near GREEN and he was in there with the Junior Champion in Liger, who Tazz calls the greatest in that field on alternate commentary.
Benoit wrestling under the Pegasus Kid persona and tried to intimidate Liger early as he just forced his head forwards towards Liger with a simple head taunt but Liger wasn`t phased.

The Japanese officials checked both men`s ring attire and we`re good to go!

They shake hands, the match begins, both men quick to circle around each other and Cole couldn`t have been more right when saying we`re in for a treat here. Cole and Tazz speak english so I`m going with there commentary for more insight I`ll actually be able to translate.

Some fine Chain-Wrestling to begin as Benoit tried to grab a leg of Liger but he kept turning around until he hit two beautiful, crisp arm drag takedown`s to The Pegasus Kid which sent him out of the ring for a breather as Liger does a mini-celebration.
When Benoit got back in the ring he went for a wrist lock that Liger countered and then Benoit flipped over a bunch of times and then utilized his strength for a fireman`s takeover on Liger.

The two tie up in mid-ring again and then when Jushin Liger was over powered he layed back down to the mat while Benoit worked over the wrist until Liger resourcefully countered into a drop toe hold then slapped the arms back on The Pegasus Kid. Liger then leaned back and drove his knees up high on Benoit before going into a camel clutch!

Jushin “Thunder“ Liger then after the camel clutch goes into a hammerlock on the Pegasus Kid, as he tried to hyperextend the elbow of Benoit but he battled out and hit a back breaker which was nicely executed. Benoit back in control and then tied up Liger`s body with a leg scissors around the upper region of Liger`s head. Benoit was more mat based in these days before his high risks.

Liger then resorting back to his chain work and pulled the Pegasus Kid back while tying up his legs and stretching his head back, Tazz said he`d been in this hold before but Jushin “Thunder“ Liger had done it to almost everyone and it was getting the job done on the Crippler.
Benoit still got out of it making this match deliver a tremendous back and forth pace as he knew Liger wasn`t going to let down, so he wanted to make sure Benoit could keep someone like Jushin “Thunder“ Liger grounded. He dropped his body weight on Liger`s leg to keep the high flyer grounded. We all know Liger would have some of the best cruiser matches ever with Flyin Brian Pillman around this time period, so those skills are well documented. I am not sure as of this writing (2010) why both Liger and Randy Savage were excluded from the Best High Flyers DVD set out by the WWE.

Benoit with a side headlock now and then he scooped up Liger and threw him over the top rope to the outside.
Benoit flew off the top rope onto Liger on the outside before irishwhipping Jushin “Thunder“ Liger with hard velocity into the barricade. Liger`s leg is now taken out, then his back, as Benoit`s power game was coming into play in a big way by this time of the match. Made all sorts of sense and was all sorts of fun to watch. Benoit had the strength factor going in his favor.
Liger resorted to a desperation spinning heel kick but The Pegasus Kid countered with an irishwhip into the ropes, but Liger came off and jumped onto the back of Benoit, but he dropped Jushin “Thunder“ Liger with a Samoan Drop.

Benoit goes back into the upper body leg scissors submission hold. Benoit with his legs wrapped around the head of Liger, he had him down in the center of the ring and then with his upper body hurt, he quickly went up and leaned one leg back for a half crab!

Benoit quickly changed up and went to tork both legs back while he leaned back showing his great flexibility, and sustained more leverage by torking Liger?s head back. The Japanese crowd applauds this flexibility and strength appropriately. Benoit with a great hold there.

Benoit with a big German suplex to Liger wearing him down with more power inbetween all these holds and to no surprise he went right back to the pressure game back down on the mat. Liger had his arm grabbed by Benoit while he continued to go back into the body scissors. Benoit rolled up and scooped up Liger and slammed him down to the canvas again. Benoit up high going for a high risk move but Liger scooped him up out of desperation with his brilliant wrestling mind-sense and scouted it so he scooped him off.
Jushin “Thunder” Liger dodged a Benoit leap and then caught Benoit charging towards the ropes and kicked him up and he went flying over the top rope due to the wrestling sense of Liger again.

What a beautiful exchange here and these guys can do it better then anybody.

Liger then ran to the ropes to take advantage of the latest happening and spring boarded himself off the rope with a moonsault very REY like to Benoit. A Sunset flip into the ring from Liger to Benoit and got a series of near falls.

Benoit back to his feet first attempted a scoop slam but Liger with a sunset flip, and got a near fall of his own. The Pegasus Kid resorted back to his German Suplexes and then chopped Liger up high on the top rope. Benoit connected with a Superplex from the top rope and then with Liger down in the middle of the ring The Pegasus Kid went for his flying headbutt, however Liger moved right out of the way. Liger then with an amazing spin kick to the head of Benoit but the shoulders were down until the 2 and a half point, Benoit kicked out. Benoit off the ropes but Liger with an impressive running POWERBOMB to Benoit, but still a 2! WOW.

Liger then with another Slam and then leaped off the top with a moonsault into the sternum and still a two. Incredible.

The moves in these matches are applied picture perfectly.

The Pegasus Kid with a unique pinning reversal as he flipped Liger over after a hurricanrauna, the quickness of both men showing but a near fall and the fans applaud. Both men with high impact and speed and Benoit knocked Liger down as he hit him with a shoulder block, he got the better of that meeting or exchange.

Benoit with a piledriver, then dropped a leg from the top and finally got the three at 15:43 of an amazing match from the Palace in Japan and the Japanese fans even showed respect for Benoit who won the title, and this meant a lot in his career back then to win the title in this fashion over a guy like Liger in a brilliant match.

Only flaw REALLY (if you want to call it one) was the lack of psychology at times but it was made up for very easily, due to how crisp, picture perfect the moves were applied to each other, the counter wrestling was fabulous, the transition and body chemistry was wonderful, not to mention the chain wrestling. This is how matches should be wrestled, a very fine piece of art by both men here.

**** 1/4



2) Chris Benoit vs Too Cold Scorpio -WCW Superbrawl 1993

This was Chris Benoit’s WCW PPV Debut as they pointed out.


Too Cold Scorpio is a good worker AT TIMES with a unique style and if a good worker comes to play on a PPV against an amazing worker in Chris Benoit, we should be in for some good action. And we were thankfully.

This match is so great, a personal favourite of mine. I loved the flow of it all and the pacing was fabulous, I loved how they just conditioned themselves throughout the early stages as it all seemed so logical.

My favourite spot has to be when they kept flying over each other with both feet to the stomach while holding each others arms, flip after flip, it was insane.

Then inbetween all the fact paced action there were rest holds applied, among other submission maneuvers like the Boston Crab.
It began with Too Cold Scorpio and Chris Benoit circling each other like a lot of Benoit matches do, due to how quick Benoit is and how both men need to be ready, also it is certainly always a nice way to get INTO a match.

Tony Schiavonne does commentary here and I hear no color commentator so Jesse Ventura is likely doing it because McMahon loved to mute Jess so he does not have to pay him.

Benoit with a vicious elbow after no one gains leverage after the opening tie up. Benoit with a lot of power moves but Scorpio with a body press off the top rope, then a spinning kick to the face that takes the Canadian Crippler to the outside. Too Cold Scorpio was a tremendous athlete as well in his own right. He slowed things down a bit after Benoit had the early momentum but not it shifted back in Too Cold Scorpios favor. A wrist long by both men back and forth, and the reversals here are beautiful, great agility by both men. Benoit then gets the better of the wrist lock exchange and then the Nashville Civic Center gives both men a great ovation for that offensive exchange.

Great elevation by Too Cold Scorpio though to get out of the Chris wrist lock, because Scorpio just simply flipped over and locked his in harder. I love how Scorpio almost applied a hammerlock and then pointed to the crowd, and with Benoit having his left arm tied up in the middle of Scorpios feet he leans back to the canvas floor locking in more pressure to the arm of Benoit. By doing this he is taking out Benoits arm which will prevent those constant wrist locks he had been facing, so good psychology by Scorpio who had taken advantage of the match. He hesitated for a moment and Benoit countered with a reversal hammerlock, Scorpio got out of it with two flips, ducks a leap and then sends Benoit to the outside after an arm drag takeover. Benoit sells the arm like a pro, after all he is one of the best sellers of all time.

Awesome stuff here, just flat out awesome!

Benoit still shaking off the arm injury and tries to hook up for a battle of strength with his good arm and Too Cold Scorpio in control and down goes Benoit to the mat, but Chris battles his way back up and then pushed Too Cold Scorpio down to the mat, then Benoit used all of his weight to keep Scorpio down to the mat but then Scorpio with all of his great leg strength flipped Benoit over and then a drop kick by Scorpio, followed by an arm drag takedown into a wrist lock.

A brilliant spot with tons of great moves in succession right back into a smart wrist lock and amazing arm work by Too Cold Scorpio to chris Benoit. Schivaonne brings up an interesting point about how Scorpio should arguably just stay the legs since Benoit is a high flyer, but by working on the arms it also eliminates the stength of Benoit. Scorpio with another arm drag take down and wrenches the left arm back.
Too Cold Scorpio with a roll-over on the weak arm of Benoit, but he managed to roll-out and Benoit is still in pain as he battles out of Scorpios hold.

An explosive shot to the top turnbuckle by Benoit, he then ducked a Scorpio kick and then hit Scorpio down, great scouting by Chris.

Benoit with a clothesline to Scorpio knocking him down, and now Chris looks amazingly cocky here, maybe the best in that department of his entire career. He locked on a back breaker to Too Cold Scorpio and Nick Patrick took a look to see if he had been pushing the chin of Scorpio down but Too Cold Scorpio battled out. Chris then kicked at the head of Scorpio before a snap take over and Benoit locked in a headlock. He wore down Scorpio some more trying to keep the momentum in his favor.

Chris with a nice shot to the head and Scorpio is dazed. Benoit then on the offense still left Scorpio hang on the top, levelling him with a high impact blow dropping him stomach first upside down on the top rope, and then he rolled to the outside on the mat. Patrick encouraged Scorpio back in the ring and then Benoit from inside the ring hit him with a forearm as Scorpio stood on the ring apron. However from outside Too Cold Scorpio speared Benoit off the apron on the outside, then went to the top and went for a kick from up high but Benoit dodged it resourcefully using his veteran in ring sense.

Benoit then rolled Scorpio over and locked in a sleeper.

Too Cold Scorpio tried to get out of it as the fans cheered him on and Tony calls this a Classic and it really, really was in its own right. Benoit with a brilliant spine buster that Tony calls a version of his own sidewalk slam, which is kind of strange. Benoit locks in his version of The Boston Crab I elluded to earlier. Nick Patrick says Too Cold Scorpio did NOT give up so Benoit just rolled him over and slapped on desperation sleepers.

Benoit with a reverse chinlock to Too Cold Scorpio.

Chris with a forearm shot to the head of Scorpio and then as he looked dazed in the corner got set up on the top turnbuckle.

Chris then leaned back off the top and a belly to back superplex from the top by Benoit to Too Cold Scorpio.

Benoit was also hurt from how he landed and could not go for the pin right away, it took about 15 seconds for a near fall to happen. Benoit then with a side russian leg sweep but Too Cold Scorpio kicked out. Scorpio and Benoit both groggy by this point in the match and out of no where Too Cold Scorpio hit a flying cross-body with a pinning attempt, and he almost stole one.

Benoit hits a big time powerbomb and then Scorpio battled out and then hit a sunset flip from the top but it was too close to the ropes.

Benoit kicked at his head and then irish whipped him to the corner but Scorpio met him with a knee to the jaw followed by a spinning heel kick. Scorpio then irish whipped Benoit to the ropes who ducked Scorpio’s kick, then Too Cold Scorpio hit him with a clothesline.

Two minutes left in the time limit at 18 minutes right now and Benoit is in the corner asking for no more punishment.

Scorpio with a great 360 splash into the corner on Benoit. Scorpio then flew off the top with a corkscrew moonsault to Benoit which he kicked out of. Benoit then with a great counter move as Scorpio flew up high on him got planted face first into the canvas. Benoit with a powerslam, followed by a leg drop to the head and then it was only a two.

Scorpio rolled up Benoit for a two and then got a two, Benoit went for a German suplex, but Scorpio hit a sunset flip and in JUST a second before the time limit got the three count at 19:59.

Benoit argued the time ran out.

Fans popped for Scorpio as he puts on an impressive performance to certainly be proud of.

This match was pretty awesome in its own right, I am certainly not going to be screaming CLASSIC although it certainly does deserve praise. I am so glad this match and the Al Snow match made it to this DVD.

Scorpio pinned Benoit just a second before the 20 minute mark of this encounter. This one sure felt long but in that good sort of way as you really get sucked into it, I loved it as said. Probably the bes match of Scorpio’s career and he actually had a few great ones here and there.


However it REALLY is good enough to be pushed up to the four star plateau.

It was just brilliant move after brilliant move, these two just had that X-Factor needed for an AWESOME Wrestling match.

Just awesome material!






3) Black Tiger (Eddie Guerrero) vs Wild Pegasus (Chris Benoit) in a Super J CUP Tournament Semi-Finals Match: April 16th, 1994 from Tokyo Japan

Benoit running down to the ring and wiping the sweat off his face directed towards Eddie in heel fashion was Gold. Typical cocky arrogance by the Crippler.

For a guy who gets shi* on a lot for his lack of charisma and mic skills, Benoit sure could generate heat with his ice cold facial expressions and body language, not too mention those tactics like spitting and wiping sweat off his face, or a cheap shot here and there. He could be a natural heel and it suited him well.
It’s been well documented that these two best friends have a better bond outside the ring then inside the ring which is strange, but both have put on classics with each other, just never a near 5 star classic. They’ve put on near 10 matches and all have been great that I’ve seen it’s just a lot of them lack that certain intangible required to push a match to THAT level.

The winner of this Super J Cup Semi-Finals would advance to the Finals later on, and another Benoit match starts with the two guys circling around each other.

Again, Wild Pegasus is Benoit, Black Tiger is Eddie.

Wild Pegasus and Black Tiger tie up and Eddie with a go behind as he holds on to Benoit’s wrist then Benoit flips him over and hold’s Eddie’s left leg as he twists the ankle. Black Tiger then used his version of a leg bar against Benoit in a counter and then Black Tiger then leaned back on the leg of Chris.

Both men on the cavas floor and Eddie with a leg lock to Benoit, the bar was locked in and then he aggresively stood over the face of Benoit raking his face. Eddie slammed Benoit down on the mat.

Eddie then with a springboard from the top rope and over onto Benoit, a near fall. Tazz points out how Eddie uses similar moves in this match then he did at the time on Smackdown in 2004. Eddie developed later on his career with muscular development but they show Benoit was here and he was more popular with the fans and was more well known then Black Tiger aka Guerrero at the time.

Benoit then got back in control of the match with an inverted belly to back suplex and then Benoit set up Black Tiger for a german, he battled out but then Benoit forced Guerrero face first. Benoit stays on his opponent keeping his endurance up and hit Black Tiger with a knee to the gut. Benoit then with a sling shot gut buster onto the ropes and Guererro got hit with a german, Benoit made a bridge but Black Tiger Kicked Out.

Wild Pegasus then hit a powerbomb hard on Eddie with a lot of power and then Benoit was upset with the slow count, Tazz even took some shots at the ref for being over weight. The Sumo Palace was a great place to have a match like this and Chris Benoit hit a nice vertical suplex with shades of his idol The Dynamite Kid.

Benoit resorts to going back to a familar move he used lots against Liger 4 years before with a leg scissors. Guerrero in mid-air hit a a hurricanrauna to Benoit and then he scored some nearfalls. Black Tiger then locked on a camel clutch.

Wild Pegasus was in loads of pain from the camel clutch where Eddie just stretched Benoit back. Black Tiger then with a missle drop kick but Chris kicked out and then hit a slam of his own trying to pin Guerrero but he had none of that. Tiger then bridged out of a predicament by Benoit and then hit a knee to the gut of Benoit until Guerrero had amazing balance landing on the top rope and then hit a leg scissors to Benoit.
Eddie then with a hurricanrauna off the second turnbuckle to Benoit and then a near fall and the crowd showed amazing appreciation.

Benoit shoved Eddie out of the way to dodge a tornado DDT, and just before that he had been hit with a Brain Buster so Wild Pegasus was very resilient.
Guerrero went for a cross body but Benoit countered it in mid-air with an arm drag take down and won the match at 12:20.

Good stuff here for sure but not nearly as good as the other matches from Japan on this Disc.

*** 1/4



4) Super J Cup Finals: Wild Pegasus (Chris Benoit) vs Great Sasuke -April 16th 1994 from The Sumo Palace in Tokyo, Japan

This is Chris Benoit’s third match of the night and he was respected inside the ring in Japan but Sasuke was so much more respected, the crowd was appreciative of both men though overall and were very loud for this one.

This match is epic, it’s one of Chris Benoit’s best matches in his entire career which is REALLY saying something.

So this is the finals of the prestigious Super J Cup, a tournament that involved 14 of the greatest Cruiserweights in the world. It’s also a bit of a tribute to the Dynamite

Kid/Tiger Mask matches that inspired a vast number of Jr. Heavyweight wrestlers. Will Benoit’s technical skills earn him the win, or will The Great Sasuke’s crazy risk-taking win the match?

This match was voted the 66th best ever by PWT.

Great Sasuke defeated the likes of Liger to get here while Benoit went through Eddie and others.
Malenko is ringside for this match as is Taka, Eddie and Liger as well.

Chain Wrestling to start and Benoit with a wristlock, until Great Sasuke takes out the arm of Benoit until Great Sasuke kicked up and the fans roared.

The two go for a test of strength….

Benoit hit some chops in the corner before dodging a charge from Sasuke.

Sasuke slowed the pace down a bit and started stretching Benoit’s arms back and wearing down Chris. Tazz and Cole started talking about the conditioning of Chris Benoit and he battled back and hit a great high impact clothesline to Sasuke.

Chris then with a belly to back suplex and a kick out.

Sasuke then with a jumping heel kick to Benoit’s jaw.

Sasuke then with a slam to the mat before he came off the ropes and dropped the leg on Benoit. Sasuke then with a rear chinlock but Benoit fights out of it and goes for a powerbomb, but Sasuke beautifully counters it into an arm drag takedown to Benoit and he goes down. The two dodge each other again and the crowd react appropriately. Wild Pegasus then leaoped over the the top rope up on top of Sasuke. The Sasuke chants continued when Sasuke was getting to his feet and once back into the ring got a nice suplex after a waist lock, Benoit bridged up but Sasuke kicked out. Benoit then went to the topo off the top with the head butt and he connected but Sasuke kicked out.

Nicely paced is this match.

Wild Pegasus with a powerbomb out of no where and Sasuke kicked out.

Chris Benoit then went to his roots and slapped on a Sharpshooter from another one of his mentor’s The Hitman Bret Hart.

Benoit then went for a drop kick but Sasuke held onto the ropes. Sasuke tried for a back breaker, Benoit landed, slid underneath a potential leap frog but Benoit got Sasuke up and hit an amazing suplex to him followed by an amazing nearfall.
Sasuke countered Benoit into a roll-up, but Pegasus counters back with a enar fall of his own and then Sasuke with a cross body off the top and then a jumping spin kick to the stomach.

Signature Sasuke as the fans erupt and then he does a cart wheel, followed by a suicide dive by the means of a corkscrew over the top rope onto Chris Benoit.
Benoit back in the ring as the fans continued to chant for Sasuke. He lifted him up slowly then him a german on Pegasus with a bridge but only got a two count.
Place very lively in the Sumo Palace as it was the finals of the Super J Cup Tourny, another suplex by Sasuke that was much like a PerfectPlex but Benoit kicked out.
Sasuke went for a missille dropkick off the top rope and Benoit dodged it.

Benoit with a forearm to the side of the head and attempted to suplex him back in the ring, but then Sasuke with a vertical suplex off the outside of the ring apron to Benoit from inside and they both landed off with a vertical suplex to the outside. People loved it. Sasuke then got more chants and hit a missile drop kick from the top rope on the outside to Chris Benoit.

Sasuke was cheered on to get back in the match and once back in the ring everyone cheers to respect this match. Sasuke then with a scoop slam and Sasuke with a corkscrew off the top with a twisting splash, but Benoit STILL managed to kick out of the predicament.

This has been an amazing match, and Benoit really had to condition himself as it was his third match of the night.

As Sasuke climbed to the top Benoit came off with a suplex attempt but failed, he went up again and then caught Sasuke from the top with a gut wrench suplex and won the Super J Cup at 21:41.

Benoit celebrates afterwards appropriately, one of the best victories in his career.
I’ve seen many give this the full five, and you can appreciate so many different elements of this match but I’ll stick to my original **** 3/4 rating, truely a phenominal classic though, that goes without saying.


**** 3/4



5) Chris Benoit vs Sabu -ECW November to Remember 1994

Definitely a night that lives up to its title, TO REMEMBER….
This match was nothing more then to show Benoit break Sabu’s neck.

Benoit looked confident and he dropped Sabu gut first on the top ropes.

Benoit then dropped Sabu from up high and he landed on his neck.

These kinds of things happen unfortunately and Heyman went to check on him as

Styles didn’t know really what to say.
This lasts just over a minute and that’s that.

The CRIPPLER is born…….


6) “Crippler” Chris Benoit vs Al Snow -Double Tables ECW Match: February 4th, 1995 from Philly


We are set for what should be a fast paced, scientific wrestling contest is what Joey Styles says.

A series of wrist locks to start this match and then a fireman’s carry by The Crippler which Philly absolutely appreciated.

ECW just loved Benoit. They loved his attitude.

Both men tie up and Snow looks much smaller, more fit in this match as this is what I believe his greatest match ever. This is SUCH a great match here.

Snow with a sunset flip and then a series of nearfalls as neither man was intimidated by the other. Snow and Benoit with back and forth action.

A cart wheel by Benoit as Snow jumped over him but Benoit got a boot to the face by Snow and he had Benoit scouted.

Not that Benoit is trying to send people to the hospital, it just happened! says Styles.
Al Snow didn’t want to hear Benoit’s mind games as he told him how intelligent he was. Benoit then with a brilliant move to send Snow to the outside until Al Snow spring boarded off the side ropes and gave a drop kick to Benoit. Al Snow with a spinning heel kick to the back of Benoit. Benoit now on the outside as he needs a breather.

The fans chant “Let’s go AL” and “Lets go Chris” while Styles says in the last 5 minutes they have put on better wrestling then he’s seen on ANY PPV in the last five years.

I don’t know about that but it’s been damn good.

Benoit and snow circle each other in the ring then Benoit with a kick to Snow’s mid-section, Snow then is leap frogged by Benoit and droped him gut first on the top of the ropes. Snow then slams Benoit’s head on the buckle from the outside apron. Al tries for a missile dropkick but Benoit saw it all the way and moved out of the way just in time.

A German suplex by Chris Benoit to Al Snow. The Snow Man in a great deal of trouble as he was irish whipped to the ropes but a hooking clothesline by Benoit took him down.

Benoit was standing up wanting Snow to give him a fight but he was just laying down, and he then slammed Snow to the canvas once more for good measure very hard.
Snow then came off the ropes and caught a reverse elbow by Benoit. Benoit went to chop Snow in the corner, then DID it and continued to unload with forearms until he whipped Snow to the other corner hard.

Al’s back hit hard against the ring post. A vicious belly to back suplex by Benoit. Chris Benoit then with a flying head butt from the top but Snow still kicked out. Chris Benoit with a standing power bomb and then while the fans chanted USA all of the sudden for Snow gave him no momentum as Benoit hit an arm drag takedown and then flexed his muscles to the audience.

Benoit with a gut wrench suplex but after he bought Al some time he hit a waist lock and then a belly to back suplex. Benoit then back up again and with for a clothesline to Snow but Al hits Benoit with one.

A longer match and they have both kept up a great pace, they’re putting on a clinic. Benoit then whipped to the ropes and got a back body drop by Snow and then he hit a beautiful fishermans suplex with a great bride pinning attempt.

Joey Styles says this could be a match of the year candidate and we’re only a month into 1995. The Malenko-Eddie series and Bret-Nash would like to have a few words.
Benoit got the win with a suplex and 14:38 to win what was an awesome match.

No boring spots, great pacing and good wrestling all around, just a great match.

¨Probably the best match from Al Snow and who gives it to him….Chris Benoit. What a shock.



Disc 2 to be continued….

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    Even to this day, I still miss Chris Benoit, he was an excellent wrestler.

  2. bruiser says:

    Seeing Eddie and benoit at the end of wm 20
    Bring a tear to my eye. WWE will never have 2 better perforners than them 2.
    So congratulations Chris…and you deserve every damn bit of it!

  3. cmvag says:

    I’m soooo happy for having a copy of this DVD!! thank to ebay 😛 NEVER forget U chris! wish never ended like this 🙁

  4. Brett Mix says:

    No one says you that you should.

  5. CJ says:

    I’ll never respect him

  6. Brett Mix says:

    It is no problem. I firmly believe the WWE thinks the way we do as fans and still miss him as a performer (And person in their case) but for BUSINESS reasons they have to pretend as if he was never there.

  7. Kevin Templeton says:

    I very much appreciated this review. Like you I can’t forget about his last few days on this earth but I don’t believe its fair to judge his whole life based on those last few days. His matche with Kurt Angle at the 03 Rumble was one of the greatest matches of alltime. I wished his ladder match from the 01 Rumble with Jericho and his SummerSlam 02 match with RVD wouldve been on there as well. I was so proud to be in the audience at SummerSlam 05 when he made Orlando Jordan tap in like 30 seconds to win the US Title as well as being in attendance when he made Booker T tap at No Way Out 06 to win the US Title again. I also attended the 04 Rumble and I was so happy to see him get what I call the WrestleMania push. Again its a shame to see how his life ended but thank you for recognizing him for what he truly was, one of the greatest wrestlers of alltime.

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