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May 18, 2011 by Brett Mix



Brett Mix’s “Undertaker: This is my Yard…” Review:


“I`m not Bad but the Bad Don`t mess with me….” –The Undertaker




-“Undertaker: This is My Yard” was put together as a single disc featuring a 54 minutes and change documentary from 2002, plus bonus material including five of his most famous matches.






Disc 1 Documentary:


The Undertaker: No one is like him. Nobody ever has been.

“You are in my yard, and I am the big man that runs that yard, I’m the Deadman, and if you try me…I’ll make you famous!” are the first lines quoted as we get Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin” Undertaker theme showing him as the Bad Ass as an intro.

To start out they show Taker on his bike outside around his home area saying he left school, he said in late 86 he gave up playing Basketball in Europe, to go try out wrestling.

They showed his time as a Sky scrapers, Jim Ross mentions his size and agility. JR puts over how he moved around like a real athlete in the NWA days when Crockett still ran things before Turner obviously.

They even showed Theodore Long manage the Scrapers feuding with the Road Warriors.

Paul Heyman then managed Undertaker in the promotion after the other Sky Scraper left him.
The Undertaker then said it would never work out in WCW because no one would ever by a ticket to see him wrestle.

Now he wanted to go to the WWF…haven’t we heard this before. I’m sure, him Austin and Foley crack open the beers and all laugh about it.

Undertaker talks about how he got the gimmick and how Vince told him about it.

They show his debut at Survivor Series 1990 when DiBiase introduced him as the mystery partner. Piper on color commentary does a nice job putting his size over.

Kids everywhere were frightened as was I. That’s what made him work.


Tons of superstars talk about how successful the Character was.

They show footage of Taker winning the title at the one year mark of his WWF debut against Hogan when Flair helped Taker out with a chair at Survivor Series 91.


They bounce around quite a bit but it’s nice to see so many stars talk about Taker and the respect he gets.

They of course go over Kane’s debut in the original Cell match which is shown in its full content on this DVD as an Extra match. A nice touch.
Kane masked talks about how agile he was.


Edge talks abot how he he was able to fly over the top rope, and how a man of his size shouldn’t be able to.


They talk about the Cell match with Foley, almost everybody talks about how remarkable that was.

They talk about the Evolution of his character and how it’s evolved over time with the fans.


So many rivalries were covered, the Heel Austin, the Heel Angle, the Neutral Jericho. It’s all here.

It’s all good and interesting.

In the early days of producing DVD’s.
For just an hour, this Documentary is quite good. Entertaining throughout covering the bulk of his career up until that point leaving out most of the bad.

And of course released before he transformed back to the Deadman persona which he currently still has had from 2004-2011 (Present Day)…






Disc 1 Matches:

1) The Undertaker vs “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (with DX) in the original Hell in a Cell -WWF In Your House :Bad Blood 1997


DX had to leave.

You’ve heard for years this match get praise. Almost everybody considers this the greatest Hell in a Cell ever. Like most cases, the original is usually the best for most things.

I consider Taker and Lesnar from No Mercy 2002 as the best but this would be second best and they both score the same near five star rating as a result.

The problem I have with this paticular match is how much time is spent with The Undertaker chasing after Michaels being so afraid of the Deadman.

Sure it followed the storyline and formula but it got a bit boring and redundant after awhile.

However while that was the bad part, the bumping and and physicality by both men were tremendous. This is how you introduce a gimmick match. That is why most consider it one of the greatest matches of all time.

In the beginning The Undertaker hit Old School on Shawn, this was after an irish-whip to the corner swinging upside as usual.

A back-body drop by The Undertaker and then a block by Michaels but he goes right back down. The Undertaker with a lot of thrust threw HBK over the top and he landed violent on the ground.

No wonder Michaels got angry at the camera crew during the match.

The Undertaker picked him up by the spine and drove him into the Cell.

Michaels tried to climb away from The Undertaker but it didn’t turned out as planned. JR says his “Know how to fall” line.

The methodical disection begins as The Undertaker tosses Shawn who is cat-like flexible especially while bumping goes to the cell and is clotheslined hard to the floor twice by The Undertaker. Good stuff.

The Undertaker slams Shawn’s head off the mat under the bottom rope.

Michaels fights back and actually had control for a good portion of this match. The Undertaker is knocked off the apron Michaels then with a suicide dive takes it to The Undertaker and now Michaels up drops an elbow to the floor of The Undertaker. Michaels off the apron now while Undertaker down on the mat, not the canvas Vince, and The Undertaker is hit with another dive off the apron by Michaels.

HBK grabs steel steps and hits The Undertaker in the back with it twice.

The Undertaker is down and Michaels has turned the tables on Taker and he gives the WWF Camera Man his opinion.

Shawn from the top rope hits a double axehandle onto The Undertaker.

The Undertaker hit with a hard chair-shot after being piledrived onto steps but still not enough to put away The Undertaker. Michaels kicked at The Undertaker in the corner and a slug-fest broke out.

The Undertaker is down and Michaels full on attacks the camera man now.

Commish Slaughter had to come down and open the Cell door so the camera guy could get some medical assistance.

AKA an excuse to leave the Cell.

Undertaker though avoids the Superkick and drives Michaels into the cage busting him open.

Both men outside the Cage and The Undertaker rams Michaels a bloodied Michaels into the cage after being catapolted into it.


Michaels slammed on top of the cell bloodied.

Shawn still trying to escape.
Shawn Michaels tossed to the side of the Cage and he tries to climb down.

Shawn Michaels hanging off the Cage, incoming, incoming screams Lawler!


Shawn takes a HUUUGE bump at the time off the side of the Cell through the table.

Shawn has been to hell and back as Taker climbs down.


The Undertaker actually gets a bloodied and battered Michaels back into the ring. A chokeslam off the top by The Undertaker to Michaels.

The Undertaker grabs a chair now and a bloodied Michaels is layed out.

Michaels is out.

The Undertaker signals for the end.

The lights go out.


Music goes on that no one’s heard before.

Still get goosebumps looking at this, Kane rips the door off the Cell.

McMahon screams `That`s gotta be Kane! That`s gotta be Kane!`

Kane tombstoned Undertaker.

Michaels gets the cover.

Shawn Michaels covered the Deadman.

In the end at thirty minutes Michaels is going to Montreal as the Number one contender to face Bret Hart at the 1997 Survivor Series! That should be a memorable match! 😉

This match is top 20 material, ever. Innovative and an all time classic.

# 19 on my best ever list.


**** 3/4




2) The Undertaker vs Kane (With Paul Bearer) -WWF Wrestlemana 14



Now we get to the main events of the evening.

A lot on the line here. The first ever meeting between the two brothers, and this feud had been building for a year so this one was hugely anticipated at the time.

Bearer used to be Taker’s voice and manager for years so there was that element including many of the others such as Taker’s streak at the event which was arguably just NOW being noticed by many on the Internet and perhaps even by the Federation themselves through commentary.

A strong build to say the very least for this match.

Pete Rose came out and ripped on Boston for a bit, bringing up bad memories gone by in Red Sox history.

Kane then dropped Pete Rose! Ross loves it clearly…

Was a great Wrestlemania moment.

I`m not certain its enough to put one in the Hall of Fame but that`s a different story for another day.

The Druids come out next and the Spectacle of Wrestlemania is now glorified in the ultimate way with epic music and torches hung at a 45 degree angle above there heads creating a unique walkway for the Deadman.

The glowing lights flick to purple and with the Flames in the air, a gong hits the pa system.

The Undertaker gets a very memorable entrance at this event with the Druids and Fire. Again a lot of build, this felt like it could of main evented the show with how special it felt.

The Prince of Darkness, the Demon of Death Valley, the Phenom, whatever you want to call him, it is The Undertaker and he was on his path to destruction to finally face his little brother Kane.

One shouldn`t expect a Bret versus Owen type match here but for a big man`s match, it definitely served its purpose.

The Undertaker lands hard shots on Kane when the bell rings.

Kane is cornered and just kind of watched The Undertaker bring the intensity. Kane fights back throwing Taker to the corner, Undertaker then left the corner and swung at Kane once more. Kane charging at Taker met a boot in the corner. Kane lands a clothesline to the Deadman. Taker with more right`s and an irishwhip to Kane, off the ropes Kane scooped up The Undertaker and then drove his back against the buckle as The Undertaker was held upside down. It looked as if Kane was maybe even going to hit the Tombstone there. Kane chokes out the Deadman in the corner of the ring with a tight grasp around the The Undertaker`s throat. Kane lands with a couple of stiff uppercut`s.

Kane with a hard irishwhip to The Undertaker into the corner, and another one in the opposite corner as he then lands a clothesline. Kane with a hard uppercut dropping the Deadman to the canvas floor. Kane with forearm`s to the Deadman who was half inside the ring. Kane showing great agility dropped from the top down on top of the Deadman hanging above the top rope, and Taker fell to the floor. Kane with another hard shot to Taker. Kane continues to throw hard shots at the Deadman in each corner The Undertaker would temporarily escape to.

Kane far ahead of the Deadman in the early going despite the initial quick attack from The Undertaker. Kane with a high knee shot to Taker and off the ropes The Undertaker ducked a clothesline and lands on top of Kane`s shoulders showing great agility, Taker landed right hands to Kane but he drops him on his back crashing hard to the canvas. Kane kicked The Undertaker out of the ring. With great reach Kane steps over the top to the floor. Kane drops The Undertaker on his chest over the security railing. It was not long after this they replaced the fence with a black solid barricade to protect the Wrestler`s.

Kane picked up the steps as Bearer distracted the official and Kane drops them on Taker. The ref must be deaf to apparently.

Kane continues to drop the Steps on The Undertaker.

The Undertaker down on the floor in a considerable amount of pain. Paul Bearer kicked at Undertaker outside the ring. Kane waited on the inside as the Deadman layed out on the floor. Kane picks up Taker by the hair as the two are on opposite ends of the apron. Kane with a front facelock to his brother and suplexed him back into the ring showing great strength. Kane drops Taker into the corner and lands with a hard righthand. Kane kicks at The Undertaker in the corner and irishwhipped him back first to the buckle. The Undertaker came charging out with a desperation clothesline which didn`t move Kane at all. Charging off the ropes came The Undertaker but he was grabbed by the throat from Kane.

Kane lands a chokeslam on The Undertaker. Kane then goes into a reverse chinlock on The Undertaker wearing him down after the Chokeslam wasn`t enough to put The Undertaker away. Kane now grounds The Undertaker even more by laying on his chest applying more bodyweight on top of his chokehold. Kane getting nailed with shots from The Undertaker who got up with everything he had unloading rights and lefts, but Kane just gets a bit of a charge and drops The Undertaker back down with a hard clothesline. Kane then drops the elbow to the Deadman. Kane back into a headlock after two hard blows to the Deadman continuing the weardown hold.

Ross and Lawler strongly put over Kane`s awesome presence and how no one had ever took it to The Undertaker like this before as the match gets slow for a moment. They had said the same stuff about Mankind that they`re saying about Kane here for the last couple years at every big Foley-Taker match.

Either way The Undertaker regained his vertical base and countered the headlock by dropping Kane over the rope to the floor buying himself a moment. The Undertaker with hard shots to Kane but he still stood up on the apron. The Undertaker came charging at Kane off the side ropes and Kane re-directed Taker into the table as he crashed and burned flying over the top rope and through the Spanish announce table to the floor.

Surely The Undertaker`s time is now up as Kane was the dominant monster who felt no pain, a considerable advantage now that the Deadman seemingly has took himself out of the game.

The Undertaker down and Kane goes after him to throw him back in breaking the count. Kane from the top rope comes off with a flying clothesline to Taker exactly the way The Undertaker would hit that move. Kane covers The Undertaker but he gets only a two as The Undertaker got the left shoulder up. Kane is frustrated at the count which looked humerous back then from a man with no emotion. Kane with hard strikes at the Deadman and on the side ropes he delivered even more. The Undertaker tries to walk it off but he kicks at Kane and a slugfest between the brothers breaks out in mid-ring. Kane feeling the hard strikes of the Deadman.

Off the ropes The Undertaker ducks a clothesline and scoops up Kane but Kane overpowers The Undertaker as he lands back on his feet countering The Undertaker`s own move and Kane nails The Undertaker with a Tombstone!

The Undertaker kicks out and Kane can`t believe it. Kane nails The Undertaker hard with more shots relentless in the corner. The Undertaker desperately drops a few rights of his own as he needed to just to stay alive in the match. The Undertaker lands jabs on Kane, and now Kane looks as if he feels these shots now, and as Taker charged off the ropes he drops Kane with another right as the Big Red Machine finally fell down. Undertaker grabbed Kane by the throat after ducking a clothesline and The Undertaker hits a big chokeslam.

Paul Bearer says “Damn you to hell!” to Undertaker who signals for the end. The Undertaker hits a Tombstone but Kane kicks out and Boston reacts just as they should. Ross says no one has ever kicked out of the Tombstone. The Undertaker looking shocked lands a legdrop on Kane for good measure before scooping him up again and dropping him with the Tombstone.

Lawler says The Undertaker is trying to kill his own brother. Kane kicks out yet again. Ross puts over that he has done it twice, and Kane looks legitimately tough now and truely like a Monster.

Kane sits up. The Undertaker goes to the top corner and Kane then recieved a flying clothesline from the Deadman. Kane sits up again. The Undertaker is waiting for him as he scooped him up and for a third time The Undertaker drives Kane to the canvas.

In the end The Undertaker put Kane away finally at 16:58 after a Tombstone Piledriver for the third time. This helped protect Kane`s monster image for the time being, the Federation clearly didn`t care about protecting it for very long after this judging by his entire career.

This is a clear example of how a Storyline can add to a basic Wrestling match through the persona`s and drama unfolding throughout.

The best match Kane and The Undertaker would ever have together.

This match’s significance helps its overall rating, but it was definitely quite good for the two not having met before.





*** 1/2

3) Kane (With Paul Bearer) vs The Undertaker in an Inferno Match -WWF In Your House: Unforgiven 1998

The first ever Inferno match!

The Undertaker comes to the ring after Kane and Bearer did.

Now that they’re both in the ring, the flames come up.

Ross says the ring is going to be up to 200 degrees while King in full heel mode asks if he likes his Undertaker crispy, Ross says it’s not even funny.

Undertaker didn’t want to do another one of these.

Here they go.

The Undertaker tried to gain the early advantage as he did at Mania 14 on Kane in the corner but he turns the tide on him and pounds away on Taker. Undertaker with big rights to Kane then a big splash to Kane. An Arm-Ringer to Kane and then he tries Old-School walking the ropes and hits it!

The flames exploded bigger then they did in 89 (NHL reference to non-hockey fans) in the ring as they shot up high!

Kane then got an advtanage as Kane dropped The Undertaker face-first into the corner, almost into the fire. Might of been a scary moment.

Kane and Taker exchange rights and then a power slam by Kane. The dominant big red monster when he still had credibility slammed The Undertaker down to the mat hard.

The Undertaker sweating trying to battle back in this match.

Both men try and fight there way back up.

Kane slams Taker to the mat and the flames fire up some more!

The Undertaker ducks the clothesline and he missed the Flame just barely.


The Undertaker chokeslammed Kane just before this move then Kane hits a sidewalk slam and the fire has made both men sweat to the max.

Kane above the fire goes up top, The Undertaker brings him down and hits a headbutt.

A right hand.

The Undertaker goes to the top to Superplex Kane off the top rope. A front facelock and a superplex off the top rope surrounded by fire.

Kane gets up first amazingly! The Undertaker though strikes at him and threw him to the outside.

Vader attacked Kane.

Undertaker launched over the fire and top rope onto Kane.

Absolutely incredible.

Undertaker turns to Paul Bearer and busts him open where Double J performed a country concert on the stage earlier in the night and this was after Bearer desperately tried to ground The Undertaker.
In the end at 15:57 Taker got the victory over his brother once again as Kane’s arm was set on fire and he made sure he showed us quite a bit which was rather funny on his way out.

This match was a bit like the Mania one, but we had seen these two go at it so not as special. And not of course at a Wrestlemania. It was however more impressive then I originally remembered and pretty great in areas.

Huge Taker chants.

The concept was quite innovative and unique.




*** 1/4





4) The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle -WWF Fully Loaded 2000


The first match as The American Bad Ass on this set.

This is not that bad but it’s certainly not what we’ve come to expect from these two due to the gimmicks, the chemistry not being fully there yet, Angle being GREEN, Taker getting back into his groove under his new gimmick, and the result of the fact the match didn’t get very much time to work.
Add all that together and you get this…

Kurt Angle was on The Undertaker’s most wanted list and that was even an understatement in the storyline at the time.
The whole feud consisted of Angle wrecking everything of Taker’s and he acted scared of Taker at first then he became the aggressor and purposely destroyed everything he had.
Angle gets scared of his own pyro (KAYFABE) as Taker bikes out during his entrance on his own bike, earlier in the night Angle had attacked Taker with a wrench.
Taker is apparently fine and he jumps Kurt from behind as the two brawl in the crowd, which consists of Taker meeting Angle with huge right hands.

Taker then with a big right hand beside the steps and threw Angle into the security wall and he doesen’t fall over.

Sucks for the fans who wanted a Taker entrance.

Taker then slammed Angle’s head into the side of the steel steps which were tilted over. Taker then threw Angle in the ring and the match officially begins.

Taker then with an irish whip and hits Angle with a big boot to the face and scores a nearfall. Taker then pulls Angle up and says “NO” as he wants to punish the rookie. Taker scoops up Angle displaying power as he had one arm up only and hit a one arm vertical suplex to Angle.
Jim Ross calls this the most emotionally charged PPV of all time, yeah he’s said that to a lot of other ones but I believe him on this night, this truely seemed like an emotionally charged PPV in almost every match!

Angle chokes out Taker in desperation behind him until Taker corners him and hits him with a splash before a sidewalk slam!

Angle kicks out of Taker’s near falls and Taker throws him to the outside.

The Undertaker then got hit with a wrench into the knee! Angle slams Taker off the security wall and throws him back in the ring.

Kurt then begins to work on Taker’s ankle a bit by twisting it and turning it over and the crowd chant that he sucks. Angle is so desperate he is resorting to take over Taker’s hurt ankle from the wrench shot earlier in the night but Taker with his taped up hand fires back with right hands.
Taker then back into the Ankle predicament.

Ankle then with more Ankle work until Taker pulls on the rope for leverage and kicks at Kurt’s knee and then he goes fist for fist with Kurt until his leg comes back to haunt him and Angle thinks he has the upperhand for a bit until Taker hit a strong uppercut.

Taker then caught Angle with a choke slam.

Undertaker hits The Last Ride!
The finish came when The Undertaker pinned Angle after that Last Ride at 7:34.

Ugh, I’ll be polite with this rating just because the ending was recieved well and I consider all the circumstances to why this wasn’t so good and I understand them all.

Could of been so much more, as we’d see in the year 2003 and 2006! I pointed out my reasons for the rating pretty much in the 2nd line of this match’s review.








5) The Undertaker vs Triple H -WWF Wrestlemania X7


Stephanie isn’t out with Hunter, no one is with Taker, this one is just going to be an all-out brawl in the Reliant Astrodome with two all time greats.

Sounds like a good time just before the Main Event

Motorhead played down The Game.

This would be one of the better Taker matches at Wrestlemania. Undertaker drove fast down the entrance way.

Triple H and Taker brawl to begin the match outside the ring goes everywhere. The tables bump just from Helmsley sitting near them.

The Undertaker has NEVER lost at Mania, it is finally announced by them from this point on.

This would be Taker’s toughest challenge yet, Triple H in his prime.

Hunter lands a knee to the head of the Deadman but he cornered HHH and delivered him righthands. The Undertaker with a hard powerful backslam to Hunter. The Undertaker clotheslines Triple H in the corner until Undertaker repeats the same scenario in both ends of the ring. The Undertaker slams Hemlsley on his back but HHH moves out of the way.

The Same starts to zero in on The Undertaker but off the ropes Taker flies landing a clothesline regaining the momentum. The Undertaker drops to the mat putting extra tork on the elbow of the Game. The Undertaker shouting out Old School and now he goes to walk the top rope with agility but he must of taken his sweet time seeing as Hunter tossed him aside.

The Undertaker down and HHH bought himself enough time breaking up old school to drop The Undertaker with a swinging neckbreaker. Hunter with vicious rights and then as Takers leg was on the apron Hunter kicked at it, then drove an elbow into the Esaphagus region of The Deadman.

Helmsley loves being in control comes in with another neckbreaker and again the Game would not be satisfied with official Keota as the two get in a shoving war buying The Undertaker time to re-group. The Undertaker fights back from his knees.

Picture perfect timing.

The Game sensing The Undertaker was about to fight back to Hunter drops The Undertaker with a facebuster. Hunter leaves the ring and grabs his Sledgehammer.

Hunter feels at home with it as this was what would get him though. Referee Mike Keota takes it away and as The Undertaker sees HHH he ducked and Hunter went for the Pediree but The Undertaker catapolted HHH into the referee in the corner and he fell down.

The Undertaker signalled for a Chokeslam and he lifts HHH up and down, one, two and Helmsley kicks out. The Undertaker kicked at Keota and dropped an elbow on him.

The Undertaker tossed Trips with velocity over the top rope to the floor. Triple H in a bad way by The Undertaker who delivered a hard right and then HHH drives Taker headfirst into the steps. HHH charged after The Undertaker but he backbody dropped Hunter backfirst onto the concrete in the first few rows. The Undertaker chased Hunter around the ring as they began to fight through a huge crowd.

The hometown BadAss throws Hunter into the tower area way back where the camera and crew are. Helmsley showing that he is the celebral assasin drops Taker with chairshots.

Hunter again to the legs of the Deadman ruthulessly and viciously batters the Deadman. Hunter posed with the chair but he took a bit long as The Undertaker was of course waiting from behind him.

Taker had Trips in the air by the throat which got a rise out of everyone involved, literally.


Triple H was chokeslammed to hell by The Undertaker.

Crowd loved this, and the back and forth war between the two had come all the way around now.

Back in the ring The Undertaker picks up a Sledgehammer as he contemplated using it or not. Triple H says he shouldn’t. Hunter kicks The Undertaker as he was about to hit him with the Hammer.

Now its back to a slugfest between two veterans slugging it out after a war. Hunter goes downstairs and builds some righthand momentum Hunter scooped up The Undertaker and perhaps went for a Tombstone but The Undertaker hits the tombstone.

No refereee.

This red could of been dead obviously.

He finally wakes up.

Taker signalled for Last Ride.

The Undertaker going to hit Triple H with the Last Ride but the Game got the Sledge Hammer and he hit Taker with it.

Will this be it? Will this be the streak? NO. Everyone pops.

Taker kicks out, Hunter is fuming. Hunter explodes with rights to the corner where The Undertaker lifts him up in mid-ring with the Last Ride and he gets the three!

In the end at 18:17 The Undertaker ultimately countered the corner shots and then hit with the last ride powerbomb for the pinfall to a huge pop. I don’t buy into Taker losing at Mania anymore with his recent opponents but this one at the time kid of scared me because Taker’s streak while big, was never talked about a lot until around this point so I wasn’t sure if they were going to put HHH over more as the man to beat the streak, but I think everyone was relieved he wasn’t, as he really didn’t need to be.

Good choice.

This match did have the ridiculous ref bump, but not everything can be perfect and this match was one hell of a ride.

It certainly holds up well and is always good to look back on in that popcorn fun, sort of way where you let your mind go and just enjoy the action.

Speaking again quickly on that ref bump, so many things in Pro-Wrestling make you scratch your head, something like this is definitely nothing to worry about. I shrug it off, without the bump the match wouldn’t of been half as good!

Taker’s best Wrestlemania match to this point in time and it just added to this PPV as a whole.

An Attitude Era “Classic.”
























Final Rating for Undertaker: “This is My Yard” = 6.5/10



You can’t really go wrong with this DVD. It supplies an interesting documentary covering most of The GOOD sides of The Undertaker which is absolutely critical given the trash competitor’s he had to face over his early years. Then you end off an interesting documentary with some of his personal life and interviews, then supply five matches which are either good to amazing. With more material I would of given it a higher rating but if you find this cheap or don’t own any of these matches, search for this DVD.

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    I Really really really hope Silvervision can re-release this one again!

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    it’s a little gem Rob, the documentary is quite good considering they were pretty new to them at the time. A lot of good old footage, a lot of different stars commenting on Taker. A lot of Taker out of character.

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    This is the last DVD I need to complete my Undertaker collection. I’m waiting for the price to drop before I purchase it.

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    Probably only a matter of time before this gets a tagged classic release.

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    This DVD is Great, My Favorite Wrestler of all time!

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    damm your a reviewing machine lol anyway this was showing people who the undertaker was like not just some zombie walking deadman but a human and it sucks that so many bitch and complain about his american bad ass run from 00 to 03 i enjoyed it but anyway ehh all right dvd tombstone is probly the best or deadlist matches u should review those if u did not all ready and good review

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