Review: WWE Hard Knocks – The Chris Benoit Story DVD (Disc 2)

November 7, 2010 by Brett Mix



Brett Mix’s- Hard Knocks: “The Chris Benoit Story” Disc 2 Review:




“Finally, Finally…Chris Benoit is the Heavyweight CHAMPION….of this world! -Jim Ross







To the fans of WWE, I (Brett Mix) am taking a look at the DVD put out in 2004 focusing on the career of Chris Benoit. This is not a tribute to the man on any level and if I praise a match it has nothing to do with my views on him now as that is not relevant to the match or DVD details. This is simply a review beneficial to the people who own it now and want another opinion as this is no longer being sold in most stores to my knowledge. Scott Keith wrote a book, and many more will on Chris after the deaths, and there was nothing wrong with that so I will not tolerate any backlash for reviewing a DVD on Chris Benoit. This Review is not to offend anyone and if you want nothing to do with the man then click the X button in your top right corner, or the BACK button on your top left.




Thank you.

Disc 2 Extras:


– The Neck Injury: They basically go over how Chris’s neck/spinal cord had a ruptured disc from all the abuse in his career and more specifically early 2001. They show clips of Nancy and Chris in the Doctor’s office and we see X-Ray’s of Benoit’s neck.
-Crossface Collection: This was clips of Benoit’s finishing move -The Crippler Crossface. This talked about how he got it the name The Crippler as it was already talked about, then they talked about the submission move being more dangerous then a high impact move. Chris Benoit stated why the Crossface was so great and how he could apply the crossface from any angle, the left side, the right side, someone’s shoulder, which made it very friendly to him because he could get in the ring with someone who knew shit all about wrestling and he could still lock it on. He then went into detail about how he locks it in, some interesting stuff here with a nice blend of clips.

-Raw Magazine Cover Shoot: This just shows clips of Chris having some fun being on the cover of Raw magazine and it lasts a few minutes but nothing overly special.





Disc 2 Matches:
7) Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero -WCW Nitro October 16th 1995



This match took place before Nitro took over the ratings war.

Both men were established in Japan and ECW but were now looking to become established in WCW to break out into main stream in North America, and with their talent, why not?
You could tell though that there was a friendship or a bond just watching the two of them come together in the early stages of the match even, you knew there was a paticular chemistry that was just there and it wasn’t for no paticular reason, it was certainly because they had that great history together as friends. Both men tracking in the same foot steps throughout their historic careers. It is sad to see them both gone. I had the luxury of witnessing a Benoit-Eddie opener on Smackdown! In the Summer of 03 from the third row that actually opened the show.
This match is an underrated one from WCW (on the list of many from Benoit’s career and even WCW) and isn’t absolutely magnificent or anything but it’s still pretty cool to watch these guys work in the mid 90’s in a TV match and showing the talent the two had. Considering they were the cream of the crop, the extreme elite.

Chris Benoit with an arm drag-takedown after a tie up in the early going.

Guerrero answers with a side headlock into a shoulder block, then the two have a nice exchange in the middle of the ring where Guerrero rolls up high and misses Benoit, then Guerrero catches Benoit up high twice with head scissor take down’s. Eddie Guerrero then jumps off the top rope to knock Benoit to the mat.

The commentary by Tony Schiavonne and Heenan talked about how fast this action was and how good it was.

Tremendous combination of moves from a standing switch to a sideheadlock over the top rope taking both men to the outside. Eddie then pushed Benoit face first into the ring post on the outside. Benoit then pushed Eddie into the barricade and back into the ring where he’d lift Guerrero up and displaying great agility hit a back suplex to Guerrero.

Benoit stomped on Eddie a couple of times and then picked him up before irishwhipping him sternum first to the turnbuckle before hitting a dropkick to the back of Eddie coming from the corner and Guerrero is hurt and down. Benoit into a hammerlock, teased a body slam but then hit a huge suplex with amazing speed. Benoit kicked to Eddie’s head again and then hit another quick snapshot vertical suplex.
Benoit then with a chop as Eddie came off the ropes and it sent him back down to his back on the canvas.

Chris Benoit then got taken over by Eddie as he countered with an arm drag take down, and with Benoit bent halfdown Eddie hit a desperate DDT to Benoit. This bought Guerrero who had been hurt to this point some time but regardless when they both went to there feet Benoit hit a high kick to Guerrero. Benoit with a back suplex then a near fall.

Chris Benoit then continued beating on the arm of Eddie Guerrero. Benoit hit a hard chop to Eddie’s chest. Guerrero fought back but Benoit kept up with some chops and then delivered a hard headbutt. Benoit then with a scoop slam to Eddie Guerrero. Chris Benoit then pointed to Eddie laying center in the ring and then stomped on him again.

Benoit with a hard armdrag-takedown further focusing on the right arm of Guerrero and then with Eddie laying down on his on the canvas got a wrist lock locked on him. Eddie then after a half minute out of desperation grabbed Benoit’s hand and jumped off the top rope and hit a hurricanrauna. Chris Benoit was then hit by a vertical suplex.
Eddie hit another high impact offensive move with yet another vertical suplex.
Eddie from up high went for a frog splash but Benoit got the knees up.

Benoit was taking advantage after Eddie favored the ribs and his arm and Benoit hit an amazingly hard powerbomb to Eddie. Guerrero had favored the arm and the ribs area but he kicked out and then he revesed another attempt by Benoit but this time Chris hit a full nelson belly to back suplex for the win at 18:33.

What a great match this was! Much better then I had remembered it to be with Benoit dominating most of the match but Eddie would score with an impressive move every NOW and again and the arm work by Benoit was very solid as the two friends were in great condition.

An amazing television match, I would like to see matches like this on the rumored best of Nitro set next May in 2011.




8 ) Chris Benoit vs Kevin Sullivan in a Falls Count Anywhere Match -WCW Great American Bash 1996

This match began in the entrance way as both men couldn’t wait to attack each other and they brawled back and forth in the entrance way before coming to the ring finally by The Taskmaster’s back hitting the ring apron and the bell rung sbout 30 seconds into the unofficial match (at that time) and it began. Benoit slammed Sullivan’s head on the steps then hit him with some hard chops by the barricade and he with an evil face delivered some back.

Sullivan looked to be in control of the match but the brawling went back and forth truthfully in the crowd up to the backstage area.

Benoit threw him in the JOHN IF YOU WILL (as Dusty would say) and Benoit hit The Taskmaster’s head on the bathroom wall. Benoit then chopped at Sullivan as fans tried to get a good look while security held them back.

Sullivan then with a lot of rolls of paper towels smashed them against Benoit’s head before choking him with the material and then hitting him over the back with a trash can. Benoit threw Sullivan into the wall again and then got back into the fight with a garbage can up high to him, then Benoit hit his head into a wall by the bathroom while Sullivan fired back with another hard right hand.

They brawled to the entrance way to the arena and Sullivan pushed Benoit down. Sullivan then threw him down the steps!

Kevin Sullivan with a hard boot to Benoit as he looked to be in a ton of pain here. Sullivan and Benoit continued to brawl nearing the ringside area through the crowd.
Sullivan lifted up Benoit and then dropped him groin first on the barricade. Benoit then scooped up Sullivan once by the ring and dropped him on the STEEL BARRICADE returning the favor.

Chris Benoit then looked under the ring for a weapon and found a table but Sullivan fought him off until Benoit irish whipped Kevin Sullivan on the outside of the ring on the mat, stomach first into the steel barricade! Now with Sullivan down Benoit got the table from under the ring.

Sullivan fought back but Benoit chopped him down.

Benoit then picked up the table on the outside (When WWF and WCW rarely ever used tables) and then he slid it in the ring and set it up in the corner of the ring. Benoit then went to irish whip Sullivan and got him against the table and it didn’t break! Imagine that, they must have been STRONGER THEN.

Sullivan then got up when Benoit charged towards him and lifted him up high on top of the table which was placed on the top turnbuckle. Benoit then countered from on top of the table on top of the turnbuckle and hit a vertical suplex from the very top which was a very cool move at 17:02 to win the crazy brawl.

Fast paced action, made for good fun and an entertaining match but it lacked REAL substance so it doesen’t get that high of a rating. Bad Blood though indeed.


** 1/2






9) Chris Benoit vs Booker T in a Best of 7 Series Final -WCW Great American Bash 1998

Booker T and Chris Benoit were going to settle it once and for all here at The Great American Bash.
The series is tied at three and these two had put on a ton of classics in WCW during this time and the final took place here at this PPV event. Benoit was arguably the best guy chemistry was with Booker T. Almost everyone could say that about Benoit.

Booker T had a 3-1 series lead but Benoit stormed back to force a seventh and final match and the two stared each other down before the match and then we got underway….

Booker T then tied up with Benoit and Chris quickly snapped him down with an armdrag and Booker T shrugged it off and then the two tied up again and Booker with a belly toss and then each man had an advantage.

The two pace around each other again and Booker has a side headlock to Benoit in mid-ring till he pushed Benoit to the ropes, Chris ducked Booker then came off with a drop toe hold.
Booker rolled out of the ring as he slowly tried to bring the match back in his favor.
Winner of this match met Finlay later that night.

Benoit ties up Booker’s arm, Booker reversed Benoit’s hold with the same one of his old in a hammerlock then he grounded Benoit to the mat.

Chris was grounded to the time till Booker covered Chris but only got a two count, and then Benoit with a nice hammer lock into a wrist lock! Benoit then had it locked on nicely and continued to tear for more tork until Booker T got out of it lifting the leg, then sent Benoit to the ropes and hit him with a reverse elbow to his head.
Booker T his a scoop slam to Benoit in mid-ring and then grabbed Benoit and cornered him with a ton of power and Benoit tried to fight back but Booker hit him with a knee to the gut, then a foot to the face after Benoit irish whipped him into the other corner. Booker went for a dragon screw kick to Benoit but he flipped him around and then dropped a knee to Booker.

Booker T then started getting offensive directed towards him as Benoit hit Booker in the corner with some hard chops. Benoit then irish whipped Booker from one side of the ring to the other and then with another reverse elbow. Benoit only with a two count to Booker after the elbow but he then lifted up a bigger Booker T and hit a sidewalk slam but only got a nearfall yet again!

Benoit then slaps a sleeper on Booker T.

Benoit tried to ground Booker here because he was considering the conditioning obvioussly it’d take to take on a RESTED FIT FINLAY later in the evening. Benoit then kept the sleeper on until Booker got to his feet and tried to elbow Booker, and Booker T dodged Benoit’s initial attack with a leap frog but couldn’t avoid him the second of time getting a chop!
Benoit with an amazingly crisp snap suplex to Booker followed by another near fall.
Chris Benoit with a kick to the gut of Booker T and then irish whipped him hard into the turnbuckle.

Benoit picked up Booker attempting a suplex but Booker countered in mid-air by twisting his body and landing in mid-air on Benoit trying for the cover, but Benoit got up and stomped on him before slapping on a reverse chinlock to Booker T. This chinlock would be to attempt at weakening Booker for the future crossface move.
Fans in attendance helped Booker T on as he got to his feet but he caught a knee to the gut and he rolled over on the canvas.

Benoit scooped Booker up and dropped him gut first on the top rope which would surely take the air out and then gave him a strong forearm shot. The moves in this match so crisp and the pace very good because it wouldn’t of made any sense for both men to go full throttle, they needed to condition themselves.

Benoit irish whipped Booker T to the side ropes and came off with a vicious blow and then scored a nearfall. Chris then with a hard chop against the chest to Booker T and right back into the sleeper hold.

Benoit stretched the arms and then a surfboard type manneauver as he stretched back and Benoit continued to wear the bigger man down till he got to his feet and then Benoit slowed down Booker’s comeback attempt, however after Benoit went off the side ropes for leverage Booker T caught him and hit him with a powerslam. Booker T climbed to the top rope and then came off with a kicking attempt but Benoit moved out of the way and he had that move scouted. Benoit then with a stomp to Booker T.

Benoit went for a Crossface right there!

Benoit went for it but Booker T with an injured knee went for the bottom rope and got to it for safety.

Benoit was smart because he realized Booker had a weaker lower body so he targetted the upper body by this point and every time Booker felt life just grounded him with a sleeper or a reverse chinlock.

Booker with a spinning heel kick to Benoit out of no where and that bought Booker some time, as Benoit landed right beside the ropes.

Booker T irish whipped Benoit and then hit a big spinebuster!

Booker T went for a spinning kick to Benoit then with Booker up high, Benoit got up and chopped him until going to the very top and locking in a SUPLEX into a SUPERPLEX.

Booker felt one all the way from the top rope and everyone in Baltimore loved it.
The ref counted to ten as both men were down and Benoit pulled himself up first and then covered Booker but got a nearfall!

Chris Benoit then hit a waistlock to Booker and a suplex, maintained his grip on the waist and hit a vertical suplex again and Booker reversed the third attempt and then locked on a full nelson suplex and BOOKER KICKED OUT!

Most people thought the match was over there, the crowd reacts appropriately.
Benoit with a bunch of hard chops to Booker, sends him to the corner and then hits another huge chop. Benoit then flew off the top of the rope with a huge diving headbutt and then it took some out of him as well because he wasn’t able to cover Booker T right away. Benoit then managed to make it to Booker but by that time he only got a two count.

Booker T out of no where with an inside cradle to Chris Benoit and then he sent Benoit front first into the corner, a harlem side kick before a kick to the jaw of Benoit.
Booker from the top hit a missile dropkick and got the three count at 17:43.

The match was over and it was a very good one, it was even GREAT in a lot of ways but I just had a problem with Booker T winning this match. He didn’t outwrestle Benoit, he wasn’t the better wrestler, however I won’t take too much away from the match as Benoit did most of the work and that should STILL go to his credit.

Still super, and credit to both guys as these were some of Booker’s best matches of all time.


10) Bret “Hitman” Hart vs Chris Benoit -(Monday Nitro-October 4th, 1999 from Kemper Arena “Owen Tribute Match”)

It was something different, something special. That match was for one person…there was one person in the crowd that night.-Bret Hart
A different match to the others on the DVD.

It meant a lot that Legend Harley Race came over to Nitro to ring announce what was to be a match between two great friends for the late Owen Hart.

These two happen to be the very best at what they do inside the ring so the potential here was huge.

I can`t even grasp how they were able to chain-wrestle as well as the did considering the circumstances, but that`s exactly why they did I imagine, going back to basics.

Some call Flair-Michaels from Mania 24 the most emotional match of all time. Even if Flair pissed on his legacy going to TNA directly after.

Some say Austin`s final match with Rock at Mania X9.

For me and many others, it`s this.

You can`t possibly top this because a man`s life means more then a man`s career.

The bottom line.

The bell rings and the two best lock-up.

Chris Benoit held the leverage over Bret until Hart returned the favor and Hart held the ropes for leverage.

Owen chants break out as Benoit used the head directig to the spine while forming a surfboard formation, and witht nice techniue Hart hit wonerful snapmare takedown.
This was a match between two of the three finest workers. The Hitman hit a ddt, got a nearfall, Benoit nipped up and took Bret down.

Benoit locked up a brilliant Boston Crab followed a backddrop. Chris hit a backbreaker on Bret.

They go to a commercial.

Back from the break Bret fights badk with some headbutts of his own. Hart hit a backbeaker and kicked at the spine of the Crippler.

That seemed to be fofuc point of both competitor’s, is the lower-back because it softens up both men fo their submission movd.

Benoit with an awesome counter in mid-ir taking the wind of you with a tombstone. The Cripple fought back with elbow shot, now Bret drives dovn the elbov on the mat before a suplex.

Tenay on commentary wih briliant analysis like always mentioning Benoit’s mat game was just like Bret’s, only adding the high risk with aeral moves.
Furhter more proven then the instant where Bret charged to the ropes and falling to the floo.

Benoit with a Suicide Dive and another commercial.

Benoit attempting to get up but all the high risk had took its toll. Bret is relentless on the back attack with a vertical suplex, turned a swinging neckbreaker.

Bret went to the very tip and the Superplex, Bret went for a Sharphooter but a Crossface is countered.

Hitman to the ropes, but three amigo’s are hit perfectly and crisp. More elevatiojn, more impact. Tenay had mentioned earlier more high risk, more impact. Three snapshot vertical suplxes, and while thf fans chanted for Bret hits a piledriver.
Benoit close enough went to the ropes. Benoit hit a series of German’s until Bret looked to be out of businss.

Benoit’s suplexes hit so expertly and terrific. Since Benoit being the ring-generalist he knew this would be a good enough oppurtunity to lock on the Crossface.

The Crippler Crossface is locked on! Bret istead of rolling to the ropes, rolls over on the canvas and some how in miracle fashion Bret makes Benoit submit to his finisher in the most emotional wrestling match of all time.

In the end Bret made Benoit tap to the SharpShooter at 23:01 of tv time. (Two commercial breaks so actually closer to a half a hour of technical magic)

The winner was irrelevant.

The clinic was over but their was only one person looking down smiling. Owen James Hart.

Bret hugged Chris as the two walked to the back.

Signs everywhere saying LOVE LIVE OWEN and the Owen Chants were felt and heard.

As Bret said this match was for one person…and it was beautiful.

A technical masterpiece dripping of emotion. One of the best aspects of the match is the dead crowd. This is a case where I like the crowd dead, it shows respect much like puro matches over in Japan that are wrestled in a similar style to this match.


Respect all around. Thank you Bret, Thank you Chris, and long live Owen Hart in one of the best WCW matches of all time.


**** 1/2


11) Chris Benoit vs Sid Vicious (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship -WCW Souled Out 2000

We all know Benoit can wrestle with a bigger man and make the match good. He did so with the likes of Kane and Sid, not to say a lot of big men weren’t talented, they were it’s just Benoit had a nice way of throwing his style against a bigger guy a lot like Angle or Bret did for obvious reasons.
A lot of WCW Superstars came out to the top of the entrance way to watch this match. David Flair, Perry Saturn, Nasty Boys, Disco, Charles Robinson was even there.

Benoit had to fight the odds against a bigger Sid here to overcome the odds, it’s really interesting they chose a Sid match from WCW instead of say a Classic versus Steve Austin from 2001 but they wanted variety and you can’t really blame them for that, showed Benoit’s dynamics.
Both guys tugged on the ropes and then Sid cornered Benoit to begin the match with his power. Sid over powered Benoit to begin the match in both corners until those wrestlers came out at the front of the entrance way to get a closer look and Sid looked at Benoit asking if this was HIS plan.

Benoit was taken apart by Sid for a large chunk of this contest.

Sid used his size advantage to over power the Rabid Wolverine in the early going and all throughout the match in all honesty as this was one of those Monster vs Little man battled that Benoit would just have to overcome.

Benoit then tied up with Sid with a side headlock but ran in to his big chest and he just stood there vertically and knocked Benoit down to the canvas just as he ran into his stomach. Benoit looked half his size. Benoit then gets clotheslined over the top rope by Sid Vicious.

Chris Benoit on the outside looks to have the wind knocked out of him gets back in the ring and then Benoit goes face to face with Sid but he picked him right up then dropped him belly first to the mat floor. Sid Vicious showing his great power and really he had to because that’s pretty much all he has going for him here. Sid then scooped up Benoit and dropped him on his stomach instead of dropping him back, he elevated him up high for a front suplex. Benoit then favored the elbow as he came crashing down to his arm.

Cincinatti then remained into the match as Sid picked up Benoit and was just taking him apart and then with Benoit in his hands Sid irish whipped Benoit to the ripes but he came off with a reverse elbow in desperation and then a drop kick to Sid’s back. Sid on his knees in disbelief Benoit is hitting an offense on him looked at Benoit as if he saw a ghost and The Crippler then tried to gain any kind of advantage he could.
Benoit then took Sid out of the ring and did what anyone would try and do and went to work on the big man’s legs outside the ring. He pushed the steel steps over and then tried to punish Sid’s legs on the outside of the ring and take him off his vertical base.
He was able to get him back inside the ring and dominated him for a bit but not before long Sid was back in the drivers seat as he had that big body presence and took it to Benoit.

Sid slapped on a hold to try and wear down the aggressive Canadian Crippler.

Benoit reaching for the bottom rope!

Got to it to break the hold but Sid maintained the advantage by continuing to be the aggressor.

Sid hit power move after power move and he did this very well and Benoit’s selling helped it out big time and made it look very good much like HBK did in his matches with Diesel.

This reminded me a lot of the Kane-Benoit match from Bad Blood 2004 but just not as good, and Sid was more in advantage of this match then Kane was in that one as I remember Benoit battling back a ton of times against Kane in that clash. Here Benoit had his moments for sure but was often overpowered by Sid throughout making the match seem very realistic as you saw Benoit struggle time and time again.

However in the end at the 14:50 mark Benoit came out the victor overcoming all the odds like he so often did due to great wrestling instinct, and a passion to win as Sid tapped to the crossface. Benoit was stripped of the title the next night but in reality he left to the WWF and this was his final WCW match.

There was a lot of questions about Benoit’s departure and the overall product of World Championship Wrestling around this era in early 2000 so this match is forgotten and it’s good they chose it for this set to show Benoit’s dynamics, it’s kind of a gem really.

Highly enjoyable bout.

*** 1/4


12) Chris Benoit vs William Regal -Brian Pillman Tribute Show

Here we go! One of my all time favourite clinics.

The third annual Brian Pillman tribute show and in a dark arena with black ring ropes we see two great in-ring technicians square off and Micheal Cole and Tom Pritchard do the commentary in this one.
This was Regal’s first match (and what a way to return) back from an extended layoff & Benoit was fresh in the WWF at the time. As mentioned it is Cole and Pritchard on the broadcast and it is certainly an interesting piece of commentary from Dr.Tom Pritchard, who claims that he often uses a tape of this match for training purposes. And you can CLEARLY see why here, as both these guys put on a fucking virtual clinic!

Both men showed amazing quickness and intensity which helped the matches story telling and emotion.

I talked about how there was crisp, tremendous chain wrestling between Bret and Benoit in the Owen Tribute match but this was even BETTER in the technical sense in that department. The chemistry between these two is scary good as they proved that on Velocity a couple of times….Velocity! It could of been a Wrestlemania Main Event if it had been a tad more marketable, it sure would put half of the existing ones to shame quality wise.
The bout started with both men circling around each other before perhaps a feeling out process.

William Regal stared at Benoit determined to one up him in this match on the mat.

2, 000 fans at a University house here on May 25th 2000.

Benoit and Regal then locked up a couple of times before breaking off and then Benoit eventually cornered William Regal to the corner and Regal and Benoit went for each other’s face in such a vicious manner in the corner and that was just awesome. They broke it up and then Benoit with a wrist lock but Regal flipped over but Benoit still gripped it on hard.
William Regal then got grounded and Benoit locked on the wrist lock hard, and then switched it up into an arm bar back into the wrist lock until Regal kicked up. Regal then tried to battle out of this hold. It took the fans awhile to get into this one but it is just awesome chain wrestling.

Regal did everything in his power to manage out of a wrist lock but was unable to. Benoit had it locked in hard behind Regal’s back and then Regal took Benoit’s leg down and locked in a wrist lock on Benoit this time in attempt to one up him. Tremendous psychology and chain wrestling here.

The generals tried to set the pace and then flipped Benoit over and he is countering tremendously, as the two go move for move. Regal has both Benoit’s wrists locked back and then he grounds Benoit to the mat and stretches his arms up until Benoit kicked up and Regal almost with a three count there. These are two of the best mat wrestlers ever and this time with benoit up he does another counter and pressures him back until Regal kicks up. Tremendous flipping while both guys have each other by the wrists. Neither man giving an inch.

A huge headbutt by Benoit to Regal makes him bloody.

Benoit then with a kick to Regal that takes him to the outside. Regal hit Benoit with a kick but it didn’t phase him very much as he planted Regal with a ddt hitting face first on the ring apron outside the ropes. Regal rolled out to the floor where Benoit threw him back in the ring after some rough stuff then got a nearfall.

The wrestling machine that is Chris Benoit hit a back suplex to Regal and then scored another nearfall.

Not one wasted movement in this match, everything is calculated and makes sense.
Benoit then got countered by William Regal as he rolled back on top of him.

Regal then locked one of Benoit’s kneed high up and stretched him.

Benoit reached to the ropes and got out of the hold.

One awesome aspect of this match was that it wasn’t sports-entertainment. It was wrestling. Pure Wrestling. Neither men playing to the crowd, just trying to one up the other.

Regal with an awesome standing dropkick to Chris Benoit.

Regal then picked up one leg pushed Benoit to his back and rolled him over until Regal lifted up Benoit’s knees up behind him while placing his boots on the inside and then he stretched Benoit’s arms back as he grabbed on to them and leaned back. Regal then went into the reverse chinlock in that Indian Deathlock as it was actually a dragon sleeper.

Benoit desperate turned around and hit a nice german suplex on Regal. Benoit to his feet first and then lifted up Regal and chopped the hell out of a bloody Regal against the ropes, but Regal with blood flowing out of his face returned a blow with a headbutt, then a vicious kick tot he chest. No wasted motion and everything made sense in this match. The fans much more into this match and chanted for both men here. Benoit with a series of vertical suplexes holding that grip around Regal’s waist until Regal fought him off and locked Benoit’s arm’s behind him looking for a double arm suplex and he turned around and hit a vertical suplex. The counters and the action are off the fucking charts here, what a fucking technical masterpiece this is! Benoit signalled for the diving headbutt but Regal WITH ANOTHER COUNTER and he chopped him up on the top rope, Regal then went up high and locked an armdrag takedown off the very top rope to Chris Benoit! Regal then went for a nearfall but only got a two but Benoit kicked out. Regal tenacious in his pinning attempts but Benoit kicked out time and time again. Chris Benoit pushed a bloody Regal to the corner and then he came off and both men knocked into each other and they were both on there back’s for 6 seconds till Benoit got a nearfall. Both men went all out here and it’s truely inspiring. More counters and Regal hit a couple of back slide’s to Benoit which were, you guessed it, REVERSALS. More counters and then Regal hit a side suplex to Benoit and got a two count.

This match really has that “IT” factor and Regal then hit a forearm to Benoit, Chris blocked Regal’s initial kick and then Regal picked Benoit up in a pile driving attempt, and then Benoit landed on his feet and dropped Regal on his head with a piledriver. Benoit went up high and then hit a flying headbutt and missed it!

Benoit reverses an irish whip, and the two men with a series of go behind’s until Regal hits a back suplex on Regal and he taps out to the crossface at 12:44.

The timing, story-telling/psychology, feeling, emotion, passion, intensity, doesen’t get any better then this.

This is Pro-Wrestling and in just over 12 minutes, shows how scary good the chemistry was.

I’ve seen this match four times now and I’ve never appreciated it as much as I have this time.

Probably one of my favourite matches now, I’d consider this even better then the Velocity classics between them!


**** 1/2




13) Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle in a Steel Cage match -WWF Raw June, 11th 2001


This was the month of hell for both Angle and Benoit putting their bodies on the line night in and night out. No wonder both were injured mot long after.

Both men get it on right away and Austin is absolutely golden on commentary and that with the hot crowd on a Raw main event just made it that much better. Austin warned Jim Ross not to provoke him during this match.

Angle right from the get go slaps on a belly to belly suplex to Benoit. Kurt Angle then hits it and Austin cheering Angle on saying he hates the little bastard since he had to face him at King of the Ring. Angle with another slam and then Benoit was going to feel another one and Benoit looked for the crossface, Angle battled out of the move not once but twice!

Angle countered a takedown by Chris Benoit and slammed him face first into the side of the cage. Angle then slammed Chris to the OTHER side of the cage. Angle stomped on Benoit and then cornered him and Angle hit Benoit with some rights in the corner of the ring and some kicks.

Angle then pounds on Benoit in the corner of the ring.

Chris Benoit reversed it and chopped the hell out of Angle. You could feel the hatred.
The action in the ring was great and Austin saying HE HATES CHOPS was equally as funny. Benoit then got catapolted into the steel cage and Austin said it’s what he deserved. Angle then slammed Benoit into the side of the cage and Austin said he thinks Benoit is crying and it made him sick.
Angle them stomped on Benoit and slammed his face into the side of the cage again.
Heyman kissing Austin’s ass was golden.

Benoit countered Angle’s offense into a front suplex, and then into a back suplex until Angle kneed Benoit into the chest. Angle then with a gut wrench suplex. Angle then back in the drivers seat of the match locked in another gut wrench suplex. Out of ideas Kurt? Either way the action was brilliant. Angle with a third gut wrench in predictable fashion however the match was awesome with counters and hard slams.

Angle went to climb the side of the cage but a relentless Benoit climbed up as well until Benoit caught him and he locked his hands around Angle from the top rope.
Benoit pounding away on Angle’s spine!

Amazing suplex from the top rope by Chris Benoit to Kurt Angle on the top rope to the back of the mat. That must have hurt Benoit and Angle both equally in reality. Austin said he hopes both men stay down are they’re making him sick.

Heyman says something interesting…he mentions Austin came back from a neck injury and that move could take out either man’s neck. 13 Days later Benoit goes out to a neck injury sustained in physical matches like this.

Benoit goes for a diving headbutt from the top rope but Angle moved out of the way.
Both men back to there feet now and Angle went for a right hand but Benoit blocked it and hit some right hands until Angle raked the eyes until Benoit sent Angle into the cage! Benoit made sure he remained the aggressor into the side of the cage 3-4 times and the fans loved it!

Benoit then had Angle down and went to the top rope in an attempt to climb the cage but Angle hit a low blow! No DQ in these matches anyway. Kurt Angle then hit an Angle Slam to Benoit and then Angle didn’t go for the pin he climbed to the top rope and then stood up there and hesitated for a second.

Kurt with great guts then went up twice as high to the top of the cage!

No way!


Holy Sh**! Maybe not the most logical move but damn impressive.
Austin’s re

action said it all leaning back and forth, great shot.

Angle went for everything and got nothing!
Holy Sh*t was chanted appropriately and Austin called him a jackass for taking a stupid risk like that.
Benoit then as a result got boughten some time obvioussly and had an oppurturnity to build momentum and kicked at Angle before hitting an armdrag takedown. Benoit then irish whipped Angle and buried a knee to Angle’s gut as he came off the ropes.
However Angle back to his feet still selling a little bit, but obvioussly not selling a great deal slammed Benoit into the side of the cage. Angle picked up Benoit and then drove him head first into the side of the cage.
Angle had Benoit down as the crowd chanted Angle Sucks.

Angle then scooped up benoit and went to drive Benoit’s head into the cage but Benoit hit a GERMAN while Austin repeated NO-NO-NO-NO-NO! Hilarious.

Benoit hit three back to back to back suplexes. Angle fought out and then Benoit hit a fourth. Benoit hit a fifth!


Benoit then hit a SIXTH!


Benoit then stopped after the sixth and the fans showed there appreciation and rightfully so!

Benoit then felt the back of his neck as it was bothering him. Benoit had a chance to escape the cage and Angle charged towards him hitting the side of the cage area and

Benoit went into a suplex. Benoit hit another three amazingly! Fucking incredible and the fans applauded nine back to back suplexes all pretty much in a row!

Benoit then climbed to the top of the ropes, then double the length like Kurt earlier to the top of the CAGE!

Austin grabbed a Steel Chair and slammed the side of the cage to make sure Benoit wouldn’t get out that easy so what Benoit did was he just turned around from facing Austin and he looked back in the ring towards Kurt.

Benoit then applied his diving headbutt from the top of the Cage!

Holy Fu**!

That will KILL some brain cells.

But what a move!

Austin looked on even worried!

Indescribable is how Jim Ross called it.

Yeah, good call.

Especially given the damage they had already both sustained thus far.

Both mens bodies going through a living hell down on the mat as they had given us everything in one of the best Cage matches and one of the best RAW matches of all time, no doubt about it.

Austin then threw the ref down on the outside but Benoit kicked the cage door and it hit Austin on the outside. Benoit then climbed towards the door and was almost out but Angle slapped on the Ankle lock but Benoit reached the bottom rope, then scored with a spinning heel kick to Angle’s head. Benoit then crawled towards the cage door again and was almost out but Austin slammed the Cage door into Benoit’s head.
Angle got up and then limped towards the side of the cage and began to climb. Angle then up on top of the cage and to the outside and he escaped at 12:21 of the match, no commercial breaks included. Unbelievable.

For my money this was the third Best Cage match of all time! Only one ahead is Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard at Starrcade 85 and Savage-Lawler from Mephis in 84.
I need to get this off my chest though if I haven’t already been clear, this much more then just the spots, this was a thrill ride with excellent wrestling and for these guys to go all out like that ON RAW NO LESS with there fucked up bodies is absolutely amazing.

A Classic!

A top 5 Raw match ever quite easily.


**** 1/2




14) Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle (c) for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble 2003



At the time Benoit was gaining more and more respect on the Smackdown! brand but little did he know what awaited him after this clinic in Boston.
The two tied up at the start of the match and Benoit with a side headlock to Angle but then he was pushed to the near ropes as Angle got out if it quickly before Benoit could dictate the pace early as he had Benoit well scouted.

As Benoit was shoved to the ropes he came off and then Angle got a big time shoulder block by Benoit and then he went for a sharpshooter, but Angle then slid out of the ring quickly avoiding a Sharpshooter attempt.

Angle on the outside of the ring walking the early pressure off and then gets back in making sure the ref held Benoit back.

Angle then circles around the ring and ties up with Benoit again and he had a side headlock locked on and then Benoit leaped off Angle, but then Angle blocked chris’s kick but Benoit hit a nice shop, and then bounced off the ropes but got caught in a sleeper by Angle. Benoit countered it into an armdrag, dragon screw.

Benoit went for a sharpshooter to single out the knee but Angle reached for the ropes.
Both guys with great mat instincts. Benoit was then thrown shoulder first into the ring post. Angle then with a hard right blow in the corner and he focused on the upper neck of Benoit.

Angle showing pretty good psychology here as he pounded away on Benoit’s upper neck region knowing he had surgery there not long ago and this was Benoit’s first crack at the title since his neck surgery so he went all out.
Angle then with Benoit in a vulnerable position applied a vertical suplex to the Rabid Wolverine.

A big time snap suplex only scored Kurt Angle a two and then he sent Benoit head first into the top of the turnbuckle and caught a chop followed by a kick in the corner and then another right hand. Benoit fired back with a ton of chops and then kept up into the chest area on Kurt Angle.
Benoit with a big forearm shot to Angle and then Angle irish whipped Benoit to the corner but Benoit came off with a blow to the back of Angle’s head and then he hit a knee to the mid-section of Angle. Benoit cornered Kurt and gave him a big time chop. Benoit then with yet another chop. Cole says Benoit sacrificed his family and his life. Oh how true those words are Cole…how true they are.
Angle though gets back in control and picks up Benoit and drops him stomach first on the top of the rope, and with Benoit on the outside ground jumped up and dropped Angle’s head on the top rope. Benoit got up on the ring apron and he exchanged blows with Angle on the outside ring apron then Benoit DDT’d Angle on the outside of the ropes on the apron splashing Angle head first.

Benoit then threw Angle back in the ring and rolled Angle over and got a near fall, as Angle kicked out.

Benoit then looking to take full advantage of this situation and went to the outside and jumped from the top and hit head first to the mat as Angle rolled out of the way. Angle had Benoit scouted and this bought him some time and then Angle went for an Angle slam and then Benoit reversed it into this third sharpshooter attempt of the match, and locked it in for the 2nd time. They mention how Benoit was trained in the Dungeon which is why The Sharpshooter was a favourite move.

Angle was determined as the WWE Champion and he managed to get his body to the bottom rope to break the hold, Benoit then relentless and hit a snap suplex to Angle and got a nearfall. Benoit then got irish whipped by Angle and he hit a belly to belly suplex. What a throw says Cole, and Angle was bleeding from the mouth, his bottom lip, probably from the face plant on the ring apron. Angle then with a throw to Benoit outside of the ring. Angle then went to the outside to meet Benoit.

Angle looked to take advantage now and he scooped up Chris and dropped HIM head first on the outside barricade. This is what the rivalry and the WWE Championship means.

This was Wrestling to Beantown after the train wreck they had seen earlier and the crowd is into it now.

Angle hit a thunderous clothesline to Benoit. Angle in control now and picks up Benoit by the head with a snap into a rear chinlock and then Kurt wrapped the legs around Benoit which takes apart the whole body, so a smart move as he wore down the Wolverine.

Benoit with some life tried to break the grip of Angle’s to get out of this predicament before Angle chokes the life out of him in this match. Benoit then with a quick arm drag takedown to Kurt. Kurt though retaliated with a Belly to Belly suplex. Angle took off the straps and WOO’d and then went for a back suplex. Angle then with a belly to belly suplex into a rear chinlock. Angle then with a headlock to Benoit as Boston applauded Benoit back on. Over 15, 000 fans cheered when Benoit fought out with elbows to the gut of Angle and then Angle went for a clothesline and Benoit ducked, but both men came off the ropes and hit a double clothesline. Now it’s as if both men drank 20 Full Throttle’s or Monster Energy Drinks because the action gets even better from here on out. It gets real good now, and it’s been great already! Benoit with huge chops as both men go all out; full throttle. Benoit then with huge chops to Angle and then a knee to the gut, followed by a German Suplex to Angle and then Angle reversed the grip with a German of his own. BENOIT this time with a nice switch and hits A german of his own to Angle, wow. Both men then down after a ton of suplexes and Tazz calls it plain Awesome as Boston applauds.

Benoit then signals for the diving headbutt. Angle caught Benoit from up top and hit a belly to belly suplex from the top! Angle then suplexed Benoit far up over his head that high and he slammed him hard to the mat quite obvioussly!

Angle into the cover but it’s still not enough to put away Benoit and Tazz points out his toughness and determination.

Angle went into an Angle Slam but Benoit countered into the Crossface and Boston legitimately wanted him to win the WWE title this night, I know watching this live I was on my feet wanting him to win.

Benoit had this locked in good and Angle looked as if he might tap but he crawled desperately to the bottom rope and got there.

Perhaps the best thing about this match was how it was paced. The crowd ate it up and got into it, I’ve always said that if you start a climax halfway through the match, it’s going to come off as an instant classic and that’s what happened here but this fully deserves it.

Benoit then slaps on an Ankle lock and drags him to the center of the ring as Angle screamed in pain but Angle kicked Benoit up high and then he counters into his own Ankle Lock. Angle then exchanging holds with Benoit, but Chris slaps on the Crossface. Benoit then with a Crippler Crossface to Kurt Angle and then Angle rolled Benoit to his back and got a two count, hoever Benoit again went into a crossface. Benoit time and time again with Crossface attempts made this extremely entertaining because no one was sure if he’d win the title.

Angle then rolled through and hit an Angle Slam! What a match this has been and both men were down, and after a moment of hesitation Angle pinned Benoit but Chris kicked out, it was that hesitation that stopped Angle from getting the three. Tazz by this point said he was getting goosebumps.

Angle with an Angle lock and what a counter by Benoit to push him to the corner of the ring with his one good leg left but he had already sustained a great deal of punishment to this point.

Benoit then with a german suplex attempt but Angle hit a back Elbow then Benoit brilliantly rolled Angle up for another near fall in dramatic fashion! Tazz blows a sigh of relief…truely, this was incredibally remarkable.

Benoit with a pinning combination as he reversed Angle’s offense and only got a two count!

Amazing action.

Benoit with a waist lock and hits a german, but Angle with a switch and then hit another German suplex as neither Cole and Tazz knew who was in control it was just THAT back and forth.

Chris Benoit with another reverse waistlock and hit a release german suplex for the ages!

Ya know, this was the one where Angle did a full flip in the air and landed on his face that he had previously landed on earlier in the match that busted his bottom lip open.


The crowd applaud, most standing for what has been to this point one of the best matches I have ever seen. Maybe the psychology wasn’t always top notch but when you have two men going back and forth in an entertaining battle like this it just doesen’t matter because the actual WRESTLING was still THAT GOOD.

This was opposite of the Regal/Benoit match on this DVD though, just two different kinds of GREAT Wrestling matches.

Benoit then BARELY got to his feet as the fans chanted for Benoit and he went to the very top and dove off all the way across the ring with a flying headbutt,

UNBELIEVABLE, about a 14 foot dive. Benoit hurt himself in the process obviously.

It took Benoit a moment before he got to cover Kurt but he kicked out and Benoit locked on a crossface but Angle got up and then dropped Benoit face first into the corner and then Angle hit a 2nd Angle Slam!

1…2…NO! Benoit kicked out again!

Angle crying in pain as the fans go insane for Benoit and Tazz says he doesen’t remember a single match this good, while Cole says this match could headline Wrestlemania!

Benoit locks in the crossface again.

Benoit gripping it in hard but Angle looked to perhaps tap out but Angle countered it into the Ankle Lock. Brilliant and compelling stuff. Benoit kicked out but like a pitbull Angle would not let go of the ankle of Benoit but he kicked out with his one good leg as the fans went ape shit. Angle though tenacious locked it in again and Benoit tried to reach for the bottom rope and Angle fell back for more leverage and Benoit was beyond in pain and was forced to tap out.

In the end Angle defeated Benoit at 20:01 to retain his WWE Championship belt ending the fantastic thrill ride!

Beyond epic, words can’t really describe how awesome a match like this really is.
The standing ovation Chris Benoit recieved after this match from Boston was one of my favourite moments, Cole actually called something right for once, “truely an amazing moment.” Unfortunately they didn’t even KEEP that on the DVD which is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen in my life, it’s a good thing I own the 03 Rumble on DVD. (If only for that ovation alone)

A top 25 match of all time and one of the best match in either’s guys career.

**** 3/4
15) Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 20
“There are many trails up the mountain, but in time they all reach the top.” –Anya Seton

Benoit had been living on the end of a broken dream that he failed to capitalize on so many times and tonight in front of the biggest stage of them all he’d finally WIN THE BIG ONE in his defining moment and one of the best of all time.

This also happens to be the greatest triple threat match in the history of Pro-Wrestling to boot!

Forgetting about the fact they added Shawn Michaels to this match;feud it did help in some ways and it certainly created more of a buzz for the match but this was Benoit’s time, I think everyone knew and wanted him to win it deep down.

Shawn Michaels came out to a mixed-reaction in a building he was booed against Sid in, but cheered in the Chamber match at Survivor Series 2002, and yet here in 2004 he gets a mixed-reaction.
Fans chant LETS GO BENOIT as the bell rings after Hebner lifts up the Game’s title.
Benoit held Shawn back from beating on HHH in the corner and then he striked HHH a bunch of times before Shawn did the same to Hunter and then Benoit got Shawn in a crossface, Michaels rolls out and then Benoit and HBK go in a chopping war and then Benoit irish whips HBK into HHH out of the ring.

Benoit and HBK pound on one another until HBK with a sideheadlock takedown, that is countered by Benoit into a leg lock, then a pinning attempt and HBK bridged out. Then Benoit hits a northerlight suplex to HBK, but Shawn got up and delivered a hard clothesline to Benoit, but from behind HHH got back in the action and in the ring he clotheslined HBK down.
With Shawn down, The World Champion Triple H then focused on Chris Benoit.
Hunter then slammed a hard right hand to Benoit’s head and then he threw Shawn over the ropes but he held on and flipped over while Benoit hammed HHH until The Game threw Benoit to the side of the ring and HBK threw him over the top rope. Some nice double moves in this match.

HBK with a back drop to The Game and then with a right hand in the corner. Shawn ducked a clothesline and then HHH covered Shawn but Benoit came up and speared Hunter from outside the ring after the pinning attempt was broken up. HHH then rammed Benoit’s back into the ring apron. HHH picked up Benoit and continued to damage the spine of Benoit.

A baseball slide then by Michaels as he knocked both HHH and Benoit down.
Shawn then climbed to the top rope with Benoit and HHH on the outside.

Michaels flew off the top rope onto both Benoit and Hunter on the outside with a moonsault!

A great high risk move from the show stealer bringing his A game to Wrestlemania which is no surprise.

Shawn then threw HHH back in the ring.

HBK then goes for the cover and only got a two. HBK knew what he was doing the whole time as soon as he hit that baseball slide to HHH before the Moonsault when he showed no fear.

Shawn irish whipped Hunter and he came off the ropes with a face buster. HHH was going to hit the pedigree on HBK but Benoit came in and broke it up.
Benoit looked visious and determined now and threw HHH down with hard blows and then threw HBK into the ring post hiting shoulder first.

Benoit with a chop then a Snap Suplex to HHH!

Benoit with hard chops in the corner to The Game!

Chris Benoit then came off with an irish whip that got reversed by Triple H and he slammed Benoit hard into the corner. Triple H then sat Benoit up top of the buckle and hung him upside down and the Champion kicked away at a vulnerable Rumble winning challenger.

Triple H creatively then irish whipped HBK’s injured shoulder into Benoit in the corner hanging upside down using brilliant psychology.

Benoit then lowered his boot as HBK irish whipped HHH into the corner and he hit The Game Square in the head.

HBK then with a couple of forearms and then HBK with a flying forearm from the corner and then kicked up until Benoit came off viciously with a thunderous clothesline that took HBK out of the predicament for a bit.

HHH then go a northernlight suplex. Then two more german suplexes and he hit a hattrick in the home of the New York Rangers. (And in 2004 I don’t think they had a single hattrick that season)

Benoit climbs to the top for a diving headbutt attempt but Shawn pushed the ropes and Benoit fell down groin first. Benoit up high in pain and HBK went for a sweet chin music but HHH hit a DDT on HBK.

Benoit then up high caught a right hand from Hunter who had been using brilliant psychology to this point of the match.

HHH pounded on Benoit up top and then delivered blows hard to the Crippler until Benoit fought back. Chris Benoit got a headbutt by The Champion and then a front facelock to Benoit from the top and a big suplex from the top. Triple H covered Benoit but only got a two!

What a match this has been as Trips went for two pinning attempts after the first one.
Hunter with solid right hands to the head of Benoit in the middle of the ring.

Lets Go Benoit chants start up again.

Benoit chops Hunter a couple of times and then gives him two hard forearm shots then an irish whip and HHH came off and tried to hit the Pedigree, but Benoit locked in a Crossface!

Benoit with a brillaint counter into the Crossface. HBK then interupted the hold and that’s what Benoit had done to HBK earlier.

Nice spots in this triple threat match, booked wonderfully.

HBK then with a waistlock and taking a page out of Benoit’s book hit a suplex, but Benoit countered it to a huge roar and hit three german suplexes to Michaels now!
Benoit to his feet gets a great ovation as Benoit signalled that the end was near and he went to the top rope and then he flew off and delivered the headbutt right into the mid-section of HBK.

Shawn had a hurt shoulder and Benoit with two quick near falls and then HBK who had took a headbutt from off the top rope and three suplexes Shawn kicked out. King and JR then talk about how resilient he is, the same thing we’ve heard in every Shawn match. Shawn kicked up and then with an atomic drop to HHH. HBK quickens the pace and hits The Game with a body slam then went to the top rope and hit his flying elbow from the top rope to HHH.

Shawn in the corner stomped on the ground a few times in the corner tooning up the band and hit HHH with the Sweet Chin Music! 1..2…Benoit pulled HHH out of the ring and the fans applaud! Not too often you see the audience pop like that when HHH gets out of the predicament and then the crowd chants for Benoit.

HBK dragged Benoit out of the ring and the two battled back and forth until Shawn threw him back in the ring and delivered solid chops to the Rabid Wolverine.

HBK then irish whipped into the corner by Benoit and he flipped over and Shawn then put in the Sharpshooter by Benoit after he fought out, it was a sharpshooter attempt but he got catapolted into the corner and was all of the sudden busted open! HBK was a bloody mess and Shawn then fought back against Benoit but Chris took him down with a Crossface but it wasn’t locked in and then it finally became locked in to a bloody Michaels!

Would HBK tap but HHH from outside the ring drags Michaels hand towards the ropes and when he couldn’t get it there HHH saved his title momentarily by pounding on Benoit’s head.

HHH then threw Benoit’s head face first into the security wall before he blocked HHH throwing his head into the steel steps. Benoit fought back against Hunter with solid forearms followed by a big chop on the outside and then another chop, against Hunter’s massive chest as said by JR. HHH reverses an irish-whip on the outside of the ring though and throws Benoit hard into the Steel Steps.

HBK a bloody mess left inside the ring in pain, getting some air.

HHH on the outside throws TV monitors down and the fans pop.

Benoit then behind HHH and went for a suplex on the table but HHH hammered on Benoit’s kidneys on the lower back that had just been weakened by his throw against the steel steps. The two teased a lot of moves on top of the table.

All three men were on top of the table.

Michaels and HHH didn’t say a word to each other and at the time were enemies but they just looked at each other for an instant and knew what to do.

Another big spot in the match here came when both Hunter and Michaels took Benoit out of the equation for a good few minutes after a double suplex through the table!

Holy Shi* is right!

Would the Rabid Wolvering be able to get back in the match now?

HBK all bloody said it was him and Michaels now. 10 years in the making.

HBK all bloodied called The Game in the ring and now we’re going to settle the score at Wrestlemania 20 was the idea between them!

A slug fest in mid-ring as HBK hits HHH with chops in the corner but HHH reversed it with some right hands of his own and then HBK hit a big chop to HHH until he irish whipped him to the corner and then HHH flipped over the top rope but unlike Flair who usually walked along the apron he fell to the ground (Which is more realistic) and knocked over the camera man in the process.

HBK then with a sickening thud to push HHH into the ring post busting him open as well.

Both Michaels and Hunter bloodied as hell and Benoit is a wreck on the broken table.

HBK then with right hands to HHH in mid-ring and he kept delivering them but the fans chanted Lets Go Benoit!

HHH then hit the Pedigree to Shawn Michaels!

Both men in an instant of waiting due to the blood loss and all they had gone through hesitate and HHH covers HBK and then Benoit from outside the ring broke up the count!

King let’s go not one, but two of his “WHAT’S!?” and I love them. Lawler asks if the EMT’s threw Benoit in the ring, hillarious.

HHH and HBK all bloodied while Benoit who sold so brilliantly tried to ignore the pain he had sustained.

HHH lifted up Benoit but he hit hard chops to HHH in the corner until Hunter went for a Pedigree but HHH got put into the sharpshooter with a brilliant counter by Chris

Benoit and MSG erupted!

Benoit holding it in hard!

Chris Benoit dragged HHH back to the center of the ring and HBK hit a sweet chin music to Benoit and the fans booed.

HBK then rolled over to HHH who’s back had been damaged from the sharpshooter and HBK only got a two count on Triple H!

HBK went for a sweet chin music to Benoit but he ducked and elevated HBK over the top rope taking him out of it and the place pops!

HHH went for the pedigree and the fans booed but Benoit locks in the Crossface, when it looks like HHH was going to get out of it he locked it in harder and rolled as the crowd in MSG and everyone at home ate it up. Suspense in its finest.

In the end Triple H finally gave in at 24:47 and tapped out to the Crippler Crossface making Chris Benoit the new WWE World Champion!

MSG erupted and applauded the three men’s efforts, but most importantly Chris Benoit’s crowning achievment.

He couldn’t believe it and Jim Ross marked out in the biggest way.

Then when you just thought it couldn’t get any better, it did….

He made it…..

A moment that will last a life time…..

This match is 5 stars. A great piece to close the DVD with,….. I just wish I could say the same for his life.

However his legacy in the ring will be remembered forever by the fans who decide to appreciate his life time of sacrifice, hard work and determination.

Thank you Chris, you truly were like no other.



Final Rating for Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story = 8.5/10


This set on the surface always seemed to be lacking something to me and I was never sure what it was but I now realize why I felt that way. When you look back you see a short and sweet biography, nothing amazing but its obviously better or worse now. What we do see are 15 matches, most of them Great. 15! That is a ton, and they managed to fit all 15 on 2 discs and some of these were long matches! The reason I realized that this DVD felt lacking was because I always claim Benoit to be the greatest wrestler to ever live and I felt it didn’t tell the story the first time. However I now know that its his quality performance on a regular basis over a ton of **** plus matches. (Although he does have quite a few of them and still has a number of classic’s) Chris Benoit’s, finest work is shown on this set, SOME of it anyway. Missing are near five star matches against Austin and Jericho. Infact you don’t even see Austin, Rock, Jericho or Malenko on this set once which is a bit odd. He also had a ton of great work with HHH, Shawn, Angle other then the matches shown that wasn’t on the set. They even managed to skip pretty much Benoit’s entire amazing run from 2000 to 2003 in a lot of ways, you’d think the Murders happened BEFORE this came out with how many omissions there were! All in all, it’s still one of the best bangs for your buck out there and it features a ton of awesome, awesome footage. So it can’t really be less then an 8.5. (It just could of been a bit more given who it was which is why some marks are deducted) Arguably three 5 Star matches and a ton over or around the **** mark makes this a must own if you can find it anywhere! Truly a great DVD to own if you can get it! Two Thumbs up!


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  1. Rob L says:

    Awesome review man. I finally picked this DVD up about a month ago and I was amazed with it. Benoit was one of the best in ring technicians that ever sparred in the squared circle. The man was like a machine. Some of the biography was a little hard to watch considering the way that he passed, but just because he committed such a horrible act does not mean we shouldn’t remember him for what he did in the ring.

  2. jason goldsmith says:

    a great dvd and i have no problem with you reviewing it–chris benoit was excellent in the ring and this is a great dvd on him with great matches and if anyone thinks its wrong to want to watch him on dvd then oh well–it should be easy to watch great matches and not believe you are condoning what them man done.

  3. wwefan10993 says:

    I love this dvd. I bought a used one at FYE about a month ago and it has quickly become one of my top 5 dvds. It has tons of action, a short but sweet documentary and my favorite match of all time (the Wrestlemania 20 triple threat) He is truly one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and this dvd definitely shows us why. RIP Chris Benoit