Review: WWE “Tombstone: History of The Undertaker” DVD

May 18, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s “Tombstone: History of The Undertaker” 3 Disc Review:





“The Phenom of the World Wrestling Federation!” Vince McMahon




-“Tombstone:History of the Undertaker” was put together with three discs covering the long career of the Deadman and the Bad Ass released in late 2005. As of this writing in 2011 it remains one of the most popular and highest selling Wrestling DVD’s of all time.

-A voiceover and a little intro is a nice touch into each match before they begin.




Disc 1 Matches:



1) The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) vs Hulk Hogan (c) for the WWF Championship -WWF Survivor Series 1991?


The Main title match in the middle of the show. An interesting move to keep things flowing well. A singles match finally at this event.

Taker had his supporters in the crowd for this one.

Everyone knew this was a gimmick that would work by now. Tons of kids scared of Taker, I remember being one of them. A great job from a great gimmick. Hogan destroyed the Casket placed at ring-side.

The Undertaker stares a hole in Hogan as he circles around him. Hogan with a side headlock on Taker and off the ropes he runs into a shot from the Phenom and his grey glove. Hogan had fear in his eyes and he didn’t show that emotion often if at all.

Once back in the Hulkster was grabbed by Taker.

Taker had his destructive glove on the face of the Immortal Hulk Hogan.

Undertaker let go slapped Hulk and then grabbed onto his face while he demonically rolled his eyes into the back of his head. Undertaker choked out Hogan on the top rope. Bearer held up the Urn and choked out Hogan some more. Undertaker fought back with a throat shot. Taker slammed Hogan to the mat and missed an elbow drop.

Hulkster fought back with some of his own shots and then a forearm blow to the Deadman who is driven headfirst into the turnbuckle’s padding. Hogan clotheslines Taker over the top rope and he lands with both feet on the floor. Taker drags him out. Taker sends Hogan into the steps and chokes him out with a cord.

Undertaker back in the ring chokes out Hogan and once again Paul Bearer choked out Hulk.
Back here most of Taker’s offense was slow so I’m not really going to blame him for the boring and repetitive offense of him placing his glove over Hogan’s face in an attempt to wear him down.

Hogan fought back!

Taker hit his finishing Tombstone but Hogan had none of that delivering shot after shot.

Taker fell back to the ropes.




In the end at 12:45 The Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan to become Champion for the first time.
After one year the dominant Phenom now reigned on top of the Federation!

This match is extremely standard and a tad slow. It served its purpose though in the long run.


* 1/2





2) Yokozuna (c) (with Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette) vs The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) for the World Wrestling Federation Championshp in a Casket Match -WWF Royal Rumble 1994


Yokozuna challenged Taker by doing the taunt near the throat, Taker turned around and as Yokozuna charged towards him Taker slammed him head first then delivered right hands. Undertaker clearly the aggressor in the early stages with clotheslines off the ropes and they wont bring Yokozuna off his feet till the last one and he rolls out.

Yokozuna slammed Taker head first on the steps.
Yokozuna then could NOT believe how Taker would NOT go down. Must be frustrating.

Taker then hit at Yoko and then used the top rope and came off across the back, neck and shoulder region which is a very large one on Yokozuna.

This would be Mark Calloways last match in the WWF till Summerslam 1994 when he met The Fake Undertaker. Well at least this one is good.

Taker then smacked Yokozuna on the outside of the ring with a steel chair!

Taker slamed Yoko head first on the canvas from the outsdie by grabbing his head and smacking it against the mat.

There were no DQs or count-outs obvioussly, both men pulled out all the stops and to prove that Yokozuna then threw a handful of Salt into Takers face.

Taker down and Yokozuna getting some revenge as he viciously attacked Taker on the outside with a chair!

Taker got back up and vince could not believe it. Taker was being wore down by Yokozuna as he slammed his head on the mat!

Yokozuna tried putting Taker in the casket but he stopped the lid and then gave Yokozuna an uppercut but back inside the ring Yokozuna then hit a belly to belly suplex. Undertaker sat up and Yokozuna looked afraid as he grabbed him by the throat.

Undertaker hit a chokeslam! Yokozuna though reversed the irish whip and Taker hit a giant DDT to Yokozuna!

Both men down. Even dead man need a breather but not for long as he sat right back up and the fans went insane.

Taker signalled for the end.

Taker kicked Yokozuna to the outside of the ring under the bottom rope and into the Casket and he was going to easily close the lid but from behind Crush came to the ring.

NO DQs in this match, and that would be pretty vital as Taker spent half the match versus other guys.

Crush then ducked a clothesline came off the ropes and got the worst of Takers punishment. Undertaker then took it to Tenryu and another Japanese star.

Bam Bam Bigelow then came in the ring. Bam Bam was pulling triple duty at this event. The Japanese stars, with Bam Bam and Crush came all back in the ring working over Taker in the corner and throwing him there to stomp on him.

Taker tried desperately to maintain a vertical base but he could not for very long. They tried to put him in the casket. Taker hit an uppercut out of desperation to Crush though! Bam Bam then hit Crush in the head with a weapon Double J Jeff Jarrett flew off the top and was hit with the weapon.

The crowd behind Taker big time and that made the match fun. Liike I said, I liked the booking.

Fatu with a headbutt to Taker, and Adam Bomb was even down here as the heels continued to destroy Taker. Taker sat up and then he stillw as dishing out offense hitting uppercuts on HEELS, Dibiase could not believe any of this. Then the heels got in full control of the match and put Taker into the Casket.

They almost had the lid shut and Taker kept hitting a right hand on everybody as the fans went wild, a headbutt to Bam Bam, etc.

Yokozuna then nailed Taker with the Urn!

All of the sudden the Urn busted open and green smoke came out and the power of the urn was gone! Vince must have been high when accepting this material. Looks like the smoke coming out of the Urn might have been done by McMahon before the match.

Bam Bam then nails 300 pounds plus to Taker who was beyond already out of this thing due to the power of the Urn being exposed, after Yokozuna nailed him in the head with the urn! Fatu with a frogsplash off the top.

Dibiase loved the game plan as Yoko needed over ten men in a NO DQ match help him win the Casket match and retain the title!
Fun stuff.

In the end Yokozuna retained the title at 14:20 when he got help to close Taker in the casket despite his creatures of the night trying to help him win. Bam Bam shuts the lid then goes overtop of it as Yoko celebrated.

Soon after the match while his music played Yokozuna`s music after his title defense and all of the sudden the lights start to go out!

Flickering and darkness enters the building as well as a GONG and Jarretts face is priceless as it usually was.

It is Taker! On the big screen!





Well, I will sleep better knowing that.

Taker then was in electric shock or so it looked to appear and Taker raised to the rafters, well it was actually Marty Jannetty but what is the difference…..

Obviously you were not going to see a Flair-Steamboat here, but this match as booked in an awesome way which made it very entertaining. Dare I say this was as good as it was ever going to be. Crowd was into it the whole time which always helps in Undertaker matches.


** 1/2







3) The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) vs “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel -WWF Wrestlemania 12



Here is a great BIG MAN`s match.



Diesel had been getting a ton of MINDGAMES as of late and was tired of it.

The Undertaker and Diesel begin with an exchange of righthands. Diesel sends Taker into the corner hard and he lands a charging clothesline. Diesel with an elbow shot to the head of the Deadman. Diesel then threw Taker to the other buckle but this time he lifts a boot stopping the Diesel charge. The Undertaker clotheslined Diesel down and Taker drops an elbow. Diesel back up clotheslined Taker over the top rope to the floor. Undertaker takes it to Diesel on the floor but Big Daddy Cool returned the favor. Diesel drags Taker towards the steps but it was The Undertaker who slams Diesel’s head into the blue steps.

The Undertaker back in the ring caught by Diesel who sends him for the ride but The Undertaker stops and meets Diesel with an uppercut. The Undertaker showing great power picked up Diesel but ha lands behind him on his feet. The Undertaker off the ropes with a crossbody.

The Undertaker showing more quickness then usual during this match. (To this point in his career)

The Undertaker with an arm-ringer to Diesel and he goes for Old School as he walks the top rope. The Undertaker drops down on Diesel with great agility shown by the big man. A boot to Diesel and he missed a crossbody attempt falling to the mat as Diesel bought himself a moment. Nash grabs the Deadman by the hair but Taker grabbed him and dropped him throat first across the top rope as The Undertaker fell to the floor on his feet and Diesel swung back inside the ring being clotheslined by the top rope. The Deadman drops Diesel over the top this time with a clothesline and he lands on his feet. A lot of landing during the match.

The Undertaker continued to take it to Diesel outside the ring with more shots and he then MISSED a chairshot as it hit the post once Diesel ducked. Diesel with a knee to the gut and he swung the Deadman into the steel security railing.

Diesel breaks the count by rolling in the ring and goes right back towards the Deadman. Big Daddy Cool sent Taker into the ringpost, he scooped up Taker again and drives his Spine into the post. Diesel now began to walk after Paul Bearer!

Diesel breaks the count once more and gets in the ring posing in front of the fans who show him nothing but a negative reaction. Taker kneed by Diesel when he attempts to come back inside the squared circle.

Diesel with a big boot crashing into the temple of the Deadman coming at him off the ropes. A Jackknife was all of the sudden teased. Diesel taunting Taker and as he gets back up is on the recieving end of more punishment as Nash lands another right. Diesel up high on Taker while the fans begin a “Rest in Peace” chant. Diesel drops The Undertaker to the mat with another shot. Diesel smiles at the crowd and drops the Deadman with a sidewalk slam which gets Big Daddy Cool a two count. Diesel scoops up Taker and drops him head first into the corner of the ring. Diesel then charging at Taker off the side ropes drops his entire bodyweight on the spine of the Deadman who was resting against the middle ropes on the other side.

Diesel smiles some more as he lifts his arm in the air which gets a chorus of boo’s by the crowd. Diesel with a hard forearm and knee to the abdomen of The Undertaker in the corner of the ring. Diesel with another hard blow to the Deadman. Diesel sends Taker into the buckle but he met Diesel with a reverse elbow shot. The crowd come alive as the Deadman gains some momentum but only a bit, still a back and forth slugfest, now all of the sudden these two big men put up a big boot at the exact same time.

Both men drop to the canvas as Lawler mentions he has never seen that happen, ever…

Both men are down and McMahon speculates we could see a double countout. Taker sits up after eight to a loud roar. The Undertaker up at the same time as Diesel at the last second and Diesel drops the double axehandle to the bruised spine. Diesel continued the backwork as he sent the Deadman hard Spine first into the buckle and now slaps on a bearhug in mid-ring. This move adds additional stress to the back region of the Deadman who now rakes the face of Diesel in an attempt to get out of the devistating submission hold.

The Undertaker still caught in a bearhug has the grip tightened by Big Daddy Cool.

Diesel with a standing side headlock then gets backslammed by Taker who attempted to pick-up Diesel and both men land on there back. The Undertaker is the first one up which gets a good response and he drops the elbow, not quite enough to put Diesel away though. The Undertaker in a ton of pain still from the beating of Diesel. The Undertaker from the top rope drops Diesel with a flying clothesline. The Undertaker drives his knee into the gut of Diesel for some payback. Diesel off the ropes meets Taker with a knee and now he lands the Kackknife Powebomb on The Undertaker which gets a ton of heat. Diesel now points at Taker as he is his cockyself not going for the pin which could prove to be costly. Given Taker’s record at Mania it is a safe bet, although no one considered that record back during these times.

The Undertaker sat up and Diesel dropped him back with some more vicious righthands. Diesel signalled for a second Jackknife and with The Undertaker up he drives him hard to the mat. A second time by Nash should surely put the man from the Darkside away. Diesel then taunts Bearer and the crowd, and then Taker himself as he says he should go for a third perhaps?

Diesel went to finally cover The Undertaker but he was caught by the throat with The Undertaker’s purple glove. Diesel fought off the choke but found himself in the same predicament by Taker. Diesel kept hammering The Undertaker off of him but then all of the sudden was caught in the same scenario for a third time. The Undertaker sat up with Diesel by the throat and Taker’s face meant strictly business. Diesel was able to get out of harms way as he dropped the Deadman with a sidewalk slam. Diesel now rises up but The Undertaker sits up from behind him. Taker is up and Diesel turns around shocked. Diesel went for a running knee but The Undertaker’s shots were more devistating. Taker off the ropes ducks a clothesline and lands a flying one off the ropes to Nash which takes him down and swings the momentum back in the favor of the Deadman.

The Undertaker with a grab of Diesel’s throat chokeslams the big man hard to the canvas floor.

The Undertaker now only has one more step to go to making this match his own.

The Undertaker signals for the end and drops Big Daddy Cool Diesel square on his head in the middle of the ring with a Tombstone.


In the end at 16:46 Taker goes 5-0 at Mania after putting Diesel away with his Tombstone.

This match was pretty great given the style’s of both guys and how well they were able to work this basic match type.

Very solid despite the slow middle portion where Nash was in control.


*** 1/4








4) The Undertaker vs Mankind (W/Paul Bearer) -WWF In Your House 11: (Buried Alive Match)


This is one of The Undertaker’s most underrated matches in history.

Foley perhaps as well although he’s had many underrated matches in his career in so many different promotions that I’ve almost lost count.

I think it gets buried (no pun intended) below a lot of there other gimmick classics but this is definitely a war that should be talked about MORE then it is!


The Undertaker comes out to a great pop. A shovel with dirt and a hole in the ground is shown to the left of the entrance.

Lawler says Taker looks right at home in front of a grave.

Mankind and Undertaker brawl in the ring and then the action goes up the entrance way.

Oh look Playstation is a Sponsor of this event as seen on the steel barricade.

An inside cradle by Mankind to The Undertaker as they roll from the dirt to the floor. The Undertaker then slams Mankind’s head into the steps then the ring-post. The Undertaker throws Mankind back into the ring covered in dirt.

Somebody will be taking a dirt-nap, gotta love Heel Lawler on commentary ripping on the fans and their looks. The Undertaker takes Mankind to the floor and chokes him out with a cord. Bearer complains and Lawler rips on the Cardinals or Braves, I believe it was St Louis who choked in 96 but who really cares?

These two guys take the action everywhere. The Undertaker leaps over the steel fencing at ring-side and hits a clothesline showing his brilliant agility for a man of his size. The Undertaker with a big headbutt inside the ring.

Mankind on the top rope grabbed by the hair by The Undertaker. Mankind with a foreign object of some sort and he is tearing at Taker. Mankind keeps jamming this object into the head of The Undertaker and then off the buckle The Undertaker got a reverse elbow to Mankind.

The Undertaker uses the object Mankind dropped.

The Undertaker with a high clothesline to Mankind like only he does, after ducking the initial one.

Mankind rams a steel chair into the head of The Undertaker and then gets a headbutt by the ring post.

Mankind runs right at Taker and drills his knee into The Undertaker’s chest backed up against the steel steps.

Mankind takes The Undertaker to the grave site again. Mankind delivering shots to The Undertaker and he is down, Mankind has got Undertaker in the grave. The Undertaker grabbed Mankind and got him down there.


Mankind throws dirt in the face of The Undertaker.

Mankind attempts a hiptoss to Taker into the grave, The Undertaker counters with a hiptoss to Mankind onto the concrete. Wow.

Pretty great stuff.

Mankind hits a piledriver on The Undertaker.

Mankind tries a mandible claw but The Undertaker comes back with punches, misses an elbow off the ropes. Mankind ddt’d The Undertaker into the chair. Mankind hugs the urn.

The Undertaker sits up kicks him in the groin and hits him with the chair. The Undertaker with a leg-drop onto Mankind with a chair on top of Mankind.

This was very violent for WWF in the year of 1996.

Mankind with a clever jaw-breaker/stun-gun to The Undertaker and then removes the mat on the floor. Mankind with The Undertaker attempting a piledriver but The Undertaker back drops him upside down into the steel steps!!!

The Undertaker with Steps into the gut.


The Undertaker signalled to go to the dirt.

The Undertaker carried Mankind to the dirt.

Mankind grabbed the Urn at the last second and tried to hit Taker once there but The Undertaker hit a chokeslam to Mankind into the dirt.
The Undertaker begins to bury!

Fans go wild.

The Undertaker keeps pouring the dirt onto Mankind.

All of the sudden others interfere.

In the end at 18:25 Mankind gets the victory.

After the match, The Executioner made his TV debut by hitting Undertaker over the head with a shovel, then proceeded to bury him with help from Mankind, Justin Bradshaw, Goldust, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and Crush, until a lightning bolt struck the grave, causing Undertaker’s hand to pop out of the soil.


McMahon screams that Undertaker liiiiiives!

Brutal match in that good sort of way.

This match is a borderline classic!

A ton of fun and a personal favourite.





5) The Undertaker (c) vs Mankind (W/Paul Bearer) for the WWF Championship -WWF In Your House 14: Revenge Of The Taker




This one didn’t go on last this night due to how good the Bret/Austin rivalry was going.

The Undertaker and Mankind get it going right away.

A lot of head-shots and clubbing blows by Mankind to The Undertaker right away in the corner.


The Undertaker then takes Mankind into his corner and bashes away at the demented Mick Foley in one of his three eccentric persona’s.

The Undertaker with blurred vision in his right eye and wearing a patch as pointed out by JR. McMahon speculated on the possibility of Mankind as Champion. Mankind scored with a clothesline taking both men out.

However The Undertaker grabbed Mankind by the throat and smacked his head against the railing twice.

Mankind back in the ring The Undertaker taking it to Mankind in a huge way. Undertaker torked the arm and hit old school showing nice agility showing all that force.

The usual talking about how Mankind thrives on pain is discussed. Bearer tried to interfere and Mankind back in it with a shot to the head by Mankind’s URN to The Undertaker.

Mankind started to rip out his hair in frustration as Mankind drills his knee into The Undertaker in the corner of the ring.

Mankind has the Mandible Claw on The Undertaker.

Fans or creatures of the night as Vince called them in attendance helped Mankind raise up to his high height, his leverage advantage high up to his vertical base as “Rest in Peace” is chanted.

Mankind now took The Undertaker to the outside and now Mankind jumps off the apron and delivers the elbow high to the head of The Undertaker. Mankind now rakes the face of the Deadman.

Good match here.

Mankind in complete control here, is the challenger for the title.

A piledriver by Mankind and another strong right. Mankind with another headbutt to the injured eye and now Mankind sets up for a second piledriver. Lawler seems confident in Foley becoming new Champion.

Mankind hit with a right now, and the two engage in a slug-fest.

The Undertaker reversed an irish-whip and now a clothesline to official Keota and Mankind, however with no official Mankind slaps on the Mandible Claw.

Mankind grabbed steps when he realized the official was down and slapped it on him. The Undertaker hit him down. The Undertaker back to his feet grabs a chair and clocks Mankind in the skull hard.


No one takes shots to the skull like Foley, no one.

The Undertaker threw Mankind over the top but his head is caught in the ropes. The Undertaker unmasks the demented Mick Foley.

Mankind gets back on the apron and shoves the steps into Mankind and he goes head-first into the table breaking it.

Excellent spot.

Mankind down, The Undertaker in control, a year before we’d see something a lot more violent but foreshadowing for King of the Ring 1998.

The Undertaker and Mankind, such a legendary feud.

What’s left of Mankind’s right ear is bleeding.

The Undertaker grabs Mankind by the throat, chokeslam, one…two…and Mankind still kicked out some-how!

Mankind hit with the Tombstone.

The Undertaker retained the title at 17:26 after hitting his finisher.

This is another classic Foley-Taker tilt, some argue their very best they ever had and that says a lot!








6) The Undertaker (c) vs Bret “Hitman” Hart for the WWF Championship, with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee- If Bret Hart loses he must never Wrestle on American Soil again -WWF Summerslam 1997: Hart and Soul




Would Shawn Michaels screw Bret Hart? No that would happen a few months later. If Shawn did screw over Bret though he would ALSO not be able to Wrestle in the United States.

Would Undertaker retain the title and force Bret Hart to never wrestle on American Soil again?

Would The Hitman become the five time champion?
One thing is for sure.

The whole Canada-USA storyline around the Summer of 1997 was fucking phenominal television and it really should have turned the Monday Night wars right there if it had not been for the likes of Eddie, Benoit, Rey, Malenko and others putting on awesome matches in WCW.

Bret Hart is far and away Mr. Summerslam to this point and who knows, still might be.
The Hitman took part in classic matches against Demolition in 1988 and in a 2 out of 3 falls match in 1990. He competed again with The Anvil against The Brain Busters in a CLASSIC at Summerslam 1989 that I have rated **** 1/2.

Oh and then there’s vs Mr. Perfect at SS 1991. Bulldog at 92, Doink and Lawler at 93, as well as Owen at 94. Isaac Yankem at 95 was DECENT and he was away at last years event.

This match is one of his best and his last at Summerslam until 2010 teaming with Team WWE.

There’s no doubt Bret Hart had built up quite the legacy at Summerslam.

Shawn Michaels had never been an official in any match till this one.Bret Hart and HBK give each other a cold litle look before the GONG goes off and while HBK was posing for his pyro he did a small SUCK it taunt while JR said “Now all the officials are gonna want pyro!” Funny stuff.

THIS is one of my favourite matches to watch of all time. There’s just something about these two.
THESE TWO have Fantastic chemistry with each other. As for this match, I don’t think it’s quite as good as One Night Only as it has a slower pace (in a way) but it’s my favourite match between them. It’s so close to One Night Only though. That’s where people disagree, I’ve seen this rated anywhere from *** 3/4 – **** 3/4. I give it **** 1/2 for many many reasons.

HBK’s involvment made the match awesome. I can’t count on one or two hands for that matter how many time he got in guys faces and said “I’m the law!” I say “GUYS” because the late great Brian Pillman and Owen Hart came out and he said the same thing to those two.

Undertaker had been in Six Summerslam’s and in the two’s combined 14 Summerslam appearances, they had only lost twice! Once each.

Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart’s interactions were funny in this one considering the real life heat and Shawn as ref was just a great idea. Jerry Lawler points out how Bret probably wants to punch Shawn right in the face and Vince replies back with “I’m not so sure Shawn wouldn’t mind doing that either to Bret.” Both comments were probably true. I’ll never understand how Bret and Shawn could work nightly in the ring with that much heal hatred let alone wrestle for an hour.

As for Taker-Bret this match flowed so smoothly. I absolutely loved (like at One Night Only) where he focused on a body part and took it down. When Bret got back on the offense he did the same and worked on the big man (Taker’s) legs like he does best. Bret Hart’s strategic story telling is top notch and for my money can only be rivaled by Chris Benoit for North American Wrestling or maybe perhaps all of Professional Wrestling.

Watching this match is such a treat for me as I probably enjoy it even more the more and more often I view it.

The Undertaker introduced Bret to the railing on the outside and the steel ring post befor Bret got in control and levelled Taker into the steel steps.

After Bret’s spine had gone to the steel post earlier on Taker applied a back breaker then followed THAT up with more work to Bret’s back before sending his head to the buckle then grabbing Bret with a bear hug.



Bret had won eight titles in the WWF before he won his 9th and final one here in this match but Taker slapped that bear hug on harder before a huge clothesline on Bret. Bret dodged an elbow drop but Taker continued to wear down The Hitman as Bret couldn’t avoid this contact when Taker nailed Bret’s back again.
The Hitman got in control again as Taker came off the ropes, in desperation he tripped him. Ross points out how it shoulnd’t surprise anybody as Bret targetted Taker’s legs. Bret tried to cut the big man down like usual with a smart strategy.

Bret focuses on the left knee of Taker as he lands on it as it hangs over the ropes with visions of an inevitable Sharpshooter in mind. Bret then kicked at Taker’s left leg and pounded away on it in the corner. We had seen Taker work on Bret’s back here and Bret worked on Taker’s leg/knee area. (The left one)

Bret then put Taker in a Figure Four Leglock as Paul Bearer came towards the ring. Paul Bearer was the man who screwed Taker last year at this event and this was during the time he claimed Kane was alive and to piss Taker off.

That no doubt distracted The Phenom but he was able to reverse the figure four and then he went to the outside of the ring and gave Bearer a big right hand and then another and from behind The Hitman took down Taker’s weak knee.
Awesome Psychology and Bret a brilliant oppurtunist.

Owen Hart and Brian Pillman came towards the ring during the next spot as Bret continued to tear apart Taker’s leg. Bret Hart then didn’t give Taker any time as he limped to the corner and stomped on his leg again before he pulled Undertaker’s long legs towards the post.

Bret slammed Taker’s leg to the post and Shawn kept calling himself the LAW to Bret as Vince said he was surprised he could hold himself from hitting Bret.
Hart then slammed Taker’s knee joint to the canvas and Bret Hart expertly held a leg lock on The Deadman. A systematic, methodical approach that the Hitman executed so well. The excellence of execution.

Taker grabbed onto Bret’s hair to try and get out of the hold and Shawn would tell him to knock it off.

Eventually when Hart let go Taker rolled out of the ring and gave Pillman and Owen a shot to the head each on the outside.

The Undertaker then got back in the ring and hit a hard chokeslam on Bret Hart! That got the crowd back into the match. Shawn Michaels missed this as he was making sure Pillman and Owen stayed out of the match and then Taker was pissed off that HBK missed the count. Bret then grabbed Taker and drove Taker’s back into the ring apron twice before being told by Shawn to get back in the ring. The Hitman then with a double axehandle to Taker’s kidney area after ramming his back into the outside of the Ring Apron. Bret then with big huge blows to his back and then a side walk slam. Bret then applied a vicous looking back breaker with his knee to Taker.

Taker sit up and looked extremely pissed off until The Hitman hit another side walk slam and went up to the second rope and fingered both sides of the crowd. (Hillarious) Bret jumped off with an elbow drop but only got a two.
The pace was good from here on out as the match went back and forth.
Taker hit a nice flying clothesline after about 5 minutes of solid back and forth competition which saw the to go at it with a variety of moves.

Taker drove Bret sternum first into the buckle. Taker then hit a leg drop but only got a two count.

Taker then grabbed Bret from the outside apron and then Chokeslammed him in the center of the ring with a hard blow and HBK only counted to two, JR says you’ve gotta give Bret credit for kicking out and Lawler sticking with going for the heels said it was a fast count. (AND KING USUALLY HATES BRET) Which is hilarious.

Bret kicked Taker in the groin who was on the top attempting old school. Bret Hart caught Taker on the top of the rope for a suplex but Taker fell by accident and nearly fell off but Bret grabbed him then applied a superplex from the top of the rope to the middle of the ring.

Bret had Taker in the Sharpshooter and TAKER BROKE it and kicked Bret off as he sailed through the middle ropes!


Jim Ross deserves some credit here for calling that spot with pure emotion!

He said no one had ever done that! Bret then got scooped up by The Deadman when he came back in the ring but Bret got out of that predicament as he put Taker into a dangerous one of his own. Bret slid down Taker’s back through the bottom of the ring and outside the bottom rope and then hit Taker’s leg on the ring post. Bret Hart then smacked Taker in the head with a steel chair after he got pushed by Taker into Shawn so he was out and couldn’t see it.

Shawn came back in and counted to two but Bret argued it was three after Bret couldn’t believe Taker would kick out. Bret stomped on Taker in the corner and Shawn pulled him off.

At 28:09, The Hitman became the NEW World Wrestling Federation Champion for a fifth time after one of my favourite endings to any match. HBK takes the chair away from Bret. Hart spits in his face. HBK goes to hit Bret with the chair as The Hitman ducks he hits Taker. Shawn is forced to count the three and he does it in dramatic fashion as everyone is shocked and Michaels is pissed. Shawn storms off and Taker goes after him starting there brilliant feud while The Hitman signals he is a 5 time Champion and the crowd throw garbage into the ring.

Bret is back on top of the World Wrestling Federation for the final time in his career after an excellent classic.

I loved it! All of it! I still mark out almost as much as I did when I watched this match live on PPV.

It’s a beautiful piece of work and I love it more then most. It is amazing to be absolutely honest, love the chemistry between these two.

Great way to end the show!

A great ride and an awesome match! Brilliant and incredible in a lot of ways and all three guys did a superb job.

It’s still by all means a CLASSIC!



**** 1/2


Extra Match -Bret “Hitman” Hart (c) vs The Undertaker for the WWF Title -One Night Only 97 in The UK

Bret was still a hero to many in the UK which is why the crowd was split.
Many consider this match the best in the epic Undertaker-Bret Hart saga, and I definitely do.
I hold their Summerslam match in high regards but despite this one’s finish it is almost perfection.

The chemisty between Mark and Bret is absolutely fabuluous which is why I’ve always speculated Taker could of done wonders with a Steamboat, Henning, Bockwinkel, Lawler, Backlund, Benoit, Eddie, Jericho, Owen, that type of guy.

Shawn and Angle had already proved they could put on Classic’s with Taker as has Lesnar. Basically the true poetic technicians in the business.

At Rumble 96 I loved their four star, methodical yet very slow encounter. I a probably alone on that one but my reviews have never been about popularity contests.

At Summerslam 97, Their classic was brillaint and am very glad it was put on the Taker DVD, should definitely if Bret had a second.

So here get ready for one of the greatest matches around from either man, it’d be in Bret’s top ten and Taker’s top 5.

Bret being a “good guy” still puts his shades on a youngster at ringside.

The one thing remarkable about this clash is the crowd and how lively they are.
The bell rings and this one is for the title! Both Bret and Undertaker had been having great 1997’s as it was.

Bret knows he has to take it to Taker he unloads on the Hitman in the other conrner.
Taker about to unload on Bret.

Soon enough Taker chokes out Bret as he did seven years previously during his debut at the Suvivor Series.

The Big Feel, the atmosphere, crow noise and chemistr was all on.
Bret worked over the big man’s legs a bit before a quick sharpshooter then clotheslined the Deadman over the top rope and onto the floor.

The Hitman Bret Hart jumped out from the apron onto Taker and he collapses because of the weight.

This was sligtly a botch as Taker dropped Bret and rammed him spine-first into the steel post.

Undertaker beating on Bret and the official let it be. Taker brought Bret back and he still angry about what happened to him at Summerslam. Taker not happ drhhed Bret headfirst into the post.

One of the first thigs Bret dis in this match was expose that turnbuckle but hit a ddt out of no where. Hart with slower offense and Ross suggested he should of kept the 6’10 man grounded to eliminate the leverage uf he could.
Hart chokes Bret out with his boot and a reversal with an irishwhip sening Bret Hartrashing sternum first into the exposed turnbuckle. Now with the Hitman down the Deadman clearly the aggressor.

The Undertaker had Bret in the air wth a choke.

The Deadman placed Hart down into a submssion hold injuring the spine.
Hart out of desperation tried to chop down the tree of Taker but he dropped Bret on his injured spine torking his chin one wa and his knees the other, while the bacbkreaker submission remained applied as his shoulder remained un-exposed.
Crowd still split as BOO’s are heard after each offensive move, Bret charged to Taker and he lifted an elbow and sent Hart spinefirst into the buckle.

SOMEHOW Bret managed to kick Taker out of the corner and swept his legs. Just as he did at Summerslam he dropped hid weight on the Deadman. Hart Swept a leg-back that’s why they call him the excellence of execution.
Undertaker in a bodyscissors then rakes the face and follows it up by slamming his legs into the ring-post.
Bret Hart fans loved The Hitman keeping the Deadman grounded.
A Taker fan would love to see Taker back up using his quick stirike powermoves Taking Hart down via a Chokeslam or Tombstone.

Rather, just as he did around the ringpost, Hart placed Taer in a figure four measurig him up in the ring. The creeatures of the night chanted Rest in Peace and Undertaker reverse the hold, Bret made it to the bottom rope as the place boo’s.

Somehow both men make it to thei feet, the pace slows considering the fatigue and body damage, The mastered technician goes right bck to work on Taker’s lower half. A grapvine to hyperextend the ankle and toes.
Bret slowed down the Deadman and he came off the top but a size 17 boot into the head of the Hitmam. Bret ducks Taker and a clothesline takes both down,

This is reminding me of Angle-Taker from No Way Out 2006.
Taker dropped two leg-drops and he gets almost a two, slickly graning Taker’s legs he applied a Sharpshooter in the very middle.

Taker was the frist one to counter the hold at Slam, and he does it again!

A shocked and frustrated Hitman sets it up and Taker squeezes Bret by the throat, Bret holds him back but Taker foughf back. A desperate Bret went a bell.

Taker making sure he wasn’t dq’d and the official snatched it from Taker as well. Bret took the leg out of the Hitman with it behind the official before going to work on thlegs of Taker some more.
Bret accidentally hits the cameram man Taker throws Bret’s battered body into the steps to even the odds.
Back in the ring The Undertaker irishwhipped Bret into the post and went Old School but Bret flipped him off the top elevating him to the canvas.
A slugfest breaks out, Hart with a schooboy off the ropes, Bret goes for a tombstone, Taker reverses it and Bret held onto the ropes, Bret is hung like a vice.

In the end at 28:00 Bret Hart defeated The Undertaker by disqualification after they decided to the match for Bret’s safety.

One of the dumbest finishes to one of the most tremendous matches you’ll ever see.
As close as it comes to perfection.

This is one of those matches that you just can’t get enough of. Play by play couldn’t really tell the story for me here even though I usually go in-depth using that style when reviewing a match but as for this one at One Night Only, it’s suggested you watch it yourself rather then reading about what happened. So check it out, you’ll not regret it.

Unbelievable material. If not for the finish could be one of the best all around matches I have ever seen.


**** 3/4







-Undertaker attacks Hogan in the Funeral Parlor (decent segment )
-Undertaker builds a casket for Yokozuna (Creepy back in the day and still a little now)
-Undertaker talks about Diesel in the graveyard (basic stuff)
-Undertaker talks about Mankind in the graveyard (see above)
-Undertaker interrupts Mankind’s interview (pretty good)
-Including the match I reviewed vs Bret Hart at One Night Only





Disc 2 Matches:



7) The Undertaker vs “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels @ WWF In Your House Ground Zero

I don’t like this match. At all.
Basically a squash with Michaels running around. It had a strong-middle with Michaels doing his occasional bumping around but the beginning and ending was a total and complete cluster-excusemyfrench-fu**.

Shawn Michaels and Undertaker battle it out in the ring during the middle as said but it’s more Michaels doing his usual run, and Taker doing his popular chase. The Undertaker was quite at good at this as was Michaels.

Of course Michaels wasn’t as scared here as say as he was in the Cell match but The Undertaker sure chased him up the entrance way near the old In Your House stage. Undertaker went to no limits attacking a vulnerable Heart Break Kid.

Once the action finally got going Michaels did some solid bumping.

Essentially a squash though, the finish was as bad as the beginning.

In the end at 16:03 it`s a no contest because both men attack the officials.


Great, a no-contest ending to a let-down match.
I guess it kept both looking strong heading into the Cell, as a positive.

This match has a good middle and a terrible beginning and end as said. Not for me.





8 ) The Undertaker vs The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels in a #1 Contendership for Survivor Series 1997 Inagural Hell in a Cell Match -WWF In Your House Bad Blood 1997

DX had to leave.

You’ve heard for years this match get praise. Almost everybody considers this the greatest Hell in a Cell ever. Like most cases, the original is usually the best for most things.

I consider Taker and Lesnar from No Mercy 2002 as the best but this would be second best and they both score the same near five star rating as a result.

The problem I have with this paticular match is how much time is spent with The Undertaker chasing after Michaels being so afraid of the Deadman.

Sure it followed the storyline and formula but it got a bit boring and redundant after awhile.

However while that was the bad part, the bumping and and physicality by both men were tremendous. This is how you introduce a gimmick match. That is why most consider it one of the greatest matches of all time.

In the beginning The Undertaker hit Old School on Shawn, this was after an irish-whip to the corner swinging upside as usual.

A back-body drop by The Undertaker and then a block by Michaels but he goes right back down. The Undertaker with a lot of thrust threw HBK over the top and he landed violent on the ground.

No wonder Michaels got angry at the camera crew during the match.

The Undertaker picked him up by the spine and drove him into the Cell.

Michaels tried to climb away from The Undertaker but it didn’t turned out as planned. JR says his “Know how to fall” line.

The methodical disection begins as The Undertaker tosses Shawn who is cat-like flexible especially while bumping goes to the cell and is clotheslined hard to the floor twice by The Undertaker. Good stuff.

The Undertaker slams Shawn’s head off the mat under the bottom rope.

Michaels fights back and actually had control for a good portion of this match. The Undertaker is knocked off the apron Michaels then with a suicide dive takes it to The Undertaker and now Michaels up drops an elbow to the floor of The Undertaker. Michaels off the apron now while Undertaker down on the mat, not the canvas Vince, and The Undertaker is hit with another dive off the apron by Michaels.

HBK grabs steel steps and hits The Undertaker in the back with it twice.

The Undertaker is down and Michaels has turned the tables on Taker and he gives the WWF Camera Man his opinion.

Shawn from the top rope hits a double axehandle onto The Undertaker.

The Undertaker hit with a hard chair-shot after being piledrived onto steps but still not enough to put away The Undertaker. Michaels kicked at The Undertaker in the corner and a slug-fest broke out.

The Undertaker is down and Michaels full on attacks the camera man now.

Commish Slaughter had to come down and open the Cell door so the camera guy could get some medical assistance.

AKA an excuse to leave the Cell.

Undertaker though avoids the Superkick and drives Michaels into the cage busting him open.

Both men outside the Cage and The Undertaker rams Michaels a bloodied Michaels into the cage after being catapolted into it.


Michaels slammed on top of the cell bloodied.

Shawn still trying to escape.

Shawn Michaels tossed to the side of the Cage and he tries to climb down.

Shawn Michaels hanging off the Cage, incoming, incoming screams Lawler!


Shawn takes a HUUUGE bump at the time off the side of the Cell through the table.

Shawn has been to hell and back as Taker climbs down.


The Undertaker actually gets a bloodied and battered Michaels back into the ring. A chokeslam off the top by The Undertaker to Michaels.

The Undertaker grabs a chair now and a bloodied Michaels is layed out.

Michaels is out.

The Undertaker signals for the end.

The lights go out.


Music goes on that no one’s heard before.

Still get goosebumps looking at this, Kane rips the door off the Cell.

McMahon screams `That`s gotta be Kane! That`s gotta be Kane!`

Kane tombstoned Undertaker.

Michaels gets the cover.

Shawn Michaels covered the Deadman.

In the end at thirty minutes Michaels is going to Montreal as the Number one contender to face Bret Hart at the 1997 Survivor Series! That should be a memorable match! 😉

This match is top 20 material, ever. Innovative and an all time classic.

# 19 on my best ever list.


**** 3/4

9) Kane (With Paul Bearer) vs The Undertaker -WWF Wrestlemania 14


Now we get to the main events of the evening.

A lot on the line here. The first ever meeting between the two brothers, and this feud had been building for a year so this one was hugely anticipated at the time.

Bearer used to be Taker’s voice and manager for years so there was that element including many of the others such as Taker’s streak at the event which was arguably just NOW being noticed by many on the Internet and perhaps even by the Federation themselves through commentary.

A strong build to say the very least for this match.

Pete Rose came out and ripped on Boston for a bit, bringing up bad memories gone by in Red Sox history.

Kane then dropped Pete Rose! Ross loves it clearly…

Was a great Wrestlemania moment.

I`m not certain its enough to put one in the Hall of Fame but that`s a different story for another day.

The Druids come out next and the Spectacle of Wrestlemania is now glorified in the ultimate way with epic music and torches hung at a 45 degree angle above there heads creating a unique walkway for the Deadman.

The glowing lights flick to purple and with the Flames in the air, a gong hits the pa system.

The Undertaker gets a very memorable entrance at this event with the Druids and Fire. Again a lot of build, this felt like it could of main evented the show with how special it felt.

The Prince of Darkness, the Demon of Death Valley, the Phenom, whatever you want to call him, it is The Undertaker and he was on his path to destruction to finally face his little brother Kane.

One shouldn`t expect a Bret versus Owen type match here but for a big man`s match, it definitely served its purpose.

The Undertaker lands hard shots on Kane when the bell rings.

Kane is cornered and just kind of watched The Undertaker bring the intensity. Kane fights back throwing Taker to the corner, Undertaker then left the corner and swung at Kane once more. Kane charging at Taker met a boot in the corner. Kane lands a clothesline to the Deadman. Taker with more right`s and an irishwhip to Kane, off the ropes Kane scooped up The Undertaker and then drove his back against the buckle as The Undertaker was held upside down. It looked as if Kane was maybe even going to hit the Tombstone there. Kane chokes out the Deadman in the corner of the ring with a tight grasp around the The Undertaker`s throat. Kane lands with a couple of stiff uppercut`s.

Kane with a hard irishwhip to The Undertaker into the corner, and another one in the opposite corner as he then lands a clothesline. Kane with a hard uppercut dropping the Deadman to the canvas floor. Kane with forearm`s to the Deadman who was half inside the ring. Kane showing great agility dropped from the top down on top of the Deadman hanging above the top rope, and Taker fell to the floor. Kane with another hard shot to Taker. Kane continues to throw hard shots at the Deadman in each corner The Undertaker would temporarily escape to.

Kane far ahead of the Deadman in the early going despite the initial quick attack from The Undertaker. Kane with a high knee shot to Taker and off the ropes The Undertaker ducked a clothesline and lands on top of Kane`s shoulders showing great agility, Taker landed right hands to Kane but he drops him on his back crashing hard to the canvas. Kane kicked The Undertaker out of the ring. With great reach Kane steps over the top to the floor. Kane drops The Undertaker on his chest over the security railing. It was not long after this they replaced the fence with a black solid barricade to protect the Wrestler`s.

Kane picked up the steps as Bearer distracted the official and Kane drops them on Taker. The ref must be deaf to apparently.

Kane continues to drop the Steps on The Undertaker.

The Undertaker down on the floor in a considerable amount of pain. Paul Bearer kicked at Undertaker outside the ring. Kane waited on the inside as the Deadman layed out on the floor. Kane picks up Taker by the hair as the two are on opposite ends of the apron. Kane with a front facelock to his brother and suplexed him back into the ring showing great strength. Kane drops Taker into the corner and lands with a hard righthand. Kane kicks at The Undertaker in the corner and irishwhipped him back first to the buckle. The Undertaker came charging out with a desperation clothesline which didn`t move Kane at all. Charging off the ropes came The Undertaker but he was grabbed by the throat from Kane.

Kane lands a chokeslam on The Undertaker. Kane then goes into a reverse chinlock on The Undertaker wearing him down after the Chokeslam wasn`t enough to put The Undertaker away. Kane now grounds The Undertaker even more by laying on his chest applying more bodyweight on top of his chokehold. Kane getting nailed with shots from The Undertaker who got up with everything he had unloading rights and lefts, but Kane just gets a bit of a charge and drops The Undertaker back down with a hard clothesline. Kane then drops the elbow to the Deadman. Kane back into a headlock after two hard blows to the Deadman continuing the weardown hold.

Ross and Lawler strongly put over Kane`s awesome presence and how no one had ever took it to The Undertaker like this before as the match gets slow for a moment. They had said the same stuff about Mankind that they`re saying about Kane here for the last couple years at every big Foley-Taker match.

Either way The Undertaker regained his vertical base and countered the headlock by dropping Kane over the rope to the floor buying himself a moment. The Undertaker with hard shots to Kane but he still stood up on the apron. The Undertaker came charging at Kane off the side ropes and Kane re-directed Taker into the table as he crashed and burned flying over the top rope and through the Spanish announce table to the floor.

Surely The Undertaker`s time is now up as Kane was the dominant monster who felt no pain, a considerable advantage now that the Deadman seemingly has took himself out of the game.

The Undertaker down and Kane goes after him to throw him back in breaking the count. Kane from the top rope comes off with a flying clothesline to Taker exactly the way The Undertaker would hit that move. Kane covers The Undertaker but he gets only a two as The Undertaker got the left shoulder up. Kane is frustrated at the count which looked humerous back then from a man with no emotion. Kane with hard strikes at the Deadman and on the side ropes he delivered even more. The Undertaker tries to walk it off but he kicks at Kane and a slugfest between the brothers breaks out in mid-ring. Kane feeling the hard strikes of the Deadman.

Off the ropes The Undertaker ducks a clothesline and scoops up Kane but Kane overpowers The Undertaker as he lands back on his feet countering The Undertaker`s own move and Kane nails The Undertaker with a Tombstone!

The Undertaker kicks out and Kane can`t believe it. Kane nails The Undertaker hard with more shots relentless in the corner. The Undertaker desperately drops a few rights of his own as he needed to just to stay alive in the match. The Undertaker lands jabs on Kane, and now Kane looks as if he feels these shots now, and as Taker charged off the ropes he drops Kane with another right as the Big Red Machine finally fell down. Undertaker grabbed Kane by the throat after ducking a clothesline and The Undertaker hits a big chokeslam.

Paul Bearer says “Damn you to hell!” to Undertaker who signals for the end. The Undertaker hits a Tombstone but Kane kicks out and Boston reacts just as they should. Ross says no one has ever kicked out of the Tombstone. The Undertaker looking shocked lands a legdrop on Kane for good measure before scooping him up again and dropping him with the Tombstone.

Lawler says The Undertaker is trying to kill his own brother. Kane kicks out yet again. Ross puts over that he has done it twice, and Kane looks legitimately tough now and truely like a Monster.

Kane sits up. The Undertaker goes to the top corner and Kane then recieved a flying clothesline from the Deadman. Kane sits up again. The Undertaker is waiting for him as he scooped him up and for a third time The Undertaker drives Kane to the canvas.

In the end The Undertaker put Kane away finally at 16:58 after a Tombstone Piledriver for the third time. This helped protect Kane`s monster image for the time being, the Federation clearly didn`t care about protecting it for very long after this judging by his entire career.

This is a clear example of how a Storyline can add to a basic Wrestling match through the persona`s and drama unfolding throughout.

The best match Kane and The Undertaker would ever have together.

This match’s significance helps its overall rating, but it was definitely quite good for the two not having met before.



*** 1/2




10) Kane (With Paul Bearer) vs The Undertaker in an Inferno Match -WWF In Your House: Unforgiven 1998

The first ever Inferno match!

The Undertaker comes to the ring after Kane and Bearer did.

Now that they’re both in the ring, the flames come up.

Ross says the ring is going to be up to 200 degrees while King in full heel mode asks if he likes his Undertaker crispy, Ross says it’s not even funny.

Undertaker didn’t want to do another one of these.

Here they go.

The Undertaker tried to gain the early advantage as he did at Mania 14 on Kane in the corner but he turns the tide on him and pounds away on Taker. Undertaker with big rights to Kane then a big splash to Kane. An Arm-Ringer to Kane and then he tries Old-School walking the ropes and hits it!

The flames exploded bigger then they did in 89 (NHL reference to non-hockey fans) in the ring as they shot up high!

Kane then got an advtanage as Kane dropped The Undertaker face-first into the corner, almost into the fire. Might of been a scary moment.

Kane and Taker exchange rights and then a power slam by Kane. The dominant big red monster when he still had credibility slammed The Undertaker down to the mat hard.

The Undertaker sweating trying to battle back in this match.

Both men try and fight there way back up.

Kane slams Taker to the mat and the flames fire up some more!

The Undertaker ducks the clothesline and he missed the Flame just barely.


The Undertaker chokeslammed Kane just before this move then Kane hits a sidewalk slam and the fire has made both men sweat to the max.

Kane above the fire goes up top, The Undertaker brings him down and hits a headbutt.

A right hand.

The Undertaker goes to the top to Superplex Kane off the top rope. A front facelock and a superplex off the top rope surrounded by fire.

Kane gets up first amazingly! The Undertaker though strikes at him and threw him to the outside.

Vader attacked Kane.

Undertaker launched over the fire and top rope onto Kane.

Absolutely incredible.

Undertaker turns to Paul Bearer and busts him open where Double J performed a country concert on the stage earlier in the night and this was after Bearer desperately tried to ground The Undertaker.
In the end at 15:57 Taker got the victory over his brother once again as Kane’s arm was set on fire and he made sure he showed us quite a bit which was rather funny on his way out.

This match was a bit like the Mania one, but we had seen these two go at it so not as special. And not of course at a Wrestlemania. It was however more impressive then I originally remembered and pretty great in areas.

Huge Taker chants.

The concept was quite innovative and unique.




*** 1/4




11) The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) (c) vs The Rock for the WWF Championship – WWF King of the Ring 1999



The fans had taken a huge liking to The Rock by this point in time.

Chants of “Rocky” broke out from the opening bell and The Undertaker stared at the crowd as did Rocky taking in all of these chants.

Rock had came a long way since the last time the King of the Ring was on PPV.

Undertaker kicked Rock in the gut and then he took out the official.


Ministry Taker with an attitude.

Rock then hit the Rock Bottom early!

The fans exploded.

Rock had the pin but Paul Bearer dragged the official out of the ring. Rock connected with more rights on Taker. The Undertaker grabs Rock by the throat and hits him with a chokeslam in the middle of the ring.

The Undertaker gets a long two and The Undertaker looks mad. But Ministry Taker was always mad at something. Another hard righthand and the crowd get behind The Rock in a huge way with loud chants. I can’t stress enough how loud they were.

Rock fights back with a hard clothesline followed by another hard right to The Undertaker dropping him down. The Undertaker clotheslined over the top rope to the floor by The Rock. Rock chases The Undertaker up the entrance way and the two engage in a slugfest.

The Rock throws The Undertaker into the steel barricade to the left of the King of the Ring entrance. The Undertaker irishwhipped Rock into the steel and grabbed him by the throat but Rock kicked Taker back until be clotheslined to the concrete floor by Taker. The Undertaker picks up Rock tries to drop him again with some rights but Rocky fights back.
The Rock slams The Undertaker’s head into the steel before being reversed into the steel barricade and Rock bumps hard.

Rock hit the steel backfirst as The Undertaker reversed an irishwhip. The Undertaker blocked a suplex from Rock who scored with some desperation righthands in the entrance way.
The Undertaker with power and leverage used it to his advantage suplexing Rock on the floor near the ring. The Undertaker drives Rock headfirst into the steel. Taker scored with a kick to Rock. The Undertaker choked Rock out on the canvas. The Undertaker slaps on an arm-ringer and torks the arm as he stomps on the canvas floor. The Undertaker does so once again. The Undertaker goes up top for Old School but loses his balance as The Rock turns him over, Taker lands groinfirst on the top rope.

Rock gets some water in his mouth and spits it out on The Undertaker taking him off the apron. The Undertaker is hit with more rights from Rock who takes him into the opposite end of the crowd this time. The Undertaker knocked The Rock down when they got up high enough as the fans loved the fact they were getting so close to these guys. The Undertaker goes for a clothesline on Rock but he blocks a shot and throws The Undertaker to the floor by the steel steps over the barricade. The Undertaker is driven into the steps by Rock and he grabs Taker and sends him into the timekeeper’s bell.

Rock has a chair on the outside and he went to drive it into The Undertaker’s skull but he had the ring bell.


Rock went for a chairshot but The Undertaker blocked it using the time keeper’s bell and the chair went backwards striking Rock in the head.

The Undertaker set up Rock on the canvas and drove his elbow into the throat before choking him out.

The Undertaker distracted Keota while Paul Bearer struck The Rock with his shoe.

Back in the ring The Undertaker scored with an uppercut.

The Rock fought back with a series of shots but as he bent down going for a back bodydrop, The Undertaker countered with a huge ddt on Rock that Ross puts over in a major way.
The Undertaker covers Rock and gets a two. The Undertaker slaps on a reverse chinlock into a side headlock down on the mat to ground and weardown the People’s Champion. The Undertaker slapped on another headlock as Rock attempted to fight out of it after a clothesline drops him.

All of the sudden Rock gets a load of energy and brawls back. Rock his a Samoan Drop onto The Undertaker off the ropes and gets a nearfall. Rock in control is reversed to the ropes and he ducks a clothesline.

The two collide in the middle of the ring with a double clothesline dropping both men to the mat. At the nine count they get up and The Undertaker sits up. Rock is there waiting for him and he scores with another right back to his feet. The Rock unloaded with a series of shots beating The Undertaker down in the corner and Taker dropped down. The Undertaker threw a fist at Rock and then out of the buckle Rock countered a tombstone attempt with a ddt.

The Rock countered The Undertaker’s finisher with a ddt and The Undertaker kicks out at a long two. The Rock is reversed into the corner of the ring and the official is knocked down. Rock scoops up The Undertaker and slams him to the mat.

The fans rise to their feet as The Rock goes for the People’s Elbow and he hits it. Rock hooks the leg and the official was down. Rock is hit with a lowblow by The Undertaker. Bearer poors a substance on a cloth. The Undertaker grabs ahold of it and goes over to Rock but he fires out of the corner with a series of clotheslines bringing the Deadman down. Rock gets the cloth and he applies it on the face of The Undertaker.

The Rock had it on Taker’s face and The Undertaker drops to his knees.

Triple H runs out and hits the Pedigree on The Rock while Jim Ross calls him a Son of a Bitch.

The Undertaker and Rock are both down as was the official now.
Keota finally wakes up from his nap and the fans are chanting for The Rock.

As both men rise up The Undertaker hits a Tombstone.

That puts The Rock away.

So in the end The Undertaker pinned The Rock after a Tombstone Piledriver at 19:10 to retain the WWF Title.

Great stuff here.

You definitely need to know what you’re getting yourself into watching this, but once you know what to expect, it’s done very well.
This was a very solid atttitude era brawl.

Match of the night on the King of the Ring 99 PPV and a solid addition to the Tombstone DVD.


*** 1/4





-Undetaker interview right after SummerSlam ’97 concerning Shawn Michaels
-Undertaker talking to her parents’ tombstones
-Undertaker interview where Kane burns their parents’ tombstones
-Undertaker breaks into Paul Bearer’s house and mauls him!

*All of this material is “DECENT” and I imagine a desire video among other things would have been a better fit here but oh well this is still fine material for extras on this disc. This is the only Disc on the set that doesen’t include a match. Disc 1 has an amazing Bret match @ One Night Only and Disc 3 has an amazing Angle match on Smackdown in 2003.


Disc 3 Matches:




12) Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs The Undertaker (With Paul Bearer) in a “First Blood-End of an Era” Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship – WWF Fully Loaded 1999 (W/Vince McMahon on Commentary with JR and King)


Awesome how they show the build-up video to this match and both entrances. You could feel the big-time build.


Vince came out to do commentary for the match for old times sake with JR and King.
No, pretty sure he came out because he had it all on the line here. He came out on his crutches, and he’d try taking down Austin after this match with the crutch, but he didn’t fair so Well.
This match will one way or another WILL BE THE END OF AN ERA!

And it truly was.

The WWF didn’t live up to what they said and Vince was back on the air come September of 1999 to confront Triple H as a babyface on Raw.

The WWF did stay true to it’s word and this was the end of an era.

How so?

Steve Austin and Vince McMahon’s on-going feud from September of 1997 officially ended on this night, or the night after when Vince “officially” left on Raw if you want to get technical.

Never again after that, would that rivalry be the same no matter how hard they tried, so they were right in that respect.

This match was fun. Simply put. You wont see many brawls like it, due to the stipulation.

The Federation peaked here in popularity.

Stone Cold Steve Austin began the match firing right`s in the entrance aisle not even making it to the ring yet.

Like a lot of attitude era brawls this one gets going on the outside, near the entrance staging.

Austin attacked an on-coming Undertaker. Stone Cold Steve Austin went to strike Taker with the smoking skull belt. Fink couldn’t even properly introduce Austin.

First one to bleed loses. Austin up against the security barricade and Taker kept unloading shots. Austin knocked over the steel onto the concrete by a thunderous right-hand from Taker.

Stone Cold Steve Austin tried blocking his face as Undertaker raked the face of the Rattlesnake and Vince is biased as hell on commentary. Taker couldn’t send Stone Cold Steve Austin into the steps. Undertaker with another hard right and Austin flipped over the railing onto the concrete.

Undertaker went for Austin’s head with the steps but Stone Cold got up and then Undertaker unloads shots on Austin near the boards in Buffalo at the HSBC Arena where my favourite NHL team, the Buffalo Sabres play. This was one month after they were screwed out of the Stanley Cup to the Dallas Stars and the controversial Brett Hull goal.

Taker had Austin in control slamming his head on the announce table, McMahon said to finish him damn it.

A headbutt and then a shot to the jaw. Undertaker looking for those stitches but Austin rakes the eyes. Stone Cold Steve Austin with rights to Undertaker who answered back with a shot.

Stone Cold Steve Austin slams Undertaker’s vulnerable legs into the ring-post. Stone Cold Steve Austin reverse irishwhipped from the barricade by the table. Undertaker went for Stone Cold Steve Austin’s head with a chair. Austin slammed Taker’s head onto the steps.

Referee Hebner looking close to see if there’s blood loss. Austin is choking out Taker with cord by ring-side.

Stone Cold Steve Austin had Taker tied up in the ropes and grabbed a chair.

Shane-O-Mac ran into the ring and Austin cracked him open with a steel chair. This bought Taker time to hit Stone Cold Steve Austin with a high boot. Austin down and The Undertaker, hit a low-blow with a kick.

Undertaker hammering Austin with a kick to the ribs and choking him out with a boot.

This match is better constructed then their Highway to Hell match.

Stone Cold Steve Austin hit with a chair.

X-Pac came out and hit a spinning heel kick to Taker’s face. Undertaker busted open.. Stone Cold Steve Austin grabbed a tv camera, and actually this made Undertaker open or blade up. Stone Cold Steve Austin sent Shane-O-Mac down.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Undertaker slug it out in mid-ring and Vince can’t believe it.

Undertaker about to Tombstone Austin but Hebner sees Undertaker and and calls for the bell.

Taker strikes the official. Austin stuns Taker, Vince comes in and Stone Cold Steve Austin stuns McMahon.

HHH attacks Austin to set up Summerslam’s build, The Rock then layed the Smack down on Helsmley.

Ahhh the attitude era. RIP.

In the end Austin won after hitting the Undertaker with a television camera following interference from X-Pac at 15:31.
This was truly edge of your seat action!

A bloody classic.

I really love this match, just felt like the peak of the era for me.


**** 1/4






13) The Undertaker vs Triple H -WWF Wrestlemania X7



Stephanie isn’t out with Hunter, no one is with Taker, this one is just going to be an all-out brawl in the Reliant Astrodome with two all time greats.

Sounds like a good time just before the Main Event

Motorhead played down The Game.

This would be one of the better Taker matches at Wrestlemania. Undertaker drove fast down the entrance way.

Triple H and Taker brawl to begin the match outside the ring goes everywhere. The tables bump just from Helmsley sitting near them.

The Undertaker has NEVER lost at Mania, it is finally announced by them from this point on.

This would be Taker’s toughest challenge yet, Triple H in his prime.

Hunter lands a knee to the head of the Deadman but he cornered HHH and delivered him righthands. The Undertaker with a hard powerful backslam to Hunter. The Undertaker clotheslines Triple H in the corner until Undertaker repeats the same scenario in both ends of the ring. The Undertaker slams Hemlsley on his back but HHH moves out of the way.

The Same starts to zero in on The Undertaker but off the ropes Taker flies landing a clothesline regaining the momentum. The Undertaker drops to the mat putting extra tork on the elbow of the Game. The Undertaker shouting out Old School and now he goes to walk the top rope with agility but he must of taken his sweet time seeing as Hunter tossed him aside.

The Undertaker down and HHH bought himself enough time breaking up old school to drop The Undertaker with a swinging neckbreaker. Hunter with vicious rights and then as Takers leg was on the apron Hunter kicked at it, then drove an elbow into the Esaphagus region of The Deadman.

Helmsley loves being in control comes in with another neckbreaker and again the Game would not be satisfied with official Keota as the two get in a shoving war buying The Undertaker time to re-group. The Undertaker fights back from his knees.

Picture perfect timing.

The Game sensing The Undertaker was about to fight back to Hunter drops The Undertaker with a facebuster. Hunter leaves the ring and grabs his Sledgehammer.

Hunter feels at home with it as this was what would get him though. Referee Mike Keota takes it away and as The Undertaker sees HHH he ducked and Hunter went for the Pediree but The Undertaker catapolted HHH into the referee in the corner and he fell down.

The Undertaker signalled for a Chokeslam and he lifts HHH up and down, one, two and Helmsley kicks out. The Undertaker kicked at Keota and dropped an elbow on him.

The Undertaker tossed Trips with velocity over the top rope to the floor. Triple H in a bad way by The Undertaker who delivered a hard right and then HHH drives Taker headfirst into the steps. HHH charged after The Undertaker but he backbody dropped Hunter backfirst onto the concrete in the first few rows. The Undertaker chased Hunter around the ring as they began to fight through a huge crowd.

The hometown BadAss throws Hunter into the tower area way back where the camera and crew are. Helmsley showing that he is the celebral assasin drops Taker with chairshots.

Hunter again to the legs of the Deadman ruthulessly and viciously batters the Deadman. Hunter posed with the chair but he took a bit long as The Undertaker was of course waiting from behind him.

Taker had Trips in the air by the throat which got a rise out of everyone involved, literally.



Triple H was chokeslammed to hell by The Undertaker.

Crowd loved this, and the back and forth war between the two had come all the way around now.

Back in the ring The Undertaker picks up a Sledgehammer as he contemplated using it or not. Triple H says he shouldn’t. Hunter kicks The Undertaker as he was about to hit him with the Hammer.

Now its back to a slugfest between two veterans slugging it out after a war. Hunter goes downstairs and builds some righthand momentum Hunter scooped up The Undertaker and perhaps went for a Tombstone but The Undertaker hits the tombstone.

No refereee.

This red could of been dead obviously.

He finally wakes up.

Taker signalled for Last Ride.

The Undertaker going to hit Triple H with the Last Ride but the Game got the Sledge Hammer and he hit Taker with it.

Will this be it? Will this be the streak? NO. Everyone pops.

Taker kicks out, Hunter is fuming. Hunter explodes with rights to the corner where The Undertaker lifts him up in mid-ring with the Last Ride and he gets the three!

In the end at 18:17 The Undertaker ultimately countered the corner shots and then hit with the last ride powerbomb for the pinfall to a huge pop. I don’t buy into Taker losing at Mania anymore with his recent opponents but this one at the time kid of scared me because Taker’s streak while big, was never talked about a lot until around this point so I wasn’t sure if they were going to put HHH over more as the man to beat the streak, but I think everyone was relieved he wasn’t, as he really didn’t need to be.

Good choice.

This match did have the ridiculous ref bump, but not everything can be perfect and this match was one hell of a ride.

It certainly holds up well and is always good to look back on in that popcorn fun, sort of way where you let your mind go and just enjoy the action.

Speaking again quickly on that ref bump, so many things in Pro-Wrestling make you scratch your head, something like this is definitely nothing to worry about. I shrug it off, without the bump the match wouldn’t of been half as good!

Taker’s best Wrestlemania match to this point in time and it just added to this PPV as a whole.

An Attitude Era “Classic.”










14) The Undertaker vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan (c) for the Undisputed WWE Championship -WWE Judgment Day 2002



Taker caught Hogan on the outside with a reverse elbow and now both men have no shirts on except Taker`s muscle shirt which is light and both have bandana`s to paint a mental picture.

Then the Hulkster who was determined to retain the title against a fresher Hulk, got caught as Taker worked on Hogan`s arm and dropped down to the mat with leverage as the fans chanted for Hogan but Undertaker remained in control.

The Undertaker then climbed the ropes up high for Old School.
Big Evil fell down though as the Power of Hulkamania shifted him off and he landed on the top and Hogan pulled him down and gave him a few shots to his head and Taker sat up and continued the Hulkster beat down.

Before he went for up high on Hogan on the arm as he torked it and went for an Old School attempt that failed. This time he attacked Hogan`s legs. He pulled the left leg of Hogan down and slammed it against the apron. Undertaker then stretched that very left leg and smacked it against the steel post.

Taker came in and applied a leg lock to Hogan but Hulk eventually fought out of it.

The Undertaker went up to a knee and had Hogan down laying on the canvas. Hogan got up out of no where.
Hogan irishwhipped Taker to the ropes and came off with a shoulder block and missed a leg drop.

The Undertaker then applied the worst looking chokeslam of all time due to Hulk Hogan being so damn old.

Hogan then hulked up and did his usual routine and hit a leg drop to Taker and he couldn`t get the three.

Taker got sent to the ropes but he hit a desperation DDT to Hogan.
1…2….Hogan kicked out.

Vince then came out but Hogan hit another leg drop and Vince distracted the ref and Hogan brought Vince back in the ring and Vince got layed out by Hogan and nobody cared.
Taker hit Hogan with a chair behind the official`s back then hit a chokeslam and we got a new WWE Champion.

In the end it was The Undertaker who pinned Hogan after a Chair Shot followed by a Chokeslam at 11:17 to become the NEW WWE Undisputed Champion.

Well at least the title was back on someone credible and the one last nostalgia rush was finally over, brother! Hogan then stuck around in the mid-card as his pops were amazingly quiet for the rest of 02 until finally going away after a Lesnar beat down that I can`t believe he agreed to in the Summer of 2002.

Undertaker was Champion and remained Champion until the Summer when another returning star took the title off of him, that was the theme in 2002 I guess.

This match overall had decent work by Taker with how he focused up high on Hogan for the first part of the match, then his lower part for the 2nd half of the match. Hogan tried to gain momentum and even had it in the match due to the power of Hulkamania but in the end Taker needed Vince`s interference to become the man once again. Just like he needed Flair`s interference and a chair involved 11 years before this at Survivor Series 1991.
Had its moments but it also had its ugly times quite obviously.


* 3/4




15) Brock Lesnar (c) (W/Paul E Heyman) vs The Undertaker for the WWE Undisputed Title in a “Hell in a Cell” Match – WWE No Mercy 2002

This is my favourite hell in the cell match of all time. I also think it as the very BEST one ever.

Only the original can compare in my view. Foley and Hunter at No Way Out 2000 is close, and of course Foley-Taker at KOTR for the demolition of ONE MAN are only in the conversation with this Masterpiece for obvious reasons.

The Undertaker has a broken arm and that’s the deal here.

Lesnar broke it going into this match gaining him a huge advantage.

Target the arm of Taker inside the structure where he’s most dominant and you should get by okay.

Both men had a tremendous rivalry and it just gets going, as Taker just may use the cast as a weapon if forced.

Lesnar with a waist-lock take-down. Lesnar with an amateur background and shows his ultimate strength right away power slamming Undertaker down.

Shoulders being driven into the gut of The Undertaker and then nobody home as Undertaker used the cast into the abdomen of Heyman. A bandage on the head of Lesnar from being busted open by Taker on SD! the week of this event.

Taker used it as a weapon and everything is Legal in a cage match. Heyman screaming on the outside. The Undertaker stalking Lesnar on the outside. Lesnar kicks back at Undertakeer who cane back in the ring. Lesnar with boots to The Undertaker in the corner. Lesnar torking the wrist of The Undertaker and his broken arm but the fans rise up and then Lesnar focuses in on the injured body part of Undertaker.

With every shot by Taker with his cast it’ll hurt him but at the same time destructs his opponent.

Undertaker would need a few months off after this war and after this is all said and done it’s pretty obvious why.

Lesnar’s agent Heyman’s screaming outside the Cell is borderline annoying but that’s what heels in this situtation is supposed to be. The Undertaker with a shot to Lesnar raking his bloodied head against the Cell wall, a relentless assault. The Champion having to taste his own blood.

Lesnar driven into the steel.

Undertaker’s 5th Cell match. Lesnar’s first but he is the defending WWE Champion here. And the defending WWE Champion is sent hard into the Cell wall, Heyman begs please, but Lesnar is sent into the Cage again and The Undertaker clotheslines him to the floor.

Lesnar landing hard on the mat on the floor, a nearfall for Undertaker.

Now the Deadman, or American bad Ass here shows his viciousness as Tazz calls it on color commentary grates Lesnar’s face. Michaeal Cole calls the Steel like a Cheese Grater.

Usually in these types of matches you hear about how no one has man-handled the Undertaker like this, well Lesnar was such a phenom that they said no one has handled Lesnar like this.

A signature leg-drop to the throat of Lesnar who’s head on the apron hung off. Taker then went to the top rioe druves his knee into the open wound on the floor but he kicks out.

Undertaker had his way with Lesnar and Heyman tried to reach in the Cell but The Undertaker booted Heyman from the inside which the crowd got a kick out of. Lesnar’s skull and forehead all bloodied got tossesd into the Cell. The Undertaker charges into Lesnar but out of no where got the strength to lift a running Undertaker got rammed into the Cell.

Now Brock being reselient rammed The Undertaker’s spine into the Ring-Post.

Heyman bloodied outside the cell on the ground.

Both Lesnar and Taker down on the floor. Lesnar kicks at Undertaker on the ground. Heyman calls The Undertaker an SOB from the outside of the ring.

This epic match takes place on the same night as another near five star match in Edge and Rey against Angle and Benoit. No Mercy 2002 was a fabulous show, or a lot like Wrestlemania X with these two epic matches.

Heyman says The Undertaker will die now, Lesnar with a big time chair shot to the broken Hand of The Undertaker. A vicious assault on the broken cast of The Undertaker. Lesnar rips off the cast slowly and it’s all bloodied.

Relentless and Ruthless Agression. The Undertaker fighting back on the fround. Fighting to keep his cast on the arm. Those vicious chair shots to the arm though on The Undertaker sure took its toll.

Unbelievable Brutality.

Lesnar is grabbing it off and finally gets it off. The Undertaker going on nothing but adrenaline as Brock Lesnar having no arm-weakness his on the broken arm like an animal and had more youth on his side certainly helping him out in this match, Brock doesen’t stop hanging on to the top of the Cell and kicks at the head of The Undertaker.

Brock Lesnar went for a Suerplex from the top but now it’s a bloodied Undertaker who pushed him off.

The Undertaker tired but showing a bit of agility by flying off the top rope landing an elbow and Lesnar got a shoulder up. Heyman screamed NOOO but The Undertaker didn’t get the three count. The Undertaker got up but held onto his broken arm. Knowing he had a Monster waiting for him on the other side hurt but he somehow knocked him off the apron. A bloodied Brock was down on the ground.

A bloodied Undertaker launched himself through the ropes into a Bloodied Lesnar and both men hit the steel as they lay beside one another on the mat on the floor. With one hand Undertaker using the brooken hand let go and dropped Lesnar with a clothesline and stomped on the hands of Lesnar.

Undertaker torks the arm and hits a chokeslam with the bad arm, people call this lack of selling, I call it adrenaline as he continues to Cell.

Both guys a bloody mess.

The Undertaker swith a Stinger Splash.

This time Lesnar with a big boot to The Undertaker. Lesnar tried for a Last Ride but The Undertaker with a backdrop.

The Undertaker off the ropes hits a tornado ddt! The Undertaker using all his weight but scored a two count. Lesnar spears The Undertaker in the corner and drops rights but The Undertaker hit the Last Ride.

A bloody Taker signals for the Last Ride, Lesnar struggled to his feet. Taker actually signalled for the Tombstone but Lesnar hits the F5 and gets him!

A war that was back and forth. Something I felt the original wasn’t.


In the end Brock Lesnar retained his WWE title over Taker in this CLASSIC Cell match at 27:18 after

Absolutely legendary.
The Best Match on the entire DVD and the best match in Taker’s career.


A top 20 match ever where I sit.


**** 3/4






16) The Undertaker vs John Cena – WWE Vengeance 2003


Taker and Cena’s feud was just great in the summer of 2003. I’ve mentioned going to Smackdown in 2003 two weeks after this ppv before, Cena got the win on that Smackdown! encounter in August of 03 when the A-Train helped Cena get the win in a re-match from this PPV. I was third row behind Cole and Tazz, this match is on Cena’s Word Life DVD from 2004.

This one didn’t start off to great, I’ll be honest.
The entertainment was there, Cena cut a freestyle in a time where his character was becoming so popular, he had a lot of heel heat or he had a lot of followers. Something is going right.
I was a big Cena fan back here and I even met him after the Smackdown! I went to in this time period.
You could see that Taker wanted to teach Cena a lesson in a big way.

Cena already had credibility at this point, despite not being on the Wrestlemania X9 card (The same card established stars like Kane, RVD, The Dudleyz, Scott Steiner couldn’t even crack) already had a PPV victory over Y2J Chris Jericho almost a full year before this match.


The Undertaker beat on Cena outside the ring once he sent the Doctor of Thuganomics outside the ring.

Cena was still a tad green here but for a guy recieving a big time push certainly could control his own. The Undertaker worked over the ribs of Cena driving him spine-first into the ring-post. Undertcaker kept on taking it to Cena outside the ring then dropped his leg onto Cena hanging off the apron.

The Undertaker with more methodical moves against Cena.

A slower disection here.

Old school hit.

Chokeslam but just a two, Taker said no to the three count and on the Last Ride Cena reversed it into a ddt.


Cena un-does the turnbuckle and begins choking out the old deadman. Taker hits him with a big right and a Stinger splash into ther exposed buckle.

Cena crashed into Taker and burned as both guys fall to the floor. Cena knocks The Undertaker off the apron.

Cena in control but very slow kicking away at Booger Red. Still not sure what that term meant.

Undertaker bleeding from the inside of his mouth. Cena spinebusrtered Undertaker and then he shot back.

An FU by Cena and then The Undertaker kicks out. Cena is frustrated. The Undertaker in the corner down and Cena posed with the word life taunt and The Undertaker hits the last ride.
In the end Undertaker is the winner at 16:01 after a Last Ride.

Stellar but slow in a lot of areas. A better match two weeks later on Smackdown! which I saw on person that I’ll review in Cena’s first DVD shortly.

** 3/4


17) Mr. McMahon vs The Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match -WWE Survivor Series 2003


So on the same night Vince’s son Shane take’s on the The Undertaker’s “Brother” Kane, Vinnie Man himself takes on Undertaker in a buried alive match.


Vince would take a break, a rather long one feuding with anyone after this battle and for good reason. Age, fatigue and brutality just wasn’t needed from the chairman by this point.

You could make a strong/bold point that it wasn’t even needed here at this point but it still happened.

Vince’s blade job here is quite disturbing but this put the Taker-McMahon feud to bed quite literally.

The Undertaker said he’ll never become WWE Champion for a fifth time with Vince McMahon around.

The Undertaker ripped open the head of McMahon rather quickly.

Not even near the dirt yet and The Undertaker squashed Vince in the ring. McMahon was bleeding at all cosfts and the fans didn’t really seem to care.

Vince then pulled groin-first into the ring-post while a pissed Undertaker slammed his hip into the ring-post.

Vince’s blood has never dropped quicker then in this match in his entire “Wrestling Career” kind of disturbing to see.

The Undertaker is going to make sure Vince would have nothing left as he slammed McMahon’s legs into the ring-post.

The Undertaker choking out a bloodied McMahon with an electrical cord.

Hearing the vile comments on commentary by Cole regarding this storyline really shows how X-Rated this material was back in 2003 compared to say today in 2011.


The Undertaker with a huge television monitor shot to the head of McMahon. The Undertaker says they’re just getting started. The Undertaker brings a shovel and hits a bloodied McMahon. The Undertaker scoops up VInce and carries him to the grave.

McMahon hit The Undertaker with a low-blow and Undertaker was pushed into the Grave.

The Undertaker then sat up and got out and put Vince in.

The Undertaker went to go in the loader full of dirt and Kane came out. Kane was from the Raw brand in a time The Undertaker wass from Smackdown! but still had a grudge and Kane helped cover The Undertaker with McMahon.

In the end at 11:59 Vinnie Mac won the Buried Alive match with the assist from Kane setting up the Wrestlemania 20 match that eventually brought the Deadman back full circle as he once again became the DEADMAN at that event.

This match is known for the Kane interference and Vince’s blade-job. Or just the last appearance as The Undertaker being the American Bad Ass (as of this writing in the Spring of 2011)



* 1/2


18) The Undertaker (W/Paul Bearer) vs Kane -WWE Wrestlemania 20



So basically everybody and there Grandma wanted the “DEADMAN” persona back for the longest time, and NOW it was finally going to happen.

After a tremendous build, this was arguably the one moment of Wrestlemania 20 EVERYONE had been waiting to see before ordering on PPV.
Taker’s return scored mixed-reactions as he didn’t return in his full Deadman gear like some hoped, and this match wasn’t exactly Savage vs Steamboat, however it was still nice to see him back in this way.
With Paul Bearer’s voice over also scored a big pop and was a nice, fitting surprise which added to his entrance.

Kane could not believe his brother was alive as he thought he had “buried him” for good at the 2003 Survivor Series, he touched Taker to feel he was real and indeed he was.
The Undertaker begins the match with strikes as the bell rings to Kane. Taker unloaded on him as the official runs away, The Undertaker sent Kane to the ropes and he ducked under the botom rope for a walk. The Undertaker chased him and Kane caught him with an uppercut. Outside by the entrance way The Undertaker reversed an irishwhip and sent Kane hard into the apron.

The Undertaker dropped and elbow violently into Kane.

The Undertaker drops the legdrop to Kane hanging outside on the apron. The Deadman comes back in the ring. Undertaker sends Kane to the corner and comes of with a splash, some high impact offense. The Undertaker had Kane set up for the Last Ride and interestingly enough a Smark City like MSG boos as they wanted the Deadman.

Kane though counters with a back bodydrop and followed up with more desperate, violent righthands. Hearing Kane call The Undertaker a son of a bitch is hysterical. The Undertaker hit with a sidewalk slam by Kane. Kane takes a chance up at the top rope and he drops a flying clothesline off the top but again The Undertaker kicks out.

The Undertaker drops Kane with shots but Kane doesen’t go down, Kane lands an uppercut and sends Taker to the corner. No one home as Kane charged into the corner turnbuckle. Great elevation by The Undertaker dropping the leg on his brother.

An arm-ringer by The Undertaker and the crowd cheer as they yell old school, for Nostalgia purposes. Kane counters in mid-air grabbing The Undertaker by the throat, The Undertaker retaliates by grabbing Kane as well but Kane elbowed out and hits a hard chokeslam on The Undertaker.
Could Kane beat the Streak? Kane said to Paul Bearer it was all over now as Kane laughs. The Undertaker sits up and stares at Kane, the MSG faithful love that old-school move. The Undertaker firing back with big right hands, Kane kicks Taker bending down looking for a backdrop and he just gives him an evil stare. A criss-cross, Taker ducks a clothesline and charginf off the ropes drops one of his favourite moves, the flying clothesline.

The Undertaker grabs Kane by the throat and hits the Chokeslam. The Undertaker signalled for the end as the fans chanted Tombstone.
Great moment.

The Undertaker hits it and gets the win as MSG roars.

In the end at 7:45 Taker put Kane away (again) at Wrestlemania with a Tombstone to remain undefeated at Wrestlemania.
This was not one of the better Taker/Kane matches but it was good to see him back as the Deadman. Undertaker goes 12-0 at Wrestlemania.
This match was significant for the fact it brought back the Deadman at Mania, that part was fun.

Average at best.

* 3/4?




Extra Match- The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle (c) for the WWE Championship -WWE Smackdown! September 2003


Before Lesnar took back his title in a Classic Ironman on Smackdown! In the fall of 2003 there was this match where Undertaker nearly took the gold from Angle.

Such an underrated gem here. Worthy of picking up the DVD for this one alone for how rare it must be.

There’s no need to repeart that the match here is incredible, on par with there No Way Out 2006 encounter three years later for the title. Some say it’s better. I put it just on par with it if not higher.

This took place after Angle made Lesnar tap to the Ankle Lock at Summerslam 2003 retaining his title, after losing it earlier in the year to Lesnar at Wrestlemania X9.


The Undertaker challenging Angle who in a pre-match video package (out of character) called Taker the best ever and how respected he was. To think that was over half a decade ago and the respect has just only grown and grown and grown for this man.
The Undertaker shoved Angle off of him showing power straight away. Angoe with a standing arm-bar and front facelock, The Undertaker rings the arm of Angle, Kurt with a side headlock and then Undertaker hits a shoulder block to Angle on the mat.

The Undertaker locked up with Angle and twisted his arm and then Angle with a nice switch into a headlock takedown. Angle with a headlock on The Undertaker and a nice hiptoss. A leg-drop into a short-arm scissors on the mat.

Angle taken down and drives his elbow into the jaw of Angle.

The Undertaker drives Angle spine-first into the ring-post and now the WWE Champion has a terrible back.

Back from a commercial and The Undertaker still in tv time in New Orleans elbows Angle in the corner.

This is one of those rare tv matches that you could believe the main title switching hands, sort of like Austin versus Benoit in Edmonton in May of 2001 (**** 3/4) or Jericho vs HHH in May of 2000 (*** 1/2) you can just see what’s special about these matches and realize why they’re important.

Angle with a side headlock on The Undertaker.

The Undertaker being grounded.

Angle had the Ankle Lock, The Undertaker countered and then Angle re-countered that into an Angle Slam and The Undertaker kicked out. Angle slammed his hands on the mat.

Angle takes off his straps and then goes for an Angle Slam but The Undertaker goes for a chokeslam but Angle kicked out. The Undertaker signals for the last ride.

The Last Ride into the Ankle Lock, Angle twirled and flipped in a full direction below The Undertaker.

The Undertaker with the gogoplata and Angle tried to make it to the ropes. Angle is fading. Angle is inches from the bottom rope.

Angle dropped his hand three times when official Keota almost dropped him but Angle got his boot on the bottom rope to nullify the three count of Angle’s hand.

The Undertaker hung on the top rope but Angle with an Ankle Lock and the Champ had to break it by the count of five, more damage done to the Ankle. The Undertaker with a jaw-breaker to Angle and he’s sent backwards.

Angle then grabbed by the throat and The Undertaker once more is countered by Angle and then he screams TAP on The Undertaker. Angle with a bloodied face holding the Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring and The Undertaker countered again and then hit a desperation chokeslam.

The Undertaker perhaps moments away from becoming a 5 time Champ and then he hit the Last Ride to Angle.

Lesnar hits The Undertaker with a chair then Angle.

Fans boo.

At least this made sense and kept both men looking strong from a booking stand-point.

In the end at a tv time of 16 minutes Angle retained, however The Undertaker won due to DQ.
This match is one of the very best tv matches of all time.



**** 1/2







-Undertaker talks about HHH (Good Promo)
-Undertaker promo on Hulk Hogan (Decent Promo)
-Undertaker talks about Hell In The Cell (Good Stuff)
-Undertaker in the graveyard promo on Mr. McMahon (Awesome promo and very truthful)
-Including the match I reviewed vs Angle.







Final Rating for “Tombstone: History of the Undertaker” = 8/10



This rating of 8/10 a very high rating for this DVD and since it’s one of the best DVD’s they’ve put out there it seems fitting. It’d perhaps make my top 10 for individual performers. His matches with HBK and Lesnar in the Cell is worth the price alone. He also has a highly enjoyable gem with Angle on Smackdown in 2003 as an EXTRA on disc 3 that is amazing. Not to mention two absolutely amazing matches with Bret Hart and other enjoyable bouts with The Rock, Steve Austin and a few with Mick Foley and Kane among others.
Even his matches with Diesel, HHH, McMahon and Cena were enjoyable. I already own the DVD “This is my yard” so I’ve seen the documentary of him there but that’s the only thing this DVD lacks. They covered most of his great matches but he’s definitely had a ton more. I’m glad this DVD sold well because it definitely has enjoyable bouts everywhere you look. I strongly suggest this one as I enjoy it every time I re-watch it! Great stuff for sure.





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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome dvd set!Everyone need this one,if you´re a wrestling fan don´t even think twice OWN IT!

  2. elamaran says:

    i am the great fan of undertaker….i want this dvd…

  3. Nate says:

    Just Finished This Awesome DVD Recommend U Buy It… Good Review Brett

  4. Jesse Lanning says:

    One match u skipped over was the mankind HIAC at KOTR 98 but otherwise a great review

  5. william says:

    I wanted you to review this glad you did and I love the taker brock hell in a cell i was there so i give this a 9 alot of great matchs on here

  6. Austin says:

    Only problem I have with this DVD is how they packaged the discs

  7. Anonymous says:

    Awesome review, but Taker was declared the winner of the first Buried Alive match, not Mankind. The random bad guys burying Taker happened after the match ended and Taker was declared the winner.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bret Hart vs. Undertaker at Summerslam 1997 is my all time favourite match. I have never got bored of seeing it.

  9. Jeff Copeland says:

    well thats just funny lol anyway this was a good dvd some stuff like the hogan matches were blah u know but the rest i thought was good takers new dvd its all right some bad stuff but it just goes to show how much of a legend and phenon the undertaker really is

  10. Steven says:

    Shawn did and did not screw Bret ya know, the did not it was an issue between Vince and Bret and the did Shawn told Bret he was going to do one thing and he did another. Taker vs Bret was mid card on One Night Only the main event was HBK vs Bulldog great match and DX at its best lol.

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