Review: Ricky the Dragon Steamboat: Life of the Dragon DVD

August 18, 2010 by Brett Mix


Brett Mix’s “WWE – Ricky Steamboat: The Life Story of the Dragon“ DVD Review:


“Ricky Steamboat, personally my favourite guy to get in the ring with, because he was so good….“ –Steve Austin




Disc 1:


The WWE did this Documentary right. 

No Filler, no boredom, short and to the point and always entertaining.

Here are the Chapters:

Growing Up
The Dragon
WrestleMania III
World Champion
Fire Breathing Dragon
Hall of Fame

As you can see not a lot of Chapters but they keep it to the important material and that is fine by me.

 The Special Features are also a nice touch, showing Steamboat could actually cut a few good interviews and a lot of variety from the old school including his Hall of Fame induction in 2009.


Special Features:

Ricky’s First Car

Mike Graham Remembers Richard Blood

Ricky Forgets His Name

Having a Positive Attitude
World Wide Wrestling – February 16, 1982

Tuesday Night Titans – April 5, 1985

Steve Lombardi Remembers Ricky’s First Match in the WWE

The Body Shop
All-Star Wrestling – June 22, 1985

Becoming the Dragon… The Three Moments of Truth

Chris Jericho Meets Ricky Steamboat For The First Time

Tuesday Night Titans – September 10, 1986

Update with Gene Okerlund
Superstars – January 31, 1987

Dragon in the Oven
Superstars – April 11, 1987

Return from Japan
World Championship Wrestling – March 18, 1989

William Regal Remembers Watching Ricky Steamboat & Ric Flair

World Television Champion
WCW Saturday Night – September 19, 1992

Ricky Steamboat’s Induction into the WWE Hall of Fame – April 4, 2009








Disc 2:




1)      NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
Jack & Gerry Brisco vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & Jay Youngblood –NWA Starrcade November 24, 1983


The Hall of Fame tag team, the Brisco Brothers finally getting time to shine on WWE DVD.

The first Starrcade this one was, headlined by Flair and Race inside a Cage for the NWA title.

You can see this match also on the Starrcade release.
Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood met the famous Brisco’s for the tag title’s.
Jack Brisco begins with Ricky Steamboat.
Jack and Ricky Steamboat circle one another until a tie-up brings Jack to the corner. A clean break and Brisco poses and Steamboat teases a chop. A side headlock by Jack and then two leapfrogs by the Dragon off the ropes.
Jack backs off but Ricky Steamboat had him well scouted. Another tie-up and an arm-ringer by Jack and a tag to Gerry. Gerry with a droptoe hold but Ricky Steamboat gets up. Gerry into a hammerlock on Ricky Steamboat. Brisco has Ricky Steamboat leap up and drop behind him, a spin-under takedown, Brisco tells him to wait off.

Another tag to Jack. Ricky Steamboat still the only man in for his team. Another tie-up and cornered is Ricky Steamboat by Jack who then drops a rough set of forearms. A break into a front facelock but Ricky Steamboat keeps him off. Another front facelock in the corner and the official breaks him off.

Brisco tells Ricky Steamboat to come on. Brisco and Ricky Steamboat tie-up and Ricky Steamboat gets cornered and delivered a hard lefthand. Another shot to the corner blocked this time by the Dragon who sends Jack in headfirst.

 Two hard righthands by Ricky Steamboat into a side headlock.

For the first time in comes the late Jay Youngblood who lands a side headlock takedown to Jack Brisco who remains on the man. Fans getting involved now as Brisco regains his vertical base. Youngblood spears him in the corner and then waits before tying up again. A test of power into an armbar by Youngblood, Brisco goes for a slam but Youngblood keeps an armbar on in unique fashion riding him on the mat, he bridges out of a pinning attempt and a tag is made from Youngblood who has Brisco in an arm-ringer.

Ricky Steamboat leaps in and continues the arm pressure. Another frequent tag isolating Gerry and Youngblood goes for a cover getting a nearfall. Out of desperation Gerry rams Ricky Steamboat’s head into the turnbuckle and Jack is finally tagged in. Jack lands hard shots on Steamboat and then hangs him over the ropes clotheslining him back to the canvas. Snapmare by Jack followed by a kneedrop. Now a sleeper in mid-ring by Jack to weardown the much quicker Ricky Steamboat. Up to his feet with the help of the crowd Ricky Steamboat in Jack Brisco’s sleeper elbows out, charged off the ropes and landed a shoulderblock, off the ropes Jack with a leapfrog and then a backdrop. A deep double underhook gutwrench suplex by Brisco.
Nice move and then a unique bridge pinning combo but Ricky Steamboat gets out, a high bridge and again the Dragon gets out.

Nice back and forth tag contest going here, especially impressive for its time, the pacing is quite good now.

Ricky Steamboat gets up to the ropes and Jack irishwhipped him to the side and a hiplock into a keylock on the arm of Ricky Steamboat by Jack Brisco, this is especially a good submission considering Ricky Steamboat loves his armdrags. Nice strategic thinking by the Brisco’s. Ricky Steamboat gets up and lands Jack on his back in the keylock.

Youngblood makes the hot tag and he rams Gerry and Jack into the corner as Gerry ran in. Youngblood attempts a suplex but its blocked by Brisco and he hits a snapshot vertical suplex.

Brisco with a kick to the mid-section and a tag into the man we know now as Gerald Brisco. A whip and a double shoulder block. Gerry drops the knee into the shoulder and he gets a nearfall. Now in mid-ring Gerry hits a vertical suplex. Gerry lands a hard right and then another into an abdominal stretch into a unique pinning combination. Gerry complains about the count and the ref shoves back. Youngblood lands shots and then Ricky Steamboat comes in with momentum and lands a giant chop in mid-ring posing for the fans.
Hey, the ladies really do love Steamboat.

Ricky Steamboat with another flying charge to Gerry Brisco and then a tag to Youngblood and taking a page out of the Brisco’s playbook land a double blow, and now a tag back into Ricky Steamboat who continues to utilize the same strategy the Brisco’s had shown all match. Ricky Steamboat tags back in Youngblood and drops him on Gerry and they get the three at 13:00.
Fans go wild for new Tag Team Champions.

It’s important for you to realize this was 1983 when watching this. It has a slower pace but that doesen’t mean it’s not good. In fact this is actually quite great as it features a ton of nice wrestling and loads of psychology blended with fine tag team work between two tremendous teams arguably in the prime of their respective career’s.
*** 1/4

2)      NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair ©
NWA Boogie Jam March 17, 1984

(Commentary by: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & Matt Striker)

So we know these two had a tremendous trilogy in 1989 in the NWA, but here in 1984 they also put on a show. In fact these guys delivered in the 70s…

Nature Boy Ric Flair the defending Champion here.

Steamboat begins with a crossbody. Striker points out this event was made after the success of Starrcade 83.

Flair and Steamboat tie up and Ricky hits side headlock takeover and another and Flair tries to get out by rolling Ricky on his shoulders repeatedly on the mat like we would later see later in the trilogy in 89.

You can tell it’s a slower pace here as Steamboat tried to wear down Naitch early with a side headlock down on the mat. Ric Flair tries to get back in this match by gaining some leverage as he stood up but Ricky Steamboat kept the side headlock locked on until the official told them to break by the ropes.

Another tie-up and Steamboat again goes over top of Flair on the mat. Steamboat turns around on the canvas into a front facelock, anything he can do to gain additional leverage.

A much, much slower pace to this match then the matches in 89, that really isn’t stressed enough. He is pacing himself for a long match, clearly…

Ricky Steamboat keeps it locked on in the first ten minutes of the match as Flair tries his hardest to get out.

I am not kidding when I say Steamboat has had a front facelock into a side headlock locked in on Flair for the first twenty minutes of the match.

This makes the Ironman beginning between Bret and Shawn at WM 12 look extremely exciting. Ricky Steamboat is finally vulnerable for a moment as Flair tries to overtake him with some basic chain wrestling, attempting to ride him out on the mat, and gain a front facelock but is not successful. Flair and Steamboat go to tie up again. Flair and Ricky Steamboat tie-up again in mid-ring.

Flair hits a snapmare on Steamboat, but Ricky tries to grab the legs, Flair kicks him off, Steamboat tries a figure four again but Naitch keeps kicking him off from his back. Steamboat goes for a Boston Crab.

A few more tie-ups and both men cannot seem to gain a leverage advantage in a test of strength.

With both men that have Cardiovascular conditioning that these two had, you would expect a better pace.

Flair tries to gain an upperhand but Ricky Steamboat hits a standard dropkick and Flair goes outside the ring. Back in both tie up again and Steamboat hits chops until Flair will not take it any further. Flair fires back with chops and now Ricky Steamboat is vulnerable near the forty minute mark of the match. Steamboat has a walk.

Flair unloading on the challenger and drops the knee getting a two. A series of nearfalls for Flair and then on the mat he is choking out Ricky. Naitch spears him in the corner until Ricky Steamboat applies a headlock on Flair.

Ricky Steamboat comes back in and Flair locks in abdominal stretch on Steamboat. Ricky Steamboat fires back with some chops, Flair begs him off.

Back and forth leading up to the climax, and the fifty minute mark. A scoop slam by the Dragon, then Flair hits a suplex and gets a two count. Another powerfully vertical suplex by the Nature Boy.

Ricky Steamboat works on the legs of Flair and Steamboat has a legit chance of taking the title it seems. Steamboat scoop slams Flair and goes to the top rope. Steamboat off the top hits and a shot to the head of Flair and he kicks out.

Ricky Steamboat tries a sunset flip inside to get the three, Flair kicks out and Steamboat takes Flair down. Flair gets a foot on the rope.

Steamboat had the figure four locked on, Flair got to the ropes. Ricky Steamboat has his aerial offense and he lands on Flair but would not be able to get the victory despite the crowd thinking he got the title. Steamboat covers him at the hour time limit.

We have seen this finish many times before but at 60:00 Flair retains the NWA title via a draw.

A terrible pace for the first forty minutes,  especially considering who was in the ring. Still it had a good last part of the match.

** 1/2

3)      Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Cowboy Bob Orton
Capital Centre July 20th, 1985 Lumberjack Match

Ricky Steamboat the Babyface obviously here taking on a red hot heel in Bob Orton cast and all, fresh of his Main Event appearance at the original Mania.

Both men get set to lock-up.

Monsoon and Okerlund on commentary is a nice touch in the Summer of 85.

Orton off the ropes stops before Steamboat was about to use his martial arts on Bob Orton. Orton goes for a walk. A tie-up and off the ropes Ace hits a shoulderblock. Ricky Steamboat with a nice leapfrog and a beautiful armdrag to the cast, the bad left arm of Ace and the crowd loves it. Karate shots to orton and then drives his knee into the arm. Orton backed into the corner and chopped. Ricky Steamboat stayed working on the arm and Ace tried every trick to get out but he kept on getting punished by Ricky Steamboat via chops and arm-drag takedowns which we all know no one does better then Ricky Steamboat.

Ace on the outside temporarily blinds Steamboat with a drink to the face and comes in and applies slow heel offense.

A headlock then a knee to the face. A crossbody and another headlock to Ricky Steamboat. The Dragon fires back though hitting a chop and a powerslam.

A back and forth pace here. Orton drops Steamboat and goes to the outside and Bob from the top drops his cast on the back of the neck and the ref calls for the bell. Steamboat wins via dq just over the fifteen minute mark.

A very fine paces match, especially for its time in the Federation.

Nicely done.

*** 1/4

4)      Lumberjack Match- Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. The Magnificent Don Muraco (With Mr. Fuji)
Maple Leaf Gardens September 22, 1985

Ricky Steamboat goes right for Muraco off the beginning of the match. Steamboat getting the better of a chopping war.

Ricky Steamboat flips The Rock over via a snapmare.

Jesse and Monsoon, my all time favourite commentary tandem call this amtch as the Lumberjacks look on.

The fans love Steamboat coming off the top with a chop and then a karate kick, a reverse knife edge and then a neckbreaker.

All Dragon early on.

Steamboat falls to the outside, Bundy puts him back in the ring. Muraco rakes the face of Ricky Steamboat down on the mat. Fans chant for Steamboat.

Muraco slams Steamboat headfirst into the turnbuckle and a snapmare. Muraco from the top drops a leg on the Steamer. Muraco holds a neckvice to Ricky Steamboat down on the mat.

Muraco goes for a legdrop but the Dragon catches him. Muraco headed for the dressing room but Santana and company throw him back inside. Steamboat layes the offense in.

Bob Orton and everyone gets involved outside the ring but back inside Muraco suplexes Ricky Steamboat. Fuji distracting the official for some reason. Muraco slingshots Steamboat into Orton on the apron and curls up The Rock and gets the three at the ten minute mark.

Gorilla says the Maple Leaf Gardens has gone bananas.


5)      Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts
Boston Garden August 9th, 1986

 One of my very favourite venues for a WWF match.

Ricky Steamboat had his eyes on the evil snake man.

You just knew this match would have good psychology.

A tie-up and Jake Roberts and Ricky Steamboat exchange a series of right hands. Jake covers himself up.

Ricky Steamboat and Jake tie-up, Snake holds a hammerlock into an arm-ringer and Steamboat backs off. Jake goes to rake the eyes but Steamboat backs off.

A slower beginning sees Jake hold the arm of Ricky until he gets the better of a chopping exchange. Back inside Ricky chops Jake to the outside. Steamboat hops around the ring and then off the ropes an elbow to the throat.

The two go at it on the outside and Jake gets the better of the Dragon.

Roberts with a snapmare and then a armbar down on the mat.

Ricky takes the Snake around the ring for a cruise and he drops Roberts. Steamboat goes to the outside, top rope for a high risk move. A big chop from the top, but Jake throws Ricky Steamboat into the official and both men fall.

All three men are down.

Ricky Steamboat runs into a clothesline, ref is down. Jake on top of the Dragon. Roberts finally wakes the official and Steamboat gets the three on a roll-up, Roberts is irate and rightfully so.

** 3/4

6)      WWF Intercontinental Championship Match
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (With George “The Animal” Steele) vs Randy “Macho Man” Savage  (c) (With Miss Elizabeth)
WrestleMania III March 29th, 1987

(Alternate Commentary by: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & Matt Striker)


Well here we are! The end of this list! You could really feel the spectacle of Wrestlemania 3 by the atmosphere which was beyond amazing for this next contest in particular.

For the stage to be set with a lot of hype, it better deliver. The buildup had been done absolutely magnificent by both Savage and Steamboat, and then for them to both come through and pass expectations it remains a classic and one of the most talked about matches to this day!

What this match did was inspire so many, it stole the show. Hogan-Andre sold it, this stole the biggest show of ALL time. Relatives, friends alike will still talk about THIS match from March of 1987 even if they do not follow Wrestling anymore. That kind of thing does not happen too often and I have seen this firsthand.
This was the ultimate peak of the career for both Savage and Steamboat, they went out there and arguably did more in under fifteen minutes then Flair and Steamboat did in there 1989 trilogy where most of those matches were double this length. Obviously that series and this match are in extremely hard to compare due to the different nature of those matches, and I consider at least two of them better then this match. (Chi Town Rumble and Wrestlewar 89) However this one is rated the same as those at an even five stars. All of them are perfect.

Savage had crushed Steamboat’s larynx with a ring bell weeks before and this feud was getting RED Hot in every way, by the time this match took place it had been long awaited.
That would be the driving focus of this match (larynx of the Dragon), where as in the other corner Steele loved Liz and this just made Savage more paranoid and more determined to put that team away.
Savage had been champion for a long time and came out in all his glory in an entrance I consider to be one of the best in wrestling history, the robe, the music, the girl, the atmosphere with the giant crowd, the night sky in the dome, and the buildup to this match in this red hot feud was fantastic.
They brought in a new style to McMahon’s company, it’s as if Savage and Steamboat brought the NWA workrate to McMahon’s company for this night.

This match is magic.
Everything worked so well, absolutely everything clicked, everybody still talks about it to this day and the match wasn’t even as long as a single episode of your favourite sitcom, in fact it was about eight minutes shorter!
Macho was in his red robe and pointed at both Steamboat and Steele as he took off his IC title that he had defended like a Champion for so long, the bell finally rang, Liz and Steele were outside the ring area, Steamboat and Savage were inside and the match begun!
Here we go!
Wrestlemania 3 needed match like this to deliver, and not only did this do just that, but everything and more.
Randy Savage went for a sneak attack but Steamboat turned around in time and then Randy Savage put his arm in the air signaling for a test of strength and to say these two were in front and center of the Wrestling world in this moment in time would be a massive understatement.

Ricky Steamboat hit a nice hip lock to Savage after a go-behind as a nice counter. Savage was frustrated and he decided to then kill two birds with one stone as he not only went out for a walk like we usually see him do but he took Liz by the hand as apparently she was in the wrong place and to close to Animal which was a side story to the match.

Savage with an irishwhip to the Dragon, went for a reverse elbow shot but Steamboat ducked and hit a beautiful deep armdrag, off the ropes through the legs and another deep armdrag by the Dragon! (As he did so well time and time again)

Nice offensive exchange by Ricky “The Dragon“ Steamboat, seriously awesome stuff!

Then Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat elevated Savage up by the throat first! Revenge time.

The Dragon is paying Savage back with a choke! The Pontiac Silverdome goes crazy.

Savage went for a walk as he knew his title reign was in jeopardy. Macho Man eventually got back in the ring and dropped a double axehandle to Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Randy Savage got The Dragon to chase him outside the ring and then leveled him in the mid-section, choked him out and hit him with a clothesline.

Ventura says Savage is the best in all of Wrestling. Well this was in his absolute PRIME. Hard to argue, I’d say only Flair came close around then.
Savage took on all competitors and choked out Steamboat in the corner of the ring. Savage took on all competitor`s at the time, had ducked nobody.

Randy Savage charged towards Ricky Steamboat in the corner and found nobody home and Steamboat hit a wristlock. Leverage expanded Steamboat to throw an arm ringer on Macho Man and then with a method to his madness dropped the arm over the top rope. Inside the middle of the ring, Steamboat tweaked the arm and dropped a hard shot on the left arm.

Macho Man with a handful of hair sent Ricky Steamboat to the ropes and he planted Steamboat a reverse elbow shot which bought himself more time to work with.

Macho Man elevated Ricky Steamboat outside the ring after the elbow shot to the face! Fans in Michigan got behind Steamboat but Savage had just bought himself some time after all that terrific offense from Steamboat! Savage held onto his arm that was worked over by Ricky Steamboat and he sold the arm well.

Savage again with a handful of hair, dropped the elbow into the Larynx of Steamboat! Fine line here, Monsoon speculated on why Savage didn’t do this right away where as Ventura explains you need to find openings, catch people off gaurd and do things to make room for other things. I always love when Ventura says that whenever watching this match that I’ve no doubt seen near 200 times now, it’s short enough (and certainly good enough) to watch it that many times. It was perfectly logical and suited the psychology of Randy Savage in this match because he didn’t want to be obvious with his game plan, but went straight into the playbook once finding The Dragon at a vulnerable state in which he did not hesitate to

attack the injured larynx of the Steamboat.

Perfect storytelling!

Ricky Steamboat hung onto the bottom rope on the apron as Savage ruthlessly dropped knee shots into the high back of Ricky Steamboat. Savage was intense and dedicated to doing whatever he had to on the biggest stage of them all. Ricky Steamboat brought back in over the ropes by Savage with a snap takeover, an elbow drop and a hook a nice amateur move by Macho Man.
A kneedrop and Savage wasted no time hooking him after these recent offensive attack! The Macho Man only got a two count and picked Steamboat by the hair, went to hit him in the top of the buckle but the Champ rammed Savage head first. Ricky Steamboat got Detroit behind him yet again and he throw a hard forearm shot to Savage, everything on the line and Savage got tied up in the ropes. This was Ricky Steamboat’s chance! Savage tied up and then with Ricky Steamboat charging towards him The Macho Man was able to lift up his right leg and kick Steamboat on the mid-section buying him time to get out of the ropes. Savage was motivated to staying in the upperhand but The Dragon pulled out the armdrag and the broadcasters were absolutely right when saying no one did an armdrag like Steamboat. It was his defining offensive move, no one in Wrestling History did one better then the Dragon.

This is one of my favourite sequences of the entire classic confrontation!

Randy Savage was hell bent on elevating Steamboat over the top rope after he got stuck in the ropes and when going for a head of hair like he naturally would, Steamboat said “No” and hit one of those picture perfect armdrag’s. Now try and keep up as this is where it gets good. REAL GOOD.

Things were about to turn from innovative, to revolutionary, to LEGENDARY with the pacing in this battle.

After the armdrag of the Dragon he got a shoulderblock and a nearfall, Monsoon points out the beyond insane speed. Ricky Steamboat got caught with the momentum and Savage bouncing off the ropes hit a high knee to Steamboat. Savage threw Ricky Steamboat over the top but he pulled himself back in, hllariously Savage looked back at Ricky Steamboat and he simply clotheslined him over the top. The Animal Steele helped Ricky Steamboat on the outside.

You have to get up pretty early to outsmart the Macho Man said by Ventura and Monsoon even agreed, they sure gave Savage some props despite being the heel.

Ricky Steamboat got knocked on the outside by Savage as he pushed him down, staying on the back of Steamboat. Savage always found an opening whenever he hurt apart of the opposition.

Ventura is irate that Steamboat wasn’t counted out but the official gave him a pass due to Savage’s offense on the outside. The Animal threw Ricky Steamboat back in the ring. Macho Man threw him right back over the top as soon as he got back in! Randy Savage jumped from the top rope in a picture perfect shot from the stadium and he dropped a double axehandle to

Steamboat to the larynx of Ricky Steamboat. Savage then looked on top of his game and ready to retain but he went out and broke the count and threw him back in.
What’s this, Savage wanting to retain the title like a man? Savage then with bombs away, right between the eyes this time with a double axehandle drop from the top rope to the inside this time, and then an elbow, and a two count. Savage then hit a clothesline and from outside hit a running elbow and then got a series of nearfalls.
Nearfall after nearfall, Savage couldn’t put Steamboat away.

Classic, textbook suplex by Randy “Macho Man” Savage but he couldn’t put him away!

The crowd goes crazy when Ricky Steamboat hits a punch and Monsoon states “this is beyond wrestling ability, this is guts personified” as he tried fighting back. Macho Man raked the eyes and then hit a beautiful gutwrench suplex. Ventura wanted Hebner to stay consistent with the counting as he found it a bit slow.
Steamboat fought back with chops to Randy Savage and then hit a backdrop to the outside and the place exploded as Savage fell to the outside hitting the floor. The Dragon then broke the count as Savage was down on his knees, obviously not worrying if he lost the match by countout to keep the title.
In a familiar replay of this match whenever we see highlights of this epic, Steamboat flew off the top with a hard shot to Savage. Now at this point Randy Savage had thrown everything to Ricky Steamboat so he was desperate.

BUT NOW, now there was a fine line. Steamboat was the aggressor. Ricky Steamboat hit a hard shot from the top to retaliate and then got a nearfall as Savage’s leg was on the rope. The Dragon still on the attack down in the middle hit a chop to Savage. Randy kept kicking out and Steamboat kept chopping.

Macho Man tried to get to the outside to save himself but Ricky Steamboat kept on the attack with more shots to the face hitting him off the apron.
Savage snuck back in but Steamboat followed him to the outside and then sunset flipped inside the ring and tried to pull Savage down for a pinning attempt after the Sunset flip. Savage tired to hold onto the ropes but he used his legs to knock Steamboat in the head from both sides to break the count!

Amazing action!

Steamboat with another pinning attempt. Ricky Steamboat with a double leg hook and flipped his body over Savage in a unique pinning attempt, no one could believe the battle this was. Jesse Ventura says “This is one of the greatest battles I have ever seen in my life.”

Steamboat with a CrossBody off the ropes!

Steamboat with another roll-up and two and the buzz was certainly in the air. Everyone was talking. Steamboat with a suplex and then a slingshot into the post, hooked the legs from behind, but Savage kicked out with his legs. Steamboat again, Savage kicked out. This time Savage rolled Steamboat up, AMAZING back and forth but Ricky Steamboat kicked out.
Out of desperation the “Macho Man” Randy Savage with a leverage move hooking the tights ramming STEAMBOAT this time into the post. Randy Savage with two reversals throwing

Steamboat to Hebner was down and out. Clothesline by Savage. Another powerful clothesline.

Macho is going to the top! Macho is going to the top!

Time stood still here.

A moment for the ages, the beautiful scenery catching Macho Man’s elbow drop from the top where the camera zoomed in on 93, 000 in the Silverdome as Randy Savage in the peak of his career hits a picture perfect Macho Man Elbow Drop! He got him!

Savage should have it here but there is no referee, Dave Hebner was still out. Savage was exhausted and slapped some life into him. Macho then resorted to grabbing the ringbell, the same bell that he put the Dragon out of commission with. The Animal snatched the bell but Savage hilariously kicks him in the head.

Savage grabbed the bell and was about to leap off the top but The Animal pushed him off the top and the bell rammed Savage in the head this time! Savage slowly got to his feet but The Macho Man was taken over by a small package by The Dragon!
History has been made!

The finish came at 14:35, YES JUST 14:35! Steamboat was the NEW IC CHAMPION.

Standing ovation by 93, 000 fans, Liz in tears. Randy Savage couldn’t believe it.

One of the best stories I’ve ever seen in front of me in the world of Pro-Wrestling, and this moment will last forever.
A match that will stand the test of time and LIVE for EVERY Wrestling Fan worldwide forever.

Classic is another word you could use for this match, and that is an understatement.

It holds a special place for everybody and for me it is a top 5 match of all time and certainly one of the best ever at Wrestlemania.
Steamboat ended up getting revenge on Savage by taking the one thing that meant even more to him then Elizabeth, his Intercontinental title. After all those memorable promo’s.

The Steamboat victory gave us the cream of the crop promo, May 11th 1987, Savage’s very best so everyone can be thankful.

History Beckons this match.

A 1980’s Masterpiece!

One of the greatest matches EVER and the very best for the IC title.







Disc 3:


7)      2 out of 3 Falls Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. “Nature Boy” Ric Flair ©
NWA Clash of the Champions VI April 2, 1989

“This is the best match you will see ANYWHERE in ANY promotion…”Terry Funk
Few matches have that special quality but this certainly holds up well.

 I think the length of the match and the quality you get in the length is definitely the reason it’s a match I sometimes throw on at night. 

Other matches like this include Bret vs Perfect at KOTR 93 as that is my favourite match of all time. I also like putting on the Triple H versus Cactus Jack street fight at night some times because I just love it.
Flair always talks about how his chemistry with Steamboat was the best and I’d have to agree.
Only two wrestlers in this industry other then Flair and Steamboat have had the ability to put on more than one five star match together (for me) and that is Bret Hart and Steve Austin. These guys click like only they can and it’s just so different that you can’t even compare the two together but they’re both so wonderful in their own specific ways.
A 60 minute time limit was given to this one and it was 2 out of 3 falls, in this 55 minute epic.

Terry funk joined JR at the broadcast booth and that helped the analysis of the match nicely as he broke down the match quite well as most wrestlers do when joining the booth as a guest.

I can’t even begin to describe accurately or precisely how well these two connect with each other, they could go at one another blindfolded.

You all know these guys are made for the other one and this is the standard for “classic” when people talk about the all time great matches. Not specifically this one here at Clash of the Champions (although it is for some) but just these two guys in general.

The Chops in this bout were amazingly hard and back and forth which made for that “all out war” type feel. Back and forth action is the usual formula for a great match and this one definitely had that.

Flair liked using the overheard wrist lock and arm bars when dominating and of course Steamboat performed his typical arm drag take downs to perfection as of course only HE CAN. Ricky Steamboat’s offense was so brilliant that I think only Bret Hart and Chris Benoit in North America can rival it. Flair is no doubt one of the best in ring workers of all time as well but his selling and him playing the heel role in this match was just so bang on for what a heel SHOULD DO. Flair begging Ricky to quit the punishment felt all to real after suffering blow after blow and JR constantly points out how good of shape both these guys are in. No doubt about it as they both look in their prime and they absolutely were, that’s why these series of matches between them were the classics they were. Ric Flair states that he wrestled Steamboat 3, 000 times in his career. I probably would of loved to see all of them even if they were copies of the match before. It’s no doubt they were paired so long together though given what they could accomplish. Flaws in this match aren’t many and are rather hard to point out but I guess you could say that the PACE of this contest certainly dragged at times when one of them had a side headlock on the other more specifically. Ross states that it’s a methodical approach and it was but there is spots like this in the beginning, middle and near the climax but that is the only real problem with the match itself for me. Everything else was near perfect and is absolutely stunning visually and it’s a real “experience” every time I watch this match which justifies what I said at the beginning of this matches review. The Crowd was great for the whole thing, not exactly the loudest crowd ever but there consistency is pretty amazing throughout as they are great for the full ride and the performers in this one obviously played to them well and made it easy for them to be able to do that well. The quickness and flexibility of both these guys in this match is something to no doubt appreciate. Like I stated they’re both in their prime and they both look BEST together so it all comes off so brilliantly. Wrestlers like Triple H, Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels used these series of matches as an inspiration when getting into the business. It’s pretty crazy that Austin was actually a rookie the year this match took place wrestling in his home state of Texas.

Not only was the pace good (overall) and the match long but with the quickness and agility came physical action. Rough, rough moves at times which definitely got a rise out of the crowd and was yet another reason they were consistently strong throughout.

Funk once again was great for commentary here to explain why these guys would perform a vertical suplex or an arm drag takedown or what have you at the time they did to follow the story of the match. It’s pretty amazing that both guys didn’t really HAVE to target on a SPECIFIC body part yet there was still beyond brilliant psychology in the match. This is how a story is told in a Wrestling Match, it’s no doubt why this one is studied so much. So many pinning predicaments throughout the duration helped the suspense and excitement as it was a 2 out of 3 falls match so you might have thought one could come at ANY TIME where in a regular match you know the bout will not end 10 minutes in for the most part.

Terry Funk says “THIS IS WRESTLING. This is the best you will get anywhere…” he was right at the time. Bobby Heenan also said that during KOTR 93 in the match between Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect and HE AS WELL was RIGHT at the time.

These guys are warriors for sure and this battle seems so epic that I can’t really write it out accurately, you really need to watch the sound wrestling to fully appreciate it and I’m sure most of you have. Flair won the first fall at 19:33 and the champ was up 1-0, and they go to a break after the first fall which is a good thing. That was some fast 20 minutes that’s for sure and it only gets better from here on out because Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat only improve as the matches go on.
The Shoulder blocks, chops, quick strikes from the top are all applied so wonderfully by the Dragon, watching his material ALWAYS reminds me why he is one of the best ever if not the best in the ring and he just got classics out of everyone. Think about how many legendary careers he’s helped build.

I can look at my all-time three favourite wrestlers in Steve Austin, Bret Hart and Randy Savage. Notice the connection? Steamboat has the best match of Savage’s career to that point with him at Wrestlemania 3. Steamboat has the best match of Bret’s career at that time in 1986 in Boston. Steamboat has the best match of Austin’s career in 1994 in the Doubya See Doubya at Clash of the Champions 1994. It’s not by coincidence.

I love how the opponents of Naitch always use his figure four, it’s good for comic relief in the match and hearing Flair scream “Oh god, no!” is always pretty hilarious.
Speaking of Boston, Steamboat’s Boston Crab during the second fall was a thing of beauty and Flair’s selling during and afterwards was of course brilliant.
You can’t go wrong when saying which of these is best, your favourite or 5 stars. Maybe they all are for some and a lot of you would agree.
I loved the blended domination between the two throughout, I felt it really added a dynamic atmosphere to the clinic.

Wrestlewar and Chi Town are better from where I sit but you will not go wrong with this match.

Flair as said who was the Champion here got the first victory and in the second fall STILL dominated the Champ by throwing him into the steel guard rail on the outside and Funk and Ross built it up as if Flair could sweep the Dragon, NOT ONLY off his feet but in the score with a 2-0 title victory.

Ross really says it right when he states they have competed “SO HARD” as you were really in awe of this whole thing THE ENTIRE time.

Even when Flair locks on an abdominal stretch he turns it into a roll up and then another hold so the submissions don’t even last very long, you literally get no break to go up and get a glass of water during this one because it’s non-stop action and it NEVER lets up for the most part.

The ref even looks tired just past the mid-match point in this one and when looking at that I couldn’t help but have been blown away by Steamboat’s flip in mid-air followed by a roll-up, a single leg pick up then another flip for a near fall. Quickness and agility just help these guys with their chemistry together as the back and forth pace continues.

You’ve got to love the top rope superplex by Steamboat to Flair and then Ross points out the airplane crash Flair was in at the appropriate time to sell the back and then Ricky shows great psychology to then focus on Flair’s lower back. Nice strategic wrestling by the Challenger in the Dragon.

He snaps on a double chicken wing and at this point it looks like one of the greatest matches ever and it is truly one of them.

Flair has to give up at 34:14 to the chicken wing as the Champion ties up the score at one.

Flair does his flip as they return from a brief brake as his back hurts but he’s still in the match.

This is the final fall now that will ultimately deicide the winner so both men go all out and considering what they had been through for 35 minutes it’s absolutely mind blowing when you look at the things they did from this point on.

Steamboat’s chops now focused on Flair’s injured back which was awesome and Flair even sitting back on the canvas threw out offensive moves out of desperation and it knocked a tired Steamboat down and now Flair then went for his figure four. He got it hooked on and Steamboat got to the ropes as when Ricky fell down he was luckily near them.

The flow ran so smoothly and the psychology in particular was all to brilliant from here on in the next ten minutes nearing the climax.

The match seemed to get better and better like a long Bockwinkel-Hennig match in the AWA.
Ricky Steamboat wins around the 55 minute time mark just five minutes before the time limit in a controversial way when both guys seemed to be pinning the other. The place goes insane and we’ve just witnessed a classic that would set up an even better classic at Wrestlewar.

A memorable showcase of endurance.

**** 1/2

8)      United States Championship Match
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs Lex Luger ©
The Great American Bash July 23, 1989

Back when The Bash was always in Baltimore, Steamboat is in the ring with Luger who is actually a very good worker in his NWA days.

Luger being in there with Steamboat only helped matters.

I am so glad this match made the DVD. It is a true gem in the glory days of the NWA and this was one of their better events.

Luger cuts a promo before the match.

Ricky Steamboat gets a great ovation as expected coming out in all his glory. Steamboat and Luger tie up with one another and we have the luxury of Ross on commentary in his NWA days. Rings beside one another, Steamboat uses his agility and speed early with a quick pinning predicament.

Steamboat with a dropkick and he lets go of chops and sends Luger to the turnbuckle and high elevation drops Luger with a backdrop. Steamboat chops at Luger in the chest region on the outside and the fans love it. An atomic drop by Steamboat on the floor.

Coming in Luger catches him with a vicious knee lift. Ricky Steamboat on the outside is roughed up by Luger as he drops him with a thunderous clothesline. Steamboat fighting back with chops to the chest of Luger out on the floor. Ricky Steamboat slams Luger and his head on the wooden table outside by the guardrail. Ricky Steamboat off the top but Luger catches him with a right, then a back-breaker by the total package.

Luger with hard offense to the back of the Dragon and then clobbers his kidney region. Another solid right by Luger and he scoops up the Dragon showing great strength and slamming Ricky Steamboat. Steamboat down and Luger works over his back.

Ross points out in mid-match that the two men have a great contrast in styles as Luger displays confidence, power and strength, while Ricky Steamboat has heart, experience, quickness and agility.

Lex tries to grapevine the leg of the Dragon but he comes out of it, The Dragon refusing to stay down keeps getting dropped with powerful clotheslines by Luger and the fans love the heart of the Dragon for his resilience to bounce back up like a rubber ball, as Ross puts it. Ricky Steamboat hangs onto the top rope for leverage as he tries a comeback here chopping against the chest of Luger.

Lex caught Ricky Steamboat in the corner as the official gets in the way.

Lex powerslams Ricky Steamboat off the ropes and gets a two. Luger seems aggravated that its only a two count. Steamboat caught Lex with a crossbody and a great camera shot at mat level. A nearfall but Luger gets back up and plants the Dragon with an inverted atomic drop.

Ricky Steamboat hits a reverse neckbreaker. The question was does he have enough left, Luger misses a clothesline and he is thrown over the top rope to the floor. Coming back on the apron Steamboat is taking it to Luger.

Steamboat hits a huge chop from the top rope to Luger, Ricky Steamboat looking to become the new Champion but he kicks out.

Amazing back and forth pace, the crowd are loving it.

Lex back body drops Steamboat from one ring into another via a suplex. Luger grabbed a weapon but Steamboat goes crazy and hits him with a chair.

Steamboat the ultimate GOOD GUY uses a weapon on Luger because of his pure hated, and frustration that Luger will not let him finish a match the right way.

I like it.

So in the end Luger won by DQ and retained at 10:26.

This is one of the best ten plus minute matches you WILL EVER SEE.

Quite possibly the best match in the career of Luger, up there with his matches with Flair in the same time period.

**** 1/2

9)      WCW World Tag Team Championship Match
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes vs. Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyzsko © WCW Clash of the Champions XVII November 19, 1991

Ricky Steamboat is the surprise tag partner of a young Dustin Rhodes after Barry Windham could not compete due to a bad arm.

Steamboat and Anderson begin things by locking up in the center of the ring.

Ricky Steamboat blocks a shot from Anderson and then unleashes a huge load of chops until Larry grabs the Dragon and the heels attempt a double-team, the Dragon fires back and all four men go in the ring and the crowd go crazy. Steamboat hits a reverse elbow on Zbyzsko and then an inverted atomic drop to Anderson.

Ross and Schiavonne on commentary together here. The two lead voices of the attitude era which is interesting.

Anderson and Zbyzsko take a breather on the outside.  Larry and Ricky Steamboat tie-up now and Ricky has a side headlock applied. The Dragon with a shoulder block and then a side headlock takeover into a pinning attempt. Rhodes back in kicks at Zbyzsko and then an armbar takeover into Steamboat. The Dragon from up high hits a karate thrust right to the shoulder. Larry gets his arm slammed right into the steel.

Dustin Rhodes tagged in comes down with the knee and goes back to work on the arm.

Arn Anderson comes in and lifts high knee shots to Rhodes. Anderson going for a high risk move, Dustin caught him but raked the eyes just in time and hit a double axehandle. Rhodes fought back dropping elbow shows to Anderson and knocks Larry off the apron.

Steamboat tells Dustin he is doing a good job inside the ring, while Anderson wants a time out on the outside.

The Enforcer, Double A comes back in but makes the wise tag to Zbyzsko. Larry comes in and trash talks a little bit. Rhodes tags in the Steamer. He wanted him and he got him. Ricky Steamboat goes to work on the arm and then plants a karaste kick to Larry Zbyzsko. Ricky Steamboat chases Larry around the ring but Anderson drops his weight on him from behind.

An abdominal stretch by Double A to Ricky Steamboat once tagged in.

Arn got a close nearfall after a slam. A hard right to the Dragon as the crowd chant Steamboat. Anderson makes a tag from his back to Larry Zbyzsko. Larry in hits a backbreaker to Ricky Steamboat. Again a nearfall as the heels are going all out trying to put the quick-strike Steamboat-Rhodes team away.

A front facelock into a drop toehold into a tag. Anderson comes in and hit a cheapshot on Dustin Rhodes while standing on the apron.

Double A applies a Boston Crab and then so does Zybysko.

Excellent tag work by the Champs.

Referee Nick Patrick with a lot of hair asks if the Steamer wants to give in and he tags in Rhodes but the official did not see. Steamboat chopped Anderson and then shot to the corner the Dragon hit an atomic drop but their heads cracked as Anderson backed up from the corner to the center of the ring hitting Ricky Steamboat.

Ricky Steamboat down and Arn off the top goes for a double axehandle but Ricky Steamboat lifts up his feet and Anderson is out of it. Can Ricky Steamboat make the tag as the fans are on the edge of their seats.

Dustin with the hot tag and on fire he takes down Anderson and Zbyzsko. Dustin at the ripe age of twenty one hits a running bulldog on Anderson. Ricky Steamboat in but is thrown out by Larry Zbyzsko. Ricky Steamboat the legal man hit a crossbody to Anderson off the top and at the fifteen minute mark there are NEW tag champs!

The fans explode.

Definitely the best match in the career of Dustin Rhodes to this point, and arguably still could be.

This is tag wrestling done right.


10)  Iron Man Challenge Match
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs Rick Rude
Beach Blast June 20, 1992

Tony Schiavonne, and Eric Bischoff introduce the following match.

Jesse the Body Ventura and Jim Ross are on commentary.

Rude cuts a heel promo, and Steamboat comes out as the babyface hero.

Ricky Steamboat drops Rude right away with a gut buster damaging the ribs. The clock counts down from 30 minutes.

The Dragon swings him by the arm and hits nice counter moves sensing Rude has been injured. The Dragon aiming his attack on the core of Rude and slaps on a bearhug which was by all means logical at this point.
Two minutes into the match the Dragon is punishing Rick Rude.

Ricky Steamboat and Rick Rude met at the 1988 Royal Rumble in that events first ever match.

Rude rakes the face.

Rick Rude with a forearm shot to the head of Ricky Steamboat. Rude misses a clothesline and Ricky Steamboat hits a fall-away slam on the bad ribs, almost an arrow maneuver because of the knee pointing to the bad ribs on Rude.

Ricky Steamboat also working over the leg, going for a possible submission. Steamboat sweeps the leg of Rude and now goes for a Boston Crab and turns him over.

Rude breaks the hold grabbing onto the ropes but Steamboat drops him on his ribs.

The dragon measuring him dropping him by the ribs. Ricky Steamboat and his ability to adapt to any environment is second to none. He can literally work any type of match.

A karate thrust kick to the ribs twice and Ricky Steamboat taunts Rude some more and the crowd love it.

Ricky Steamboat sets Rude up for a vertical suplex and drops him face first right on the mat. Another karate kick and Rude kicks out. First nearfall of the contest coming seven minutes into the thirty minute Ironman. Rude and his ribs taking a pounding into the corner.

Ricky Steamboat charged into Rude but he got his boot up, grabbed the tights and Rude got the first fall up one to nothing.

No rest periods, Jesse Ventura gives a great Hockey Analogy. Rude hits a Rude Awakening and is up two to nothing which is not popular.

Rude crushed Ricky Steamboat from the top getting himself a dq and Ricky Steamboat gets a fall out of it.

Rude immediately takes advantage of Ricky Steamboat being hurt and capitalizes with another fall going up three to one.

Rude hit a snapmare and a camel clutch to weardown the quicker Ricky Steamboat at the eleven minute mark of the match. Ventura puts over why this is a smart move in an iron man match as the clock ticks down. Rude is hit back with a suplex by the Dragon but the Ravishing one continues to wear him down with a submission hold. Rude with a headlock.

Ricky Steamboat back to his vertical base and making sure to hit the ribs of Rude but Rick Rude caught Ricky Steamboat off the ropes with a knee to the gut, giving him a taste of his own medicine. Rick Rude slams Ricky Steamboat into the turnbuckle corners and then back to the eyes raking the face of Steamboat.

Rude hits another neckbreaker and got a two count at the seventeen minute mark. Still a 3-1 lead for Rude.

Rick Rude going for a piledriver but Ricky Steamboat caught him and with a forward piledriver the Dragon gets a tremendous reversal (at the time they did not regularly do this reversal) and gets within one. The score is now 3-2 in favor of Rude but Steamboat is coming back or so it looked.

Rude drags Ricky Steamboat by the head and he hit his head on the middle turnbuckle.

Rude then on top gets the tide turned on him as Ricky Steamboat hits a Superplex from up top. Rude kicks out. The Dragon and Rude hit each other with a double clothesline.

A backslide out of nowhere and Steamer gets a three.

All tied up. Rude drops Ricky Steamboat face first into the mat, calling him no Ironman.

Rude slams Steamboat into the canvas. Rick Rude rakes the eyes because it works and chokes out the Dragon on the ropes. Steamboat chops back as they reach the climax.

Rude holds a headlock on Steamboat with one minute remaining.

All tied up at three.

Rude pushed back from the corner on his bad ribs and the Steamer got a three count.

Rude tries desperately to get a three count somehow, a clothesline, an inside cradle and the Dragon refused to be pinned. Rude is irate and the Dragon wins!

So in the end at 30 minutes, Ricky Steamboat defeated Rick Rude 4-3 in an Iron Man Challenge.

The falls came at a time like this:

  • Rude pinned Steamboat (7:42)
  • Rude pinned Steamboat (8:39)
  • Rude was disqualified (9:40)
  • Rude pinned Steamboat (10:11)
  • Steamboat pinned Rude (17:39)
  • Steamboat pinned Rude (20:22)
  • Steamboat pinned Rude (29:25)


An all time classic. Rude at his best and one of the finest matches in company history.


**** ½

11)  No Disqualification Match for the WCW World Television Championship
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs “Stunning” Steve Austin © WCW Clash of the Champions XX September 2, 1992

(Alternate Commentary by: Ricky Steamboat & Matt Striker)

Stunning Steve Austin targets the injured ribs of Ricky Steamboat which are taped up. Ricky Steamboat chops back.

These two would have an absolute clinic in 1994, but this is a preview of some of their work to come.

Steamboat keeps a headlock on Austin down on the mat. Paul E Dangerously of the Dangerous Alliance is kept outside the ring in a Cage because of blatant interference.

Steamboat with a side headlock at his vertical base, Austin with a leapfrog and misses with a right, a droptoe hold and then a side headlock grounding Stunning Steve. Ricky Steamboat with the crowd on his side but Austin with a great counter swinging the neck of the Dragon.

Steamboat get a hold of Austin after he taunts a little bit but Steve rolls Steamboat on his shoulders much like Flair used to in their series in 89 but only got a two. Ricky Steamboat kept the headlock on Steve Austin down on the mat. Ricky Steamboat with great agility landing on his feet as Austin tried to free himself. Ricky Steamboat counters the offense of Austin.

Austin catapolts Ricky Steamboat off the top as his ribs are hurting him. Austin with a backbreaker. Steve Austin aiming at the ribs and then drops the Dragon with a clothesline. Steve locks on an abdominal stretch.

Austin stretching the injured ribs of the Dragon with a great abdominal stretch. Steamboat counters with a hiptoss and an irishwhip sending Steve back on his head first.

Austin counters a crossbody as Ross calls him perhaps the greatest TV Champion in WCW history. Austin is catapulted into the corner by the Dragon.

Ricky Steamboat gets taken down as Austin had his feet on the ropes for additional leverage but only got a two. Ricky Steamboat had Austin in a piledriver, Austin countered, Steamboat then countered and hit the piledriver.

Austin grabbing a hold of his neck, little did he know this would hurt him a whole hell of a lot more, later on…

Austin had Steamboat in a front facelock on the top rope but the Dragon countered. Steamboat off the top jumped right into a righthand by Stunning Steve.

Inside cradle by the Dragon but Austin kicks out. Steamboat off the ropes hit a high impact shoulder block to Austin.

Ricky Steamboat is thrown over the top rope by Austin catching a breather but Steamboat flips back in, Austin scouted it coming back with a reverse elbow show to the Steamer and he falls to the floor. Austin caught with a crossbody by Steamboat who got him at just over the ten minute mark.

In the end Ricky Steamboat is the new WCW TV Champion.

Great little preview of things to come between the two.


12)  Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs Y2J Chris Jericho
Backlash April 26, 2009

Ricky Steamboat put on a hell of a show at Wrestlemania 25 after being put into this years class of the Hall of Fame. (2009)

Jericho wanted to go one on one with Steamboat here and this was fine with everyone, as the Dragon could still go.
Steamboat’s last single’s match since Bash at the Beach 94 where he went at it with Steve Austin.

Jericho was of course inspired by Savage-Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3, so this program for him was nice.
The bell rang and both men were ready to square off.

Chris Jericho told Steamboat to back off when he came at him to begin. Steamboat with a waistlock go-behind to Jericho as he grounded him as Jericho grabbed onto the ropes to break the hold.

Jericho asked the official to get Steamboat off of him. Steamboat with a side headlock to Jericho and off the ropes he ducked under Jericho after the two got into a pushing war. Steamboat dropkicked Jericho to the outside and then he leaped over the top rope with a crossbody to Jericho.

Steamboat chopped Jericho and hit a couple of nice deep armdrag’s like only the Dragon knew how. I marked at Cole mentioning Randy Savage and the great match Steamboat had with him at Wrestlemania 3.

Fans chanted “You still have it” as Steamboat worked over Jericho’s arm as he held an armbar. Steamboat tugged Jericho back and Chris fought back and he hit a shoulderblock in mid-ring. Jericho leaped over the Dragon and Cole yells out “Vintage Steamboat” when he hit the deep armdrag takedown. Steamboat with an armbar as the wrists locked. Jericho kicked out of it and leveled Ricky Steamboat with a big righthand, Steamboat with a hard chop back followed by a shoulder block.

Jericho threw Ricky Steamboat over the top until he skinned the cat. Jericho then charged at the Dragon and clotheslined him over the top to the outside. Jericho with a springboard dropkick to Steamboat on the apron and he was knocked down. Jericho posed to a chorus of boo’s. Jericho suplexed Steamboat and kicked at him. Jericho slapped Ricky Steamboat in the corner calling him washed up. Jericho with a snapmare until Chris locked on a sleeper. Steamboat started to rise and then he hit another deep armdrag to Jericho but Chris stayed away and levelled Steamboat down, and the Dragon kicked out.

Jericho with a standing side headlock and Ricky Steamboat tried to push him off to the ropes but couldn’t, Steamboat did get a belly to back suplex but only a one count. Jericho kept the sleeper on Ricky Steamboat and the crowd were brutal here. All you could here was Jericho’s trashtalking.

Jericho stood with his side headlock until Ricky Steamboat didn’t even attempt to get out of it. Steamboat got hit with a headbutt, and when Jericho went for a running bulldog Ricky Steamboat sent Jericho up to the top turnbuckle landing groin first. Steamboat lands some high kicks and climbs to the top rope to meet Jericho, and going for a back superplex on Jericho from the top. Steamboat took a big chance and he landed the belly to back Superplex as both men were now down, Steamboat couldn’t dig down deep enough to get a count in fast enough time, so Jericho kicked out. That was Steamboat’s big chance right there.

Momentum shifted as the Dragon hit chop after strike but Jericho kicked out. Ricky Steamboat charged at Jericho and he hit a reverse elbow, Steamboat still hit a scoop slam and he got a two. Ricky Steamboat with another chop and he sent Jericho to the ropes and he hit a boot to the face followed by a inziguri kick. Cole and King put over how Steamboat has impressed them here.

Jericho then hit a running bulldog to Steamboat. Steamboat had given Jericho more then he could handle, just like at Mania, without making Jericho look overly weak.
Steamboat was down and Jericho went for the Lionsault but Steamboat picked him up, Jericho rolled through it, flipped Steamboat over and Ross says he’s never seen Steamboat submit in all his years.

The Dragon reversed the Walls of Jericho into a modified figure four. Jericho rolled into the bottom rope and grabbed a hold of it. The Dragon looking for something big up high, and Jericho charged towards him and hit his head on the ringpost. Steamboat hit a crossbody off the top and Jericho was able to kick out. Steamboat got a boot up to the cranium of Y2J who charged towards him but then Steamboat got caught in mid-air where he couldn’t make a veteran like adjustment and he was hit by the codebreaker.

Chris only got a two, he thought he got a three.

Jericho was full of rage and slapped at Steamboat. Steamboat rolled through with an inside cradle to Jericho and got a two. Jericho then was in the middle of the ring and he slapped on the Walls once more.

In the end Jericho defeated Steamboat once again at 12:32 after he made Steamboat tap to the Walls of Jericho.
This was another good nostalgia rush just like at Mania where Jericho gets to work with one of his idols, Steamboat was stellar for his age.

I thought this one was even better then the Mania match since it was one on one.

Great stuff.




Final Rating for the Ricky Steamboat DVD = 8.5 out of 10 

This DVD Set delivered the goods on the Documentary and Special Features on Disc 1.

As far as matches go, this is where they kind of missed the boat in some areas. The one hour Flair match is already released and took up a ton of space. Instead we could of got two-three more excellent matches, perhaps one with Savage from Toronto in the mid 80s. Obviously the Mania 3 match has been released but you can see why, other then that a lot of the match selections are very good including the gem with RUDE that is finally on DVD, and the Austin match. Other gems are the tag at Clash of the Champions as well as the Luger match.

Overall this is a set to own, long overdue to one of the greatest talents in wrestling history.

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