Review: WWE Viva La Raza – Legacy of Eddie Guerrero DVD (Disc 3)

November 19, 2010 by Brett Mix


Disc 3 Matches:


20) Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Rey Mysterio for the WWE Championship -WWE Smackdown! March 18th 2004

We saw Rey Mysterio talk about how he wishes he could leave the room he was doing the interview in and just say Hello to Eddie like he used to so often.

An emotional Rey makes it clear just how much he misses his friend. Here’s another chapter in the classic rivalry this time with Eddie as Champion in a rare gem from the Smmackdown! brand in 2004.

Eddie Guerrero came out riding in style in one of his Low Rider’s. This match came about right before the Raw draft Lottery from Detroit in 2004 and Cole and Tazz speculated who would be around by this time next week.

Eddie Guerrero had no idea he’d be defending the title against Rey just four days (actually two) after he defeated Angle at Wrestlemania 20.
Eddie Guerrero and Rey shook hands as both were babyfaces here.

A tie up and Eddie puts a side headlock on Rey before twisting the arm and then Rey counters with an arm bar of his own into a hiplock taking Eddie down to his knees. The story had kind of been that Mysterio had Guerrero’s number over the years and that kind of came into play even during the early stages of this title bout on Smackdown!

Some Eddie chants, and as he got to his vertical base, Rey was seen holding his arm in the corner. The two men tie up yet again and Eddie got a nearfall on Rey as he had the shoulders down. Eddie with a side headlock to Rey and then he maintained the headlock until Rey countered into a reverse armbar, an armringer nicely applied by Mysterio until Eddie who was a master at counter-chain wrestling took Mysterio and his small size over with a side headlock. Eddie chants filled the air.

Eddie Guerrero then up with the headlock applied in, not wanting to let go, Mysterio began battling out and then Eddie ducked a clothesline by Rey but he still hit a leg scissors to the Champion. Rey with a powerbomb into a sunset flip, Mysterio was bringing it and Eddie Guerrero couldn’t believe it.

Some good action here.

Eddie came back in and shoved Rey and then Mysterio slapped him.

Mysterio off the side ropes then locked the legs around Guerrero’s waist but then he countered by pushing Mysterio into the corner shoulder first. Eddie saw the opening and continued to wrench the shoulder with a hammerlock position, briging back and putting a lot of emphasis on the shoulder of Mysterio, to perhaps cut off his rotator cuff, and if Rey’s left arm went out then it would surely hurt his offensive gameplan as he uses it to springboard up to his vertical base.
The Speed of the WWE champion took down Rey with a droptoe hold after he got up and then he wrenched in an armringer continuing to wear down Mysterio.
Guerrero with a hammerlock.

Mysterio elbowed out of it and then with a snap takedown and then a leapdrog, followed by a monkey flip by Mysterio which Tazz calls a Gorilla flip. Eddie flips Rey over the apron and he lands on the apron to throw Eddie up and over. Mysterio then with a springboard moonsault to Eddie on the outside.

They go to a commercial break and here in Boston it looks like Eddie Guerrero might be losing his title to Rey who hit a ton of offensive moves including a springboard moonsault. Eddie Guerrero threw Rey right out of the ring under the bottom rope to buy him some time. The WWE Champ thought maybe he could get a desperation countout.

Mysterio crawls back to the ring and once back inside Eddie levelled Rey with a big right hand. Eddie then went back to the soar arm of Rey, and he got irishwhipped into a tremendous back breaker by Eddie Guerrero, but only a two count.

Excellent TV stuff here, and the champ a bit frustrated as Rey kicked out of the tilt into the back breaker, extremely fast, extremely hard hitting match.

Mysterio had his shoulder completely disected by Eddie Guerrero in the match.
Eddie with a hammerlock into a Gory Special, a modified version of it anyway and Tazz thought he was tapping. Mysterio counters with an armdrag takedown as he flipped over top of Eddie but he only got a two on Eddie in the small package predicament.

Eddie then with Innovative offense as he bridges on top of Mysterio holding his injured shoulder. Eddie stood up on his head, unqiue form of psychological offense here.
Then, Latino Heat became his usual cocky self hopping around the ring, and Eddie became more focused, the more cocky he got. Eddie back into the arm ringer on Rey’s injured shoulder, then out of desperation Rey jumped up off the top and landed hard with a DDT to a dominant Eddie Guerrero but he just managed to kick out. Mysterio with a Senton off the top but Eddie Guerrero kicked out. Eddie Guerrero caught Mysterio off a springboard moonsault but Rey countered into a high impact DDT. How did Rey do that and how did Eddie kick out were the questions in this high intensity TV match for the title.

Amazing stuff.

Following up Eddie Guerrero sent Rey bad shoulder first into the corner and then went for the three amigo’s/the triple verticle’s but Rey countered with a roll-up and as Eddie Guerrero countered he kicked Rey shoulder first into the corner. Eddie Guerrero suplexed Rey to finish the hattrick. Eddie went up for a frog splash but lost his balance, Rey then went for a 619!

Great climax.

Mysterio leaped a long way across the ring for a West Coast Pop but missed it due to the length he was flying, Guerrero brilliantly noticed the fall and rolled him up on his bad shoulder for the three count.

Excellent stuff, amazing.

What pacing, story telling and back and forth action on FREE TV.

Truly a match that is often forgotten in the Mysterio-Guerrero saga.






21) Eddie Guerrero (c) vs JBL for the WWE Championship -WWE Judgment Day May 16th, 2004

“The chairshot I gave Eddie Guerrero in this match was maybe the most brutal in the history of Wrestling.” -JBL

Lets be fair here. Sure JBL recieved X-Pac heat because he was brand new in the main event scen……but damn he handled his character amazingly well on the mic and told good stories in the ring throughout his run.

Have to absolutely give credit where it’s due here to him. Speaking of credit, Eddie deserves a great deal for this specific performance as Champion, talk about paying your dues.

John Bradshaw Layfield delivered a great HEEL promo before the match generating a ton of heel heat, a racist promo will always work, especially with a character like John.

JBL gauranteed victory before the match.

Eddie Guerrero then came out to a monster pop as expected as the WWE Champion was getting ready for a war here in a bout that many people truely didn`t know what to expect.
It`s safe to say this one seriously passed expectations big time here.

Eddie bleeds in this match as bad as anyone has in any match, especially in the WWE. It`s pretty brutal that`s to be sure and it just added to the match similar to how Foley`s head made the 99 I Quit match with Rocky better.

This one is kind of like that match in this sort of department, very comparable from a brutality standpoint.

Eddie Guerrero`s mom had a “Heart Attack“ in a storyline before this match to JBL`s mic skills I guess.

Eddie Guerrero`s facial expression and body language going into this WWE title defense was awesome, he was just zoomed in on Bradshaw and looked at him in disgust. This one was personal.

At the time not many thought these two should have main evented a PPV but the crowd was really into it, that`s for sure.

Eddie Guerrero starts the match attacking Bradshaw and then threw him out of the ring, into the barricade, then finally into the steel steps. Bradshaw wisely got out of the ring straight away and Eddie Guerrero bounced Bradshaw off the steel post and then the Spanish Announce Table. Anything he could find, and nice remarks by Cole when he said it was appropriate it was the `SPANISH` table for JBL to go in due to his remarks before. Eddie Guerrero choked out Bradshaw with cable and then intelligently threw him back in the ring after this punishment. Eddie Guerrero right right hands not allowing Bradshaw to throw one single offensive move.

Bradshaw took a walk and the fans booed. Eddie Guerrero chased him and knocked him down in the entrance way with a running forearm followed by a straight righthand. Eddie Guerrero emotionally charged with a vicious streak and the fans just ate it up as they were pulling for Eddie Guerrero big time in this one which again, should pretty much go without saying.

Eddie Guerrero didn`t allow Bradshaw one moment to breathe in this match and he talked trash to him about how JBL treated his mother badly. Eddie Guerrero treated JBL to a big right hand and then he raked JBL`s face with his boots not caring what was legal and what wasn`t. Eddie Guerrero tossed JBL to the outside, broke the count and then went to throw JBL into the steps, then in what JBL needed badly he threw Eddie right into the steps, a world of impact. Eddie Guerrero held the arm that hit steps first.

JBL broke the count and then beat at Eddie on the outside with some chops and right hands. JBL threw Eddie head first into the announce table. JBL turning this into a war gave Eddie a big right hand, this was the opening he needed to stay in the title match. JBL kept making sure to break the count and putting Eddie back in the ring.
Once back in the ring Latino Heat followed back with rigth hands, irishwhipped JBL to the ropes but he countered with an irishwhip and then a boot to the face. JBL with a knee to the gut of Eddie followed by some chops.

JBL irishwhipped Eddie Guerrero hard into the corner and he bounced half way across the ring, JBL with a textbook side headlock takedown, JBL had the size and power, Eddie Guerrero had the speed and agility.
Eddie Guerrero tried to get out of the side headlock as JBL tried to slow the pace down. Eddie shoved JBL to the ropes and he came off with a hard shoulder block going back to his football roots, then Eddie got caught with another side headlock takedown by JBL who drove all his body weight into Eddie taking the air out of Eddie, smart move.
JBL had a sleeper on Eddie!

Eddie Guerrero with a couple of armdrag`s to JBL out of desperation to take JBL down and then he came off with a springboard moonsault to JBL on the outside but he caught him and hit a fall away slam. Eddie Guerrero slammed hard back first, JBL broke the count. Eddie chopped JBL back twice on the outside before being backdropped onto the Spanish announce table which didn`t even bust, Eddie shows signs in his face like his back was in pain, not sure how it couldn`t be.
Eddie Guerrero inside the ring laying flat down and JBL knew Eddie Guerrero was hurting so he kept up the offense and hit a swinging neckbreaker and Eddie kicked out. JBL with a big right hand, Eddie Guerrero fought back with one of his own but JBL gave him a big slam and while Eddie Guerrero tried to flip out of the backdrop, JBL layed him out and had a quick cover. Bradshaw then yelled out “Vivalaraza“! JBL then with a bearhug by Bradshaw to completely wear down the quicker Eddie Guerrero and with this bearhug works over the lower back, caused problems breathing which relates to earlier. Eddie poked to JBL`s face and then with some momentum threw JBL into both corners. Eddie Guerrero finally hit a counter-dropkick in mid-air to JBL to make sure JBL didn`t start to gain any advantage. Eddie Guerrero with a triple vertical suplex attempt, before the third JBL caught Eddie with a huge clothesline from hell attempt, Eddie ducked and then knocked out the referee. Eddie backdropped him over the top out of the ring. Eddie Guerrero rammed JBL`s head into the apron and then Eddie Guerrero sent him head first into the table. JBL turned around and then smacked Eddie sqaure in the head with a chair, and the fans chant HOLY SH** as Eddie is bleeding non-stop. They show the shot again and the fans know exactly what happened. Eddie was split-open and Tazz wished him alright. Despite the offense by Eddie Guerrero, JBL after wearing him down was beginning a brutual assualt that consisted of big right hand`s to the open wound on his head.

JBL then slammed steel steps into Eddie`s busted open head. Bradshaw raised his hands high in the air. You could barely see Eddie`s face as the beatdown was so bloody.
Bradshaw caught Eddie with a clothesline from hell to a bloodied and possibly out Eddie Guerrero. Hebner was down so no count, people still chanting Eddie despite him being out. JBL pounded on the official to wake him up. Eddie kicked out when a new referee came in.

JBL went for a clothesline from hell to knock out Hardy for good but he hit down the 2nd ref. JBL with a boot to Eddie and then a vicious powerbomb and somehow Eddie Guerrero kicked out again which got a huge pop. “EDDIE CHANTS“ fill the air as the Champion kicked out again. Eddie got caught in a sleeper and then miraculously hit a counter back suplex. The crowd loved it as Eddie charged up with blood dripping down his eyes. Eddie ducked a clothesline and then the bloody Guerrero avoided the fall away slam with a beautiful counter into the DDT.

What a match!

Eddie then went to cover JBL and as he continued to bleed he went up to the top ever so slowly to make it all the more dramatic that Eddie was going to climb the ropes and come splashing from the top and he couldn`t hit JBL on the way down as he moved out of the way.

Both men down on the red, bloodied, canvas floor.

JBL grabbed the title and a steel chair and then Bradshaw once in the ring set up Eddie for a big title belt shot. Eddie then with a low blow and hit JBL in the head with the title belt to DQ himself. Eddie retained the title but JBL won the match.

Eddie’s blood loss after that sick chair shot (and likely a major blade job in the corner by Eddie) busted him up BADLY, and made Austin at Wrestlemania 13 look relatively healthy. LA who by the way was very into Eddie (as a lot of people in his culture was surely in attendance) just gave a HUGE “OOOOOHHH” when they showed Eddie’s blood loss on the Tron. Amazing.

JBL really came into his own in this contest and I’d go as far as labelling this one a classic brawl.

Eddie had lost a ton of blood and kept the title in the end around the 25 minute mark when he DQ`d himself.

Insantly a classic of sorts.

Some unbelievable old school brutality and Eddie Guerrero PROBABLY deserves all the credit in the world for this amazing, breathtaking and slightly disturbing performance.






22) Eddie Guerrero vs JBL (c) for the WWE Championship in a Steel Cage Match -WWE Smackdown! July 15th, 2004

JBL talks about how Eddie Guerrero was the greastest Mexican Wrestler of all time, I personally don`t see how that could be debated.
JBL was the WWE Champion at this point in time as he recently and shockingly won the title at the GAB in a bull-rope match over Eddie

This was a return match for the title on Smackdown! in a Cage.

JBL with a ton of heat of course and Eddie Guerrero with a great ovation of course.
Eddie Guerrero with a kick to JBL, some chops and a poke to the eye as he was fired up but the Champion threw Eddie soon afterwards towards the cage, when Eddie Guerrero retaliated, JBL’s power and strength threw Eddie Guerrero off his game as he blocked a potential shot towards the side of the Cage.

Everyone knew this would be a great match, Cole said he felt Guerrero was going to win back the title in this match here tonight. Then again, I don’t really think it matters too much what Micheal Cole thinks.

Eddie Guerrero could win this match by escaping the match threw the door, over the top to the outside, or by pinfall or submission, those were the ways he could win this match and become the New WWE Champion yet again.

They definitely tried to build this bout up where as if Eddie could win the belt back likely to keep TV viewers tuned in. JBL looked concerned the door was chained and locked shut, another match showing just how over Eddie Guerrero truely was in the finals years of his career.
Eddie hit a back suplex to Bradshaw, then Eddie ducked a boot by Bradshaw as he picked up Eddie Guerrero and bounced him head first into the cage. JBL after his first high impact move against the cage began to climb and Eddie Guerrero grabbed a leg.

Eddie pulled JBL’s tights down and then he kicked at him and gave him some hard shots. Eddie with a few right hands and then gets irishwhipped by a more powerful Bradshaw who picks up Eddie and hits a fall away slam. A nice impact move by the WWE Champion. JBL then tried to climb out after saying enough of this, JBL then got one leg out and Eddie hung on desperately.

Eddie kept the Champion in the cage and then with both guys on the top rope, JBL with a hard shot and then some into the ribs of Guerrero, Eddie though sent JBL ribs first into the steel. Eddie had the chance to perhaps win the match but he went for a high risk move to easily put JBL away with a frog splash but JBL wisely moved out of the way. Both men down and they chant for Eddie. Bradshaw then began climbing the side of the cage and Eddie followed up behind him and grabbed the leg of JBL who fell down hard in the groin region and he is holding his hamstring. Eddie Guerrero with a nearfall.

JBL just managed to survive in this match. Eddie with a huge right hand to JBL and then an elbow to the back of the head. JBL favoring the hamstring as Eddie Guerrero applied a vertical suplex, and now Eddie Guerrero spinned the hips as he went for the three amigo’s, dos and now numero three was attempted and he hit it. Eddie Guerrero to his feet and the confidence was building. Eddie Guerrero out to the apron, went to the top rope but Eddie Guerrero got knocked off balance by JBL. Bradshaw with some solid right hands and met Eddie Guerrero on the top of the turnbuckle and hit a monster superplex that had to hurt, JBL may have injured himself as well in the process.

Back from a commercial, JBL is dominating Eddie.

Eddie Guerrero hit a dropkick to JBL from out no where after Bradshaw may have been going for a clothesline from hell. Eddie with a kick to the groin, the low blow is of course legal in a Cage match and got a nearfall. Eddie Guerrero then continued up with right hands to JBL in the corner but Eddie got reversed into the corner and whipped across the ring into a corner and then was planted by a hard Spinebuster by the reigning WWE Champion, JBL. Eddie chants as JBL tried to get out of the cage, Eddie prevented it and played defense and hit a Russian Leg Sweep off the top rope to JBL and both men hit hard to the mat. You put yourself at risk with a move like that, Eddie Guerrero showed he wanted to leave Providence, Rhode Island with the title. Eddie Guerrero with a couple of right hands to JBL and then he got reversed off the side ropes from Bradshaw and JBL held the sleeper in hard.

JBL used his tape around the throat of Eddie to choke him out while in this sleeper and Eddie Guerrero began to fade from JBL’s power until he ran in circles which forced JBL’s weight off of him into the side of the cage, Eddie Guerrero spinned with momnentum which sprung JBL into the side of the cage to release the choke hold, a nice veteran move by Eddie Guerrero. Eddie sling shotted JBL into the cage face first and Eddie got a two count. Eddie couldn’t pin JBL with the three count as he kept getting up but Eddie hit him with some forearms to the head and an elbow drop to the head. Eddie charged towards JBL but he back dropped him to the steel, Eddie bumped hard off the side of the cage. JBL showing he could adapt in any kind of environment to protect his title, so good story telling. Eddie Guerrero just managed to kick outsomehow. Eddie with a couple of hard shots to JBL and then he bounced off the side ropes with a hard clothesline from hell! Amazing. Somehow Eddie Guerrero kicked out! The clothesline from hell was devistating enough but the fact Eddie Guerrero kicked out was even better.

Last commercial break after that and we didn’t miss anything as JBL started to leave the cage. Eddie though got up and prevented him from going up over the top to the outside. An elbow from the top from JBL to Eddie. JBL tossed him over to the middle of the ring. JBL scooped up Eddie and then went for a fall away slam into the side of the cage as he smiled sadistically but Eddie Guerrero saved himself from that predicament with a nice DDT counter to JBL hard into the mat but Bradshaw just kicked out. Eddie then looked to the crowd and the challenger tried to escape the cage!

Eddie is at the top of the cage while JBL had followed him up there.

JBL realized his championship was in jeopardy but JBL caught him with right hands at the top, Eddie was bent half way over the top of the cage and then sat up at the top as JBL’s power brought him back into the inside. JBL slammed Eddie’s head into the side of the cage. JBL then set up Eddie Guerrero for a powerbomb. JBL hit a vicious powerbomb to Eddie who’s back buckled, big size difference here, even still Eddie Guerrero found a way to kick out.
This has been some fantastic material, I can definately see why it was added to

“Vivalaraza” this is a true gem.

Eddie Guerrero caught up to JBL despite the powerbomb and pinning attempt and stopped JBL up top frome escaping the cage and Eddie hit with shoulders to the gut. Eddie Guerrero had a chance to leave the cage and win the Champonship but he looked back at JBL realizing all the things he did to him.

Eddie chants filled the arena.

15 feet high, Eddie leaped off with a frog splash to JBL from top of the Cage!


Eddie Guerrero then looked to be in serious pain after a Frog Splash from the very top of the Steel Cage to JBL after what was already an epic Cage match. Unbelievable. To think I had actually forgotten all about this match.

Truly excellent.

Eddie Guerrero had hurt himself as much as Bradshaw so tooka good 30-40 seconds to pin JBL so it bought him some time to kick out of the Splash. Eddie Guerrero could not capitalize.
Eddie Guerrero got to his feet slowly asking on the audience for encouragment but turned around right into a hard DDT from Bradshaw.

Tazz said it right when he said “What a match!” He usually says that in every big match but he was definately right here, for TV this is incredible material. It was a race as Eddie Guerrero chased JBL to the top of the cage. Both men in a familar spot brawling from the top of the cage which always makes for a good Climax.

All of the sudden a masked man ran down to the cage jumped up and grabbed Eddie Guerrero preventing him from leaving the Cage. There is no DQ so there is nothing the ref could do about it. JBL retained the title by escaping the cage. It was supposed to be a luchador who did this but it would turn out to be Kurt Angle to set up there feud for Summerslam.


Amazing match!

Unbelievable really, truly underrated.





23) Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle in a WWE Championship Series Match -WWE Smackdown! April 14th, 2005


A tremendous TV match here.

This match took place right after Kurt Angle came off an amazing victory over Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 21.

Angle was extremely over and even though he probably thought he was in his prime here, I’d say he was a couple years past it if not more but he was still good here in his own way and being in the ring with Eddie Guerrero who is ALWAYS ON only made him seem better.

Eddie was a co-tag team champion at the time coming off a loss recently to Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania 21.

Angle and Eddie got ready to square off in a re-match from Wrestlemania the previous year where Eddie Guerrero retained his WWE title.

I remember watching this Smackdown! match in the spring of 2005 and being blown away.

A lock up inside the ring and neither man gained control until the second lockup when Eddie Guerrero hit a fireman’s takeover to Angle. Angle reversed it into a head scissors and Eddie Guerrero being the ultimate mat wrestler could ride out of it until he ran into a shoulder from Angle. Angle tied up Eddie in the corner of the ring and then couldn’t give him a shot as the referee made him break up pressure.

“Angle Sucks” chanted and then the two lock up yet again and the two guys go behind one another and Angle grabbed Eddie and then after a go-behind waistlock he worked on the shoulder of Eddie Guerrero and then grabbed the wrist, Angle controlled the arm of Eddie until he kicked up and grabbed the wrist of Angle and then an armringer flipping Angle over and slapping on an armbar. Angle got Eddie down after a cross-armringer and nearly a three count as Eddie kicked up and both men looked at each other.

The pacing here felt like a PPV match.

Eddie with a side headlock and then off the ropes hit Angle with a shoulder block. Angle went for a hiptoss and Eddie hit one of his own, Angle then went for a walk as he realized Eddie Guerrero got one up on him. Eddie Guerrero was smart not to chase Angle out there and “play his game” and I’ve loved the way this match has started out. Angle with a side headlock to Eddie that took him down to the mat and Angle kept the headlock planted until Eddie Guerrero pushed him off to the side ropes and into a shoulder block by Angle who then ran to the ropes and leaped over Eddie and straight into two beautiful hiptosses by Eddie Guerrero.

A standing switch by Angle into a waistlock, but Eddie Guerrero then countered it into a vertical suplex.

The three amigo’s, this was usually where Cole yelled out “the Hattrick” but he said there is no Hockey in Chicago! This was because this spring of 2005 match happened during the NHL lockout, but now the Blackhawks are recently Stanley Cup Champions as of June 2010, for the first time in half a century!

Angle hit Eddie with some uppercut’s back from the break.

Angle cornered Eddie while the fans chanted Eddie Guerrero’s name. Angle with his intensity choked out Eddie viciously with his boot using the ropes nearby with his arms for leverage. Eddie then hooked up with a vertical suplex by Angle who got a nearfall. Angle then hugged Eddie Guerrero from behind while on the mat trying to choke him out and get some air out of Eddie’s lungs to perhaps wear him out.

Eddie Guerrero’s sternum squeezed with a reverse bearhug as Angle had a great grip. Eddie battled out with elbows ran off the side ropes and Angle got in the zone with a Belly to Belly suplex. Eddie Guerrero countered an Angle Slam with a hurricanrana!

Amazing counter by Eddie Guerrero. Eddie covered Angle and got a two count.
Eddie with one of those classic smirks went out to the outside and grabbed a chair. The two played hot potatoe with the steel chair as Eddie thought maybe he could get Angle in some trouble.

It turns out, it worked.

This is another reason why so many fans loved Eddie Guerrero as he was a true Sports Entertainer, hilariously the ref got up and realized the chair was laying down outside the ring on the floor. He noticed that, but sometimes the ref’s wont notice a chairshot right behind them. Unbelievable, but still funny.

Eddie tried to capitalize on this spot and rolled Angle up but only got a two count.

Both guys back to there feet and Eddie hit two quick clotheslines, Angle reversed an irishwhip picked up Eddie Guerrero and then he tilted with a head scissors. Eddie on fire went for a clothesline but Angle countered with a go-behind waistlock and a German suplex but Eddie Guerrero just got the shoulder up at two and a half. Both men fatigued in this match but the reversals were nicely done. Angle picked up Eddie Guerrero and hit a back breaker. Angle with no psychological plan (big shock) where he’d stick to one body part, I guess you could say his strategy was to wear the entire body of Eddie Guerrero down which would be fair. Angle snapped Eddie over and then began to work over the mid-section of Eddie after a back breaker, then Angle rubbed his forearm across the face of Eddie Guerrero. Angle used his legs to maintain the grip on a body scissors on Eddie Guerrero.

“Lets go Eddie” was chanted.

Angle still held onto Eddie but when he maintained his vertical base he was thrown into the corner and it provided time for Angle to hit another German Suplex to Eddie Guerrero and still just a nearfall.

Kurt then with a vicious uppercut sending Angle into the corner. Angle sat Eddie up high on the top turnbuckle and then once up there he was about to go for an Angle Slam but Eddie fought out of it. Angle was shoved off the top and Eddie Guerrero leaped off for a frog splash attempt and Angle blocked it with his knees up that caught Eddie.

Angle back in control, back from the final break and Angle still dominating Eddie from the home of Wrestlemania 22 in Chicago, yet this took place just a bit after Wrestlemania 21. Angle with a waistlock and gripped Guerrero`s mid-section keeping it locked on but Eddie Guerrero still fought out of it. Angle had met his match and went for shots to the back but as Angle went for the Angle Slam, Eddie Guerrero countered it for the third time and hit Angle with a powerful DDT which should definately buy him some time! Angle had a sergically repaired neck and it made sense.

Both Gladiator`s to there feet and the two got into a fist fight. Eddie Guerrero landed the bigger blows and Eddie Guerrero for the second time in the match went for the three amigo`s but on the third go behind he countered it into an Angle Slam! This one is over, but it wasn`t! Eddie Guerrero kicks out!

The Classic Continues…..

Angle`s head was busted open a tad. Angle then took off his straps for an Ankle Lock attempt but then Eddie Guerrero rolled up Angle and got a two. Tons of nearfalls for both competitors. Eddie Guerrero into the corner on Angle hits a school boy and then Angle hit a German Suplex on Eddie. Angle kept the hands clamped and Eddie Guerrero tried to reach for the ropes but couldn`t get there. A ton of impact hitting the mat from the suplexing machine, a third german, this time a release and as he hooked the leg he still only got a two count.

Angle was poised and he stomped on the mat calling for Eddie Guerrero to get up. Angle went for an Angle Slam but he countered it into an arm drag and then a kick to the mid-section. Spinning hips from Eddie and then he hit the Three Amigo`s for the 2nd time successfully even though he had went for it three times in the match.
Frog Splash by Eddie Guerrero to Angle but Kurt kicked out!


Both men down on the mat and the crowd really appreciate the match they are saying, definitely a match of the year contender in 2005.

Eddie Guerrero frustrated fell right into the Ankle Lock but Eddie kicked out of it and then Eddie hit a sunset flip and a hold of Angle`s tights which fell down, Eddie then rolled up Angle and only got two and a half.

Angle grabbed the Ankle again of Eddie but again Eddie Guerrero tried to roll through and kick Angle off but Eddie was about to tap but at the last second Eddie`s force drove himself into the referee who fell to the outside of the ring.

Angle grabbed the steel chair that was outside the ring.

Rey came in the ring and hit a wesdt coast pop to Angle. Rey came to Eddie`s aid and Eddie thought Rey was going to hit him with the chair. Angle pushed Rey who had the chair into Eddie and then the ref came in the ring and counted the three for Angle.
A good storyline and a good ending despite Cole yelling out his usual “No! Not this way! Not this way! Damn it!“

This was absolutely phenominal though.

A Classic!


**** 1/4


24) Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio in a Steel Cage Match -WWE Smackdown! September 9th, 2005

Already have reviewed One Epic Cage match on this set between Eddie Guerrero and JBL which was way better then I remembered it being, now it’s time to take a look at a match with a familar opponent for Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio.

The chemistry was definitely there for this one.
This was the final match, or big match that I can think of between Rey and Eddie. It took place only a couple of months before his death in the fall of 2005 where I started to tune out of the product a little bit.

Rey said anytime he stepped into the ring with Eddie it was magic, but adding stipulations like a Cage it just made it better.

I loved Eddie Guerrero`s theme here with the ring tone and his slow sadistic walk to the ring. I loved it.

Christy Hemme and Stacy K before she decided to dance with the stars hung out with Long and Company in a Skybox for this night and shown during Guerrero`s entrance.

Lucky guys.

Eddie Guerrero told Rey he couldn`t beat someone with nothing to lose. He was a person with nothing to lose, yeah Eddie`s character was REAL dark around this time.

Rey had built his career about being the underdog and in this bout they made it clear he was the sympathetic face and Eddie was just the picture of everything that was EVIL.
Rey got in the ring and posed and the crowd was ready for another great match and the final one in the Rey-Eddie saga that was absolutely tremendous in WCW and the WWE.

They credit Mysterio to being 7-0 against Eddie, Guerrero had beaten him in other meetings but not where the WWE was concerned.

Eddie Sucks were heard and then Eddie viciously attacked Rey. The Friday Night Smackdown Cage match underway. Eddie Guerrero wasted little time as he slammed Eddie head first into the cage. Eddie Guerrero launched Rey from a powerbomb position head first backwards into the cage.

Eddie on top of Rey kept dishing out the punishment with the likes of forearms to the head.

Eddie Guerrero irishwhipped Rey to the ropes he ducked though, springboarded onto Eddie but he caught him and Rey hit an innovative armdrag to Eddie followed by a Monkey Flip to Eddie that sent him flying. Mysterio with a kick to the back of Eddie and went for a 619 but when he realized he couldn`t do it, Eddie just smiled and laughed at him. Good stuff. Rey hit a dropkick to Eddie and then tried to escape the Cage and Eddie climbed behind him. Eddie picked up Rey from the top and then he flipped over him and hit a powebomb, nice.
Rey just performed that Powerbomb from halfway up the cage which of course knocked himself down in the process. Rey tried to get to the very top of the cage and once there Eddie grabbed an ankle of Rey and then he fell from the top and hurt his knee on the top rope.
Atlanta was fired up after the break as Eddie Guerrero was trying to escape and Rey was holding on by the ankle as Eddie did earlier. Rey got a kick to the face by Eddie Guerrero but Rey met him up there.

Both men on the top rope and Eddie hit a side russian leg sweep from the top rope to Mysterio.

Eddie hit a powebomb with a ton of impact but Rey kicked out somehow. Eddie Guerrero elevated Rey into the Cage but Rey haqd great balance and climbed up the side of the cage to the top but Eddie held on. Eddie and Rey at the top of the Cage and Eddie and Rey exchanged right hands 20 feet above the ring. Mysterio got half his body over the side of the Cage and Eddie grabbed Rey in using his mask, Tazz didn`t know how he did that but all you had to do was look. Both guys up at the top and Rey hit a headbutt to Eddie who hung onto the Cage and then went back down the inside. Both guys on the top of the rope inside the Cage bouncing up top, Eddie kicked at Rey. Mysterio with a dropkick from the top to Eddie but sacrificed his own body from coming off the top, and the inventive Mysterio found any way he could to dish out punishment to Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie kicked Rey in the gut and planted Mysterio with a DDT. Eddie tried to go out the door but Rey grabbed onto the Ankle of Eddie. Rey held onto Eddie by the trunks and then gave him kicks to the mid-section and then the chest. Eddie grabbed onto the steps as Rey grabbed a hold of him any way he could. Mysterio caught Eddie and then planted him face first with a bulldog and both men were down in the center of the ring.

They came back from yet another Commercial Break and Eddie Guerrero climbed the cage but Eddie had a hold of him and then recieved a kick from Rey. Eddie had Mysterio up top in a powerbomb predicament from the top but Rey got out of it and got one leg over the Cage but Eddie Guerrero pulled Mysterio back over again. A hurricanrana from Mysterio to Eddie Guerrero from the top rope. Rey Mysterio back to his feet slowly climbing the turnbuckle to get to the side of the cage as the crowd encouraged him on to do so, then Eddie Guerrero caught him up there at the top. Rey kicked Eddie off of him. Rey leaped from the top with a crossbody but Eddie Guerrero rolled out of the way and Mysterio crashed and burned as they say, in the middle of the ring. Mysterio wanted Guerrero to pay for the “sins of his past“ and in the meantime went out of his way to hurt Eddie but hurt himself.

This bought Eddie enough time to get to the top and hit a Frog Splash and pick up a victory over Mysterio, Finally!

Solid stuff again between the two.








25) Eddie Guerrero vs Batista (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship -WWE No Mercy 2005


Eddie Guerrero has his final PPV match and he is going for the World Title against Batista.

There`s little doubt Batista was improving at this time in the Company but he hadn`t came into his own just yet. Hunter really did all he could to make him look good and then the epic HIAC encounter at Vengeance built up Dave`s credibility even more.

Without HHH there, Batista needed someone else great usually until he REALLY came into his own in the last couple of years.

They show a very, very EMOTIONAL Batista talk about how he was when he found out about Guerrero`s death just before they showed this PPV match.
A pretty unbelievable sight to see but it`s all too believable knowing Eddie`s character when you think about it, it is still sad. Eddie was a great worker and an even better person to those around him and he was in the ring here with a GREEN Dave the two didn`t really go out and put on a clinic or anything here.

Still though the potential was there in this match and it looked promising at times and don`t get me wrong, there was definately some substance but it wasn`t the best booked match ever.

Batista came out to a loud ovation as expected as he worked with a TWEENER in Eddie Guerrero at the time, and Eddie always had fans all over the globe no matter which allignment he was, this night was no exception.

There were actually LOUD “Eddie“ chants just before this match as the bell rang when Dave`s music shut off.

When the two men squared off for a staredown inside the ring, Eddie Guerrero found himself in familar territory once in there with a bigger man. Eddie had learned most of his live to overcome the size difference scenario.

Eddie with a double leg takedown to take the big man off his feet and get him at his level but the power of Batista forced Eddie off of him. Batista chants could then be heard with some boo`s as well. Eddie and Batista circled around each other in the ring. Eddie Guerrero with a great fireman`s carry but he got caught by Batista who respected Eddie Guerrero here with a smile. Batista then up to his vertical base and locked up with Eddie Guerrero once again and over powered Eddie which brought Eddie Guerrero to his knees as he didn`t want to get into a test of strength with The Animal. Eddie Guerrero got onto the ropes to get some height and he kicked his way out of the hold with kicks to Batista, but Dave hit him with a right hand and then tossed him off the top.

Eddie then outside the ring went for a walk and took a breather. Batista flexed his pecs about three billion times for the females to look at and Eddie Guerrero looked on rather concerned as the World Champion smiled. Batista with a side headlock to Eddie trying to take him down. Houston was rather vocal with some of the boo`s Batista was recieving at the time. Batista lowered Eddie down as he kept the pressure on his head. Eddie`s head looked tiny inbetween the chest and bicep of Batista in the side headlock. Batista backed into a corner, finally, as this headlock had been in longer then anyone would of liked.
Batista whipped Eddie into the corner and then he reversed the irishwhip with his veteran instinct and threw Batista into the corner hurting his shoulder. Batista locked up with Eddie again and then went back into the side headlock. Batista squeezed Eddie but he grabbed onto Batista`s wrist with an overhead curl but Batista`s power took over and he went right back to the side headlock.

To me, it didn`t make much sense for Batista to constantly try to suck the life out of a much smaller Guerrero. He obvioussly would be in better conditioning, and say if it was Eddie trying to ground the big man I could buy that.
The pace just didn`t flow very well.

Batista though slammed Eddie down a couple of times with scoop slam`s. Batista got a nearfall and then Eddie Guerrero went for another walk as he sold the back as he went for a walk, again a pace killer.

This is what I was referring to when discussing the poor booking.
Eddie Guerrero grabbed a chair and Micheal Cole said it was just a matter of time till the old Eddie came out. He dropped the chair and ran into a throat grab by Batista. Batista lifted up Eddie with a choke and then dropped his throat across the top rope, then Eddie looked for a small opening and got it. Eddie Guerrero hit a Frog Splash to the back of Batista but he kicked out.

Eddie stomped on Batista`s back, the kidney region where Eddie Guerrero had hit the Frog Splash from the top after a hot shot from the outside. Eddie Guerrero with a rear chinlock, into a body scissors with his legs squeezing out the back of the big man which would take the power game from the bigger man in Dave Batista, nice strategic psychology by Eddie Guerrero which of course is no surprise to anyone. He kept a headlock in but the strength of Batista drove him to his feet and he backed Eddie into the corner but he had his back hurt, and Eddie Guerrero then hit a dropkick to Batista`s back. Eddie turned Batista over with a half-single leg Boston Crab. This would not only apply pressure to Batista and his lower back but also take out the leg of the bigger man which would take a bigger guy off his vertical base and keep him grounded. Eddie loosened up the turnbuckle and grabbed the tag rope. Eddie hesitated to hit Batista with it and threw it away. Eddie then dropkicked Batista in the face and dropped his body weight onto the back of Eddie.

Eddie Guerrero with a Camel Clutch to Batista.

Eddie`s psychology and strategic wrestling really saved this match from being a flop.
The pacing and flow were really a notch under what it could of been if say Eddie Guerrero was alive in the year 2010.

Eddie was giving up a lot of size and to make up for that he kept his body scissors locked on Dave Batista to wear him down some more and continue to hurt the back. Batista then ridiculously turned a defensive move on the mat from a body scissors into a bear hug but Eddie hit Batista. Eddie Guerrero kicked Batista down and it angered him and then when he charged towards Eddie he hit a droptoe hold to him. Eddie Guerrero then hit a Texas Cloverleaf to Batista after he realized he had fell down on the same leg he applied a half crab to earlier in the title bout.
Batista though powered out of it and rolled into a small package and just got a two.
Eddie with a hard forearm shot to the injured back of Batista. Batista in trouble as he backed him into a corner and hit him with more hard shots into the jaw. Eddie with a hard shot to the chest region of Batista. Eddie Guerrero told the ref he was moving him and went for an irishwhip but Batista reversed it and threw Eddie intot he corner and Eddie flipped back over his back and into the ref. Eddie planted Dave with a big DDT.
This was Eddie`s oppurunity to capitalize with the ref down.

Eddie gives an evil grin.

Micheal Cole looks extremely uncomfortable with Eddie Guerrero and I imagine he should calm down but he was really trying to put Eddoe`s NEW PERSONALITY OVER. Eddie Guerrero said NO for a second and this reminded me a lot of Piper at Wrestlemania 8 with the ring bell. The fans hated it when Eddie Guerrero put the weapon down as they wanted to see brutality at its finest likely. Eddie Guerrero threw the chair out of the ring and then he saw Batista get to his feet who had earlier spotted the chair, Eddie told him he wasn’t going to do anything.

The two then argued and Eddie hit some right hands to Batista. Dave charged Eddie Guerrero intot he corner with a spear and hit him with a bunch of shoulder shots into the stomach. Batista hit a clothesline, threw Eddie into the buckle and hit a back body drop. The Champion then took down Eddie Guerrero with a spear and shook the ropes.
Batista lifted Eddie up for a Batista Bomb but Eddie hit a sunset flip and then Dave picked up Eddie and hit a Spinebuster slam but then sold the injured lower back after the Spinebuster slam. At least he remembered to do that, where as a bit earlier on the offense it seemed like he had forgotten he was just completely.

Batista got just a nearfall and then off the side ropes Eddie Guerrero countered Batista’s elbow drop as Eddie turned out of the way. Eddie then shook around the ring and snapped a bigger Batista up with a vertical suplex. The Triple Vertica’s were hit as he hit the Three Amigo’s.

Eddie went to the top rope and missed a frogsplash which he rolled out of and then right into a Spinebuster by Batista who retained the title after that move.

In the end Batista pinned Guerrero after a Spinebuster at 18:40 to retain The World Title.

Batista posed with the World Title and then the fans chanted Eddie’s name despite the loss. Batista shook his head and Eddie offered out his hand and Batista accepted it after a moment of hesitation.

As said, if this match took place in 2010, it could be easily in the four stars region.
The slow pacing was made up for by tremendous offense and psychology by Eddie Guerrero, but it’s clear this wasn’t the best booked match and Dave wasn’t yet on his A Game. It does however say how much Batista has improved if you compare this body of work to his more recent stuff.


** 3/4





Disc 3 Extras:

-Chris Jericho meets Eddie for the first time.

Jericho says his first impression of Eddie Guerrero wasn’t as good as you might think but then goes on to talk about the kind of person he REALLY was.

-Eddie Guerrero has his final match:

26) Eddie Guerrero vs Mr. Kennedy -November 11th 2005 WWE Smackdown! (Eddie`s final match)

I remember watching this match on Smackdown the week of his death despite not watching wrestling regularly and truth be told, I smiled when I saw what he pulled off in this match. He just looked like he had so much life left in him which made it all the more shocking to me when I heard of the news later that week.

This was just your standard television match but of course it has special meaning now and this took place just two days before the Survivor Series event in 2005.

Eddie walked to the ring for the final time with so much joy and it’s kind of hard to look at it knowing this.

Eddie Guerrero looked on at Mr. Kennedy whose entrance was not shown on this Vivalaraza DVD, but I’ll live.

“Eddie” chants filled the arena before the match got underway, the two locked up and Eddie hit a drop toehold to Kennedy and then he grabbed onto the bottom rope.

Both guys locked up again and Eddie with a hammerlock to Kennedy until he reached the ropes to break the hold.

Kennedy went for a handshake which is the oldest trick in the book and Eddie Guerrero smiled as if to say he had already been around the block.

Kennedy slapped Eddie showing him no respect and then Eddie one upped him with a thumb to the eye. Eddie viciously attacked Kennedy in the corner. Eddie hit an uppercut to Kennedy and then choked him out with a rope by the turnbuckle.

Eddie Guerrero irishwhipped Kennedy to the corner of the ring but Kennedy brought him in hard when down on the canvas as he hit Eddie Guerrero hard against the ropes which got him a nearfall.

Eddie with a right hand to Kennedy!

Kennedy eventually got up and then went into a hammerlock on Eddie Guerrero. Kennedy had it on and the fans chanted for Eddie. Eddie Guerrero went for a couple of elbow shot`s to Kennedy and then hit a back suplex followed by an elbow shot and a clothesline. Eddie Guerrero with a kick to the mid-section and then the three amigo`s but on the third one Kennedy countered turning behind him driving him into the turnbuckle. Kennedy with a few right hands to Eddie Guerrero and then hr reversed an irishwhip and Kennedy went into Charles Robinson.

Eddie grinned as he knew the ref was down so this is when he could have some fun.

Eddie grabbed a chair and then slammed it against the canvas letting Charles Robinson hear a sound as if it was Kennedy who had just hit Eddie with the chair.

Kennedy is DQ’d and the match is over.

Kind of fitting to see Eddie going out with a Smile on his face.

* 1/4






A Hall of Fame Career.



Final Rating for Viva La Raza: The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero DVD = 8.5/10
This set on so many levels is a must buy for any fans of pure wrestling. Rey Mysterio at the beginning of the DVD said he’s one of the greatest ever. This set shows you exactly why and although it doesen’t include everything, believe me when I tell you that the quality you get on each disc is well worth buying this DVD. Obviously it’s a shame Chris Benoit couldn’t of been included despite his name being mentioned on commentary during a few of the matches but like with all DVD releases, you can’t get everything. So many gems, so many epic encounters, pick this set up, it is a wonderful DVD that shows you the legacy of arguably a top 10 wrestler of all time. Eddie Guerrero will live on forever and his legacy is captured tremendously on Viva La Raza…

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