Review: WWE RVD “ONE OF A KIND” 2 Disc DVD

May 16, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “RVD: One of a Kind” 2 Disc Review:



“I’m not the Showstopper…I’m the whole F’n Show!” –Rob Van Dam


-RVD: One of a Kind ìs a two Disc DVD that was put together with Rob Van Dam himself giving his insight before the matches that they showed similar to the style in Mick Foley`s Greatest Hits and Misses DVD.
-RVD has had an illustrious career in the wrestling business working for every major promotion in the U.S as well as working all around the world doing various tours and one off shows. RVD’s athletic risk taking style brought him into the hearts of many as well as getting known as “Mr. Monday night” and

“The whole F’n show.” RVD is truly one of wrestling’s modern day phenomenon’s who has already written himself in to the history books. -Credit wrestling101
-This DVD set is comprised of 16 matches in a documentary style inbetween with extra`s thrown in.
-Josh Matthews co-hosts the DVD.



Disc 1 Matches:


Bonus: Rob Van Dam vs Pat Rose -WCW Saturady Night 23/01/93

Rob Van Dam is shown with Ross calling the action of a young RVD, named Robbie V.

No rating as not a full match here is shown. Rob talks about his time in the company, taking on the likes of Kevin Nash during this time and his stay.


1) Rob Van Dam (Robbie V) vs Scotty Flamingo (Raven) -WCW Worldwide 08/02/93
You might know Flamingo as Raven.

RVD in a side headlock off the ropes runs into a shoulder block, a leapfrog, a backflip, spin flip and V has a headlock and takes him down in what Jim Ross would call unorthadox fashion.
RVD ducks a clothesline and with amazing agility balanced himself on the top rope and hit a crossbody getting him a two. Flamingo takes V to the corner then begins to stomp. A reverse elbow into V.
Another side headlock by Ravv….Flamingo.
A spinning heel kick off the ropes by V, Flamingo hits head first to the buckle with his own momentum.

A thrust kick and a splash by V followed by his split-leg moonsault.

In the end at the four minute mark Van Dam wins.

This match had potential but it was obviously short.

Fans were impressed by RVD.

** 1/4


2) Rob Van Dam vs Axl Rotten -ECW Hardcore TV 05/01/96

He says his debut in the company was intimidating because he figured if it didn’t work here he wasn’t sure what to do.

Axl Rotten spits, so that means were underway as the bell rings. Van Dam misses some spin-kicks and the crowd applaud.

Axl Rotten keeps backing off the kicks. A tie-up and he backs Rob to the corner. Clean break, Axl ties up with RVDand Axl delivers clubbing forearm blows.

This is where it picks up.

Rob Van Dam gets appreciated here with a series of offensive moves including a split-leg dropdown, japanese armdrag, and Axl kicks out.

Van Dam’s flexibility and agility were show. RVD hits him with a series of shoulder blocks in the corner before one final big one. RVD with a double chop to Axl. RVD gets a nearfall and flips over Axl, misses a spin kick, a fying t-bone suplex by Rotten.
Rotten with a clothesline turning Van Dam inside out.
Fans behind Axl in a major way.

Axl with a fist to the nose on van Dam, a scoop slam and now Axl Rotten missed an elbow off the top. Axl gets up and kicked at by Rob.
Some of the fans get behind Van Dam and he has Axl down with a leg-sweep, a crossbody off the top and a nearfall.

A summersault off the top rope to the floor landing on Axl Rotten. RVD back in the ring hits a thrust kick and a back flip but only got a two.

It’s interesting watching the Ecw faithful’s eyes at the front row, judging the talent seen. Axl misses and got hit with a powerslam.

In the end at just under the six minute mark RVD wins with the split-legged moonsault.

This match is a great showing for a debut match.

Rob Van Dam is now extreme.


3) Rob Van Dam vs Sabu -ECW Hostile City Showdown 20/04/96

A one hour delay getting this one going because of a broken ring.

Judging from this one, I don’t think it’d of mattered too much if there was a ring or not.

Rob Van Dam talks on the DVD about getting into the business being trained by Sabu’s uncle, the original Sheik.

Now Sabu really helps RVD get over by keeping up with the hardcore style with Sabu.
Van Dam says this is what made him essentially.

Here we go.

Rob Van Dam has his legs targetted immediately, and intelligently by Sabu knowing he needs to take the aerial game out of RVD.

Sabu tries his hardest to ground RVD. Two stiff, clubbing forearm shots to Van Dam. Sabu with a slingshot off the ropes hits a crossbody and then rides Van Dam on the canvas in a side headlock.

Sabu applying the reverse chinlock to not only weardown RVD but ground him which is essentially the same thing.

Apparently this ring had broke before the match, then it breaks again during the match. Sabu throws a chair at RVD’s face and then a triple jump moonsault is hit.

RVD set up on top of the barricade, growing first and Sabu runs off the ropes and hits a suicide dive.

Great stuff.

Sabu follows Van Dam with a chair up through the crowd.
RVD with a leg-drop from the stands smashing Sabu’s nose. RVD and Sabu continue to fight through the crowd. Sabu has a chair tossed at him. Sabu on the canvas back in the ring, stands there and watches a summersault from Van Dam high in the air connecting into a chair.

RVD got a strong kick to the knee from a desperation standpoint to take out Van Dam’s wheels.

RVD still managed in the corner rolling thunder and monkey flipping Sabu into a folded chair in mid-ring, unbelievable.

Sabu kicks out and Van Dam puts him in an armbar. Sabu kicks out of it, Van Dam selling the legs, limping to the corner to grab a chair. RVD drops his chair on Sabu. RVD hits a moonsault and gets a two. RVD kicked at again and a slingshot bulldog by Sabu gets him a two.

Van Dam counters a belly to back suplex and then Sabu lands an Arabian ddt through Van Dam on the middle ropes. Nicely done. RVD hits a spin-kick out of desperation to the face of Sabu as he had a chair in front of him. RVD hits a summersault off the top rope onto Sabu.

Both men down on the concrete floor.

Sabu springboards himself off a table to hit a thrust kick to Van Dam by the barricade. Sabu sets up a table and face-first into the table goes Van Dam. Sabu goes into the ring and flies off a chair, off the top rope onto RVD on the concrete floor as he was outside the steel barricade.

Fans chant the initials of the promotion.

Both men battling on the floor with the table still set up. Van Dam layed flat across the table, Sabu hits a tornado ddt after springboarding off the top turnbuckle to RVD who stood up on the table set up on the barricade before being ddt’d through it.


RVD taking his time (no kidding) getting up and Sabu is waiting in the ring. Sabu looks like Randy Savage on coke by the way.

A nearfall. Sabu went for a moonsault trying to land on the top rope and Sabu lands on his groin, this may of been a botch. If it was it was great thinking by Van Dam to thrust kick him to the floor. Both men back on the floor and RVD fires away at Sabu and sends him crashing ribs first into the table, into the corner. Van Dam rolls Sabu back in.

RVD from the top attempts a superplex, but from the top Sabu hit a tornado ddt, Sabu finally covers RVD but he got a foot on the bottom rope. Sabu knocked down to RVD’s level and off the top a fisherman’s buster superplex, or perfectplex from the top. Sabu rolls out of the way and RVD can’t capitalize just as Sabu couldn’t before him.

A kickout by Sabu.

Fans applauding both men’s effort here in this war.

RVD then went for a Fisherman’s buster and Sabu reversed it into one of his own, Sabu instead of going for a pinfall stomps on RVD.

And then an atomic, arrabian facebuster planting a chair onto Rob off the top rope. Sabu finally gets the three.


I think the thing I appreciated most about this match is that Sabu was absolutely relentless in grounding RVD, taking out his aerial game. Just great psychology as Sabu knew Van Dam is the only guy that could keep up, but not if he took that out of his gameplan. That and everything else!

In the end Sabu is the winner at 20 minutes in length.

An incredible battle, putting RVD on the map going toe to toe with the likes of Sabu.
This match is was a stepping stone for the company and most importantly RVD with the help of one Sabu.




4) Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs The Eliminator’s -ECW Crossing The Line 01/02/97


Here it’s all hell breaking loose!

All four guys ready to go in a match that would literally be impossible to follow in play by play format so rather that, I’ll just summarize my thoughts.

Hey, it’s Perry Saturn!

RVD hit a ton of aerial offense in this match. (A big shock) a lot of tandem offense from Van Dam and Sabu which was impressive showing there diversity as a team here.

The Eliminator’s were the big time back at this point and did control a lot of the match with there power, impressive power moves like gut-wrench suplexes.

This is just a fun ride.

In the end at just around the twenty minute mark, the Elimnatior’s gets it done.

This is an Ecw Classic that words dont do justice for.


5) Rob Van Dam vs Lance Storm -ECW Barely Legal 13/04/97


RVD was legit pissed off for being left off the card and rightfully so.
Due to a Candido injury he’s in to face Storm here.

Rob Van Dam gets “You Sold Out” chants as there was talk of him leaving for Bischoff’s promotion but that isn’t the case.

Storm backs RVD into the corner.
A split-leg by Van Dam into a clothesline.

Nice action. Storm one step ahead of Van Dam, a side headlock into a top wristlock, an armdrag by Storm then a springboard crossbody by RVD to Storm.
RVD then goes into the air over the top rope with a leaping summersault to Storm. Nice high risk move.

Van Dam hits a leg drop to Storm, then Van Dam is knocked face-first into the steel guardrail. RVD with Storm on the outside used the barricade to launch himself with a moonsault press onto Storm on the floor.
Great stuff.

Storm thrown back in the ring. RVD has a chair as Storm is planted in the corner. Van Dam then hits Storm with a front kick, an irish-whip then a face to metal meeting as a chair flies directly in his face. RVD with another dropkick into the chair, into the face of Storm.

A moonsault, a cart-wheel splash and Storm almost gets the three.
A Bischoff sucks chant is started. A drop toehold by Storm, beautiful float over to the double-leg Boston Crab.

That is nice.

Down to a single-leg, the half-crab, Van Dam grabs the bottom rope. RVD backdrops Storm who lands on the apron shoulder blocking Van Dam but he ended up getting the most out of this predicament with a slingshot, leg-drop!

Van Dam tossed a chair to Storm, he missed with a Van Daminator and then Storm hit a tiger bomb on the steel chair getting a two.

Storm drops the leg, Van Dam goes face first into a chair and then another two. A waistlock, a standing switch, Storm gets a kick in the mid-section by RVD. Van Dam slingshots back up.

Fans chant “You Fu**ed Up!” But it was just simply one miss, on a long list of several, impressive consecutive spots. A bridge, pinning combination after a german suplex. Storm kicks RVD in the head then RVD hits the Van Daminator out of no where.
RVD with a moonsault splash on Storm.

In the end at 10:10 Van Dam is your winner as the place applauds.

This match featured some great material.

It had a great blend of technical and aerial moves.

Really dug the chemistry.

*** 1/4


6) Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy -Monday Night Raw 12/05/97


Rob Van Dam hits a gut-wrench suplex and a over the top rope summersault.

A frogsplash, Ross calls it Snuka like, it wasn’t, it was better. Van Dam makes quick work of Hardy hitting the split-leg moonsault.

In the end at the tv time of a two minute mark Van Dam gets the win showing some of his skill.




7) Rob Van Dam (w/Bill Alfonso) vs Tommy Dreamer (w/Beulah McGillicutty) in a Flag match -ECW November 2 Remember 30/11/97


Beulah McGillicutty looks her very best here, we even got to see her thong by the match’s end. I’m not complaining.

She gets a tremendous ovation.

Rob Van Dam in a reverse chinlock, both men connect and RVD hits a corkscrew legdrop over Tommy Dreamer. A side russian legsweep. Dreamer tossed into the corner and goes for a ddt but RVD rolls out of the ring.

A baseball slide by Dreamer to Van Dam and he hits the steel. Another irish-whip by Dreamer to Van Dam into the steel.

Van Dam launches himself off the steel gaurd-rail. Still Dreamer sticks to working on the back of Rob sling-shotting him into the Steel, Van Dam loses his balance on the barricade. Dreamer picks up a chair and tosses it into the eyes of Van Dam.

Dreamer tossed a chair into the ring.

A “Fu** him up Tommy, Fu** him up” chant starts.

Van Dam tied up in the ropes and Dreamer has a chair in hand. Off the ropes he is tripped by Alfonso. Both go to the floor, the action is taken back into the ring, Van Dam’s eye was opened up by that chair.

RVD with AMAZING agility springboards off the barricade bouncing off the steel as he kicked a chair into Tommy’s face as Bill Alfonso held it in front of Dreamer set up on the barricade.

Amazing spot.

Van Dam all over Dreamer here. RVD leaps backwards off the top and plants the chair into the face of Dreamer.

A Van Dam Swallows chant breaks out and as RVD continues his domination he does the hogan ear taunt. Great stuff.

Van Dam hits a moonsault over the top rope and gets a two. RVD off the top gets shoved by Dreamer and he caught him out of desperation on the top rope hitting a neckbreaker.
RVD kicks out.

Carnage now as this goes back and forth nearing the climax.
A “break his neck” chant starts. Beulah helps Tommy out chair in-hand and dropkicked Van Dam in the face with it.

Joey Styles says on commentary, payback is a bitch.
Van Dam is down, Dreamer is up. Tommy goes to the top but Alfonso cracked Tommy on the heel with a chair. A heel for a heel.

RVD with rolling thunder gets a two, somehow Tommy got the shoulder up. Van Dam takes the chair in the ribs accidentally, Tommy goes for the ddt onto the chair, Van Dam shoved him off and he collided into the chair.

RVD in control in the corner unloading shots and Dreamer hit a ddt from the top, after Van Dam got “cute” split-legged on both ropes.


No referee.

Things get out of control here.

Alfonso hammered the official with a road sign, Dreamer arguably had Van Dam beat.

Stevie Richards, Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon interfered on behalf of Van Dam; moments later, Van Dam hit the Five-Star Frog Splash on Dreamer with Richards, Furnas, and LaFon making the 3 count, and Alfonso ringing the bell and announcing Van Dam as the winner.

In the end it is officially a no contest at 16:02.

This match is a lot of fun.

*** 1/4


8 ) Rob Van Dam vs Bam Bam Bigelow (c) for the -ECW Hardcore TV 04/04/98
Both these two had two seperate PPV classic’s in this year.
Here is another gem in an underrated rivalry.

Rob Van Dam is sent sailing into the row as Bam Bam takes him apart in the ring and outside on the floor for the majority of this match.

A headbutt into the crowd to Van Dam. RVD caught by Bam Bam but he hit a springboard into a hurricanrana out on the floor.

Impressive given the contrast in style’s and weight.

Crowd chant “EC DUB” and rightfully so.

I love these two together, they almost always produce absolute gold. A flying chair to the bald skull of Bam Bam by Van Dam.

RVD then climbs to the top rope and flies so far in the air over the barricade, onto Bam Bam.

Still to this day one of the best spots I’ve ever seen.

Unbelievable athleticism.

Incredible, I had to re-wind that again.

RVD speaks about that spot on the DVD before the match.

And just when it can’t get better, it does.

RVD from the top hits a springboard, summersault over the barricade onto Bam Bam, onto the floor.

RVD is amazing.

Bam Bam fighting back all boody splashed Van Dam through a table out onto the floor, then a steel chair connects with RVD.

Bam Bam bloodied in the eye region, blinded and can barely see stands up. RVD is grabbed by the hair and Bam Bam lets go a ton of shots. Bam Bam hit a facebuster to RVD as his head dropped on the apron, you could hear the sickening thud.

A facebuster as he elevated Van Dam.

RVD back in caught and planted with a powerbomb by Bam Bam.
A moonsault by a man of Bam Bam’s size is unreal and he missed.

RVD hits the frogsplash, Bam Bam just able to kick out.

Off the ropes a fall away slam by Bigelow but again RVD kicks out. Bam Bam with a ddt.
Sabu comes out and curled up Bam Bam.
RVD gets the pin!

In the end at the fifteen minute mark, RVD hits the Van Daminator to win the title.

This match beyond those incredible spots was some of the best popcorn fun you’ll see from Extreme.

I just love this chemistry, you can’t go wrong in 98 with these two.




9) Rob Van Dam (with Bill Alfonso) (c) vs Jerry Lynn for the TV Title -ECW Living Dangerously 21/03/99



This is Rob`s best match ever and one of my all time favourite`s. RVD says if he only had to show one match to somebody of RVD it`s this one.

Rob Van Dam knew this was something special.

Jerry Lynn’s chemisty with Rob Van Dam is remarkable, about as good if not better then Bam Bam and Sabu’s with RVD.

Lynn and Van Dam made magic happen.

Fans chant whole F***** show!

Jerry Lynn and RVD both tie-up, an arm-ringer by Jerry Lynn into a head-scissors.

Good beginning with some fine chain wrestling.

I notice a trend with most classic matchs starting this way. Jerry Lynn shoulder blocked, RVD leapfrogged him and Lynn and RVD flip over another, Lynn hits a crossbody, then RVD missed a legsweep on Lynn.

The fans applaud the offensive exchange.


Styles says this may be the sleeper that steals the show. A big clothesline by Lynn to Van Dam taking him out to the floor.

RVD comes back in the ring and leaps over Lynn, split-legged dropdown but he is caught by Lynn, both feet to the face and sent hard out to the gaurdrail.

Lynn then jumps off the apron with a springboard summersault off the apron on RVD.
Fans chant EC DUB.

Lynn back in the ring. Lynn hits a baseball slide on Van Dam sending him up into the first row. Jerry Lynn with a senton from the ropes over the barricade, into a high crossbody catching RVD.

Back in the ring Rob attacks Lynn knowing he needs an offense now. RVD with a clubbing forearm and then standing on the top rope with great agility going for the springboard got caught by Lynn and he kicks him out to the guardrail. Lynn irishwhipped reversed into the steel. RVD drops the leg down on Lynn by the barricade. RVD has the fans in his palms. RVD leaps up and hits a springboard crossbody off the gaurdrail again.
RVD in the ring spots Lynn`s right knee hurting him and Van Dam attacking that vulnerable spot of Lynn. RVD hits a dropkick to Lynn`s head. RVD with a nearfall after an impressive move and the match on his pacing. RVD scoops up Jerry Lynn and now looking for the surfboard after kidney shots. RVD brings the arms back stretching out the pecs, delts, quads and hyper-extending the knees. A bridge into a pinning combo, Van Dam showing off his leg strength kicks Lynn off the surfboard hold onto the chair.

RVD gets a two as Lynn grabs a rope. RVD in control. Van Dam grabs a chair from Alfonso and then drops it clubbing Lynn with a European Uppercut. RVD with rolling thunder onto the turnbuckle, misses a monkey flip and Lynn powerbombed RVD off the top.

Almost a new champion. Lynn bridges out of a pinning combo and hooks Van Dam but he hit an inverted atomic drop. A northern light`s countered by a ddt into the chair and Van Dam got a close two.
Incredible match.

RVD down calling for Alfonso who distracts Lynn. Lynn blocks a chair and ducks the legsweep and drops a leg on Van Dam with a nearfall. RVD down on the mat an Jerry Lynn had Van Dam so well scouted he dodged the spin kicks for that offensive move to be hit.

Fans chanting the New F`n show for Jerry Lynn. Both guys up top anda a chair between them, Van Dam took a chair to the head and fell to the center of the ring meanwhile Lynn fell off the apron through a table.

Fans chant the promotion`s initials while both men are down, it`s anybody`s match-up!
RVD rolls Lynn up, but out of nowhere Lynn hit a sunset flip, RVD brings his big legs together nailing the ears of Lynn to break the count. Both men getting up have the support of the crowd clapping on.

Everything is clicking here.

Both guys hit a series of nearfalls and can`t put the other away. RVD goes for a clothesline but Lynn ducks and hits a Northern Light`s Suplex with a bridge and a pinning combo getting himself a two. RVD thrown headfirst into the turnbuckle. RVD hit with a shoulder block and RVD has Lynn on the top rope and a tornado ddt by Jerry Lynn to Rob Van Dam on the table that doesen`t break.

Ouch. Those look much worse then the ones that do break. Jerry Lynn with VanDam in the ring sets him up for a suplex but its blocked, a counter into a waistlock, northern light`s blocked, a heel kick into a crossbody from the left side by Van Dam. RVD gets a long two.

RVD scoop slams Lynn and drops on top of him with a rolling thunder they call a tumbling senton splash, Lynn kicks out again. RVD irishwhips Lynn to the top rope and he tries for a tornado ddt, it`s countered by RVD looking for a Northern Light`s but it`s re-countered by Jerry Lynn and he drops RVD with a tornado ddt.

The bell rings and the fans boo.

Fans chant for five more minutes.

Lynn is as well. The time limit had gone and the official thought Lynn should of won. Five more minutes is chanted.

The bell re-rings and a piledriver by Lynn but RVD kicks out. Jerry Lynn rakes the face of Van Dam. Jerry Lynn catches a boot by Van Dam in the corner and the Van Daminator hits Lynn in the face with the chair in the middle of the ring. RVD goes sky high and leaps off with a frog splash only he could pull off.

In the end at 26:18 Van Dam is the man as he pinned Lynn after a Five-Star Frog Splash.
Lynn originally won by the Referee’s decision after the time limit expired, but requested that the match continue for five more minutes…

This match is a tremendous clinic.

It featured just about everything you could want in a wrestling match, in maybe one of the most unorthadox style’s you’ll ever see.

I rank it in my top 45 matches of all time.

The second greatest match in company history only behind Malenko-Eddie 2/3 falls from where I sit.


**** 3/4


10) Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn (with Cyrus) -ECW Guilty as Charged 07/01/01[/U][/B]
So at Living Dangerously 99, they put a top 50 match ever out. At Hardcore Heaven 99 they produce one of essentially the same calibre.

Now in 2001 they go at it again.

The into to this match is pretty wicked. Lynn jumped him as Rhyno left. Fans chant welcome back to RVD he hits a split-legged fall-back and both guys reverse the other`s flips and then applaud the beginning.

Great intro.

Styles says the fans seem to concur with RVD that he`s the whole F`ing show.

RVD with an arm-ringer on Lynn he rolls over as a form of a reversal and Rob grabs the knee, back to his feet twists the arm of Lynn, hits a leg-sweep and then both guys after a high crossbody take each other to the floor.

Saying taking it to the extreme would of just been a little cliche.

Both men brawl on the floor. RVD hits a moonsault press over the steel gaurdrail onto Jerry Lynn.

Rob Van Dam with a series of front kicks and he is already bleeding from the mouth but doesen`t seem to mind it. A front facelock by Van Dam and places him sternum first on the steel rail, an uppercut by Van Dam and then a corkscrew moonsault onto Jerry Lynn.
RVD in the ring poses for his fans.

RVD hits a backflip and then flips frontwards and from up top a moonsault off the top but Lynn get a shoulder up.

RVD bows to the fans. RVD leaped right into a clothesline by Jerry Lynn. A cross-air collision. Lynn kicks at Van Dam in the corner and he`s a bloody mess. Van Dam missed with a shoulder block onto Lynn outside the ring apron but he lands a leg-drop to RVD on the middle rope and it`s not the most popular thing to do, beat on RVD.

Continuing the assault all the way to the floor. Lynn clotheslined Van Dam and with him busted open Lynn rammed him back-first to the ring post, then onto the concrete floor.
Jerry Lynn kept kicking away at RVD. Lynn continues a great onslaught of offensive punishment which even gets a positive reception from the crowd.

A heel kick by RVD and then a spinning heel kick stepping through Jerry Lynn. RVD off the ropes hit a rolling thunder on Lynn and got a nearfall. RVD takes the steel chair into the ring. RVD with an inverted atomic drop. RVD with a dropkick into the chair into Lynn.

Lynn fought back, must of been Cyrus and his encouragment. A snapmare countered into an inverted ddt, waistlock suplex with a bridge and RVD kicks out. Jerry Lynn kicks at his ribs. Jerry Lynn with a snapmare, Cyrus slides in the chair. Lynn slams the steel down and RVD off the ropes reverses an irishwhip but is hit with a tornado ddt by Lynn to Van Dam on top of the chair, RVD gets his boot on the bottom rope to kick out.

Jerry Lynn battling RVD in the climax stage here.

Lynn caught a boot from the corner but a slingshot boot by Van Dam caught Jerry Lynn up high. RVD kicks Cyrus off the top and Van Dam hits the frogsplash, missed it, Lynn tried cradling Van Dam and only got a two.
All of the sudden Joel Gertner runs out and takes out Cyrus.

Lynn with a chair and he misses RVD but Rob hits the Van Daminator.
RVD choking out Jerry Lynn. Gertner comes back into play.

In the end at 24:30 Van Dam pinned Lynn after a Van Terminator with Joel Gertner holding the steel chair.

This match featured more incredible action from Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Dam displaying there incredible chemistry together, no matter what the year.




Disc 2 Matches:


11) Jeff Hardy (c) vs Rob Van Dam for the WWF Hardcore Championship -WWF Invasion 22/07/01

Van Dam`s popularity by this time couldn`t be ignored. Him and Steve Austin seemed to be the only heels getting positive ovations as members of the Alliance.

This match is great.
Both unorthadox style`s meeting one another.

Rob Van Dam and Jeff waste no time getting things going.

I love the opening bit, a split-legged dropdown, Hardy tried an improv legdrop, RVD dodges that and kicks Jeff Hardy in the face.

Jeff hit a dropkick to RVD who was posing at the time. A reverse elbow, then a backflip from Van Dam on Jeff. RVD hit a rollin thunder on Jeff Hardy.

Cole and Ross call this an unorthadox Hardcore match.

Cole comapres RVD to the Matrix…okay.

RVD off the top but Hardy countered and pushed him out of the ring. RVD took Hardy off the barricade.

Both guys battle into the crowd. RVD hit a splash on the concrete onto RVD with a springboard moonsault. RVD shoved Jeff over the barricade and back near the ring. RVD set up Jeff on the barricade and poses, coming off with a spinning heel kick to Hardy on the barricade falling to the floor.

RVD covering him on the mat padding ground and got a two. Van Dam has people chant his initials while he bows. Jeff with a springboard moonsault over the top rope powerbombing RVD to the floor. Amazing impact.

Tremendous pace here.

Jeff Hardy grabs a tall Ladder. Jeff Hardy sets up what looks like a twenty foot Ladder, Van Dam ran into the ring trying to shove Hardy off the Ladder. RVD pushed the Ladder and it sent Jeff flying onto the concrete.

Jim Ross says his famous How do you learn to fall off a 20 foot Ladder, that we DVD buyers always here. Jeff Hardy fights back bringing the extreme to RVD with a chair. RVD hit the Van Daminator which is the spinning heel kick in the air, into the chair, into the face of Jeff Hardy and he goes flying off the stage at the top of the unique Invasion entrance ramp.

RVD down on the concete tossed Jeff back on the stage. Van Dam hits a spinning leg drop and Jeff kicked out. RVD back in the ring clobbers Jeff with a series of forearms.
Jeff down in the corner and RVD runs from one side of the ring to the other and hits the Van Daminator, then a split-legged moonsault was scouted.

Jeff hit a desperation tornado DDT and RVD kicks out. A unique suplex by Jeff Hardy to RVD with a bridge but only a two count. Jeff dropped down with a jawbreaker to RVD. Jeff from the top missed a Swanton and RVD gets up spotting an opening and hits a five star drog splash.

The Hardcore title hit the sternum of Hardy as RVD came down with tremendous impact.

A hell of a match.

Jim Ross asks how many stars you`d give it at home. Four Jim. Four.
In the end at 12:24 RVD is the Winner and Hardcore Champion to a great ovation after he
A lot of quality, bang for your buck in this one.

This match is short and sweet, I love it. A hardcore gem.




12) Y2J Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam in a King of the Ring Semi-Finals match -King of the Ring 2002
This was the infamous match where Jericho ripped on fans online who complained about this match online directly after it had happened live.

Apparently if I got my story straight, Jericho went onto a random wrestling forum the night of this event and saw people complaining about this match, as a result Jericho went off defending this match and labelling all of the IWC as ungrateful pretty much.

Well, Jericho was right about this match. It is pretty incredible.

Chris Jericho and Van Dam both got heat, Van Dam in the positive way. A side headlock by Jericho and he goes all the way around into a hammerlock, RVD countered and then torked the arm of Jericho while stomping on the mat. RVD with a shot to the gut of Jericho and while the two avoid one another both men counter.

Jericho runs into a reverse elbow before an armdrag takedown.

Both men go for a dropkick

The crowd show their support. Jericho slaps RVD while the fans chant his name. RVD sends Jericho to the buckle and he rolls into him flipping him over. RVD with a leg drop.
EC Dub is chanted.

Jericho regains control. Jericho lands a heel kick. Jericho flies off the top rope and misses RVD. RVD flies off the side ropes into a summersault onto Jericho on the floor. RVD hits with a top rope move.

RVD went for the frog splash but Jericho shoved the official into the ropes and Rob Van Dam lost his balance. Rob Van Dam hooked up on the top turnbuckle by Jericho who hits a double am suplex. Jericho asks for a three.

Rob Van Dam is thrown into the corner while the crowd get all over Jericho.

RVD gets a boot up and a unique cradle taking down Jericho getting a nearfall. Jericho drops RVD sending him to the buckle.

Chris exposes the buckle padding in this evironment sending Rob Van Dam in. Rob Van Dam is choked out on the middle rope by Jericho who takes apart his wrist tape. RVD launched Jericho to the ropes.

Jericho slaps on a stretch submission hold torking both arms of RVD to the side. Van Dam fought his way bac in but Jericho charged into the ring post shoulder first. Rob Van Dam with more uppercuts before dropping Jericho with a spin kick.

RVD with a springboard kick to Jericho. Now Rob Van Dam connecting with rolling thunder but a kick out from Jericho. Rob Van Dam missed a kick but Jericho connected with an inziguri.

RVD misses a spinning kick and lands a german release suplex but somehow Van Dam kicked out. Rob Van Dam with a split-leg moonsault off the top and he gets a two. Jericho looks for the Walls but Van Dam reverses it.

Close call.

Both men exchange shots. Jericho goes for a dropkick and is catapolted to the corner but he lands. Coming down Jericho threw Van Dam into the exposed buckle. Using the ropes for leverage he tried to get a two.

Nobody there for the Lionsault and RVD hit a spinning heel kick.

RVD goes for the five star frogsplash. Jericho moves and then hits the Lionsault. RVD just barely kicked out.

Loud RVD chants.

King said both men were killing each other. RVD goes for a hurricanrana but Jericho slaps on the Walls of Jericho on Van Dam.

What a match.

Rob Van Dam reached the ropes in time and now Jericho with hair in hand drive him into the metal post.

Jericho with Rob Van Dam up high but RVD helps Chris lose balance. Rob Van Dam from up high goes for his five star frog splash and he gets him.

In the end at RVD pinned Jericho after a Five-Star Frog Splash at 14:32 to advance to the finals of the King of The Ring tournament to meet the winner of the next match.

This match is very underrated and one of the better opening matches in PPV history.






13) Rob Van Dam vs Christian (c) in a Ladder match for the IC Championship -Raw 29/09/03

No commercial breaks, set up like a PPV match I love it!

Rob Van Dam has his name chanted and he does the thumb pose but Christian stops him with a kick to the face. RVD flips over Christian and no matter how many times he ducks, Van Dam still caught him with a series of kicks.

Right away RVD goes for a Ladder but Christian stops RVD and then poses himself while the fans boo. Christian pickd up a Ladder and RVD hit a baseball slide into the ladder on Christian.

Christian outside the ring, and RVDw with a suicide dive, a springboad moonsault over the top rope onto Christian, onto a ladder.

Impressive spot.

Especially for a tv match! Fans are definitely into this one.

Christian fights back and tossed RVD into the steps. Christian set a Ladder on the steps and barricade but RVD caught him and set him up on his abdomen on the Ladder. RVD poses and taunts Christian while dropping a spinning heel kick to Christian on top of the Ladder.

RVD throws the Ladder in the ring. RVD has two Ladder`s in the ring. RVD reversed into the Ladder set up in the corner buying Christian a bit of time. Christian for all of his peeps sets up a Ladder horizontal in the middle of the ropes.

Christian set up Van Dam below the ladder and catapolted him up face first.

Lawler said that will send you to the dentist.

Christian climbs but RVD turns the ladder over and caught Christian with a high kick. RVD scooped up Christian tossed him on the ladder, and a standing moonsault on top of Christian onto a Ladder hurting both men. RVD rammed the Ladder into Christian taking him out of the ring.

Van Dam is climbing, still selling the injuries and Christian catches him up high with an un-prettier. Christian sets up a Ladder in the corner.

A monkey flip by Van Dam onto the ladder to Christian. RVD the hits a rolling thunder on Christian onto the Ladder.

Christian tripped up Rob climbing the Ladder andhe hits face-first to the mat. Christian picked up a Ladder and RVD hit a spinning heel kick into the Ladder into Christian.
RVD goes for a five star frogsplash off a Ladder onto Christian on another Ladder and he bruised his sternum as Christian dodged that move. Christian uses the Ladder as a stepping stone but RVD came out of no where and hit a spin kick to take Christian off who fell on the Ladder afterwards.

RVD and Christian both set up a Ladder in the middle of the ring.
A slugfest at the top of the Ladder. Both men fall off, Christian falls to the mat but Van Dam falls on the top of another Ladder.

So there`s only one thing to do.

A five star from the top of the Ladder onto Christian. RVD sets up a Ladder in the middle of the ring.

In the end RVD wins the IC title at 14 minutes of tv time.

This match a classic on Raw and a forgotten gem, a great way to close the DVD!

Three four star matches to end the set.





Disc 2 Extra`s:


Before They Were Superstars
Airbrush Artist
Frog Splash
Jakks Pacifiic Tour
Fantasy Matchup
Wrestlemania Moments
Outside the Ropes
RVD Vignette 1
RVD Vignette 2
Behind the Scenes
WWE Invasion Promo
RVD Vs Balls Mahoney
BVD Sabu
WCW Debut
3 Bonus matches.


Final Rating for RVD: One of a Kind= 7.5/10

This set features some of the very best of RVD. I’d say pick it up because of the Living Dangerously match with Jerry Lynn but the truth is there is a whole lot more to it then just that. If you’re a fan of the promotion or Van Dam then this two disc set is for you. So many four star matches, it is an underrated gem of a DVD set. High quality.


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  1. Brett Mix says:

    There’s been so many complaints about the 7.5 rating. Let me clarify that I don’t rate anything 10/10 unless it’s perfect. So automatically that means a 9.5 is likely the very best a DVD is going to get. I almost deduct a full mark if it’s a two disc set and not three considering the performer has enough material. So now we are at 8.5. I thought some of the way we jumped into matches was sloppy and the overall presentation dropped it down a nudge. It’s a high 7, low 8 if anything, it’s also not the end of the world.

  2. CJ says:

    How can a ton of 4 star and up matches end up being 7.5?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The DVD matches are amazing. The presentation could have been done better by WWE though. Josh Matthews introducing it was bad and the extras are just thrown together. Its also one of those DVDs where they had room for more matches but didnt use it. It only goes up to 2004 so doesnt tell the whole RVD story. BUT the matches on it are awesome. It really shows how they can overlook talent when they want to considering how little they did with him.

  4. Rob L says:

    I would say it’s a solid 8.5. This DVD is really good and very underrated.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I was hoping you would review this. This is much higher than a 7.5 IMO. GREAT SET. GREAT REVIEW.

  6. Bryan says:

    Great review Brett that Raw ladder match with Christian was epic prob one of my top 5 favorite ladder matches not counting TLC matches.