Review: WWE Jake the Snake Roberts – Pick Your Poison DVD (Disc 1)

November 20, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s Jake the Snake Roberts: “Pick Your Poison” Disc 1 Review:



“You know your in trouble when you hear about dying, you hear about Curt, Bossman, Hawk and you curse God, saying…why can’t that be me? That’s insanity my friend….”Jake Roberts



-“Jake Roberts: Pick Your Poison” was put together as a two disc DVD with an emotionally disturbing yet intriguing Documentary and matches covering the life and career of Jake The Snake Roberts.





Disc 1 Documentary:

This is one of the more disturbing and sadder documentary’s out there.
Jake’s story is definitely interesting though.

They begin by showing Jake talking about his early family life.
He speaks about being a child and having it harder due to not having a mother and father.

He said he had very bad emotional problems living with his Grandparents, and not knowing much about his real father other then the face and the fact he was a wrestler.
The Snake talks about being poor and other kids wondering why he wasn’t rich.

Jake talked about being embarassed and always being a loner. Jake talks about his father having a thing for young woman.

Some disturbing stories.

I don’t feel like discussing them, if you want to know them you’ll just have to get the set.
Jake talks about his little sister getting pregnant at 12 when he was 15, Jake said he physically abused her because he didn’t want them to get kicked out of the house.

Two years later, he did the same thing.

At 18 she married a 53 year old, still looking for a father figure.

It’s safe to say Jake’s life is pretty messed up. I feel empathy for the man.

Then he discusses her murder. This just gets unreal at points.

Jake Roberts said he had a hard time touching his daughter’s or loving them because he doesen’t want to be like his father.

He grew up hating woman and it being hard to touch even his mother.

Now he talks about getting a girl pregnant and getting involved in wrestling.

Roberts speaks about physical abuse from his father. His Dad told him he’d nver become anything and Roberts said he would become bigger then he ever was.

DiBiase talks about how Jake Roberts had tremendous psychology and promise in Mid-South, Jim Ross says he had tremendous potential because of his understanding of the product. Jake also worked in Mid-Atlantic and some clips are shown. Ricky Steamboat talks about how he got to know Jake in Mid-Atlantic in the late 70’s and how he got psychology down to an exact science.

Roberts speaks about his knee-lift finisher.

And the DDT is also. Hogan says it is the greatest thing Jake ever did, inventing the ddt. Ross praises it as do many others. McMahon says it can be extremely dangerous but is proud Jake put it over.

Road warrior Animal talks about being with Jake and then finally having enough.
In Georgia Championship wrestling he began to really develop and make his promo skills known.

Jake talks about having Ronnie Garvin knocking him out and putting the feud over in a major way. Jake said it ended by McMahon buying Georgia Championship wrestling.
Jake talks about giving his notice in the southern region then finally coming to the Federation by Vince.

Okerlund said his popularity came off by his gimmick.

Not to mention his amazing promo skills and in-ring psychology.

Bringing the Snake to the ring is discussed huge because that’s what people remember most about Jake Roberts. Steamboat says he was the Dragon so he brought out a Lizzard and they had a feud going with there props.

Now Jake the Snake discusses the famous ddt on the concrete floor to Steamboat who sudffered a concussion.

Now Jake got his own show called “The Snake Pit.”

Jake could work a mic like Roddy Piper, who had “Piper’s Pit”, McMahon agrees that putting his mic skills over only seemed logical to keep Jake in the public’s eye.

The Snake goes into his feud with the Honkeytonk Man around the third Mania. The Guitar shot on the Snake Pit is discussed that Honkey gave to Jake and the Guitar didn’t break.

They talk about Jake’s feud against Rude and his family getting involved

Jake’s alcohol/drug problems have been well documented over the years.

This is obviously a big problem, and remain ones even today.

Jake talks about drinking and how it wrecked his life. How easy it was to get alcohol when fans kept buying him drinks.

His rivalries with Andre the Giant and Randy Savage are discussed.

Jake talks about being a top guy but never being a title holder, he didn’t think he needed a title anyway.

That’s what’s missing from these days…

The Cobra chewing on Savage’s arm. A ton of Madness there. A lot of nostalgic feelings seeing an early Undertaker, an Ultimate Warrior, Jake the Snake, Randy Macho Man Savage, so many characters, just an awesome period in the business gimmicks wise. A lot of fun to re-watch here.

Jake show he’s great as a face or a heel. His feud with Undertaker is gone over.

McMahon talks about not knowing he if was on drugs or not.

Jake speaks about himself retiring to find Jesus and then coming back as a born again Christian at the 96 Rumble letting a snake go in the Rumble match.

McMahon calls it ironic that Jake’s religious promo’s spiked the greatest superstar in history.

Austin 3:16 is shown for obvious reasons.

The King talks about his feud in 96 with Jake Roberts.

They discuss Beyond the Mat, the film portraying the Snake in a bad light.

His return to Ecw, and his final return on Raw on the highlight reel is shown.

Many people talk about the Snake and what his legacy will be. He said in order for him to be happy he has to be associated with wrestling.

McMahon says Jake is a sure Hall of Famer one day.

They end with a great quote from Jake.

“I’m not happy where I’ve been, but I’m really excited about where I’m going…”

This Documentary is approx 105 minutes long and is one of the better ones they’ve put out.

Never dull, at times depressing but overall a feel good story in the end.




Disc 1 Matches:

1) Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat in a Snake Pit Match – The Big Event 8/28/86

This is a great but forgotten feud.
It certainly has relevance on this DVD set for the ddt heard around the world on concrete.

The Dragon gets such a great pop like always.

The bell rings and Jake Roberts goe for the right’s on the Steamer but he ducks and hits chops.
The arm is the main focus point of the Dragon to work over the Snake, an overhead wristlock, into an armbar, into a hammerlock, back into an overhead wristlock.

Dragon wearing Jake down because then it becomes harder to apply the ddt, great thinking as always by Steamboat.

The Dragon hit a lowblow on the Snake and he rolled outide the ring.

Jake had Ricky on the outside.

The Snake blocked a charge from Steamboat but he came firing back with chops. The Snake slammed Steamboat down to the floor. Jake the Snake kneed Steamboat in the head.

The dragon flies off the top hitting Jake with a chop in the head right in the middle of the ring this time.

Jake goes back into the armbar.

The Snake eventually rolled him out of the ring and then some fans chant for the ddt.
Jake roughed up the Dragon outside the ring.

Steamboat is catapolted into the apron. Jake in the ring went for the ddt and Steamboat is bloodied blocking it backing him to the corner.

An inverted atomic drop by the Snake.

Now an inverted back breaker.

In the end at 13:20 a bloodied Dragon rolled up the Snake for a three count out of no where.

This match keeps you on the edge of your seat but it just ended kind of abruptly.
The fans are obviously happy with the result.


*** 1/4





2) The Honkeytonk Man (w/Jimmy Hart) vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts (w/Alice Cooper) -WrestleMania 3
On Jake’s DVD they talk about this match and Jake discusses what it was like. A very nice touch.

This crowd was relatively quiet during this contest in comparison to some of the other ones but could you blame them? They had just witnessed one of the most breathtaking matches of all time so it’s only natural. These two had a tough act to follow, that’s for sure. However the crowd was pretty noisy during the opening sequence of this match which is only natural seeing how Jake Roberts attacked Honkeytonk Man straight away.

Jake had been legitimately hurt by Honkeytonk`s guitar shot to the head weeks before.

The match got underway as The Snake unloaded right hands to The Honkeytonk Man.

The crowd ate that material up as Honkeytonk was a big heel. Speaking of heels, Jimmy Hart had been all over the place on this night.

Roberts after a succession of right hand`s landed a shot from his knee to the head.

The Honkeytonk Man was slammed back first onto the padding on the mat`s by the time keeper`s area.

Back in the ring The Honkeytonk Man was almost hit with a DDT and and he left the ringside area. The Honkeytonk Man was then shoved into the steel ring post by The Snake!

The Honkeytonk Man brawled back and bought himself some time by shoving Jake Roberts into the steel barricade and Alice Cooper went to help him. Back in the ring the fans chanted for a DDT for Jake Roberts despite The Honkeytonk Man being in control. The Honkeytonk Man lifted a high knee to Roberts and then went to choke him out.

The Honkeytonk Man went for Shake, Rattle and Roll but Roberts hit a backdrop, a nice counter move and the crowd cheered. The Honkeytonk Man got right back in the driver`s seat with shots in the corner but Roberts hit an inverted atmoic drop, Roberts with big right hand`s.

The Honkeytonk Man was all of the sudden down on his knees begging Roberts to give him a break and The Honkeytonk Man got backdropped again.

After a few back and forth sequences The Honkeytonk Man was able to pull off the upset which Monsoon claims he stole.

In the end The Honkytonk Man pinned Roberts while holding onto the ropes for leverage at 7:04.

After the match, Roberts and Cooper attacked Jimmy Hart with the python Damien and Detroit loves it.

Pretty enjoyable stuff in an underrated rivalry.




3) Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs “Ravishing” Rick Rude in a Rude Awakening vs DDT Match – MSG 10/24/88

Get ready for a great match.

The only way this one can end is by a finishing move from each man. Interesting.

Jake Roberts and Rick Rude had an extremely personal feud by this time.

Rude had been hitting on Jake’s wife who is ringside for this one!

The match begins and the bell rings.

Jake the Snake and Rick Rude competed at Mania earlier in the year in a fifteen minute draw from Trump Plaza. Hey, I liked it. Not many others did but that’s a ** 1/2 match.
Jake catches Rude coming after him early and dare I say he gets a Rude Awakening when Jake over-powers Rude with a wristlock.

Now into an armbar. Jake torks the arm, stomping on the mat. Jake is frustrated as Rude ducked under the ropes and out of the ring.
Rude comes back in hits the Snake with forearm smashes to Roberts. Jake returning the favor going to the eyes himself. Rude in the corner is caught now in the middle of the ring as he is on the receiving end of right jabs by the Snake.

Rude comes back with a clothesline after he caught a hard forearm.

Things getting very physical.

Rude on the outside smiles at Jake’s wife but Roberts brings him back in the ring.

Ravishing Rick Rude hit an atomic drop on Jake the Snake slowing him down.
Rude poses and stomps on the hand of Jake standing outside the ring which is logical because it prevents an eventual ddt. Rude drives Jake into the corner, wild swings by both men.

Rude drops Roberts. Rude is slammed by Jake outside the ring and JUST escaped the ddt. Jake charged at Rude in the corner and crashed and burned. Rude climbs to the top turnbuckle and drops a chop to Roberts down on his back.

RUDE goes for Jake’s wife but turned around into a ddt.

Great storytelling.

In the end at 18:09 Jake gets the victory.

This match is absolutely ravishing!








 “Snake Bites”:


-Jake’s relationship with children

-How he became “The Snake”

-Working with Dynamite Kid

-Legion of Doom

-“Steamboat saved my life…”

-Meeting Dick Ebersol

-“Snake” on the loose…

-Grizzly Smith

-Hogan/Jake Feud



Disc 2 to be continued….

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  1. Brett Mix says:

    Pick this one up, going through random individual sets, this, the Pillman set are two real gems. Also can’t go wrong with Foley’s greatest hits and misses.

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