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  1. Simon says:

    I noticed that there are clips from the interview portion of Shawn Michaels’ ‘Heartbreak & Triumph DVD’ (2007) shown in HD, which is interesting as the title was not released on Blu Ray. Thus, it seems that there’s scope for a ‘collector’s edition’ re-release, this time with the documentary in HD; and a handful of extra HBK matches could be thrown in for good measure.

    Several of Michaels’ PPV matches in the HD era are yet to be released on Blu-Ray, and the following would be ideal choices: vs. Chris Jericho (Judgment Day 2008), vs. Chris Jericho (Unforgiven 2008 – admittedly, this was on My Journey, but again in SD), and vs. JBL (No Way Out 2009).

    TV matches from the HD era that I’d include would be: vs. Jeff Hardy (Raw – February 2008), vs. John Cena (Raw – January 2009), and vs. Kane (Smackdown’s 500th Episode – March 2009).

    And don’t even get me started on the SD archive footage.

  2. coreyandy5 says:

    Blu ray is awesome as it has an 1.5 hr doc with the legends of wrestling roundtable

  3. taylor says:

    I don’t know why Rock and Cena got a DVD for that piece of crap that they put on at wrestlemania. I respect them both but they were however not at their best that night. I have seen them both much better then they were. I just do not get why they still make the match sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread. All it was is a let-down. Really in my book I was sad when it ended. So i just don’t understand why keep on making it seem better then it was was a dvd like that.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    I wish they would have included the rock and austin singing together on the Raw before Survivor Series 2001. That was an awesome Raw moment that hasn’t been included on any dvd release yet. We can hope for it to be in cluded on the 20th anniversary of raw set coming up late next year.

  5. Jesus Lopez says:

    Great review. I agree that this set was well put together. While it was a nice trip down memory lane, I think it’s safe to say that they have milked the the Raw cow far beyond its worth. There have been far too many releases regarding Raw. So much so that as I watched Raw 100 it felt too much like I’d seen it already. After all the releases, I guess I had. I know many will disagree with me. But think about it…

  6. Great review Joe. Having the 1000th episode of RAW is enough to warrant a purchase for those unsure.

  7. FUCK says:

    what’s the moment thats blurred


    CM Punk Cashes In His Money In The Bank Contract (Jun 30, 2008) Blu-ray extra,
    Is this shown in full please???

  9. 4H says:

    What I’d like to see is the rumored Four Horsemen DVD set that was talked about earlier this year. And, since Flair appears to be back in the good books of the company, I’d like there to be an Unreleased Collection set done on him and other Greatest Rivalries sets like:
    Austin vs. The Rock
    Austin vs. Steamboat
    Flair vs. Steamboat
    Flair vs. Rhodes
    HBK vs. HHH
    HBK vs. Undertaker

    And, why not do a better job of filling out the Blu-Rays? They can fit more than 5.5 hours per Blu-Ray, so at least give us something close to 5 hours per disc. The more they do that, the better the chances that people will start buying the Blu-Rays. Instead, they reduce the amount of minutes on the standard DVDs making them less attractive. No one wins that way.

  10. RabidHeat says:

    Is everything in the countdown shown in that stupid all-encompassing border all the way around the picture? And does all the footage have that reddy tinge to it? 🙁

    • Dave says:

      No, that is only the intro…the countdown segments are in HD.

      • Anonymous says:

        Has the reviewer only included screen shots of the intro then? I’d be curious to see how the actual segments look, and what the ratio bars are like, etc. Would be helpful to see before buying.

  11. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Thanks for the review. I bought the Blu-ray the day it came out, but I haven’t had the time to actually watch it yet. I have seen the Legends of Wrestling already on Classics on Demand, and that is definitely a great exclusive to the Blu-ray. I’m so glad WWE finally started releasing the Legends of Wrestling in some capacity – although a 3-4 disc Blu-ray set with each episode of the Legends of Wrestling would be alot better!

  12. wrestlingfan says:

    I have to agree with Indy Fan and ROHFAN81. The WWE has really sucked this year with the dvds this year. I think the Edge DVD was also well done. They dropped the ball on the NWO and why not get some new Brock Lesnar interviews or some UFC footage. I just do not get why they have not been good this year…. I mean a 3 dvd set for one match(Rock vs Cena) WTH…

    • JasonGoldsmith says:

      I agree with you all–the sets have been bad for the most part–I did like the Edge set and CM Punk set but the rest are bad.
      I watched the Undertaker streak blu-ray yesterday and felt like Vince should have personally give me a refund for that crapper and Rock vs Cena? 3 disc set for ONE match? That’s outright screwing somebody.
      I ripped on the idea of the superstar collection DVDs but so far they’re better than most releases.

      • wrestlingfan says:

        I could not agree more, 50 minutes on one blu ray disk for taker, I like Taker and I like the matches but I feel like WWE in the past has done alot better than that. I felt ripped off too. They need to raise the bar per say.. Jason I could not agree more well said. I may just start waiting until the dvds are in the five dollar markdown bin in WalMart… The Rock vs Cena had me scratching my head also… One match gets a three dvd set..

    • Anan says:

      @Wrestlingfan: I wouldn’t say their DVD releases for the year sucked. This is the best thing WWE has right now since aside from the entire Road To WM on TV, WWE sucks the rest of the year although the past two years was a bit of an exceptions for me with Punks’s mic work, Lesnar’s return, Big Show’s heel turn (which brought new life to him and his career) and whatnot.

      As for DVD’s, yes the Edge set was awesome. But I did enjoy Rock’s too. Just not as much as Edge’s. The Attitude Era was good and RAW 1000 was decent except for the countdowns. And although they were released last year, The Greatest Rivalries & Stone Cold sets were sweet. They should do more Greatest Rivalries. Don’t know why they haven’t yet. It’ll work only if the rivals were present like Bret & HBk were for the documentary portion. WWE’s really missing the boat here. I’m not really a Cena fan, but his rivalries with Orton & Punk are worth a Greatest Rivalries set as they brought the best out of him.

      • JasonGoldsmith says:

        The best thing that they have?
        You do know that WWE has the libraries of every major wrestling promotion to exist except for TNA?
        And that they’ve not even scratched the surface of it?
        And the sets this year have been awful with more to come–best ppv matches of the year? Why even buy the ppvs then?
        Best of Raw and Smackdown? Not saying much
        Rock vs Cena? Once in a lifetime? Hardly–there are better one off matches to do a 3 disc set on than that.

        • wrestlingfan says:

          Exactly I expect a higher standard from WWE because they have the resources and the expertise to do so. Past sets have been excellent with just a few duds. This year they really seem to be lacking… I mean will we get an anthology when the supposed rematch of Rock vs Cena takes place at this year’s wrestlemania? I mean the match was good but you could do a three dvd set on Rock vs Austin and that to me would be money.

          • JasonGoldsmith says:

            I want an Austin vs McMahon set and a Sting vs nWo set and would gladly pay full retail for those.

            • Stevie Breech says:

              Yup, having a DVD that is centered around Sting in the rafters, a bunch of bogus Stings, and an occasional brawl, concluded by one of the most disappointing and pathetic payoff matches in WCW history…Yea that will definitely be worth the full retail price

              I’m glad people like you don’t work for the WWE…you people have some stupid and ridiculous DVD suggestions.

              WWE aren’t going to blow all their amazing DVD ideas in one year, they have to have few “throwaway releases” and space them out.

              • JasonGoldsmith says:

                It sounds like trolls like you do work for WWE.
                If they are doing such great work then they will always have good DVDs in the future–but I subscribe to the theory that Vince realizes that the kids of today will see the genius of promotions like ECW or WCCW or any of the promotions that he owns the library to if he puts much of it out.
                And you would be in the minority of fans as Sting vs the nWo was as white hot as Austin vs McMahon–let’s see your “sports entertainment” heroes get that hot without wrestling–sorry–sports entertaining or talking for a year and a half.

                • wrestlingfan says:

                  There is so much they could do without breaking the bank. This has not been a great year and to purposely release garbage releases to hold the good stuff makes no sense. I think they scratched the surface of what they do in releases. From what they released, in the past except for a few duds, I expect that high quality in there releases. Not like the attitude or NWO docs that looked just thrown together. I think to gloss over it is complete ignorance. That is like when you heard of WCW wrestlers purposely tanking it so they do not have to go back to the town again. When WWE releases a not as great dvd it not only reflects there brand but also ticks off there fans. I just have expectations that WWE can release top notch documentaries we have seen it in the past and they are very capable of it.

  13. rohfan81 says:

    yea indyfan the clash set couldve been WAY better i still dont understand the logic of the 15 man battle royal and madusa vs bull nakano because you know they were classics lol

  14. indyfan says:

    This set looks horrible. So happy i didn’t get sucked into buying it like the crappy NWO one. I agree with ROHFAn. The best ones this year were ECW, WCW clash(just barely) and Punks. All other sets were sub par at best.

    Though i find the roundtable discussions great. WWE would be smarter to release a set of them.

  15. rohfan81 says:

    pass,this has been a lousy year for wwe dvds the only good ones theyve put out this year have been the punk,clash of champions and ecw unreleased and best of ppvs2011 dvds but hey wwe has saved me some money this year at least


    Please Can you tell on the Legends roundtable discussion
    CM Punk Cashes In His Money In The Bank Contract (Jun 30, 2008) Blu-ray extra,
    Is this shown in full please, I really want this in full cause its a great moment,
    If its in full im going to 100% purchase the blu-ray when it comes out in the UK in February,
    Great Review
    Glad to see some moments are full in the blu-ray roundtable discussion and the raw 1000th episode in HD.

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