Review: Top 50 WWE Superstars of All Time (Disc 2 and 3)

February 7, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “50 Greatest Superstars of all time” Disc 2 and 3 Review:




Disc 2 Matches:


1) NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match- Lou Thesz (c) vs Argentina Rocca
Buffalo, NY


I never review clipped matches but we see sold serious old-school work between two legends of their time for the NWA World Title.

I would of loved to see a full Thesz match on DVD but unfortunately that is not the case here.


No Rating




2) NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match Jack Brisco vs Dory Funk Jr. (c)
Championship Wrestling from Florida


Jack Brisco talks on commentary while we see highlights of what would of been a classic. For the love of god WWE, can we please see a full match with these all-time greats that we here so much about. Anyway Jack won but did not get the title.


No Rating




3) Women’s Championship Match- The Fabulous Moolah (c) vs Susan Green
Madison Square Garden – June 16, 1975


The Fabulous Moolah had the title for decades and here she takes on a country gal challenger on Susan Green wearing a cowboy hat and all.

For 1975 the pace here is pretty great.

The Fabulous Moolah up against Susan St. Green.


McMahon on commentary.

Pretty solid action here to begin with a snapmare and such. Moolah clearly the favourite and with a ton of heel tactics like grabbing the hair. The Fabulous Moolah with a hard slap to Susan Green.

Green dodged a round-house and then a hiplock by Green followed by an elbow shot to the head. A knee lift by Green to Moolah but a kick out. Moolah is back in control but only a count of two. Both ladies tie up again and a single leg-takedown by Susan Green and she tries to tork the leg of The Fabulous Moolah. She is down on it and the fans getting behind her as she goes down on the leg and takes it apart Bret Hart on Diesel style.

Quick two counts there by the official of the match.

The Fabulous Moolah reaching for the hair, the referee trying to break it up. Moolah reaches for the ropes but Susan Green brought her back in the hard way and then applies a leglock, tightening her grip on The Fabulous Moolah. Green then sweeps the legs of The Fabulous Moolah as she held onto the ropes and was slammed back. A kick out by The Fabulous Moolah and then Green with a splash, she went for another but missed.

The Fabulous Moolah getting up at the same time as Green and gives her a chop to the throat region. Susan Green holding her own against Moolah and tries to rake the eyes and Moolah holds onto whatever she can. Green with a body-scissors of sorts and slams The Fabulous Moolah down and the crowd eats it up. Susan Green takes her for a ride again and asks the ref to ask her if she submits. She does not. Green getting the crowd behind her big time.

High in the air again a Shoot by Susan Green to The Fabulous Moolah and then she tightens the leg-scissors. Moolah slowly but surely turns around on Green and then her weight advantage comes into play delivering dirty shots to Green on the mat. The Fabulous Moolah with a rake to the face after a side headlock in mid-ring.

The Fabulous Moolah kicks Green in the stomach and then with some hair another kick. The Fabulous Moolah rakes her eyes but assures the official she is wrestling legal.

A snapmare by the hair of Green three times in a row and then she missed the knee-drop to Susan Green who moves out of the way just in time. A bodyslam. Susan Green to the top rope and misses the splash. The Fabulous Moolah splashes Green and gets the three count at the ten minute mark.


Really surprised by this, for 1975 and a ladies match this was Ace.










4) Gorilla Monsoon vs Muhammad Ali



Muhammad Ali at ringside watched Monsoon battle.

Monsoon is HUGE and now Ali gets in the ring and takes his shirt off.

McMahon on commentary again.

Ali can not get to his mark just yet but Monsoon lifts him up and twirls Ali around and drops him.

Ali leaves the ring.

Props to him for doing this, wow…

No Rating




5) NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match-  Harley Race vs Terry Funk
Championship Wrestling from Florida – February 6, 1977


Great another clipped match.

I wanted to see Race and Funk get it on in its fulll length but we come in the middle.

In the end Race wins the NWA title but most of the five or so minutes we see the two slap on leg-locks.


No Rating

6) Boxing Match- Gorilla Monsoon vs Andre The Giant
Puerto Rico – September 23, 1977


Very interesting here. The Quality is hard to see.

Both guys just go at one another in a huge way exchanging big time shots.

The crowd love it and both men are huge!

Hayes on commentary, Monsoon delivers shots to Andre who backs up to the ropes.

Andre now with chops and an uppercut. Both guys levelling one another with huge shots here. Monsoon takes it to the Giant in a big way and its amazing seeing him go down so fast.

Both guys with hard shots but Andre drops Monsoon at the seven minute mark.


Entertaining for sure.?



7) WWE Championship Match- “Superstar” Billy Graham (c) vs “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes
Madison Square Garden – September 26, 1977


Here we go.

A full length match, a WWWF title match. Graham defending his title against Rhodes.

Billy Graham in shape takes his shirt off, has a ton of heel heat.

Rhodes the opposite, not in shape and getting a tremendous reaction. Rhodes with a ton of charisma dancing around and Billy Graham just kind of shakes his head at him.

Both men tie-up and Rhodes gets the better of that altercation. Both men circle around one another again and the Dream pushed him to the corner once more. Billy Graham and his title may be in jeopardy one might think initially as Rhodes is over-powering a stronger Billy Graham.

Rhodes takes him down and drops an elbow to the head of Graham.

You have to love MSG, I am sure Vince slept there nightly, every match back then was there.

Billy Graham finally back to his feet. Rhodes took Billy Graham down and now he takes a walk going through the middle ropes as the fans bool. Billy Graham comes back of course and he begs for Rhodes to cut him a break.

Billy Graham wanted to lock up and the two engage in a test of strength. Rhodes ultimately wins that and Billy Graham is not happy. He fights back but its Rhodes once more with elbow shots taking it to Billy Graham then torking the arm, holding an armbar.

Billy Graham turns vicious and throws desperation rights at Rhoes and slaps on a sleeper.

Rhodes shoulderblocked to the outside.

A bearhug by Superstar but Rhodes wont give up. A back-breaker attempt fails, Rhodes missed an elbow, Billy Graham went to the top, Rhodes caught him ancd slammed him to the mat. Billy Graham rakes the eyes but Rhodes backdropped him over the top rope to the floor.

Fans love it.

At fifteen minutes and thirty eight seconds Rhodes wins by countout and takes the title, the fans are loving it but you can not win the title by countout of course.?

Interesting match here, certainly an old-school, methodical match but interesting none the less.?

** 1/4?




8 ) WWE Championship Match- The Iron Sheik  vs Hulk Hogan (c)
Madison Square Garden – December 28, 1984


Hogan enters the Champion and in the same year and birthplacce of Hulkamania, the Iron Sheik tries to put an end to his reign as Champion.

The Hulkster was posing for his fans at MSG and the Sheik suplexed him. Monsoon and Okerlund on commentary.

This match shows a short version of a clipped match where Hogan wins against the Sheik defending the title against him.

This just seemed so short but memorable.


* 3/4





9) Six Man Tag Team Elimination Match- Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Rowdy Roddy Piper & Junkyard Dog vs Randy “Macho Man” Savage (With Elizabeth), “The King” Harley Race (With Bobby the Brain Heenan) & Adrian Adonis
Madison Square Garden – February 23, 1987


Fink explains this match is survivor series rules.

Slick and Monsoon on commentary.?


Adonis comes to the ring first. Unfortunately his last MSG appearance before his death.

The King Harley Race comes out next with Heenan.

Randy Savage comes out with Liz and his IC title. Liz gets a huge poop, Savage was gaining popularity due to the promos he was cutting at the time. His rivalry with Steamboat was well documented.

JYD is the first member out and then Steamboat gets an amazing ovation as he is back to 100% after Savage crushed his throat. Now their partner getting a huge pop is Roddy Piper making his final appearance in MSG. Only he would make about 300 more after this.

Anyways this should be great.

A six man tag with old-school characters!

Piper and Adonis the pre-WM 3 match begins this until Savage and Adonis is out. Piper tags in the Dragon Ricky Steamboat and Savage gets out in a hurry. Savage backs off from Steamboat of course.

Monsoon hypes up the Wrestlemania 3 match. This was when the WWF was at its absolute peak during the 80s boom.

A double underhook and a karate drop chops Savage down by Ricky Steamboat and then he gets Race in. The JYD delivers hard shots to Harley Race and then Savage tried to attack from behind but Ricky Steamboat was there to make sure nothing bad happened.

The JYD waited for Race to get back in. The JYD sent Race to the outside and then Ricky Steamboat got a piece of Savage until he raked the face of the Dragon and tagged in Adonis.

Piper lookss teamed on the outside as Adonis was all over Steamboat. Piper wanted a piece badly and the fans ate it up.

This is how you hype a ppv for Mania 3. What smart booking, the fans could literally not wait for each match, each rivalry.


Now Harley Race and Adrian Adonis with a double suplex to Roddy Piper. This match will go on until one team is left remaining.

Piper got caught into a sleeper from Adonis, and he rams him to the buckle and Piper racks on a sleeper and then Race hit him. The Junkyard Dog and Randy Savage get it on now.

Savage with a waist-lock and a side suplex by the JYD. Macho Man holds the arms of the Dog and Adonis took a shot at the JYD and his head. Dog unloading with rights of his own. Piper dives of the apron and hits heaadbutt. Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage tearing each other apart.

Piper hits a steel chair to Adonis.

A WILD brawl in the crowd, we were not used to this at this time period. Especially in the WWF so this was special and MSG ate it up.

Piper suplexes Harley Race and Randy Savage broke it up. The bell is ringing as someone has been eliminated. Fink announces Adonis and the JYD were both counted out.

Down to two on two. It is Race and Savage against Ricky Steamboat and Roddy Piper now.

Harley Race takes down Piper and gives him a hard right-hand. Savage tags in, a much quicker and agile man then Race and he delivers jabs to a vulnerable Roddy Piper. Macho Man holds Piper until he backs him off to the corner. Both Race and Savage do a double elbow drop to Piper and they choke him out on the top rope.

Savage missed Piper and Race is tagged in. Race goes for a suplex but Piper counters it into a snapshot vertical suplex of his own. Ricky Steamboat comes in and chops Race. Ricky Steamboat with a hard chop to Race and ducks through the legs aa hiplock. Savage came in to break the count but Steamboat and Piper with a double slingshot-clothesline and nearfall. Savage came in to break it up. Ricky Steamboat off the top with a chop to Race, nearfall. Small package by Race and he got the three count.

Piper is in disbelief and now it is down to the Macho Man and Harley Race up against Rowdy Roddy Piper. Steamboat gives Piper his best approval.

Race and Savage wait for Piper to go and he just unloads on the King Harley Race.

As they go to the floor Savage tried to hit Piper with a chair but Piper blocked it. Back in the ring Randy Savage choked out Piper on the top rope. Macho nails Piper with a double axe-handle right between the eyes and Rowdy Roddy Piper kicks out.

Macho Man with a double-team effort and Savage lays an elbow down. Rowdy Roddy Piper foought back against Savage in the corner. A powerslam by the King as Rowdy Roddy Piper kicks out once again on Harley Race.

Savage uses one of his signature moves a double axehandle to Piper but he moves and hits Race. Piper pins Race.

Down to one on one.

Piper and Macho Man, one on one.

Savage and Piper ready to get it on in what was presumably the last appearance from the Hot Rod in MSG.

Rowdy Roddy Piper hit a beautiful running bulldog on Savage. Piper gets Macho a hand and decides to bite. Savage slaps Piper and he boils up with charisma and the two go crazy and the fans love it!

Savage leaves and rolls back in, one of the better sneaky moves by Macho as he dropped Piper with a right-hand to the face avoiding a sunset flip. Savage on Rowdy Roddy Piper choking him out and Randy scoring nearfalls.

Rowdy Roddy Piper kicks out of more Savage Punishment. Randy Scooped him up and Piper landed on him but neither man would let go of the choke. Piper lifted Savage up and now Piper lets go of a number of shots.

A big shoulderblock sends Savage to the outside, the fans count, the referee does not.

Rowdy Roddy Piper lays down in the middle of the ring, Savage thinks he has got him where he wants for the big elbow, and now Savage misses it.

A roll-up by Piper and he got the IC Champion Savage. An AMAZING win for Rowdy Roddy Piper just over the 20 minute mark.


Longest match by far on the DVD so far, and so much fun going into Wrestlemania 3, such a fast paced match from a hot crowd in MSG with so many great gimmicks and rivalries.

It was never boring, always had a fast flow and was an 80s classic from the Garden. Loved Piper and Savage the most in the match.





10) “Ravishing” Rick Rude (With Bobby the Brain Heenan) vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat


Ricky Steamboat wanted the Weasel to get into a seat. Hayes and Monsoon on commentary. A standing wristlock out of a headlock then Rude over-powered Ricky Steamboat and wrenches his arms into a headlock.

Two leapfrogs by the Ricky Steamboat and then Rude sends him to the outside.

Rude poses and Ricky Steamboat hits Heenan with his legs. Ricky Steamboat sends Rick Rude to the outside now.

Fans love it.

Rude checks on Heenan.

Rick Rude takes his time getting back into the ring and goes for more meetings with Heenan in a neck brace.

These two would open up the 1988 Royal Rumble a few weeks later with a great match. This one is set more methodical as both guys go for a power of strength and the height advantage Rude over-takes Ricky Steamboat.

Rick Rude in over his head as Steamboat finds his way to swiftly take the strength away by using his leverage and turned Rude over.

Ricky Steamboat now worked on the arm. Rude sells it wonderfully. Ricky Steamboat working over the Ravishing ones arm very slowly. Heenan said something to Rude and now Rick gets back int he match by ducking Ricky Steamboat but he ultimately ducks Rude and two quick arm-drags like only the Dragon can.

That is Ricky Steamboat for ya.

I love that in every one of his matches.

Ricky Steamboat goes right back to work on the arm of Rude wrenching it back, the elbow, shoulder of Rude very vulnerable. Rude goes and slams the head of Ricky Steamboat into the corner. Rude fires back with his good arm into the abdomen and Ricky Steamboat feeling the offense from Rick Rude.

Off the ropes Ricky Steamboat applies a nice crucifix countering with whatever Rude had in mind and a close count. The Dragon goes right back into the armbar and drops his body on the arm of Rude for more pressure.

After some time Rude over-powers Ricky Steamboat and sends him shoulder first hard into the buckle. Rude poses. Steamboat vulnerable and Hayes from commentary suggests Ricky Steamboat should work on the right arm as if he was yet to think of that.

Reverse chinlock by Rick Rude and Ricky Steamboat tried to battle out.

Rude slams Ricky Steamboat who got out after some time then Rude slapped on a bearhug.

An abdominal stretch now by Rude who has a hand of tights. Monsoon says Rude has a good grip of the goods…the tights….awkward.

Rude goes back into a chinlock. Some boring chants, but the whole pace to this match has been extremely methodical.

Ricky Steamboat with power picks up Rude and lays back slamming Rude to the mat. Rude though slammed Ricky Steamboat head-first into the mat. Rude goes to the top rope and Monsoon says he has never seen him that high and Ricky Steamboat caught him with a gut-shot as he came off the top. Ricky Steamboat working over Rude in the corner slamming his head into the turnbuckle.

Ricky Steamboat had Rude and the two bridge out of a pinning combination, Ricky Steamboat had a back-slide and then a small package and everyone is kicxking out!

Ricky Steamboat sweeps the leg, Ricky Steamboat flips and Rude kicks out! Ricky Steamboat with another reversal into a roll-up and just a two.

Fans get into this big time.

Rude now slams Ricky Steamboat and he gets a two. Both guys still going at it and Rude went for a suplex, blocked by the Dragon and he hit one of his own. Ricky Steamboat gets a two count. Ricky Steamboat tried to pick up Rude but the back injury made Steamboat go down and Rude got a nearfall landing on him. Ricky Steamboat sends Rude to the corner and from the top. A huge chop from the top but the bell has rung.

The 20 minute time limit has expired.

A very slow start but a solid match none the less.?

*** 1/4




11) AWA Heavyweight Championship- 

Jerry “The King” Lawler (c) vs “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig (with Madusa)
AWA – August 13, 1988


I love the AWA!?

Jerry Lawler was a big draw in Memphis feuding with Randy Savage and the two were even a tandem there at one point, but he made his way to several promotions.

Curt Hennig was the son of Larry Hennig and arguably a better in-ring performer and could draw a ton of heel heat. He came into this match billed as Hennig and seemed confident, a former AWA World Champion and nobody can forget his classic bouts with Nick Bockwinkel. One is on his DVD set (Mr. Perfect) another classic is on the AWA DVD set produced by the WWE which is even better in my mind.

Lawler has the fans on his sideand his defending the title.

Broadcasters say this one could potentially go an hour, I would not complain if that were the case.

Here we go!

Jerry the King Lawler and Curt Hennig tie-up and Lawler slams him but Hennig backs off to the corner.

Both men tie-up yet again and this time Hennig tries a hiplock and it hits but Lawler moved out of the way, crowd loved that. Curt Hennig looks mad.

A lot of trash talking and a slower pace to start but both men definitely meant business and you could tell just from their facial expressions. Curt Hennig hung onto the top rope and dodged a shot by the King. The King stays on Curt Hennig but he is looking more frustrated. Hennig with three-right hands to Lawler but Jerry hits him back and the former champ Curt Hennig falls to the floor, the AWA fans love it.

Jerry Lawler now in control and the fans love it not even five minutes in. Lawler with shots over and over.

Curt Hennig has been beaten by Lawler and Curt Hennig has not beaten Lawler so maybe that could be in his mind.

Curt Hennig complains to the official about Lawler and the way he strikes. They go back and forth and the King chases Madusa.

The crowd love it.

Now both guys go for a test of strength and Hennig beats Lawler, almost a back-slide and he punches the King to the outside and sends him into the post before suplexing him back in and got a nearfall.

An abdominal stretch into a hiplock and a two count.

A pile driver by Curt Hennig and a two, then a neck-breaker and another two. Lawler caught Hennig at the top and he falls groin first. Jerry unloading with rights to Curt Hennig.

Fifteen minutes have gone by and Lawler body slams Curt Hennig. The King from the top missed a chop. Curt Hennig gets up and slaps on a sleeper hold.

Lawler grabbed the hair and threw Hennig over the rope by the hair DQing himself at the sixteen minute mark.

Curt Hennig wins by DQ, not the title.

Could of been a lot better given who were in the ring and the chance to tell a story but solid none the less.?

*** 1/2




12) No Disqualification Match – Virgil Barred from Ringside -Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase
Madison Square Garden – December 28, 1989



A few months before their encounter at Wrestlemania 6 from Skydome.

Virgil can not be at ringside and this is NO DQ. ?

Ted DiBiase and Jake Roberts in the midst of their feud getting things going from MSG with Monsoon on commentary.

Both these guys masters of their craft and are top notch at psychology. Both men can get a crowd into any match as well. That if for sure.

Ted DiBiase chops away at ROberts but he torks the arm and gets the better of the Million Dollar Man down on the mat.

A slower pace here.

Ted DiBiase takes a break.

Both men exchange hammerlocks and headlocks.

Now it turns into a slugfest. Jake remains on the arm of DiBiase. Jake is tied up in the ropes and DiBiase keeps firing shots.

Ted DiBiase thinks he is in complete control as this match has gone back and forth.

Ted DiBiase drives his knee into the shoulder of Roberts which has been worked over. This match does NOT feature a WAVE like the Sky Dome would give it a few months later. The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase himself even said in an interview that was his favourite Mania moment going up against Jake at Sky Dome which says a lot since he went up against the likes of Savage and Hogan as well at Mania.

A piledriver by Ted DiBiase to Roberts and reverse chinlock.

Ted DiBiase relentless with a sleeper and right when Jake came back DiBiase sent him into the corner with a hard irish-whip and the Snake man is down!

Ted DiBiase with the Million Dollar Dream until Jake got to the ropes and now Jake fired up pushed him to the corner.

Roberts out of no where gets a clothesline. Fans chanting for the ddt.

Jake makes the signal.

Roberts locks it in and hits it. Jake gets the win at the 19 minute mark.?


?*** 1/4














Disc 3 Matches:



WWF Championship Match

13) “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) (with Mr. Perfect) vs Bret “Hit Man” Hart

Saskatoon, CN – October 12, 1992



Both these guys not the biggest fan of each other.

Flair was in his second reign as Champion after defeating Randy Savage and Bret Hart is the challenger.

The Hitman entering the building in Saskatoon, the hometown of his legendary father-trainer Stu Hart.

Hayes and Monsoon doing commentary.

Hart and Flair never were best of friends and never had the best chemistry in the ring but this was probably the best match the two ever had together. Flair takes Bret down in a side headlock.

Flair goes into a hammerlock, Bret reverses it and Flair screams in pain. Ric Flair and Hart both reverse these holds into the corner bringing Bret up top but he hops back down equally as quick as Naitch.

Bret shoved into the corner gets a chop and Flair sends him back-first into the turnbuckle hard. Bret Hart gets a suplex on the Nature Boy and then delivers a headbutt and a back-drop out of the corner after Flair went hard into the buckle.

The Hitman signalled perhaps for a Sharpshooter but planted one in the abdomen of Naitch with his boot and Ric Flair rolls to the floor for a break-breather.

Ric Flair comes back in with a side headlock and an overhead standing wrist-lock by Flair, Hart with a counter with a wrist-lock of his own and had the leverage to take him down and even a simple move like that, just basic gets such a huge rise out of the crowd.

Love that.

Bret torks the arm of Flair and stomps on the mat, strictly business and he continues to work over the left arm.

The Excellence of Execution with this arm-bar.

Hart wrenches the arm behind Flair into a hammerlock and Ric slams on the mat in a lot of pain and frustration. Flair sends Bret into the corner and tries desperately with his good arm to try and ring the arm of Bret but he got Flair back into a corner where he kicks Bret. Hart walked in with a mistake.

Flair chops Bret down and he loves those chops 😉

It is funny re-watching this match knowing what we now know what these two think of each other.

A sling-shot over the rope as Bret was on the apron, went for a sunset flip but Bret gets the worst of that and Naitch uses tactics to get Bret out of the ring. Hart comes back in with another sunset flip and exposes his ass for the 1874547th time in the career of Ric Flair. Thankfully this DVD censors it.

Bret with quick-strike offense and a face-flop and Bret got a nearfall. Ric Flair definitely lacks his 80s workrate in this match, he is much slower.

If Bret was to judge Flair as a worker in this match alone I could see why he thinks the way he does.

Ric Flair gets a break sending Hart to the corner of the ring sternum first, and Hart sells that move like no other. He does so again. Flair on top of Bret with a kick to the groin section of Hart. Ric Flair then scoops up the left leg and drops Hart down on the mat.

Ric Flair wants to soften up the challenger for a potential figure four.

Ric Flair slams Bret down, goes to the corner and misses a Harley Race knee-drop and Bret then went for a figure four of his own, its a signature wear-down before a potential Sharpshooter for Bret, but for Flair its of course a finisher.

The Hitman returns the favor by scooping up a leg of Flair and drops it down on the mat. Now Bret begins to weaken the legs of Flair by changing his tactics, he forgot about the left arm and now softens up the leg of Ric Flair.

Bret goes for a Figure Four.

The Hitman surprised Naitch by trying to beat him at his own game!


After working and torking over the left arm of Ric Flair all match long he has him in this position and Flair screams in pain.

Bret getting near pinfalls as Flair gets out of it. Flair screaming for a rope, inches away as Hayes on color tells us all.

Ric Flair gets out using his ways, Bret blocked the offense of Ric Flair with a back-slide, back up and a chop from Flair followed by a striking blow. The Champion once again in control but limping still selling the leg-work done by Hart.

Bret Hart down and reverses an irishwhip and has Flair in a sleeper.

The Champion then reversed it and slammed Bret down with a side suplex. Perfect looks happy on the outside.

Mr. Perfect signalled to give something to Flair from his pocket but elected not too at the last second, Flair with an inside cradle and a nice double-underhook suplex after the nearfall. More nearfalls.

Ric Flair limping but off the ropes lands the knee-drop to Hart this time around. Hart keeps kicking out and Flair is angry at Hebner. Flair is curled up from behind by Bret but not enough to keep the Champ down. Bret back up.

Bret with a shot and now Flair drops Bret with a knee-lock and drops him on his leg.

Ric Flair applies the Figure Four this time. A little more confident look on the part of Hennig as Bret wanted the crowd to give him some much neede momentum to get out of this submission hold. Flair holds it on.

Brett rolls out to make it to the ropes but the damage had been done to his legs. Ric Flair kicks at the leg of Bret twice and in the corner he continued to weaken the left leg. Flair chopped Bret. Flair drills his knee into Bret over and over in the corner.

Flair methodically took out Bret and his bad leg but all of the sudden the Hitman got an inside cradle from no where and the excitement dies down as it only got a two.

As Flair showed signs of Fatigue the younger Hitman fired back with onslaughts of offensive, striking blows. Brer however ran into a boot from Flair in the corner.

Ric Flair tries a high risk move from the top and like always Flair is caught from up top and is slammed on his back. Hart with a great shot to Flair and a high back-drop out of the corner to Naitch. A nearfall for the Hitman.

Bret with a side russian legsweep. Flair begs for Bret to back off but Hart hits a back-breaker. Monsoon and Hayes get a little more excited on commentary. Bret finds the mark with an elbow off the second rope. A nearfall.

Bret Hart sets up Flair for a snapshot vertical suplex and gets it butstill only a two.

Flair begs Bret off.

Ric Flair at the last second chops Bret in the corner and takes off his straps. Bret exchanges rights with Flair but Hart gets the best of him. Bret set Flair up to the top turnbuckle and now from the top a Superplex is landed from a very physical Hart.

Bret locks in the Sharpshooter!

Perfect tried to get in but Flair gave up!

History has been made!


In the end Bret Hart wins his first WWF title in his home country of Canada over Ric Flair at 26:27.


The Colliseum exclusive. In the hometown of his father.

A great match, a slower start but these guys went back and forth and a good story overall here. A match to remember and bumped up for its significance of Hart and his first title win.










WWF Championship Match

14) The Rock (c) (with Vince McMahon) vs Mankind in a Falls Count Anywhere Empty Arena Match

Halftime Heat – January 31, 1999



The Rock and Mankind had many title matches in this time with the title switching back and forth.

Falls count anywhere in this match.

Fans on Heat were watching this match on the titan-tron (Pre-Recorded) take place in an Empty Arena.


The Rock was the corporate Champion.

A Biased Vince takes a headset and does commentary for us while Hebner is officiating the first ever Empty arena match with Foley and Rock. Mankind with an elbow and Rock kicked out.

Foley doing his best to make some noise so there is SOME heard in the arena.

A ddt but Rock kicks out. The Socko mandible claw put on Rock and he rolls out of the ring. The Rock gets a kick as Mankind slides out of the ring. A swinging neck-breaker to The Rock on the floor. Mankind kicks at the head of Rock. Mankind slams The Rock head-first on the ring-bell.

Mankind slams Rock head-first on the announce table. Mankind sends Rock into the steps.

The Rock reverses an irishwhip and sends Foley to the corner barricade and he crashes into it. Rock trashtalks Mankind and stomps on him.

The Rock sends Mankind into the section of chairs.

Rock grabs a steel chair ans smacks it into a series of other chairs on top of Mankind. An interesting attitude era brawl.

Rock gets on the head-set of Vince and does his catch-phrases on the headset. Rock talking about it being the Superbowl, and I am writing this on the day of Superbowl 45, Packers and Steelers 2011. A fun little fact.

Rock with a trash-can smacks against Mankind and he rolls down the steps after Mankind was abusing Rock all the way up. Foley falls down the steps.

Rock walks down with a can in hand. Rock drops trash on Mankind. Rock drops him down a series of steps.

Kevin Kelly and Shane McMahon are shown from the (live) arena and they are doing some commentary of their own.

Back to live action they are battling back-stage in the kitchen now. Rock breaks a stick on Foley. Rock sends Foley into the cotten candy and the commentary from both Rock and Vince are hilarious.?

Rock sends Foley into the oven. Rock grabs bread and smacks it on Foley but Mankind kicks out on the floor.

Rock opens a Jack Daniels and takes a drink before Foley smashes Rock into a set of plates. Mankind with a huge bag of popcorn slams it on the head of the Rock and now into the door. Mankind and Rock go battling into the dining room.

Rock with a garbage can onto Mankind. Rock backdrops Mankind onto a table full of food.

Foley with all kinds of sauce on his shirt and Mankind gets a lowblow and a nearfall.

Rock and Foley battle into an office.

This becomes almost as hilarious as the Austin-Booker T Supermarket brawl as the phone Rings and Rock says Mankind is a little tied up right now and hangs the phone cord around the head of the great one.

Mankind starts come back a little bit. They begin to battle into the outside area of the arena, surrounded by concrete. Mankind with socko, and the claw as Rock is down.

All of the sudden Mankind takes drops a stack of weight onto Rock. The Rock is down and Mankind pins him.

A fun match over fifteen minutes long.


** 1/2




15) Fatal 4-Way Match for the WWF Championship- Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock vs Undertaker vs Kurt Angle (c)
Smackdown – December 7, 2000


Building up to Armageddon 2000 where they held a six man hell in a cell. Four of those men are in a match here for the title held by Angle.

Rock comes out first to a good ovation as does Undertaker and then Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Angle grabbed by the throat from Undertaker, and it is pretty interesting seeing Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rock and Taker all take it to Angle.

Look at this star power.

Amazing that it was all on one show at one point.

All threee guys on Angle and he ducks under the bottom rope to the outside.

Undertaker stalking Angle and so is Austin on the other side.

King and Cole on commentary. Stone Cold Steve Austin stomps the hell out of Angle.

Austin and Rock working as one. Angle ducks a double clothesline from Rock and Austin but Undertaker caught him with a boot. Rock and Austin take Taker off Angle.

Taker shoved Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rock and then they both levelled Taker down. Rock clotheslines Taker to the outside.

Austin with a Spinebuster on Angle. Nearfall.

Rock takes Austin off, and Austin throws Angle to the outside.

Big time square-down with Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin and they exchange right-hands as the crowd love it. Undertaker comes back in dominating Rock for some revenge. Angle then stomps on Rock. Rock plants Angle down with a ddt. Stone Cold Steve Austin pulls Rock to the outside and drops him to the mat.

Austin and Taker exchanging shots now. Rock and Taker double-team Austin now and the fans boo. Now both Taker and Austin double team Rock.

Rock went for a Rock Bottom on Undertaker. Austin went for a Stunner on Rock, he is pushed away. Angle rolled up Undertaker.

All four at once brings out a lot of action.

Rikishi and HHH come from the crowd and beat on Undertaker.

Angle, Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin exchanging blows in the ring, HHH hits Austin with a chair, then Rock in the head. Rikishi drops his body down on Rock.

Undertaker goes to chokeslam Rikishi but HHH hits Undertaker in the head with a chair. Three good guys, three bad guys before Armageddon. Then Angle hits Rikishi in the head with the title, HHH lays out Angle with a chair.

HHH with a neckbreaker to Stone Cold Steve Austin on the steel chair.

Great build up but the match is a no contest.

Fun while it lasted.







16) Undertaker, Kane, Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Edge & Christian

Raw – April 23, 2001


An 8 man tag team war, six days before the Backlash PPV.

The action is everywhere and the Hardyz dominating early as Jeff hits Edge up high.

Matt sends Christian into the corner and Jeff lands up high once more, and another low-shot from Jeff to Christian.

Christian tags in Stone Cold Steve Austin and Undertaker drops Austin with a big boot. HHH comes in the ring and Undertaker with a back-drop to both HHH and Austin.

Kane is cleaning house now. Edge and Christian knocked off the apron.

HHH bails out Austin.

Stone Cold goes for the injured arm of Kane.

Heyman says he has never seen Kane so vulnerable as he is tonight. Austin takes it to Kane again. HHH torks the arm of Kane after Stone Cold Steve Austin did a lot of work on Kane.

Edge off the top drops down with a shotto Kane and his injured arm. Stone Cold Steve Austin with a shot on Kane.

Official can not control the action.

Kane is being dominated and everyone continues to braw.

The isolation of Kane continues. Edge comes in andleans back on the arm of Kane. Kane with a big boot to the head of Edge. Stone Cold Steve Austin tagged in and HHH is with him and they both kick at Kane. Me and Ross both thought Stone Cold Steve Austin got the tag but it was apparently Hunter.

A three on one attack to the bad arm of Kane.

Hardyz and Undertaker brawl with them to stand for Kane. Undertaker on Stone Cold Steve Austin on the outside.

Kane is vulnerable in the ring.

Austin on an announce table. A tag to Matt working over HHH. Matt gets the tag to Underaker who gets the best of HHH.

Matt tagged in, Austin hits the Stunner, HHH tags in covers, heels win.

A quick tag match here.?

* 1/4


17) Edge & Triple H vs Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho
Smackdown – May 16, 2002?

Before Judgment Day 2002.


(Every TV match here has been the show before the PPV for some reason)


Either way that is the way it is.


Angle gets the YOU SUCK chants as this is his last TV match with hair. Edge and Hunter are the babyfaces and Angle and Jericho are the heels.

You have got to love the current Edge theme being dubbed over the Rob Zombie version.

Kurt Angle and Jericho work over Edge until HHH runs to the ring.

Kurt Angle and Triple H square off at the same time as Jericho and Edge.

Edge works over Jericho in the corner, The Game drops Angle on the barricade abdomen first. Edge plants Jericho face-first to the mat then comes off the ropes with a big clothesline and a series of right-hands.

HHH tags in and now goes to work on Jericho in the corner. This was before their Hell in a Cell match. HHH tags in Edge and he kicks at Angle who is tagged in. Edge chops Angle at the ropes and now Edge wit a spinning heel kick to Angle.

Kurt Angle comes back with an amazing Superplex to Edge and HHH saves the match for his team after the belly to belly. Jericho chops Edge in the corner now.

Edge battles back knocking Jericho off the second rope and a clothesline off the top.

Both teams becoming fatigued.

HHH is fresh and wanted in.

Angle did as well.

Kurt Angle tagged in and HHH got the tag and now Angle gets the worst of right-hands by HHH. HHH with an amazing spinebuster to Kurt Angle but Jericho picks him off.

HHH with a facebuster to Jericho and he went for the Pedigree but Angle interupted it with Jericho.

Edge tagged in picked up intensity and catapolted Jericho to outside.

Angle from behind goes for an Angle Slam on Edge but he counters it into a half-nelson face slam. Jericho got a chair but Edge got him down.

Angle Slam to Edge. HHH with the Pedigree to Angle but Jericho broke it up.

Chaos in Montreal.

It is strange the WWE would have shows in Montreal considering Montreal had a Raw in march of 2002, and this is just one month later. It must be for that long Hogan ovation.

Edge with a belly to belly on Angle in mid-ring.

Great pace all match long here.

Edge tried for the spear but Angle makes sure he runs into a chair. Angle hits an Angle Slam on Edge and covers him getting the three over the ten minute mark.

Awesome action this time around.


*** 1/4




WWE Championship Match

18) Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Big Show

-Smackdown! – April 15, 2004


The Big Show challenging for the title.

Eddie Guerrero would defend the title against JBL at Judgment Day 04 (that sick blade job) but here it was Show.

Big Show with a high knee into Eddie Guerrero. Big Show lands right-hands as he is man-handling Eddie Guerrero.

Big Show sends Eddie Guerrero into the turnbuckle hard. Big Show choked out Eddie and then scooped him up high and Eddie Guerrero looked incredibally helpless but Eddie with a thumb to the eyes.

A dirty tactic but Eddie Guerrero never changed his ways in the ring which worked well for his character.

Big Show came right back with a headbutt, then another dropping Eddie.

Show with a cover, and a nearfall. Eddie Guerrero kicks out.

Eddie Guerrero with great speed goes to the top but Big Show catches him with a high bearhug. Big Show crashed Eddie into the turnbuckle hard, kidneys first. Big Show chopped Eddie Guerrero hard in the chest.

Show dodged a clothesline and Eddie to the outside shoved Big Show to the ring-post.

Commercial break.

Eddie Guerrero getting a nearfall on Show on the outside. Eddie Guerrero with right-hands over and over. Big Show chokes out Eddie now gaining back some lost momentum and now Big Show starts to work over Eddie with an armbar.

Tazz was right on commentary saying it is not very often he works over a body part. Big Show drops an elbow on Eddie Guerrero into the injured arm.

A hammerlock by Big Show to the champion Eddie Guerrero in the corner of the ring. Big Show drives his headbutt into the shoulder and then a huge headbutt to the face of Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie Guerrero tried countering a gorilla press with a sunset flip but Big Show scoops up Eddie Guerrero exploiting his strength and applies a bearhug.

Sucking the life out of the Champ.

Big Show continuing to dominate Eddie Guerrero with a boot to the face.

Eddie Guerrero attempting a comeback with a dropkick but runs into a big clothesline by The Big Show.

Eddie Guerrero slides under the bottom rope and gets a weapon from under the ring. Eddie put a wrench in his boot.

Big Show picked it up and the official did not know what was going on.

Eddie Guerrero tried to lie, cheat and steal back in the match delivering shots to Show. Show runs into the corner and Eddie dropskicks Show.

A huge tornado ddt by Eddie to Show from the corner.

A nearfall and Big Show throws Eddie off of him onto the official.

Eddie with a lowblow and another ddt with the official down. Eddie Guerrero goes up high and hits his frogsplash. Eddie Guerrero pins Big Show.

Eddie Guerrero retains the title to the delight of the crowd.



One of the best matches in the career of The Big Show.?


*** 3/4





19) Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle (c) vs Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton
WrestleMania 22 – April 2, 2006


Here we had a Triple Threat match after Rey Mysterio won the 2006 Royal Rumble, Orton had a controversial win at No Way out over Rey and now both guys get to challenge the World Champion, Kurt Angle who had won his title by winning a battle royal on Smackdown! for the vacant strap.

This is a fast paced triple threat full of non-stop action, it is an entertaining ride.

Fans in Chicago cheer for all three guys, Angle is a tweener and despite that, he still seems like the biggest fan favourite at the time.

Kurt Angle was the defending Champion so he had obviously the potential to lose the most here against a determined Rey Mysterio who was dedicating the match to Eddie and Orton who is always a threat.

This triple-threat is on from the Windy City! Everyone is ready.

God knows what Rey was wearing on his head, we all know he likes to dress up for Mania though, at least this time he wont be constantly adjusting his mask.

Orton looked cocky, arrogant and ready as he poses. Angle comes out determined as well and the bell rings, we’re now underway.

Before the bell rang, Mysterio kicked at Orton but Orton kicked at Rey and sent him to the corner, Rey flew with a crossbody but the Legend Killer adapted in mid-air hitting a dropkick to Rey Mysterio scoring a nearfall. Angle ran behind Orton and delivered a German suplex.

Angle then was blocked by Orton’s elbow, Rey Mysterio swung onto Orton and this time Angle hit a double german to both men as they go back! Huge move, awesome.

A neckbreaker by Orton to the repaired neck of Angle. Tazz is unintentionally hilarious saying he doesen’t care when Cole talks about Angle’s neck.

The action is furious, and the action is often. Orton got a nearfall. Randy Orton irishwhipped by Angle and he hit him with an elbow. Angle then hit a suplex on Orton. Rey caught Angle with shots and Chicago booed him, Angle sent Rey Mysterio into the groin of Orton parked on top.

Now Angle elevated Rey Mysterio who charged at him onto Orton and as he launched up top he hit a hurricanrana to Orton from the top to the canvas. Unreal spots. Crowd chant for Angle. Kurt Angle suplexed Orton from the outside apron back into the ring and Angle gets a two. Angle goes for the Ankle lock but in came Rey Mysterio and Angle just drops him with a clothesline.

Angle off the ropes hits a sunset flip to Rey Mysterio but he counters with a kick to the head, Chi Town boo’s. Rey Mysterio got a two. Back up Rey send Angle but he reversed the irishwhip and Rey hit a headscissors on Angle. Angle hit with the 619 but he catches Rey Mysterio in mid-air and slapped on the Ankle Lock. Awesome counter.

Orton grabbed a chair distracting Angle and he let go, Angle re-applied the Ankle Lock and Orton interupted it again. Angle and Orton engage in a slugfest until Kurt levelled Orton with a German.

Angle then drops Rey Mysterio with an overhead belly first suplex. Another suplex to Orton. Angle then hits an Angle Slam to Mysterio over the top rope to the floor.

Angle slaps an Ankle Lock on Orton in mid-ring trying desperately to retain the title. Orton tapped out but Rey Mysterio distracted the official. Angle hit a baseball slide on Rey then re-applied the Ankle Lock on Orton. Rey Mysterio springboards in over the top breaking up the Ankle Lock.

Angle kicks out of Rey’s offense. Rey delivered forearms to Angle and and leaped behind him until Angle forced Rey Mysterio into the corner shoulder first. Angle went for the Angle Slam on Orton but he countered it into an RKO. Angle kicked out and Orton couldn’t believe it. Orton limping with a bad ankle goes up top, Angle met him up top with a belly to belly superplex.

Mysterio went for the 619 on Angle and botched it, he still hit it anyway to make up for it followed by a Senton from the top rope and a nearfall.

Angle kicks out, amazing action from all three men going at an incredible pace.

That was the match’s biggest advantage clearly. Orton tosses Angle out of the ring and eyes Rey Mysterio.

Orton thinking its time for Destiny picks up Rey and slams him down with a gutwrench into a reverse neckbreaker, somehow Rey kicked out. Orton now from his stomach on the canvas signalled he wanted Rey up, he stalked Rey Mysterio with an RKO in mind. Angle came from no where and hit an Angle Slam on Orton but just a two.

Angle spots Rey as Angle yells “Get up!” Angle goes for the Angle Slam on Rey but he hits an armdrag counter that takes Angle out of the action, through the ropes to the outside floor. Now Rey Mysterio all alone with Orton with momentum, Rey dropkicked Orton to the ropes, runs off the ropes and connects with the 619.

Rey springboards into a hurricanrana pinning combo and he put away Orton!

Cole yells “Rey has won the title! Ladies and Gentlemen, Dreams do come true!

In the end at 9:18 Rey won the big one after he put away Orton.


This match was just a spot-filled portion of fun. Nothing but entertainment and big moves, absolutely no story but just an entertaining triple-threat.

I only imagine what they could of done with ten more minutes.





20) John Cena & Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker & Batistia
No Way Out – February 18, 2007?

Before Shawn Michaels and John Cena got it on at Mania 23, and before Taker and Batista did, they put both guys against each other on teams at the PPV before it at No Way Out.

Michaels comes out as the only member of DX which was pretty ridiculous in early 07. I guess merchandise had to sell.

Either way Shawn Michaels and Cena on a team taking on Taker and Batista in the main event. Partners tonight, opponents at Wrestlemania.

Cena comes out to a mixed reaction of course.

Cena and Batista start out with their usual offense until Michaels and Undertaker carry the action from there.

Feeling each other out.

JBL and Cole delivering commentary.

Batista now goes at it with Michaels.

Shawn chops down Dave but he gets a scoop slam on HBK, however he misses the elbow.

Cena tagged in and the fans boo. Some fans cheer as Batista elbows Cena down. Now fans are in complete favor of Undertaker on Cena.

I saw an Undertaker-Cena match in person but for some reason people think it is some dream match. They battled while Cena was a rookie and their work was relatively good but its not as if they have never met.

Cena on the top rope battling with Undertaker and he gave Cena a headbutt.

Cole had clearly lost his voice by this time of the night.

A superplex by Cena on Undertaker. Batista and Shawn both wanting the tag. Taker sat up and Cena off the ropes gets a clothesline by Undertaker. Taker dropped with an elbow. Shawn Michaels tagged in.

Shawn with a flying forearm and then kicks up. Michaels gets caught by the throat by Taker and Shawn chopped back. Shawn Michaels scooped up by Undertaker and he throws Michaels to the outside.

Batista picks up Michaels and drops him head-first on the steel steps on the outside.

A slugfest breaks out between Shawn Michaels and Undertaker but then a side suplex by Taker drops Michaels. Dave Batista tags in.

A body-scissors to Shawn Michaels.

Cena wanted Shawn Michaels to get out of the middle of the ring.

Shawn Michaels from no where got a ddt on Batista.

Cena is tagghed in and both him and Batista run into one another. Shawn Michaels leaps on Undertaker into his arms and he got rammed into the ring-post.

Batista now on Cena and went to drop him with the bomb but Shawn Michaels got back in and took the leg out of Batista. Cena slams the head of Batista into the buckle. Shawn Michaels chopped at Batista and kicked at big Dave.

Cena with a big clothesline to Batista but just a two count.

Shawn Michaels tagged in with a front facelock wearing Batista down. Cena tags in and does a front facelock and Batista backdrops him. Both men in the wrong corner for a tag and recieve a punch.

Cena goes for the STFU on Batista.

Undertaker breaks it up.

Cena scoops up Batista and slams him, in comes Michaels again. Shawn Michaels goes to the top rope and drops the elbow. Michaels tunes up the band but Batista ducks and plants Michaels. Undertaker and Cena are tagged in.

Undertaker knocking down Cena and Michaels both.

Crowd is white hot.

Cena catches a shoulder block flying from the Deadman. Undertaker with two Stinger splashes to both opponents each and grabbed both Cena and Shawn Michaels by the throat! Hands Shawn Michaels to Dave with a Spinebuster.

Undertaker with a chokeslam on Cena. Undertaker signalled for a Tombstone on Batista but he hit a Spinebuster on Taker and went outside the ring to a chorus of boos.

Now Shawn Michaels hits a superkick, Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment and their team wins.?

In the end at 22:09 Shawn Michaels and Cena pick up the win.

High Quality Tag Team Main Event. It shows Tag Wrestling is not dead if done right.?







21) World Heavyweight Championship Match

Edge vs Undertaker
WrestleMania XXIV – March 30, 2008

They end the top 50 DVD with this Main Event of Mania. Not a bad selection as this is one of the best matches in the career of Edge.


The Main Event of Wrestlemania! Not many times of year feel more important then this. Edge finally earned his spot here, as for his seventy-six World title reigns, that’s a whole other story.


Edge did deliver a fantastic promo mid-way through the show with Todd Grisham. Very powerful, convincing and moving.


Now did I or anyone else in their “right” mind think that Edge was going to beat Taker or even have a 10% chance? No way.


I didn’t watch much of the build up to this match but obviously I still knew that he didn’t stand a shot.


If this match took place in 2001, maybe. Once Undertaker built it up long enough it became painfully obvious he wouldn’t lose at this event. Still they do seem to find a way to make his matches feel special.


This is the Coach’s last Wrestlemania before leaving for ESPN and he gets to broadcast the match.


The atmosphere and anticipation helped how this Main Event felt in the Bowl. Edge looked more than ready for this moment coming to the ring.


The Undertaker did his throat gesture and Edge slapped him. The Undertaker answered back with some shots followed by a clothesline and took him to the outside. Coming back in Edge jumped on Taker and The Undertaker responded by dropping him with a jawbreaker elevating him back from the top rope. The Undertaker back inside drives Edge headfirst into the turnbuckle and meets him with elbow shots. The Undertaker irishwhipped Edge to the corner and he lifts a boot meeting the Deadman in the face. The Undertaker ducks a clothesline and lands one of his own on Edge. The Undertaker goes for a nearfall and Edge kicks out. The Undertaker slaps on an arm-ringer on Edge and brings him in closer landing shoulder blocks. The Undertaker goes Old School and walks the top rope, Edge has it scouted countered it, but as The Undertaker falls to the mat he counters as well landing an armdrag takedown on Edge. The Undertaker chokes out Edge in the corner. The Undertaker drops a running knee into the head of Edge but as he meets Edge in the corner he falls outside the ring.

It appears The Undertaker may have injured his arm as he falls. Edge buys himself a breather, The Undertaker’s quickness in matches these days compared to how he used to be is mind-boggling.


Edge shocks The Undertaker by levelling him off the apron knocking him down to the floor crashing into the barricade first. Edge knocks him of the apron again and then drives the Deadman kidney first into the apron. Edge drags him by the hair closer to the top rope and Edge drops a neckbreaker to The Undertaker on the top rope and he falls to the floor. Edge poses for everyone as they boo him.


The Undertaker in some pain on the outside is grabbed by the hair by Edge who brings him back inside the ring and he lands a shot to the mid-section of Taker. Edge drives The Undertaker’s head into the corner and then charged at him in the corner landing a spear to that same battered mid-section. Edge drops the elbow a couple of times into the kidney’s of Taker and then proceeds to stomp on him. Edge clobbers the Phenom in the back.

Finally, The Undertaker begins to fight back for the first time in awhile as he lands a righthand on Edge. The Undertaker hits a headbutt and then scoops up Edge but the back gives out and


Edge lands on Taker scoring a two count. Edge drops a hard forearm shot to the head of the Deadman before landing a standing dropkick taking Taker off his feet. Edge climbs to the top rope and The Undertaker gets up and shoves him to the floor.


The Undertaker then flies over the top rope charging off the side ropes onto Edge on the floor. Always impressive when The Undertaker lands this move. Obviously the Deadman is going to pull it out at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker then breaks the count as he can’t win the title by countout, he then kicks Edge and makes sure his head hangs over the apron. The Undertaker drops the leg on Edge. The Undertaker kicks Edge in the mid-section and now goes for the Last Ride and the back doesen’t follow through. The Undertaker runs off the ropes and Edge catches him with a boot and gets a two. Edge with momentum again kicks Taker in the kidneys taking him back outside to the floor.


Edge dropped Taker on his bruised lowerback over the top of the barricade. Edge breaks the count.


Edge covers Undertaker again at any chance he gets bringing him back in. Edge goes for the leg now as he wants to methodically take down the Deadman, plus its always a great move against a big man like The Undertaker knocking him off his feet. Edge twists the knee of The Undertaker back while he drives his knee into the bruised tailbone of the Deadman. Edge puts on one of his hilarious, vicious facial expressions. The Undertaker counters after a long while somehow rolling Edge over. Edge goes back into the leglock after a nearfall from Taker. Edge grabs the second leg of The Undertaker and puts all his body pressure again on the injured lowerback of The Undertaker. Edge drags him to the center of the ring but The Undertaker kicks him away. The Undertaker slowly limping up is beat on again by Edge with forearms to the sore back. Off the ropes The Undertaker lands a righthand to Edge.


A slugfest breaks out and the crowd have some fun. Edge is irishwhipped to the corner and The Undertaker lands a clothesline and still sells the back. The Undertaker picks up Edge and hits Snake Eyes, off the ropes Edge drops The Undertaker with a dropkick. Edge gets a two count. Edge had the potential big boot after the Snake Eyes scouted and he countered it nicely. Edge counters a chokeslam attempt and then he runs into another one, again Edge counters it into a ddt. Edge gets a long two.


The Undertaker now slowly gets up as Edge signals for the Spear. The Undertaker countered with a kick to the head and now he lands a chokeslam on Edge. The Undertaker gets a two as Edge kicks out. The Undertaker with another arm-ringer into Old School which he still hasn’t landed, Edge counters it for the second time dropping The Undertaker on groin first on the top turnbuckle. Edge drops a couple of right’s and then climbs to the top rope meeting the Deadman up top. Edge from the top then goes for a Suerplex to the big man and he lands it slamming The Undertaker down to the canvas. This took a lot out of both men so Edge didn’t have what it took to cover The Undertaker right away and when he did The Undertaker kicked out. Edge then corners Taker and drops righthands on the Deadman yet again, Edge poses and The Undertaker picks him up for the Last Ride, Edge counters it into a neckbreaker as he landed on his feet. The Undertaker kicks out. Edge sends Taker to the ropes and with Edge bent down he answers back with a hard shot to the back. The Undertaker finally hits the Last Ride on Edge. The


Undertaker again only gets a two count as Edge kicks out.


The Undertaker signals for the Tombstone to finish the job. The Undertaker picks up Edge but he lands on his feet and drops The Undertaker backfirst to the mat. Edge waiting behind The Undertaker is reverse irishwhipped to the ropes and both men collide. The Undertaker drags Edge by the arm and now for his third attempt at Old School. The Undertaker this time lands it and he still sells the back. Undertaker runs off the ropes goes for a boot and Edge rolls out of the way as Taker drops the official with the boot. Edge plants The Undertaker to the mat yet again. Edge talks trash and The Undertaker grabs him by the throat, Edge hits a lowblow with the official down. Edge then rolls out of the ring and shoves down a camera man. Edge grabs a Camera.


Edge drops The Undertaker with a Camera. Edge goes for the official and accidentally shoves him off the apron, that’s different. The Undertaker sits up and Edge pulls out his hair in frustration. Edge kicks him in the mid-section, Edge scooped up The Undertaker and he counters it into a tombstone attempt on Edge. The Undertaker drops Edge.

The Undertaker covers Edge and running to the ring is Charles Robinson at an incredible rate. He’s had a big night getting to officiate his favourite wrestler’s last match and then getting to show off his cardiovascular conditioning here.


This bought Edge enough time to kick out.


Cue Hawkins and Ryder as they run to the ring at the perfect time for Edge. The Undertaker elbows one off the apron, and chokeslams the other onto his friend on the floor.

Edge lands a spear on The Undertaker and Cole is certain the streak is over, The Undertaker kicks out.


Everyone stands up for the climax as Edge lands a second spear on The Undertaker, as he goes to cover The Undertaker he counters with his favourite submission hold.


In the end The Undertaker forced Edge to submit with the gogoplata at 23:50 to win the WWE TITLE!


Taker goes 16-0 at Wrestlemania!


Felt like 10 minutes, but it was 24 which speaks volumes on how well it flowed.


A Classic MAIN EVENT here to end an Amazing Wrestlemania.




**** 1/4










Final Rating for Top 50 Superstars of All Time DVD = 7/10



This DVD was always going to be controversial and subjective when making a list of the top 50 superstars ever. Infact people will not even buy it because of the list. When looking past that part you do get some good rare tv matches and while not every match is shown in its entirety it still is a good DVD set to own. I enjoyed this DVD and while I disagreed with a lot it still was an entertaining viewing throughout.

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  1. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks, I was wondering why the length was different, I had heard it was the same match as the birth of Hulkamania so I did not bother to even watch it. Either way it was clipped and I do not review those matches so regardless…however I thank you for pointing that out, I will make the switch. Thanks as well Rob.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Iron sheik doesn’t walk in champion Hogan does….

  3. Rob L says:

    I share the same feelings as you about the content on this 3 disc set. I thought the countdown was bogus but the amount of rare matches they included on disc 2 & 3 made up for it. Although I didn’t agree with MOST of the countdown, they did get some of it right. This DVD gets a lot of heat but it really is a pretty good set. I’ve already watched the countdown twice, and all the matches once since I’ve had it. Thumbs up on the review!

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