Review: The Best of WCW Nitro (3 Disc) DVD

October 3, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- Best of WCW of Monday Night Nitro “3 Disc” Review:


“That’s right, I bought my own competition. I now OWN….W…C….W…..”Vince McMahon

We get it Vince…………………………………











-This 3 Disc DVD was hosted by long-time WCW member Diamond Dallas Page. Page first caught main-stream attention in 1997 in a year long feud with the nWo’s legendary Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

-Page goes through 3 discs here with great background info on what you will be seeing before and after from a non-biased point of view which gives you an interesting perspective on things.




Disc 1:





Matches and Segments:




-WCW History Lesson: DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) welcomes us to the best of Monday Night Nitro. Here we will see some of the best wrestling skills in the ring on the opening Nitro with Pillman vs Liger, and a shocking defection showcasing Luger’s jump to WCW. As we start…





1) Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs Jushin Thunder Liger -WCW Nitro: 4th September, 1995



These two have some insane chemistry witch each irher jn rhr rjng is a given. Such similar styles and so many quick things happen in such a short period of time everyone has to just love this kind of action!
The flow of high risk moves mixed with mat holds is just tremendous and the crowd reacts to every move, I just love these two. Two of the best ever and this is obviously not as good as the Superbrawl 92 match on TV here and not as long but they did some different and some SAME things here in this match that was a nice touch. It was matches like this that showed why Nitro was soon about to turn the corner in the ratings war, this was just amazing television with matches like this.

Even some moments in THIS match had you scratching your head saying “WOW!”
A good choice to begin the Nitro DVD. This match is also on the Plllman DVD for good reason, Flyin Brian called an aerial artst and he really was.


A great match were about to see here to open this DVD up. I love seeing this again, so glad they added it. Anything involving Liger or Pillman is more then welcome, anywhere, any time…
This took place in a mall in Minnesota, this Nitro did. Really cool set-up.

Liger with a couple of front-flips after Pillman begins with a hammerlock set-up.

Liger with a cart-wheel spin-kick to Flyin Brian.

Moonsault off the top into a sleeper by Jushin. Pillman a little slower then Jushin Thunder Liger thus far. Liger then chopped Flyin Brian in the corner.

A defensive counter into an offensive hurricanrana in the corner from Pillman to Liger then a chop.

Heenan, Tony Schiavone do a good job at plugging the show during the match. Pillman with another hurricanrana into an abdominal stretch. Pillman dropped down to the canvas and now a reverse surfboard by Jushin Thunder Liger. Liger stretched Pillman high in the air. Heenan says to give up, did he ever take a few minutes off? All of his commentary is golden. Another head-scissors take-over by Pillan, Liger takes him to the floor.

A moonsault-spinning kick by Jushin Thunder Liger to Flyin Brian as Liger flew through the air onto the floor.

Liger then suplexed over the rope to the floor by Brian.

Both men with tons of aerial attacks thus far. Pillman launched off the top onto Liger. Pillman gets superplexed by Jushin Thunder Liger off the top rope. Pillman caught Jushin Thunder Liger in mid-air with a dropkick even though Jushin Thunder Liger was going for an offensive move. Very high ris but effective momentarily as Liger comes back with a powerbomb and a two count.

Another hurricanrana (Maybe 6th or 7th of the match) this time by Liger but off the top rope to Pillman and still a two.

Extremely fast action.

A tremendous tornado ddt by Pillman to Liger. A standing-switch by Pillman and he gets Liger.

The end came when Pillman hit a standing switch to roll up Liger and he picked up what was called a tremendous victory only I wish it was longer! Still great though.

Every time these two went at it, it WAS magic.

Can’t give it anything less.









2) Hulk Hogan (With Jimmy Hart) vs Big Bubba Rogers -WCW Nitro: 4th September, 1995


WCW Champion Hulk Hogan Main Eventing the first Nitro only seemed appropriate.

Big Bubba Rogers was the Big Bossman for those who don’t know.

These guy’s had some decent matches a half decade before this. I remember a good match on Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Hogan always knows how to work with the bigger guys or giants.

That’s how they book most of his matches. Hulk rammed Big Bubba Rogers’s head into the top turnbuckle with a smile on his face.

It must be nice to be Hulk Hogan.

Big Bubba Rogers though out of no where picks up Hogan and hits a back-breaker. Hogan forgets it even happened.


Hulk with two boots in the head of Bossma, excuse me Big Bubba Rogers.

Big Bubba Rogers went after the mouth of the south but then got cornered in by Hogan who layed ten shots followed by uppercuts and a scoop powerslam.

Elbow drops by Hogan to Big Bubba Rogers.

Hulk coming off the ropes hit with a side-slam to Big Bubba Rogers.

Heenan screams that this could be it. Apparently he hasn’t payed attention to the Hogan matches he’s watched the last 30 years.

Hogan hulks up.

You know the story, leg drop, the end at just over seven minutes.


* 1/2





3) “Macho Man” Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair & Arn Anderson WCW Nitro: 8th January, 1996



The Madness and the Mania back together again.

What an all star tag match though, for real. You got two of the NWA’s best of the 80’s against the two of WWF’s best going at it.

A dream tag team match, actually.

The Horsemen versus the Mega Powers.

Nitro seemed packed here in a good arena now for the first time on the DVD as the first two matches were from the same Mall of America venue.

By this point when I was still in elementary school, Savage and Flair had both wrestled over 20 years. As of this writing nearly 16 years later, Ric is still wresstling as is Hogan. Anderson is good and retired and Savage passed away this year.

Hogan and Flair start in the ring.
OMG the ultimate dream match.

Not for me.

Anyway Flair did chain-wrestle with Hogan simlair to how Macho did at Mania 5, and Hogan answered back with a drop toe-hold and a hammerlock of his own.

Flar chops Hulk in the corner and he nodss it off, then Flair with a thumb to the eye.

You could hear some boo’s for Hogan. Well come on, the man had been a babyface for about 17 years in a row. And a huge one at that…to say the least.

Flair needed to go for a walk after Hogan delivered a boot to the face.

Macho Man is tagged in when Arn Anderson does and comes off the top with a flying double axe-handle. Just watching Savage in the ring makes me miss him so much.

I missed him when he was alive, now that he’s gone it’s even worse.

Macho takes Anderson into the corner, then a flying hanldle onto the Enforcer Arn Anderson.

Savage had Anderson down and Flair ran from Hogan until Flair got a thumb to Macho’s eye.

Savage catches Flair up high and then he slaps on a Figure Four. You can see Flair call the reverse elbow and the figure four to Savage both.

Flait hits a ddt to Savage, Hogan breaks up the count.

Flair tossed Macho to the floor and it was a nasty spill. Savage smacked the ground hard. Macho hit sternum first along the guard-rail.

After 6 minutes of good acion they take a break.

Back and Arn Anderson has an abdominal stretch to Savage.

The Horsemen were dominating during the break apparently.

Macho needs the hot tag. Arn Anderson with some illegal tork, so to speak, hanging on Flair from the apron’s hand for additional leverage to try and make Randy submit. Flair chops Macho Man n the corner and then he bumps hard into the turnbuckle.

Flair with a vicious side suplex to Randy Savage and Arn Anderson isolating Randy.

All of the sudden Savage catches Arn with a sleeper, fans go crazy but there in the WRONG end of the woods. In the corner of the Horsemen. Flair taking it to Savage in the ring and outside of it.

Macho then gets Flair with a back-slide.

Savage almost hit with an atomic drop on the leg and then Savage with inside cradles on the Nature boy twice. Macho fires back on Flair but he’s chopped by Flair.

Macho tripped up by Flair and Arn Anderson keeps him out of the corner.

What a tag match.

Four of the all time greats working a basic tag strategy to perfection.

Macho finally maes the hot tag. Hogan with huge right’s to Flair. Hogan clotheslnes both guys in the corner until Flair blasts him.

Hogan out of no where with a double clothesline. Savage throws in Arn but he hits Hogan with a Spinebuster. Some cheer.

Hogan hulks up as some are so tired of him. Don’t worry fans, Hogan’s heel tuurn soon enough.

Leg drop by Hogan to Anderson, the Mega Powers win.


In the end Savage and Hogan put away Flair and Anderson after 11 minutes of great tv, tag action.



*** 1/2





-“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”: DDP says WCW grew because of NWA legends like Flair and Arn Anderson. Luger and Sting then are discussed.





4) WCW World Tag Team Championship Match Sting and Lex Luger (c) vs The Road Warriors for the World Tag Title’s- WCW Nitro: 5th February, 1996


Blue Spike Pads looked pretty interesting.
Road Warrior Animal takes it to Sting, but he came off the ropes with a running bulldog of sorts.

Sting with high aerial attack. Harlem Heat to meet the winner of this at Superbrawl 96 for the straps.

So whoever wins, Booker T’s comin for you …..(Insert phrase here)

Hawk comes in and takes down Luger who got tagged in with a clothesline firing away on him. Sting and Hawk lock up and Hawk chopped Sting.

Hawk clotheslined Sting. Sting with a scorpion deathlock attempt to Hawk but Road Warrior Animal came in.

They call it picture perfect tag wrestling.

Well the Road Warrior’s are the greatest team ever so it should be no surprise.

Action, fast and furious almost hard to keep up with as both teams make frequent tags and attempt to isolate the other team’s partner.

Sting tagged in with a front facelock.

They lost POWER during this match but then they kept up with this program.

Sting kept trying to wear-down Road Warrior Animal with a front facelock. Luger suplexed Road Warrior Animal inside the ring as Sting and Hawk brawled outside the ring.

Luger with the Mega Phone to the kidney area on Road Warrior Animal and Sting and Luger win the match under in under 8 minutes.



A fast moving match in the first-half until the Power went out but overall it was just pretty good.




** 1/2






5) Parking Lot Brawl Lord Steven Regal vs Belfast Bruiser WCW Nitro: 29th April, 1996


Interesting to see mat-experts like these two in a parking lot brawl.

Belfast Bruiser is sent smashed into a windshield.

Belfast Bruiser grabs a piece of concrete outside but Regal fights back.

Belfast Bruiser takes it to Regal in more of a physical way and drops a tire on him and then a bumper to the back.

The Bumper ripped off the car and smmashes into Regal.

Lord Steven Regal slamed onto a car, this makes him furious enough to retaliate with a slam of his own to Belfast Bruiser and then an elbow drop on the hood.

Regal kicks at Belfast Bruiser.

Regal then choked by the seatbelt by the Belfast Bruiser otherwise known as Finlay.

Belfast Bruiser controlling the pace now slamming Regal`s into the top of the car, the side of the car.

Regal this time comes back and throws Belfast Bruiser into the glass.

Belfast Bruiser drops the elbow onto Regal on the hood and went for a piledriver on the concrete.

Regal now sets up for one on the hood but he is back-body dropped by the Belfast Bruiser. Belfast Bruiser slams Regal by his head to the hood. Regal is successful with his piledriver this time!

In the end Regal pins the Bruiser (Belfast, no offense Brody) on the hood.

The ending line really makes this match.

Absolutely hilarious Heenan line as usual that comes at the very end.

`Wait a minute….that`s my CAR!!!!`

This was a little all over the place but a lot of brutal action for its time.

Respect as these guys weren`t these types of wrestlers.











6) Eddie Guerrero vs Ric Flair (With Woman and Miss Elizabeth) WCW Nitro: 20th May, 1996



Eddie in the ring, his AAA and ECW and international fans know him quite well.

But there was still the vast majority in WCW that would have to see him work to truly appreciate the guy.

Fair taunts Macho Man by kissing the hand of Liz and struts.


Bell rings and two of the greatest performers in the ring are set to go.

A lock-up mid-ring and a side headlock by Eddie Guerrero and then a turning cradle on the mat, similar to the Steamboat-Flair Classics`s.

This sequence of series of events continue.

Flair with a shoulder block off the ropes until a drop toe-hold by Eddie gets him down.
Flair pushes Eddie to a corner and chopss him, Eddie chops back. The veteran tries to teach the entering his prime Eddie Guerrero a lesson but Eddie is vicious.

Eddie Guerrero gets on top of Flair with straight right-hands and more chops. Flair chops Eddie Guerrero and Woo`s, Eddie Guerrero gets up and shoves him down.

Hysterical moment in the match.

Flair begs off Eddie Guerrero in the corner.

Eddie Guerrero survives the chops in the corner and back-drops Flair before drop-kicking him to the outside and he lands on the floor.

Flair is mad now and goes for a chair.

He and the official get in a shoving war. Flair throws a fit. Now he`s at it with the fans to draw Heat I guess.

Nancy Benoit looked very good here, and I never really found her all that attractive to be honest. No dis-respect to the dead of course, just saying. Liz would always out-shine her for sure but they both looked great here.


Eddie Guerrero out-schools Flair and then begins to strut on the outside of the ring. Funny stuff.


Ric Flair waiting in the ring has had it. He`s about to lose it. Back in the ring Eddie chops Flair and Flair flops. A huge one.

Flair begs him off then the dirtiest player in the game with a thumb to the eye. A quick break. Back to the action Flar with a reverse chinlock.

Eddie Guerrero elbows out and then hits a running shoulder block, ducks a clothesline and then takes Flair`s head off with another. Eddie Guerrero all over the Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Eddie Guerrero off the top with a sunset flip to Flair and then a nearfall the other way.

Match goes back an forth and then a series of back-slide`s and inside cradles occur but neither man can put the other away. Eddie Guerrero attacks after an atomic drop and then Flair lands rights and a side suplex to Eddie Guerrero. Flair hits a suplex and Eddie Guerrero kicks out.

They put over the heart of Eddie Guerrero.


Fans chant MACHO, MACHo, MACHO….to try to get to Flair.

Eddie Guerrero with a elbow show to Flair. Eddie with chops and Flair flips over then turnbuckle and a dropkick to Flair to the ground.

Eddie with a shoulder shot, goes for a sun-set flip to Flair and then he rakes the face of Eddie Guerrero layind down and Flair struts him. Broadcasters say he`s tring to get his dignty back after being tauned earlier.

Eddie Guerrero with a tornado ddt out of the cornerr to Flair and SOMEHOW he still kicked out.


Eddie Guerrero shows incredible agility walking the top rope and hitting a hurricanrana on Flair then a body slam. Guerrero to Flair hits a frog splash but he hurt his knee on the way down.


This saved the Nature Boy and maybe opens up an an oppurtunity for the figure four. Flair goes for it but Eddie Guerrero kicks him off. Flair hooked it in but at the last second Eddie Guerrero blocked it but then he had it locked in for good.

Eddie gets out somehow but Flair uses the ropes to pin an injured Eddie Guerrero.

Terrific match. Got a ton of tv time and show-cased what Eddie Guerrero could do.



*** 3/4







-Scott Hall Nitro Debut WCW Nitro: 27th May, 1996: Scott Hall`s debut which was shown on the Monday Night War`s DVD. Still a terrific debut. One of the biggest shocks of all time, at the time, it still may be….fans were stunned silent.


-Kevin Nash Nitro Debut WCW Nitro: 10th June, 1996: More of the same. Nash rips on Hogan and Savage. Nash and Hall seem to be Outsiders taking over…things are getting interesting.

-Migrating to Hot’Lanta: DDP says top stars were on the way to WCW with Bischoff`s booking and the question were they Outsiders from the WWE, DDP said WCW said it all worked. Now Nitro went on their two year winning streak.





7) WCW World Tag Team Championship Triangle Match for the WCW Tag Title`s- Sting & Lex Luger (c) vs The Steiner Brother vs The Harlem Heat WCW Nitro: 24th June, 1996

A lot of great WCW tag teams around this time.

As a matter of fact, the WCW Roster in 1996-1997 was as good as any Wrestling Company`s roster ever if not the very best.

Bell rings.

Sting and Luger begin on the apron.

Booker T begins with Scott Steiner.

Scott Steiner dodged a high thrust kic by the Booker man.

Booker T with a shuffle and Scott Steiner goes to the mat using an amateur move flipping T to the other corner. Booker is reverse slammed to the mat. T talks to Stevie Ray in the corner.

Scott Steiner with a headlock on Booker, Stevie with a knee to the ribs and Booker roughs up Scott Steiner with some shots and a latteral press, only a two.

Booker missed a huge spinning-thrust kick and then a side slam by Scott Steiner. Rick tags in and the crowd barks for the dog man.

Rick Steiner and Stevie Ray go at it and Ray roughs up Rick Steiner. Hard, vicious shots to the brother of Scott Steiner.

Stevie sends him to the corner, runs sternum first into the buckle. Waist-lock suplex to Ray by Rick Steiner and a nearfall. Scott Steiner tagged in to isolate the big man.

Sting tagged in.

Sting and Stevie Ray eye each other. Harlem Heat with some offense to Sting. Booker with a hot and a knee to the gut of Sting. Booker missed a spin-heel kick and is hung up on the top rope. Sting shook him up and down to the fan`s delight.

Sting scores a nearfall.

Sting goes for a splash off the top but the knees of Booker are lifted up and Stevie Ray is tagged in. Rick Steiner tagged in by Stevie Ray, who tags in Sting during the break holding Booker in a sleeper.

Luger who has barely competed in this match is taking control.

The bell rings though.

Why, the Outsiders came to the ring distracting everyone and Harlem Heat have won the titles!

Cops protect WCW stars from the Outsiders.

What an angle.

And a pretty good match.



** 3/4





-nWo is Taking Over 8th July, 1996: During a Luger match Hall and Nash come out and attack him.



Hogan comes out in black with no red and yellow and some of the fans love it because HOGAN is different!

Such a great angle. Hogan says he`s bigger then wrestling.

Hogan, Nash and Hall.

new World order. Hogan and the nWo cut a great promo with Gene as the crowd throw garbage in the ring.

Epic stuff.


-nWo Awoke a Sleeping Giant:


The WCW stars tried to attack the Outsiders who were causing havoc live on Nitro, Savage jumps on a driving limo was pretty hilarious.



-The Outsiders attack WCW Superstars WCW Nitro 29th July, 1996:

This was also on the Monday Night War`s DVD where Nash and Hall take a guy like Mysterio and throw him against the set up crew.

People in the area called the cops thinking it was real gang wars.





8 ) Sting & Lex Luger vs The Outsiders Scott Hall & Kevin Nash WCW Nitro: 12th August, 1996

Luger started off and then Sting got tagged in and both men took it to the nWo`s outsiders.
The Stinger and Luger brought a lot of offense here against The Outsiders.

Un-real action to begin.

You could feel the legit hatred between the two factions of the nWo and WCW.

Nash slams Luger to the mat.

Nick Patrick letting The outsider`s take apart Luger, Sting tries to save him and hits a double clothesline.

Nice move by the Stinger to Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.

Sting with a right-hand to Hall and a Stinger Splash to Kevin Nash.

He attempted one on Hall and he moved. Sting crashes.

No Luger to help.

THE WCW and the Horsemen come out. Complete chaos at ring-side.

They show Nick Patrick move Hall out of the way. He was payed off.

In the end its a no contest. Pretty short but good action for what was.


* 3/4








-nWo takes Over WCW Nitro: 26th August, 1996: A very good segment of Hogan, Hall and Nash taking over Nitro.


-“Sting” attacks Lex Luger WCW Nitro 9th September, 1996: Sting comes out of a limo and attacks Luger. Everyone thought Sting joined the nWo and DiBiase.



-The Enigmatic Sting: They talk about Sting. The X-Factor without talking. The new Sting didn`t talk which made him more intriguing.

-Sting walks out on Nitro WCW Nitro 16th September, 1996: Sting comes to the ring to a mixed-reaction the week after turning on Luger. He gets on the mic and cuts a passionate promo that carries on and while it does that it`s still memorable for his career. Left suspense in the air.




-Rowdy Roddy Piper confronts Eric Bischoff WCW Nitro: 18th November, 1996: Piper confronts Bischoff which was a memorable back and forth promo to help hype the Piper-Hogan Starrcade 96 match. The nWo attack Piper. Bischoff joins the nWo. Heavy stuff.






9) Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Dean Malenko WCW Nitro 30th December, 1996:



Rey Mysterio Jr. and Dean Malenko put on two four and a half star matches at Halloween Havoc and the Great American Bash in 96.

So to see this match end Disc 1 pleases me.

The last Nitro of 1996 and it features these two. The chemistry with these two is amazing. Almost as good as Eddie and Dean.

Here`s sort of a forgotten gem. Rey Mysterio Jr. begins with a leg-lock, a unique version.

Malenko with a leg-tork, sort of an indian death-lock and a reverse chin-lock.

Tenay says the Ultimo Dragon-Dean Malenko match at Starrcade 96 was a classic, I`ll never forgive the WWE for not putting it on the Starrcade set. It`s four and a half stars and in my eyes easily a top 5 match in the show`s history and didn`t get a spot on the top 25. Yet the Mysterio match that was also great but not nearly as good got a spot from that same show against I believe Psichosis.

Mysterio and Malenko work the mat a lot which I find very interesting because they both know how to fly, but then again Malenko is the man of 1,000 holds.

Mysterio with a hurricanrana all these moves seem modified and they`re so crisp and slick. You could definitely say this was Malenko`s prime, maybe even Rey.

That`s why basic matches like this are so catchy.

Rey Rey with a baseball slide then a hurricanrana to Malenko on the floor. They both go back in

Malenko with a drop toe-hold into an STF.

Now he goes for a surfboard on Rey and torks the knee into the lower back.

Malenko with a wristlock and Rey flips him with an arm-drag and then a front facelock.

God these guys are amazing.

Malenko sets him up high and slams Rey to the mat hard. Rey Mysterio Jr. down and Malenko picks him up and sets him in the air in a torture rack then slams him down as Rey Mysterio Jr.`s chest hits the knee. A sternum breaker I`ll call it.

Malenko twists the ankle of Rey. Rey Mysterio Jr. uses Malenko`s arm and goes off the top and dropkicks Malenko.

If Schiavonne would shut up and stop telling us where Nitro was going to be held for the next 100 years I`d be able to follow this a bit better, thankfully Tenay steps it up and talks.

Malenko with a back-breaker stretching Rey out. Dean then slams his head into the top turnbucke twice.

He tried for a figure four, Rey Mysterio Jr. kicks him to the buckle then flies of the top with a head-scissors take-over.

Ten Minutes run out, wow that was a quick ten minutes. A draw.
Classic TV encounter to end Disc 1.


















Disc 2:



-Badda Bang: We`re back for Disc 2 and DDP gets a chance to shine on the set now. DDP was basically MADE by Randy `Macho Man` Savage in 1997 and really got over in their legendary feud. He




10) Diamond Dallas Page vs Mark Starr WCW Nitro: 13th January, 1997

DDP and his self high five entrance rocked.

He hits a DDT to Mark Starr who tried his best to take it to DDP but Page his a modified Diamond Cutter on Mark Starr.



In the end that’s it in under a minute.
Hall and Nash come out to try and get DDP to join he hugs Nash. He does. DDP hits a Diamond Cutter on Hall, Nash goes to the outside and DDP remains WCW. Fans love it.

This got him over big time.








-Harvey Schiller suspends Eric Bischoff WCW Nitro: 3rd March, 1997: Mean Gene interviews a very cocky Eric Bischoff. Schiller comes out and he is the president of Turner’s operations comes out and confronts Bischoff. He suspends him, whch got a good pop.

-Sting attacks the nWo WCW Nitro: 17th March, 1997: Hogan, Randy Savage, Hall, Nash, etc of the nWo attack Harlem Heat and the Steiner’s, everyone on WCW, they focused on WCW. Fans chanted “WE want Sting.”

Luger and The Giant cme out. Harlem Heat and the Steiner’s help out team WCW. All of the sudden Sting from the roof comes down with a bat. Savage tries to calm Hogan down, Hogan is afraid that he’s pointing at Hogan.

-The High- Flying Cruiserweights: Page talks about how not only the nWo got over in 97 with Nitro but all the cruiserweights as well such as Mysterio.




11) WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match Syxx (c) (With Kevin Nash) vs Rey Mysterio Jr. WCW Nitro: 21st April, 1997


Syxx defendng the title here against Rey Mysterio Jr.

Both guys circle then lock up.

Syxx with a standing side head-lock into a hammerlock, Rey with an arm-drg counter.

Rey Mysterio Jr. sends Syxx to the ropes, now Rey’s got the side head-lock on Syxx, and he ducks Syxx’s attack and Rey Mysterio Jr. gets Syxx down with a drop toe-hold.

Mysterio with a back-flip and then a slap to Syxx hard. Now uppercuts and then Rey twists over Syxx with a hurricanrana, but now off the ropes Syxx drops Mysterio down to the canvas off the ropes.

Nicely done.

Syxx with a snapmare and then a quick leg-drop off the ropes.

Syxx with a bronco buster on Rey in the corner. Both these guys look like there in their absolute prime. An abdominal stretch by Syxx.

Syxx uses the ropes for leverage to sustain Rey Mysterio Jr..

Rey Mysterio Jr. still in a rough spot.

Syxx and Nick Patrick argue.

Rey Mysterio Jr. switches the abdoinal with a counter into one then all of the sudden Syxx takes Rey Mysterio Jr. to the floor and he landed head-first on the steel.

Syxx in the ring beind told to back off and Nash goes after a MUCH smaller Rey. Mysterio with a hard shot to Syxx and then he hit a hurricanrana. Mysterio off the top rope then with a hurricanrana off the top rope to Syxx and then a senton summersault to Syxx on the floor.

Mysterio poses, the fans love it until Nash comes in and hits a Jackknife.

Fans go wild and the official just happened to not see or hear it.


A combo of a chicken-wing crssface and Syxx wins at 6 minutes. Irony…

All of these officials and security come out.
As good of a 6 minute tv match that you will ever see. Just a dissapointing ending, but hey, it’s a tv match.





*** 3/4









12) WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match Hollywood Hulk Hogan (c) vs Lex Luger WCW Nitro: 4th August, 1997



Big tme Main Event here with Luger finally getting a big break to go after Hogan for the title.

The 100th program of Nitro and the two men circle one another.

Hogan headlined the first Nitro against Big Bubba Rogers.

How times have changed in two years. Luger slaps on a hammerlock onto Hogan. He gets out of it and is all smiles. Hogan pushed down.

Luger flexes trying to intimidate him.

Luger ties up with Hogan and is pushed back to the corner.

“Hogan SUCKS” chants. Ten years late but hey, better late then never.

Hogan stomping on Luger and chokes him out with a boot.
Hollywood Hulk Hogan has him down.


Hogan relentless back to the attack again then goes to the floor and drives his elbow into the throat of Luger twice and unloads with shots.

Hollywood rakes the face of Luger and then an irishwhip to Luger into the corner.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan with a powerslam. Luger is slammed head-first into the top turnbuckle.

Luger blocks the head shots and Hogan has his head slammed to the top turnbuckle. Hogan with a headbutt on Luger. Hogan with a suplex to Luger.

Hogan clotheslines Lex and no matter what he throws at him Luger keeps getting out of the predicament.

A boot to the face and Randy Anderson the official is arguing with Hollywood Hulk Hogan after he gets upset at another two count.

Hogan with a leg-drop off the rpes and Luger kicks out. Hollywood Hulk Hogan is mad now.

Hogan tries it again and Luger moves. Hall runs in and so does Nash but Luger takes it to them. Macho flies off the the top and Luger catches them as well.

Luger wins the title with the torture rack.
In the end Lex Luger won and we FINALLY had a NEW World’s Champion and his name was Lex Luger.

What a massive pop, one of wrestling’s often forgotten feel good moments. If you hated Hogan or were a fan of Luger anyway. Fans threw stuff in regardless.
WCW Roster give him props.






-Disregard for Tradition & Authority: This was the set up for the parody of the 4 Horsemen done by the nWo.


-nWo mocks the Four Horsemen WCW Nitro: 1st September, 1997: Here is the parody.





13) Diamond Dallas Page vs Buff Bagwell WCW Nitro: 29th September, 1997



Buff Bagwell who mocked Curt Hennig is now in this match.

Bagwell and DDP have a very phsyical match here.

A ton of a agility for bigger guys. Not big men, but Buff Bagwell is stocky an Page is tall.

Nice outside work.

See, Page was over here big time after his feud with Savage throughout the year, he was Still feuding with him at this point.

Buff Bagwell with a great standing dropkick and then a slam. Bagwell kicked at DDP and then from his knees Page fought back with a number of right’s then an atomic ddop. Page with another huge right.

Bagwell then catches DDP by surprise with a swinging neck-breaker countering a potential Diamond Cutter by DDP.

DDP rolls up Bagwell after a ref argument but a two. Vincent aka Virgil come in and then DDP hits a Diamond cutter on him. Page then hit a Diamond Cutter on Bagwell and he got the three.


In the end DDP wins a pretty good television contest.



** 1/2







-Sting Saves DDP from the nWo 27th October, 1997: We see Hogan working over DDP in a match a few days before 1997’s Halloween.

“A Sting” runs to the ring and Hogan takes off his strap and whips Page.

Now the nWo run out and attack DDP.

Fans chant “We Want Sting!”

Sting comes down the steps and comes ring-side. Sting saves DDP from the new World order and they begin to back away.




14) Sting vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage (With Elizabeth) WCW Nitro: 2nd February, 1998


So we fast forward a few months and now Steve Austin and the WWF were picking up momentum as Mike Tyson had appeared and the Steve Austin-Vince McMahon feud was picking up.

However this was WCW’s prime in late 97, early 98 and they still owned the ratings war in a tough, tough battle.


This bout takes place from San Antonio Texas.

Randy “Macho Man” Savage in the black and white was pretty damn awesome if I must say.
The Stinger comes down from the top, A LONG way down this time fro this dome.

Sting wasted no time in taking it to Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

Savage bodyslammed onto the concrete. Randy had his mid to late 40’s bald spot and the Stinger could still take it to a very tough Randy “Macho Man” Savage who then raked the face of the Stinger.

Buying himself some time. Macho sweeped the leg of Sting then with a great reversal he sends him shoulder first into the ring-post.

Sting launched himself to the barricade and went for a Stinger Splash and hit head-first into the Steel.

Throat-first this time into the steel by Savage as the momentum switches. Savage takes off a top buckle then flew from the top to the outside floor nailing Sting with a double axe-handle. Savage threw Sting back in the ring.

Randy “Macho Man” Savage with a piledriver. Sting wasn’t phased and took it to Randy “Macho Man” Savage and in the corner this time levelledd Savage with a Stinger Splash and this time he moves.


Savage had Sting where he wanted him in the corner.



Randy “Macho Man” Savage drops him then hits his top rope elbow.

Hogan comes out and tells Savage he wants to beat him, not him.

Hogan is jealous of Savage.

What else is new? Luger comes out and kicks at Macho Man.


Sting and Macho were doing excellent tv for months following the Page-Savage feud.


In the end this was a full-throttle thrill ride with a hot crowd and big names. Had it been longer with a better ending it would of been rated higher.

However, it wasn’t and as a result it still remains quality because it was BANG for your buck.



*** 1/4





-Jericho’s 1004 Holds WCW Nitro: 30th March, 1998: Right after he finished beating Marty Jannetty he said he only knew 60. Jericho said he knew 1,002.

Jericho then began reading them out, they go to commercial, they come back and he is still reading them out. Funny stuff.

-Who’s Next?: The Goldberg and Hogan feud had a ton of hype, the feud that lead to their match anyway.




15) WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Goldberg WCW Nitro: 6th July, 1998 (Georgia Dome)



I remember that Summer in 1998 and everyone talking about the big Hogan-Goldberg match to take place TONIGHT on Nitro.

It didn’t matter if you were into Austin or DX, this mattered to everyone in the wrestling world.


The Georgia Dome is packed for this one to see there hometown.

By this time Goldberg is now second in popularity to Austin in the business, but in this company he`s beyond over it`s scary.

 Never before had an undefeated wrestler become Champion. Goldberg at the time was US Champ and 106-0.


This huge match is also placed on the World title DVD which is a nice touch. They learn as they go I guess.

The stage was set as the bell rings. The fans erupt at the bell and the chants are loud playing mind games with Hollywood.


The two tie-up.

Goldberg immediately uses the power with a side headlock. Goldberg delivered a shoulder block to Hulk Hogan. Goldberg in a front facelock by Hogan until Bill backs him into the corner.

Goldberg won a test of strength battle.

Hulk then raked the face and back of Goldberg to a chorus of boo’s.
Hogan gave more shots to Bad Bill.





Goldberg retaliated by taking the belt of Hogan for himself and threw it away. He wanted to earn this win.

Hogan with a lowblow behind Robinson, two illegal moves and the match continues. Hogan choking Goldberg out down on the mat.

Hogan on the outside tried to weardown Berg with some chairshots. Hogan slammed Goldberg to the mat and landed a legdrop. Then another but finally Tenay sells it and Berg kicked out. Hogan is stunned.


Hennig comes out and then he is taken out by a Diamond Cutter!

Goldberg spears Hogan!

Heenan is just great here like always.


In the end Goldberg became the new Champion after a Jackhammer and Spear at a tv time of 8:10 with no breaks.
This match is very basic but significant. Good stuff.


One of the best moments in company history, no question. Even in all of Pro-Wrestling looking back.



** 3/4







16) WCW World Tag Team Championship Match Kevin Nash & Sting (c) vs Scott Hall & The Giant WCW Nitro: 20th July, 1998


Stinger and Nash come out to the black and red nWo Wolf Pac music, while Hall and Giant come out to the regular Black and White version.

Here we go as the bell rings.
Outsiders going against one another.

Hall throws a tooh-c in Nash’s face then like a coward tags in Giant.

Giant and Nash, two big guys lock up here. Giant sends Kevin Nash to the buckle and clotheslines him hard in the corner delivering more hard shorts.

Giant dominating Nash until he does the same back to him and then does a one-up delivering the big boot as the fans go crazy.

Hall and Sting tagged in and Sting takes Hall and Giant to the floor.

Giant and Hall talk to each other on the floor and they have a hilarious time-out on the ground.

Kevin Nash and Sting meanwhile pose in the ring. Scott Hall with an arm-ringer and then Sting turns it back and clotheslines Scott Hall. Hall taunts Sting. Giant tagged in.

Giant sucks chants are heard.

Sting and Giant are about to lock up. Sting with a shot to Giant. Giant comes crashing into the corner and then Sting with the Stinger’s splash.

Stinger goes for another but Giant gets his boot up stopping Sting and he goes flying.

Giant now can wear-down Sting with a couple of kicks. Sting attempted a crossbody after ducking a clothesline but crashed and burned right into Giant’s sternum and fell to the mat.

A low-blod as Giant delivers a headbutt down to the abdomen or lower on Sting.

Hall tagged in and slapped Sting around. Sting caught off the ropes and a fall away slam by Razor, I mean Scott Hall. Hall with an abdominal stretch on Sting.

Nash and Giant tagged in and it’s a hot-tag as Nash delivers shots to Giant. Giant tagged in Hall and Kevin Nash took it to Hall and then Kevin with a big scoop slam.

Fans are into this one big time clapping while Nash and Hall are down on the mat. Sting with big shots to Hall when tagged in.

Hall hit with not one, but TWO Stinger Splashes.

Sting goes for the Scorpion Deathlock and Giant came in and Kevin Nash took care of him.

Bret Hart comes out and Sting shoves him outside of the ring.

Hall had Sting up and he gave him the Outsider’s Edge.

Hall and Giant are the new tag champions.

Bret looks so out of place here hahaha….

But ths was a great ending.

Awesome tv tag. No slow moments, full of action.

*** 1/4





17) Non-Title Match- Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Chris Jericho -WCW Nitro: 3rd August, 1998

These two are capable of putting on great material when looking at their series of matches in the year 2009 from the WWE.

Their match at WCW Souled Out 1998 was mediocre for them but still a solid match in the three star rank making Rey Mysterio’s biggest little man set.

Jericho attacks Rey Mysterio Jr. straight from the get-go in the corner and the bell rings.

Jericho with a high dropkick and then another kick to Rey.
Jericho Sucks is being chanted in the crowd while Jericho kicks at Rey Mysterio Jr. in the corner of the ring.

Chris Jericho with another kick to the head on Rey Mysterio Jr. and the fans boo. Irish-whip to the corner Rey Mysterio Jr. answers with a boot to the face, shows amazing agility with a mid-ring hurricanrana, out to the floor with a springboard Senton splash

Rey Mysterio Jr. with a dropkick to Jericho out on the floor now as Rey poses. A knee up high to the face of Jercho. Jericho is thrown into the ring and Rey Mysterio Jr. takes Jericho down with a snapmare. Rey with an elbow drop to Jercho.

Commercial break unfortunately, and Rey with a moonsault off the ropes onto Jericho. Jericho hung onto the ropes, Rey Mysterio Jr. landed on the apron and speared Jericho, launches himself onto Jericho but he levelled Rey Mysterio Jr. with a back-breaker.

Jericho then taunts to gain more heel heat.

Rey Mysterio Jr. kicks out of a slow count by an arrogant Jericho.

Chris Jericho speared twice and then Chris dropkicks Rey off the apron to the ground. Jericho now to the middle rope up on top and now Lion Heart leaps off the top rope to Mysterio with a missile dropkick sending Rey Mysterio Jr. into the steel. Jericho meanwhile hurt his ankle.

Jericho then goes for a Brain Buster and then hits a snapshot vertical suplex with a counter by Rey Mysterio Jr. gaining bac some lost momentum. A stomp and a back-flip standing by Rey and a two.

Jericho first to get up and a clothesline levels Rey. Jericho still selling the leg from the outside missile dropkick and then locks Rey in a octopous modfied submission hold. Jericho yells ASK HIM.

Excellent tv match thus far.

Jerich wth a shot to Rey and then a thunderous clothesline from behind in the corner of the ring smashing into the turnbuckle. Rey side stepped Jericho landing on his feet, phenominal balance and a hurricanrana, then a head-scissors take-over with explosive quickness and amazing agility.

Springboard into a split-legged moonsault, highlight offense after highlight offense by Rey.

But the weight advantage for Lionheart comes into play and he hits a release German to Rey Mysterio Jr. and he goes flying smashing the mat hard.

Unbelievable match for Nitro. Mysterio then leaps up onto the apron and hit a hurricanrana sending Chris back into the ring. Jericho gets back in it with a back-breaker with ease and now he poses/taunts for heat. Additional heat.

Mysterio up pulls the air and hits an X-Factor of sorts and now Jericho shoved the official in the way of Rey Mysterio Jr.’s offense and the official is out.

Jericho goes for the Lion tamer and now Rey Mysterio Jr. hooks the official and Malenko came to the ring to make the count.


What a match.

Amazing and one of the most entertaining in the history of the show.












18 ) WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match Juventud Guerrera (c) vs Billy Kidman -WCW Nitro: 14th September, 1998


Now we get another rare Nitro match, this time the Cruiserweight title is on the line!

Kidman was always great, especially in WCW and Juventud Guerrera was an underrated talent. He put on a lot of great battles from 96-99 in WCW.
Kidman comes out to NO entrance music.

Now Juventud Guerrera the champion comes out to his latino type music and fans roar as he is the babyface, or more of one here in this bout.


Billy Kidman with shots to the back and then both men eapfrog one another, Juventud Guerrera flips over after an arm-ringer and chops Kidman down twice. Juvi Juice has Billy in the corner and hits him ten times grounding him.

Juventud Guerrera went to the top and Kidman attempted a back-body frop but landedo on the apron grabbed Kidman and slamed him down.

From the other side a quicker Juventud Guerrera nails Kidman with a missile dropkick.

Kidman slided out of the ring for a breather.

Kidman now taking it to Juventud Guerrera targetting the mid-secton and then a powersla in mid-ring but coudn’t quite hold him for the three. Kidman with great endurance and then a snapmare into a reverse chinlock wearing down the slightly quicker champ which is logical. He slams him down again and now another reverse chinlock.

He goes for a pijnninb combo, Juvi kicks out at one.

Off the ropes, Juventud Guerrera  ducks and then with a head-scissors take-over Kidman was countered in mid-air and spun around looked to be twice, highly impressive.

Now a flying body press as both men go out to the floor over the top ropes.

Unbelievable action, you can see why this made the DVD.

And this is just a TV match, Sting was going to meet Goldberg on the night, Flair could return…wow do I miss these days, all on one free show.

Back from a commercial and both men seem to go back and forth still, Juvi with a flip, then Kidman with a dropkick and Juventud Guerrera is down. Billy Kidman with a snapmare to Juventud Guerrera taking him to the mat with a headlock.

Batrely any slow moments and the logical thing to do in matches like this is wear the opponent down, one fan yells boring, I’d slap him if I could.

Kidman with a reverse, counter powerbomb running slamming him to the mat, almost a three as the fans make noise.

Kidman catches Juvi off the ropes slams him back with a modified fall away slam Scott Hall style and another nearfall, almost a new Champ once again. Kidman keeps going for the three every chance he got.

Kidman and Juvi go back and forth but it’s Billy Kidman coming so close. Tenay mentions at Bash at the Beach Kidman almost put Juventud Guerrera away for this belt but couldn’t get the job done, similar to this one thus far.

Kidman hit with a waist-lock into a German by Juventud Guerrera, he couldn’t apply a bridge therefore it was easier for Kidman to kick out.

A frankensteiner by Juventud Guerrera and Kidman kicks out.

Both men getting frustrated.

Now a go-behind by Kidman and Juventud Guerrera STILL kicks out. Amazing, the fans are beyond rowdy at this point witnessing a atch to be talked about for a long time.

Kidman goes to the top after a powerslam trying for potentially a shooting star press but Juventud Guerrera catches him. Juventud Guerrera with a hurricanrana from the top, Mysterio style and now Juventud Guerrera takes his time. In position for a 450 but Kidman got a powerbomb in mid-air countering that.

Kidman with a shooting star press.

New Champion in Billy Kidman and a HUGE POP.

Kidmaan has done it! A good solid fifteen minute match, non-stop action, what a match. What a match…

A Nitro Classic!


**** 1/4





-Tradition Returns!: DDP talks about how the Four Horsemen were original. Now it was their time to shine.


-Ric Flair Returns to the Four Horsemen 14th September, 1998: WOW. Chris Benoit is included in this segment. I hate the double standard, why is he allowed here with his name, his entrance and everything but he can’t be on other sets. It kills me.

Flair gets the biggest pop as the fans were chanting for him the entire segment. A special night where he got to shoot on Bischoff. Fire me, I’m already fired! A memorable line.

Good stuff for Nitro, I believe they beat Raw on this night, one of the last times they’d ever beat Raw in the ratings.








19) WCW United States Championship Match Bret “Hitman” Hart (c) vs Diamond Dallas Page WCW Nitro: 26th October, 1998

So the 19th match on the best of Nitro featured the first match from the excellence of execution.

Bret may not of been used correctly in WCW but he was still fun to watch, especially going against a very popular DDP, a taller guy who could work, already gave props to Randy Savage for helping him big time in 1997. Now that Savage has passed DDP has payed tribute to Macho Man in a number of ways including a very classic one on Youtube.


So here we go, it’s a bout for the US title just before Halloween in 1998 between DDP and the Hitman from Phoenix.

Both guys lock up.

Page going for a pick-up and Bret rolls him over and then Page uses his leverage out of that pinning combo.

DDP drags Bret in, but then Hart turns him over with a hammerlock and rides hi to the mat. A hammerlock int oa wristlock by Bret. Bret Hart then hgets his arm twisted by Diamond Dallas Page with a two.

Another lock-up from the two, DDP with a standing side head-lock and a shoulder block to Bret then a swinging neck-breaker as Hart kicks out at two. DDP tried for head-shots up in the corner, Bret had it scouted and moved while dropping Diamond Dallas Page head-first into the buckle.

A stomp then a headbutt into the abdomen, borderline low-blow bu the Hitman. Bret methodically picking apart Page like he did most of his opponents. Hart with a choke-hold in the corner using his boot.

Page comes back throwing Bret into the corner but then runs into a big boot by Bret and a clothesline into DDP.

A Page tries to get up The Hitman makes sure the headlock remains on and now he DDT’s Diamond Dallas Page and got a two.

The match goes back and forth as DDP levels Bret with a sling-shot but as Hart was down Diamond Dallas Page climbss to the top, Hart got up quick and made Page drop to the top rope and Bret with a nice Superplex to DDP.

The Excellence of Execution still has got it with an an absolutely amazing suplerplex.

Only the Hitman or Chris Benoit are capable of such moves being performed to a crisp.

DDP with a small package out of no where, Hart kicks out. Heenan puts over how many ways DDP could win. Page rolls Bret up again and a two.

Bret headbutts the abdomen of Paige again. A back-breaker by Hart and then an elbow drop from the middle rope to the sternum of DDP and still only a two count. At the nine minute mark of the match Bret argued with the offcial. Fans chant for DDP.

Hart with a low-blow backwards, Page and the ref fall back down. Hart grabs an illegal object and then he misses DDP and Diamond Dallas Page hits the Diamond Cutter.
In just over ten minutes Diamond Dallas Page is the NEW US Champion.


This match? Three epics in a row….Self high five.











20) Ric Flair vs Eric Bischoff WCW Nitro: 28th December, 1998

Eric Bischoff didn’t originally want to go to the ring but was dragged there.

Flar then just took his time with Bischoff dropping elbows.

Horsemen and nWo battled around ring-side meanwhile Flair worked over Biscshoff.

Giant came in the ring and hit a headbutt on Flair.

If Flair wins he gets control.

All of the sudden Randy Savage is wearing back and white and the fans go crazy.

Savage then low-blows Giant and clotheslines him over the top rope. Flair suplexed Bischoff Flair then struts around and puts Bischoff in the fiure four.

Flair wins in just a few minutes.

The match was nothing but the segment was entertaining at least to end Disc 2.













Disc 3:


-Cracks in the Armour: DDP admits that despite how great 96-98 were, 99 they started to show signs of weakness, starting with this….



21) WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match Kevin Nash (c) vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan (Finker Poke of Doom) WCW Nitro: 4th January, 1999

The night after Nash breaks Goldberg’s streak, he defends the title against Hogan.

Hogan is not dressed for a reason.

Nash pushes Hogan to the corner.
Wolf Pac versus nWo Hollywood.

Hogan with a thumb to the chest, other-wise known as the finger pke of DOOM Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

Goldberg then takes out Steiner with a kick a hp toss to Hall, an arm drag take-down to Nash.

Hogan takes it to Goldberg and then Goldberg spears the new Champ Hogan.

Bischoff told Schiavonne to spoil WWF’s Raw where Foley won the title and Austin got the biggest pop in history n this Jan 4th 99, and The WWF never looked back.

WWF was king.

This started the slow and painful death of WCW and you’ll be able to tell this from the rest of this disc.

Goldberg then gets out of a police car and runs to the ring.
This match changed WCW forever for the bad.




-Goldberg Spears The Hitman WCW Nitro: 29th March, 1999: In one of Bret Hart’s finest moments just to months before the death of his brother he is wearing a Calgary Hitmen jersey. They are a hockey team in Canada (junior) in the CHL (WHL) where Hart owns part of the team and they are named after him, he’s wearing there jersey.

Bret talks about how people are upset with the ratings and no Canada’s hero says a ton about Canada and does a verse of the National Anthem.

Fans chant along with Bret saying how he is the best there ever will be, talks about earning a reputation not lose it.
One of the best things Bret has done.

Bret was wearing a steel protector to block a Goldberg spear when he reveals a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey telling him it is hockey country.

Bret says he quits WCW.








22) WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match Sting vs Diamond Dallas Page (c) WCW Nitro 26th April, 1999:



I have heard SO much about this match I decided to watch it twice. The first time was about a month ago when I bought this DVD.

Rather then doing my usual play by play format when watching this match, I decided to just re-watch it once again and sum up my thoughts on this paticular bout.

Well what stands out?

The work-rate was fantastic throughout the entire thing.

Counter after counter, back and forth. DDP got the fans to hate him because Sting was such a fan favourite and both men could not put the other man away no matter what.

It got so much time to work and no matter how devastating the move, they couldn’t put the other man away.

Sting’s paint began to fall off his face.

They took it to the concrete, they went all over the place.

I especially enjoyed the sequence with a tombstone reversal after tombstone reversal. A ddt by Page wasnt enough and a low-blow to Sting.

Finally Sting won after droping DDP meanwhile countering a Diamond Cutter to become the NEW Champion.

One of the best matches, let alone title matches in the hisotry of Nitro.

Fans gave it a standing ovation. Great stuff for WCW in a time when the Austin-Rock feud in WWF was starting to really kill Nitro in the ratings.

Hey I just added this to my four star or above list, spot #693.

DDP says he thinks it’s one of the best matches he’s ever had. DDP says he won the world title back that night in a fatal-four way.











-Solidifying a Legacy: DDP talks about how winning a world title solidifies your legacy.








23) Eddie Guerrero vs Juventud Guerrera WCW Nitro: 21st June, 1999

Guerrero taking on Guerrera here.

This around the time I believe right after Eddie’s accident.

Yes the commentary confirms this was right after his car crash.

Guerrero mentions in one of his DVD’s how he came back so soon but you have to admire that he did.

Heenan hilarious on commmentary.

Eddie slaps Juventud Guerrera in the face to begin the bout.

Juventud Guerrera tossed into the safety rail, the steel by Eddie. Guerrero means business. Eddie controlling the pace.

A sleeper to wear down a quick Juventud Guerrera. Off the ropes back into a sleeper but then he hits a side suplex to Eddie. Juventud Guerrera covers and gets only a two for his efforts. a Inside cradle by Eddie then a clothesline to Juventud Guerrera as he is mad that he got chopped a bit earlier in the bout by Juventud Guerrera.

Eddie with methdical shots, Juventud Guerrera ducks a clothesline and then slams Eddie to the mat with a bulldog in mid air, then a hurricanrana.

Ten minutes approximately into the match as Juventud Guerrera slams Eddie down hard to the canvass and jums off the top wth a missle dropkck. A suicide dive to Eddie. Juventud Guerrera then picked up by Eddie with a modified surfboard, spinning him around and dropping him flat on hs back.

Eddie drops him and pins hi.

Eddie flexes and tells the camera I’m back!

Good stuff!!


*** 1/4







24) Hulk Hogan & Goldberg & Sting vs Kevin Nash & Sid Vicious & Rick Steiner in a 6 Man Tag -WCW Nitro: 9th August, 1999

A lot of big names in this one.

Interesting to see Hogan, Sting and Goldberg on the same team.

But in the Summer of 99 things in WCW started to get strange to say the least and here we are having a six man tag wth Sid, Steiner and Nash against them.

Sting comes out, then Goldberg, Hogan would follow and is back in the red and yellow as Tony S marks out before the heels come out.
Bell rings and to begin the bout, Hulkster going one on one with Rick Steiner, and Rick with a headloc untl running into a boot. Three elbow drops by Hulk Hogan off the ropes and he pounds away on the head of Steiner.

Rick cornered Hgan and then he wound up and delivered an uppcercut.

Hulk Hogan had the crowd behind him. Nash doesen’t look happy.

Goldgerg came in and suplexed Nash.

Sting and Sid Vicious now had a turn to tangle and The Stinger hit the Stinger Splash.

Sting came off the top and Sid Vicious got his knees up slowing him own. Nash came in and side slammed Sting.

Scorpion Deathlock to Nash, they win the tag.


Decent at best. The crowd was into it big time though.




** 1/4





25) Billy Kidman vs Diamond Dallas Page WCW Nitro: 16th August, 1999

Mean Gene said this guy is a fan favourite everywhere we go……Billy Kidman.

Girls scream as he was their Jeff Hardy or Randy Orton before those two I guess.

Gene is about to conduct an interview and calls him a Chick Magnet, guys boo while girls scream. Hilarious
Kidman says Kimberly is the hottest Nitro Girl, because as Randy Savage says she has Class…with a Capital K.

Page says Kidman can’t spell respect, and then slaps him.

Page hits a side slam, Page asks for a ref. Page gets great heat and the bel sounds Paige hits another side slam teaching Kidman a lesson.

A rough snapmare by Page to Kidman. Page picks up Kidan wth a slam then an elbow and he can’t beleve Kidman kicekd out. He kicks him in the sternum and off the ropes Kidman got a hurricanrana.

Page with a slam and now tred for a Diamond Cutter, Kidman with a victory roll and won. Page then jumped him as he couldn’t believe it. Page Diamond Cuttered the ref.

Page then hit the DC on Kidman.

Page is pissed and the fans boo.








26) WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match Bret “Hitman” Hart vs Goldberg WCW Nitro: 20th December, 1999

Bret Hart and Goldberg meet, winner will become the WCW Champion.

This was Bret trying to re-write his legacy after Owen’s accident, he didn’t want to be known as the guy who’s brother died in the wrestlng ring he said.

He had a lt to offer still.

Goldberg sent Bret to the buckle and ht him hard with a clothesline.


Goldberg and Bret went at it some more.



Bret tried to take out the knee, but Goldberg choked him in the corner.

Bret goes for a walk outside the ring.

Bret takes it to Goldberg outide but he reversed the irish-whip sending him hard into the steel. Not sure WHY WCW didn’t implement the black barricade the WWF had at the time because it’s certainly a lot safer.

Goldberg scooped up Hart and slammed hm hard to the mat.

Ankle lock submssion hold to Bret on the mat. Bret fights out and now Bret has Goldberg in the corner and tried to take out the leverage advantage by targetting his legs.

Bret always uses the legs as a target point on bigger guys to knock them off their vertical base and of course soften them up for the Sharpshooter, all very fundamental skills by Bret.

The Hitan with a headbutt but Goldberg is in a vulnerable position and the Hitman locks on a figure four.

The Outsiers come to the ring with basebal bats and they attack Godberg.

Bret covered Berg but Piper ran to the ring and covered Goldberg. The official counted to three.


Jarrett comes running down and then breaks a guitar oveer his head.

Um, what’s going on?

Aparently Bret is the new champion despite Piper covering Goldberg as a result of just falling on him and the fans are booing.

No wonder people said ths stuff became unbearable this barely made any sense. Jarrett sprayed Piper.




*** 1/4







27) WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match Kevin Nash (c) vs Sid Vicious WCW Nitro: 24th January, 2000


This one could of been left off the DVD. I mean this is the best of Nitro, these guys stunk up the WWF in 1995 at In Your House main events when Vince McMahon himself stated the matches were “f***ing awful” and here we have these two five years later on Nitro in WCW.


Sid vicious and Nash just exchanged power moves during this short match.

All of the sudden Nash was hit with a weapon and Sid played along like he was hit.

He covered Nash.


New Champ.







-Last Ditch Effort: A new era begins, something that could of been left off. Big stars with a lot of no names.


-The Bischoff & Russo Era Begins
 10th April, 2000: An embarassing segment all things considered. Should of been left off. This was not good, shoudn’t of been on a DVD called the best of Nitro.






28 ) Steel Cage Match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match Jeff Jarrett (c) (With Vince RUsso) vs Diamond Dallas Page WCW Nitro 24th April, 2000:




Now that we are seeing a bit much of Russo, a bit much fo Jarrett, it’s becoming a bit much.

The Cage match hasn’t started as the y went to work in the crowd, trash cans and the ike being used as they brawl through the crowd.

Finally inside the Cage. Page sent Jeff Jarrett into the side of the cage and said BANG! A catapolt to Jeff Jarrett into one side. DDP goes up lets go of rights.
DDP hits the Diamond Cutter and like that there’s a new Champ, 3 times…D…D…P.


* 1/2








29) Tag Team Ladder Match 3 Count vs Jung Dragons WCW Nitro 18th July, 2000:


So this just started up out of seemingly no where after Tank Abott cut a promo.

A superplex off a horizontal ladder.
Basically nothng happens here and the Dragons win in under four minutes.









30) WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match Booker T vs Lance Storm WCW Nitro 7th August, 2000


The Nitro before New Blood Rising 2000, I went to the Nitro the week after this from Kelowna, BC where Booker defended his world title against Jeff Jarrett.

This was also the final match on the Rise and Fall of WCW DVD and it comes appropriately in its dying days for that one and it’s nice to see someone like Lance Storm get a match on here.

Storm was getting over big in WCW around this time with his Canadian hero type deal going on, Bret Hart made his final WCW appearance at New Blood Rising approriately standing next to Storm.

Booker T with a waist-lock go behind out of an arm-ringer, lands a reverse elbow to Storm off the ropes. Booker ducks a clothesline drops a flying forearm at the Challenger.

Lance Storm on the side ropes irishwhipped for the ride and Booker went for a scoop slam, Lance with agility lands on his feet and Booker elbows him still. Storm dropkicks Booker T taking out the leg. Booker on the outside walking around while Storm flies over the top rope out to the floor on top of Booker.

Look, Mike Awesome and some Lady are out with a bunch of burgers on commentary.


No, the WCW is not dying at all…..



Booker drives Storm to the mat landing a nice vertical suplex. Storm with a sunset flip attempt and now he tries to lock on a Canadian Maple Leaf to the bad leg of Booker. Storm drops Booker with a jawbreaker and then goes for a thrust kick. Booker ducked a clothesline from Storm, he drives his knee into the abdomen of Storm. Booker off the ropes hits a leg to the back of the head of Storm.

Booker with a Spinnerooni.

Storm comes at Booker but he levels him down with a thrust kick. Booker kicks at Storm with a standing sidekick. Storm lands a kick on Booker, Storm attempts a crossbody off the top but Booker kicked out. Booker T recieved a slap from Storm, a waistlock go-behind by Booker into an inside cradle by Storm.

Lance Storm attempts the Canadian Maple Leaf to the bad leg of the Champ!
Storm pulls on the leg of Booker, the fans chant USA.

Good god I almost forgot how unbearable WCW and there commentary team were around this time period. Booker T manages to the ropes. Lance Storm grabs Booker and hits him with a nice thrust kick up high.

Lance Storm hits a snapmare on the Champ.

Booker catches Lance Storm charging towards him with a Spinebuster Slam.
Booker T goes to the top rope, a bit unchacterisitc for him and Booker drops Lance Storm with a missle dropkick. Booker picks up Storm and went for a Bookend and Storm kneed him in the abdomen. Booker then drops Storm with a bookend off the ropes and he gets the three at 4:56.

In the end Booker retains the title.

This match is pretty good for the time it got on television with no commercials. A ton of action between two very good workers. A pretty average match as far as historical significance goes but its still nice to see a match from the dying days of WCW.









31) Triple Cage War Games Match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship WCW Nitro: 4th September, 2000


Sting begins wrestling the Chosen One Jeff Jarrett as he took it to him big time.

#3 was Scott Steiner.

Color guy Mark Madden said it’s gong to be 2 on 1 so it’ll be great, Steiner and Jarrett vs Sting.

Stinger hanging from the Cage, Steiner then took it to Sting and Jarrett helped him. Who’s next, #4?

Kronik comes out and they are #4. Steiner tried to climb as did manyothers including Boker, Russo and all.

Nobody can stop Goldberg as he has the title won seemingly as he left the door but Bret Hart in street clothes shut the door on him.

Russo walks with Nash out of the Cage.

AN awkward swerve and just a bad angle all around, the audience reaction summed the whole match.









-Vince McMahon Buys WCW NITRO AND WWF RAW IS WAR 26th March, 2001: So we see Vince buying out WCW…again.



32) Sting vs Ric Flair WCW Last Nitro: 26th March, 2001:

A passionate Ric Flair who was beyond emotional during this broadcast gets ready to go one on one with one of his greatest rivals, Sting. When isn’t Flair emotional though? God, I mean if I said I rated his match with Steamboat from the Chi Town Rumble 5 stars, he’d wipe away his tears and say brother thank you so so much. Or something like that.

Ric Flair and Sting put a lot of passion into the match and this went back and forth.

Sting really goes all out in this match and Flar tries to keep a reasonable pace throughout.

Both men wth a ton of pride for WCW and respect.

Sting beats Flair with the Deathlock then give him a hug.

The end of an era.


** 1/4





-Celebrating WCW: DDP said it didn’t feel true until seeing Shane O Mac himsef at Nitro. Page throws out a shout to the Internet perhaps wanting a Volume two.






-Diamond Dallas Page Monday Nitro Highlights: DDP goes over them with a BANG, quite literally.






 Final Rating for Best of WCW Nitro  = 8/10




This DVD presentation actually has to be praised for the most part, and a good job by DDP hosting it. I’m not going to get into cliche’s here when discussing this DVD, people generally want to know if it’s good or bad, is it biased or not. Does it show the high points of WCW or will it dissapoint me? Well here’s the answer. While most entertainment especially in the wrestling world is highly subjective, there is enough footage on Discs 1 and 2 of the high points to get the DVD for that alone. Now Disc 3 is a different story. Disc 3 felt like the WWE were showing the Rise and Fall of Nitro rather then the Best of Nitro. How many times are we going to see the McMahon buying Nitro moment. Sure, it’s essential for the end here but it’s been re-done so many times and is beyond redundant by now. Vince Russo and most of his “ideas” could of been left off Disc 3 as could things like Sid vs Nash but you’ll never get the perfect match choice from the WWE. When they give you 32 full matches, all rare WCW televised matches, most of which have never been released it’s pretty hard to complain. However one can definitely look past Disc 3 and know the company wanted to laugh at least at one disc. So they did. The DVD serves well for a trip down memory lane, for both the good and bad. One element I really appreciated during this DVD was how they didn’t neglect the cruiserweights and showed certain stars like Kidman Juvi and DDP for how big they really were. Thumbs up!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, this set was in my running for DVD set of the year. Now, at least it’s got some REAL competition, mainly from Shawn vs. Bret – but up until now, it was between this and the surprisingly good Best of Raw 2010 set. I feel this set takes a much less bias look at WCW then anything the WWE has produced in the past, from the little things, like keeping out the WWE bug, to including Benoit – kind of – to having DDP, a legit WCW star host the set. The segments, are almost all great & the matches avg. – very good/rare. As others have said Disc 3 is very meh, but I do get some sick enjoyment out of watching Russo era WCW! Great review Brett. 8.5/10 for me!

  2. Brett Mix says:

    Agreed that some were dissapointing and the Doc was rather boring and poorly done. I just loved the Midnight Express matches and cruiserweight stuff.

  3. Brad Attitude says:

    @Brett: I actually had the rise and fall of wcw but traded it in for cash. i felt the documentary was half complete and apart fromm the rare tag matches and steamboat vs flair from chi-town rumble, i felt the matches were poorly chosen as some had so significance being on the list. it should have been a 4 disc set but then again, 20 matches cant really sum up 3 decades of its existence.

  4. Jacko Lantern says:

    its too bad Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner (cage match) on Nitro didn’t make disc 3 of the best of wcw nitro or the latest steel cage match dvd.

  5. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks, while I don’t see any Cash if I make the WWE some money, I still would like to encourage the wrestling fan to buy the DVD if they like the review. Also Brad, this was definitely better then Rise and Fall for reasons you mentioned but the match listing on Rise and Fall was so superb. Disc 2 was amazing with all those rare tags between the Midnight Express and the Rock N Roll Express. Both DVD’s I believe are worth owning.

  6. shsrhshys says:

    You just convinced me to buy this!

  7. Brad Attitude says:

    I thought this dvd set was more detailed than The Rise and Fall of WCW. Rise and Fall of WCW failed to mention/show guys like Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Curt Hennig, Buff Bagwell etc while this dvd showed them in some capacity whether it was matches or segment but it failed to mention Raven’s Flock.

    I also think a Randy Savage vs DDP Nitro match should have been thrown on here to help show how Page was getting over. Savage vs. La Parka (DDP in disguise) would have been a good addition. Also, DDP vs Curt Hennig match could have been thrown on as they also had a great fued that’s long forgotten.

    As for Disc 3, I actually didn’t mind Sid vs. Nash as I found it quite watchable and it was nice to see Sid win the big one despite his limited in-ring skills.

    Other matches/segments I’d rather would have seen on Disc 3 would be:
    Booker T vs. Goldberg (World Title match where Booker pinned Goldberg)
    Sting vs. Lance Storm (I remember that being a good tv match)
    Goldberg’s return to Nitro as he saves Kevin Nash from a beatdown at the hands of Rick Steiner & Tank Abbott.

    Would have been hilarious to see Scott Steiner shooting on Ric Flair and WCW. LOL

  8. Brett Mix says:

    Well I would do them anyway but I appreciate those kind of comments and keep them as motivation! Lots more to come, lots more to come

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great review Brett. Glad to see you reviewing often again, you’re the main reason I come to this site daily. I love this DVD. Plenty of great matches and moments.

  10. Matt says:

    Disc 3 is only worth watching for Sting vs DDP and Eddie vs Juvi. Overall I highly enjoyed the set as well. Great review.

  11. Brett Mix says:

    I definitely agree and this time if they run out of good material (which I’m sure they wouldn’t) just give us RARE material rather then embarassing moments lke Disc 3.

  12. Steven says:

    The NWO parody of the 4 Horseman was great and still hilarious to watch to this day, but overall I thought this was a good release by WWE. Need to make a sequel to like the Ladder Match dvd.