Review: WWE “The Greatest Cage Matches of All Time” DVD (2011)

December 26, 2011 by Brett Mix


Brett Mix’s- WWE “The Greatest Cage Matches of All Time” 3 Disc Review:




“That`s BullSh*!t” As far as I`m concerned the match hasn`t started since the bell hasn`t rang, so EH-EH! He`s not getting off that easy. Hey Jackass, you in the black, is he still breathing. Well if he is If you want me to continue this can of Whoop Ass, Gimme a HELL YEAH!”Stone Cold Steve Austin





-This DVD was the firt WWE release to let out all Cage matches in FULL (not-clipped) which was more then welcome by the fans.

-They have taken Cage matches from all sorts of companies in the Wrestling-Territory days of (WCCW, AWA, NWA, WWE etc…) and because of that this set is a rare one and a gem at that.

-This popular set was released in 2011.


So here it is, the thrill ride that is Wrestling’s Steel Cage Match!





-Introduction by Josh Mathews:


Josh Matthews gives us a run-down on how Cage matches started.








Disc 1 Matches:


1) Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship: Bob Backlund (c) vs Pat Patterson (IC Champion) -WWWF Madison Square Garden 24th September, 1979



This one would turn to a bloody brawl, what’s not to like? A great choice for the first match.
This is one of the CLIPPED matches (the first one infact, on the first Steel Cage match DVD) so thankfully we get the full version here as this s a very good match for its time.

I swear the old-school crowd made everything better back then. The drama of catching someone trying to escape a cage was tremendous.
McMahon on commentary here, a young Vince that’s for sure. As of this date this match 32 years old. Incredible.



Bob Backlund defending his title here against the first ever IC Champion in Pat Patterson.
USA vs Canada to begin the DVD inside a Cage at MSG, where else? The (at that time) WWWF’s home.
The Fink announced the match 32 years ago (Can you say legend?)

Patterson was looking to become the first EVER WWWF and WWWF IC Champion. I beieve the Ultimate Warrior at Mania 6 in 1990 did it first but I could be wrong.

Patterson announced from San Francisco (SHOCKING)….

Patterson got some good heel heat and he doesen’t bring his IC title with him. HE WAS the first ever IC Champion. As soon as Bob Backlund enters they will go rght at it.

Patterson in the blue, Backlund in red and these two go right at it. Backlund drops Pat Patterson and then sent Pat directly into the steel cage. Fans loved Bob in MSG. A vicious elbow to the head then rakes the face of Pat Patterson.

Backlund drops the leg, the first escape attempt by Backlund is stopped by Pat Patterson as he dragged him off.

Pat Patterson does what’s logical and he tries escaping through the door. They explained the only way to win this match would be to escape the Cage.

No Holds Barred, no pin-falls, submissions, DQ’s or count-out’s.

After a choke-hold Pat Patterson goes to the to but Backlund hangs onto the ankle of Patterson. Bob Backlund climbs hgh and and gives him heavy shots at the top of the page.

Patterson is hung upside down, Backlund falls to the mat.

Pat Patterson is half-way out and Backlund stops him. A bear-hug by Bob Backlund on Pat Patterson at the top of the cage.

The brawling does not stop.

Both men absolutely busted oen and battlng at one another at the top and bottom of the steel Cage as Patterson is literally hanging upside down. Pat Patterson tried to catch up to crawl after Backlund who kicked him off as he tries to escape the door.

Backlund finally escaped through the door and the fans go crazy at 16:41.
In the end at Bob Backlund retained his title but Pat Patterson the IC Champion put on a brutal fight.

This Cage match went back and forth.

Non-Stop entertainment.

Awesome choice to begin this DVD with an old-school Classic that even holds up today.





**** 1/4








2) Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship: Bob Backlund (c) vs Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka (with Captain Lou Albano) -WWE Madison Square Garden 19th May, 1980



A Cage match here against Snuka for MR. Bob Backlund.

McMahon back on commentary.
Not a huge fan of Snuka but this is more his fortay being the bigger aerial westler by far, even says it in his name as he is the Superfly, while I’m a bigger fan of Backlund more of a grappler with his ground attack, a technical expert, a mat-technician and Current champ.
Jimmy Snuka taken down by Backlund in the beginning stages. Bob also wastes no time here.

Backlund crawls to the cage door. A lot of rough and tough stuff going on back and forth.


Eventually Backlund gets enough adrenaline in him to catapolt Snuka into the cage and he blades like crazy. Snuka in the fight of his life fights back from his knees.

Fans were heavily into Backlund. Snuka can barely see as his own blood is blinding him. Backlund tried to escape the door but can’t. A thrust kick by Snuka to Backlund keeping him around.
Superfly Snuka takes it to Backlund slamming him down. Another unorthadox headbutt by Snuka to Backlund. Snuka smiles enjoying the pain. Superfly with adrenaline pumping and his blood firing down hit a tremendous suplex to Backlund.
Fans pop when Snuka begins to climb to the top. Is he going to escape or is he going to hit a Superfly splash. He goes for the splash, Backlund moves! Backlund moves!
Bob Backlund the reigning WWF Champion goes for the door and gets out to a big ovation from the WWF fans he was so loyal with and had an amazing bond with around the year 1980 before the Hulkamania boom! Two PURE WWF Veterans in Snuka and Backlund getting it on here in a Cage for the title at MSG!

Glory days for the McMahon family.
In the end at the eleven minute mark Backlund sneaks out to become victorious.
This match I personally believe is Snuka’s very best I’ve seen. Pretty basic and to the point.

Another borderline Cage classic here. Great stuff for this Cage match DVD thus far two matches and both four stars or over.







3) Steel Cage Match: Bruno Sammartino vs Larry Zbyszko -WWE Shea Stadium 9th August, 1980





Larry Zybyszko, a hard name to spell faces the living legend here.


This match took place outside.
We get commentary from Matthews and Striker.

This is an outside match.

Sammartino attacks Larry Zbyszko early on and Bruno just beat the living hell out of him and 360,295 fans in New York love the North Eastern legend who Larry Zbyszko was actually trained by.

Bruno takes out his revenge out n Larry Zbyszko.

The intensity from the longest reigning WWF Champion ever, he held the title for 7 years and on two seperate occasions.

Matthews and Striker give us a good back-story before this one went down.

Stan Hansen broke or severly injured Bruno’s neck and Larry Zbyszko said he would re-injure it in this match.

Larry Zbyszko stomped on sstomped on Bruno.

Larry Zbyszko started to slow it down but stomped on Bruno.

PWI voted this the match of the year in 1980. Also the rivalry of the 1980. Larry Zbyszko went on to become AWA Champion after this, this helped establish (the feud) with Bruno Larry Zbyszko as a superstar. It made Larry Zbyszko one of the most hated wrestler’s in the world.

A lot of people standing rather then sitting at Shea Stadium as Bruno gets back in control and slams Larry Zbyszko into the steel cage.

Bruno was planning on saying goodbye after this until his son David wanted to become a Pro-Wrestler.

Larry Zbyszko kicked at Bruno now. Bruno headlined MSG more times then Hulk Hogan.

Larry Zbyszko cornered Bruno and gave him a great shot, cornered him and kicked away.

Bruno holding his right shoulder as Larry Zbyszko tries to neutralize that area of Bruno and now he drives his knee into Bruno. Larry Zbyszko again got caught trying to leave the Cage by Bruno with just one good arm.

Larry Zbyszko tries to work over Bruno Smmatino and then once more Larry Zbyszko is caught by Bruno by the trunks and then driven face-first into the turnbuckle.

Sammartino with a high knee to the head of Larry Zbyszko and then he stomped on him on the canvas. Larry Zbyszko sent right into the Cage head-first now so Bruno is getting more vicious.

The fans clap as they see the more vicious side of Bruno and he slams him into the side of the Cage.

Striker compares Bruno to Cena, ugh.
Bruno walks out at 14:10 to a loud roar from 30,000 plus fans. Hogan and Andre was on this same card, but it was this match that was the main event. That’s how big it was.

Larry Zbyszko then busted open still got shots from Bruno after the match.
PWI’s Match of the Year. It definitely holds up as a four star match.

This match is definitely tremendous









-World Class Mayhem:


World Class had Michael Freebird PS Hayes serving as the official for Kerry Von Erich took on Nature Boy Ric Flair on X-Mas.





4) Steel Cage Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair (c) vs Kerry Von Erich -Christmas Star Wars 25th December, 1982



20,000 fans in Reunion arena as Flair the NWA Champ comes to the ring to go to ar against Kerry Von Erich for what was set to be an epic-cage match.
These two guys usually can’t do bad, especially together with their chemistry, add in who the official is and the match type (CAGE) and I feel we have yet another classic on our hands.




I watched the first 10-15 minutes of this bout as not every match needs a play by play run-down.

I’ll pick this up at the climax about fifteen minutes in.

Both men were bloody, of course Naitch was bloody pretty much the entire match.

One thing that’s underrated about these old school brutal wars is the crowd, they used to go nuts for every move, put two big time players in a Cage and they go apesh*t.


At 24 minutes Flair retains the title when Hayes The Freebird calls it, what a shock him screwing over a Von Erich.

Put it’s true Kerry Von Erich as in absolutely NO position to continue the match.

This had some of the best back and forth work I’ve ever seen from the two which really says something. Considering all the Classic’s they’ve had together over the years.



Ya know there’s a lot of things I can’t stand abut Ric Flair. His ridiculous selling. His constant blading and mooning. His ego. His arrogance.

His thought on his own stature as the absolute greatest of all time, ever. The leader of the greatest stable ever. His 40 year career where he repeated the same match for at least 20 of those years.

His insecurity when putting wrestlers down to make himself look better in his bulls**t book “to be the man.”



But when people say he’s one of the greatest of all time…well, you absolutely can’t argue that. He travelled everywhere and got a classic with everyone.

Here’s just another to add to the long list.



Ya know it’s pretty amazing that this Disc has had four matches and all have been over four stars.




**** 1/2






5) Steel Cage Match for the NWA World Tag Team Championship: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) (with Don Kernodle) vs Ivan and Nikita Koloff (c) (with Krusher Khruschev) -NWA Starrcade November the 28th 1985

Tag title match from NWA’s Starrcade!
Inside a Steel Cage! Here we go!

Ivan Koloff begins by using his size and power to a little guy like Ricky Morton who has a lot of speed an he used a dropkick to the fans delight.

Nobody seems to be as strong as this Russian, here in Greensboro and now Morton off the ropes with a crossbody and the fans roar.

Amazing how even back then just a simple move and everyone would roar if the babyface hit an offensive move. Terry Gibson comes in after a tag and executes a dropkick to the Russian Bear.

A count of two to big Ivan Koloff and then another tag as they try and isolate Ivan and they’re actually doing a pretty god job. Gibson drives a double axe-handle ff the top.

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express are trying pinning attempts at any which way and now Gibson drives him directly into the steel cage.

Ricky Morton comes back in and off the top delivers a chop to the head of Koloff.

Don Kernodle watching at ring-side. Ivan Koloff took all of Gibson’s momentum from his charge into the Cage and now Gibson is busten open.

Tery Gibson continued to be tossed into the Cage and then Koloff with a cheap-shot on Morton who jumped in to get even.

Both men bloodied.
Another shot to Gibson into the cage and now the Russians are coming on strong here.

Gibson shoots out of the Cage on Nikita Koloff and then he tags out and Ivan was biting him there once tagged in.

Both men bloodied and a back elbow into Gibson. Ivan Koloff went to the ropes to drop his body-weight on Gibson hung on the middle ropes and the big Russian moved so he hit nobody.

Still, though it was the Koloff’s in control, a kick to the mid-section, a snap-mare and a leg-drop. A kick-out amd then a leg-drop is missed.

Nikita Koloff tags in and snapmared Gibson who despertely needed a hot-tag to Ricky Morton.



Koloff head a headlock on a bloodied Gibson.

Gibson fought hs way right out and Nikita stomped on his back.

Ivan tags in and continues to cut the Caged-ring in half and isolate Gibson as the Koloff’s remained in complete control.

Gibson fought back for a second before Ivan slammed him into the Cage. Ricky Morton angry but Nikta back in going for the cover and Ricky Morton broke up the count at two.

Gibson ducks an offensive move under the ropes and hits an uppercut. Gibson covers Nikita and the ref is down.

A tag was made to Ricky Morton even if it was blind he rolled up Koloff and we got new Champion’s to a loud pop with a backwards inside cradle.
After the match the Koloff’s still took it to the Express despite them winning.
In the end at 12:22 The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express retained their tag straps.


This was a great tag Cage match at Starrcade.



*** 1/4




6) Steel Cage Match: Road Warriors (Animal and Hawk) vs The Fabulous Freebirds Michael P.S. Hayes & ‘Gorgeous’ Jimmy Garvin -WCCW WrestleRock 20th April, 1986



LOD went in the Hall of Fame in 2011 and it’s only a matter of time before the Freebirds do, as two of the greatest teams ever go at it in a Cage here from World Class in 86!



Road Warrior’s are ready. They literally did it all and everywhere. Here, this match is just another example of that.

So as said TWO of the best teams ever going at it in the mid 80’s in a Cage. Sounds good to me.


Michael P.S. Hayes does a strut the only wy he can do it and Hayes catches Hawk with a boot and a pile-driver.

Road Warrior Hawk with a flying forearm and then a shoulder block to Michael P.S. Hayes as Hawk is being billed as THE HAWK.

Hawk rips Michael P.S. Hayes open with his forehead as he took a couple of blows to the Cage.

Garvin actually refuses the tag for the Freebirds as he wanted nothin to do with Road Warriors.

Michael P.S. Hayes tries to climb out.

Michael P.S. Hayes kicks at Hawk then Hawk follows him up top and both men brawling at the top of the Cage wasn’t really heard of at this time.

Hawk with an elbow from the top.

Garvin tagged in and doesen’t want a part of this.

Road Warrior Hawk goes for what looks to be a Pump-handle slam but then hit a back-breaker.

Road Warrior Animal in with a power body-slam but Michael P.S. Hayes broke it up for the Freebirds.

Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin press-slammed by Road Warrior Animal.

Now it’s Michael P.S. Hayes who walks away from tagging predicament from Garvin.

Hawk is back in and hits an elbow smash to Michael P.S. Hayes. Both teams swinging wildly but it’s the Warriors in control. Michael P.S. Hayes gets an elbow to the abdomen and tags in Garvin who dominates for a little to the LOD.

Garvin had Hawk in the corner and now it’s Hawk being worked over. Isolation by the Freebirds. Michael P.S. Hayes tags in and locks in the figure-four after a few hard right’s to Road Warror Hawk. Garvin came in and stomped on a down Hawk but he gets out of the hold.

Garvin tagged in with forearm smashes and now Hawk is pinned in their corner as Michael P.S. Hayes tags in again.

Does Road Warrior Hawk have enough power to get the hot tag to Animal after Hawk reverses a suplex to Hayes. Animal gets the tag to Garvin. Michael P.S. Hayes comes in and Animal attacks him. Hawk comes in as well.

The official gets Animal distracted and Michael P.S. Hayes comes off the top and hit Garvin instead of Road Warrior Animal, Animal pins Garvin to get the three count.


In the end at 7:18 the LOD get the win.


Another strong match.









-Hardcore Style:

-Now we see some REAL hardcore athletes.


7) Steel Cage Match Abdullah the Butcher (With Gary Hart) vs Bruiser Brody -AWA Cotton Bowl Extravaganza 12th October, 1986


This should be innovative, rough and down-right nasty. Can’t wait.
Two of the roughest wrestlers ever put in a CAGE to battle it out.
The late great manager Gary Hart gets heel heat but he’ll be outside the Cage for this bout.


Frtiz von Erich gets a good pop as he is an outside enforcer for this Cage bout here in the AWA.

No hidden objects on Abdullah The Butcher and none on Bruiser Brody.
For those who don’t know Bruiser Brody was brutally murdered in the 1980’s in the shower where he was fatally stabbed by other wrestlers. I’m not going into that sad story but you can read more online about it if yu want.



Abdullah The Butcher and Bruiser Brody tie-up.

Abdullah The Butcher was inducted in the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame Class.

Both guys kind of tie-up and now Brody in trouble as Abdullah The Butcher lines him up from the corner and he drops a vicious elbow that has a lot of poundage behind it.




I didn’t set my expectations sky high for this match considering I read a few reviews from some of my reliable sources who I tend to mostly agree with and they said it was a dissapointing match considering those involved.
Even still I expect to see some bloody action here.


We did as at the five minute mark Bruiser Brody grates Abdullah The Butcher across the Cage.

Some headbutts now by Abdullah The Butcher to Brody who is up on the chain-fence and now he grates HIM across the cage.

Mr. Von Erich decides to spliit them.

Abdullah The Butcher and Fritz have a few words with each other.
A headbutt to Bruiser Brody.

Brody hammers back several stiff rights, they go to their knees.

Both tough men from their knees busted open drop double axe-handle blows and thrust chops, not too mention more strong, vicious blows. (Right’s)

Bruiser Brody climbs to the top of the Cage, top rope and comes off with a Steamboat like thrust chop to the bloodied head of Abdullah The Butcher.

Abdullah The Butcher as a weapon in his hand.

Fritz VOn Erich wants to see what it is and he s smashed by Abdullah The Butcher and so is Brody. It was a fork.

Now Fritz uses it on Abdullah The Butcher. Fritz gets Brody over on Abdullah The Butcher and at 7:56 Bruiser Brody pins Abdullah The Butcher.
It is what it is. Extra points merely for who they are and what I said in the middle of this match’s review.



** 1/4









8 ) Steel Cage Match: The Midnight Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty) vs ‘Playboy’ Buddy Rose & ‘Pretty Boy’ Doug Somers (c) (With Sherri Martel) -AWA Brawl in St. Paul 25th December, 1986


On both the “My Journey” and “Heartbreak and Triumph” Shawn Michael’s DVD sets they feature the Midnight Rockers versus this team in some great tag team bouts.

Here is another, a third different match together. Gotta love it.

I’m glad these three sets feature a new match and not the same one, as the WWE tends to put a lot of repeats out there.

So here we go, a Classic match between both these teams in a heated rivalry from Christmas of 86 inside a Steel Cage!


These teams go at it absolutely right from the get-go, the late Playboy Buddy Rose was being attacked by Marty Jannetty while one of the greatest wrestlers of all time in Shawn Michaels took it to Pretty Boy Doug Somers.

The Midnight Rockers taking it to the AWA Tag Team Champion’s as the Champ’s manager the late great Hall of Famer Sherri Martel screamed from the outside.

Michaels now took it to Buddy Rose. Rose sent to the Cage and he is already bleeding from the forehead.

Marty Jannetty and Michaels double-teaming the Champs and Referee Billy Robinson allowin it. A double irish-whip to Rose and he is bleeding as he was sent right into the Cage.

Sherri needs a Xanax.

Michaels working over Doug Somers and frequent tags by the Rockers as Jannetty drills Doug Somers in the forehead with a top rope shot and he collapses on the mat so early in the tag-team cage bout.

All of the sudden it is Buddy Rose who comes in and takes it to Marty.

Rose slams him to the cage and then a scoop slam.

Marty Jannetty caught Playboy Rose up top and he lands groin-first on the top rope and he might not be playgirl material if he ever was with that kind of physique in the first place.


Somers tried crawling to help Rose.

Doug Somers interupted the count as Jannetty covered Rose. Rose still full of blood low-blowed Jannetty.

Michaels now tagged in carried the work as he got the hot-tag but he’s bloodied up and now Doug Somers is ripping Michaels to pieces.

There’s only so much a man can take hearing Sherri scream, I couldn’t imagine making love to her. She actually calls Shawn Michaels (ironically a man she’d later manage and call a Sexy Boy in his theme song) a Fa**ot. It’s very loud and you can hear it. Surprised the WWE didn’t edit that out.

A lot of blood on this DVD so I can only assume this DVD isn’t rated PG.

Doug Somers tags in Playboy Buddy Rose. Sherri say to Rose, KILL EM BUDDY! The only people actually dead in this match as of this writing in December of 2011 are infact Rose and Sherri, so again Ironic.

A two-count, Michaels needs help here and quick as this one has been a classic back and forth confrontation in the Cage.

Doug Somers does the work and Rose tries to escape the Cage and Marty Jannetty is dragging him back in by the hair some fifeen feet above when it was actually about ten) Marty flying through the air gets a cross-body victory.

Doug Somers and Rose are beaten.


In the end at 17:29 The Midnight Rockers have defeated the tag team champion’s of the world inside a barbaric cage all bloodied.

This was a bloody good ride. (Pun intended.)









9) Steel Cage Match: Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant (With Bobby “The Brain” Heenan)-WWF WrestleFest 31st July, 1988



A year and a day after my Birthday the biggest feud in Wrestling goes inside a Steel Cage!

Going back to the WWF now, in the Summer of 88 when Macho Man Randy Savage was still WWF Champion feuding with Ted DiBiase who also had a great Cage match with him, Andre kept on feuding with Hogan and they met in a cage.

Here is the rare meeting.


I am a Real Americn plays as the most famous wrestler in the world comes to the ring to face the biggest athlete in the world, in an era where they had the biggest rivalry in the wrestling world.

Andre The Giant stood in the ring and Hogan stared him down.



Andre The Giant and Hogan tie-up and like most Giant-Hogan matches Andre The Giant takes it to Hogan early so we can all probably expect that big Hogan come-back consisting of his Hulking up.

Hogan elbows out and rakes the face of Andre The Giant and gets on top of him the corner.
Poor Heenan on the outside, waiting on someone, ANYONE to beat the Hulkster.

Hogan gets on top of Andre The Giant in the corner and he lays right-hands.

Hulk actually is the one taking it to Andre The Giant. Andre then with a bear-hug out out of desperation and Hogan got free.

Andre The Giant dropped an elbow to Hogan.

The late great Andre The Giant then un-tied the top turnbuckle pad off. Hogan had a half-sleeper on Andre The Giant at the same time, both arms wrapped arround Andre The Giant. Andre The Giant tossed Hogan to the canvas hard.

Andre The Giant stomped on Hulk and tried to escape through the door…if he could fit.

Hogan comes off the ropes with a clothesline and a chop and Andre The Giant is chopped and nearly down. Hogan has clearly got in Andre The Giant`s head. Hulk Hogan clerly in control with a clotheslne and he got him down.

Hogan with a leg-drop and Heenan tried to interfere. Hogan takes care of Heenan.

Andre The Giant tries climbing and Hogan stops him and Andre is tired up in the ropes. Now Hogan has The Brain and rams him into the Cage and Hogan climbs out and wins.



In the end at 9:51 Hulk Hogan scores another victory over Andre The Giant this time in a Cage to the delight of the crowd to end Disc 1.


This match was pretty basic




** 1/2










Disc 2 Matches:





-Gladiator in a Steel Cage:



Flair definitely had his Cage experience in him from the 70’s and 80’s, but now its the 90’s and he’s taking on a Gladiator in lex. Someone he by now was familiar with.



10) Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair (c) (With Woman) vs Lex Luger -NWA Capital Combat 19th May, 1990




Is this going to be another Flair-Luger classic! Such great chemistry between the two, that`s for sure. Add a Cage and we`ll see.

As mentioned Luger had some tremendous bouts with Flair, a few of them actually and here is another inside a Steel Cage!

I love how so many of these matches on this DVD haven’t been released until now!



Lex Luger was as over with the fans here as ever, and he was mega over for some reason in WCW when winning the World title from Hollywood Hulk Hogan on Nitro (seen on the best of WCW Nitro DVD) in the Summer of 1997, so that says a lot.

Everyone in the crowd wanted Lex to beat the hell out of Flair but that’s a credit to how well Slick Ric pulled off playin the bad guy that the PEOPLE loved to hate.



Ric Flair the defending Champion with Woman (The late Nancy Benoit) and Luger wanted her checked if she was inside the Cage.
Bell rings.

Luger in the green trunks, Flair in the black and Luger got chopped in the corner as Flair went for a walk. Both men tie-u yet again and now a shoulder block by Lex Luger and then free right-hands to the Nature Boy. A hard irish-whip to the buckle and Naitch bumps hard running into a clothesline.

Flair wanted Luger to maybe take it a little easy on him but no chance as Luger gets Naitch up in a millitary press and then he does it again for seconds.

See the story here was Flair had worked over Luger`s knee in previous matches.

Ross is right on commentary when he said he dominated the 1980`s. In-ring wise.

He only wishes he was as big a draw as Hogan, Andre, Backlund, or Randy Savage.

Flair chopped away at Luger and hit a hiplock and a clothesline.

Back to Luger`s knee though, those millitary presses proved they wouldn`t buckle. I remember one of the finishes to a Luger-Flair thirty minute NWA title Main Event PPV Epic Encounter ended when Luger had Flair in the torture rack but his bad knee worked on all match by Flair buckled on him and Naitch took advantage.

This Cage here is not the typical Cage, it`s outside the outside like the Kennel from hell, only it`s just one cage, not two. Or to better describe it, it`s like a Hell in a Cell of sorts.

Flair with a chop and then a knee-drop on Luger.

Lex favouring the knee already.

Naitch with a snap-shot vertical suplex to Flair and Luger gets right up surprising the Nature Boy!

He then corners him dropping right`s to ten as the fans count.

Lex Luger chases Flair as he began to climb to try and escape Luger and then Luger rams Flair into the ring-post.

Flair is busted open. Ross points out Luger has been so close on so many occasions and unloads lefts and right`s to the Nature Boy. Flair keeps trying to escape Luger.

Flair kept chopping Luger`s massice pectorials and he did nothing, stood there stiff as a tree and flexed. A busted open Flair was held up by Luger and he sat him on the top of the turnbuckle.

Lex Luger goes for a Superplex off the top!

Lex Luger hits it as the fans roar!

Lex Luger hurts his injured-bad knee in the process and rises in pain.

This buys Flair, the Champ some time. Luger`s knee gave way and now the logical thing to do is attack the knee to keep the title as Flair is relentless and stomps away at it viciously.

Flair locks on the Figure Four and uses the bottom rope for leverage in this submisson hold and the pain has to be intense for the challenger and this time the Champion uses the top rope for even more leverage.

The battered and bloody Champion, the Nature Boy Ric Flair proves he is the dirtiest player in the Game.
Luger back to his feet and Ole Anderson is outside the Cage for a closer look aka to protect Flar.

Sting runs to the ring as Luger gets up and takes it to Flair.

Sting fighing Ole and El Gigante who they bill 7`7 (LOL) however he is the biggest wrestler in history and guess what, he`s dead also!

A lot of fighting on the insde and outside. Somehow someone got the switch on the Cage. Windham gets in the ring and attacks Luger in the Cage.
In the end Luger wins by DQ at 17:21 but not the title.










11) Steel Cage Match for the WWF Championship: The Ultimate Warrior (c) vs ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude (With Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) -WWF SummerSlam 27th August, 1990


The Blue Steel Cage is put up and I loved that look more then the fence during the attitude era look but I might be in the minority, I just like this Old School WWF look. Warrior gets to headline a show ahead of Hogan. Well at least he gets something over him in “The Year of the Warrior.” I was a little sick of hearing how Hogan dropped the ball to Warrior at WM 6 when Hogan then went on to main event the next three Mania’s and win. But I guess Warrior did get this time here. It takes them about 30, 000 years to hook up the cage at this PPV I remember fondly.

Ravishing Rick Rude comes out with a hair cut and Heenan. He gets on the mic inside the cage making fun of the Philly porkers. He calls them Pennsylvania Pissants, hllarious! The Warrior’s music hits and e runs down the aisle and he shakes the cage over and over almost loosening it up.


This match was put on the Warrior DVD over the Classic Rude and him had at Summerslam 89 for whatever reason. Maybe because it was only ten minutes?

It seems like every match on this Cage DVD I say the late great….Andre…Rose…Martel…Rude…Brody….Savage…etc


Rude and Warrior begin battling on top of the cage and as Rude gives Warrior some shots, The Warrior slams Rude on the top of the cage, Piper makes it sound like Rude fell fifteen feet to the floor when in reality he just fell from the top rope, then Warrior came off with an elbow drop, then The Ultimate Warrior slammed Rude’s head into the side of the cage. As rude tried to escape The Warrior did it again. The Ultimate Warrior reached to the heavens as all his little Warriors were behind him and the story of this match was simple. Rude was trying to escape at any cost and The Warrior the defending WWF Champion was in full control and had a ton of energy looking to take out on Rude. As Warrior charged for Rude though he moved and Warrior hit the side of the cage. Rude then got to the top of the Cage but Warrior grabbed his legs just in time. Rude came off the middle-top with a blow to make sure the Champion stayed grounded if he were to risk climbing the cage. Rude slams Warrior into the side of the cage again then another hard right hand.

I hadn’t even noticed till just now but Rude had already bladed from one of the earlier Warrior throws.

Rude remains in control and even hits his signature move The Rude awakening! Rick Rude foolishly then tries to escape the cage rather then going through the door. Then comes the spot of the match as he hits Warrior from the top of the cage as he leaped from the top. Looks like nothing from today’s standards but Rick Rude still was one of the first pro-wrestlers to jump from that high. Heenan slammed the Cage door into Warrior’s head as he tried to escape. Heenan smiles. You’ve got to know having watched Warrior’s DVD Heenan probably REALLY enjoyed slamming that door into his head. Rude tried escaping but Warrior held onto his ankle while Heenan on the other end was trying to pull him out the door. Warrior pulls down Rude’s tights exposing his ass as the ladies cheer. Warrior then smacks Heenan in the ring then hits him with an atomic drop and pushed him out the cage door. Warrior came off each side of the cage with a clothesline after he kept denying Rude’s offense. Warrior then scooped up Rude and slammed him to the canvas.

Warrior then climbed up over the cage and down to the floor to retain the WWF Title at at 10:05. This one was so basic and short it wasn’t even funny.

It’s a shame because there match at Summerslam the year before was so much better at *** 3/4 in 1989. Rude carried Warrior almost as good as Savage who we are about to see next.

Fans go home happy though at Summerslam 90. Warrior could always create a buzz, that’s for sure.


* 1/4







12) Steel Cage Match: The Ultimate Warrior vs ‘Macho King’ Randy Savage (with Sensationl `Queen` Sherri) -WWF Madison Square Garden 21st January, 1991


Just a couple of months before their classic retiremant match at Mania 7.

The Macho King Randy Savage was as ready as ever here and always seemed to get the most out of the Warrior.

Anytime these legendary colorful figures go at it is fine by me. I dig it.

The late Randy Savage is my all time favourite, after-all.


Tremendous thinking by Savage as he went into the ring took off hit cowboy hat, glasses and jacket, then hid by the steel barricade out of the cage just beside the entrance way so he could attack The Ultimate Warrior like a coward.

Warrior ran to the ring and he did just that.



After that unique opening he battle was on.

These two got it in and it turned into a slug-fest left and right as the fans go wild outside of the Cage as Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior were going at it!

Macho King is called the greatest World Champ ever by Brother Love on commentary then he calls The Ultimate Warrior a Lunatic for using a Chait to level the Macho King with in the abdomen inside the ring.

Well as much as Brother Loves grinds my gears, he may be right on both accounts.

The damage had been done to Savage and The Ultimate Warrior hits an atomic drop, then a snapmare. The Ultimate Warrior brings in Savage and drops him with a clothesline. Warrior shakes the cage to further intimdate the Queen Sherri.

Macho King`s plan had clearly back-fired him thus far in this 3match until he brought The Ultimate Warrior in by his trunks and he hit head-first into the Cage.

Savage and Warrior both able to put on multiple classic`s, and good friends until Randy Passed in May of 2011.

Warrior gave Randy a beautiful youtube tribute.

The Ultimate Warrior ran and dropped his body-weight to Savage.
A double clothesline when they meet in the center of the ring that drops both men.
Both men battling it out.


Savage put one arm above Warrior and only ot a two.
The Macho King behind The Ultimate Warrior as he tried dragging on Sherri through the cage but Macho just like he does in the 5 star Mania classic delivers a flying knee to the kidney region of The Ultimate Warrior and he goes flying into the Cage.

Savage choking out Warrior with his boot.

Macho landing jabs on The Ultimate Warrior in the corner of the Cage and Sherri encouraging hiim on. Savage stomped on Warrior over and over and then scoop slams him.

Randy Savage from the top rope delivers ane lbow drop lke only Macho King can.

Savage can`t beleve it as The Ultimate Warrior catapolts Savage off. Just wait Savage until Mania 7 when he kicks out of 5 of them consecutively at the event.

Warrior begins doing his version of Hulking up. Savage then picked up the knees on The Ultimate Warrior as he dropped for a press-splash and Savage bought some time.

Randy climbed the Cage and the Warrior tried reach him.

Savage was one second away from droppning but The Ultimate Warrior showing great dramatic effort in this climax bringing Macho King back up over the cage by his hair.


Savage madde Hogan and Warrior at this time look like such god`s even though he was so much more talented, it`s not fair.

Now all three of Sherri, Macho and Warrior are u to. Savage drops right after the ten minute mark.

That bumps the star rating to the full four!
A lot of fun. More Savage the better.

After the match The Ultimate Warrior stripped Sherri a bit.












-A Shattered Relationship:


The battle of the former team of over hald a decade in the AWA and the WWF, The Rockers!





13) Steel Cage Match for the Intercontinental Championship: HBK Shawn Michaels (c) vs Marty Jannetty -WWF White Plains, NY 17th August, 1993

So of the 13 matches on this set this is only the 2nd match from the original Cage match DVD listed here, that’s definitely a good thing.


Monsoon on commentary.

A Colliseum Video Exclusive from White Plains, New York.

Michaels tried to escape the Cage early but Marty Jannetty stopped him. Marty Jannetty hit a dropkick to HBK and then a clothesline.

No pinfalls as he forgot those didn’t ork and legitimately looked like he didn’t know.

Either way it seemed rather idiotic.

Michaels lands a high dropkick.

HBK with a back breaker, now catapolted by Marty Jannetty into the cage and this official does something funny, he counts and Marty Jannetty is saying well what about last time.

Sooo do pinfalls count or not?

That’s what I want to know too….

Michaels charged at Marty Jannetty and got nobody and speared the ring post.
Diesel prevened Marty Jannetty from geing out of the cage and then choked him down on the canvas.

Marty Jannetty is sling-shotted from one side of the cage to the other.

Shaawn slitherng and tried to get out but Marty Jannetty stopped him.

Michaels goes off the ropes and HBK with a dropkick to Jannetty.

Marty Jannetty coming alive out of a sleeper that was locked on for the bette part of a minute there by Michaels.

Marty Jannetty gets one leg over and pushed back down.

HBK was over the top and Marty Jannetty with a hiplck over the top.

The crowd go absoluely crazy.

In the end at 13:04 escaped the Cage door while Diesel distracted Marty Jannetty on the other side making Michaels able to escape earlier.


This match was pretty standard but definitely good.










14) Steel Cage Match: Mankind vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley (With Chyna) -WWF SummerSlam 3rd August, 1997



Summerslam kicks off in a unique way for the first time ever with a Cage match! This is the third Cage match in the history of Summerslam with the other two being the Rick Rude/Ultimate Warrior match from Summerslam 1990, and of course the memorable Hart Brother Cage match for the WWF Title at Summerslam 1994.

This was the 10th annual Summerslam so it made sense to make it special this way.

The Mankind/Helmsley feud got hot in the Summer of 1997 with battles and wars at In Your House Canadian Stampede as well as the brutal KOTR 1997 match where Hemsley destroyed Mick Foley. This Cage match would add fuel to the fire of an already HOT feud and it was fitting that this Cage match happened at Summerslam as this rivalry got heated in a big way and it was not over yet.

They’d continue to feud as Mankind developed into Cactus and had a great Raw match with Trips from the Garden on the night where Austin first stunnered McMahon in September of 1997.

Chyna was always coming to the aid of Hunter in his matches, especially Cage matches as she would continue to do for the next couple of years and we can see this here. Foley the great worker that took a lot of bumps in this environment matching up against the blue blood who was a mastered technician and a rich snob that would do anything to tear Mankind apart.

The match began when Helmsley tried to escape the blue cage a series of times when Mankind would stop him by pulled him off and slamming him to the mat. Mankind turned the action violent and he’d level Helmsley on a series of occasions with rights and lefts followed by a pile driver. Mankind says BANG BANG. Vince acknowledges Mankind as Foley and he slaps on the Mandible Claw but Chyna begins to climb the cage and pulls Mankind by the hair from the outside as she is HALF WAY UP THE CAGE! Nothing the ref can do about it since it’s NO DQ and Vince says that you’d think the cage would keep chyna away….., which must have been some motivation to create the Hell in a Cell a couple of months later. Mankind came off with a clothesline and then tried to escape the cage while the King said he was SCARED and he was running. CHYNA then climbed up and low blowed Mankind on the top. Hunter Hearst Helmsley then hit a vertical SUPLEX off the top of the cage straight to the canvas!

Awesome spot!

Great pace to this match. Helmsley then went to escape the match and once halfway out the door changed his mind to go back and attack Mankind some more. Helmsley then punished Foley some more and threw Mankind right into the side of the cage. Ross pointed out how Helmsley had a distinct advantage after that suplex from the top of the blue steel cage and Triple H threw Foley into the cage a few different times. Knowing Mick Foley he BUMPED Hard as well. Mankind was in a world of hurt here as Triple H raked the eyes of Mankind and gave him some hard blows to the head with his right hand after he had sustained head shots towards the cage. Triple H relentlessly kept slamming his face into the cage area. Jim Ross says Mankind is getting his brains scrambled in the Cage. Helmsley went to escape but Mankind went to drag him back inside the ring but Triple H kicked him off. Hunter then was over with one leg and then as Mankind caught up hung from one leg to the outside of the ring.

Mankind the irishwhipped Triple H into the turnbuckle and stomped on Hunter some more. The fans got in support of Mankind here as Foley pushed Hunter’s head onto the top of the rope’s but again Chyna interfered by grabbing his hair and pushing his head down. Helmsley gave Mankind an atomic drop but as he took his time recieved a clothesline by Mankind. After a bit of hesitation Triple H gave Foley a face buster from the knee. Helmsley then tried to suplex Mankind but Mankind reversed it and lifted up Helmsley and he hung from upside down INSIDE the cage in a very unique and VERY original spot. Mankind then ran off the ropes and knocked Hunter off so he fell to the ropes and then the canvas which got a great pop! Mankind built support from the crowd as he slammed Hunter into the cage a few times. Once Mankind took his time Hunter got right back into the match and back dropped Mankind into the Steel Cage and this was a very dangerous spot and that got a good ovation from the crowd. As Hunter Hearst Helmsley climbed up the front of the Cage Mankind joined him and the two brawled standing on top of the ropes until Helmsley fell and hit his crotch onto the top rope.
Helmsley then got his leg stuck in the ropes and Mankind saw an oppurtunity to escape the cage. Mankind crawled over to the side of the cage but Chyna smacked Mankind’s head with the CAGE door HARD. Very Violently and then she slammed the ref face first into the steel steps. Chyna then climbed up the cage with a chair and threw one in for Hunter to use. Helmsley then set the chair up in the center of the ring and went to hit a Pedigree on Mankind but he swung Triple H up and he hit Chyna who was in the center of the CAGE and she fell off and the crowd went insane! Mankind then hit a double armed DDT onto the steel chair. Mankind in control now! The fans going crazy as Mankind climbs to the steel cage and to the top.
Chyna then HILARIOUSLY forgot her spot and went to help Trips out but then left as she realized it wasn’t the time for that just yet. Mankind then at the top ripped his shirt to reveal a DUDE LOVE heart drawn on tattoo but it had worn off and hit a FLYING ELBOW drop from the top of the cage in shades of Snuka and Muraco! Mankind then climbed up the cage to the outside, to the floor as Chyna tried to pull Helmsley to the floor first but didn’t make it.
In the end it was Mankind who got the victory at 16:25 after he reached the floor first! Once Foley was on the ground his foot began to shake as Dude Love’s music played and the fans cheered and Mankind began to dance like Dude Love outside the ring.

They show girls in Austin 3:16 shirts dancing to Dude Love’s music playing over the speakers. What a fantastic opener at this event that is quite underrated as its never talked about as a good opener and is quite forgotten in Trips-Foley rivalry because of all the other great matches.

An absolute thrill ride!









-The Rattlesnake vs The Boss:


Arguably the biggest feud in history and they finally met in a Cage at this February PPV to decide if Austin was going to Mania 15 to face The Corporate WWF Champion The Rock. Also a BIG ex-WCW star makes his WWF debut in this match.


15) Steel Cage Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Mr. McMahon in a match to determine the #1 contender for the WWF Championship at WM 15 -WWF St. Valentine’s Day Massacre 14th February, 1999

Steve was so on his game here, in the peak of his popularity he told the Vin Man that the end of this night he will know that Austin 3:16 just Wooped His ASS!

McMahon made the match go on for gods know how long before it even officially started.

No Corporate member can interfere out their fired on the spot.


Austin chasing McMahon from the outside and he’s up top.
Austin faked a leg injury and got to Vince.
Stone Cold Steve Austin beat the living hell out of Vince in the crowd area.


They brawl all the way back to the cage. This has been at least ten minutes.

Austin slams Vince`s head into the top of the Cage and through a table!!!
They took Vnce after awhile out on a stretcher.
Austin got on the mic and said to the PPV crowd “That’s Bull Sh**!” to a huge pop.


Stone Cold Steve Austin then wheeled the stretcher with Vince on it back to the Cage.

Austin then cracked Vince`s back with a stretcher shot.

Austin tossed Vince in the ring and the bell finally goes after abou ten minutes of action.

Vince is wearing a neck-brace, you`ve gotta give Vinnie Mac props for going through with this.
Austin beats the holy hell out of Vince now for the next 7 minutes…what else…..
A bloodied Vince flips off the Rattlesnake and he keeps saying damn it, this is where I can`t get Vince so I`m gonna get him here.

A Stunner!

All of the sudden WCW`s the Giant they call Paul Wight (His actual name as Big Show was not yet tagged) comes through the canvas beats on Austin.
In the end at 7:52 (even though half the match took place before the bell rang so it was much longer) Big Show slams Austin into the cage and falls out and wins.


This match is a lot of fun, it did its job just fine.







16) Steel Cage Match for the WWF Championship: The Rock vs “The Game” Triple H (c) -WWF Rebellion 2nd October, 1999


Hayes and Ross on commentary on a Tuesday Night on PPV from the UK.

Rock and HHH have been feuding since early 97 and did so all the way to 2002, so we catch them at this PPV from Birmingham, England just before their rivalry got super-hot in 2000.

A Cage match for the title.

The Game was fresh into his second ever title reign and had a mega-popular Rock to face.

Rock was coming into his peak as a Babyface in the WWF.
Rock cut a great promo before the match on top of the Cage.


Triple H was of course so hated.

Hunter took it to The Rock early until The Rock came back with a shot.
Helmsley took it to the People’s Champion.



HHH with a reverse elbow to the head of The Rock.
Hunter tried to escape the Cage. Rock stopped him from climbng and then clotheslined the Game down.
Rock cornered Helmsley and stomped away at him. Hard irish-whip into the corner and The Rock caught HHH with an elbow. HHH tred to catch Rock he knocked him off.
HHH climbed up but The Rock turned around and scored with a right.
As they both get up Helmsley speared Rock in the corner as The Rock went down. HHH with stiff right`s.

Now a running high knee by HHH.

Rock off the ropes countered with a Samoan drop.

Both guys hurting off some brutal right`s and physicality, but nothing into the steel quite yet. A face-buster by the Game and a hard knock-down with a clothesline to The Rock.

HHH began to climb and Rock stopped him at the half-way point until The Rock was kicked away.
Rock got Helmsley down and now was almost out and HHH stopped him.

Both men fought at the top of the Cage, the slug-fest continues, your typical attitude era brawl and both men straddle the top rope.

HHH comes off to attack Rocky and he caught Hunter.

Rock Bottom!!!

Rock Bottom!!!

Rock Bottom!!!
Sorry for the extra enthusiasm JR and the crowd had it, so I figured I would as well. Hunter went for a double axe-handle but Rock countered it into a Rock Bottom.

Maivia (not sure why I called him that just now) in a dumb way tries to climb instead of simply crawling out the door and Helmsley back-suplexed Rock off the side of the Cage.
Helmsley nailed the official with a ight and Rock has done it but the official is down. Rocky is screwed and now Helmsley pounds away at Rock outside of the Cage.

This here is similar to the Main Event Raw match from the Summer of 99 just a couple months previous where the ref was down and they went outside the Cage, you can see that decent Cage match (This one is better) on Rock`s DVD from 2008.

Rock catches Helmsley with some right`s across the security railing.

Jim Ross claims the match should be over and Rock should be the Champion.

Rock got on the mic and said he`ll do something for himself and all of his fans now that the roody poo official didn`t see him win the title. Rock then smacks Hunter with a chair.

HHH blades. HHH is on a table, Rock dropped off the outside the Cage and elbow dropped Hunter, table botch in a way. It broke half-way, but even when this happens it still looks decent.

Wrestling is Fake anyway. The Sky is Blue. There`s No Santa.

AKA it is what it is.

The official finally gets up. (Isn`t there replay anyway)
Rock was climbing out and Bulldog made sure Rock could not escape.

All kinds of interference here.
HHH walks rght back into a Rock Bottom and he was all bloodied. Rocky didn`t have much as he crawled to the door and like she did to Foley`s skull at Summerslam 97 she slams it on Rock`s skull.

Foley of all his bumps still to this day that was one of the most painful shots he ever took, if you can believe that.

HHH looks to make it and Rock had a hand-full of hair. Helmsley is hanging and both guys in a bloody war brawl on the top, Chyna goes up and Rock lays a right to her.
Bulldog drags Rock down and HHH escapes as the fan`s boo!

In the end at 22:17 Triple H won by escaping the cage when The British Bulldog interfered and held The Rock back.


This match was great for sure. They could of used more of the cage but it was still quality since it went over twenty minutes for sure.



*** 1/4









Disc 3 Matches:



-New School of Aggression:



17) Dudley Boyz (c) (With Stacy Keibler) vs Hardy Boyz (c) in a Steel Cage Title Unification match for the WCW World Tag Team Championship and the WWF Tag Team Championship -WWF Survivor Series 18th November, 2001


Ya know it`s actually unfortunate Stacy couldn`t bend over because of the Cage. Oh well she show`s her assests to the official during the match to make up for it.

God what a beauty she is. The best looking Diva in history in my opinion.

Both these teams as noted by Matthews famous for Ladder, Tables, or just TLC matches in the early 2000`s still brought the brutality and here is an example, inside a steel cage tag-team match.
These two teams have met many times, never in a cage match together and never with the stakes this high with both tag straps on the line.

Bell rings.
Referee Nick Patrick, oh he gets the nice view later. The HEEL WCW official locks the cage.

Jeff Hardy and Bubba Ray Dudley start it out for their teams. Matt is tagged in and takes down Bubba Ray Dudley and then sends him back to their corner.

Early isolation early. Double tag-team tandem offense. Then Bubba uses his power with a powerslam.

D-Von Dudley comes in now and works over Jeff.

D-Von Dudley hits a snap-shot vertical suplex to Matt as he was tagged in. Both teams had frequent tags. Bubba Ray Dudley comes in and lays a blow to the head of Matt.



Bubba and D-Von Dudley making frequent tags now trying to cut the caged-ring off in their favor to isolate the up-rise of Mattitude that would follow in the coming years.

D-Von Dudley back in now.

D-Von Dudley on Matt as Stacy smiles on. I`d do anything to make Stacy smile.

Bubba back in kicking at Matt then mocking and taunting him as the fan`s boo.

Jeff eventualy got the hot-tag and dropkicked both Bubba and D-Von Dudley.

I love it how Heyman questions his blue hair, and Ross makes fun of him with no hair yet his best friend is Steve Austin.

I love how the Babyface announcers always seemed to get owned.

Matt with a side-russian leg-sweep off the top rope to the canvas to D-Von Dudley and it hurt Matt just as much.

Right after on the opposite side Bubba hit the Bubba bomb to Jeff on the mat from the top rope and it hurt them both.

Bubba climbed, Matt with a Body Slam off the top.

Near pinfalls in the middle of the ring.

No real ref-control here. Fans call for a 3D as Dudleyz double-team Matt with a flapjack into the Cage instead.

Jeff tries to win the cage and Bubba has him on his shoulder`s and now D-Von Dudley with a Decapitation Device of the great LOD.

Most members down now but the Dudley Boyz.

D-Von Dudley signalling for the 3D.

Jeff slammed, Matt mashed into the Cage and now the Dudleyz are perhaps signalling for the end as Stacy looks satisfied on the outside, and again I`d do anything to make her satisfied.

Damn that George Clooney!

I`m serious.

Jeff doesen`t get a 3-D because both Dudelyz are physically disecting the home-town Hardy Boyz. Jeff slammed into the Cage.

Both Dudleyz to the top, D-Von Dudley missed Jeff, Bubba did as well. Matt goes to the top and connects with a double clothesline to Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley.

Matt with an irish-whip and a reverse elbow to D-Von Dudley and a slam to the Cage to Bubba. Matt with a neck-breaker to D-Von Dudley and a two.

Matt with a DDT to Bubba Dudley another nearfall. Jeff gets D-Von Dudley downstairs with a double-leg dro p to the abdomen.

The momentum has shifted back to the Hardyz and a double back-drop to the bigger Bubba.

Now the Dudleyz tried something earlier using a double team strategy with high risk, it failed.

The Hardyz connect on their try.

Matt with a Leg, Jeff with an elbow to Bubba, but D-Von Dudley interupted the count.

Matt climbed but D-Von Dudley caught him and hung him upside down.

Bubba had Jeff down now in the ring and D-Von Dudley performed a What`s Up.

Bubba said STACY get the table`s.

In a Cage match, Stacy got the key from Patrick`s pocket.

Stacy got a table to the D-Von Dudley just in time.

Patrick an alliance official didn`t really care and almost a 3-D but Matt intercepted Bubba while Jeff put the breaks on D-Von Dudley in mid-air with a ddt.

Matt tries to clinb out and Matt has done it!

All they need is one more Hardy. Jeff tries a pin on Bubba he kicks out.
Jeff sent D-Von Dudley into the Cage and now Jeff climbs to the top as D-Von is on the table. Instead of winning the match he goes for a Swanton Bomb though D-Von Dudley into the table but crashed and burned instead.
Matt is mad and that would set up the Hardyz feud for Vengeance 01 in December.
In the end The Dudleyz (Alliance) defeated the Hardyz at 15:45 when The Dudleyz covered Jeff after his Swanton off the top of the Cage through a table went sour.


I enjoyed the hell out of this match.
They showed it could be both entertaining and hardcore without blood.

It was the tandem, innovative, double-team offense that made it to the four star mark.











18) Steel Cage Match: Edge vs Y2J Chris Jericho -WWE SmackDown! 25th July, 2002



Stephanie McMahon`s first act as GM to make Smackdown`s first ever Cage match.

Chris Jericho and Edge are already going at it after a commercial break.

Edge taking on the King of the World and the first ever Undisputed Champion in Jericho.

As Tazz said this is not about wrist-locks, hammer-locks, this is about brutal physicality and using the Cage as a weapon.

Edge wanted revenge on Jericho and again as Tazz elluded to, if you got a grudge with someone it`s best to settle it in a Cage.


We pick up the action after a coommerical break as mentioned and apparently Jericho had took it to Edge.
Edge chops back at Jericho.

TV matches with commercial breaks are fine and all but good god if you`re gonna give us a tv cage match let us at least see the beginning.

We can only assume what`s going on but from what we can see it`s gone back and forth.

Now Chris Jericho methodcially uses the Cage to his advantage and now his cockiness is brought out.

Jericho busted open Edge sending him into the steel and choked him out.

Jericho cocky and now Edge sent Jericho into the Cage a few mnutes later as Edge had a desperation counter hung into the ropes but Y2J tasted the steel.

Edge who was never better then in 2002 before his serious injuries hits clotheslines and face-plants to Jericho.

Jericho held onto the top rope and then Edge with a counter and a sunset flip and Chris Jericho kicks out.

Great pace here.

Awesome action, especially for a TV match.
A Powerbomb modified and a cover on Jericho by Edge and a kick-out.

Jericho counters going for the Walls and now he catapolts or sling-shots Edge sending Edge to the steel and now his wound becomes bigger bleeding more and more.

Chris Jericho crawling to the door and Edge slowly and dramatically stops him.

Sickening thud as Jericho hit Edge with a chair to the bloody head. A kick-out and again another nearfall.

Chris Jericho frustrated and now a bloy Edge turns arond and ducks a chair-shot and hit a spear.

Great Smackdown! Main Events around this time. They`d lose Jericho to Raw in the Summer of 02 but imagine if SD kept Jericho they`d have the SD 7 rather then 6, wow.

A huge Bulldog off the top rope of the Cage as both men are hurt after bulldog type maneuver.

Chris Jericho has a little bit left as he tries to climb up to the Cage and out. Edge then crawls to the corner and finds him. Edge then

Edge takes Chris Jericho off the top and a fifteen foot drop to the mat.

Chris Jericho slithering like a snake to the door and now Edge climbs from the other direction.

Edge makes it there first.
In the end at near 12 minutes of tv time, Edge wins.


This match was very high quality, especially for TV, not the full thing is my only complaint (due to commercials) but at least it wasn`t clipped.
So many matches on this DVD are four stars or higher and here is another. Simply incredible gimmick match is the Steel Cage due to the booking and the following Raw match is no different.







19) Steel Cage Match: Y2J Chris Jericho vs Christian (With Trish Stratus and Tyson Tomko) -WWE Raw 10th May, 2004


Trish looks unbelieable as a heel here.

I remember this Main Event of Raw very well.

These to upped their Mania bout with a great Gimmick T Main Event.

Chris Jericho jumped Christian early and a chop to Christian.

We have taken all the commercial breaks says Ross. Thank god.

A full match here. Chris Jericho tried to escape, Christian stopped him and then a Babyface Chris Jericho dropped a Heel Christian.

The two were former heel tag champs in 02 on the Raw brand.

Christian corners Chris Jericho and then goes to climb, Jericho says not on this exchange.

All of the sudden Christian is straddled on the top rope as Jerichoo hit him down off the side of the cage.

The Problem Solver Tyson Tomko hit the outside of the Cage with a steel chair. Jericho comes off the top of the Cage with a crossbody.

Tomko kicks at the head of Jericho as he tries to come in.

Tomko is ejected as trish is mad she`s on her own, the fans chant Na Na Na Na…..
Everybody enjoys Tomko`s exits or maybe that`s just me. When he leaves a match that is.

Chris Jericho is half way out and Christian out of desperation brings him back in and the two go back at it.

The two exchange in a slug-fest in mid-ring then a chopping war.

Christan and Jerichoo go back and forth, Chris Jericho bends down and Christian meets him with a kick, now Y2J side-steps him and Jercho went face-first down.
Now Christian goes straight into the Cage.

Fans want puppies of course because of who is out there and I don`t blame them.

Christian is bloodied and busted open.

Christan is busted open and has his face grinded by Y2J.

Chris Jericho grinds his face along the steel.

Chris Jericho dropkicks his face into the cage then hits a modified bulldog to Christian on the canvas.

Trish climbs the Cage trying to be a factor.

A busted open got the un-prettier to Chris Jericho.

Jericho with a big sense of urgency and hits a double-arm suplex to Christian in a hip-lock sort of way from the top of the Cage and that took it out of both men.

Stratus grabs the chair went for Y2J and Jericho hs the Walls on Christian but Christian is climbing from behing and Jericho stops hm with a front facelock.

Jericho with the walls on Christian and he`s all bloodied.

Christian tries to go throughout the door and Christian taps.


In the end at 11:30 of tv time (no interuptions) Jericho defeated Christian with the Walls of Jericho despite the odds stacked against h.


This match was executed very well. Both guys took the spotlight and ran with it.



*** 1/2










20) Steel Cage Match: Randy Orton vs ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair -WWE Taboo Tuesday 19th October, 2004


Randy Orton’s god-awful face run at least gave him some credibility going up against
Orton had to be ready for Evolution’s dirtiest player in the game in Flair in this type of environment, infact many fans sided with Naitch because he is who he is and the fact Orton’s face run was so horrid.


Surprisingly this one begins with the much, much older Legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair taking it to Orton grinding his face and Randy Orton is bloodied.

But maybe it should come to no surprise given Flair`s history in Cage matches like a Flair for the Gold at the original Starrcadde in 83, or the Von Erich one on ths DVD.

Hell, his match a year later with HHH is much better at Taboo Tuesday 2005 then this.
Flair now blading of course, red as always as both men are bloody.
Randy Orton with a ton of aggression and a big low-blow to Orton.
Flair and his yelling and selling really make this match as Oron drops blows to Flair a dropkick into the steel and Flair had no where to go but down obviously.

Orton press-slammed him off the top of the Cage.

Orton with a crossbody off the top of the cage, now an inverted back-breaker one of Randy Orton`s signature moves.

Naitch reaching deep down after kicking out to his route`s in Cage matches chopping back.

Flair tried to get out the door and Orton dragged him back in mid-ring.

Flar grabbed brass knucks and then levelled down Orton.

Naitch covered Orton and he still kicked out and Flair can`t believe it. Slick Ric had chance to escape the Cage and brings in a chair. Flair has a chair and missed a chair-shot.

Orton with the RKO out of no where.


In the end at 10:14 Orton rightfully goes over an aging Naitch who’s best Cage matches were 30 years ago.


The handshake says respect.


This match was better then expected but not nearly as good as others on the set.





** 1/2







-Passion and Emotion:


You can’t describe this personal rivalry in words, but I’ll sure try as I go nto the next match




21) Steel Cage Match: Matt Hardy vs Edge (With Lita) -WWE Unforgiven 18th September, 2005


This may very well be the best match (Single’s) in Matt’s career. One of them for Edge as well.
Not too often we get Classic Cage matches these days but there was real life friction between the two which made the fans legitimately care making this appear better then it perhaps was. Or better then Most of the Steel Cage matches presented today.

That’s why 80’s cage matches were so well presented because kayfabe existed a lot more and the fans just loved all of the suspense.

Where-as now-a-days they go “Come on, he could leave it any time!” I’m sure you know what I mean.


Of course Matt Hardy gets a tremendous vation in this real-emotoionally charged feud.

We will get a barbaric Steel Cage match here, that’s for certain.
We could say that their Summerslamm 05 match ws barbaric and it ended early.
Strong right’s and then hard shots sepertates one an swinging the other face-first to the Cage.

Edge is catapolted to the top and then he wants to escape but Matt caught him. Edge tries to leve the door and Hardy chants are chanted loud.

Matt Hardy tries to takke off his vertical base. Now Edge stopd up and got shots on Matt Hardy stomping him. Matt Hardy back up and Edge with a reverse twst of Fate,
Lita smiles as Edge and Matt are both on the to tunbuckle. Hideous headshots by Edge an then a missile dropkck ffom the top.

Edge systematically and methodicaly taking aoart Lita’s ex Matt Hardy and she loved it outside the steel watching it.

Hell she would love it inside the steel. She would would love it anyhere.

Matt Hardy dropcked in the corner and a nearfall.

Edge with a verson of a powerbomb yet again and slams Matt head-first into the steel. Matt Hardy ids down on the Matt.

Edge scouting Matt Hardy and delivers a thrust kick too the head Edge onto the damaged the head of Matt, Edge slams Matt to the canvas with a huge powerbomb.


Edge went to spear Matt and he moved.

Matt had Edge tied up up in the ropes and whaled away.



Matt with a flapjack move. Matt Hardy then got the Case of Edge and went insane on Edge it the steel case theen the steel cage!

Fans just absolutely loves it!


Lita tres to climb up the Cage and Matt knocks her off.

The Blood flows off the fsce of Edge.

Ross and Coach try and plug No Mercy by saying that’s what Matt Hardy was showing.

A chair-shot to a busten open Edge.

Matt Hardy fatigued gets speared into the Cage.

Buys Edge some tme.

Bth men back inside clmbed to the top of the Cage and Matt hits the Side Effect. Off the top!


Lita n the ring tred to hit Matt with the Case, Matt Hardy hits Lita with the twst of fate.

Huge pop.

Edge Spears Matt Hardy and a long two, fans Chant Hardy.

Matt Hardy and Edge both up top, Edge falls back to the canvas.
Matt Hardy off the top of the Cage, Matt Hardy wth a leg-drop from the top of the Cage and Matt wins.



In the end at 21:33 Matt gets some revenge and wins the Cage match by performing a huge spot, his signature leg-drop off the very top of the steel cage.



Classic Cage Match!!!










22) Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship John Cena (c) vs `The Rated :R: Superstar` Edge (With Lita) -WWE Raw 2nd October, 2006



John Cena fresh off his Unforgien 2006 TLC win, well fresh maybe not since they both were probably still battered but now it`s time for another gimmick-barbaric match for the main strap and this is Raw baby!

No PPV here.

Both guys tie-up early here. Cena then rammed Edge head-first into the turnbucle then a suplex on Edge.

Both Cena and Edge have such great chemistry together.

Cena applied tons of offense to Edge early and he countered back with an impaler.

A slug-fest as they climbed the Cage.

A bulldog by the Champ, Cena dove Edge into the mat.

Back from a commercial break and Edge has a modified crossface on Cena.

Cena just getting back up to his vertical base.

Edge with a spinning heel kick to Cena in the head which will buy the Challenger some time. Edge wants his title back and was one count away.

All of the sudden Edge tries crawling out the Cage door now but Cena stops him.

Edge slows down Cena then Edge tries to climb out and Cena hit a suplex and both men as said battered from Unforgien and now Edge tries to climb again and Cena does the usual opponent straddle on the top rope, Cena shakes it adding more insult to the injury.

Cena with shoulder blocks, from guts and adrenaline, the will to win, the will to retain the title, the five kunckle shuffle, instead of the FU, Edge held onto the Cage.

Now Cena goes to hit an FU off the top, Edge drops to his feet. Then Cena went for an FU standing up, Edge reversed with a reverse impaler.

Now Cena spots Edge trying to crawl out of the door.

Lita s ejected.

Edge flies off the top rope and takes out the official`s head by accident.

Edge brought a chair.

Cena grabbed a Chair and knocked out Edge.

Cena loocks his submission, his STFU on Edge.

Cade and Murdoch come in and apply work to Cena behind hte official`s back and double-team him.

They try and pull out Edge but DX comes out and stops them. HBK waits for the Sweet Chin Music on Murdoch and it knocked the Cage into Edge`s face.

Edge hit with the FU and Cena won.
In the end at 17:39 of tv time Cena retains the title.

Great Cage encounter.



*** 1/4





23) Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Dave Batista (c) vs Chris Jericho -WWE Raw 3rd November, 2008



Whenever you got Dave and Jericho, and if Chris is the heel half the fans will still cheer him or more, that’s just how it is.

The crowd aint dummies. Or most of them anyway.
They know talent.
Batista looks at home inside the Cage is what was said by King.

This took place on the 800th episode of Raw from Tampa Bay, Florda.

Y2J as a cowardly heel looking a little bit worried.

They hype the night that had been up until this point capped off by this title main event Cage match.


Jericho trying to escape.
Batista keeps giving Jericho some problems though as he starts out and then Jericho raises his leg on Dave. Batista tossed Jericho around and round slowly as if the Cage was his tag partner.

An unfortunte commerical break and Chris Jericho is fighting back.

The Walls is slapped on and half of Tampa is marking out.

A ton of ASK HIMS yelled out by Y2J.
Kind of a ridiculous spot as Jericho`s whole body pretty much fell to the floor and he had the title WON but he made sure his legs were there for Batista to grab just in time.

Big Dave carries Jericho back in until Jericho used the cage door to rm it into Batista`s head. Jericho kicked at Batista`s legs oer and oer and a spinning side slam by Batista to Jericho.

Batista charged into Jericho with a dlubbing clothesline then drove Chris to the canvas. Tista goes for a spear and runs right into the Cage.

Jericho climbed to the top over the cage and an innovatie moe by Batista to open the Cage door and pick him up in mid-air bringing him in.

Batista tries to Batista Bomb Y2J he kicks him down and now Chris Jericho is up first as the Champ is in agony. Jericho going to escape, both men straddling the top of the Cage and now Batista attempts a Batista Bomb from the top of the cage.

Jericho grabbed a steel ring that holds the Steel Cable on top of the Cage in place and knocked Batsta semi-out.

Dave still had enough to keep Jericho there.

But Jericho lands.

Jericho has done it at near the 20 minute mark, Chris Jericho is once again World Champion!
This match was very good.







24) Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: CM Punk (c) vs Jeff Hardy -WWE SmackDown! 28th August, 2009



Final match on this excellent Cage match DVD.
Same way, if Punk is the heel, half the crowd, the smarks will Cheer Punk.

They can spot talent.

But Hardy does indeed excel in these match-types with his balls to the wall, dare-devil mentality.
Jeff Hardy is attacked outside before the match.

Punk had recently won the World Title in a great TLC Match at Summerslam 2009.

I rated it three stars and a lot of people got on my ass for it, hey, it`s my rating. I found that one spotty and I don`t like Jeff Hardy.

Just my opinion.

CM Punk hits a vertical suplex to Jeff Hardy.

I don`t know why the WWE books Cage matches the show after a brutal PPV TLC match…cruel and unusual punishment, I don`t know.

It`s crazy all the bumps and bruises.

Hardy with an atomic drop and CM Punk kicks out.

A flying crossbody from Jeff to Punk off the top.

Everything is extra amazing considering the Punishment they battled before-hand at Sumerslam.

CM Punk catapolted Hardy into the Cage but it`s not his first dance so he used tremendous agility to stay on the Cage and he tried to climb out.

Punk tried to Superplex Hardy but Punk is hit off.

A Swanton Bomb, Jeff almost becomes Champion. Stakes so high, great crowd environment on Smackdown!

Both men dropkicked each other, both men inches away from escaping.

Yet another attempt to escape.

Punk and Hardy are throwing literally anything and everything into the basket.

Jeff with a backslide, nearfall, as close as it gets.

Winner is Champ, loser leaves WWE.

Punk promised to get rid of Jeff and hs a chance to come through with it. Punk goes for a go to sleep, Jeff counters it into a twist of fate.


Jeff sends Punk to the Corner.



Jeff Hardy or Punk, whoever won had to take on Taker at Breaking Point 09.

A rush of adrenaline for Punk to catch Hardy at the top and both guys slugging it out, Jeff dangking, CM PUNK with a top rope SUPERPLEX.

By CM Punk! Awesome!

Un-real spot.

Both men down.

Jeff down, CM Punk now goes to the outside and Jeffis hit inside. Punk lands!

Punk lands!

In the end at a near 15 minute tv mark, Punk retains!


This DVD goes out on a very solid note.











-The Last Resort:


-Ths match-type remains a rivalry-settler.








Final Rating for WWE “The Greatest Cage Matches” DVD = 9/10


Anyone who reads my reviews knows my soft-spot for Nostalgia, especially if it expands past the WWF and takes up the bulk of the DVD. This set is legendary for that fact alone. I don’t care about the Cage matches it doesen’t have. You can’t have it all, and they add some very nice rare gems here. Very nice indeed.
This DVD was very GOOD in the sense they went to other companies and showed off some of their work, that can’t be ignored, I mean it’s not something they always do. That’s more like it. The only problem is that this DVD is called the greatest Cage matches, and NOT All of the greatest like Savage-Lawler, Blanchard-Tully, Bret-Owen weren’t included. However, as said we still got however the FORGOTTEN Cage matches and this is plenty enough for most wrestling fans. And as mentioned a couple of those bouts were on the first Cage match release. HHH-Flair was better then Orton-Flair but I think they released HHH-Flair already once if not twice so Orton-Flair is understandable.
Excellent DVD, thumbs up for sure! Just like the first three-disc Ladder Match. A 9/10 = A must own.

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  1. James says:

    I have this DVD and I am a big fan of cage matches. This DVD does not disappoint.

  2. Desean Jackson Phan 10 says:

    AWESOME DVD….But may not be suitable for little kids tho

  3. NWO 4 Life says:

    WWE made a mistake in letting Jeff lose to Punk because WWE could’ve done a heel Hardy turn like when he was in Immortal.

  4. jasongoldsmith says:

    great review and some very good matches on here.
    can anyone recall an abdullah the butcher match that he DID NOT bleed in? i sure cannot.

  5. Mabel says:

    there’s barely any wcw cage matches here. that’s just appalling. i would have liked to have seen Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner from Nitro.

    and if things turned out differently, the steel cage match featuring The Outsider vs. Bret Hart/Chris Benoit vs. Sid/Goldberg definetly would have been thrown on this set.

  6. Greg57 says:

    Anyone remember that time Mini Bret said Shawn was the Icon the Main Event, that was so funny. Great review Bret might get this DVD because of your review.

  7. RKO4 says:

    I’m a little surprised that Brett favorite wrestler is Macho Man Randy Savage, you figured it would be Bret Hart since they have the same name and he been bashing everyone who talks bad about Bret and the Hart Foundation. Macho Man is one of my favorites also so is Shawn Michaels and Jeff Hardy and Kevin Nash.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic review! Finally, someone who appreciates this collection of rare gems and awesome matches! I couldn’t understand how a set w/ so many 4+ star classics could be missed by the critics and even nominated for worst DVD of the year. I just watched the Savage/Lawler cage match off of the Glory Days of Wrestling set, and it’s just awesome, it’s too bad WWE doesn’t own Memphis footage, that match would have been a great fit! I know it’s not a WWE set, but, maybe you could review the Glory Days DVD, especially if you like nostalgia! Great review, underrated DVD. 8.5/10.

  9. RKO4 says:

    I liked Randy’s face turn in 2004 but it wasn’t how you hoped it would be, I might get this sometime would love to watch the Macho Man vs Warrior cage match again. Correct me if I’m wrong but the Triple H vs mankind SummerSlam cage match has been on Greatest Superstar’s of the 90’s, now this one and the last cage match DVD also?

  10. Brett Mix says:

    First off to answer questions here. Yes, it is editted you don’t see Stacy’s ass. I’m sure you still can on google, the original version or youtube though. I didn’t care because I was reviewing the match and not her ass, as great as that might of been. 😉 Flair-Hunter while being better then Orton-Flair was put on other sets like Flair’s second or Hunter’s, not sure and of course the IC title one I believe. Also I think Bret-Owen wasn’t released here since it’s about a half an hour in length and right now they are steering away from anything Owen which sucks. Blanchard-Tully has been relesed multiple times, it sort of has the same treatment Razor-Shawn from WM X did when they didn’t put that on the Ladder DVD. Yes I will review In Your House Canadian Stampedee and One Night Only when I get to them. Thanks all, your feedback makes me feel appreciated.

  11. indyfan says:

    There should of been some ECW matches. Can anyone tell me if the Hardys vs Dudleys match is edited?

  12. Brad Attitude says:

    when i think of greatest steel cages in wwe – i think of triple h vs ric flair. i wonder how wwe missed adding that one on this set. always felt that match should have been on the greatest cage matches set.

  13. indyfan says:

    I know this is going to sound sad and pathetic. but the tag match from SS 2001 between Hardys and Dudleys. is it edited so you don’t see Staceys ass when she lifts her skirt?

  14. Fer says:

    I can’t understand why the Mankind vs. Rock vs. Shamrock cage match failed once again to make it to DVD while there were so many other repeats on this set. I also found very stupid that the two matches from WCCW were already in the WCCW set you would think anyone who cares about world class already owns that set. Additionally the DVD could never really live to its title because WWE does not own the rights to the greatest cage match of all times (that’s Jimmy Jacobs vs. BJ Whitmer from ROH)

  15. Lemo says:

    Brett i really adore your reviews. They are fantastic. Can you please review the 2 best PPV’s in 1997 Canadian Stampede & One Night Only ?

  16. VintageCole Sucks says:

    That’s a vintage review Brett, the Cage match of Cena vs Edge was good and Jericho vs Edge, Larry Zybickso couldn’t even beat Easy E.

  17. DX1 says:

    The Matt Hardy vs Edge Cage match from Unforgiven 05 was one of the best Cage matches ever and glad to see it on this DVD. Also like Brett I enjoyed tag team Cage match from Survivor Series, you might think Stacy was the hottest diva but I’ve always liked Sable difference of opinions but I respect his.

  18. Outsiders4life says:

    Cage match, my spell check went crazy sorry for the wrong thing.

  19. Outsiders4life says:

    I thought at Rebellion 99 it was a triple threat for the title Rock vs Triple H vs Bulldog cafeteria match for the title?

  20. James says:

    I’m glad i got this DVD for Christmas 😀

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