Review: WWE Hart and Soul: Hart Family Anthology (3 Disc DVD)

November 28, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- Hart and Soul: The Hart Family Anthology (3 Disc) Review:



“Our whole life was Wrestling….and when what happened to Owen happened…I think my Dad could of at least took what had happened to him had it not been related to Wrestling…..It was never the same after that…for our family.”Bret Hart


-Hart and Soul: The Hart Family Anthology was put together as three disc set.

-The Hart family has long served as Canada’s first family of Sports Entertainment, from patriarch Stu and his Stampede Wrestling and Dungeon, a training site that has produced multiple Hall of Famers (and Chris Benoit), though son’s Bret, Owen, on to a new generation of WWE Superstars, The Hart Dynasty. But the family’s journey was never a smooth one, as their accomplishments were often punctuated with devastating tragedies and loss. Now for the first time ever, fans can learn the entire story in Hart & Soul: The Hart Family Anthology. A brand new documentary chronicling more than 5 decades of family lineage is filled with never-before-seen Hart family interviews and supplemented with a dozen matches featuring Bret, Owen, Keith, Bruce, The British Bulldog, The Dynamite Kid, Jim The Anvil Neidhart, The Hart Dynasty, and more!

-This DVD likely was the main force for Martha Hart (the Widow of the late Owen) to file another lawsuit against the WWE in 2010 as Owen is all over the place on the set.

Disc 1 Documentary:


-Chapters go as follows:

Stu Hart
Falling in Love
The Promoter
Hart House
Riches to Rags
All in the Family
Hart Foundation / British Bulldogs
Stampede Sold
International Spotlight
Family Feud
Canadas Family
Struggles Within
Family Tragedy
Third Generation


They begin the Documentary with a nice little video package showcasing the Hart family in a book which I thought was pretty unique. A photo album of sorts with a nice symphony in the background and quotes from Harts as they scan the book.

Great opening.

They begin with Stu.

And why not. Stu Hart had practically done it all. He was born in Saskatchewan and had a rough childhood having to live in a tent and having to go to extreme`s finding food, hunting with a slingshot.

Bret says his dad was as dirt poor as you can get. This kind of reminds me of my Grandfather who is the same age, grew up in the same area. Just not quite the legend Stu was, but to me he is. He`s my own Grandfather, obviously he`s going to be a hero to me.

Stu Hart also reminds me a bit of Vito THE Don Corleone.

Coming up from nothing and then ending on top with a tremendous legacy.

Not only was he an incredible athlete, but a top notch family man (Like the Don), a promoter.

Even a trainer.

It would take so long to name all the guys Stu trained but he is the greatest of all time in that respect.

Now we take a look at Helen Hart. A person Bret always said was like Miss Elizabeth, too good for the business of wrestling.

Helen was strong just like Stu and that`s why they got along, she also had to deal with tough times dealing with the Depression.

They now dive into the Hart Family and the family business and how Stu bought the rights in all the major western Canadian town`s. Bret says in the 50`s Stu struck wrestling gold.

Now Stampede is talked about.

Some of the wildest wrestling ever.

Dynamite and Stu in Stampede…

Rocky Johnson the father of The Rock calls Stu Hart a legend. I always felt his 2010 HOF induction was kind of underwhelming but that may of been just me. I think it should of been a bigger deal, but I think we all know the fans want Owen.

They dive into Hart House.

Bret said that Stu had the most amazing view of the whole city of Calgary. They show home video footage of the house with Hart family members talking about it.
Canada’s family

Stu built a gym in the basement, but then of course as you all know it got named the Dungeon.

Hart kids talk about how amazing Hart house was and you can read more about that in Bret Hart`s latest book which is a tremendous read by the way…

Stories about animals near the house by the kids, and a story about Andre the Giant coming to the house at times, Diana says his ring on his finger fit over her wrist.
Midgets also stopped by the odd time. I think it would be anabsolute blast to live there. I wrote this before a Hart dughter called it a blast.

Smith Hart is the oldest boy in the family. Smith had so much potential says Bret, and he thinks that Stu and Helen probably wanted him to be the leader of the family. Other Hart kids say that he has such high expectations put on him.

They talk about hard times going from some of the best of times to not the best of times. Allison stood up for wrestling. Keith had an amateur background.

They say Bruce never really got credit for some of the great idea’s, and he was instrumental for bringing in guys like Dynamite, then Davey did later as they were cousins. Jake Roberts, Junkyard Dog, Bruce helped all of these come along.

They call Wayne the black sheep of the family that stood out the most. Ross Hart was a dedicated, hard working guy. Bret said he’d be glad to work a 20 hour day if he could for you. Now Ellie is discussed as the middle child, she gives her own input.
She says the brothers all looked out for her. She ended up marrying the Anvil. Neidhart talked about her, she talked about him.

Now Diana is discussed. Bret says that Davey and her were a magical couple. Of course Davey being the British Bulldog.

It’s funny how every Hart family member talks with that noticable Canadian accent and can do a good enough Stu impression.

Bret’s being the best. Georgia is the oldest of the kids, a female.

If you’re interested in the Hart family to a great extent, Bret’s book is seriously where you need to turn, but this DVD would be the second best option.

Bret discusses some of the financial problems his mom and dad had to go through.
Stu called McMahon asking him to make him an offer, Vince took Bret, Dynamite, Davey Boy and the Anvil. The Bulldog’s and The Hart Foundation, quite the score for Vince McMahon.

Stu thinking this would open the door for his kids on the international market. Bruce said it pissed him off that he never found out until last and it still does. Bret defends his actons but Bruce hated the decision, again in Bret’s book they elaborate on this further.
Bret talked about the company being so much bigger then any other company. Now we take a look at the Bulldog’s, clips of them and Diana speaks about being proud.
Family members say the late 80’s were some of the best years for the Hart Family.
Now they discuss Bruce as the promoter in western Canada and the potential of going down to the likes of San Francisco.

This is how Owen Hart, Brian Pillman got there start. Bret said he thought slowly but surely he thought they’d come around. Owen and Pillman as apart of your roster, that’s definitely promising. They wantd to keep the heritage alive until December of 1989.

Bret smiles when thinking of Dean and calls him the most handsome, Ellie says good things about him. Bret said when he died he was on the road, he died from a Kidney disease. Dean had changed but they said this death wasn’t as shocking as say Owen.

1992 Summerslam is discussed. Bret and Davey Boy were bigger then life then put on one of the best matches ever. Diana talks about it as well. It’s Bret’s favourite match.
It’s time to discuss the baby of the family.

The youngest of the dozen, Owen.

Owen Hart is discussed warmly by family members as you might expect. They talked about him being a ribber like everyone else, with a bit more elaborate insight into some of the jokes, in comparison to some other stories you’d hear.

Jericho talks about his agility, Bret talks about how he was the most loveable guy, everyone’s favourite Hart was Owen.

They go over the Survivor Series 1993 as one of the last shows in the Boston Garden and this set up the Owen-Bret angle in 94 that was tremendous.

Now they discuss the opener to Mania X. Jericho calls this one of the biggest moments in Hart Family history. The parents weren’t thrilled about it at first but Bret says they came around.

Bret and Owen highlights are show and why not. Bret says it was near flawless. Truely a five star match. Bret wanted to take Owen to a bigger level.

In July 96 Georgia Hart’s 13 year old son died.

Now were into the Canada vs America feud.

One of the greatest angle’s in wrestling history.

It didn’t just have Michaels, Shamrock, the LOD, Austin, but all of the Americans as well against Bret and the entire Hart Foundation stable.

National hero’s, they were mine for sure back in those days, as a Canadian I can truthfully say that. Bret talks about how interesting it was to be a good guy, then a bad guy the next week.

SO now it’s time to talk about Bret.

Bret took up wrestling and was the biggest natural.

A lot of his feuds are shown.

Canadian Stampede and the feuds with Austin are briefly gone over.

Now they talk about the tragegies. Gone from thehigh’s to the low’s.

Brian Pillman’s death.

Now Owen Hart.

Family members discuss how they found out, and the Jim Ross clips are shown.

The line was busy at Hart House said Bret.

Owen’s tombstone is shown. A beautiful one in Calgary. Everyone was in total shock, hell I was and I had never met the guy. I broke down for Owen and still do to this day watching tributes to him. The first death in my life I ever cried at upon hearing, tears flowed down my face in a matter of seconds when I heard it on the news that Sunday Evening.

More family members speak on how nice he was, special and a family man. They show a clip of The Rock taking down Owen’s shorts. Everyone misses him. I still miss him.
Now this added fuel to the Hart Family fire as it helped divide the family.

The Lawsuit is discussed pretty big here.

Helen and Davey’s deaths are briefly touched on. No surprise to anyone said Ellie because of his drug problem. He died in Invermere, BC. That is one of the smallest towns in Canada and how strange it is that my brother lived there and his favourite wrestler was…The British Bulldog.

Diana obviously went into a huge state of depression, almost took her own life.

More tragedy.

They then talk about Stu finally passing on. The now Hall of Famer Stu Hart is talked about.

A lot of tears here. Everyone respected Stu just like they respected Owen. Stu always reminded me of my GranDad like I say, and when I attended his funeral two years ago it reminds me of the funeral they show clips of Stu here.

They talk about it being the end of an era, selling the house. They talk about the house now. Georgia says if she ever won a lottery ticket she’d buy the house back.

Here comes the conclusion.

Diana thinks it’s good they can carry on the legacy as does Bret obviously…

The Hart Dynasty will never be forgotten.

It still lives on today.


This Documentary is approximately 97 minutes and a one of the better ones put out.


Disc 1 Extra’s:

-Stu the Athlete: Keith talks about how he played for the Edmonton Eskimo`s in the Canadian Football League. He was the manager, coach and catcher for Baseball, played Rugby among other things, and of course a Pro-wrestler and trainer. A further insight into Stu`s routes.

-Helens Car Accident: Smith Hart tells the tale of the accident, as does Ellie and other Hart sons-daughter`s.

-Terrible Ted the Wrestling Bear: Keith Hart talks about Terrible Ted, just another story.

-A Letter from Dean: Dean Hart`s letter. Diana Hart talks about the family and his vision and she talks about his letter about the Hart family life. Pretty interesting.
-Stu vs The Tiger: They talked about Stu loving animals, Keith tells a story about Stu and a Giant Tiger as does Smith Hart. Stu went into a ring with Tiger, and it is crazy, they show photo`s of it. Interesting.

-A Hart Family Thanksgiving 1987: Home Video`s of Thanksgiving 1987 where Helen and Stu even looked young here. A young Brian Pillman is seen sitting next to Bret in a chair. Great, great rare footage.

-Helen Throws in the Towel: Bret talks about losing the match to Backlund at Survivor Series and when Owen tried to get his mother to throw in the towel, and she eventually did in a Classic match.

-Owen the Prankster: Owen gets his proper litle segment here on how he set up other wrestler`s for practical jokes. You hear from Neidhart, Davey Boy, Bret among others. Even the little things he said made him hilarious.

-Chris Jerichos Flight with Owen: Chris talks about his entertaining flight with Owen from Calgary to LA, and how it was three of the most entertaining times in the air.

-The Uninvited Guest: A fan but not a family member at the end of Canadian Stampede PPV claimed to be the boyfriend of a Hart girl and Bret didn`t know what to think.

-Bret Hit Man Hart Returns to WWE: After you thought (and me) that it`d never happen, it did. They show Bret`s comeback from his backstage point of view. They show the clips. Great stuff.

-Post-Raw Celebration (Raw January 4, 2010): Superstars pay tribute to the Hitman after Raw went off the air. Nice.


“I don’t know if there’s any other family that could compare…”



Disc 2 Matches:

1) Keith Hart, Bruce Hart and Bret Hart vs The Kiwis and The Dynamite Kid in a 6 Man Tag -Stampede Wrestling May 1979



A nice start to the match portion of the DVD from Stampede.

No rating due to it being clipped but some fantastic action shown throughout the time given.

Nearing twelve minutes they pick up the action.

Basically they give you fifteen of the twenty seven minutes of this match that displays the quickness, especially in a six man tag from Stampede.

Good stuff. A lot of fun that gives you some great insight into what the promotion was like, plus, seeing guys like Dynamite or Bret in the 70’s is always interesting.

2) The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart) (with Jimmy Hart) vs British Bulldogs (c) for the Tag Team Championship Boston Garden Nov 1st 1986

Legendary tandem of the late Gorilla Monsoon and the late Lord Alfred Hayes on commentary here.

Two of the greatest teams ever in there prime going at it from one of my favourite venue’s.

Something about the Boston Garden other then it being where Savage stole the IC title from Tito Santana makes me love it.

Also where Bret had a classic with Steamboat earlier in the year 1986.

Bret Hart picked a better tag then this one for his DVD from MSG in 85.

Here from Boston the bell rings and we’re going to get things going.

Dynamite and Bret start off.

A clean break off a test of strength, a rake of the face by Dynamite. Kid delivered shots and did a number on both of the Hart’s. Bret decidd to go to the floor for a bit of a rest.

Davey Boy Smith tags in.

The British Bulldog ties up with Bret and he catches him and nails him with an atomic drop. Bret in the corner leaped over Davey Boy and hit a backwards inside cradle but Bulldog kicked out.

Bret goes to the floor after a two, showing some signs of frustration then tagging in the Anvil. Neidhart in a headlock by Bulldog, then a leapfrog, a hiplock back into a standing side headlock by the Bulldog’s.

An attempted shoulder block by Davey Boy but Neidhart stands still and eventually slams him down to the mat. Bret tags in and hits a textbook back-breaker on the Bulldog. Neidhart tagged in and might of had some hair and slammed him to the mat.
The Anvil distracted the official and Bret dropped an elbow, this time a legal elbow. Dynamite comes in and makes the save taking Bret out. Neidhart meanwhile in the ring slapping a headlock on Bulldog in the corner. Bulldog off the ropes ran right into the knee of Bret on the apron.

Neidhart tosses him out of the ring. Bret slams Bulldog on the concrete with no padding. Neidhart with a snapmare holding Davey Boy in a reverse chinlock. Neidhart holding a front facelock on the Bulldog. Bret runs in and prevents Dynamite from coming in.

A double revesal and a stiff elbow shot to the throat of Davey Boy. Bulldog landed after high kicks. Bulldog with a crucifix out of no where couldn’t hold Bret down, but Bret drops a leg on Davey Boy. Neidhart tagged in kicking at BUlldog. A block from Bulldog then another front facelock by the Anvil to try and wear him down, power versus power.

A double vertical suplex to Bulldog, that Alfred on commentary calls a piledriver, but only a two. Bulldog with a European Uppercut on Davey Boy and then runs into a sleeper hold.

I love how both teams want to wear the other down at every oppurunity because of there awareness of both teams speed, yet maintaining a good pace.

Davey utilizes his strength exploiting his power by backing Bret off to the corner. Bulldog holding Bret in the air with a power press and dropped him on his groin over the top rope, Neidhart comes in.

Dynamite with the hot tag, double noggen knocker and Dynamite runs over Bret with a clothesline and a hard irishwhip to Bret to the corner. A snap suplex by Dynamite then a headbutt off the ropes.

Every move in this match, so crisp. Especially by the likes of the Dynamite Kid and Bret Hart.

Bret says he believes Dynamite was the greatest worker of all time.

Dynamite slingshots Bret back in and holds a sleeper. Neidhart jumps over the ropes and the official is down. Anvil loose throws out the Bulldogs, Anvil dragged the Hitman over Dynamite and the Anvil tried to wake the official.

Somehow Dynamite kicks out.

Again Neidhart placed Bret over Dynamite. The official makes a slow count and once again Dynamite Kid kicks out. Davey Boy sneaks up behind the Anvil with a backwards cradle and got the three at 13:57.

The action with everyone in there prime’s here is the sight to see, not a lot of substance other then that.



*** 1/4




3) Davey Boy Smith The British Bulldog (with Lennox Lewis) vs Bret “Hitman” Hart (c) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship -Summerslam 92

Bret told Vince that if they had the match they’d steal the show and Vince said “Alright show me, you’re on last.”

They did.

Bret insisted this go on last to Vince, he agreed and hasn’t looked back on this classic.

This is arguably the greatest match in Summerslam history.

A ton of momentum on the side of one Davey Boy Smith which certainly goes without saying.

Bret kisses his IC title and Heenan speculates if he’s infact kissing it goodbye?

This is one of the biggest carry-job’s in history. Davey might of been high on his Morphine.

Afterall, there is a reason this is Bret Hart’s favourite match.

Bell sounded and both competitor’s circled around the other while excitement built in anticipation.

Bulldog was cleary the underdog despite the spectacle being in his stomping yard in the UK. Hart was the seasoned veteran and defending champion, the more accomplished veteran and thus he was the favourite.

One way or another, Bret Hart was going to not only help put his brother-in-law over, but make this a match he could be proud of.
The opening stages were rather basic.

It consisted of a stare-down followed by a pushing war to show both men came to play. Bulldog held Bret in side headlock and after Bret leapfrogged Davey Boy he connected with a shoulderblock dropping the Hitman to the floor.

Next we’re treated to a nice little exchange of side headlock takedown’s followed by legscissors as a counter from both competitors.

Bret with a roll-up flipping Daveyboy backwards from the ropes scoring a two. Fast action early on to set the pace here to a very dramatic Main Event that had that special feeling in front of such a large audience at night in a more-then-large Stadium.

The Hitman attempted a small package but Bulldog had none of that.

It became apparent for Hart to weardown Davey Boy with a weardown side headlock.
A nice chain-counter by Bullog into a hammerlock but Bret quickly countered with an arm-ringer, Bulldog did a series of flips out of it and then went into a hammerlock on Davey Boy.

Off the ropes Bulldog slingshotted Bret to thecorner and then torked the arm elevating him way up.

Hart seemed just a popular in this venue. Off the ropes Bulldog hit a crucifix on Bret and got a two. Bulldog then wore down Bret with an armbar. A slam to Bret then back into a backwards wristlock on the mat which also seemed logical to get Bret’s slugging fists weaker.

Bret off the ropes out of desperation kneed Davey Boy and Bret stomped on him some more before dropping the elbow and going into a sleeper.

Bret now the aggressor held Bulldog who attempted yet another crucifix but Hart fell backwards slamming Bulldog to the mat before another sleeper. Hart hit a shoulderblock before Davey Boy flipped him over.

Bulldog irishwhipped Bret hard to the corner, this time out of the other corner Bret got his boots up meeting Bulldog. Bret then appropriately hit a running bulldog. Bret slammed Davey Boy headfirst to the mat.

Bret elevated Bulldog to the outside using his own momentum against him. Bulldog standing outside the ring was taken down very dangerously by Bret but Bulldog didn’t protect himself.

Again, this just showed what a Pro Bret was.

Bret rammed his back into the post and back in the ring he slingshotted him to the corner hard, Bulldog kicked out but Bret was now focusing on the back. The Hitman with a hard forearm European Uppercut then a beautiful textbook dropkick.

Bret with a nice back bodydrop to Davey Boy that scored Hart a two. Bret with knee to the injured back before another weardown sleeper.

Out of no where Davey Boy managed a backslide but Bret kept on Bulldog and his bad back hitting a back breaker before a hard elbow focused on the back from the top. Bret dragged Davey Boy by the hair down the mat.

All throughout the match they zoomed in on Diana Hart-Smith looking concerned to add the dramatic effect.

Bulldog battled out of a sleeper time and time again and the crowd supported him.

Bret catches Bulldog in a sleeper off the ropes in mid-ring. Bret finally got taken to corner by Bulldog using his power game. Utilizing it effectly he managed to drop Bret from the air dangerously landing on ther ropes. Little factors like that took away from how brilliant this match was actually structured.

Bulldog got a series of nearfalls and then Bulldog hit a nice standing suplex on the
Hitman scoring him a two.

The Climax had arrived.

Bulldog sent Hart hard sternum first to the buckle and nobody bumps better in the business then Bret. Bulldog set upBret for the running Powerslam and Hart kicks out!
Bulldog can’t believe it.

Bulldog was caught out of nowhere from Bret as he applied a waistlock by the ropes before a release German and a nearfall.

Bullog set up Bret up high dropping him with a Superplex. Bulldog got a two. Out of nowhere Bret puts more strain on the back of the bulldog with a Sharpshooter and Diana was now in tears.

Off the ropes Bulldog out of the hold countered a sunset flip attempt and it was all over as Davey Boy hooked the legs to win the match at 25:40 to one of the loudest pops the history of wrestling.

Savage-Steamboat, Bret-Hennig, Savage-Santana, Bret-Bulldog, Michaels-Ramon, Austin-Owen, Benoit-Jericho.

The IC title is a fan favourite because of classics like these.

Davey Boy owed Bret a cold one.


**** 3/4




4) The Hart Family (Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Bruce Hart and Keith Hart) (with Stu Hart) vs Shawn Michaels and His Knights (Shawn Michaels, The Red Knight, The Blue Knight and The Black Knight) -Survivor Series 1993

Lawler had that whole court thing to deal with so he`s out. Storyline is gone.

Twenty harts are in attendance for this one. Ray Combs was hard to tolerate through a lot of this.

The match began with Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart. Owen got a clap going and Michaels taunted Bret on the apron and he just hates Shawn already. Michaels gets ready and Owen tags in Bruce.

Shawn leapfrogged the Red Knight and Bruce for some reason he came in. Strange. Bruce dropped low and theyumped into one another. Shawn irishwhipped Bruce into the Knights and Keith Hart comes in. Keith with an armbar on Michaels then an armbar
.He gave out at 18:06.

Bret tossed outside the ring by the Blue Knight.

Keith checked on Bret.

Michaels off the apron drops onto Bret with a double axehandle, his third cheapshot of the match. The Blue Knight dropped an elbow on the Hitman.

Bret and Shawn go at it just as they did the year before. Unfortunately that was a world better of a match. Michaels with a headlock to Bret then a knee to the gut.
In comes the Blue Knight. Bret with a high knee to the Blue Knight in the corner. Both men collapse to the ground.

Bret tagged in the Rocket Owen dropkicked the Blue Knight. Owen Hart dropped rights to the Blue Knight. Owen slammed him to the mat then droppd an elbow, Michaels runs in and then the Harts with a noggen knocker.

Stu stands up and hits a righthand to Shawn! Spot of the match.

Owen flies over with a crossbody. Great stuff. Owen hit a bulldog to the blue knight.
The Hitman would also eliminated eliminated The Blue Knight at 23:55 via Sharpshooter by Owen.

Bret claps.

4 on 1 now.

Michaels all by himself.

Bruce backdropped Michaels and the Hitman hit a reverse atomic drop. Michaels bumped hard in the corner. Hart slingshotted Shawn into the corner but he kicks out.
Michaels hit with a side Russian LegSweep. As Bret went for a back-breaker Shawn raked the face. Owen tagged in and hit a crossbody on Shawn with a nearfall.
Bret stood on the apron, and Owen was sent for the ride by Michaels.
Irish whipped into Bret Hart followed by an schoolboy roll-up and Michaels got Owen at 27:26.

Owen stormed off mad but he wouldn’t be done. More on this later.

Owen lipped things like Bret was selfish. Bruce came back in with chop to Michaels. Three on one now. Bret, Bruce and Keith against Michaels. Michaels sent Bruce into the corner.

Bret worked over Shawn as the Hart brothers had there way with him. Shawn angry.
Bret want to put him in the Sharpshooter and he decided to walk off.

Harts celebrate.

Michaels was counted out when he left the ring at 30:57.

The Harts therefore win. was a Brother Celebration.

Bret, Bruce & Keith Hart (The Hart Family) were the Survivor’s.

Owen wasn’t and he felt he was the best of them all so pissed off he came running from the back.

After the match Owen came out and pulled Bret down from celebrating.

The jealous litle brother started a feud here.

Little did many know it would lead to arguably the greatest match of all time at Mania X with both of them.

This match is the one with the Owen controversy turning on Bret.
So the actual match served its purpose for Owen turning on Bret in one of the greatest angle`s ever, as for the match it wasn’t so bad.

I’ve heard awful things about it but it certainly had its moments.

It could of been half as long though, that’s for sure.







5) Bret “Hitman” Hart and “The Rocket” Owen Hart vs Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner -Florence, SC January 11, 1994: WWF Wrestlefest 1994

Gorilla Monsoon calling the action!

It’s Brothers versus Brothers!

Finally put on DVD this is an underrated tag match to say the least.

Fans are great for this match and why not with all the aerial offense, mat/technical skill and speed combined with agility and the prime of all four men, put in the blender equals a classic.

Here we go.

Bret and Scott get set to lock up.

Two popular teams.

This offensive exchange is something beautiful, a lot of good counter-holds and technical ability showed. Steiner wanted to go toe to toe with a guy he knew could go at from an amateur/techincal standpoint.

Scott Steiner with a beautiful double leg-pick and goes immediately for a half-nelson but the Hitman caught the rope.

Bret hit a fireman’s takeover and then Scott got back in the mix going in deep with a single-leg take-over into a leg-lock and grapeviningthe leg.

Steiner showing why he stands so high on the amateur ranks. Steiner with a side headlock on Bret, off the ropes Bret with a leapfrog then a shoulder block by Scott Steiner.

Scott awaited Bret to return.

Hart coming back in the ring after a breather and the Hitman with an arm-ringer and a modified arm-drag takeover into an armbar.

Owen comes in the ring now hyper-extending the arm but Scott rolls into the corner to tag in Rick. Rick Steiner is taken to school as Owen brilliantly rides him on the canvas.
Tremendous stuff. Rick takes the arm and reversed off the ropes Rick catches Owen who was originally going for a leapfrog and got caught with a power slam. A huge suplex by Rick Steiner and now Owen flips around and lands on his feet.

German Suplex with a bridge by Owen and a nearfall. Scott back in caught a spinning heel kick. Hooked the leg and got a tvo. A suplex by Scott Steiner now into a bridge and another nearfall. A gutwrench suplex by Scott Steiner.

The Hitman tagged in and as is Rick. Bret ducks an attack and Rick goes for the arm of Bret now, and he continues to drive his knee into the bicp of Bret. Rick holds the arm and taunts Owen as he kicks at Bret. Rick Steiner continued to grasp that hold on Bret down on the mat.

Fans chant “Go Bret Go!” and off the ropes back up Bret ducks and then delivered a knee into the abdomen of a charging Rick Steiner. A headbutt by Bret but it took something out of the Hitman as well. Hitman goes for an elbow and then Rick moves out of the way and immediately goes back into the armbar curling Hart over.

Great wrestling by Rick Steiner.

Rick doesen’t have a reverse half nelson deep enough and Bret comes back with a big time dropkick. A ddt by the Hitman and then a leg drop. Hart with a big right and then another to Rick Steiner.

Bret with a sleeper on Rick now, as he attempts to get payback by wearing HIM down this time. Rick is sinking down and Bret with a rear choke on Rick Steiner. Scott breaks up the hold eventually, a boot to the mid-section on Rick by Bret.

The Hitman with a snapshot vertical suplex to Rick. The Hitman coming off the top caught a boot to the jaw. Rick Steiner buys himself a bit of time. Rick hits a bulldog from the top and a kickout by Bret at the last second. Both men fetting up slowly and Rick Steiner sent Hart sternum first into the corner bumping hard.

Scott Steiner tagged in hit a wind suplex on Bret turning him inside and out. Unbelievable. A reversal and the Hitman is sling-shot into the blue ring post and Bret’s shoulder is in pain.

Referee delays on the count but Bret limping up comes back in and is dragged in by Scott who hooks him on the apron for what could be a vertical suplex, the Hitman reversed it and sent Scott to the outside floor. Steiner lands hard on his knee.

The Hitman with everything he had rammed Scott’s back into the ring apron. Owen tagged in and hit a big body slam. Showing off his aeril skills, Owen like Dynamite before him dives with a headbutt to Steiner. A gutwrench suplex by Owen and now an abdominal stretch, a modified crucifix.

Monsoon speculated this move wouldn’t work due to the upper body strength of Scott, regardless Scott ran into a belly to belly suplex. Bret tagged back in drops blows to the injured lower back of Scott. Nice psychology used by both teams.

A side russian legsweep, a tag back into Owen and he shoved Scott into the corner, the official late on the count so it’s only a two. The Rocket went for a dropkick, missed, Rick tagged in, Owen tried to get to Bret but couldn’t make it. Rick Steiner with a suplex to Owen and then a bodyslam by Rick.

Rick Steiner scoops Owen up hitting a modified piledriver. Scott tagged in with a full nelson suplex to Owen and a two. Frequent tags by the Steiner’s.

Rick tagged in hit a Steiner Line and a hard elbow. Now a camel clutch from Rick to Owen. Scott taged in and applies a front facelock to the Rocket and sets him up for a vertical suplex but holding Owen in the air, he turned it around into a piledriver.
Great move.

Bret saved his brother but Scott tossed Owen down to the floor. Owen comes on the apron and slingshots Scott up and over the ropes to the floor. Owen tagged in Bret who hit an inverted atomic drop.

A clothesline off the hot tag into a back-breaker, Hart still staying on the bad back of Scott and hits a signature elbow off the second rope, a headbutt and then a two. Hart goes for a Sharpshooter and Rick breaks up both Hart brothers attempts at a piledriver. Scott scooped up Oven and Rick off the top tried to come off but Bret grabs the leg, Owen rolls him over and got a two on the school boy.

All four men going at it, Bret and Rick battle to the outside. Scott Steiner from the top drops off with a double axehandle. Owen over the top hit a crossbody onto the Steiner’s.

In the end the bell rings with everyone outside the ring at 24:15, a double count-out is ruled.

Both teams still go at it.

This match is so great because not only is the chemistry off the charts as you might expect, these are both top teams and the pacing is incredible as is the action that takes place during it.

This match is one of the finest tag team contests of all time. In my top 35 matches to date.

**** 3/4



6) The Quebecers (Jacques and Pierre) (c) (with Johnny Polo) vs Bret “Hitman” Hart and “The Rocket” Owen Hart for the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champonship -WF Royal Rumble 1994



What a great match this is.

First we get a big look into the feud going in and there`s a long history with Bret and Owen and Owen was feeling he was in the shadow of his brother (because he was) and it made all sense in the world after there interaction at Survivor Series 1993. Owen came out to celebrate with Bret and the other Hart brothers it appeared when they won but Owen took Bret down and pushed him. Owen then challenged Bret to a match, Bret said NO and then over the holiday`s (in kayfabe world) they got back together and cut a promo about patching things up.

Then they showed clips of the Quebecers winning the tag title`s on Raw and they showed two seperate promo`s from the team of Bret and Owen. (One from the holiday`s and one from before the match)

DiBiase kept saying on commentary that Owen was the shadow of Bret, shadow being the key word as he kept foreshadowing it. It was a brilliant storyline but if it happened today you wouldn`t think it to be so magnificent because the same thing has been repeated but not in the WWF had it been done and with guys like Owen and Bret, it just made it flat out money.

Bret and Owen get a great pop, the Quebecers and Johnny Polo there manager (aka Raven) do not get a good one as expected. Raven gives us a sadistic smile before the match. I think these might have been around the times he was partying it up with Shane O Mac and Vince wasn`t too happy….hmmm…wonder why he never was around after awhile.

Four Canadian`s about to get it on for the tag title`s in a very fast match at a very good event.

Todd Pettingill kept callimng them the “COCKY QUEBECERS“ yet Bret and Owen said if they thought (themselves) were confident, it`d be an understatement. Sounds like BOTH teams were cocky and Pettingill is jus being biased.

Bret and Pierre of the Quebecers start things out.

Pierre tied up with Bret and Pierre won the tests of strength early and then slammed him down, Bret got back by kicking Pierre in the abdominal area until tagging in Owen and he came in the ring and tied up with Pierre and did his usual 4-5 flips back and forward like he usually did while Dibiase credits him and Vince is amazed by Owen`s speed. Owen then with an armdrag takedown to Pierre before he tags in Jacques.

Jacques applauds and the fans boo as Owen stands there looking at a possible weakness to take him down. The Harts could of been one of the greatest tag teams of all time if they stood around longer given Owen bringing the aerial and Bret bringing the technical, plus the chemistry of being HART brothers as well as how good they were as individual`s already.

Owen irish whipped Jacques and then dropkicked him before Jacques took a breather in the corner and the fans booed. Bret gave The Rocket some words of encouragment as he re-grouped in his corner and then tied up with Jacques again and went for a spinning heel kick but Jacques held Owen`s leg and slapped at him until Owen did eventually hit the kick to a big pop! Owen gets a nearfall on Jacques! Owen then tagged in Bret before he lifted up Jacques`s head and slammed it on Bret`s boot from the outside. Bret went up high and dropped an elbow to Jacques and got a two.
Jacques with a small package and another two before an irish whip, a hip toss and a sunset flip and still got a two. Jacques then got up and slammed Bret`s head into the corner while Pierre got in the ring and slammed Owen`s head in the corner. Both Quebecer`s irish whipped Bret and Owen from both corners together but they avoided the collision in a great spot and Owen ended up rolling Pierre but he wasn`t the legal man!

The Hitman in the ring with The Rocket as they looked at The Quebecers on the outside and the fans clap as this has been a great match, but the Quebecer`s needed a break.

The Hitman was tenacious in his attack and flipped Pierre in the hard way. Pierre got a headbutt and then slammed his head on Owen`s boot in the corner. Owen then irish whipped Pierre and caught a flying clothesline from The Rocket! Near fall then Owen with a brilliant gutwrench suplex to Pierre followed by another nearfall and then a legdrop! Owen picked up Pierre and tagged in Bret and he went right back to work on the mid-section of Pierre, ducks a clothesline but still caught a Powerslam! Pierre in the uperhand on Bret now and tagged in Jacques. Jacques then kicked at Bret`s abdomen while Pierre held him up.

Dibiase from commentary said Bret was overconfident and a little too cocky as Owen looked on in frustration. This would all come into play later in the match. Jacques then sent Bret to the corner hard, then irish whipped him to the ropes, a clothesline and a covrer on Bret. Jacques tagged back in Pierre and the fans chanted “GO BRET GO!“
The Quebecer`s took apart the Hitman as Jacques then choked out Bret on the middle rope, then come off the other ropes and dropped his body weight onto Bret before Owen tried coming in to help Bret but couldn`t. Jacques then with an elbow to the chops of The Hitman! The Quebecer`s showing good teamwork. Jacques turned around and jumped from the top and caught a boot from Bret! Bret tagged in Owen since he bought himself some time and the fans went crazy. Owen then double teamed The Quebecer`s with a beautiful belly to belly suplex, and a back drop, followed by a spinning heel kick to Pierre before he locked in the Sharpshooter but Jacques ran with Owen`s hair behind the ref`s back and planted him face first in the canvas.

Jacques then with frequent tags with Pierre in the ring and slammed Owen`s head into the corner before tagging in Pierre. Pierre then irish whipped Owen and he went off the ropes, ducked a clothesline from the Quebecer`s and then tagged in Bret to a huge pop!

Bret came in and levelled both Quebecer`s with a right hand and then a dropkick to Jacques. Pierre got a back breaker as it looked to be a side slam by Bret. Bret had time to rest as Owen was doing his work while he was resting on the outside but now it`d be Bret then would have to be the one who`s endurance was tested and it wasn`t the first time of the night. Jacques then went out Bret over the ropes, he went to get back in the ring but Pierre knocked him off the apron and he landed knee first on the outside.

Bret then caught a knee injury.

The Quebecer`s then worked on Bret`s injured knee on the outside as Jacques landed with all his his body weight right on the leg, but the fans chanted “GO BRET GO“!s Bret took a ton of stomps from the outside of the ring and the fans booed. Owen knowing his brother was hurt was trying to help him but the ref was distracted and then Pierre grabbed a steel chair and slammed Bret in the injured knee with it!

The DAMAGE was already done by The Quebecer`s to Bret and Owen, more specifically, Bret`s injured knee.

Owen and Jacques were fighting on the outside and Jacques hit Bret in the knee with a weapon behind the official`s back, Vince was furious on commentary on the beat down.

Back in the ring Pierre just stomped away on his injured knee. Pierre tagged back in Jacques and he kept the knee work up and the fans clapped in succession as Dibiase kept repeating “All he has to do is tag!“ then his evil sadistic laugh like only Dibiase can do!

A half crab locked onto Bret!

Bret kicked Pierre off him with his one good leg but it didn`t matter because Jacques already landed from the top on to Bret. Dibiase says they are showing great skill, Vince says they`re showing no SKILL and it`s just a beatdown. Dibiase says his motto has been whatever it takes, and isn`t that the truth in the case of The Quebecer`s here.
Dibiase claims Bret for not tagging in Owen was hogging the spotlight but the truth was he couldn`t move to the corner in time!
Bret kicked Pierre in the face as he was coming down on him and the fans were going crazy!

Bret locked in the shapshooter on Jacques but then his knee buckled on him.

The bell rang.

In the end The Quebecers (Jacques and Pierre) retained the tag team titles at 16:48 of the match when the match was stopped due to the beating Bret had taken, which of course made Owen extremely furious.

The place booed!

The finish was dissaponting as it was a great match but it fit the storyline and Owen`s epic heel turn brilliantly.

After the match, Owen then was furious as it was Bret and Owen`s destiny to win this match. Dibiase said he should of been Vince couldn`t believe it, those two argued. Dibiase then laughed sadistically after Owen kicked Bret`s leg out of his leg! Dibiase says this is the smartest thing Owen has ever done because he`s not going to stand in the shadow any more. Owen then walked out as the place booed him out of the building and Owen kept saying to the camera “I know he had a bad leg. Why didn`t he just tag me! You`re too damn selfish!“ McMahon then hllariously yelled out “I can`t believe he said those words!“

Dibiase then said Owen with this new attitude is going to go to the top! Vince said unfortunately Bret wouldn`t be, due to the bad knee and Dibiase laughed. This was brilliant because it set up Bret`s underdog story for the Rumble match later as well, this was just great, great booking back then!

Amazing, awesome action and story telling. This is just GOOD, GOOD stuff here. Tag work doesen`t come much better, the stuff afterwards almost makes this a CLASSIC and it might as well have been. Just more great work as you`d expect from the likes of Bret and Owen around this time. This match would be good on a possible Bret 2nd DVD or an Owen DVD, just glad it made the rounds this time. It was always a gem and a nice treat to this set.









“I was the man who pinned Stone Cold Steve Austin” -Owen Hart (Canadian Stampede)



Disc 3 Matches:


7) Bret “Hitman” Hart (c) vs “The King of Harts” Owen Hart in a Steel Cage Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Summerslam 1994

Here we go!

I think the safe consensus for wrestling fans is that the Wrestlemania X match between these two is five stars, it is for me and it is the best match of all time from where I stand.

This match was rated 5 stars by Dave Meltzer. This match was rated five stars by WF member McQueen and others have this fifteen foot high steel cage match for the WWF title at 5 stars.

The knock on this match is that it feels like two brothers playing jungle gym for a half an hour and it is boring.

Well The Fink says before the match that there are only two ways to win this bout and that is to climb over the cage door or through the door.

So the two brothers rather then tried to kill each other simply obeyed that strategy and tried to one up the other by using that formula trying to ground the other man making sure they were beaten inside the ring to make sure one man could exit the cage safe and sound with the title.

You might seriously believe Owen Hart had a legit chance at the WWF title here, I did, after all this was his chance.

Bret got a great ovation as Champion and then got in the ring with Owen in the cage and the stage was set.

Owen hopped on The Hitman with the lights out after he gave his shades to a youngster outside the ring and The King of Harts wasted no time attacking Bret Hart and the bell rang.

Owen had just won the King of the Ring and was at his peak as a professional defeating Bret in the five star attraction at Mania.

Owen hit him with a number of blows then drove Bret’s face into the canvas, then the turnbuckle. Bret got hit with rights and lefts as Owen screams in his ears on the top of the turnbuckle. Owen with a slap to Bret then he relentlessly kicked on him inside the squared circle wrapped with blue caging on the four sides. The Hitman turned the tide with an atomic drop and a clothesline as the fans cheer.

King points out he’d love to see the reactions of Stu and Helen after each move which is obvioussly typical hillarious Lawler when discussing the Harts.

Owen remained in control despite sustaining that clothesline and attempted to smash Bret’s head into the cage but Bret levelled him with a blow and then a DDT. She clapped when Bret hit a leg drop on Owen. Which was a good spot as the camera caught Helen Hart clapping on Bret. Bret tried to climb the cage but Owen caught him in the first attempt at escaping of the match, he then hit Bret with a spinning heel kick. Owen then climbed up the cage some more and Bret grabbed his leg just in time.
Bret Hart then picked up Owen who was on the top ropes and came off with a suplex back to the mat! Awesome suplex by the Hitman says McMahon! It was.

Great stuff thus far, setting the pace of the match, a little back and forth action and both men trying to escape.

Bret goes for the door but Owen Kicks at him and then irish whips him hard into the buckle. Bret kicks Owen in the mid-section as he comes near by then a running Bulldog. Bret then continued to crawl towards the cage door and then owen, smartly hopped overtop of him outside the cage door but both Brothers kept dragging the other as it looked pretty suspensful at times.

Both men to there feet again and and this time Bret goes to escape the cage on the side and he gets half way up when Owen grabs onto his ankle and then his pink tights and then flips Bret over by the hair and gets him down. Owen Hart the only guy up then climbs the turnbuckle and what made this Cage match great is the emotion of the crowd whenever one guy would climb the cage as they legitimately thought the match could end each time. Owen made it over the first side of the cage but Bret caught him by the head and dragged him over one side as the two exchanged blows. Owen then hit a drop kick to Bret Hart from the top turnbuckle, Owen flipped up and proceeded to climb the other side of the cage amazingly quick but Bret got up and pulled him over once more. Bret then from the top of the cage caught a series of right hands from Owen Hart. Owen had Bret at the top of the Cage and while Bret tried to hang on he kept recieving shots from his little brother Owen. The King pointed how it wasn’t fair because everyone was against Owen. Owen Hart then back on the canvas with Bret tried to perform a pile driver but got a back body drop from The Hitman. The two ducked each others clothesline off the ropes then knocked into each other as both men went down as they cut to a shot of a worried Stu and Helen Hart. They they showed the Anvil stroaking his beard extremely curious and while Owen went to escape the cage door Bret grabbed him by the hair and dragged him to the middle where he gave him a big forearm shot. Then drove the elbow into the head of The Rocket, or the King of Harts.

Bret climbed the top turnbuckle and put one leg over the side of the cage but Owen grabbed onto the remaining leg on the INSIDE of the cage and dragged him back in. Owen Hart with one leg pulled Bret in and he landed crotch first on the top rope and this looks to be a huge break for Owen. Hart as in Owen however, took his time sliding to the door and Bret caught him, dragged him back in and nailed him head first in the groin. Owen caught Bret once up to there feet with a headbutt and while Owen attempted escaping the cage over the top, Bret once again caught him by the hair and dragged him over one side, to the other where he landed on the top of the ropes and was flipped over head first onto the canvas. Owen then caught Bret with one leg and flipped him over upside down and into a Samoan Drop onto the canvas!

Great wrestling each time one brother tried to escape a side.
Bret rammed Owen head first into the side of the cage while they caught a glimpse of Bruce Hart on the outside cheering it on. Bret was looking to escape yet again as all the kids screamed in excitement but Owen caught him at the last moment in dramatic fashion from the outside and slammed him in the ring once more. Back in the ring Owen Hart hit Bret with a terrific looking Pile Driver!

Bret looked to be out after that out but Owen for some reason took his time getting to his feet, he was selling previous blows surely and Bret just caught up to him in time yet again. Owen and Bret battled it out at the top of the cage till The Hitman fell to the canvas but as falling he dragged Owen with him so he fell after. Both men exhausted on the canvas floor as Bret crawled towards the exit door and Owen just grabbed onto The Hitman`s pink tights in time. Bret then desperately tried to escape in excting spot but Owen wouldn`t let him. Therefore Bret went with the flow and back in the ring and hammered away on Owen`s head then tried to get out again but then Owen and Bret rolled on top of the other with right and left hands.

They turned over and over and over with each Hart brother on top for a different part of the match and they both went for the cage door about 6 or 7 times without being successful of course. King yells `WHAT A WAR`! Bret then sling shotted Owen into the side of the cage and Bret just catching his breath went for the door again but Owen pounced hard on the Hitman making sure he stayed in the ring. Owen then irish whipped The Hitman into the buckle hard. This is a very good war and by this time in the match both brothers Felt the effects of the Steel Cage match for sure. Bret back to his feet went for a scoop slam but Owen reversed it and sent Bret right into the cage and his knee struck the cage.

That same bad knee Bret sold earlier in the year came back into play in this match and Bret sold like a pro limping, and despite Owen down fro fatigue Bret slowly climbed the cage but Owen Hart JUUUUST made it to the top to make sure he couldn`t escape yet again! Amazing. Owen grabbed Bret by the hair and the back of his tights pulled him hard into the ring and then sent him for the ride and came off with a hard clothesline. Both men down as the crowd cheered on Bret but Owen got to his feet first this time. The King of Harts slowly started to climb the side of the cage as Owen when doing this seemed a lot more cautious then Bret however Owen when trying to escape the side door was a lot quicker. Bret of course caught up to his little brother and once again dragged him over by the Hair and the two standing on the ropes elbowed each other as well as exchanged blows with one another. Bret was starting to fall down but he made sure Owen caught a high knee to the face. Owen fell to the canvas but even still when Bret began to climb the cage with one leg over Owen got to his feet in time to drag the Hitman back inside the ring. Owen hit a forearm to Bret. Owen then sent Bret for the ride and came off with a clothesline as both men fell to the canvas. King was sure at this point Owen would become the new WWF Champion.
Chicago chanted `Lets Go Bret` as Owen climbed over to the top turnbuckle and Davey Boy Smith was yelling from the outside.

This is a memorable spot.

Owen in the corner up high but Bret came off with an unbelievable vertical suplex from the top of the cage and Vince yells “UNBEEEELIEVABLE!“ as it most certainly was.

The Harts look on in disbelief and no move on this entire event got as much of a reaction as that one just did. Owen being afraid of heights decided to take that fall and Bret protected him well as that was his main concern obviously and The Hitman was a master at protecting his opponents and at the same time making it look real.
While Bret Hart took his time escaping the cage Owen grabbed onto the legs and locked on a sharpshooter! The King screamed as Bret reversed Owen`s Sharpshooter into a Sharpshooter of his own! Bret climbed one side of the cage and got both legs over this time but in the kick of time Owen leaped over and caught The Hitman by the hair. Owen and Bret once again both on the top rope and they both fell back to the canvas back first together as both men are down.

What a WAR!

Owen Hart then tried to make his way out on the side of the cage facing the family but Bret caught up to him on the top of the cage and Bret went out with him.
Good looking shot here as Bret and Owen were both on the outside and it was a matter of who was going to make it out first!

With Owen`s legs caught in the middle of the cage, Bret made it to the outside first.
Bret finally escaped the Cage and defeated his brother at 32:17 to retain the WWF Championship and Chicago went wild. Bret would put on an even better match at Wrestlemania 13 from this very city less then three years later.

The Anvil then jumped from the outside and attacked Bret after the match.
Owen and The Anvil went to work on Bret Hart as The Anvil locked the cage door. Owen took off one of his boots and hillariously hit Bret with it repeatedly. Davey Boy Smith then started to climb the cage but Owen hit him with that same boot! Hillarious. The King says the whole family is trying to climb in but the Anvil and Owen kept fighting them off!

This kind of thing kept up for awhile and Jerry Lawler said this is the greatest thing he has ever seen.

The Bulldog and Owen then battled at the top of the cage and owen fell down and The Bulldog came in as Owen and The Anvil escaped the Cage area and Bret was beaten down but still the WWF Champion.

Well after that marathon of a match I am now convinced these guys did a much better job at making a CAGE match more believable given the object of the match.

This was story telling at its finest and the two did an absolute superb job. I don`t think there`s much wrong with the match and I am going to boost it up at least a half a star from my original rating of *** 3-4 as of right now.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this match is how NATURAL The Hitman and The King of Harts made everything look inside that cage. It was like they had practiced a million times with how crisp that action was inside there and it was extremely compelling!

Amazing endurance and a Classic by ALL MEANS.


**** 1/4





8 ) Bret “Hitman” Hart and Davey Boy Smith “The British Bulldog” vs “The King of Hart’s” Owen Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart -Raw November 7, 1994

All four men collide right away as the action gets underway already. Bret’s brother in law Owen got pressed onto Neidhart over the top rope to the floor.

Bret the reigning Champion cocky swings his former partner in the Anvil back in the ring stomping on Neidhart and he hits a clothesline.

The Anvil holds onto the top rope and catches Bret in mid-ring and Bret bites on the top of the Anvil. Here comes a tag to the Bulldog.

Bulldog and Neidhart both who married into the Hart Family in Ellie and Diana go at it in a power of strength. Owen tagged in still hating his brother with everything he had and Bulldog back in clotheslines Owen and hits a back bodydrop to Owen.

Owen goes for a backdrop, Davey Stops and lifts the King of Harts and hits a tremendous powerslam, Owen having a career year kicked out of this move.
Bulldog goes into an armbar. Bulldog caught by a running knee from Owen into an inverted atomic drop. The Anvil tagged in stomped on Bulldog. The Anvil slams Bulldog by the hair to the mat. Neidhart with a strong headlock to Davey Boy Smith. Bret outside the apron looking concerned.

Neidhart hits knee to Bulldog’s mid-section. Double team offense by Owen and Neidhart on Davey Boy who runs into a reverse elbow.

Isolation on the Bulldog and back from a break Owen hit a heel kick. The Anvil hit a front facelock. Bret tried to tag in and Owen prevented this from happening so he is chased around the ring.

Owen held Bulldog in the camel clutch but Bret has yet to get a hot tag. Bulldog with a desperation backslide but a two. Owen kept him grounded as Neidhart got tagged in. The Anvil choking out Bulldog.

Back from another break and Owen is back in. Bulldog tries everything he can to tag in Bret and he finally gets in. Keota doesen’t see it. Meanwhile Bulldog ducked a double-attack and Bret makes a legal tag this time.

Bret with a double noggen knocker to Neidhart and Owen. Bret kept flying fists at Owen. Bret caught the Anvil and hit a running bulldog. Bret with a neckbreaker and a backbreaker, followed by an elbow drop and almost a three count.

Behind the official Owen turned Neidhart over but only a two count.

A big series of over-booking occurs until Bret makes the Anvil tap to the Sharpshooter at a tv time of 14:15.

This is one FINE tv match!




9) Owen Hart vs The British Bulldog for the Vacant European title (FINALS) -WWF Raw is War: Germany, 1997

Bulldog beat Vader, Owen beat Bret to advance.

Now the tag champs met in the finals for the European title.

The stage was set for THE greatet match In Raw history with such a great crowd. Greatest match in Raw history. Strong words there.

The British Bulldog ties up with Owen and these two knew each other quite well being a tag team.

The European Crowd helped the atmosphere of the match.

Honkeytonk Man joined McMahon on commentary.

Owen with a wristlock and Bulldog flipped around then Owen did his awesome flipping and an armbar.

Daveyboy countered into a wristlock and the European crowd applauded in appreciation. Owen sends Bulldog to the corner and tried a monkey flip out of the corner and Bulldog flipped out, Owen flipped over and Bulldog kicked out
Both men showing athleticism and wrestling skill. Davey Boy the stronger of the two held Owen down until he used the top rope to flip over but he was powerbombed by Bulldog to the mat hard.

Bulldog blocked an attempted hurricanrana from Owen and catapolted him to he outside.

Bulldog allows his partner back in and a show of respect gets a good ovation. Owen reaching from behind with an escape and a roll-up, Bulldog showed surprising quickness on Owen hitting him with an armdrag.

Bulldog planted his knee into Owen taking out the legs which was logical because Owen did have the speed advantage.

Bulldog went back to here he excelled in his power game and slammed Oen to the mat hard backfirst. Bulldog with a tremendous crucifix off the ropes on Owen and a nearfall. Bulldog avoided Owen’s inziguri and Bulldog had it scouted.

Davey Boy with a Surfboard submission hold hanging Owen back. Owen grabbed Hebner to break the hold.

Owen celebrated a little getting the better of the Bulldog sending him outside the ring. Owen Hart asked Bulldog back in and allowed him back as the crowd clap as they are surprised Owen didn’t hit him ith a cheap shot.

Bulldog with a side headlock takedown. Bulldog kept Owen grounded.
After a collision Owen out-smarted his partner pretending his knee was hurt and Owen went for the Sharpshooter but Bulldog got out and now it became physical as he pushes Owen who comes back with a Spinning Heel Kick.

Owen hits a back breaker on Bulldog. Owen drives the point of his knee into the lowerback of Bulldog and then he irishwhipped Davey Boy hard backfirst to the buckle. Owen remaining on the back scoop slams Davey Boy.

Owen hits a legdrop and now slaps on a sleeper.

The match is already ten minutes old and it’s gone by incredibally quick.
Off the ropes Bulldog took the knee to the mid-section. Owen stomped on Bulldog taking him to the floor. Bulldog comes back in with a sunset flip.

Nearfall Owen fights back and then slaps on a headlock after Davey got out of it and off the ropes runs into a wonderful belly to belly by Owen. Owen slaps a reverse chinlock on Bulldog.

Owen now into a modified camel clutch.

Bulldog uses his strength to power out and drop Owen on his back. Bulldog runs into a high boot from Owen in the corner who used his boot on the rope for unfair leverage as he often did. Owen lands a dropkick and flies off the top with an elbow drop.
Owen goes back into a weardown headlock.

Bulldog elbows out and now on the top rope Bulldog countered a Superplex into a crossbody pinninb combo, the amazing counter by Davey Boy gets him a two.
Bulldog with momentum off the ropes drops Owen with three clotheslines consecutively then a powerslam. Nearfall.

Sternum first into the corner and Owen is dropped groin first on the top rope. Bulldog went to sunset flip Owen back in but he flipped over him and hit a German suplex into a bridge. Nearfall.

Amazing stuff.

Bulldog went for a powerslam but out of the corner Owen landed on Bulldog and a series of nearfalls makes things exciting.

Finally the Spinning Kick finds its mark and Owen goes to slap on the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. Bulldog in agony but with the momentum of the European crowd he willed his way to the ropes.

Owen thought he won and celebrated pre-maturely.

Owen off the ropes is flipped over by Owen, both men roll into another move and Bulldog drills Owen with his Powerslam and Owen kick out!
Extremely compelling climax.

Owen from behind wrappedu up Davey Boy with a desperation inside cradle, Bulldog counters and wins to a huge pop at 16:45.

Owen tried to beat Bulldog the same way he beat his brother at Mania 10 with a victory roll.

Can’t really stress enough how perfect this was, perhaps Davey Boy’s finest moment even if it wasn’t his most profiled victory.

So essentially what we got here is the finest match in Company history on free television next to Austin versus Beenot on Smackdown! in 2001 which wasn’t on the SD Anniversary set.

Pure Classic in every sense of the word, it ranks #25 on my all time list.

This still stands up as the best match in the history of Monday night television in almost 18 years as of this writing.



**** 3/4




10) Bret “Hitman” Hart, “Slammy award winning” Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and “The Loose Cannon” Brian Pillman vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust and the Legion of Doom in a ten man tag match -In Your House: Canadian Stampede July 6, 1997

The entrances for both teams are shown here which is just excellent, as that was one of the most entertaining parts of this match. Austin getting such great heel heat when he was on top of the world as a babyface in America, and the Harts getting treated like gods in their home city, even Pillman did.

The Hart Foundation gets a monster pop, and just saying that wouldn’t be doing it justice.

I’m glad it was put on the Brian Pillman and Hart and Soul DVD.

It’s a memorable match to most fans but now that it’s on a couple of DVD’s it has more exposure to the casual fan. (Pillmans set has this match but without the entrances I believe)

They start the way they should.

Bret and Austin, the hottest ticket in 97 next to Hogan-Sting, but were obviously producing better matches. (I say this with all due respect to Page-Savage and Guerrero-Mysterio)

The Saddledome in Calgary begins to shake.

Lawler points that out. Hart and Austin in my opinion the greatest rivalry of all time. Austin just loves to be hated, he thrives on it, and never more does he get a better oppurtunity then this match in Calgary where Bret Hart is beyond a legend, he’s a hero.

Hart and Austin slug it out just as they did at Mania 13 earlier in the year with a ton of electricity everywhere in the building as the bell rings.

Stone Cold Steve Austin flips off the fans and Bret comes back with a clothesline. Hart headbutt’s Austin and then hit an inverted atmoic drop to Austin. Bret raking Austin by the face. Bret kicked at by Austin with a lowblow from the corner.

Austin thrived on being a heel and stomped on the Hitman in the corner. Austin applied the Million Dollar Dream.

Stone Cold is pushed back as Bret kicked out from the corner using his surroundings to best suit him. Austin set Bret on the ropes and then Bret moved out of the way as Austin drops on the ropes.

Anvil is tagged in by Bret for a touch to old school, Anvil drops shots but Austin hit the Lou Thesz press and an elbow. Shamrock the submission speciliast and the Anvil go at it. Thrust kicks up high to the Anvil. Fans chan for Anvil and Pillman, Pillman broke up the Ankle Lock on the Anvil.

Shamrock caught forearm shot by the Anvil, a blocked hiptoss and Shamrock rolled the Anvil over. Pillman tagged in and Shamrock getschopped by Brian who obviously wasn’t 100% in this match. Pillman caught a clothesline by Shamrock out of the corner. A belly to belly suplex.

Owen comes in to a great pop as does Goldust, two former IC Champion’s, Owen’s name is chanted over and over. Out of the corner Goldust hit a backbody drop, Owen getting up hit an Enziguri to Goldust as the fans pop. Goldust on Owen in the corner as the crovd chant “Austin Sucks!”

A gut-wrench by Hawk and a leg drop got him a two on Owen, a powerslam and now Hawk hit a splash but Owen Hart kicks out. Owen goes for the Sharpshooter but Animal breaks it up.

The European Champion is in! Bulldog hits a powerslam to Hawk. A powerslam to Road warrior Hawk but Goldust broke it up. Bret back in.

Animal locks up with Bret. Now, everybody, all ten have been in the ring officially.
Animal charged into Bret who lifts up the high boot. Animal backing off and Goldust comes in. Goldust plays mind games with Bret, two second generation stars. Bret clobbered Goldust and powerslammed him in the corner.

Now team Canada all hammer on Goldust, and team USA breaks it up, the official trying to maintain order here. Owen hit a backbreaker to Goldust and charged into the ring post. Animal spotted it and then caught a heel kick off the ropess. Owen leaped off the top and hit a missile dropkick to Animal.

Animal hit a powerbomb after catching Owen in mid-air who was going for a hurricanrana. Animal powerslams him.

Austin slammed Owen’s knee into the ring post and in front of Stu to boot. Bruce Hart got involved with Austin, the old promoter of Stampede.

Fans continue to get all over Austin while Bret helps Owen on the outside. Austin and the Anvil tie up and Austin kicks away at the Anvil holding him in a bearhug. All five men attack Austin.

Steve vas in his absolute prime here, and you could just tell from his entrance alone. Austin and Pillman now go at it.

Hollywood Blondes reunion, Austin flips him off and hits the Stunner. But Bret retaliated and swings Austin’s leg into the ring post. Bret with a fire extinguisher in hand tried to break Austin’s leg hitting him with it.

Bulldog stomps on the legs of Austin who rolls out of the ring selling the leg. Hawk comes in and takes on Bulldog.

The story here is Austin and Owen both being out of action.

Bulldog and Animal go back and forth. Anvil tagged in and now Bulldog and Anvil double clothesline Hawk. Bret tagged in and then goes back to Neidhart.

Austin taken back to the back gets boo’s, yeah, he is over. Fans either wanted to love or hate him. But that was just part of this match’s structure. McMahon on commentary points out it’s Hart Foundation of old when Bret drops down on Animal with the Anvil helping him out.

Shamrock tagged in and Bret takes care of him. Bret sling-shot into the corner sternum first. Shamrock with a big right. Bret fight back tossing Shamrock to the table.
All hell breaks loose by the tables, and monitor’s. I wrote that here before McMahon said that on commentary, that sort of thing just tends to happen.

Back in the ring Bret hit a side russian legsweep to Shamrock and got a two. Bulldog and Shamrock now get to go at it. Bulldog caught a lowblow and thrown to the corner by Goldust hitting a Bulldog on the Bulldog, Jim Ross with a touch of Dusty Rhodes says If you wheeeeeellllll.

Bulldog going for a Superplex off the top on Goldust and hits it! Still a two as Animal breaks it up.

Austin limps back.

Now Austin’s team has a 5 on 4 advantage. Bulldog and Goldust both hurt in the middle of the ring. Austin tagged in as is Bret.

Just as it started Austin and Bret slug it out and Austin sent the Hitman sternum first to the corner, a suplex and a two. Austin hit with a tornado ddt by Bret.

Bret hit a backbreaker and a signature elbow by Bret. Hart locks on a sleeper and Austin drops down with a modified stunner/jawbreaker. Austin went for a backdrop, Hart turnshim over and almost got the Sharpshooter.

Animal saved Austin and the fans hate it.

Austin now goes for the Sharpshooter on Bret.

Owen limping to the ring, makes a heroic comeback like Austin did. Owen saving his big brother!

Awesome story-telling here.

Owen is clotheslined by Austin to the floor. Austin takes it to Owen on the steel barricade in front of the whole Hart Family.

Austin grabs Stu, pushed Bruce. Bret goes for Stone Cold. This is beyond personal now!

Then Owen from behind cradles Austin!

In the end at 24:31 Owen pinned Austin with a roll-up as Austin was distracted by several of the Hart brothers at ringside (Bruce and Ross had jumped over the guardrail after being attacked by Austin)

This ten man couldn’t of been booked better.

This match is forever a Classic.

Afterwards the whole Hart Family came in the ring and it’s one of the greatest moments in wrestling history.

**** 1/2



11) Bret “Hit Man” Hart, Owen Hart and The British Bulldog vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker and Dude Love in a 6 man tag team flag match -Raw – July 21st, 1997

The Canadian Anthem is playing.

Austin’s glass breaks and he doesen’t give a damn if you’re booing him or cheering him.
Dude Love comes down to join Steve-O, Austin and the Dude were the tag team champion’s during this time.

The match began with Dude and Austin 2 on 3 against Canada in Halifax. The City that holds the cemetery for all the dead from the Titanic btw. My uncle lives there, never been.

Oh yeah there’s a match going on.
Bret hit an inverted atomic drop on Austin and clotheslined him over the top rope. The object of the match is to grab your country’s flag.

Owen Hart finds the mark for the Enziguri on Dude then Austin caught Owen climbing up high.

Taker’s gong goes off as they went to a commercial break. Undertaker came out to join Austin during the break and he stands on the apron.

Owen is kicked at by Dude Love. Bret makes sure Foley doesen’t reach the top and Owen headbutt’s Foley. Owen Hart is elbowed and slammed head first into the ring apron.

Undertaker comes in the ring beating on Bulldog and Owen to a chorus of boo’s which is just strange…

Undertaker chokeslammed Owen Hart. Taker grabs Owen again and another chokeslam. Undertaker tags in Austin after an arm-ringer on Owen and Austin goes to work on Owen Hart.

Austin is reversed into the corner headfirst cheer on Owen Hart but Austin out of the corner runs into Owen Hart hitting a clothesline. Austin with a snapmare as the fans chant Owen. Austin driving the forearm to the throat of Owen just weeks before he’d break Austin’s neck.

Austin tryin to weardown Owen Hart on the mat and Dude holds Austin down for additional leverage. Austin uses his own boots and Foley pushed on them. Austin hit Owen with a reverse elbow. Dude Love came in and they have isolated Owen while the fans chant for Canada.

Owen goes for the flag but Dude hit a lowblow then did a little dancing to top it off. Dude went for a neckbreaker, but Owen countered it into a ddt. Owen crawls towards the Hart Family but Austin made sure Owen stayed in the middle of the ring.

Dude Love with a body-scissors on Owen. Owen counters Austin on top of him and now they’re going to take a third commercial break.

Live from Halifax Taker worked over Owen and now back from a break Dude Love held a headlock. Owen counters with a suplex on Dude. Owen with a spinning heel kick on Dude Love. Austin tags in and now Austin is kicked at by Owen who missed an Enziguri, Austin went for a sharpshooter and Owen raked the eyes of Austin.

A tag into Bret andhe clotheslined Austin and the fans loved it. Bret hit a spinebuster to Austin after a double leg pick-up, Dude Love saved Austin from a potential figure four outside on the warzone.

The tag is made and Undertaker has Bulldog and hit a chokeslam. Taker went for a tombstone and Bret fired back at the kidney’s, a preview of Summerslam. Bret and Taker hit a double clothesline sending both men down. Undertaker sits up and he goes for Old Glory.

Undertaker climbed at the same time as Bret Hart but Brian Pillman came out and grabbed the leg of Taker.

At a tv time of 11:49 Pillman came from under the ring and Bret got the Maple Leaf.

This match is a lot of fun with a hot crowd and a lot of people involved in their prime.



*** 1/4



12) The Hart Dynasty vs D-Generation X (c) for the WWE Unified Tag Team Championship Match -SmackDown! December 25, 2009

Tyson Kidd hits a hiplock on Michaels and he hits a thrust kick. Michaels catapolts him into the corner where Hunter is.

Hunter comes in and powerslams Kidd and throws him hard into the corner.
Smith comes in and spears Hunter.

A lot of good back and forth action here between both teams. I liked the leg-work by Smith to HHH.

I can’t stress enough how long and special they tried to make this match seem.
In the end at a tv time of 12:11 HHH put the Hart Dynasty with a Pedigree.

This match is great, showing the new generation of Hart’s.

A perfect end for the DVD. They say the best is yet to come, but I highly doubt that.
Regardless this is a family worthy of praise…and they certainly are getting it.

Everybody wins.







Final Rating for Hart and Soul: The Hart Family Anthology Set = 8/10

This set is a must own if you don’t have the great matches with Bret and Owen already or are a massive fan of the Hart’s in general, and I think that goes without saying.
Everything here is very good, I owned over half the material on this set already but I still picked it up and enjoyed it so take that tidbit of information as you will.

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