Review: WWE Viva La Raza – Legacy of Eddie Guerrero DVD (Disc 1)

November 19, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- Viva La Raza: “The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero” Disc 1 Review:


“When Eddie Guerrero was on his game, he was probably the best in the entire WORLD.”-Chris Jericho



-This DVD was put together in the same form that the WWE has been going with for later releases in 2008 where they give you a bit of a story before they present you a match and they skip over whatever they choose.



In Memory of Eddie Guerrero:


Disc 1 Matches:


1) Eddie Guerrero vs 2 Cold Scorpio (c) for the ECW TV Championship -Hardcore TV April 8th, 1995


Eddie Guerrero had been already established as a star in both Mexico and Japan, especially coming from a great wrestling family.
Now Gurrero would do it in North America in ECW, WCW and the WWF/E and this DVD starts with a rare gem from ECW with an underrated worker in Scorpio. I am not sure why he was given a Flash Funk gimmick but hey that is just the Wrestling Business sometimes…

Joey Styles is calling the action here by himself as usual, he said this should be historic.
Scorpio had an injured shoulder taped up in this match, and Eddie Guerrero was wearing the tights he wore in the tag team with the late Art Barr, his former partner.
The feeling out process to begin this match was executed quite nicely I found.
Eddie shoved Scorpio showing signs of some bad blood.


“Eddie” chants filled the arena and he put his hand to the crowd playing towards them.
Eddie Guerrero with a quick waistlock go behind on Scorpio into a side headlock takedown until Scorpio got to his vertical base and threw Eddie off the side ropes and hit a shoulder block with his bad shoulder by instinct but neither men move. 2 Cold remembers to sell, nice.
Scorpio grabs a leg then locks his hands until Eddie Guerrero found a way to counter into a headscissors using both legs wrapped around his head, Scorpio though turned on Eddie’s legs as he grapevined the legs and hooked a legvice on him.

Eddie then with extreme quickness as he goes behind Scorpio countering his submission with an armbar like Lightning says Styles.

Eddie twisted the arm and then hit a suplex from his armringer. Scorpio needed a breather on the outside of the ring. Scorpio came back in and shook his head while Eddie Guerrero extended his hand towards him. Eddie got shoved down then kicked up.

Good pace here.
Both men go to tie up again and this time Scorpio hits a back heel trip into a cover, and then a single leg takedown by Eddie Guerrero, then both men pause. Scorpio extended his hand and Eddie Guerrero clotheslined him and then raked his face with a boot. Classic Eddie.
Eddie Guerrero with a scoop slam and then an unreal summersault splash from outside the ring to inside and then he snapped on the Scorpion Deathlock. Eddie Guerrero found the rope immediately when Scorpio put Eddie on his back in a counter.

Standing dropkick when both men get to there feet out of no where by Guerrero. Eddie Guerrero then with a brainbuster perfectly applied and the crowd show there appreciation. Eddie Guerrero comes off the top turnbuckle and hits a high impact frogsplash in memory of his late tag partner, “Love Machine” Art Barr but he only gets a two.

Eddie Guerrero puts a sleeper on Scorpio.

Scorpio poked him in the eye, hit a leapfrog then a Japanese underhook armdrag followed by a standing dropkick of his own. The Champion was getting in some offense now as he then hit a superkick to Eddie. Scorpio went to the corner of the ring to wait on Eddie to get up and he caught him with a kick to the side of the face and then he threw Eddie outside the ring and hard into the steel railing. Scorpio again with a hard irishwhip to the fencing on the outside. Scorpio brought the challenger in the hard way from the ring apron over the top rope on the outside to the inside of the ring.
2 Cold Scorpio then set up Eddie Guerrero with a double arm suplex and Eddie went flying, 2 Cold just got a two count though as he’d nee dto do more to retain the title. Eddie Guerrero hit a lowblow when kicking back and then took Scorpio down to the outside. Eddie went to fly to the outside but Scorpio moved out of the way, Eddie then jumped to the top turnbuckle and Eddie Guerrero leaped off the top with a splash to Scorpio onto the concrete floor.
Styles screams “Oh My GOD!” the fans chant Eddie.

Guerrero placed Scorpio back inside the middle of the ring and went to set up a cradle suplex and hit it, only scoring a 2 count though but the damage had been done. Eddie Guerrero was looking to put Scorpio away and he slammed him head first in the top buckle padding but Scorpio landed lefts and rights to Eddie on the top but Eddie Guerrero bounced back with a DDT from the 2nd turnbuckle! Eddie Guerrero with explosive offense but again Scorpio kicked out.

Eddie Guerrero hit some cghops to Scorpio irishwhipped him to the corner and missed with an elbow, then when Scorpio was going up top he got caught by Guerrerro and then he met him upstairs and hit a Frankensteiner from the top turnbuckle, Scorpio somehow managed to get out of it.

Eddie set him up once again from the top but instead of a Frankensteiner he hit a back flip and then Scorpio caught him with a crossbody, a two count and then a straight right hand. Scorpio threw Eddie hard into the corner and hit a splash followed by a scoop slam and then a picture perfect moonsault that got him a two.

Scorpio then picked up Eddie in attempt to say that is all and he planted him hard to the mat. Scorpio did a standing flip into a single legdrop into the throat of Eddie. 2 Cold Scorpio then put Eddie near the ropes and signalled for his move and hit the tumbleweed but Eddie Guerrero somehow lifted the right shoulder and kicked out, Eddie’s fans chanted for him. Scorpio then kicked Eddie Guerrero sqaure in the face with a superkick. Scorpio chopped Eddie, irishwhipped him and then out of no where Eddie hit an unreal pinning combination to win the ECW TV Title.

This match wasn’t very high on psychology or anything but it was your typical good back and forth ECW tilt, and the combination of styles complimented each other wonderfully and was pefectly set for the ECW environment.


Highly entertaining and a great ride.

*** 1/2





2) Eddie Guerrero (c) vs “The Shooter” Dean Malenko for the ECW TV Championship -Hostile City Showdown 95


Just one week after his match with Scorpio from this same Disc. Malenko`s goal here was to gain back the TV title.

It really showed the state of ECW and the WWF in the year 1995 by comparison when you compared the WWF Champion’s (Diesel) quality matches compared to the ECW, “TV” Champion’s (Eddie Guerrero) matches.

Perhaps the greatest match on the entire DVD set is right here, this is arguably one of the best matches in either men’s career as well and I said the same thing about there 2 out of 3 Falls Match that I love just a little bit more then this one from the same year, these two really controlled the year of 1995 for North American Pro-Wrestling from where I sit. Only Kevin Nash and Bret Hart had almost as good chemistry as these two from the in most ways dreadful year of 95.

This Hostile City Showdown Classic was now underway!

Dean tied Eddie into the corner until Eddie Guerrero hit a single leg takedown, Eddie tried to use his foot for leverage but Malenko quickly countered and drove his foot into the mouth of Guerrero.

Malenko with a wristlock, Eddie Guerrero rolls out of the arm ringer and hits an armdrag takedown and slaps on an armbar.

Eddie Guerrero loads over and goes into a standing side headlock twisting the head until Malenko goes into a hammerlock as you’d expect from the man of 1,000 holds. Snap takedown by Malenko and a kick before a headbutt. Guerrero with a thumb to the eye, a snap takedown then a rake to the face of Malenko to one up him, both guys with dirty tactics but I liked the pacing to start here as both guys felt each other out a bit. Greatness ran in both these men’s blood.

Eddie Guerrero went for a snap suplex but Malenko with a go behind and runs Eddie to the ropes, goes straight down on the mat and Eddie leaps over him and then a hiptoss blocked, a clothesline missed by Eddie Guerrero, a cartwheel and a kick up at the same time then as the fans applaud that fast offensive exchange.

Malenko scouted Guerrero ahead of time therefore hit a powerful clothesline. He went for a powerbomb but Eddie countered with a unique armdrag takedown, Malenko though takes down Eddie Guerrero with a head scissors, one by Malenko as well, both men then go for a dropkick and miss it.

The fans then give them a standing ovation.

Joey Styles then says these two are the best in the world. It was probably true, in North America anyway, or among the very elite.

Malenko with a headlock on the mat but Eddie caught him with a legscissors on the mat and Eddie grabbed onto his arm for leverage. Eddie Guerrero kept an armbar locked in over Malenko while on his back but Dean rose to his feet and hooked a leg until Eddie Guerrero turned him over and Eddie Guerrero kept on the same arm he had been working on while keeping Dean locked in the headscissors. Amazing mat wrestling as both men try and go hold for hold and Malenko eventually breaks the hold by reaching for the ropes and catching them.
Both men up again and Malenko grabs a hand of Eddie’s and a roman knuckle lock translates to a test of strength. Eddie bends Malenko down and a bridge by Malenko keeps him in the exchange. Eddie twists the arm and then plants Malenko down with a Rock Bottom like maneouver. A scoop slam by Guerrero followed by a summersault splash into the ring. Eddie Guerrero with a headlock to Malenko then on the mat as he starts to dictate the pace in a match where otherwise was back and forth. Eddie Guerrero with a chinlock to Malenko and the ref made sure it wasn’t an illegal chick to which it wasn’t. Eddie Guerrero tenacioiusly held onto the chinlock till Malenko got to his feet and drove Eddie Guerrero back into the corner back first. Malenko with elbows to Eddie Guerrero’s ears and then a double underhook textbook suplex before Eddie Guerrero kicked out at two. Malenko then had Eddie down on the mat and worked over the left arm of Eddie Guerrero. Despite Eddie being in great pain he kept his shoulders off the mat. The pacing in this bout is a tad different then in the 2 out of 3 falls match which is the precise difference but both insanely well executed full of a ton of substance. Malenko shoots Eddie Guerrero (no pun intended) to the ropes and hits a dropkick to the knee. EC Dub chants as The Shooter grapevines the same knee and then hooked the arms of Eddie, which was a unique hold that got Malenko a couple of nearfalls as Eddie Guerrero`s shoulders were pinned to the mat while in the hold as he tied him up like a pretzel according to Styles. Eddie Guerrero then got his knee kicked at as the Ice Man aka The Shooter Malenko was going for the left knee after the left arm.

Malenko clips the knee of Eddie Guerrero and then drops his body weight on top of it. Eddie tried to roll back out of it so Malenko could drop his leg but he reached for the bottom rope and got there successfully. Malenko then dropped his weight again onto the ropes and tried to snap the leg of Eddie Guerrero. Dean Malenko outside the ring drove Eddie Guerrero`s knee into the ring post. Malenko dragged Eddie out and uniquely attacked Guerrero`s injured left leg. Malenko was stalking the Television Champion`s leg and back inside the ring Eddie Guerrero unloaded out of desperation but Malenko as so cold and calculated that he stuck to the strategic disection of Guerrero`s knee-leg area. Malenko stood up and twisted his body around Eddie Guerrero`s leg and then fell back to which the crowd responded quite well to, it looked very impressive. The Shooter drove a pair of knees into the injured area of Eddie Guerrero before scooping him up with the bad knee tucked in and then he dropped him knee first. Eddie Guerrero with his one good leg kicked off out of desperation.

Malenko still up though grabs him by the soar knee while Eddie Guerrero hangs onto the middle rope and Dean Malenko got him back into the center of the ring slapping on a submission leglock. To say Malenko`s offense was a methodical, destructive takedown would be an understatement and those are my own words. Eddie Guerrero got kicked in the back of the head by Malenko and then Dean slapped on a version of the STF. Eddie Guerrero was gutsy and would not give it up but he did reach to the bottom rope and Malenko was forced to let go. Eddie Guerrero got headbutted by Malenko and then he rolled up Malenko with a sunset flip but Dean Malenko well rested kicked out. Guerrero hit a desperate cradle suplex, and couldn`t hook the leg because he was in so much pain due to the knee work from the Shooter, nice selling by Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie hits a nice powerbomb but this time uses his bodyweight to cover Malenko since it`s all he had going for him but only got a two count. Smart wrestling here, nice psychology as well which is also an understatement. Eddie Guerrero up high tried to perhaps hit a 2nd rope DDT and he hit it quite excellently which gets a round of applause from the ECW faithful. Eddie Guerrero with a series of nearfalls but the Ice Man kicked out three times. Eddie Guerrero to his feet bent down still selling the injured left knee. He grabbed Malenko and set him up high and then Eddie went up top and hit a Frankensteiner but still remembered to sell the knee. Eddie Guerrero couldn`t capitalize just yet due to the great pain he was in and by the time he covered Malenko it was just a too little, too late type deal. Eddie Guerrero tied up the legs and stretched the arms while in a sitting position putting a lot of torque on Malenko`s legs. A leg grapevine with a Boston Crab. Eddie Guerrero then locked in an STF, nice exchange and wonderfully applied.

Guerrero held in the STF on Malenko and then rolled over grabbing Dean Malenko by the head. Eddie pounded down on the back of Malenko and sent him into the corner hitting him with solid uppercut`s. Malenko drove Eddie face first in the buckle and to the top hit about five blows before Eddie Guerrero caught him, however With Malenko down over the ropes he hooked onto Eddie Guerrero somehow to take him up and over the top rope and both men fell to the outside. Eddie Guerrero to his feet first rolled back into the ring and Malenko got in a little slower. Eddie snapped on a suplex attempt but Malenko fought it and hit a suplex to Eddie Guerrero from the outside ring apron all the way to the concrete floor! Awesome stuff. Malenko is on a quest to become the NEW ECW TV Champion. Malenko shot himself from the top to the outside but Eddie Guerrero rolled out of the way. Eddie Guerrero flew from the top onto Malenko on the outside with elevation onto the concrete floor with a nice crossbody, both men down in what had been an all out war to this point. Both men look to be hurt badly.

Technical excellent, hardcore spots, high flying, mat game, brawling, this match had it all.
A brain buster by Malenko which was of course well executed. Malenko then slow to follow up as the damage had taken it`s toll and then Dean Malenko went to lock Eddie up for a suplex but Eddie Guerrero blocked it with everything he had and then hit a go-behind-waistlock to Malenko and hit a brainbuster of his own, both men obvioussly evenly matched.
Eddie Guerrero rolled Dean to a specific spot of the ring, and Eddie came off the top with a frogdsplash and just a two count! Malenko kicked out and the fans applaud this classic! Malenko found the strength to kick out yet again as Styles screams What a match up!

Eddie Guerrero cornered Dean and hit a chop before an irish whip, missed the charge which caught a break for the Shooter, The Ice Man hit a Northern Light`s Suplex with a bridge but we are still not aware of the winner, as Malenko was inches from a three count. Eddie wanted no part of whatever the man of 1,000 holds was going to do to him so he grabbed the ropes. Malenko with a modified sidewalk slam and before grabbing onto Eddie, he just fought for the ropes with great mat instinct. Dean off the side ropes kicked at Eddie`s head and then a double arm suplex into a powerbomb, but Eddie turns him over with a brilliant counter-cradle and just got a two which gets a standing ovation from the crowd.

Both men to there feet and Guerrero hit a Frankensteiner and Malenko kicked out!
Eddie Guerrero rolled over and now had the fans chanting his name. You had the feeling we were in the closing stages now, the climax of a match you just didn`t want to end. Eddie Guerrero went behind Malenko with a waistlock, Malenko hooked his leg around Eddie Guerrero for leverage but Eddie hit a back breaker which just got him a two as Malenko kicked out yet again, Eddie Guerrero parked his body on the shoulders but it`s still not enough to keep the Ice Man`s shoulders to the mat! Eddie picked up Malenko and then applied the Gory Special. Guerrero tried to snap his spine, got his shoulders down but Malenko flipped him over, this sequence kept up as both men put each other`s backs to the mat and a series of two counts gets the fans to give them a big ovation followed by ECW chants.

Eddie Guerrero with an inside cradle but just a two again. Eddie Guerrero slammed Dean to the mat.

Eddie Guerrero to the top but Malenko caught him from behind. Malenko to the 2nd turnbuckle, but Eddie countered in mid-air with a sunsetflip to the mat hard out of no where and he STILL, STILL only got a two!

This is amazing.

There goes the bell.

The fans chant `Five more minutes!` as it was ruled a draw at 30:00, what an effort by Malenko but Eddie Guerrero kept the TV Title.

Both men got a standing ovation despite a result that is never properly accepted by fans but on this instance they loved it.

How could you complain when you get that, you couldn`t, so they didn`t.

One of the best matches in company history with pinning combinations, pacing, techincal wrestling, psychology, chemistry, high flying, brutality, all mixed into one makes the Hostile City Showdown clash an automatic Classic.




3) Eddie Guerrero vs Shinjiro Ootani -WCW Starrcade 1995

A 24 Year old Ootani going after Guerrero, these two had met over in Japan.

WCW was having an ALL WORLD type storyline and Japan and the States were tied at two a piece heading into this one.
The two locked up here at Starrcade 95 with Tony Schiavone, BobbY Heenan and Dusty Rhodes on commentary, some rare goodness from the WCW is always a treat on DVD sets and this was the first match on this set from the Dubya C Dubya.

Eddie Guerrero was already being called pound for pound the best in the game by Rhodes before the match, Heenan also says he is the best wrestler in the world in 1997 at Halloween Havoc, this was just a feeling many had throughout his career which is another thing that just made him so great.

I expect to see both these guys try and one up the other and it should be some fun competition given the story going into this contest, I also expect to see a play to Puro since both have been there.

Eddie Guerrero circled around Ootani and “Eddie“ chants started up in the air at Starrcade.

Eddie Guerrero posed to the crowd on the top turnbuckle, and Ootani didn`t like the chants. Interesting story about Ootani dressing up as Jushin “`Thunder“ Liger to get noticed by promoters, after all he is one of the best ever if not the very best that, Liger.

Some great chain wrestling to begin on the mat, Ootani on top of Eddie riding him in the early stages but Eddie Guerrero using his natural mat instinct to get out of that predicament. Eddie Guerrero pressed to the side ropes by Ootani and then he raked his face. Ootani grabbed a single leg of Eddie and then he kicked the back of his head.

It would help the match if the broadcasters treated this like a PPV match, instead they treat it like a TV one and go over other storylines and matches. I love Savage but now is not the time to talk about him. Now they`re talking about cars. Cool.

Eddie with a snap takedown but OOtani quickly got on top of him to ground him but Eddie Guerrero got right back on top and put on a rear chinlock. Eddie Guerrero being grounded is a natural strategy for his opposition due to his high flying. Ootani with a great move sending him to the mat but off the ropes he caught Ootani with a headscissors takeover. Just when you think you got Guerrero he usually has you, said by the Brain. Wonderful quote and how true it was.

Ootani took a walk around the ring to re-group.

Once back in tied up with Eddie Guerrero with a roman knucklelock but then Eddie Guerrero hit a standing dropkick high before a scoop slam and then a summersault over the ropes using the top rope to springboard. Eddie Guerrero then locks on a picture perfect Boston Crab that began as a halfcrab because he wasn`t all the way over but once he got time to apply it, it locked on wonderfully. Eddie Guerrero taking out the long legs of Ootani but he was close to the ropes and eventually he grabbed onto the bottom rope to break the Crab, but it took it`s toll on Ootani.

Eddie kicked at his head and then picked him up. Eddie hits a nice standing powerbomb and folded him up which got him just a two count. Eddie Guerrero pulled Ootani by the hair to his long vertical base and then Eddie Guerrero hit a nice brainbuster but only a two as Ootani`s long reach with his legs was able to get on top of the rope to break the count. Eddie Guerrero irish whipped Ootani to the corner and hit him with a hard clothesline as the charge succeeds. Often spots like that are met with Eddie hitting the buckle, spoke too soon as this happened right after Ootani was whipped to the corner again and Eddie hit the buckle. This time it went down. Ootani sent him to the outside and then ran off the ropes and springboarded to the outside catching Eddie Guerrero on the floor. Nice.
Ootani throws Eddie Guerrero basck in the ring, now he`s on the offensive. A great vertical leap by Ootani with that long leg spring catching Guerrero with a standing dropkick. Eddie Guerrero down and Ootani is choking him out on the bottom rope. Ootani stomped on his head from the apron to slow down the flash of the match and he just made things rough here and kept kicking away at Eddie Guerrero before he stretched meanwhile faking the face of Eddie and then slapped on a choke hold. Eddie Guerrero got to his feet and tried to power out of the sleeper, Eddie did get to his vertical base, got behind him, hit Ootani with an elbow and a side suplex. Eddie with a lateral press but Ootani easily got out as Eddie Guerrero wasted too much time getting on top, must of been drowsy from the sleeper.

Ootani with a wonderful German Suplex and Eddie kicked out. Ootani flew off the top with a spinning heel kick in mid-air to Eddie Guerrero. Ootani slammed him down on the mat and then signalled to go up top again. Eddie Guerrero caught him up there with shots to the abdomen and then hit him with a Frankensteiner and the fans got back into it, Eddie covers him up but Ootani kicked out!

Eddie Guerrero picked up Ootani and then with his long body hit a nice sitdown powerbomb that still doesen`t quite put Ootani away, I felt he was going to go for a Gory Special but didn`t.

Eddie Guerrero with a go behind waistlock, Ootani reversed it, slapped on one of his own then grabbed a single leg of Eddie Guerrero and dragged Eddie`s leg with a submission hold and Eddie reached onto the bottom rope to break the hold but the damage was done. Ootani charged to Eddie then fell out of the ring as Eddie dodged it. Eddie Guerrero irishwhipped Ootani into the fencing and then he slammed his back hard on the concrete before climbing the steel steps that were mid-ring to the apron, Eddie Guerrero springboarded off the top rope with a turn-around in mid-air into a crossbody. Eddie Guerrero yelled something as he felt in control and tossed Ootani back in the ring. Eddie Guerrero set up Ootani with a suplex from the outside of the apron, but Ootani reversed it in play to the Malenko-Guerrero ECW series and suplexed him back into the ring.

Another springboard as this time Ootani leaped from the top and caught Eddie Guerrero in the back of the head. Ootani signalled for the end. Ootani picked up Eddie, slapt on a Full nelson but Eddie elbowed him before going off the side ropes for leverage with speed and then Eddie hit a leg scissors, Ootani flipped him over, Eddie Guerrero flipped him over the other away and a two, Ootani then rolled him over and this time he got the three! Japan has a 3-2 lead now as Ootani defeated Eddie Guerrero after a series of a roll-up`s.
Outstanding action at times, especially with the high risk moves, these two men were different size but you could feel the chemistry still there.

Great confrontation at Starrcade! Highly enjoyable action here.

Good change of pace.


*** 1/2








4) Eddie Guerrero vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) (With Woman and Miss Elizabeth) for the WCW United States Championship -WCW Hog Wild 1996


You`ve gotta love Naitch talking about Eddie and saying things like “Eddie was a top 10-20 worker who I`ve ever been in the ring with, and that`s saying something.”

Right, Ric. Because you and only YOU have wrestled the best. Eddie Guerrero was better then Ric Flair in a lot of ways but don`t tell Ric that, he may cry.
Anyway this match took place outside and Ric Flair got no reaction as this was a time in his career where lets just say his best days were behind him and nobody really cared.

Nancy Benoit is not taken off the DVD but I`m not sure why she should be so yeah, it`s understandable but stil a little tough to see. It is strange, I have no problem looking at Chris but when I look at Nancy it bothers me.

Flair had held this belt two decades earlier and now Flair woo`s and get into a bit of a pushing match.

Eddie Guerrero ties up with Flair and both men from the neutral position tie up and corner one another, Flair lets out a “WOO!“

Eddie Guerrero ties up mid-ring again and goes into a side headlock, Flair pushed him off but Eddie caught him with a shoulder block. Flair got up asnd pushed at Eddie and then pushed the official who pushed Flair back. A lot of pushes thus far. More then Austin got from this company that`s for sure.

Eddie with a slap and Flair on the outside goes to talk to Liz who ironically couldn`t stand the sight of him when she was with Savage back around Wrestlemania 8, but that didn`t stop Naitch from kissing her sweet lips as he`d say.

Flair got back in the ring after a near minute pause and slapped on a headlock, got send to the ropes, Flair hit a shoulder block on Eddie, Eddie ducked Flair and then hit a leapfrog before catching Flair, and then Ric dropped Eddie down on his shoulder but Eddie got hurt and Flair hurt his wrist. Awkward looking move, sloppy action it seems.

We then get an overhead shot which is unique. Flair chops Eddie in the corner but Eddie Guerrero shot back with some of his own and the chopping war is on, Eddie then shoved Flair down and Ric begged for him to stay off. Eddie Guerrero was dominant for a moment of time and Flair at his age, at his allignment outside the ring needed a breathr and Nancy Benoit told him everything would be alright. Flair got back in the ring.

The action considerably slow and the match hadn`t yet told a story but we did see some classic good guy vs bad guy spots in this match. Eddie Guerrero resorts again to a sideheadlock before kicking off the second turnbuckle and keeping the sideheadlock down. Flair kept rolling out of the side headlock once grounded with nearfalls as he put Eddie on his back. Eddie cornered Flair and leaped on him, Flair turned the tide and hit a chop.

Battling back and forth, Eddie hit some chops to Flair. Eddie irishwhipped Flair to the corner and then gave him a high backdrop. The sun apparently goes behind a large crowd as the lighting looks different and Flair rakes the face of Eddie before chopping him down. Flair with a few right hands to Eddie Guerrero and he falls back to the mat.

A lot of distractions at ringside with honking, and Flair moving ever so slowly surely didn`t help the pacing but he was taking apart Eddie Guerrero as of right now. Eddie chopped in the corner and fell to the mat, he was the challenger here afterall and the US Champion hit him with a hard chop in the corner, about the 50th of the match. Ric Flair then cornered Eddie and hit him with a hard chop, Eddie Guerrero furious cornered Flair and hit him with one, Eddie got up and furiously hit him with some tenacious right hands and the crowd chanted along. Eddie Guerrero gave Flair a taste of his own medicine as he had some fire with his strikes and chops, Eddie then threw him to the corner and delivered a standing dropkick.

Flair went to the outside and rolled out after all that punishment from Eddie Guerrero.
Back in the ring Eddie hit a backdrop. Eddie caught Flair in the jaw and then clotheslined Flair over the top to the outside of the ring. Flair got up and back in. Eddie Guerrero was waiting for him, Flair begged for him to stay off. Eddie Guerrero would have none of that and punched him in the abdomen and then the face, hitting him with a couple of solid chops. Flair then went to the middle of the ring and faceflopped. Flair though back up gave Eddie a thumb to the eye and a lowblow.

I`m not liking the pace, or the lack of a story here. This is just not structured well at all.

There is some bright spots but they`re few and far between.

Flair picked up Guerrero and irishwhipped him, missed an elbow but Eddie Guerrero caught him with a crossbody and a two count. Eddie Guerrero with a hard clothesline and another nearfall. Eddie Guerrero went to the rop as Flair was down on and just getting up, Eddie Guerrero with a sunset flip, Flair held his ground but missed with a right hand to Eddie and hit the canvas. Guerrero sent Flair to the ropes and hit a drop toehold and then Eddie Guerrero went for a figure four!

Eddie tried to beat him in his own game. Flair in pain and Women screamed on the outside. Flair on his back in some punishment from Eddie Guerrero. Flair got out of it, Eddie used the ropes for a headscissors takeover and got a two count. Flair though out of no where hit a chop, Eddie with one, back and forth.

Eddie with a DDT off the top rope to Ric Flair but it still just scores him a nearfall! Flair to his feet told him to basck off and Eddie kicked at him, didn`t see that coming. Eddie charged towards Flair and missed so it allowed Flair to snap him down. Flair went to the top, I wonder if he will get caught, surely he is powerslammed by Eddie Guerrero off the top and gets just a two count. Eddie Guerrero then thrown outside of the ring and Eddie speared him from outside of the apron and then a sunsetflip to Flair exposing his middle aged ass. Eddie with a sunset flip completed but only a two as Flair used both legs to hit the sides of Eddie Guerrero`s head.

Eddie raked the eyes, shades of Flair back in the day followed by a snap takedown and a rake of the face. Eddie Guerrero didn`t go for the cover he went upstairs with a frogsplash but Eddie hurt his knee on the way down. Advantage to Flair now and he rolls over to Eddie who had the bad knees. Flair picked up Guerrero and then hit a back suplex attempt but Eddie rolled out, Flair hit a clothesline though and then went to the knee when he was aware Eddie`s knee was badly hurt. Flair slapped on a figure four and then Nancy Benoit held Flair`s arms behind the official`s back as he used that leverage to slap the hold on Eddie Guerrero`s injured legs some more.

Flair retained the title as Eddie Guerrero`s shoulders were pinned to the mat in that predicament.

Here`s the deal with this one, I didn`t like the first half, slow action, no story, distractions, cliche galore.

However given the age of Flair, given how the second half was booked with actual structure and substance definitely saved this one from being a complete flop. Good in parts, much better in the second half, pretty decent overall.

** 1/4


5) Eddie Guerrero (c) vs `LionHeart` Chris Jericho for the WCW United States Championship -WCW Superbrawl February 23rd 1997

Eddie Guerrero was arguably in his prime in this year in 1997 (like many were in the wrestling world) and his chemistry with Chris Jericho can`t be ignored.

I believe the natural charisma blended in with there styles in the ring together always made there matches fun to watch.

The Fall Brawl classic of this year at **** 1/2 is just brilliant in a variety of ways and if this match can be even half of what that was then we`re in for a treat.

Thankfully this match is tremendous, it`s not quite as good as Fall Brawl but it`s still a fun gem that I`m definitely glad made the cut. These matches helped WCW`s PPV`s as a whole big time back then as guys like Eddie, Benoit, Jericho, Malenko and Mysterio proved to be there undercard backbone.
Eddie Guerrero circled around Jericho and took him down with an armdrag takedown. Jericho with a go behind on Guerrero with a waistlock and he held it on for awhile until Eddie grabbed at an arm resourcefully and then twisted Jericho`s arm back and into a hammerlock followed by a snap takedown, Jericho though got on top of Eddie and grinded him down with an armbar into a hammerlock, Eddie countered with a drop toehold into a leg lock. Eddie behind Jericho with a leg lock and then stretched on his head with a version of a modified camel clutch.

Great wrestling.

Just excellent stuff to start.

Tied up in mid-ring and Eddie Guerrero caught Lionheart with an uppercut, both men leap each other and Eddie leaped up and caught Jericho with an elbow followed by a side suplex. Eddie Guerrero got a nearfall on the man soon to be known as Y2J.

Jericho picked up Eddie though and hit a belly to back suplex that gets him a nearfall. Jericho irishwhipped Eddie to the ropes, and then caught him with an abdominal stretch.

Eddie was in the abdominal stretch and he always finds a way to get out of a hold and countrered into a roman knucklelock and Jericho won the strength advantage with leverage, balance and power. Jericho took Eddie Guerrero to the mat with his strength and then a nice northern light`s suplex. Jericho with a backslide to Eddie and got a nearfall. Jericho then quickly hit a pick up into a vertical suplex, a nice textbook slam by Jericho got him a nearfall.

Love the offense.

Pace picks up as Eddie hits a sidehead lock takedown, Jericho goes into a head scissors and then the two get back to there feet.

A stale mate, and we`d see that sequence replayed at the beginning of the Fall Brawl classic. Chris caught Eddie off the ropes and hit a Boston Crab. Jericho stretched the legs of Eddie taking out his high flying, aerial moves which is smart. Eddie with great leg strength made him able to kick out of that predicament kicking Jericho off, Chris went for a near fall and got a two and then a rear chinlock.

Chris Jericho was on top of his game and had a great deal of momentum here in the Cow Palace, the same venue Guerrero would become WWE Champion in 2004.

Eddie Guerrero got to his vertical base and Jericho picked him up and stretched him in a torture rack. Eddie Guerrero might of quit after that crucifex, and then he dropped him to the canvas and almost got a three. Chris with an uppercut and then a slap to Eddie. Eddie Guerrero irishwhipped Jericho to the corner and he leaped off the top back to Eddie but he caught him with a powerbomb in mid-air and got a nearfall. Eddie Guerrero then picked up Jericho with a vertical suplex he calls the Brainbuster, nicely executed, very crisp. Eddie Guerrero goes to the top and missed a summersault, Jericho moved out of the way and hit a quick release German Suplex back towards the turnbuckle, Eddie Guerrero hit back hard and took the air out of his lungs.

Quick action here, all crisp, all excellent, tremendous pacing and conditioning by both men.

Jericho with a shot to Eddie at the side ropes a few times before he irishwhipped Eddie Guerrero and then he picked him up for a potential back breaker, Eddie flipped over and ran to the ropes but Jericho caught him with a belly to belly and a nearfall. Jericho caught in a sleeper from Eddie and then Jericho dropped Eddie on the top rope and then springboarded with a dropkick to Eddie Guerrero. Jericho then flew off the top turnbuckle in mid-air and hit Eddie Guerrero with his knee, which ultimately hurt him in the process.
Jericho threw Eddie back in the ring, leaped off the top but Eddie caught him with an atomic drop. Eddie Guerrero hit a backslide and Tony S throws out a HOLY MOSES that was close after Jericho kicked out. Both men winded but the pace kept up, both guys go for a drop kick and then a double clothesline after they both went for a spinning heel kick. Similar styles are examplified with both men having the same idea. Eddie Guerrero hit with a powerslam by Jericho and then he got a nearfall. Jericho again with a suplex attempt, Eddie Guerrero turns it into a nearfall with a roll-up, he stood up and Jericho caught him with a standing side kick.

Jericho rolls up Eddie and gets a two and then yells at the ref again. Chris with a kick to Eddie`s mis-section and then after a charge Eddie kicked at him, Jericho was still able to suplex him in the corner of the ring with a beautiful counter move, Jericho only got a two, and no one could believe it.

Jericho with a standing switch, almost a powerbomb, Eddie over the top a backslide into a sunset flip and Eddie won the match!

The highlight of this match was the pacing.

Breathtaking conditioning by both men, never slow.

Eddie`s million counters and flips against Jericho`s natural in-ring presence made this such a treat.

Awesome, just awesome.



6) Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr. (c) for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship -WCW Nitro November 10th 1997

To say Eddie wasted no time on Rey here would be an understatement.

This was right before the World War 3 Classic between the two and after the Halloween Havoc 1997 EPIC confrontation which many consider a top 20 match if not higher of all time. Myself included. Nearly a five star match there. Lets also not neglect the work they did in the WWE at Summerslam 05, Wrestlemania 21, on Smackdown over the years, at Judgment Day 2005 among others. These two just had chemistry and Rey Mysterio himself even says he never had thast chemistry with anyone else.

Eddie went right on the attack and hit a vicious looking back breaker.

Eddie Guerrero then asked the crowd what he thought of his moves and this was a return match that was highly anticipated. Eddie hits a back breaker again and chops Mysterio while they chant he sucks. Eddie Guerrero missed a dropkick and Rey leaped on top of Eddie and he landed on his feet. Rey then kept Eddie up and hit a head scissors from the top, then kicked Eddie off with a monkey flip, then Mysterio dropkicked Eddie Guerrero out of the ring. Eddie on the outside got caught with a headscissors takeover once Mysterio cartwheeled in the ring then flipped over and hit that move, nice sequence.
It`s clear they were trying to create something special, especially for a TV match, there was afterall high expectastions.

Eddie hit a superplex to Rey and got a nearfall.

Eddie then stood up and got Rey in the middle of the ring and hit a chop. Eddie Guerrero flipped over by Rey and and then he bounced off the ropes and got a nearfall by hooking the legs.

Back and forth action.

Rey hit a powerslam and then bounced off both ropes, a springboard summersault and got a two count.

Rey had a three match winning streak on Eddie here and then locked on a headscissors. Eddie then was still in this hold as Rey kept a much bigger Guerrero grounded. Both men up and Eddie slammed to the mat. Rey then hit a springboard backflip and then a split legged moonsault went wrong as Eddie Guerrero raised his knees and caught Rey in the mid-section with his knees up. Eddie Guerrero hit a dropkick to Rey. Eddie Guerrero picked up Rey and then slammed a double axehandle standing to Rey`s back. Rey bounced off the side ropes and Eddie Guerrero elevated him high up and let him hit the canvas. Rey with a romanknuckle lock, and then with agility jumped on the top rope and was able to level Eddie Guerrero with a DDT. Rey Junior with a springboard attempt with a bad knee, but Eddie Guerrero realized this and dropped him throat first across the top rope.
Eddie Guerrero wasted no time hitting a frogsplash and got the three!

New Champion!

Wasn`t very long but it definitely had quality.
Malenko came out at the end of the match and just stared at Eddie Guerrero.





7) Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Dean Malenko for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship -WCW Starrcade 1997


This was the opening match to one of the biggest PPV`s ever.
I believe it got over a million buys and that means this opener was seen by a ton of Wrestling fans worldwide and these two world class athletes who IMO put on two matches near five stars in ECW got a chance to shine and open arguably WCW`s biggest show ever

Was it the best ever, not by a long shot, it actually could be considered a major dissapointment and a big reason a lot of people started switching over to McMahon and Austin after the whole Hogan-Sting program flopped.

Anyway onto this match.

Both these guys could of done a lot better that is certain.

Eddie Guerrero attacked Malenko and hit a suplex, in a play to there old matches both guys rolled around but Malenko vicously levelled him with right hands. It`s interesting watching Malenko as a babyface here and the crowd cheered when he dished out those right hands. Eddie Guerrero kicked at Dean Malenko in the corner but he turned the corner and hit him with some shots, Malenko with a dropkick to Eddie Guerrero and then a nearfall. Eddie Guerrero got a series of rights from Malenko.
Eddie to his vertical base hit a side headlock, Dean then with a waistlock go behind, this sequence repeats until Eddie jumps off the top, went for a headscissors but Malenko beautifully countered in mid-air into a powerbomb. Malenko picked Eddie up and slammed him hard with an awesome powerbomb. Malenko rolled over Eddie pinned him, but Eddie was ready to bridge out and did, Eddie Guerrero then ducked a clothesline but ran right into a powerslam and Malenko got a two count but only two. Eddie slammed his hand on the mat in frustration as the challenger controlled the whole match tot his point.
Eddie on his knees with both fists up and then left the ring and went for a walk. Eddie Guerrero realized Dean was doing everything he could and he wasn`t sure he could beat him.

It`s safe to assume this match had a different outline then the ECW classics which isn`t a good thing, but this is still better then your average match.

Eddie runs back in and takes down Malenko with a single leg takedown. Eddie kicks at Malenko`s leg and then hit an uppercut. Eddie Guerrero had Malenko at the side ropes and hit him with a blow to the jaw. Eddie with a hard chop to Dean and then Eddie stomped away on the face of Malenko, Eddie Guerrero wih a dropkick to Eddie who was down, Eddie posed around.

Eddie Guerrero went for a suplex but Dean Malenko powered out and hit a nicely executed front suplex to Eddie Guerrero and he landed abdomen first on the top rope, fell into a clothesline but Malenko only got a two as he almost became Cruiserweight Champion. Malenko then hits a slam to Eddie Guerrero and a rear chinlock into a head scissors. Malenko kept this held on Eddie Guerrero. Malenko rolled over and used the ropes for leverage until RObinson broke it up. Malenko threw Eddie to the ropes and elevated him up high until he hit the canvas. Eddie Guerrero begged to get Malenko off of him. Eddie took out his hand and then bowed towards Malenko.

Dean then hit a dropkick right between the eyes. Eddie Guerrero rolled out of the ring by the fencing area and they teased a potential Malenko leap but it didn`t happen. Guerrero then put his hand up with a test of strength and his arms were twisted by Malenko in the roman knuckle lock. Dean stomped on Eddie`s hands. Dean then speared Malenko into the corner. Malenko picked up Eddie at the top and dropped him on the canvas before a back body drop into the buckle. Instead of a cloverleaf he went for a pin. Eddie Guerrero was in a world of trouble and then Malenko hit him with some shots, Eddie though tried a suplex out of desperation but Malenko picked him up and threww him over the top rope, Eddie landed on the apron and stretched over to apply an offensive move to Malenko grabbing his head and slamming it against the rope. Eddie Guerrero then worked over the leg of Malenko. A slingshot move to Malenko continuing the leg follow up. Eddie Guerrero on the outside wrapped Dean`s bad knee around the steel post. With Malenko in this bad predicament Eddie dropkicked his legs into the steel steps. Eddie Guerrero picked up Malenko and threw him in the ring.

Eddie Guerrero in control here as they show Ultimo Dragon in attendance watching on. Eddie then grabs Malenko in the middle of the ring and hit a nice standing powerbomb with authority, doesen`t get it as Malenko kicked out. Eddie Guerrero then leaped up on top of Dean but he flipped him fron the front side to the back side with Eddie Guerrero on top of him, a desperate move by Malenko. Dean kicked Eddie Guerrero and irishwhipped him to the corner but Eddie Guerrero caught him with a reverse elbow in the corner but Eddie Guerrero got caught with a back breaker by Malenko! Near fall.

Awesome stuff, the pace sure picked up of an otherwise mediocre bout.

Eddie Guerrero sent Dean to the corner, he elevated him up over the rope to the outside apron. Eddie Guerrero on the top rope tried to position Dean up there trying to take him down, Malenko held onto the tights and both men fell down, it looked like a botch. Neither move worked for either man as the action seemed a bit sloppy. Eddie Guerrero powerbombed by Malenko hard, we could have a new champion!

The fans pop as Malenko almsot locked ina cloverleaf but Eddie Guerrero got out of the predicament went for a dropkick and that backfired. Malenko still favored the knee, Eddie Guerrero dropkicked the knee, Eddie Guerrero with a high risk move and hit the frog splash on the bad knee of Malenko and he retained the Cruiserweight title.

Sloppy, very stange and underwhelming considering who is involved but still some good material here and there.




8 ) Eddie Guerrero (With Chavo Guerrero Jr.) vs Ultimo Dragon -WCW Slamboree May 17th 1998

Chavo will get his freedom if The Dragon is victorious!


Eddie and Chavo just two years apart so they were more like brothers as wel all know, we get a Guerrero family history lesson by good ol Mike Tenay to start.

A quick snap armdrag takedown by the Dragon after an armbar by Eddie Guerrero. Both men in mid-ring tie up and Eddie with a go behind, wears him down, Dragon turns him over and then Eddie lifts Dragon up but he held on tight and tossed Eddie Guerrero to the side.

Both men stood up and pound for pound they were both among the best in the world today. Dragon with a leg scissors to Eddie Guerrero. Eddie down on the canvas and he was on top of Dragon and held both his hands to the mat to try and get himself in perhaps a pinning predicament. Eddie Guerrero then rode Dragon anyway he could until Dragoin monkey flipped him over, Eddie then answered with two more, Dragon cane off and landed on his feet.

Rapid fire kicks, and then Eddie Guerrero with a great counter move with a dropkick. A trademark by the dragonw with those lethal kicks but Guerrero scoutred it well. Eddie Guerrero kicked at Dragon in the corner. Eddie Guerrero knows how to win and chopped Dragoin in the corner followed by an uppercut. Eddie irishwipped Dragon to the corner but he came off with a hurricanrauna, Ultimo Dragon leapfrogged over Eddie and then Dragon hooked the leg of Eddie Guerrero and hit him with a back heel kick.

Neither men gained any significant advantage but a lot of fun here with quick offensive outburts by both guys here at Slamboree. Dragon snaped Eddie over and then came off the ropes and kicked at his back. Eddie Guerrero got taken down by Dragon who slapped on a half crab.

Charles Robinson asked if Eddie wanted to tap, Dragon transfered a half crab into a deathlock, nice holds by the Dragon. Not very much wrestling in this one, just quick outbursts, counters and some holds. No specific strategies or suplesex. Eddie Guerrero out of no where hits Dragon down, ducks a leap and then clotheslines him down. Eddie stomps on Dragon and then suplexed him to the canvas. Great excecution on the vertical suplex. Eddie Guerrero wanted to slow down the momentum of the Dragon, Eddie Guerrero then tossed Dragon out of the ring through the middle rope. Eddie Guerrero irishwhipped Dragon into the safety rail. Eddie choked Drragon with the cable.

Chavo and Eddie argue on the outside. Eddie throws Dragon into the ring. Dragon put on the top rope by Eddie, pushed off the Dragon to the top rope and Dragon just pulled on the ropes hurting the groin of Eddie. The Dragon then flew off and hit Eddie on the outside but hurt his head in the process. Dragon picked Eddie up in the middle of the ring from a toruture rack combo into a back breaker. Almost like a crucifex into a Samoan drop, then a moonsault by the Dragon to Eddie Guerrero but he still kicked out. Dragon going to try another high rish move to Eddie but he pushed him off. Eddie Guerrero hit a tornado DDT out of desperation in the corner, Eddie hit the frogsplash but caugt nobody as Dragon moved. Eddie Guerrero got a roll-up but Dragon kicked out. Intense moments here despite the dead crowd.

Eddie and Dragon both vertical and then Dragon tried a moonsault and caught Eddie into a front facelock, but Eddie knocked him down and Eddie almost pinned Dragon with his foot on the ropes. Dragon went for a spinning heel kick and hit Chavo on the apron instead as Eddie sucked. Eddie hit Dragon with a Brain Busdter, followed by a Frog Splash and the three count.

Good to great match, nothing overly special. Chavo attacked the Dragon after the match.



9) Eddie Guerrero vs Juventud Guerrera -WCW Nitro August 3rd, 1998

Chavo talked a bit about the chemistry between Juventud and Eddie Guerrero before this rare Nitro match begun.

I had always liked Juventud and working with Eddie Guerrero you should only expect good things but this after all was a TV match which is always important to remember to keep your expection levels low.

Eddie Guerrero had “Eddie Sucks” chants fill the arena but at this point he had come to expect that so he told the fans to kis his ass. Good stuff.

The match was underway now and Eddie Guerrero refused to shake Juventud’s hand and gave him a slap.

Eddie blocked a shot but Juventud hit a sideheadlock, Eddie landed on his feet with a flip but caught chops from Juventud, and off the ropes gave Eddie a huge dropkick, Eddie backdropped him over the rope and then snapped him in and Juventud landed, Eddie irishwhipped him to the side ropes and hit Juventud Guerrera with a back breaker.

Up and down as Eddie Guerrero hit Juventud with a back breaker and then slapped his chest.

Solid action to begin.

Eddie Guerrero picked him up and hit him with yet another hard chop. Eddie Guerrero picked up Juventud and sent him to the ropes fliped him over but Eddie Guerrero got caught with a head scissors by Juventud. Eddie Guerrero got pushed off the top rope and Juventud jumped off the top rope with a spinning heel kick to Eddie Guerrero from the top rope. Juventud Guerrera then with a suicide dive over the top rope crashing with Eddie Guerrero on the floor and then a chop. A high intensity match on Nitro. Eddie Guerrero sent to the corner but Eddie countered and sent Juventud face first into the top turnbuckle using his own momentum against him, nice. Eddie Guerrero then set up Juventud for a powerbomb but out of no where he hits a DDT to Eddie! Amazing counter! Eddie Guerrero kicked out and then Juventud went outside of the apron and connected with a springboard dropkick. Juventud then set up for the Juvidriver but Eddie Guerrero countered by picking him up and hit a shoulder breaker. Eddie Guerrero went up fro a frogsplash and hit it and got the three.

Short match but nothing but quality here, as good as a TV match as you’re going to get at that length, great stuff.

** 3/4



10) Eddie Guerrero vs Psychosis -WCW Thunder June 24th 1999

Eddie chants before the match.
Psychosis and Eddie had great chemistry just like Rey and Psychosis did.
Eddie hit him with a shot and he was very over, sent him to the ride but Psychosis hit a shoulder block. Psychosis hit a clothesline to Eddie and he looked a little rusty as this was after the car accident but he returned a bit early as stated in his other DVD. Eddie still rusty is better then most competitors anyway.

Psychosis with a corkscrew spinkick to Eddie who he had dropped on the top rope groin first. Psychosis elevated himself over the top rope onto Eddie outside on the floor, all Psychosis early here.

Psychosis threw Eddie Guerrero back in the ring and then posed but Eddie chants filled the arena. Psychosis irishwhipped Eddie tot he ride and he caught Psychosis with a hurricanrauna his first offensive move which got a huge pop! Eddie hit Psychosis with a dropkick and then he choked out Psychosis on the bottom rope.

Psychosis rolled to the outside of the ring and then Eddie irishwhipped him into the fencing on the outside of the ring. Psychosis then thrown head first into the steps by Eddie Guerrero. Psychosis down and Eddie pointed as he pushed the steps into Psychosis who was wedged inbetween the steps and the post and he hit a dropkick to the steps! What innovative offense by Eddie who looked back on his game all in the same match!
Eddie sprinboarded back into the ring on Psychosis with a splash, Psychosis then hit with chops in the corner by Eddie who irishwhipped Psychosis into the other corner turnbuckle chest first.

Fans lively for Guerrero here I can see why this match was chosen for the DVD.

Psychosis hit with an abdominal stretch as the match goes to a commercial break, we see Eddie with a leg lock as he wrenched back on the ankle and the knee of Psychosis. Eddie showing his great mat skill to go with his aerial moves, this is what seperated Guerrero from the others. Psychosis sent Eddie to the ride, elevated him in the air and he hit the canvas. Psychosis with a couple of right hands to Eddie. Eddie kept working over the injured leg of Psychosis showing nice psychologyu and the fans continued to chant for Eddie showing just how over he was in WCW back in 1999. Psychosis then had his leg caught and Eddie bridged back to add torque to Psychosis and showing how great of an athlete he was.

Psychosis was in bad shape all of the sudden after a good early beginning. Eddie sent him outside of the ring through the middle ropes. Psychosis reversed an irishwhip on the outside out of desperation sending Eddie into the security wall. Psychosis then put Eddie back in the ring. Psychosis got caught with a reverse elbow by Eddie who went airborn and caught him with a vicious elbow. Eddie snapped him down and signalled to go up high. Psychosis down and Eddie was going for a high move but Psychosis got up to one knee and caught Eddie with a knee to the gut. Psychosis with some right hands and then signalled for a suplex, Eddie landed on the apron caught some elbows and then Psychosis off the side ropes with a spinning leg attack catching Guerrero on the apron to the outside floor. Psychosis with a split legged moonsault back onto the floor on Eddie.
Great match here.

Psychosis with a spinning heel kick from the top rope but Eddie reached onto the ropes.
Psychosis was named that after his psychotic offense in the ring and it’s really being shown here as he just threw Eddie to the other side of the ring.

Psychosis from the top hit a hurricanrauna and then got a nearfall on Eddie as he was able to kick out as he didn’t have the leg hooked about, six inches too low. Psychosis then went up to the top again and missed a crossbody as Eddie sent him front first.
Psychosis then down and Eddie rolled Psychosis over and hit a frogsplash to the back and he got him! Nice move, nice win.

Same as the last match, nothing but great quality, especially for a TV match which featured good psychology and nice moves.

Great match!

*** 1/4




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