Review: Macho Madness- The Ultimate Randy Savage Collection 3 Disc DVD

November 23, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “Macho Madness: The Ultimate Randy Savage Collection” (3 Disc) Review:


“I think that your time is done, and I think that THE SPOTLIGHT should GOOOO on…top…of ME, yeah!….”Randy Macho Man Savage




-This DVD features 3 Discs of Classic Macho Man matches and a ton of legendary promo’s on Disc 3, inbetween the matches a brief look at some of the imporant moments in his career.

-Over 9 Hours of Macho Madness hosted by lifelong fan of Savage- Matt Striker and uhhhh, yeah…Maria.

-This DVD is arguably the most anticipated DVD Release in the History of Pro-Wrestling as advertised in it’s previews. He was one of the most controversial superstars in history of sports entertainment, through his complicated relationship with Miss Elizabeth, his dramatic WWE championship tournament run at WrestleMania IV, the formation and explosive breakup of the MegaPowers with Hulk Hogan, his reign as the Macho King, and his shocking jump to WCW. “Macho Man” Randy Savage brought a chaotic poetry to the ring. He’s widely considered one of the finest in-ring competitors of all time, and his interviews were always a sight to behold. For the first time ever, fans can relive the entire storied career in Macho Madness: The Ultimate Randy Savage Collection, a 3-DVD set that spans two decades of exciting and intense matchups. He was one of the most controversial superstars in history of sports entertainment, through his complicated relationship with Miss Elizabeth, his dramatic WWE championship tournament run at WrestleMania IV, the formation and explosive breakup of the MegaPowers with Hulk Hogan, his reign as the Macho King, and his shocking jump to WCW. “Macho Man” Randy Savage brought a chaotic poetry to the ring. He’s widely considered one of the finest in-ring competitors of all time, and his interviews were always a sight to behold. For the first time ever, fans can relive the entire storied career in Macho Madness: The Ultimate Randy Savage Collection, a 3-DVD set that spans two decades of exciting and intense matchups.



Disc 1 Matches:



1) Randy “Macho Man” Savage vs “Quick Draw” Rick McGraw -Prime Time Wrestling- July 9th, 1985



The WWF Debut of the Macho Man. He began wrestling in 73 after being a catcher in pro-baseball taking on the family business, so coming in from over a decade of experience, he came in strong!

The World Wrestling Federation had never seen anything like him before. That’s a cliche but it was completely true.

Hulkamania was alive and growing but it was one Randy Savage who really brought a new style into the WWF, his personality helped expand Sports-Entertainment during the 80’s boom and he had a fantastic workrate to go along with it, nobody in the WWF could match his level of work from Memphis before he came to the Federation.

In this opening match on the DVD where he faces “Quick Draw” Rick McGraw, it’s more about Savage then it is the match.

Gaining Heel Heat was the main objective and man did he to it to perfection here. Macho was announced as “Wrestling’s #1 Free Agent” upon entering and everyone in attendance knew it was a big deal. You could hear the voices from the crowd as they just loved to hate Savage, some of them knowing him from his previous work in Memphis or perhaps knowing his late father Angelo Poffo and even if they didn’t know those two things they were impressed by his personality and it showed during this match.

“Quickdraw” Rick McGraw was the standard fan favourite here and the match was basically all about one man as said.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage continued to gain heat in interesting ways before the opening bell even rung by going after a young Howard Finkel asking him to give him a proper introduction next time. Hilarious and Savage said “You better get the Camera Clean because you don’t know what you’re about to see here, Macho Madness…the greatest in the world! Doiiiin the thing!”

Savage then with his nice purple robe did a spin-around in the ring to a chorus of boo’s.

Monsoon on commentary saying that several manager’s had there eyes on the Macho Man and Fred Blassie for sure because of there reflecting personalities. Macho then strutted around the ring with his headband and then continued to ooze confidence and machismo. Rick McGraw was a tad frustrated with this whole “act” Randy Savage was putting on but little did he know it was infact his entire personality. He’d soon find out.

The official pleased with Savage to get it going, the bell rang and the fans booed.

Savage took off his gear and we were underway, the Macho Man Randy Savage was now apart of the World Wrestling Federation.

Macho Man runs off the ropes and then like a coward backs off which gains more heat. Savage then ties up and Quickdraw ties him up against the ropes not once, but twice, Savage gets him in the corner and then a clean break as Savage proceeds to leave the ring. Savage then taunts the crowd and has stuff thrown at him.
Great stuff.

Rick McGraw went after him but only a matter of time until Savage came back to the ring, he went up top and pointed to the rafters before going for yet another walk. Savage with stars on his purple tights gets on the ring apron (the outside) while he gives Rick McGraw a slight glance, and then the crowd. Showing great ahtleticism he leaps over the top rope into the ring and then slithers underneath the bottom rope which gets more boo’s. Savage then flexes to agrivate the crowd some more.
If you didn’t hate the Macho Man before, you did now but it was a “love to hate” kind of thing. He did his job as a heel quite well to say the least.

Savage finally with an arm-ringer, into an armbar flattening “Quickdraw” to the mat as Savage continued to talk himself up to the crowd. Rick McGraw to his feet tried to swing out but Savage with a handfull of hair used that to his advantage as he got Rick McGraw back down to the mat still in an arm-bar. In the center of the ring Quickdraw leaped up with an upperhead-scissors but Savage dropped him head first onto the top ropes, followed by a knee-drop tot he sternum. Randy Savage slapped on a sleeper to weardown Rick McGraw some more after an earlier armbar, this was also to avoid any onslaught by Quickdraw.

Rick McGraw got out and then nicely exectued an air-plane splin before dropping him backfirst to the mat, Macho with his first kickout in the WWF as he got his boot on the bottom rope. As “Quickdraw” Rick McGraw came charging at the Macho Man he got the boot up, Savage then with left hands and went to slam Rick McGraw’s head into the buckle but he blocked it and slammed Macho’s head in. Rick McGraw with a monkey flip from the corner to Savage who hit the mat hard. Rick McGraw with a slow, dramatic backslide gets a long two count.

Savage being out-wrestled didn’t like this and went for a walk grabbing his hair in the process on the way to the back. Savage has a word with an old man in the entrance way and continued to flex for the crowd, some cheering surprisingly but most booing as expected. Savage back into the ring at the seven count.

Rick McGraw cornered Savage and the fans roared with approval here.

Rick McGraw grabbed Macho’s arm but Savage reversed it by grabbing his throat and strategically dropped his elbow onto Rick McGraw’s throat area, he bought himself some time quite effectively. An elbow drop and a nearfall by Macho, followed by a suplex. Savage got a series of nearfalls. Both men in the center of the ring slug it out from there knees until Savage shoves Rick McGraw to the ropes and catches him with a reverse elbow on the second oppurtunity after Rick McGraw avoided the initial one.
All of the sudden Macho Man from the top dropped his first double axehandle from the top, over fifteen feet claims Monsoon from the booth. Macho Man ramming Rick McGraw into the steel gaurdrail and slides back into the ring to a chorus of boo’s. That high-risk move by Savage hadn’t really been seen in the WWF very often and it got the crowd buzzing. Savage then stomped at the temple of Rick McGraw from the outside ring apron before he could get back in. Savage then with a nice snapshot vertical suplex to the concrete floor.

Savage then went to the other side of the ring and posed, asking the crowd what they thought, they booed throwing paper at Savage. Macho with his unique mannerisms rolled his hands, and had awesome facial expressions. Savage then sneaking from around the ring drove a high knee into the sternum of Quickdraw Rick McGraw as he charged towards him from no where. Macho Man got back into the ring and Rick McGraw was slow to get to his feet. Savage taunted him from up top, Rick McGraw got back on the apron and Savage gave him a hard shot followed by a rake of the face from his knee. Out of no where Rick McGraw fought back but and gave Savage a hard forearm.

When Rick McGraw came back in Savage got him down though and placed him sternum first on the middle rope, Savage charged towards him dropping his bodyweight to Rick McGraw`s back, he went for it a second time and nobody home. Rick McGraw with a couple of shots to the jaw of Savage then irishwhipped him to the far corner and he hung upside down. Savage then was kicked at by Quickdraw Rick McGraw and the fans loved it as Macho hung upside down in a vulnerable position. Fans on there feet, Rick McGraw with a headbutt then picked up Savage and threw him to the corner, out of desperation the Macho Man hit a clothesline to Rick McGraw who had sustained a neck injury years earlier. Macho Man from the top rope hit a flying elbow drop and this one was over at 12:44.

This match showed how brilliant a Heel Savage was if anything.

This was much better then origially anticipated, sure it was slow at the start but
Savage`s antics were god-like from a Heel standpoint and things really picked up in a big way with the aerial moves, this was an impressive opener for Randy Savage in the Federation.

Very good for a slower match, it did its job effectively at establishing Randy Savage and his character.



** 1/2

Randy Savage introduces Miss Elizabeth as his Manager:


-Never before in the Federation was it common to have a FEMALE as your manager (let alone your real life wife) but Randy Savage continued to innovate and introduced the lovely (late) Elizabeth Hulette-Poffo and Vince McMahon on commentary was in love with her right away as was the rest of the world. She’d help Macho gain popularity and expand his already diverse character even more, the first couple and LADY of Pro-Wrestling had now entered the picture.

2) Randy “Macho Man” Savage (W/Miss Elizabeth) vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat -Boston Garden- December 7th, 1985

Now obviously this isn`t the Classic we all know and love but it`s still Steamboat, it`s still Savage and the Bosten Garden`s with such a terrific atmosphere to watch some Wrestling in the 1980`s, you really couldn`t lose and I`m glad they included this match on the Macho Madness DVD.

I would of loved to see the Savage-Steamboat match from Toronto on the Steamboat DVD but at least here we get the Boston match.

Here we go.

In typical Heel-Face formula, we get some good material before the action begins.

Ricky Steamboat got shoved by Macho Man and then he used Liz as a shield and then Macho attacked him with a “Pearl Harbour“ job from behind as he charged towards Savage. Macho went to throw Savage into the buckle but hard into the corner goes Savage by Ricky Steamboat and then he tossed him to the outside. Savage then rammed into the post, shoulder first as he tied up Randy`s arm first.

Smart work by the Dragon as he went to work on the left arm of Macho Man and dropped it over the top rope from the apron. Ricky Steamboat continuing the assualt of the Macho Man by tossing him to the mat by the arm, I love Ricky Steamboat`s natural ability to workover an oppoenent`s arm.

Plenty of pressure by Ricky Steamboat as he held an armbar on Savage, then with an arm-ringer, and a power move elevating Macho Man in the middle of the ring, plenty of leverage by the Dragon. Monsoon and Ventura claiming how quick this one could be, but so far Ricky Steamboat was all no-nonsense and all business. The Dragon brought Macho right back in when he tried to escape. Eventually Savage used his whole bodyweight from a standing position to send the Dragon to the ropes but he hit him with a hard shoulder block, then a hard arm-drag by the Dragon back into an armbar.

The difference here as it is evident, and their WM 3 Classic is the methodical arm-work by the Dragon, there wasn`t a slow instance a single time at Mania 3. But this is still good, it`s telling a story.

Savage brilliantly sells the arm and then the Dragon chases Macho around the ring, Macho off the ropes back in the ring and leaps over Ricky Steamboat and then a flying hammerlock in mid-air, Ricky Steamboat then out-wrestles Macho on another exchange as he makes him look like a million bucks. Ricky Steamboat drops back with added pressure on the weakened left arm of Randy Savage. Macho was in a bad way here and he grabbed a handfull of hair swinging Ricky Steamboat to the ropes and a criss-cross until Savage went under the bottom rope to buy time, ventura claims this as a brilliant move seeing as he needed to buy himself time due to the injured arm. Steamboat met Savage on the outside and hit a chop, back in the ring Savage off the ropes, ducked Steamboat and then off the other side of the ropes a tremendous armdrag by Ricky Steamboat.

A relentless attack by the Dragon and then Macho resorted to grabbing hair and off the ropes Ricky Steamboat ducked and then Savage did send Ricky Steamboat over the top but he swung back in skinning the cat, a second time he attempted to but Savage had the ring-knowledge to knee him up high and out. A double axehandle from the top, (fiteen feet high) by the Macho Man.

Savage now still with a hurt leftarm had a moment to breathe and then Ricky Steamboat was not aware Savage was about to charge towards him he drove his knee up high to the chest of Steamboat on the outside. Savage in the middle of the ring holding his hurt arm as the fans booed. Savage then ducked outside the apron and sneaked up on Ricky Steamboat and dropped a double axehandle from a standing position to the back of the Dragon. Macho slingshotted Ricky Steamboat from the outside apron up and over, Macho then from up top with his good elbow dropped it to the head of Ricky Steamboat.

Macho Man hit a snapmare takedown to Ricky Steamboat and got a two count. Steambot with three chops and then a scoop slam to Savage was attempted but his bad back gave in and Macho got a two count as his bodyweight took over. Macho then from the top tried a high-risk move that rarely backfired, Steamboat went for some offense and then Savage took over, Steamboat then took over went for a clothesline, Savage ducked, Steamboat reversed a back drop and applied an atomic drop. Steamboat went up high and Macho got up and took him off and scoop slammed him to the mat. Macho Man went up but the Dragon caught him with a righthand to the lower abdomen, followed up by a knee lift to Macho.

Ricky Steamboat with a vertical suplex, beautifully executed by the Dragon and a two count.

Ricky Steamboat tossed Savage over but he put his boot on the bottom rope. Ricky Steamboat irishwhipped Macho Man and got a reverse knife edge, another one to the eyes and the Dragon unloaded with several more and Macho went right through the ropes to the outside of the ring apron, Ricky Steamboat continued to dish out the punishment while Liz looked on concerned. Savage grabbed something from his tights but the Dragon grabbed him for a back suplex and in mid-air Savage hit Ricky Steamboat with the object and landed on top of him in mid-ring and got the pinfall at 11:39.

This was obviously a great wrestling match, Savage pulled out all the stops to buy himself time with his injured arm as he knew he could not out-wrestle the Dragon but pulled it out and got the victory in the end. This made Macho even more hated which made him more brilliant, and the hatred between both men was elevated to a new level.

*** 1/2




One of the most HATED Men in Wrestling…:

-As The Macho Man continued to roar through the ranks of the Federation his mannerisms, cocky persona and cowardly acts were not respected by audiences everywhere. He was the true defenition of a Heel and the kind you loved to hate, his character was meant for you to be envious, a little cheating goes a long way.

3) Randy “Macho Man” Savage (W/Miss Elizabeth) vs Hulk Hogan (c) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -MSG- December 30th, 1985

The Macho Man and Hulk Hogan. The Stone Cold and Rock of the 80s were no doubt the Golden Boys for Vince.

And now that we know Savage was one of the most hated men in Wrestling, who better to face then Hulk Hogan to get a Classic (Good Guy-Bad Guy) Scenario.
Matt Striker the host of the DVD puts over that Savage was impressing everyone and that is why he was headlining MSG with Hulk Hogan just 5 months into his WWF career, which says a lot.

Savage came out in all his glory with Liz, as confident as ever despite him going up against Hulk.

Hogan came out to a great pop obviously as the face of the company and wrestling as a whole.

Savage and Hogan always had entertaining matches and this was definitely one of them.

Lord Alfred Hayes (the late) joined the also deceased Gorilla Monsoon on commentary, this was a one hour time-limit, one fall contest.

Fans chanted Hogan and the bell rung. Macho just pointed to the rafters and that is it which got himself a chorus of boos. Macho flexed and posed in mid-ring to show some off some more which got him natural heat. Hogan then shoved Macho down after locking up with him in mid-ring and then blew a kiss to the also late Liz. It is truly sad how many people in the business have passed on.

Macho on the outside apron pointed to Hogan claiming he would be all his. Savage was angry and got back in the ring. The two locked up again, Macho with a side headlock and the Champ went down immeditately and then hit Savage with a shoulder block, Savage acted shocked with how quickly he adapted. Savage then grabbed Liz and went for a stroll around ringside. Savage got more heat from the crowd.
Savage went to the top and looked around, hopped back in the ring and the crowd chanted for the WWF Champion Hulk Hogan.
Hulkamania was running wild, he intimidated Savage some more as he went for another walk. Randy Savage then tied up with Hulk aagain and he hit an arm-ringer, Savage raked the face and then hit a snapmare taking the big guy over, dropping the knee into the chest of Hulk. Savage went to dropkick Hogan at the sideropes met nobody as Hogan avoided contact. Hogan with a series of right hands and a clothesline in the corner of the ring. Hogan then mocked Savage and posed in mid-ring with a spin.

An atmoic drop by the Hulkster that sent Macho to the floor on the outside. Hogan wasted no time and followed Macho but he put Liz in front of him. Hogan had gotten the best of Macho on most occasions and when the two locked up again Savage hit a charging knee lift, a snapmare and Savage from up top went for a crossbody and Hogan caught him in mid-air and hit a backbreaker. Savage then rolled under the bottom rope and once again he held Liz in front of him and Hogan had enough of this predicament. Hulk was clearly frustrated by this and Savage dropped the double axehandle to Hogan as he had caught him with a facerake from the outside. Macho then finally elevated Hogan to the concrete, Macho Man from the top dropped a double axehandle to the back of the shoulders of the Champion.

Macho in the ring posed and the fans gave him tremendous heat. Macho did not give Hogan an inch and attacked him on the outside. Hogan then slowly got back in but Savage met him with a high boot to the temple, Macho then with a knee lift and a facerake, followed by an elbow drop.
Savage pressed his weight on top of Hulk bot got a two. Savage kept dropping blows to Hogan but he stared at Macho and began hulking up and delivered shots to Macho, an irish-whip and a clothesline by Hogan followed by a kick to the head of Macho.

Crowd was hot while Hogan gave a boot to the side of the face of Macho that sent him to the concrete floor. Hogan then had Savage where he wanted him. Hogan picked up Liz and placed her elsewhere so Savage could no longer use her as a shield. Hulk Hogan had Macho back in the ring, went for an irish-whip but Savage cleverly held onto the top rope for leverage with his in-ring knowledge, went for an elbow drop and hit it. Hogan kicked out!

Hogan went for Savage and clotheslined the official. Savage then caught the Champ with a running knee tot he back. Macho Man grabbed the WWF title and from the top rope he dropped the belt on the neck of the Champion with the official still face down in the ring. Savage picked up the official and began counting.

In the end Savage got his ten count, after using the Championship belt at 10:10, but did not win the title.

Macho Man had put the title around his waist, but Finkel announced the belt did not switch hands and Macho decked out the official which got him more heat and then carried Liz to the outside.

Fun stuff, quite the ride.

*** 1/4





Setting his sights on a NEW title…:

-To further add Prestige to the IC title and build up Savage some more, Macho went to the IC Division where he would further develop not only himself inside the Federation, but help his peers as well. The result was some fantastic matches and classic rivalries so it was a tremendous decision when looking back on things.

4) Randy “Macho Man” Savage (W/Miss Elizabeth) vs Tito Santana (c) for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship -Bosten Garden- February 8th, 1986

Another wrestling match from the Classic Boston Gardens, where the atmosphere is easy on the eyes and the crowds are always red-hot.

A little backstory first, Randy “Macho Man” Savage first faced Tito Santana for the Intercontinental Championship in October of 1985 and won by a countout.

Savage later received a rematch on Feb the 8th at the Boston Garden, and certainly made the most of it as we`ll see here.

Macho was captivating audiences with his unique charisma and that reognizable voice, also with how he acted in and out of the ring either on his own or with his valet, Elizabeth.

Bottom Line- Fans had an opinion on how he acted whether they loved his MACHO Attitude or hated his arrorgance, which is why he was so over. He was supposed to be headlining Wrestlemania 2 the month after this but Hogan thought it`d be best to put Bundy so he told managment that would be better. Either way, both Savage and Bundy got to headline Mania with Hogan over time.

I`m glad in a way though because Savage stayed in the IC Division and would completely run the show all through 1986 facing everybody, starting on this night.
Here we go, Tito Santana vs Randy The Macho Man Savage for the IC Title in Boston! Tito Santana was the reigning Champion and Savage the challenger.

This still took place in a time where especially in McMahon`s company the matches were a tad slower, which is why the Savage-Steamboat match is an immediate classic at Wrestlemania 3, (and for many other reasons) so this was definately a great change of pace in this time period.

A turning point for sure in not just the IC division but the World Wrestling Federation as far as overall workrate was concerned.

The best commentary duo ever did this match in Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Some argue that Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler of the late 90’s, or Heenan and Monsoon are the best tandem and you wouldn’t be far off with any of those suggestions but this was in my opinion the best all around commentary duo which helped the mid-late 80’s in the WWF be exactly what it was, great. Ventura’s unique voice mixed in with his wrestling knowledge, wit and improvisation commplimented Monsoon’s great babyface play by play style and the two were always fun. They never ignored the action and were sometimes a step ahead. You get this terrific tandem a lot on this DVD.

Tito Santana stared at Randy Savage who oozed with charisma and confidence as he took off his blue robe, he was in yellow trunks, while Santana the Champion was all business in red trunks. Elizabeth in a blue dress went outside the ring and the bell rang and this epic from the Boston Garden was about to begin, I could dig it.

Randy Savage was built up here by Monsoon and Ventura as a legit person that could take the title from Tito Santana. This is a match of matches set to take place, Savage springboarded out from the outside apron to the inside to perhaps warm up and intimidate Tito Santana all at the same time and then he points at Tito Santana letting him know it’s awesome, gotta love Macho’s enthusiasm.

Savage and Santana lock up in the middle of the ring and Santana pushes him off having one the first test of stregth and Savage looks at the crowd to see if they notice.
Tito Santana looked on at Savage who said don’t shove me boy and then the two locked up again. Savage pushed off to the ropes and then tied up again and both were intense and determined. A go behind by Savage and then Santana with a nice go-behind and Savage looked for a way out and got right to the ropes to break the hold. The feeling out process was nicely done here and you could feel the prestige of the title by the way both men prepared themself for this match.

Randy Savage went for a walk and came back in and tied up again this time with a side headlock on Santana and he goes into a headscissors on Savage and then he grabs onto the ropes gets up and goes outside the ring to the top to play to the crowd. Savage hopped over the top and went for a walk around the ring, I loved how Savage did this. Randy would do this until he got the momentum and when he did he hit an elbow to Santana and then Tito Santana argued Randy Savage hit him with a thumb to the eye. Randy Savage escaped from Santana arguing with the official and when outside the ring to tell Elizabeth something, Tito Santana followed him!

Boston popped as Tito Santana landed a right on Savage and then another followed by an uppercut with the forearm. Savage avoids being pushed into the ringpost and Ventura calls it a cheapshot, hillarious. Savage lands a shot and throws Tito Santana into the ring, Savage lightning quick jumps up to the top rope.

The action gets quick now as Savage leaps off the top rope with a double axehandle and Santana waited for it and blocked it by planting the big right hand and followed it up with a series of shots to Savage and a powerslam. Tito Santana went for the flying elbow off the side ropes and Savage left the ring, Jesse Ventura points out how smart Randy Savage was to avoid that move and leave the ring, Savage had the Champion scouted. I love Randy Savage, I love Jesse Ventura, I can’t tell you how much I love both of them on the same page, it makes for great TV.

Savage’s ring smarts are evident once again when he sneaks under the bottom rope back inside the ring and waits for Tito Santana to follow him and once in he drops a shot on his head to regain the upperhand in the match. Savage irishwhipped Santana and lifted the boot but Santana lifted him up and turned him around for an atomic drop. Tito Santana wanted a three count but Macho Man got his foot on the ropes, and he got up and rakes the face of Tito Santana.
Macho Man in a bit of pain, showed signs of being quicker then Tito Santana but he was taking a breath. Savage then from the blindside, ran across the ropes and dropped the double axehandle and then got a nearfall on Santana.

Tito Santana got hit with a big clothesline righ underneath the chin by The Macho Man and he couldn’t believe he was just two. Macho Man flew off the top and landed the double axehandle this time to the head and this time he hooked the leg and absolutely couldn’t believe he only got a two. Macho Man looked crazy and what else is new. Tito Santana answered back with right hand’s but not a lot behind them, then Savage resorted to raking the face of Tito Santana. Randy Savage threw Santana outside the ring and then dropped the double axehandle from the top rope to the back of the neck of Tito Santana outside the ring. Jesse Ventura points out you need him in the ring to win the title, Savage tried to get him right back in but Santana blocked a shot from Savage and rammed Macho Man’s head into the topturnbuckle. Tito Santana wrenched Savage back over the ropes and delivered some forearm shots across the sternum of Macho Man. Tito Santana stomped on Savage when he came back in the ring, Santana connected with a flying elbow shot to the head of Savage. Tito Santana with a nearfall after nearfall, four times with in a quarter of a second but Macho Man had his foot on the ropes. Tito Santana irishwhipped Macho Man to the corner and he hit back first and then as Santana crushed into Macho Man in the corner he ran into his knee up high and Santana fell back first. Savage covered Santana got a two, and then Tito Santana’s force pushed Macho Man on top of Davis, and then Santana hit a roll-up and Davis got a slow two count.

Macho man got up and went for a knee drop to Santana and hurt his left knee as Tito Santana avoided the collision. Savage limped and Santana targetted the leg of Savage! Tito Santana played to the crowd perfectly here and then kicked at the leg, this would be a follow up for the figure four. Savage was pulled up by Tito Santana who worked on the leg and pulled Savage’s left leg up and it elevated him from his back in the corner.

Tito Santana locked on the figure four!

What action!

Boston goes crazy as Savage tried to roll and he MADE IT. Jesse Ventura praises Savage for making it to the ropes and he limped outside the ring apron. Santana went for a suplex from inside the ring to the outside and he brought him in and landed it perfectly. Santana went for another figure four attempt and Macho Man hit a nice counter move and kicked him out. Macho Man went back into his tights looking for a weapon. He missed Santana with the initial shot but connected on the second as he was brought back in with a back body suplex by Tito Santana.
Savage landed it and threw his weapon outside the ring as he got the three count! New Champion!

In the end the Macho Man Randy Savage became the new Intercontinental Champion when he used a weapon from his trunks to hit Tito Santana with in the head out of desperation to pull out all stops.

Excellent Match. Tons of quality, everything was logical.

History made in the Boston Garden’s, the same venue Bret Hart would have a terrific match with Ricky Steamboat in the same year.

Dave Meltzer rated this match four stars in 1986 and I`ve always been a fan of it and its significance, I`m definitely more of a fan of the clash in styles and the story told which is why I am so high on it.

Such a gem.


Old Generation meets New Generation:

-Sammartino was a ground technician from the old-school and already past his prime, Savage was entering his and had a more unique-aerial style. A good old fashioned old generation clash with the new generation.

5) Randy “Macho Man” Savage (c) (W/Miss Elizabeth) vs “The Living Legend” Bruno Sammartino for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship -Bosten Garden- January 3rd 1987

As advertised this was something unique.

Bruno Sammartino was the hero every Wrestling fan could respect, with his Rugged style, and a master technician, Randy Savage was something new. A young, quick, cocky high flying superstar who Bruno wanted to make sure did not represent the new generation of Pro-Wrestling.

Bruno Sammartino targetted Savage but he held Liz in front of him as he always did, Bruno Sammartino then grabbed Savage and rammed him into the turnbuckle a feew times and the crowd ate it up as the bell rung and Liz was on the outside. Bruno Sammartino was called a washed up has-been by Savage and he was showing him it was not the case at all. Bruno Sammartino hit a running knee to the head of Savage and then a high kick to Savage followed by a boot to the back. Bruno Sammartino choked out Savage on the top rope as the crowd chanted Bruno. Bruno Sammartino slingshotted him back and then Bruno smiled as Savage pleaded for him to back off.

The Macho Man then cornered was hammered head first and he caught an uppercut from Bruno Sammartino as he stomped on him some more and it took him to the outside. Savage held Liz in front of him again, Monsoon acts as if he is seeing Savage do this for the first time. Clearly not as evidence from this DVD set alone. Savage with a cheapshot to Bruno on the outside sending Sammartino down buying Macho time to recover from Bruno Sammartino and his vicious early attack.

Savage on the outside watched Bruno slowly get up and he rammed him face first into the steps. Savage dropped his elbow onto the head of Bruno. Savage up high dropped a double axehandle to the back of the neck of Bruno. Savage grabbed Bruno and threw him into the ring. Savage then pointed to the rafters where a ton of Bruins banners hung proudly as the Beantown crowd booed the Macho Man. Macho dropped both palms to Bruno and had him down on the mat. Savage dropped yet another double axehandle in the middle of the ring, but Sammartino with a desperation thumb to the eye of the Champion. A gutshot by Bruno, Monsoon claims this has been a war from the opening bell. Bruno now has Savage in trouble and rams him head first into the top buckle, a gut shot by his boot and Macho was tied up in the ropes. Bruno Sammartino with more shots as the living legend continued the onslaught of punishment to the Macho Man.

Savage in a vulnerable position lied on his stomach as Bruno Sammartino continued dishing out punishment. An irish-whip and a boot the the abdomen of Savage by Bruno Sammartino. Bruno then with a knee lift up high, an irish-whip and Savage with a desperation boot to the head of Bruno Sammartino who put his neck down momentarily looking for a backdrop which backfired.
Bruno Sammartino quickly retaliated and sent Macho through the ropes to the floor. Savage dragged him out with him and dropped an elbow to the head of Bruno and rammed him into the post. Bruno with more shots to to Savage but Randy picked up a chair and hit Bruno in the back getting himself intentionally DQd at 6:45.

Entertaining, a fast paced match. The two continued to battle after the match as there was a lot of bad blood.

A classic clash in styles here, which is something unique and although it is no where near a five star match, it deserves its place on the set.

The Hall of Fame needs both of these guys. The two most deserving wrestlers currently not in by a long shot. Lanny Poffo said this in a recent interview in 2010 and he is absolutely correct.


** 1/2




The Greatest Match in Wrestlemania History…:

-Hey, it is the name of the Chapter. Although I would not rank it the best, it is definitely up there. Randy Savage must have done about a hundred memorable promo`s for this match and when he came out you just knew he was pumped, he was in his absolute prime with his lady by his side and he was about to put on the performance of a lifetime by stealing the biggest show of all time. History Beckons the Macho Man!



6) Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (With George “The Animal” Steele) vs Randy “Macho Man” Savage (c) (With Miss Elizabeth) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship


Nearing the two hour point of the event.

You could just feel it in the air, as the dark sky overshadowed the dome the mood was about to change and an epic match was upon.

SO it’s safe to say you could really feel the spectacle of Wrestlemania 3 by the atmosphere which was beyond amazing for this next contest in paticular.

For the stage to be set with a lot of hype, considering all the Savage promo’s, and the show its on…this one better deliver. The buildup had been done absolutely magnificent by both Savage and Steamboat, and then for them to both come through and pass expectations it remains a classic and one of the most talked about matches to this day!
What this match did was inspire so many, it stole the show. Hogan-Andre sold it, this stole the biggest show of ALL time. Relatives, friends alike will still talk about THIS match from March of 1987 even if they do not follow Wrestling anymore. That kind of thing does not happen too often and I have seen this firsthand.

This was the ultimate peak of the career for both Savage and Steamboat, they went out there and arguably did more in under fifteen minutes then Flair and Steamboat did in there 1989 trilogy where most of those matches were double this length. Obvioussly that series and this match are incedibally hard to compare due to the different nature of those matches, and I consider at least two of them better then this match. (Chi Town Rumble and Wrestlewar 89) However this one is rated the same as those at an even five stars. All of them are perfect.

Savage had crushed Steamboat’s larynx with a ringbell weeks before and this feud was getting RED Hot in every way, by the time this match took place it had been long awaited.

That would be the driving focus of this match (larynx of the Dragon), where as in the other corner Steele loved Liz and this just made Savage more paranoid and more determined to put that team away.

Savage had been champion for a long time and came out in all his glory in an entrance I consider to be one of the best in wrestling history, the robe, the music, the girl, the atmosphere with the giant crowd, the night sky in the dome, and the buildup to this match in this red hot feud was fantastic.

They brought in a new style to McMahon’s company, it’s as if Savage and Steamboat brought the NWA workrate to McMahon’s company for this night.

This match is magic.

Everything worked so well, absolutely everything clicked, everybody still talks about it to this day and the match wasn’t even as long as a single episode of your favourite sitcom, infact it was about eight minutes shorter!

Macho was in his red robe and pointed at both Steamboat and Steele as he took off his IC title that he had defended like a Champion for so long, the bell finally rang, Liz and Steele were outside the ring area, Steamboat and Savage were inside and the match begun!

Here we go!

Wrestlemania 3 needed match like this to deliver, and not only did this do just that, but everything and more.

Randy Savage went for a sneak attack but Steamboat turned around in time and then Randy Savage put his arm in the air signalling for a test of strength and to say these two were in front and center of the Wrestling world in this momnent in time would be a massive understatement.

Ricky Steamboat hit a nice hiplock to Savage after a go-behind as a nice counter. Savage was frustrated and he decided to then kill two birds with one stone as he not only went out for a walk like we usually see him do but he took Liz by the hand as apparently she was in the wrong place and to close to Animal which was a side story to the match.

Savage with an irishwhip to the Dragon, went for a reverse elbow shot but Steamboat ducked and hit a beautiful deep armdrag, off the ropes through the legs and another deep armdrag by the Dragon! (As he did so well time and time again)

Nice offensive exchange by Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, seriously awesome stuff!

Then Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat elevated Savage up by the throat first! Revenge time.

The Dragon is paying Savage back with a choke! The Pontiac Silverdome goes crazy.

Savage went for a walk as he knew his title reign was in jeopardy. Macho Man eventually got back in the ring and dropped a double axehandle to Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Randy Savage got The Dragon to chase him outside the ring and then levelled him in the mid-section, choked him out and hit him with a clothesline.

Ventura says Savage is the best in all of Wrestling.

Well this was in his absolute PRIME. Hard to argue, I’d say only Flair came close around then.

Savage took on all competitors and choked out Steamboat in the corner of the ring. Savage took on all competitor`s at the time, had ducked nobody.

Randy Savage charged towards Ricky Steamboat in the corner and found nobody home and Steamboat hit a wristlock. Leverage expanded Steamboat to throw an arm ringer on Macho Man and then with a method to his madness dropped the arm over the top rope. Inside the middle of the ring, Steamboat tweaked the arm and dropped a hard shot on the left arm.

Macho Man with a handfull of hair sent Ricky Steamboat to the ropes and he planted Steamboat a reverse elbow shot which bought himself more time to work with.

Macho Man elevated Ricky Steamboat outside the ring after the elbow shot to the face! Fans in Michigan got behind Steamboat but Savage had just bought himself some time after all that terrific offense from Steamboat! Savage held onto his arm that was worked over by Ricky Steamboat and he sold the arm well.

Savage again with a handfull of hair, dropped the elbow into the Larynx of Steamboat! Fine line here, Monsoon speculated on why Savage didn’t do this right away where as Ventura explains you need to find openings, catch people offgaurd and do things to make room for other things. I always love when Ventura says that whenever watching this match that I’ve no doubt seen near 200 times now, it’s short enough (and certainly good enough) to watch it that many times. It was perfectly logical and suited the psychology of Randy Savage in this match because he didn’t want to be obvious with his gameplan, but went straight into the playbook once finding The Dragon at a vulnerable state in which he did not hesitate to attack the injured larynx of the Steamboat.

Perfect storytelling!
Ricky Steamboat hung onto the bottom rope on the apron as Savage ruthlessly dropped knee shots into the high back of Ricky Steamboat. Savage was intense and dedicated to doing whatever he had to on the biggest stage of them all. Ricky Steamboat brought back in over the ropes by Savage with a snap takeover, an elbow drop and a hook a nice amateur move by Macho Man.

A kneedrop and Savage wasted no time hooking him after these recent offensive attack! The Macho Man only got a two count and picked Steamboat by the hair, went to hit him in the top of the buckle but the Champ rammed Savage head first. Ricky Steamboat got Detroit behind him yet again and he throw a hard forearm shot to Savage, everything on the line and Savage got tied up in the ropes. This was Ricky Steamboat’s chance! Savage tied up and then with Ricky Steamboat charging towards him The Macho Man was able to lift up his right leg and kick Steamboat on the mid-section buying him time to get out of the ropes. Savage was motivated to staying in the upperhand but The Dragon pulled out the armdrag and the broadcasters were absolutely right when saying no one did an armdrag like Steamboat. It was his defining offensive move, no one in Wrestling History did one better then the Dragon.

This is one of my favourite sequences of the entire classic confrontation!

Randy Savage was hell bent on elevating Steamboat over the top rope after he got stuck in the ropes and when going for a head of hair like he naturally would, Steamboat said “No” and hit one of those picture perfect armdrag’s. Now try and keep up as this is where it gets good. REAL GOOD.

Things were about to turn from innovative, to revolutionary, to LEGENDARY with the pacing in this battle.

After the armdrag of the Dragon he got a shoulderblock and a nearfall, Monsoon points out the beyond insane speed. Ricky Steamboat got caught with the momentum and Savage bouncing off the ropes hit a high knee to Steamboat. Savage threw Ricky Steamboat over the top but he pulled himself back in, hillariously Savage looked back at Ricky Steamboat and he simply clotheslined him over the top. The Animal Steele helped Ricky Steamboat on the outside.

You have to get up pretty early to outsmart the Macho Man said by Ventura and Monsoon even agreed, they sure gave Savage some props despite being the heel.

Ricky Steamboat got knocked on the outside by Savage as he pushed him down, staying on the back of Steamboat. Savage always found an opening whenever he hurt apart of the opposition. Ventura is irate that Steamboat wasn’t counted out but the official gave him a pass due to Savage’s offense on the outside. The Animal threw Ricky Steamboat back in the ring. Macho Man threw him right back over the top as soon as he got back in! Randy Savage jumped from the top rope in a picture perfect shot from the stadium and he dropped a double axehandle to Steamboat to the larynx of Ricky Steamboat. Savage then looked on top of his game and ready to retain but he went out and broke the count and threw him back in.

What’s this, Savage wanting to retain the title like a man? Savage then with bombs away, right between the eyes this time with a double axehandle drop from the top rope to the inside this time, and then an elbow, and a two count. Savage then hit a clothesline and from outside hit a running elbow and then got a series of nearfalls.

Nearfall after nearfall, Savage couldn’t put Steamboat away.

Classic, textbook suplex by Randy “Macho Man” Savage but he couldn’t put him away!

The crowd goes crazy when Ricky Steamboat hits a punch and Monsoon states “this is beyond wrestling ability, this is guts personified” as he tried fighting back. Macho Man raked the eyes and then hit a beautiful gutwrench suplex. Ventura wanted Hebner to stay consistent with the counting as he found it a bit slow.

Steamboat fought back with chops to Randy Savage and then hit a backdrop to the outside and the place exploded as Savage fell to the outside hitting the floor. The Dragon then broke the count as Savage was down on his knees, obvioussly not worrying if he lost the match by countout to keep the title.

In a familar replay of this match whenever wee see highlights of this epic, Steamboat flew off the top with a hard shot to Savage. Now at this point Randy Savage had thrown everything to Ricky Steamboat so he was desperate.

BUT NOW, now there was a fine line. Steamboat was the agressor. Ricky Steamboat hit a hard shot from the top to retaliate and then got a nearfall as Savage’s leg was on the rope. The Dragon still on the attack down in the middle hit a chop to Savage. Randy kept kicking out and Steamboast kept chopping.

Macho Man tried to get to the outside to save himself but Ricky Steamboat kept on the attack with more shots to the face hitting him off the apron.

Savage snuck back in but Steamboat followed him to the outside and then sunsetflipped inside the ring and tried to pull Savage down for a pinning attempt after the Sunset flip. Savage tired to hold onto the ropes but he used his legs to knock Steamboat in the head from both sides to break the count!

Amazing action!

Steamboat with another pinning attempt. Ricky Steamboat with a double leghook and flipped his body over Savage in a unique pinning attempt, no one could believe the battle this was.

Jesse Ventrua says “This is one of the greatest battles I have ever seen in my life.”




Steamboat with a Crossbody off the ropes!

Steamboat with another roll-up and two and the buzz was certainly in the air. Everyone was talking. Steamboat with a suplex and then a slingshot into the post, hooked the legs from behind, but Savage kicked out with his legs. Steamboat again, Savage kicked out. This time Savage rolled Steamboat up, AMAZING back and forth but Ricky Steamboat kicked out.

Out of desperation the “Macho Man” Randy Savage with a leverage move hooking the tights ramming STEAMBOAT this time into the post. Randy Savage with two reversals throwing Steamboat to Hebner was down and out. Clothesline by Savage. Another powerful clothesline.

Macho is going to the top! Macho is going to the top!

Time stood still here.

A moment for the ages, the beautiful scenery catching Macho Man’s elbow drop from the top where the camera zoomed in on 93, 000 in the Silverdome as Randy Savage in the peak of his career hits a picture perfect Macho Man Elbow Drop! He got him!

Savage should have it here but there is no referee, Dave Hebner was still out. Savage was exhausted and slapped some life into him. Macho then resorted to grabbing the ringbell, the same bell that he put the Dragon out of commission with. The Animal snatched the bell but Savage hillariously kicks him in the head.

Savage grabbed the bell and was about to leap off the top but The Animal pushed him off the top and the bell rammed Savage in the head this time! Savage slowly got to his feet but The Macho Man was taken over by a small package by The Dragon!

History has been made!

The finish came at 14:35, YES JUST 14:35! Steamboat was the NEW IC CHAMPION.

Standing ovation by 93, 000 fans, Liz in tears. Randy Savage couldn’t believe it.

One of the best stories I’ve ever seen in front of me in the world of Pro-Wrestling, and this moment will last forever.

A match that will stand the test of time and LIVE for EVERY Wrestling Fan worldwide forever.
Classic is another word you could use for this match, and that is an understatement.

It holds a special place for everybody and for me it is a top 5 match of all time and certainly one of the best ever at Wrestlemania.

Steamboat ended up getting revenge on Savage by taking the one thing that meant even more to him then Elizabeth, his Intercontinental title. After all those memorable promo’s.

The Steamboat victory gave us the cream of the crop promo, May 11th 1987, Savage’s very best so everyone can be thankful.

History Beckons this match.

A 1980’s Masterpiece!

One of the greatest matches EVER and the very best for the IC title.








7) Randy “Macho Man” Savage (W/Miss Elizabeth) vs The Honkeytonk Man (c) (W/Jimmy Hart and Peggy Sue) for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship -Saturday Night’s Main Event- February 5th, 1988

These two had already met in a high profile match a bit earlier in 1987 on SNME which I reviewed recently, that was indeed a fun match over three stars. This one in paticular was from a bit later in 88 also on SNME, the highest rated wrestling tv show ever. (Also featured Hogan vs Andre on this edition)

It is a good idea and solid addition to the Macho Madness DVD to put a different Honkey vs Macho match on the set, and an entertaining one at that.

The Honkeytonk Man came out dancing, and then the camera cut to Liz and Savage backstage. Macho cut a good promo as usual and then came out to a good ovation.
This was the first match on the set with Macho as a BABYFACE and he shows how he can play both Heel and Face extremely well.

The Macho Man Randy Savage was distracted by Jimmy Hart as he was dancing in front of Elizabeth who was outside the ring apron, Ventura hilariously claims she liked it. Savage then realizes it and immediately goes after The Honkeytonk Man with the fans roaring in approval. Macho Man was furious and chased The Honkeytonk Man around the ring and grabbed him by the head dropping the elbow to the temple of Honkeytonk, inside the ring he grabbed The Honkeytonk Man and swung him head first over the top rope while he leaped over the top.

Macho swung The Honkeytonk Man to the ropes and gave him a reverse elbow before slamming The Honkeytonk Man into Jimmy Hart as there heads crashed.

The Macho Man then got attacked by The Honkeytonk Man from behind as Macho was momentarily distracted by Jimmy Hart and The Honkeytonk Man struck with vicious right hands to the back of Savage, but Macho reversed an irishwhip and Honkey attempted a sunsetflip but Savage struck him. Macho gave him right hands, and then swung him to the corner but Macho missed and crashed and burned sternum first to the corner. Honkey with a snapmare, and then missed an elbow as the fans roar. Jimmy Hart again gets to Macho as he leaps over the top rope and chases him, to inside th ering but from behind The Honkeytonk Man brilliantly hit Savage in the gut with the Mega Phone.

Savage was down and now The Honkeytonk Man smiled as he covered Savage but he was in disbelief as Savage kicked out. Honkey snapped Macho over again and slapped on a trapezius hold to Macho. Savage in a considerable amount of pain and in a bad way here was gasping fo air but slowly got to his feet from the support of the crowd and elbowed out of it, Macho then off the ropes nailed Honkey, off the second time and Honkey this time met Savage with a knee to the gut. The Honkeytonk Man took the match outside the ring for a moment before throwing him back inside the ring. With Macho down The Honkeytonk Man again posed for Liz as the fans booed.

Fun stuff.

Macho Man taken down by The Honkeytonk Man with a shot and then he kicks away at Savage.

Jimmy Hart behind the ref choked out Savage, Liz tried to get him to look, but by the time he did Jimmy backed off and The Honkeytonk Man continued his onslaught on Savage with kicks. Macho Man down on the canvas and The Honkeytonk Man picked Savage up and delivered a hard right hand. Fans chanting RANDY extremely loud as The Honkeytonk Man hammered away but all of the sudden Macho hammered back with a series of rights, until Honkey raked the face and gave Savage the boot. The Honkeytonk Man droppped a series of elbows to Savage three times to the sternum. The Honkeytonk Man then smiled at Elizabeth and pointed to her while she looked on concerned. The Honkeytonk Man then left the ring and went towards Liz. Elizabeth was worried and Jimmy and The Honkeytonk Man had her on both sides cornered. Savage then finally got up and attacked The Honkeytonk Man from behind. Macho Man threw him in the ring to a large roar, The Honkeytonk Man begged Savage to let him be but Savage pointed to The Honkeytonk Man and kicked him in the gut before tossing him over the top rope.

Savage from his favourite spot on the top turnbuckle posed up high and dropped the double axehandle to The Honkeytonk Man. Savage dropped an elbow to his head and scoop slammed him. Macho went for an elbow drop but he realized The Honkeytonk Man was getting up so he dropped the double axehandle again in the ring and got a two. Jimmy came in Macho sent him out and then slapped on a sleeper on The Honkeytonk Man and the fans loved it.

Macho Man then was pulled away by Peggy Sue. Macho then had words with her and sent The Honkeytonk Man on the outside to the ring post, the count continued and Macho won by countout to a huge pop but not the title, at 8:44.

Savage celebrates with Liz.

No Commercial breaks, NON-STOP action, this was such a great match.

EXTREMELY FUN and better then it had any right to be, a lively crowd certainly helped and it was fresh to see Savage as a Face on this DVD for the first time.



*** 1/2

The Road to the WWE Title…:



-The popularity of the Macho Man was skyrocketing and everyone knew when he came in the Federaton in 1985 he was one of the, if not the very best they had to offer so it was only a matter of time before he entered the WWF title picture. By 1988 the title was Vacant and Savage was a favourite in the Wrestlemania 4 tournament to crown a new WWF Champion, with Liz and the fans by his side.

8 ) Randy “Macho Man” Savage (W/Miss Elizabeth) vs “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (W/Andre the Giant) in the Tournament Finals for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Wrestlemania 4

It was Wrestlemania 4 and it was The Macho Man and the Million Dollar Man left in the tournament finals to crowd a new WWF Champion.

Both men from other promotion`s before Vince`s WWF and neither had been Champion despite both being absolutely awesome in every single way.
Who would finally win the big one here was the question now.

Both guys are ready, this was indeed the big one.

The Winner of this match is the New World Wrestling Federation Champion during the incredible 1980s boom period. Winning this would be an unbelievable achievment so there was a lot on the line. Match #16 on this evening was now underway and the crowd had been waiting over three and a half hours for this. (Not counting the anticipation before Mania 4)

Savage tied up mid-ring with DiBiase and The Giant hooked the leg of Savage, and Monsoon speculated Andre was going to cause a lot of trouble.

All of the sudden the crowd chanted for HOGAN because of the whole Mega Powers vs Mega Bucks storyline going on and everyone stood up including the Donald in the front row, but no one was at the entrance way, not yet anyway.

Randy Savage tied up with Ted DiBiase again and went with a go-behind, three moves into a hammerlock, DiBiase with an armbar, another reversal by Savage into a headlock, into a shoulder block off the ropes, and then The Giant grabbed the leg of Savage again and that’s twice the official hasn’t seen him and Liz for the fourth different time tonight looks concerned.

Awesome story being told with Liz vs The Giant on the outside and chain wrestling in the middle of the ring.

A desperate armringer by Savage to DiBiase in the corner but The Million Dollar Man reversed it and sent Savage flying into the corner.

DiBiase had originally wanted to purchase the WWF title and Savage had a dream of winning it, so this match was incredibally intense for not only the competitors but the fans that were there live to view it.

DiBiase had Savage in the corner and dropped an elbow to the head of The Macho Man catching him in the back of the neck. Savage sent to the ropes and DiBiase clotheslined him and got a two count as Savage kicked out. Macho Man caught a shoulder block by DiBiase who hit a sunset flip right after, couldn’t get him over, Savage hit a clothesline, hooked the leg and a two count only!

Savage and DiBiase staring each other down. DiBiase promised he’d bring the title home. DiBiase got an underhook to the lower abdomen and then hit a hard chop to the Macho Man before laying the boot to the side of Savage’s face. DiBiase with a hard shot to the head of Macho Man with the back of his forearm. DiBiase dropped the elbow to the head of Savage and slammed him head first into the top turnbuckle. Off the ropes Savage ducked a clothesline and hit an elbow to DiBiase and slingshotted his neck on the top rope as he leaped to the outside.

Great move!

Savage then with a high knee sent Million Dollar Man to the outside.

Randy Savage from the top rope wanting to jump onto DiBiase and The Giant dared him to jump so Macho man didn’t. Savage then told Liz to do something and the crowd cheer as they speculate it’s to go get Hogan as the fans chant his name.
DiBiase with a Pearl Harbor job as Monsoon says as he takes down Savage from behind and then a snap takedown into a reverse chinlock. DiBiase held it in and applied pressure, all of the sudden Liz comes back and she’s returning with The Hulkster and the place pops!

Savage was down and Hogan took a steel chair and took a seat to even out the odds as Andre was on the other side.

Randy Savage asking for Hogan’s help these days is about as likely as me writing a review in point form.

Ted DiBiase with a ton of shots to Macho in the corner, Andre choked him out in the corner of the ring, Hogan hit Andre off of him. Macho man with a couple of elbow shots to the head. Rake of the face by Million Dollar man bought him some time and then a clothesline to Macho Man, while Hogan slapped at the canvas encouraging on Macho Man.

DiBiase with a great suplex.

A nearfall and DiBiase thought it was three.

Macho Man down and Ted DiBiase scooped him up again and this time hit a beautiful gutwrench suplex.

DiBiase with a big slam.

Ted DiBiase going to the top took his time bought Macho time to get up and slam him! Savage then from the top (and everyone gets up) Savage missed the flying elbow.
He missed it.

Savage then got caught in the Million Dollar Dream and Andre went for Savage and the ref was watching him and Hogan hit The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase with a chair!

Savage’s time!

Macho Man waved and went to the top for an aerial move! It’s the Macho Man Elbow Drop!

Savage has done it!

We have a new Champion!

In the end “The Macho Man“ Randy Savage pinned “The Million Dollar Man“ Ted DiBiase following a Flying Elbow Drop after DiBiase was struck by a chair swung by Hulk Hogan (as a counter-measure for Andre’s repeated interferences in the match) at 9:27 to become the World Wrestling Federation champion for the first time after defeating four men in one night!
Atlantic City pops loud as Savage wins the WWF title. The moment of his life.

Savage wins the title and it should also be noted that before the tournament started, Robin Leach read a special proclamation “sanctioning” the tournament for the WWF Championship at the start of the event and was scheduled to present the belt to the winner, although it was snatched away by Hulk Hogan in celebration of Randy Savage winning.

And what a celebration this was…..Savage, Hogan, and Elizabeth celebrating the win in the peak of the late 80’s wrestling boom. Such a sight to see and one of the best Wrestlemania moments of ALL time that often goes un-noticed for some reason.
I am a firm believer that this moment and this Mania are not talked about enough, period. This took place at the same time Ric Flair and Sting were putting on an NWA Classic that really made STING.

Hogan points out who the MAN is NOW in the end by pointing at Randy Savage.

What another classic moment for Randy Savage at Wrestlemania, he earned this spot.

The Mega Powers were on top of the Wrestling world at this time.

What a great ending.

Whether you were a Hogan or Savage fan at this point you just had to love this ending! A true mark out moment for me personally…

It is one that will stand the test of time forever…

THIS was MachoMania at Wrestlemania 4.





The Return Bout…:

-As in most cases, the loser of a Championship match gets a re-match, and due to how the last one ended this time it would be decided in a Steel Cage match! Matt Striker says Randy Savage was catching on with his catchphrases and his in-ring skills were even on par with the likes of Hulk Hogan. (The Sky is Blue)

9) Randy “Macho Man” Savage (c) (W/Miss Elizabeth) vs “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (With Virgil) -Madison Square Garden- June 25th, 1988

In my opinion, The Million Dollar Man should of got a run with the WWE title and this was another chance for him to capitalize on that oppurtunity.

Ted DiBiase got some good heat here as he always does, after all, he is arguably the best Heel of ALL time.

Right away Ted DiBiase attacked the Macho Man. DiBiase with a chop on Savage off the ropes before a snapmare takeover and a knee to the head, Macho back into it fought back aggresively and hammered him with an elboe and rights, Ted DiBiase struck back, an irish-whip followed by an elbow drop but Macho Man rolled out of the way in time. DiBiase still on Savage delivered a knee and then went off the ropes for leverage and a double knee drop but Savage moved out of the way. A roll-out escape by Macho Man and then DiBiase went to climb out but Savage caught him.

Savage kept DiBiase from leaving just in time.

The Macho Man then slammed DiBiase repeatedly over and over head first into the top turnbuckle and dropped a knee to the head of Ted. Ted DiBiase off the ropes came off with a right hand out of desperation and the crowd got quiet as The Million Dollar Man got back in control.

Ted DiBiase dropped Savage with a back breaker in mid-ring. Ted DiBiase continued to inflict punishment on Savage and dropped an elbow to the head of the Macho Man. DiBiase went climbing again but Savage topped him as he grabbed his boot, and then his trunks. The fans roared in approval as Macho grabbed DiBiase by the hair and then snapmared him off the top ropes, awesome spot. Savage dropped an elbow and then went to ram Ted DiBiase into the buckle but The Million Dollar Man with ring-sense blocked it and shot Savage in, the fans booed.

DiBiase zeroed in on the back section of the Macho Man and slammed him into the corner back first, before dropping another elbow. DiBiase then again for a third attempt at escaping a Cage for the Championship as he was desperate went over to the side of the Cage and Savage grabbed him with a handfull of hair and stomped away on The Million Dollar Man.

Savage began climbing and the pop was HUGE but Virgil from the outside made sure he fell back down. DiBiase then with a big shot to Savage, but he retaliated as Ted DiBiase took his time with a tremendous reversal sent the Million Dollar Man headfirst into the Steel Cage! The fans popped but both men were now down. Macho climbed one side of the Cage but Virgil met him from the top and from behind Ted DiBiase grabbed Macho Man and swung him upside down in one of the corners of the ring and then kicked at Macho while his legs were tied up in the ropes, Savage eventually got out of it with a kick to Ted DiBiase and slammed him headfirst into the buckle pad, Savage climbed slowly and Ted DiBiase stopped him with a series of shots while Savage remained on the top buckle, Ted DiBiase eventually with a hiptoss to Savage from the top buckle as his back hit the canvas hard. Liz looked on worried and we see one of the most loyal fans of the WWF at ringside looking young, the guy with short hair and glasses.

Macho stopped Ted DiBiase from trying to escape through the cage door. Both men were down as the crowd encouraged on Macho Man. Savage slowly went towards the door and Ted DiBiase grabbed his boot, Virgil was outside making sure Macho could not leave just incase. Ted DiBiase stopped him and slammed his head into the canvas floor. Ted DiBiase went for a clothesline off the ropes but Macho Man ducked and then hit a double clothesline off the ropes. Both men down in the middle of the ring, as Virgil and Liz both looked on at there talent, the crowd was now going crazy encouraging on the Macho Man.

Both Ted DiBiase and Randy Savage began climbing the Cage on both corners and the fan roared as it was now a race. Virgil grabbed Savage and punched him as he hung upside down again. Ted DiBiase spotted this and stopped climbing which was obviously dumb but he continued to inflict more punishment on Savage with kicks, he went for a suplex but Macho blocked it tucking his leg behind the right leg of Ted DiBiase and hit a textbook vertical suplex of his own. Macho Man then with a reverse atomic drop to Ted DiBiase and not only did he hit that move but DiBiase went head first into the Cage!

Fans roared as Savage was about to escape through the door but Virgil hit the Cage door into the head of Savage. Fans booed and now Ted DiBiase had boughten himself time to escape through the cage and he was practically all the way out but Savage grabbed his trunks just in time for dramatic effect and the fans roared, we even get to see some of the Million Dollar Ass. I am not a fan personally but it is what it is. Macho Man then with a handfull of hair slammed Ted DiBiase into the side of the Cage! Macho Man with the fans on his side and Elizabeth looking on climbed to the top but Virgil stopped him yeta again. All of the sudden A KID comes up from no where and tries to take down Virgil. (RANDOM) Macho then slammed Virgil into Ted DiBiase and both men fall to the floor, and Macho Man escaped at 11:46 to retain the title to a huge pop.

In the end this was a GREAT Cage Match.

Is it Lawler-Savage Quality from Memphis, no. But what we have here is two great workers who put on a great show with a lot of memorable spots. This was a lot of fun and indeed a sight to see.

*** 1/2



Disc 1 Special Features:

-A Match Made in Heaven: The Wedding of Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Elizabeth – SummerSlam – August 26, 1991

-The only Wrestling Wedding to actually go down as planned, it was put in the Main Event slot at a major PPV like Summerslam and it ended on a positive note. Of course Randy and Liz were already married but this was still a proud moment that will stand the test of time in Wrestling History for the first couple of Pro-Wrestling…a major event.


Disc 2 Matches:

The Mega Powers Unite…:

-Basically covers the mega-popular union of Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan and Miss Elizabeth.

10) The Mega Powers (Hulk Hogan and WWF Champion Randy “Macho Man” Savage) (W/Miss Elizabeth) vs The Mega Bucks (Ted DiBiase and André the Giant) (W/Bobby Heenan and Virgil) with Jesse THE BODY Ventura as the special guest referee -WWF Summerslam 1988

There was definitely good build up to this big tag team match here in the Main Event of Summerslam 1988.

Jesse Ventura as the ref spiced things up a bit, he gets a good pop, as he always seemed over with the faitful fans of the company.

DiBiase is in my honest opinion the greatest HEEL of all time.

Put him with a Mega Heel like Andre The Giant and the Greatest Manager ever in Bobby Heenan then you have legitimate hate on one side, which made it even more logical for fans everywhere to side with the Mega Powers.

When The Macho Mans music hits MSG goes wild. Elizabeth comes out first in front of both the WWF Champion Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan to Savages theme music.
It is the Mega Powers and The Mega Bucks going at it in the first ever main event of Summerslam and everyone is ready.

Kind of a long delay before the match began to build up the drama of the match.

The Macho Man Randy Savage the current WWF Champion ties up with Andre The Giant to begin but he tags in The Million Dollar Man right away and now it looks like a re-match of the WM 4 Tournament Finals but Hogan gets tagged in when Dibiase asks for him. Hogan goes insane on Deibiase while the crowd eats it up.

The Mega Powers controlled most of the shots in this match and Savage and Hogan worked well as a team and of course MSG was ecstatic about it!

I liked how this match never seemed dull and everything made sense as these four guys had quite the underrated rivalry as far as WWF history goes.

The Hulkster kept planting elbows to The Million Dollar Man and Andre came in when Savage did and he hit Macho with a head butt while Ventura told Liz to get off the ring apron.

Andre tagged in and now a re-match of WM 3 and 4 as it is ANDRE and Hulk. Andre uses his weight to sit on Hogan while Heenan smiles but The Garden chants for Hogan as Savage gets them all excited on the top of the turnbuckle. Andre held some holds on Hogan but the crowd stayed on the side of the Mega Powers. Dibiase then went to work on Hulk with a choke hold.

Hulk went in the sleeper from Ted Dibiase tried to hulk his way out of the predicament but Dibiase kept it locked in and Savage desperately wanted a tag and the crowd remained red hot which helped the atmosphere and overall feeling the match presented.

Hogan FINALLY makes the tag after being in a lot of trouble earlier and the champ took it to Dibiase with rights and lefts and hitting Teds head on the ropes. Then went flying off the top with aerial offense. Savage fucking rocks, sure knows how to work a crowd. Dibiase kicked out after a cross body by Savage and hit Randy down. Andre was fresh and got tagged in and levelled Macho into the corner back first which is a ton of weight.

Ted Dibiase and Randy Savage then had some solid-wrestling here in mid-match but as Dibiase was in control he got pulled down by Savage. Savage kicked Ted off and then tagged in Hogan.

The Giant was down and out while Hogan had a sleeper on Dibiase. Savage went for his trademark flying elbow but Andre got a foot up on him and the crowd groaned. The Mega Powers were at risk of getting counted out.


ELIZABETH STANDS ON THE APRON AND TAKES OFF HER SKIRT revealing her red underwear and the place pops. Wow, I always loved Liz but how could I have forgotten this moment……

Hogan hits the leg drop on Dibiase and Savage forces Ventura to count the three at 13:37 for the win.

The Mega Powers celebrate as the match comes to an end.

Match of the night. Good stuff.





Year Long Reign…:

-This section talks about Savage being on top of the now main-stream Wrestling world and how he was such a great Champion for a long period of time, then of course the break-up with the Mega Powers which you can see even better on the Saturday Night’s Main Event DVD. They talk about how he was the only other guy to carry the ball in the company other then Hulk Hogan which speaks volumes to his value to the company, and his world-wide main-stream appeal. Yet as of 2010 (this writing) he is not in the Hall of Fame. Okay…

11) “The Mega Power’s Explode!”: Randy “Macho Man” Savage (c) (W/Miss Elizabeth in a Neutral Corner) vs Hulk Hogan for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -WWF Wrestlemania 5

Tons of build up here! This was like the Austin-Rock Wrestlemania X7 of the 80s.

Here we go! This is what everyone came for and on the 14th match of this evening, the match of the night was finally here.

There had been some great action and some matches that made you wish you weren’t watching the event but by the time this match arrived you were no doubt ready for the peak of the era.

It was showtime.

The bell rung and it was on.

It don`t get no bigger then this.

Randy Savage posed with his shades on, with one hand lifting the WWF title in the air and the fan`s boo. Brilliant. Love it, that looked great. Savage tried to get at Hogan early by making faces, shaking his hands as usual. Hogan tugs the top rope to warm up. Savage faked out Hulk as he went to run at him and then they circled each other and as Hulk got close Savage left the ring and went for a quick walk. Leaped up and posed to more boo`s. Savage elevated himself over the top rope on the ring apron and back into the ring. Savage played mindgames with Hulk Hogan and then the two finally tie up. Hulk Hogan pushed Macho Man off of him with the first test of power going to the Hulkster. Fans cheered and chanted Hogan while he said “`bring it on“ to Macho who looked furious and went to the apron and back inside. Ventura said he expected it since Hogan out weighed him.
Savage going to wrestling puts a side headlock, and then off the ropes as Hogan pushed him received a reverse elbow to Macho Man. Savage went for a quick walk to re-group like DiBiase did earlier in the night. Back in the ring a side headlock was placed on Hulk by Savage and he kept it held in tight wearing down Hulk who got out of it by pushing Macho to the ropes and he went underneath the bottom rope, and ran around the ring. Hogan chased Savage until he put Liz in front of him. Savage was doing everything he could to make sure Hulk Hogan looked amazing, and proving Savage was indeed a big time heel. Macho Man was back in the ring calling on Hogan. Both men back inside and circling around one another, Hogan with a nice wrestling move a sideheadlock, into a droptoe hold, back into a front facelock. With Hogan`s additional bodyweight this worked well. Hogan with a side headlock. Macho brings Hogan up to his feet and hits a big suplex. Nice move of power by Macho Man. Savage ran to the ropes, dropped an elbow but Hulk moved and landed some right hand`s sending the Champ to the canvas. Hulk hooked the arm, armringer by the Challenger but the Champ, Macho raked the eyes and kicked him in the gut. Savage went up high where Ventura said he was best and Macho Man dropped a double axehandle and bombs away, he hit it. A two count, and Macho Man went into an armbar, into an armringer.

Behind the official`s back Savage grabbed the hair of Hulk to get him down and slapped back on the armbar. Hogan chants were heard all over Atlantic city. Hulk got to his feet and then he shook his arm but Savage grabbed the hair behind the official again. Randy Savage kept the armbar on in a big way, as Hulk pushed him off with his palm. Both men wanted victory badly here as it was quite obvious. Savage with an armbar, drove the knee into the chest of The Hulkster, who temporarily got to his feet until Macho Man grabbed his hair, then Savage twisted his arm and Hogan pulled Savage`s tights for a leverage move to elevate Savage out of the ring to the outside.
Both men cheating.

Hogan threw Savage back in the ring. Hogan then slammed Savage`s head into the top turnbuckle and then he rammed his head into the other.

Hogan hit a clothesline to Savage, the champ was down and Hulk Hogan dropped two elbow`s before he raked Macho`s eyes with his boots. Hulk Hogan then irishwhipped Savage to the other side and put his head down but Savage kicked him up high and landed a nice clothesline.
Some fans actually cheered for Savage and Ventura said Macho Madness was alive!

I love it.

Savage slapped on a sleeper on Hogan who had blood coming out of his left eye likely from Savage`s kick to Hogan while he bent forward earlier. Savage kept the headlock on and then grounded him to the canvas to wear him down.

Hogan eventually got out of it, Savage went for a kick, he caught him in mid-air shoved him down and an atomic drop by Savage out of desperation. Savage drove Hogan head first into the buckle, hooked the tight`s and got a two count! Macho Man then grabbed Hogan and slammed him by the head into the top turnbuckle. Savage whipped Hogan hard back first into the corner. Hogan down and Savage asking “Where is Hulkamania now!“…repeatedly…

Savage smart, going after the busted open eye with shots. Savage grabbed Hulk by the hair and then threw him back first to the corner again.

Savage cocky and confident posed as WWF Champion as the crowd reacts, he was in control. Macho slapped and stomped at Hulk followed by a shot.

A fatigued Randy Savage dished out right hands to attempt at stopping the force of Hulkamania.

Hulk then stood up and the fans cheered!

Hogan slammed Savage`s head to the buckle a few times and landed some rigth hands!

Hogan clotheslined Savage in the corner of the ring! Hulk Hogan now on guts scooped up Macho Man and slammed him right over the top! Wow.

Pretty big spot for back then.

Liz checked on Savage on the outside who had just been bodyslammed over the top! Macho Man turned on her and almost hit her as the fans “ooooohhhhhh`d.“

Savage went after the cut eye which was a smart move when Hogan went to save Liz. Savage went to plant Hogan into the gaurdrail. Savage raked his face, and then Hogan reversed a faceplant into the apron and hit Macho Man. Hogan picked up Savage and went to slam him but Liz said no. Hogan`s hesitation there was his own downfall as
Savage pushed Hogan into the ring post!

Amazing storytelling here.

Savage then talked to Liz again on the outside in a violent manner.
Macho Man shoved Liz back away from ringside, and the ref told Liz to leave as he also told Macho to get back.

Behind the official Savage kicked at Hogan`s head and got back in the ring. This is what made Savage an awesome heel, he did everything cheap while he could. Brilliant. Macho then went to the very top and dropped the double axehandle onto Hogan into the steel gaurdrail.

Hogan having trouble breathing forgot about the eye injury as his throat was hurt. Savage with great psychology dropped Hogan head first on the top rope. Savage went running with Hogan by the hair and slammed his throat over the top rope while he jumped over. Savage posed again. Savage with a slam.

Randy Savage hit a knee drop to the injured throat, and injured eye. The Official might stop this. Savage grabbed his own tape off his wrists, wrapped it around the throat! Hogan couldn`t get oxygen due to Savage`s heel tactics, and he threw out the tape before the ref could look. That was the best part of this match, you could truly feel the hatred Randy Savage had for Hulk Hogan.

Hulkster back to his feet but Savage kept the choke on and Hogan fell back first to the mat while Savage relentlessly choked out a bloodied Hulk Hogan!

Savage went to the top!

If he hits it, it`s over!

He got him!
He got him!

Randy Savage hit his elbow drop from the top after complete domination in the last five minutes of the match!

When Hogan kicks out of Savage’s famous elbow drop from the top, Ventura claims it’s the first time it’s ever happened.

(It actually HAD happened numerous times and even at WM 2) I guess that’s just a wrestling cliche used by broadcasters (*cough* Michael Cole, *cough*) “I swear to god, I’ve never seen that before!” over and over…and over. Besides Jesse Ventura is the best color guy ever in my books so all is forgiven.

So the crowd was ecstatic Hogan could kick out after all the punishment Macho Man had put him through.

Hulk Hogan was feeling it.

A bloodied Hogan asked for the Hulkamaniac`s help and the adrenaline was starting to flow.

Savage kept giving Hogan shots but it didn`t phase Hogan! Savage said cut it out.

Savage kept hitting Hulk but the fans erupted when they realized Hogan was coming back to life.

Hogan shook his head despite taking the shots and started to Hulk Up!

Hogan drops the leg after slamming Macho Man!

Atlantic City erupts.

When all was said and done Hogan pinned Savage with his famous leg drop after hulking up at 17:54 to become the new WWF Champion.

Hogan poses with his gold to “Real American” as Donald Trump among others clap at ringside.

Savage walks to the back dissapointed.

Fantastic match, the best match these two have ever had together and one of Wrestlemania’s Greatest Main Events ever.

Definitely in the top 10 of the 26 to this point in time anyway.

What I liked most about this match was the storytelling.

Obviously the feud between the Mega Power`s going in helped it a great deal but it was Savage`s psychology and Hulk`s wrestling as well, along with the story of Liz and so many great spots that make this match pretty incredible.

Looking back it’s without question a defining classic of the 1980`s!



**** 1/4




Macho King and Queen Sherri…:

-An underrated tandem that went over quite well. Sherri’s crazy personality suited Macho well and this helped develop him more as a Heel during his time as the Macho King. The whole “King” gimmick in Wrestling was redundant but Savage seemed like a natural fit, his look alone added Prestige.

12) “Macho King” Randy Savage (W/Sensational Queen Sherri) vs “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan (c) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship with Special Referee James “Buster” Douglas -February 23rd, 1990 “The Main Event”


So it was usually the case where we got an entertaining Savage and Hogan bout in the 1980’s, with both men on top of there game now there matches remained consistent in entertaining audiences everywhere. Anytime both these mega-personalities locked up it was a big deal.

With Savage as the Macho King here it helped further the feud a bit more, adding a bit of variety.

Hulk Hogan was still as popular as ever obviously and with Savage back as a heel it made it easier to root on the Hulkster.

This is a nice rare addition to the Savage set. Boxer James “Buster” Douglas recieves a tremendous ovation. Macho King gets on the top rope and points at him in hilarious fashion.

Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage tie-up as Referee Douglas takes the then prestigious WWF title to the timekeeper.

Savage and Hulk in mid-ring and Hogan shoves Savage down and then he leaps out of the ring throwing his robe.

Savage tried to get Hogan off his game by quickly running to the ropes and then stopping as Hogan was ready for him. Both men circle one another again and this time Macho got Hulk in a standing side headlock and Hulk sent him to the side ropes and from there Randy Savage ran into a hard shoulder block by Hogan. Hulk went after him but got pointed to go back from the Guest Official.

Macho King then locked back up with Hogan by giving him a knee to the mid-section, followed by a righthand to the face of the Hulkster, then Savage dragged Hogan by the head and clotheslined him head first across the top rope. Macho King gave Hogan a kick to the back knocking him to the outside. Savage was going to drop from the top with a double axehandle but the official told him not to, obviously not knowing that move was a favourite of Savage’s.


Hogan then beat on Macho after he got involved with Sherri on the apron. Hulk Hogan hit a reverse elbow to Macho in the corner. Hogan with series of shots to Savage. Hulk’s hard chop had Savage against the ropes and then an irishwhip followed by a big collision in mid-ring by Hogan to Savage with a clothesline. A powerful scoop slam and two elbow drops by Hulk Hogan come before some hard righthands to Randy Savage. Hulk then scooped up Savage and hit a reverse atmoic drop. Sherri then grabbed Hogan by the ankle and then he grabbed her by the hair. Savage from behind hit Hogan by the ropes with a running knee, then Macho King sent Hogan towards the buckle back first. Savage dropped his knee and fists to the back of Hulk before a vicious clothesline. Savage gets a nearfall.

Macho then drove the knee to the back of Hulk Hogan and choked him out. Savage choked out Hogan with a boot to the throat. It’s always funny hearing how much the Body loved Savage and how biased he was towards hin. Sherri choked out Hogan and Buster threw her from ringside.

Back from a Commercial Break, Buster returned to ringside as he had followed Sensational Queen Sherri to the back, and the bell re-rung. Savage choked out Hogan in mid-ring. Hebner stopped at two as he began to gain more power and got back to his vertical base. Hogan rammed his elbow into the abdomen of Savage, a shoulder block and then ducked a clothesline before Macho King hit him with one. Savage put his boot on the chest of Hulk and he got just a two before tossing him to the outside. Macho King from way up dropped a double axehandle to Hogan’s back. Macho King threw Hogan back in the ring and from up top again dropped yet another axehandle to the head of Hulk, but Hulk Hogan kicked out at two yet again. Hogan was choked out on the top rope and swung backwards by Savage and he gained yet another nearfall. Macho King dropped the knee to the throat of Hogan and got a two, Savage went for another nearfall and got a one.

Macho King then landed lefthands to Hogan and then another shot sent him to the outside. Hulk rolled back in and Macho King dropped the elbow to the throat of Hogan. Macho King scoopslammed Hogan and then he went up high. Macho King from the top rope went for his signature elbow drop, Randy Savage hit it.
Hulk Hogan started the Jesus Christ Hulk Up as Savage`s rights had little to NO effect. Hogan drawing the energy from his Maniac`s apparently and his righthands dropped Macho before a boot to the face did.

I like how Macho King broke up his Hulk-Up as he went to the outside and rakes his face. Hogan with a righthand to Savage which knocked the official out, a fast count gives Hogan the win even though it looked like Macho King kicked out at the nine minute mark.

Savage threatening Hebner despite it being Buster Douglas who counted the fall. Macho King had a word with Buster in the middle of the ring and then Macho King tried to go with him and he listened to the people. Savage slapped him and then went up top and layed down over the top rope. Savage hopped around the middle of the ring in hilarious fashion.

Hogan pushed Savage into Buster Douglas and he threw a pathetic punch, Savage goes in close to say `Do it again` surely as he fired back at Savage and he dropped to the mat.

Fun match.

*** 1/4




Intergender Mayhem…:

-Talks about Macho and Liz being on opposite sides of the Spectrum. Matt Striker`s impression of Monsoon is humerous but Maria just isn`t.

13) “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire (with Miss Elizabeth) vs “Macho King” Randy Savage and Sensational Queen Sherri -WWF Wrestlemania 6

The first Mixed Tag match in WWF history.

A lowpoint in the career here for Randy Savage of sorts…he deserved a lot better then this but his Wrestlemania Resume is so great that a match like this does not effect it all that much.

At least his Macho King entrance in the Skydome felt pretty epic.

Sherri leaped off the top onto Rhodes and then Dusty Rhodes got back up out of no where and delivered a blow from Savage’s head to the head of Sherri as well. Rhodes dropped a big elbow onto the head of Savage. Sherri leaped onto Rhodes and choked him out. Sapphire then grabbed Sherri and got a two as there must have been a tag from the ladies.

Sensational Queen Sherri slapped Sapphire and they tugged on each other’s hair. Sapphire won the power war, Elizabeth got involved as she threw Sherri back inside and Sapphire gave Sherri a blow, covered her until Savage took her off. Rhodes worked on Savage in the corner. Liz pushed Sherri over as Sapphire was bent down and it knocked the wind out of her, and In the end Rhodes and Sapphire got the victory at 7:52.

Simple formula, and it worked, but as said, quite embarassing to put on Savage’s DVD. I don’t like this selection but at least it’s short and hasn’t been provided on several sets already.

A highpoint: Savage throwing Sapphire to the floor on the outside and it gaining some cheers. May she rest in peace.





Career on the Line…:

-Randy Savage was at the top of his game and so was the Warrior so that is what made this “Career” match so enthralling, then you have the how both men played it off in that atmosphere with the “Liz story” and it’s an all-time classic.

14) Career Threatening Match: “Macho King” Randy Savage (W/Sensational Queen Sherri) vs The Ultimate Warrior -Wrestlemania 7

First time ever in the WWF!

What’s most remarkable about this match is how the laws of physics don’t lie. Every action, forces a reaction. It didn’t matter if it was a punch, a toss, a run-in, every action got a reaction out of the audience.

It’s the 7th game of the Stanley Cup finals, it’s the Superbowl for both men, infact it was even bigger and the crowd knew it.

The overall atmosphere made this occasion seem much better then it actually was.

This match could not have been better then it was.

As you can assume these are two colorful personalities.

Both men obviously Oozed Charisma and the Crowd really dug both men whether they loved them or hated them. It’s called NATURAL heat in Wrestling both men had due to the Charisma only few others had in the industry during this time or any time period for that matter. Both characters were beyond unique which made for a great mix for this Classic.

Watching these two go at it is like drinking a shot a 5 hour Energy, listening to Metallica’s Enter Sandman, and having your Sports team win a World Championship all in a span of twenty minutes.

Forget listening to pump up music before the gym, throw this match on. Perhaps Jason Statham should watch this match before Crank 3 to stay alive, it’ll surely give him that much needed rush or CRANK he gets the urge for. Better yet, how about he watches Lesnar/Goldberg instead. Those movies blow.

It obviously goes without saying that this match is CLEARLY a dream match for Vince McMahon.

If only Chris Benoit’s spirit was somehow the guest enforcer! What? Too soon? Okay how about if only Jeff Jarrett was the timekeeper! There ya go…

Bobby points out Miss Elizabeth in the crowd before the spectacle gets underway.

It’s Showtime!

Never had Mania or any show for that matter had a match this big in the middle of its card.

You almost felt like this was the Main Event with the anticipation this one had from the build, the entrances and just the spectacle of everything else.

The reason this Masterpiece works so well is because both Warrior and Savage had tremendous chemistry, the feud was top notch, the build-up was tremendous like most back then in high profile situation’s, you felt you were witnessing the end of an era at Wrestlemania so there was so much suspense which added drama.

Add in a match full of nothing but adrenaline and storytelling, top notch booking, it’s an automatic win.

Here we go.

One of these men will leave the city of Angels with there career over! It doesen’t get bigger then this considering both these talents Main Evented Wrestlemania the past three years.

The Macho King came out in all his glory, being carried in on a throne. Macho King and Sherri came to the ring and Liz looked on worried and dissapointed the love of her life was now with Sherri and his career could be over.

You have to love the story telling before the match even begins in this one!

Some fans booed, while a few cheered the always entertaining persona Randy Savage delivered. Randy Savage did his signature twirl taunt and he looked confident. Macho King looked at the top of his game considering his career could be over in a matter of minutes.

And when Randy was on his game, he really brought it as we’d see here and then some.
Again, you felt the Classic Tension was upon you from the moment the bell rings, infact I felt it before both men even came out.

If you didn’t before you surely would in moments.

This is what it’s like to have fun viewing a Wrestling match. Watching this one and its a given. Show this to anyone and I’ll be amazed if they don’t have a good time.

This is the type of match the casual fan and the smark would both equally enjoy, it just has that tangible to it which makes it likeable to everybody and that’s another reason this is such a fan favourite.

The Ultimate Warrior gets a tremendous ovation and surprisingly he isn’t sprinting to the ring like he is generally known to do. Warrior does this once he gets to the ring area but not all the way to the ring this time around.

When looking at both The Ultimate Warrior and Macho King Randy Savage and there ring attire, it even came off magical from a presentation standpoint due to there attire alone. Nevermind the fact it was Mania in a high profile match fighting for there career’s!

Tension built and Savage was poised to do everything in his power to stay alive, keep his career going and most importantly get back to the main event and out of mid-card hell where he was stuck under the Macho King title. Things would be very different for Randy Savage after this match, either one way or the other.

So to say this was a defining moment in his career would be an absolute understatement. Same for Warrior. If he didn’t screw up and demand money later in 1991, who knows the marketing machine for Warrior had no limits and this win over Savage (with the epic win over Hogan the year before) made him the biggest star in all of Pro-Wrestling.

The bell rung and the fans were more ready, it’s Wrestlemania 7’s Career Threatening Match between two Icon’s and living legends in the history of the WWF. Trump is front row with a smile.

Savage and Warrior weren’t smiling, all buisness from them both.

Macho King Randy Savage then stared down the Warrior and it was a showtime here. One of the most underrated rivalries in the hitory of Professional Wrestling. Savage had enough of Warrior’s posing on all the turnbuckle’s, Savage wanted Warrior to get to business and who could blame him.

Warrior took off his jacket to screams and cheers, bell rang both men cautious. Savage ran to the ropes and tried to psych out Warrior.

Savage playing Mind Games went to the top to pose, got boo’s. Warrior did as well and got cheers.

Both men go face to face and tie-up. Liz is concerned.

Savage is told to break away from Warrior. A facelock by Warrior and a shove down to Savage.

Both men extremely cautious. Macho King Randy Savage going downstairs with forearms and right hands to Warrior. Side headlock nicely applied by The Macho King, off the ropes Warrior hit a shoulder block to Savage taking him out of the ring. A distraction from the Queen allowed Savage to come back in and hit a running knee to the Ultimate Warrior, but it didn’t phase him.

Warrior with a power move and an atomic drop, followed by a long powerful atomic drop by the Ultimate Warrior. Sherri can be heard screaming NO on the outside.

Warrior in control early!

Warrior held the Macho King down while Sensational Queen Sherri looked on concerned.

Sherri got involved but was elevated to the outside.

Randy Savage caught in the ring ropes, Warrior took a few shots. Savage got a kick off the ropes with a bit of momentum then charged towrds Warrior and hit a beautiful clothesline. Such an execution so superb by Randy Savage.

Bombs away by the Macho King with a cross body from the top, Warrior showed off his power and caught him and dropped Savage.

The Ultimate Warrior intimidating Savage asking what he has? Savage slapped him then threw a steek chair into the ring. The Official moved it out of sight and the Ultimate Warrior hit a forearm to Savage two times levelling him down to the mat. An irishwhip sent Savage back first to the buckle and Warrior with another strong round-house right a couple of times knocking down Macho King who’s career could soon be over. More shots took down Randy, an irishwhip to Savage into the buckle but Macho moved.

Warrior charged into the buckle as Savage moved as said and this was an opening for Randy. Sherri took down Warrior outside of the ring. Savage had time to re-group. Macho King in the ring waiting saw Warrior push down Sherri. Savage shoved Warrior from behind and then rammed Warrior into the post.

Heenan said he followed Savage’s career and he never saw him this intense. He wasn’t far off.

Once again Sherri with the shoe. Warrior chants. Savage in the ring and a scoop slam with a two count. the Ultimate Warrior about to catch a neck breaker from Savage but he hits a back slide to Savage, amazing stuff. Savage backs off to the corner and spits in Warrior’s face before getting out of harms way. Clothesline by Warrior as Macho got caught.

The Ultimate Warrior ran off both ends of the ropes and went for a signasture splash but Randy Savage moved! Macho King rammed Warrior head first to the mat and got two quick two counts.

Savage now with a reverse chinlock, a logical move to do to a powerful athlete such as The Ultimate Warrior.

Amazing, captivating stuff here.

Savage never wanted anything so bad other then this victory here. Savage kept the chinlock in as the crowd chanted for the Warrior and he shook. Here we go. Nothing but pure adrenaline pumping from this point out.

Testicular Fortitude by the Warrior, a running clothesline!

A running clothesline by Warrior to the Macho King!

Savage down, but then after a criss-cross Savage hit a clothesline to Warrior and now both men are down.

What an epic atmosphere, so much on the line.

Savage and Warrior both to there feet at the same time, Savage goes for a powerslam to the Ultimate Warrior and then he rolled up Savage with a small package and the ref was distracted from Sherri and he only got a two count.

the Ultimate Warrior made a costly mistake turning his back to the official arguing over the slow count and Sherri’s interference.

Savage rammed him from behind with a charging knee into the abdomen.
Sherri with a shoe and the ref down nailed Savage by mitake off the top, the crowd gets loud. Warrior chasing Sherri rather then going after Savage which could be costly as said by Heenan and Monsoon.

Warrior looking to the outside, Savage from NO WHERE with a roll-up and two and a half.

Heenan loses his voice from excitement. Everything is on the line, Savage pulled Warrior by the trunks into the corner. Savage then elevated Warrior up and dropped him throat first onto the top rope.
Excellent stuff.

Macho King in control then leaped over the top rope and choked out Warrior, taking the air out of a full throttle tank like Warrior.

Savage slammed him down twice not taking any chances, and a two count.

Both men used up everything imaginable.

Here we go!

The Elbow Drop by the Macho King! Sherri cheers.

1 hit, then 2 hit.

He’s going for a third, history is being made, a third hit! Heenan is claiming the end of
Warrior’s career is here and everyone believes it as Savage is in all his glory.

Macho King goes for another, and then yes, another one.

The 5th and last one.

Randy “Macho King” Savage by all means should of put Warrior away.

Five elbow drops didn’t put Warrior away, the place pops. Savage can’t believe it. No one ever came close to taking that kind of punishment from Savage and get out of it.
Savage dropped his signature double axehandle’s and now the adrenaline pumped through the veins of the Warrior as he fought back with forearm shots, a right hand, clothesline after clothesline.

Liz looks concerned for the career of Savage.

Warrior reaches to the heavens. Macho King hoisted up and now the press slam is delivered. Warrior hits the big splash!

It’s over! It has to be….but Savage kicks out! UNBELIEVABLE! Warrior reaches to the heavens and asked if this was his destiny.

Savage down and Warrior asked the Heavens while everyone watched on. Warrior then on the ring apron wasn’t sure what was next. Warrior on the apron took his time and Macho King knocked Warrior off the apron giving himself a chance to come back here.

Savage goes up high where he is often best.

So what could POSSIBLY come next?

Heenan yells what a match, what a match with the most passion he perhaps ever had when yelling out that great phrase during an epic encounter.
Savage missed his drop from the top and hit the gaurdrail.

In the ring the Warrior off the ropes hit a big clothesline to Macho King Randy Savage and he did so another time. Two in a row. the Ultimate Warrior in full control in a back and forth climatic match. Then a spear job by Warrior to the Macho King to the floor, Savage might have been saved being out to the floor but Warrior with yet another spear to the Macho King once he was back in the ring.

the Ultimate Warrior with yet another spear!

In dramatic fashion Warrior puts his right boot over the chest of Randy Savage and it’s over!

Heenan yells “Oh my god…no.” Everyone pops, the epic battle/confrontation, magical masterpiece had concluded but the best was yet to come still.

For the second straight Wrestlemania, the Ultimate Warrior put down a powerhouse in the Federation this time in the Macho King in what was a career performance for him.
The Warrior pinned Savage in awesome fashion with a boot on the chest and a finger pointing to the heavens as the place roared in approval.

The pinfall came at 20:48 and the match really flies by for a bout over twenty minutes in length.

Incredibally entertaining throughout with a HOT crowd, one that should always be there for a big time Mania Match. These guys more then delivered.

After the match, it finally sinks in to Sherri what has happened. Sensational Queen Sherri gets in and kicks Macho King Randy Savage for losing. She berates him verbally and kicks him a few more times. All of this prompts The first Lady of Professional Wrestling Miss Elizabeth to jump the gaurdrail and throw Sherri out of the ring to a mega pop. Savage recovers and blames Elizabeth until he sees the refs dragging Sherri back to the dressing room. Liz asks him what it’s going to be.

Savage, after a moment of tense soul-searching, scoops his woman up in his arms in a tearful hug. Liz opens the ropes for Randy, like she always used to do, but Savage refuses and holds the ropes for her. Nice touch for sure there.

The Macho Man is back! What a great moment.

Everything is right in the world with his theme playing in the background.

Savage and Liz reunite and everyone cheers, some even brought to tears, actually many were. An emotional moment as the Macho King transformed back into the Macho Man and this time around was going to treat his lady right.

For some reason a forgotten babyface turn which is strange considering the significance, when it happened and how awesome this segment really, really was. Hollywood couldn’t of done that segment better. Something to be proud of and it definitely doesen’t age, if anything it just gets better as time goes on and as the industry continues to change.

Excellent drama to follow a Classic encounter which was ultimately perfect.

As previously mentioned what Macho did for Liz earlier, Savage’s most memorable romantic gesture was holding down the ropes for Miss Elizabeth in order for her to exit the ring with style, after years of having her do it for him.

If not the greatest moment in the history of Wrestling then it’s most certainly one of the most emotional moments in Wrestlemania History:

Everything about this was done to perfection, (much like the match) Savage even happened to have a theme song where it built up the hug and celebration perfectly. Just magic inside the Sports-Entertainment world.

Oh yeah, the match that took place before this. This match, REALLY what can you say? This one had every aspect of Pro-Wrestling required that makes it as great as it REALLY can be. This piece of art really pushed the envelope from a storytelling standpoint.

I even contemplated reasons if this match shouldn’t be the full five stars and to be truthful, I really couldn’t come up with one good reason just now after a hard time thinking about it. It’s been a personal favourite for two decades and now I am finally pushing it over the edge to 5 star/elite status. This is only the 11th match from this side of the Pacific I’ve given that prize.

For my money a top 5 Mania match and a top 11 match ever from this continent. They just DON’T make them like this very often, if at all.

Another awesome element to the bout is that it is probably the best booked match in Wrestlemania History. Which says…quite a lot, and that in itself goes without saying.

Calling it a CLASSIC isn’t even doing it enough justice, because this is not only one of the Greatest Matches in the history of Wrestlemania, but one of the greatest matches in the history of Professional Wrestling.

It really should be showed and replayed more on highlights of Wrestlemania when the company does there awesome yearly packages, but all one has to do is look at the two men involved here and say “Oh, yeah…”




Love Bites…:

-So Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth are back together and all is right in the World, right? Not so much. Jake Roberts planted a Snake in one of the gifts and to make matters worse he set him loose on Savage.

This made him go a little bit Insaaane if ya know what I mean.

This was from Superstars in 1991.

15) “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts -WWF Tuesday In Texas December 3rd 1991

One of the most underrated rivalries in Wrestling because both men had pure hatred, and could really go. Both men’s psychology is unmatched and there promo’s were always a sight to see, they translated there energy into the ring quite nicely, made for some entertaining television.

Macho begged for his job back and was granted it. Any time you got Jake and Randy involved the psychology is going to make for some great entertainment regardless of workrate or anything like that. This feud was so hot because of the intensity, a little ahead of its time.

Jake Roberts wasn`t even at the ring yet and Savage running behind him attacked Roberts with a double axehandle shot to the back. Fans going wild as they watch on at Savage attacking Roberts.

Jake Roberts was sent into the ring by the Macho Man.

A determined Randy Savage had the Snake in the corner, still with his funky hat on and all, the crowd ate it up.

Savage dragged the Snake by the head across the top rope and into the corner. Macho flew from the top with a double axehandle, hat and all, even still until now. Savage takes it off and chases Jake Roberts who was leaving ringside and caught him up high. Macho then struck him between the eyes.

Savage was fighting for his girl here as She was almost poisoned by a Snake, that was the story, and of course there`s the whole Snake biting Randy`s arm thing.
The Snake from behind tossed Savage to the outside.

Savage head first into the steel post by the Snake on the outside. Roberts grabbed Macho`s left arm and dragged it against the ring post. Savage`s arm took a beating, Randy being a natural seller, sold it quite well.

Macho in a ton of pain outside the ring swung away but Roberts was not even outside the ring.

Macho Man Randy Savage got back in the ring and landed a righthand on the abdomen of Jake but he tried to keep Savage down and landed a thumb to the eye. Jake the Snake awaited his opening and picked up Savage and hit a inverted atomic drop. Savage in trouble on the mat. The Snake landed knee shots to the esophagus of Savage. Jake the Snake tried to rip off the bandages on his `Snake bitten` arm and this fired up Macho.

An elbow found the mark but Roberts continued to take it to Macho Man. Roberts with an irishwhip to Savage and he came off the ropes with a boot to the head of Roberts. The Snake kept landing right-hands to Macho Man, Savage ducked a clothesline and an elbow shot found the mark. Macho on the offense sending Snake into the corner, he got the knees up on Macho Man as he charged towards the corner buying himself some time. Snake with an arm-ringer to the injured arm and Savage dropped to the mat, the fans booed.

Jake Roberts on the top rope asked if the crowd was ready for the DDT and they booed him. Savage countered the DDT by sending Jake Roberts back first into the corner, Monsoon speculated he might of cracked a rib, Macho Man landed an elbow drop and got the three at just over six minutes in length.

The Madness is back.

Well, was. Jake hit a couple of DDT`s knocking Macho Man out cold after the match, at the 92 Rumble these two still were at each other`s throats. A Flair-Hogan Wrestlemania Main Event was supposed to happen and one would think Roberts was about to enter a program with Savage for Mania, but instead he got to be Taker`s second Mania victom and Savage got to win his second WWF title as a result.
Elizabeth saved Savage from another Snake Bite until Roberts knocks her out. This was a major part of the feud but it is not shown on the DVD unfortunately. Could be that whole `PG` thing.

** 1/4

Falsely Accused…:

-Flair tried to stir the pot by revealing photo’s of Liz which made Savage go even more Insane and this feud was for the title to boot.

16) “Macho Man” Randy Savage (W/Miss Elizabeth) vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) (With his Executive Consultant Mr. Perfect) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Wrestlemania 8

The Hoosier Dome was ready between for a battle between two legend`s for the WWF title. Monsoon before the match gives Heenan a hilarious `WILL YOU STOP!` when Heenan talks about being Fair to Flair. He over-did that line but then again, that`s what made it so great.

Macho Man Randy Savage ran to the ring, it was a big match coming up but this one was not only for the title, it was nice and personal of course.

Savage gets a great pop here at Wrestlemania.

Ric Flair gets attacked by Savage at ringside. Mr. Perfect grabbed ahold of Macho Man by the hair and swung him back to the mat. This through Macho off his attack and Flair got back in the ring and was back to strutting in no time. Flair chopped Macho at the side ropes but Savage ducked a clothesline and landed one of his own. A knee to the back sent Flair to the corner and Macho hit righthands to Naitch. Savage with righthands up high but Flair went for an atomic drop, Savage hit a counter then a clothesline. Macho sent Flair to the corner and then hit a reverse elbow shot. Savage rakes Flair`s face and at the sideropes he held the official back which gained Ric Flair a moment to re-group and he backdropped the Challenger over the top rope to the floor.

Ric Flair then slid under the bottom rope and grabbed ahold of Savage hitting him with a hard chop. Flair dropped Savage with an atomic drop hitting him face first to the ring apron. Naitch then with more pain inflicted to the lower back of Savage. Flair got back in the ring, Savage climbed underneath the bottom rope, Flair stopped him and stomped into the lower back of Savage which was by now sore.

Randy Savage down on his stomach was continuing to lay in agony while Flair stomped on his back. Ric Flair chopped Macho Man in the sternum area and then Flair went for a vertical suplex and he held Savage up in the air for a good few seconds before inevitably dropping him hard to the mat, which scored him a two. Flair with a handful of hair then picked up Savage and hit a nice side suplex, nicely executed by the Nature Boy. Ric Flair then patiently, and somewhat methodically took apart his Challenger, Randy Savage. As Macho Man got to his vertical base, Flair had him in the corner and hit a stiff chop. Macho got irishwhipped back first into the corner, not once but twice as Naitch was measuring Macho Man`s injured back, and a hard chop in mid-ring. Flair got a nearfall and then dropped his forearm to Randy Savage in the throat area.

Macho Man bought himself a little time underneath the turnbuckle, but Flair kicked at his sore lower back and sent him to the outside of the ring. Ric Flair on the outside did further damage to the kidney area by dropping Macho Man back first on the outside of the ring apron. Flair got back in the ring.

Macho Man barely got up in time but was dragged back inside by the Champion, Flair went for a vertical suplex from the outside apron to the inside over the top rope, and he hit it. The Pontiac Silverdome got darker by this point in the night (appropriately during the title match in mid-show) and Flair sent Macho`s sore back hard to the corner yet again. Naitch with a couple of hard shots to Savage some more, he hit a hard uppercut as Savage had absorbed all kinds of punishment despite Flair kicking away at him in the bottom corner of the ring. Flair with a hard chop in the corner and Savage showed some life exploding with a righthand, the fans awake and the roar from the crowd is loud. Savage slowly but surely turned the tide in his favor, hitting a reverse swinging neckbreaker off the ropes in counter-fashion buying him such much needed time to re-group.

Randy Savage was slowed down and he blocked a shot from Flair off the ropes landing right hands, but Flair raked his face in the corner. Flair went up high and he gets caught like he always did up top and Macho Man powerslammed him from the top rope, Flair landed in mid-ring, the crowd loved it.

Flair begged for Savage to back off but he rakes his face and sent Flair back first to the corner before a big back-drop mid-ring, and another two hard clothesline shots.

Savage had Flair on his knees and he begged while Macho got the full support from the Hoosier Silverdome as he was in complete control now.

Savage followed it up with an irish-whip that sent Flair upside down, and then when Flair attempted to fly off the top Savage just stood still and caught him with a clothesline and he got a two-count only. The fans literally thought it was three, and the fans gave this decision major heat when i was told just a two.

Hennig was sweating.

Flair missed a clothesline and Macho tossed Naitch over the top ropes and this still remains as one of the funniest Wrestling-Photo’s of all time. They even put it in the Cover Art inside the Randy Savage DVD.

Macho then dropped the double axehandle to Flair from the outside ring apron to the floor, which of course was one of his favourite aerial attacks.

Ric Flair got rammed into the steel barricade by Savage and then Macho Man in vicious fashion sent Flair head first to the steel steps.

Macho Man then slammed Flair into the ring post which busted the Champion open, Flair bladed pretty deep here.

Savage suplexed Flair on the concrete.

An all-out war here, Monsoon yells “What a match!“

Macho Man took everything the Champion could dish out and more, it was now payback time for Savage on Mr. Flair. Savage dished out some more punishment to Flair and then Savage from the outside, up high dropped the double axehandle to the bloodied head of Flair.

Once again Savage got a two that the crowd thought was three, which got a ton of boo`s, once again. Savage slammed Flair backfirst to the mat. Randy Savage from up high in the corner of the ring dropped the flying elbow, and he got just a two count as Hennig dragged Savage out behind the official. He knew what was up.

Hennig takes off the jacket and Savage grabbed ahold of him. Flair all bloodied looked on at Savage and Hennig battling it out, tugging at one another. Hennig tosses a weapon to Flair. Savage did not know it.

The Nature Boy hits Savage with the object, and he passed it back outside the ring. Flair pinned Savage in mid-ring and despite being out, he kicked out and the crowd exploded.

Flair with vicious righthands to Savage at mid-ring. Flair then choked out Macho who the crowd started chanting for. Perfect grabbed a steel chair and hit the lower back of Savage which had been worked over, all throughout the match.

Miss Elizabeth then ran to the ring in a nice purple dress, she looked amazing here for the record.

As good as she ever did.

Flair then dropped his bodyweight onto Savage, everyone was making noise by this point, all on there feet.

The WWF Champion, a bloody mess in control once again and Macho was fighting off everything he could stand. Flair hit a a knee-breaker on Savage before slapping on his figure-four.

Savage was in trouble, Elizabeth looked on concerned.

Savage`s back was flat on the mat for a couple of seconds and the official counted, Savage fought out of it. Hennig gave Flair some more power as he held on for leverage in the Figure Four behind the back of the official.

Ric Flair tried to make Savage tapout but he didn`t. Hebner kicked at Perfect`s arm when he grabbed Flair`s hand again for more leverage.

A small package by Savage to Flair out of no where after he got out of the Figure-Four and he kicks out.

Flair beat up Savage in the corner and Flair said this was for her. Flair hit a couple of hard chops to Savage and then another knee-breaker. Savage`s leg was held by Flair who wooed, went for a right, Savage blocked it and pulled the tights and got a three count. We have a new champion!

“This has been Unbelievable! With his bride by his side, Randy Savage is once again on top of the World Wrestling Federation!”

In the end Macho Man Randy Savage regained the World Wrestling Federation Championship after pulling the tights (something babyfaces don’t do often) to win at 18:05.

The Promo’s before and after this match by both men, Heenan, Perfect and company remain memorable still to this day and help the aftermath of this epic encounter.

This Match? Just another Classic in Randy Savage’s Amazing Wrestlemania Resume.


**** 1/2

Disc 2 Special Features:

-Macho Man introduces Elizabeth as his New Manager -July 30th 1985

It’s fitting this took place on my Birthday. Vince is beyond creepy here but Liz was beautiful, everyone wanted to manage Savage and he brought in his wife. “The Innovation…”

-The Coronation of the Macho King
Superstars – September 30, 1989


Disc 3 Matches:

Back on Top…:


-Randy Savage was once again World Wrestling Federation Champion, and with his bride by his side, he was arguably in the peak of his legendary career.

17) “Macho Man” Randy Savage (W/Miss Elizabeth) (c) vs “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (W/Sensational Sherri) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -WWF European Rampage – April 19th, 1992


This was an interesting match.

Randy Savage was innovative in bringing energy, and an aerial attack into McMahon’s company and Shawn was the kid of the future who wrestled a similar style, so with Savage being Champion going up against a young buck like Shawn, it was incredibally significant.

The Macho Man came out to a good pop while Shawn got some natural heat, where they were going with his 1992 mid-card character on the rise. Interesting note that Sherri was Michaels’s manager here and she was just Savage’s the year before when he was the Macho King.

Matt Striker and Maria both do some ridiculous things before this match, but they be sure to talk about how Shawn had a similar style as Macho, while Savage might of been slowing down, Michaels was on the rise. Savage could still go though, quite clearly.

Heenan and Monsoon are on commentary.

Both men tied up.

Shawn Michaels and neither man got any part of the initial tie-up as it broke apart.

Once again Shawn backed him off against the ropes and then into the corner while Randy held him off. Shawn slid into the conrner but Savage avoided Michaels charging towards him.
Fans cheered.

Macho Man Randy Savage then tied up with Savage again and he got Savage in a side headlock, into an armbar, and then when Randy hit a reverse hammerlock Shawn elbowed out of it, sent Macho to the corner but he got his knees up on Shawn and then drove him head first into the buckle twice, Michaels bumps around a bit.

Shawn Michaels takes a breather on the outside and Savage throws in a Steel Chair. Savage posed on the top buckle for a bit and then went back to the middle of the ring to tie up with Shawn Michaels, he looked around. Michaels with a side headlock, and hits a shoulderblock on Savage twice before Macho ducks a leapfrog and sends Shawn over the ropes, he skins the cat but not before Savage clotheslines him over the top to the outside.

Macho Man drops the double axehandle right between the eyes from the top turnbuckle, to the floor. Savage going for Michaels in the middle of the ring favouring the left leg. Savage picked up Shawn for a piledriver attempt, and then Sherri grabbed Liz outside the ring. Macho Man leaped over the top rope and went after Sherri but this bought Shawn Michaels time to re-group and attack Savage. Shawn then in the entrance way sent Macho head first into the steel barricade. Shawn went back into the ring to break the count, came right back out and picked up Savage by the head driving him headfirst into the steel steps.

Shawn Michaels slammed him headfirst on the apron and kicked away at the head of Savage while he took his time, Michaels still in control from the Sherri spot. Shawn Michaels irishwhipped Savage to the ropes and he hit a beautiful backbreaker spinning him 360 in mid-air before nailing him backfirst. Savage got his feet on the ropes to break the count, Michaels hit hard righthands. Shawn then drove the boot into the mouth of Savage. Macho tried to fight off Michaels charge, but he raked the face of Savage in the corner. Shawn continued with striking blows to the Macho Man in the corner and then irishwhipped him back first, hard to the buckle and after coming out of the corner recieved a hard shot to the gut, then another off the ropes right to the sternum, Michaels hit a nice swinging neckbreaker.

Only a two count, as the WWF Champion kicked out. Shawn Michaels stayed on Savage. Shawn then drove the point of his elbow a couple of times at the head of Savage. Shawn with another irishwhip and this time out of the corner Savage caught him and slingshotted him headfirst int the ringpost. Fans cheer as Macho gets a nearfall.

Macho Man then drove Michaels by the head and hits a leverage slingshot choking out Michaels by clotheslining him over the top rope. Michaels bumped backwards, Savage knocked Shawn to the outside and then dropped another double axehandle from up high. Macho sent Shawn into the steel ringpost.

Shawn Michaels in a bit of trouble as Macho Man was in control, Savage hit another double axehandle this time going inside the ring, but still just getting a two. Macho Man goes for more of the same but Shawn Michaels lifted his arm up with a shot to the gut. A reversal from Savage to Shawn, but he clotheslined Macho down, Michaels gets a nearfall.

Shawn Michaels hit a superkick in mid-ring, without tuning the band and Savage kicked out. His future finisher was a little less known here, as the kickout barely received a pop from the crowd.

The Heart Break Kid with a scoop-slam, then Michaels went up high and drove his fist into the head of Savage who then rolled out of the ring. Shawn Michaels chased Savage and then sent him head first into the ringpost. Shawn Michaels watched as Sherri grabbed Savage by the head and slapped him. Shawn had Macho by the hair and then he tossed him right back over the

top rope to the outside, landing on the floor.

On the outside Sherri gave Savage kicks behind the official’s back.

Shawn choked Savage out and swung his neck over the top rope, before driving his elbow to the Esophagus of Savage who’s head was on the ring apron.

Back in the ring Shawn hit a few standing jab’s, before a big righthand levelled down Macho Man. Savage fought back but then Shawn hit a thumb to the eye. Off the ropes Macho Man kicked Shawn Michaels in the chest, off the ropes Savage collided with the official.

Shawn was waiting behind Savage and dropped the double axehandle. Shawn irishwhipped to the ropes and Savage had him in the air and dropped him head first clotheslining him on the top rope and he swung backwards. Savage scooped up Shawn Michaels and slammed him down to the mat. Macho Man looking to go up high, he does and goes for his finishing Elbow Drop and hits it.

No official there to count the fall, he counts it himself but it doesen’t count. Sherri gets in the ring and kicks at Savage until he points at her and the crowd cheers as she leaves. Savage getting the official up but this time Shawn Michaels kicked out at a long two count. Savage spit at Sherri, went for a suplex on Michaels and Elizabeth ran from the back and threw Sherri inside the ring. Macho beat on Michaels a bit and then from up high hit a flying cross-body that just gets Savage a two count.

Liz this time pulled Sherri from the ring apron. Shawn Michaels reversed to the ropes and he leaped over and Savage hit sternum first in the corner, a leapfrog into a sunset flip gets Michaels a two count.

Savage from the corner hit another crossbody and this time Savage got the three count at 16:14.

This was a fantastic match here, got a good amount of time.


*** 3/4



Popularity on the Rise…:

-Randy Savage was already a household name for almost a decade and a multi-time Heavyweight Champion. He outpopped the Warrior in a Classic Match at Summerslam 1992 that they didn’t include on the disc, but the point remains, he was kind of a big deal by this point and McMahon’s golden boy for the time being with Hogan in and out of Hollywood and contracts.

18) “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Bret “Hitman” Hart vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and “The HeartBreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (With Sensational Sherri and Mr. Perfect) -Worcester, MA – July 22nd, 1992


Wow, take a look at this line-up.

A dream tag match, as noted by Ross even then.

These four men are top ten wrestlers ever, so I don’t need to go into much detail on why this one was so good, but of course I will.

Another thing that makes this match great, and fun is the fact that it’s rare. Oh and the fact a lot of these guys don’t like each other behind the curtain. It’s appropriate that Bret and Savage are on one side while Flair and Shawn are on the other, that’s how it’d be backstage as well. I wonder what side McMahon likes more? Good question.

Savage gets an amazing ovation when he comes out last, after all three guys.

Savage leaped from inside the ring to outside the ring apron while Shawn was set to go with Bret.

Bret Hart tied up with Michaels and Shawn then hit an arm-drag takedown and then mocked Bret by doing his hands out taunt. Bret looked a bit frustrated he got taken down, and the fans wooed while Flair was getting them riled up on the apron. Shawn Michaels tied up with Bret again and went with a go behind into a hammerlock, a good counter move by the Hitman and then Shawn hit a hammerlock, Bret ducked a clothesline and hit an atomic drop on Shawn, Savage came in and cleaned house with clotheslines to Flair and Michaels.

Macho Man now was getting set to go with Shawn Michaels until he tagged in Flair. Flair and Savage had a history together.

Flair wooed and Savage asked for the support from the crowd and they started to clap together, Flair played mindgames with Savage in the ring. Flair and Savage tied up and Flair got Savage to the corner and wooed. Ric Flair then flexed his biceps. Another tie up, Flair with a side headlock into a hammerlock, Savage counters into one of his own, Flair yells in pain and reaches for the ropes to break the hold.

Savage slapped Flair and the crowd cheered, Flair looked extremely angry. Flair pushed Savage to the ropes and he came off with a shoulder block, Ric Flair and
Randy Savage got into a slapping war, the crowd were incredibally behind Savage here.

Flair turned his back on the Macho Man and he tried to get into his head as he stomped on the mat. After a pause, Flair chopped Macho in the corner and then Savage fought back with a ton of right’s to Flair and Shawn in the corner, finally Shawn got the best of Savage and put him head first into the buckle, then an irishwhip to the corner. Shawn Michaels charged to the corner and hit steel. Savage tagged in the Hitman. Bret worked over Shawn’s arm driving the point of his knee into his side. Bret with an armbar on Michaels down on the mat.

Bret held Michaels in the corner and Savage dropped from the top hitting Shawn’s weaker arm that had been worked over. Randy Savage got tagged back in by the Hitman and he forced an arm-bar on him in mid-ring. Flair tried to tag in, Michaels fought back and got sent to the corner, he leapfrogged but Savage caught HBK with a clothesline. Hart came in with a big right hand.

Once the Hitman levelled Shawn down he went back to work on his arm in the middle of the ring. Bret held a hammerlock to Shawn’s weak left arm and he tried to elbow Bret with his right elbow. Shawn Michaels backs Hart violently to the corner and he hits Bret with a snapmare. Flair missed the elbow on Bret and chopped him in the corner. Flair hit an uppercut to Bret and kept Wooing. Ric Flair hit another chop to the sternum of Bret and then he got irishwhipped to the corner and Bret hit a back bodydrop. Savage got tagged back in, blocked a right from Flair and hit him with standing jabs before an elbow shot to the head.

Michaels tried to come in but Savage knocked him off the apron and kept levelling Flair, cornering him with a kick, The Macho Man went up for shots and got to six before Flair dropped Macho with his knee into the spine.

Flair went for the Figure Four but Savage had it scouted as he kicked out of that predicament twice. Michaels ran in and hit Savage with a martial arts kick as Sherri distracted the official.

Shawn held Savage while Perfect gave him some cheap shots on the outside. Shawn sent Savage into the steel gaurdrail.

Back in the ring Naitch chopped Macho down to the canvas, the crowd started to get behind the babyfaces, but Shawn got tagged back in and he hit Macho with an elbow, he sent him to the ropes and hit Savage with a high knee to the sternum. Shawn hits a snapmare and stomps on Macho Man in the corner of the ring. Michaels choked out Savage with a foot to the throat. Bret came in to have a word with Hebner, and then Scary Sherri choked out Macho and levelled Savage with a shot to the throat, Perfect looked on smiling.

Savage and Bret were at a disadvantage here quite clearly, tag made and Shawn and Flair both hit a reverse elbow to Savage off the side ropes. Flair knocked Macho Man down and then Perfect again hit a cheapshot on Savage. Bret had a word with Hebner on the apron and Michaels choked Savage on the outside with the tagteam rope that is connected to the turnbuckle. Ric Flair had Macho Man up and he sent him to the corner and hit him with a chop, and got a nearfall.

Bret tried to avoid a Flair attack, and again behind the official Flair held Savage up and Shawn hit an elbow from the top rope. Shawn choked Savage with his boot. Shawn Michaels irishwhipped Savage to the ropes and he hit an offensive move, finally. The fans applaud as he kicked at Shawn’s chest as he bent down for a backbody drop. Flair hit chops on Macho in the corner once tagged in. Flair tried to put Savage away with his feet on the ropes. Savage got the leverage advantage and went for a sunset flip. Shawn tagged back in and hit a sunset flip and got a nearfall, and slapped back on a sleeper. Macho started to get out of this predicament as he held a sleeper, Shawn tagged Flair back in and hit a drop toehold.
Macho got back up hit a shouder bock on Flair, he leapfrogged him but Flair got a sleeper, Savage drove him into the buckle and Naitch went down. Bret got back in and hit some power moves and an irishwhip to Fair in the corner. Bret irishwhipped Shawn to the corner and he hung upside down. Bret suplexed Flair and hit a backbreaker to Naitch.

Shawn Michaels interupted the count and while Bret hammered Flair Savage got a roll-up on Michaels and just missed him. Savage sent Shawn into Sherri who got knocked off the apron and Savage pinned Shawn at 16:31 with a roll-up.

Bret and Savage hug as they were the winners.

Such an awesome tag team match, fantastic stuff!





Behind the Mic…:

-Everyone knows Savage could talk. His voice was recognizable to people who didn’t even watch Wrestling. His natural wit, and comedic timing only helped from the broadcast booth. Only problem was Savage still wanted to Wrestle

19) Yokozuna (c) (W/Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette) vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -WWF Monday Night Raw -February 28th 1994

Way back when these two were the final two competitors in the ring at the 1993 Royal Rumble Match, so they had a bit of history together.

Yoko had been Champion since June of 93 and by this point was pretty unstoppable. He was bound to lose the title to the Hitman the next month, while Savage would be having a great farewell Mania match with Crush, a guy he was feuding with at the time. (The Late Bryan Adams)

And the late Yokozuna here was defending the title against Savage who was in his final year with the Federation. It feels strange watching him during this “New Generation” era but that’s not where the company was heading at the time, it benefited both Savage and the WWF when he left. Infact this is the last Savage match in the WWF on the DVD.

But here we are on Monday Night Raw, it was Yoko and Randy one on one.
The WWF Champion Yokozuna nailed Savage right away, this was what his gameplan needed to be if he wanted to be successful. Yoko stomped away at Macho Man and then he looked on at the crowd who was chanting USA. Macho Man binded by Yokozuna and he raked the back of Macho Man. Yokozuna went for a right but Macho blocked a shot and hammered back at Yoko, but he dropped a double axehandle. Yoko then swung Savage backwards using the top rope for leverage.
Yokozuna used all his weight with Macho on the canvas choking him out.

It’s clear by this point that the match will revolve around Yoko wearing Savage down.
Macho Man fights back which made it more interesting. Yokozuna still in control though and scoop slams the Macho Man. Yokozuna coming off the rope missed a big splash and Savage then drove a high knee to Yoko’s back and he got tossed to the outside. Macho Man then knocked Fuji off the apron. Savage then dropped a double axehandle from the top to Yokozuna, proving he was still fast enough to go. Macho Man then attempted to get Yoko back in the ring because you can not win the title by countout obviously.

Back from a commercial break Savage attempted to lift Yokozuna once again but he wouldn’t budge. Savage went after Cornette as he struck Savage but from behind Yokozuna hit Macho Man up high grounding him. Cornette and Fuji look on proud, as there strategic plan to get Macho Man off his game worked.

Yoko grabbed Savage and sent him into the steel post. Yokozuna then rammed his hands up high on Savage. Yokozuna tossed Macho in the ring as if he weighed nothing. Yokozuna slowly got back into the ring while the crowd chanted for Randy. Yokozuna in the ring pounding at Macho while Fuji waved the Japanese Flag. Savage got back to his feet and the slugfest continued and Savage hit hard righthands to Yoko fighting back. Yoko was dazed and Randy Savage dropped the double axehandle. Savage again hits a crossbody from up top in attempt to win his third WWF title but Yoko just kicked out. Vince sounds orgasmic here at the Macho Man attempting to win the title, which is kind of ironic now.

Savage with a roll-up and almost got a three again. Yoko then tried to weardown The Macho Man some more dropping both fists on Savage. Yokozuna then lifted a leg from Macho and dropped his head into the groin of Savage. Macho in the corner having dealt with a ton of pain was sitting in the corner while Yokozuna choked out Savagr using his boot. Yokozuna squashing Macho Man in the corner using desperate tactics and he was getting fatigued. Yokozuna irishwhipped Savage hard to the corner and came at Savage with a big splash into the corner.

Yokozuna then lifted his arms for great heel heat. Macho out of gas in the corner, Yokozuna in complete control lifted the ankles of Savage and dragged him to the center of the ring. Yokozuna then went to the corner and talked to Fuji who had some instruction. Yokozuna went for a big legdrop and Savage avoided it by instinct buying himself some time. Cornette distracts the ref and Yoko grabbed a bucked from Fuji, and Savage blocked the show. Macho Man kicked away at the mid-section of Yokozuna and he kicked him in the gut and threw the bucket away. Both men layed down on the canvas. Both men down and Marella started to count, the crowd chanted for the Macho Man.

Savage slowly got up and he got just a two count. Cornette had a panic attack on the ring apron, Macho knocked him off. Savage went up high with a flying elbow drop and he hit it. Savage went for the three but Crush came in and attacked Savage to further there underrated feud for WM X.

Savage wins by DQ at 10:44.

This match surprised me. I felt it would be boring as all hell but Savage worked better with Yokozuna here then almost anyone I’ve seen, including Bret Hart.




A Change of Scenery…:

-The Macho Man Randy Savage was now in WCW, which made things a whole lot more interesting in Turner’s promotion.

20) “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair in a Lifeguard Match -WCW Bash at the Beach – July 16, 1995

Dave The Great Meltzer gave this one the full four stars.

The Macho Madness DVD made sure to make fun of the WCW calling a Lumberjack match, a Lifegaurd match since they were ya know, just outside the pool.

Well, it was definitely fun and something different from there Federation matches considering the fun/unique WCW environment. I would of actually liked to have seen more WCW matches on this DVD if I’m being honest, but you can’t get everything.
Randy Savage and Ric Flair had a heated feud in WCW that was taken to new levels compared to there rivalry in the Federation. This one had a lot of build-up.

Hey look, it’s Johnny B Badd at ringside. (Aka Marc Mero) Arn Anderson, DDP, Duggan and others were at ringside.

The bell rang and Savage had the support of the crowd.

Randy Savage took his time to attack Flair but did eventually and didn`t let go with a strong series of righthands. Savage backdrops Flair and hits him with a couple of clotheslines before finally clotheslining Flair over the top to the outside. Savage struck Flair with a big blow and choked him down on the apron. Macho with more righthands from up high but Flair hit an atomic drop out of the corner. Flair hit a chop in the corner and followed that up with a couple of righthands before dumping him outside.
Harlem Heat and the Nasty Boys went after Savage, Arn tried to give Savage a few blows on the outside.

A chop by Flair and an irishwhip to the corner, Savage hit with a hard reverse elbow from the corner. Macho Man drove Flair head first twice in the corner, Flair struck back, Macho blocked a shot of Flair`s, he then hit one. Savage kept firing back with left handjabs, and a big elbow to the head of Flair. Heenan yells out `Savage never stops!`

Macho swung Flair to the corner and he hung upside down. Savage got thrown out of the ring by Flair who just tossed him to the outside. Flair tried to suplex Savage back in but Savage blocked it and suplexed Flair to the outside of the ring. Macho continued the onslaught of punishment sending Flair to the corner and hitting a backbody drop. Flair outside from no where with a thumb to the eye of Savage. Flair irishwhipped him and hit a reverse elbow. Flair hit a sleeperhold on the Macho Man in mid-ring, he tried to swing out of it and then eventually elbowed out. Macho hit a shoulder block, and then leaping over Flair he found himself in a sleeper from Flair. Savage pushed him off to the corner of the ring. Macho kept firing back on Flair. Flair hit a chop and then two more against the ropes, before he hit Savage with a clothesline. Savage fought to get himself back on his feet and then Flair threw him over the top rope to the outside.
Flair went to the top rope so Macho found this to be his spot of course, Savage got him off the top and Flair lost his balance. Macho slingshotted Flair to the corner and he landed some blows to Flair. Savage with a sleeper off the ropes, but Flair countered it into an inverted atmoic drop, holding the knee. Flair then worked over Savage`s left knee and Macho started selling the leg being unable to hold his own weight. Savage fired back at Flair and drove him head first into the corner. Flair with a boot up and caught Savage in the face. Flair turned over and slapped on a Figure Four in the center of the ring.

Fans chanted “Macho“ while Savage tried to fight through it. Savage`s father Angelo Poffo was shown without a shirt in attendance. (Only at the Beach could this happen) Then again why wouldn`t a man who could once do 6,000 situps in a row not want to wear a shirt, is what I want to know.

Macho Man kept coming despite Flair tearing apart his leg. Savage struck back at Flair and then blocked a couple of shots from him. Macho Man with a series or right`s until Flair dropped him, Macho blocked an atomic drop and Savage dropped him over the top rope. Flair ran away from the Lifegaurds like any other Sane person would. Savage shot Flair into the corner and hit a back bodydrop. Savage went up high and dropped a double axehandle. Arn went into the ring and caught a shot from the Macho Man. Flair hit Savage with a thumb to the eye. Flair charged towards Savage and he backdropped him over the top rope. Arn from behind hit a DDT to Randy Savage.
Macho had sustained a DDT and Flair back in got just a two count. Flair`s cry in agony when Savage kicks out at two is priceless. Macho chants brole out as Savage hit a backslide to Flair and he kicked out of it. Savage with hard chops in the corner, and then an elbow from Flair in the corner. Flair went to the outside ring apron and up top and of course Savage caught him and sent him down. Savage went up and dropped another double axehandle, a scoop slam. Savage then hit the signature finishing elbow drop and got the three count at 13:46.

This was indeed a great match. Savage grabs a Baywatch beauty after the match, good stuff.

It took a bit for the action (being in that atmosphere) to stick, but then it picked up in a big way with some nice leg work from Flair, Savage and Flair did a nice job here.

The fans love him, one of there heroes, a nice line. Heenan put over what made Savage great in this match, all match long.

*** 1/2

Rivalry Renewed…:

-Savage and Flair had a good rivalry going in the Federation, but now in Bischoff/Turner’s world they renewed it and took it to other entertaining heights. By this point both were legends in the business which made the storylines and matches more intriguing it would seem.

21) “Macho Man Randy Savage” (A lot of his Babes) vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) (With Jimmy Hart) for the WCW Championship -WCW Nitro: January 22nd 1996

Macho had already been World Champion by this point, but now Flair was.

This was from Caesars Palace in Vegas of course. Savage had a bunch of ladies with him, and he cut a promo before the match at ringside, Hulk came out for god knows what reason. Wait, one of the Woman Savage is with is none other then Linda Hogan. Nancy Benoit is even shown here.

Another match between two veterans in WCW, this time on Prime-Time television.

Savage almost had Liz back at this point, but he says he is going to enjoy the Ladies tonight. Flair is dancing around with Nancy Benoit until she slaps him. (Hope I can still call her Nancy Benoit)

Savage strikes Flair outside the ring but the bell rings, okay…

Ric Flair chops Savage and throws him against the steel gaurdrail. Flair waited for Macho to get in the ring and back in he ducks a clothesline and lands one on Flair. Savage caught Flair in a front facelock. Macho Man drove Flair head first into the corner and raked at his face. Savage with a fist to Naitch and then out of the corner he hit an elbow on Savage. Ric Flair stomped on Savage.

Naitch chopped Flair in the corner of the ring. Savage held his nose, the official warned Flair about the open first. Flair tossed Savage to the outside. Flair with a shot to the top of the chest of Savage and he tosses him over the steel. Flair gets a right blocked and landed a chop on Savage. Macho with more shots to Flair until he hit a thumb to his eye. Savage backdropped Flair on the concrete.

They go to a commercial break as Savage missed a double axehandle from the top.
Flair hammered away at Savage in the ring back from the break. Savage kept throwing out rights to Flair. Macho threw Flair to the corner and he swung up over the turnbuckle. Flair then grabbed Macho by the hair and before he could do anything, Savage grabbed him by the hair and drove him into the steel. Back into the ring Flair begged for Macho to let him go but he drove his palms into Flair.

Savage had his shots do a number by now and Flair does his infamous flop. Flair sent Savage to the ropes and off the ropes Macho tried for a backslide and he got just a two count. Flair then out of no where slaps on a Figure Four leglock.

Flair had Savage where he wanted him, the center of the ring with his figure-four.

Macho got up as he bought himself time due to Flair in a pushing war with the official. Flair chopped Macho down then drove his knee into the chest of Savage with a running knee-drop. Flair then slapped Mach down and went out to the top while Wooing. Macho caught the Champ up high and slammed him to the mat. Savage dropped the double axehandle and then went to the other corner of the ring hitting another. Savage riled up the crowd and went to the corner of the ring until spotting Jimmy Hart on the other side.

Flair hit a thumb to the eye and held Savage back. Flair went for Savage but hit Flair, and Savage dropped an elbow out of the corner winning the WCW World title at around eight minutes. Hogan celebrated with Savage who wins his 2nd world title in WCW.

Another great tilt here.

Finish was a bit strange though. They show clips of Savage losing the title back to Flair a month later in a Cage match from Superbrawl. (That was a fantastic match, could of easily of been one of the two WCW matches on the set with Flair here)

Quick Question- Am I the only person to notice Hogan ALWAYS seemingly there whenever Savage wins a World Title…75% of the time anyway.





The Rise of the nWo…:

-Truth be told, Randy Savage shouldn’t get a ton of credit for the nWo but he definitely helped things, he added credibility during a time when it looked like almost anybody could be apart of it. Savage in the nWo added a whole new dynamic to his character and made the faction run strong in his feud with DDP in 1997.

22) “Macho Man” Randy Savage (With Miss Elizabeth) vs Diamond Dallas Page (With Kimberly) in a Falls Count Anywhere Match -WCW Great American Bash 1997

It was absolutely vital they included some of the epic Page-Savage rivalry that ruled WCW in 1997 along with Hogan-Sting.

These two personalities were so much fun together, they truely brought the best out in one another. Savage helped elevate Page into Main Event status in the WCW anyway.
This was a great match here, they had many but this one in paticular will definitely entertain you.

Quicknote- Both AWESOME Savage (nWo) and DDP (Self High Five) entrances are shown in full, which is tremendous.

DDP ran out and attacked the Madness in mid-ring, crowd loves it. Fans chanted for DDP as he drove Savage towards him, he went for the Diamond Cutter and Macho saw that one coming a mile away and he slid out. DDP dove over the top and drove himself right into Savage. DDP had taped ribs and he showed signs of being hurt.
Savage had some time to recover. Macho kicked at Page and then went to slam him head first into the rail but he retaliated and and threw Savage into it. Back int he ring Page leaps over Savage and then missed a hiptoss and got himself a clothesline on Macho Man. DDP with a big clothesline off the top rope. DDP does a great job getting the crowd involved here. DDP stomped on Savage and then tossed him over the top rope to the outside ring floor.

Page limped around as crowd chanted DDP and he went after Savage, he took too much time and Savage raked his face. Savage then tossed DDP over the gaurdrail as Page charged towards him. Savage dropped Page chest first on the steel.
What a battle thus far. Incredibally entertaining.

Savage chased after Page and then he slammed his head into a set of chairs at ringside. Macho dragged Page by the head and then he got smashed into the wall by DDP. DDP pushed Macho into a set of doors, and watching him fall is humerous. DDP gets set to hit Macho with a crutch and then does so in violent fashion. DDP sends Savage into the side wall that holds the stairs the building. DDP gets speared by Savage by the entrance way on the way back to the ring and Savage is a mess but is momentarily on top of Page and uses this extra push to toss Page into the steel steps.

Both men were layed out.

Both guys a bit broken down by this all-out war to this point, both in considerable pain. Page had bruised ribs and pulled himself into the ring. Savage had a substance that looked like Salt and threw it in the face of Page. Savage broke an object over the head of DDP. Savage stomped on Page some more and raked his back, before pulling off the tape for his ribs.

Randy Savage looked so much better in this match then anything you will see from his WCW run on this set, that is quite clear.

Fans chant the name of Sting as they wanted him to save Page from a Savage beatdown. Savage held up the ribtape and hammered on Page, then he hammered the official and piledrove the official. Anything goes I guess.
Savage was badas* at his age!

Savage then in control, gets caught with a shot by Page in the abdomen. Page hits a headbutt. Savage kicks at the mid-section of Page and drops a few blows to his head in the corner. Macho choked out Page in the corner. Another official came in and Savage hilariously threw him outside the ring. Page came back in and the fans erupt.
Page charged at Mach and he moved as he hit the corner, sternum first. Macho Man hit a clothesline to Page over the top rope to the outside.

Savage grabbed Kimberly by the hair as the fans boo. He said she had been dreaming about him.

Nick Patrick shows his face. Savage then goes for a walk in the entrance way where
DDP is and hits him with a running knee. Savage was a madman, hence the back of his shirt.

Savage then got pushed into a bench in one of the VIP areas, that landing looked rough. DDP broke a dish over the head of Savage. DDP slams the back of Savage through the wood. DDP hits Macho in the head with any appliance he could find. DDP then chokes out Savage with his own t-shirt. DDP slammed Macho head first into the entrance way. DDP then dragged Savage back to the ring and back into the ring.
DDP kicked at Savage and sent him tot he corner, he slid underneath the bottom rope and dragged him groin first into the corner ring post.

DDP drove Savage facefirst into the canvas and went for a Diamond Cutter but Savage avoided it and tossed Page to the outside. Savage irishwhipped Page into the steel steps.

DDP had been beaten to hell by now.
Savage was about to piledrive DDP onto the concrete, Patrick stopped him and Savage hit him. Savage then tried to beat up a camera man. This allowed Page to re-group. Page slammed a chair into the head of Savage on the floor.

DDP screamed for an official. DDP went for a Diamond Cutter and Savage hit a lowblow. Savage wanted an elbow and instead DDP got a Diamond Cutter to Savage.
Scott Hall ran from the back from the nWo and he dtomped on Nick Patrick who was making the count. Page then hammered Hall and hit an atomic drop, with a hangover. Savage grabbed the world tag title from Hall and hammered Page in the head. Hall hit the Razors Edge to Page, on top of his injured ribs.

Savage was told by Hall to go to the corner and drop his elbow, he kicked the official first and from the top Macho dropped his famous finisher.
Savage got a three count in the end, of this WAR.

What a match.

Possibly Savage’s last Classic and it’s appropriate considering the feud was legendary.

The Madness ran wild.




Team Madness:

-Macho Madness is on a roll and it can’t be stopped, as he once said…

23) “Macho Man” Randy Savage (c) and Sid Vicious vs “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash and Sting for the WCW Championship -WCW Bash at the Beach 99

Yes, it is a little strange the WCW Heavyweight belt was on the line in a tag-match.
For the first time in history the World title was on the line in a tag-match. If the champion was pinned, the champ loses the title.

It’s also strange this match was included on the DVD, but they wanted one last big match I guess. I’d of settled for Rodman vs Savage this same year, that was a lot better in my opinion but either way we get this.

Team Madness were jacked for this one. Well, Gorgeous George looked good. She walked over to the side of Nash and this set Savage off.

Randy Savage began in the ring with Sting. Savage asked for his hand. Savage immediately went to the outside to have a word with Nash. Sting caught him with a open fist and threw Savage into the steel.

Sting in the ring landed a shot and then another on Savage in the middle of the ring.
Sting with an atomic drop on Savage and then another righthand. Sid got tagged in and then Nash wanted in. He must of wanted a re-match to the epic In Your House 1 main event.

Sting though stayed in and locked up with Sid who got the better of him. Sid dropped him. Sid hammered at the chest of Sting and off the ropes he got a cross-body on Sid, Savage tried to make the save and then Sting hit a clothesline on Sid over the top to the outside. Sid tangled up with Sting again and again hit some power moves. Sid with a big fist into the chest of Sting.

Sting caught Sid with a shot downstairs. Sid cornered Sting and then tagged back in Savage who spat at Nash from a distance. Nash does what he does best and looked on. Savage meanwhile worked on Sting. Savage held Sting up and Sid kicked at his mid-section. Sid then in mid-ring held the arms of Sting apart. Sid loved this big man weardown holds, he thrived on them. Nash finally came in the ring and hit Sid.

Savage continued to spit on Nash. Savage then came in the ring and choked out Sting in the corner. Sid grabbed Sting behind the official and choked him out more. Savage with righthands to Sting but he fired back with some of his own and a standing dropkick. Sting tagged in Nash.

Kevin Nash then hammered away at Sid and hit him with a sidewalk slam. Nash irishwhipped Savage to the corner and clotheslined him. Nash choked out Macho with his boot. Nash elbowed Macho in the corner and then told Sid to suck it so to speak. Nash tagged in Sting and Savage could not get into tagging in Sid. Sting stomped on Macho until he left the ring and he threw him into the steel gaurdrail. Sting went airborn and then hit face first, Sid then picked him up and dropped him chest first on the steel. Molly and Madusa send Sting into the ring post.

Savage choked Sting out. Nash tried to get at Savage from the ring apron. Sid came back in the ring and scoopslammed Sting. Sid with a chokehold on Sting in mid-ring. Sting elbowed out of it and then dropped headfirst into the groin of Sid who sells it the only way he knows how, in hilarious fashion. Nash gets tagged back in and he hammers on Sid and Savage as he runs at them with high knees. Savage dropped a double axehandle at Nash but Sting clears house.

Sting sends Miss Madness into Madusa. Savage gets his main squeeze out of the ring and he hits three Stinger Splash’s on team Madness.

Sting runs into a chokeslam from Sid. Gorgeous George with an uppercut to Nash who she was clearly playing mindgames with. Sid scooped Nash down, Savage from up high dropped his elbow into Nash and pinned him. Savage won the World title again.

WCW was a mess by this point, this was nothing more then good in parts.


** 1/4



Disc 3 Extras: (PROMO’S)

-Randy Savage brought a great style to the ring but he might be best remembered behind a mic.

What’s sad is some of his best work in the ring and behind the mic were both in Memphis, but the WWE does not own that footage.

Thankfully the WWE included a ton of great promo’s from Savage over the years, a lot is missing but a ton of gems are included. Enjoy. You can search for a lot more on Youtube.

But on the DVD they include:

-Nothing But Garbage
Prime Time Wrestling – October 29, 1985

-Yesterday’s Newspaper
Prime Time Wrestling – December 3, 1985

-A Champion’s Prerogative
All Star Wrestling – March 1, 1986

-The Most Important Man in the World
Prime Time Wrestling – April 21, 1986

-Talkin’ About History
Prime Time Wrestling – May 5, 1986

-Free Word Association
Tuesday Night Titans – July 2, 1986 (*Beyond hilarious)

-Cuppa’ Coffee
Prime Time Wrestling – May 11, 1987

-The Cream of the Crop
Prime Time Wrestling – May 11, 1987 (*Quite possibly his best interview ever)

-The Beat Goes On
Superstars – September 19, 1987 (*Beyond hilarious)

-Bow To The Macho King
Madison Square Garden – November 25, 1989

-Macho King Rules The Peasants
Saturday Night’s Main Event – January 27, 1990

-You Don’t Say No To The Macho King
Madison Square Garden – January 21, 1991

-A Little Bit Insane (Insanely humerous)
Saturday Night’s Main Event – February 8, 1992

-Whatever It Takes
Superstars – June 13, 1992

-The Ultimate Maniacs
Superstars – October 24, 1992

-One Cool Dude
Monday Nitro – June 17, 1996

-nWo Madness
Monday Nitro – April 28, 1997


Final Rating for Macho Madness: The Ultimate Randy Savage Collection = 8.5/10


So here it is the first DVD set covering the career of the Macho Man Randy Savage. Although certainly long overdue, it was a nice treat and the WWE should be applauded for the time and effort in putting this thing together. Randy Savage is a unique individual that fans of today can appreciate further now that a lot of his classic material is more available to them. If nothing else this set just proves where Randy Savage sits in the history of Sports-Entertainment.

A legend, in the true sense of the word that fans will remember forever.

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