Review: WWE Viva La Raza – Legacy of Eddie Guerrero DVD (Disc 2)

November 19, 2010 by Brett Mix



Disc 2 Extras:

Los Guerreros Vignettes:
-Baby Carriage
-Low Rider



Disc 2 Matches:

11) Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho (c) for the WWF European Championship -April 3rd 2000 WWF Raw is War

This was the night after Wrestlemania 2000 where Jericho won the European title in a triple threat match with Angle and Benoit.

Benoit won Angle’s IC title and Jericho won Angle’s European title and Angle never lost either fall but lost both title’s.

Eddie Guerrero came out and at this time had been feuding with Chyna.

Eddie Guerrero got on the mic and told Mamacita to take it easy. Eddie Guerrero told Chyna he was focused on the European title so he had to take it easy tonight and he said this one was for her!

This took place in LA and I remember this being the first match of the night after a long McMahon segment explaining why he had turned heel at Wrestlemania 16.

Eddie cornered Jericho to begin and this is the first WWF/E match on the entire DVD. Props to the company for putting a full disc of matches from elsewhere.
Eddie Guerrero and Jericho began this high intensity match with a fist fight that went back and forth! That’s always good to see in bouts like this, especially if it’s a TV match.

Eddie Guerrero gave him an uppercut followed by an irishwhip to the corner, when Eddie Guerrero charged at him too, Jericho elevated him head first into the buckle. Y2J hit some chops on Eddie Guerrero and then sent him high in the air with more elevation and Eddie Guerrero fell stomach first to the canvas. Eddie Guerrero got picked up by Jericho with a powerbomb attempt but Eddie Guerrero with his quickness rolled out of it with a sunsetflip and then a dropkick. Eddie Guerrero raked the face of Jericho and couldn’t keep his eyes off Chyna.

Fast match here.

Eddie Guerrero caught Jericho with a reverse elbow off the side ropes and then leaped up and caught Jericho the reigning European Champion with a nice sleeper. Eddie kept it locked in and Guerrero shouted to Chyna on the outside. Jericho elbowed Eddie Guerrero and then he found himself back into a sleeper. Eddie Guerrero slowed down the pace but Jericho hit a back suplex for a desperation counter. Eddie Guerrero fought back with a few blows and then tossed Jericho outside the ring through the middle ropes.

Eddie Guerrero sent Jericho into the steps and then Jericho elbowed Eddie in the ribs. Chopping war on the outside of the ring. Eddie Guerrero seemingly didn’t want anymore of Y2J as he ran around the ring but caught Y2J chasing him with a thumb to the eye and then raked the face of Jericho with his boot yet again. Inside the ring Eddie Guerrero hit a snapshot vertical suplex to Jericho and then went uptop and missed a summersault, Eddie had his eye on Chyna buying Jericho some time to get up and he hit a powerslam on Eddie Guerrero.

Jericho scored with a righthand and then a kick to the mid-section of Eddie. Eddie Guerrero got caught with a running facesplash by Jericho and then when Eddie was down he still managed to get up and kick Jericho, however when Y2J charged towards Eddie it knocked the ref down and out.
Jericho hit a double powerbomb on Eddie Guerrero and then he hit a springboard moonsault to Eddie. Jericho was looking to retain his title and Chyna came in without the ref in there and counted the three, and then lifted Y2J’s hand and kicked him in the groin planting him with a DDT. Chyna then rolled Eddie on top of Jericho.


Chyna threw the ref in the ring and we got a New European Champion!

JR says Chyna has screwed Jericho!

A new era begins.

She couldn’t resist his Latino Heat afterall!

This was actually a great TV match with no commercials which was awesome to see. Nothing but quality and had a nice swerve which I remmeber quite well, solid choice for this DVD.

It began with Jericho telling a nice story about his deceased friend.

** 1/2

12) Eddie Guerrero (W/Chyna) vs Matt Hardy in a KOTR Qualifying Match -WWF Smackdown! June 8th, 2000

Matt Hardy talked about how Eddie Guerrero adapted to psychology from the crowd, from the action in the ring and how he was just the total package. Matt said he was a fan of Eddie and was very happy he got to wrestle an entertaining match with him.

Eddie Guerrero and Matt Hardy as well as Chyna were all over with this TV audience which was always large in the year 2000 which always made for great environment’s, arguably the peak of the Attitude Era and the fans were just so awesome back then which made the matches all the better.

Another fast paced bout here in a KOTR qaulifying match, I guess the only bad part here is that Micheal Cole is broadcasting, I’ll live.

Chyna at this point had already advanced to her second KOTR tournament, now these two had to battle it out for who would advance.

Eddie Guerrero tied the arm of Matt but he took him down, followed by a quick exchange of both men taking each other down with single leg takedown’s, a snap take down by Matt and then a roll-up, brilliant chain wrestling here and Matt Hardy out doing Eddie Guerrero in the early stages! Matt with a hammerlock to Eddie and all these moves applied so quickly, so wonderfully, Eddie Guerrero then elbowed Matt and hit a shoulder block. Matt then flipped Eddie over twise and then a tilt slam to Eddie Guerrero. Matt getting the best of Eddie Guerrero early.

Matt irishwhipped Eddie Guerrero and then slammed him amdomen first after elevating him in the air after an irishwhip to the side ropes, Matt went for a Twist of Fate but Eddie Guerrero countered with a back slide and then irishwhipped Matt after an uppercut. Latino Heat had it reversed and Matt picked him up but Eddie Guerrero hit a hurricanrauna followed by a nearfall. Matt then with a roll-up, counter after counter, move after move, both men with near falls.


And did I mention it was fast?

A neckbreaker from Eddie Guerrero to Matt and then Matt met Eddie Guerrero up high on the top turnbuckle and Matt hit a superplex from the top!

Eddie with a nearfall after a suplex when he was shockingly the first one to his feet. Eddie Guerrero went up high and missed a summersault from the top. Matt elevated Eddie face firstinto the turnbuckle, then Eddie Guerrero caught Matt with an elbow and a hurricanrauna for the victory.
Quick match, no commercials but it was so excellent.

Awesome, awesome TV match.

Nothing but quality in a short amount of time, Eddie advanced.




13) Eddie Guerrero vs Rob Van Dam (c) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship -WWF Backlash 2002

Jerry Lawler talks about knowing Eddie’s uncle Hector before this match and how much he loved watching Eddie perform.

This next match is amazing by the way but it takes multiple viewings or a good eye to catch what is just so amazing about it.

Eddie’s HEEL psychology in this match is so brilliant. I was high on this match before and had already written out a review for it, so here it is as my feelings are just as high now about this classic encounter, as they were then. I remember Rob taking a sick powerbomb in this bout.

RVD’s unorthadox offense against Eddie’s great aerial;mat offense.

Eddie comes to `Latino Heat` and King says Latino Heaaaaaat (Which I absolutely hate) I know he loves it but I don`t. I much perfer his “WHAAAAAAAT!“ in a squeeky voice.
Anyway Eddie looks disgusted with life as a heel and this was just before he was booked to be in a program with Steve Austin but we all know how that played out, it didn`t. (Which unfortunately as Austin regrets in his book due to the walkout)

RVD comes out with the IC Title and is very much over as expected.

RVD comes in the ring.

This should be a great back and forth high flying bout with a lot of counters just like the last one.



Jerry Lawler asks King “Who was the first person to use the Frog Splash in the WWF”

Jim Ross after a few seconds says that would be D-Lo Brown, King comes back with his WHAAAAT. Okay, now that is funny.

Jerry Lawler then realizing he made a mistake says OKAY who is the SECOND person, and JR says Eddie and King says that`s right……

Funny stuff.

Lawler claims RVD copied it from Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie Guerrero doesen`t like RVD`s taunt when he points to himself so he pushes him and the match is underway, Eddie runs to the side ropes comes off and ducks a potential clothesline from Rob Van Dam and then flips over RVD in a VERY COOL looking spot and then caught a spinning heel kick still from RVD.

Lawler says the match is going to be lightning quick, he is right.

RVD flies to the corner and then monkey flips Eddie before catching Eddie Guerrero with another spinning heel kick, then a near fall.

Eddie then battled back with some hard right hands and then caught RVD`s left leg and torked the knee with a single leg take down. Eddie cornered Van Dam and delivered some hard blows to Van Dam in the corner but RVD despite getting some spears turns around and hits a waist lock on Eddie, then Eddie Guerrero viciously countered that and attacked RVD once again backing him into a corner.

RVD then gets a moment as the ref buys him some time and he utilizes that to hit a heel kick and then a leg drop after a flip. RVD with a big kick to Eddie Guerrero and a nearfall. JR calls RVD hard to scout, that about sums it up.

Both men look to go for a suplex but Eddie hits it yet RVD lands on him…strange. RVD then goes up top for a back flip but Eddie caught him up high. Eddie then punched RVD up high and goes up top with him and this was the aerial assault I was elluding to before that we`d suspect, Eddie Guerrero goes for a suplex but RVD with a unique counter in Mid-Air as he jumps to the outside but bounced Eddie Guerrero`s head off the top ropes. RVD back in the ring from up high hits a kick to the head and then rolling thunder and got a nearfall.

Non Stop Offense!

Eddie with an inside cradle, a two. RVD to his feet, Eddie with a backslide Roll-Up with his leg strength and another near fall.

RVD with a baseball slide then hops off the top and comes off with a cross body to Eddie Guerrero outside the ring. RVD then sets Eddie up on the gaurd rail and hops off the ring apron after his RVD taunt and plants his right leg on Eddie`s upperback. Both men down on the mat by the gaurd rail.

RVD then sends Eddie Guerrero in the ring and only scores a two after those 3-4 big time offensive moves in succession. RVD went for the rolling thunder but Eddie got his knees up resourcefully on the lower back of RVD.

Eddie with nice psychology following that up with a big time back breaker to Van Dam.
Eddie Guerrero then with a back suplex to RVD but gets a two count.
Eddie then kicks at RVD`s lower back and irish whips RVD to the corner and hits a drop toehold to RVD, before stretching both his arms back as he curls his knees on top of him and stretches him back torking the lower back and applies a waist lock; rear chin lock. Fucking brilliant.

Eddie Guerrero`s psychology and workkrate mixed with his holds is fucking scary, he`s pretty much the all around package in the ring.

Eddie viciously continued to attack RVD`s lower back and the IC Champ was in trouble. Eddie then lifted up RVD and stretched his arms in mid-ring while more pressure was exerted to RVD`s lower back.

Ross and Lawler clearly don`t know the name of the hold and quite frankly neither do I so it`s all good but it`s impressive. I`m sure if I thought long enough I could name it, either way…the match continued and RVD caught a high kick then flipped from outside the ring into the ring and got a nearfall.

RVD had sustained so much pressure from a brilliant and aggressive Guerrero to his lower back but the crowd still chanted the champ on with RVD chants.

Eddie Guerrero with a big time hurricanrauna from the top rope. Unbelievable.

Eddie then with a nice suplex dropping RVD on his back. Another suplex impacting the back on RVD then hits a forearm to the face of RVD. Eddie then calls for a Frog Splash as he says he`s feeling FROGGY BABY.

Eddie up high catches a kick from RVD out of no where but still sells the back, adrenaline is what JR`s excuse is for this out of no where RVD offense to Eddie up high.
Eddie with an amazing Springboard Sunsetflip from the top rope to RVD and he LANDS HARD against the mat which takes more out of the lower back of RVD.

God, this match is AMAZING.

Eddie Sucks chants but Eddie sets up RVD for a powerbomb it looks like but RVD lands on his feet and hits another kick out of desperation to buy himself some time. Eddie grabbed the IC title in attempt to cheat. Tim White didn`t see it but Eddie pushed RVD into Tim White.

Eddie Guerrero then planted RVD with a neck braker onto the IC Title belt with the ref down!

Eddie up high and hits the frog splash, Tim White gets up and counts the three.

In the end Eddie Guerrero pinned Van Dam after a Frog Splash at 11:43 to become the NEW Intercontinental Champion!

Okay, this is much more then an underrated gem.

This is a classic.
Great storytelling, with beautiful offense and submission holds, the psychology added up picture perfect, the only thing this match missed was more time and crowd involvment.
Yeah, we heard some Eddie sucks chants, and RVD chants but seriously, the action was so amazing in the ring and the crowd was rather dead and that was very undeserved.



**** 1/4



14) Eddie Guerrero (C) vs Jeff Hardy for the WWF Intercontinental Championship -WWE Raw April 29th, 2002

Always nice to see another TV match and as expected this is yet again another fast paced match on Disc 2, which seems to be a theme.

They showed a match from 2000 where Eddie battled Matt on Smackdown! which I just gave three stars, now this is a match one week after the Backlash 02 match with RVD, where Eddie faces another Hardy Brother two years later but on Raw.
Bout is for the IC title, expecting a lot of fast moves here and I can’t stress enough how much I love the WWE’s selection with rare TV bouts, the Edge NO DQ match is yet to come and that might be my favourite selection on the entire DVD, it was an essential addition for this set.

Jeff on the DVD said that Eddie gave it 100% every night and he was so thankful to have worked with him and he tried to follow in his footsteps like a rolemodel. This was a nice touch on the DVD to see so many workers compliment him.

Eddie Guerrero strutted out with the gold and looked as cocky as ever. Classic, arrogant Eddie.
Both men ready to go for the IC title on Raw and the crowd was ready. Charles Robinson rang the bell as the Rainbow haired warrior got set to tangle with the extremely talented Eddie Guerrero and reigning IC Champion.

Eddie Guerrero grabs the ropes for a warm up to stretch as did Hardy and here we go!

Eddie Guerrero with a side headlock to Jeff and then he gets out, the two tie up again and Jeff corners Eddie and Robinson counts to five before Eddie Guerrero the reigning champion tackles him down, Eddie Guerrero hits a beautfil armdrag, but Hardy counters and hits a couple of his own. Eddie ties up Jeff to the side ropes and then Eddie gives him a hard shot. Eddie relentlessly attacks jeff and irishwhips him, ducks the leapfrog and then Eddie clotheslined Eddie Guerrero and got a nearfall. Eddie irishwhips Hardy into the corner but he lifts up and hits a hurricanrauna to Eddie Guerrero and then he went to the outside for a breather. Eddie Guerrero kicked Hardy down. Eddie stomped on Jeff and then gave him a hard forearm shot in the corner. Eddie Guerrero hit a vicious uppercut to Jeff in the corner as he really took it to the challenger. Off the side ropes Jeff came charging at Eddie Guerrero but he met him with a reverse elbow. Eddie Guerrero then with a forearm shot to Jeff, grabbed the arm and hit a side suplex to the challenger. Eddie Guerrero went outside the ring apron and springboarded in with a moonsault that missed, Jeff hit a double arm takedown to Eddie Guerrero, then Jeff with a nice pinning combination stretching the legs of Eddie Guerrero. Only a two and Eddie Guerrero gets to his feet and hits a snapshot vertical suplex to Jeff Hardy.
Eddie Guerrero then climbed to the top rope and was about to fly off for a potential frogsplash but Hardy met him with a shot up top. Jeff hooked up Eddie Guerrero on the top turnbuckle and hit a big time superplex, going for it all as the daredevil usually did. Eddie Guerrero got a jawbreaker after a series of right hands from Jeff Hardy. Jeff irishwhipped Eddie to the ropes and went airborn and flew off with a clothesline. Jeff in the corner choked out Guerrero and then he irishwhipped Eddie Guerrero but he reversed it with one of his own to Jeff into the corner who answered back with a kick to the groin. Hardy flips him down and drops both his legs in the groin of Eddie Guerrero.

Jeff then climbs to the top as the fans cheer but Eddie Guerrero knocked Jeff down and met him up top and now answered back with a superplex attempt of his own but Jeff pushed him off and then went for a Swanton and missed. He went back up and hit a corkscrew moonsault which took out Eddie and referee Charles Robinson. No ref for Jeff to get the nearfall.

Eddie Guerrero stalked Jeff from behind and knocked him down. Eddie Guerrero grabbed his belt and Jeff with a dropkick from inside the ring and flew out to the outside and Eddie Guerrero slammed the belt into the face of Jeff when he was going for a crossbody, all this behind the official`s back. Latino Heat then hit a frog splash from the top and retained the title after a three count.

Eddie cheated to win in what was a solid Raw match.

Good stuff here, just a dead crowd.

** 3/4



15) Eddie Guerrero vs Edge in a No Disqualification Match -WWE Smackdown September 26th, 2002

Edge said he will NEVER forget the match here in San Diego. Eddie has stitches in his head when Edge saw him at the airport and they both admitted it was worth it due to the classsic they put on.

Get ready for brutality at its very finest!

Eddie as a HEEL got a standing ovation after this match and Edge points out how rare it was for an antagonist to get that kind of reception. He looked defeated but he still got up and bloodied, and you can not help but respect that.
Here we go!

One of the better tv matches in history for Smackdown!

Edge and Eddie had great chemistry, it was no secret as they provided a ton of classsic’s together over time.

This was one of them if not the very best and the fact it happened in Smackdown during the time with the Super Six, with a hot crowd, a lot of energy and gimmick like NO DQ was icing on the cake!

Eddie Guerrero and Edge in a NO DQ Classic from Late 02 on Smackdown! This is going to be good which could very well be the understatement of the century.

Micheal Cole says the conclusion of a tremendous rivalry and what a way to go out, and on TV to boot! (As mentioned)

Edge was mega over here and it is a shame he got injured in early 2003.

Eddie Guerrero tied up with Edge and high intensity to begin. In the last few matches on this DVD set with RVD, the Hardyz, I talked about how fast the pacing was, well this match should be even faster. These two wrestle with brilliant psychology but you must remember this was a heated rivalry so both men were vicious and wanted to destroy the other, especially with the NO DQ stipulation.

Eddie Guerrero attacked him with forearm shots and then sent him to the ropes and met

Edge with a reverse elbow show up high.

Eddie Guerrero with a side headlock, Edge sent him to the ride and Eddie hit a shoulderblock, off the ropes with a leapfrog and Edge ducked, then hit a monkey flip to Eddie Guerrero. Nice. Edge cornered Eddie and Eddie Guerrero tried to rake the eyes. Edge with an armbar to Eddie Guerrero. Tazz doing color always helps, he understands psychology like the best of them. The crowd was all over Eddie as he cornered Edge and kicked at him. Edge with his head on the middle rope and Eddie Guerrero flew over the top and hit his head on the middle rope. Eddie Guerrero got a nearfall as Edge kicked out. Eddie Guerrero asked for the crowd to say what they felt and they booed. This bought Edge time to send Eddie Guerrero to the ropes and hit a back body drop. Edge grounded Eddie Guerrero with a dropkick. Eddie Guerrero got slammed by Edge and then recieved an elbow to the sternum and Edge got a two.

Edge sticked with a left armbar to Edge and pulled the hair of Eddie Guerrero to keep the intensity up, even though he was a babyface. Eddie kicked at Edge and with a spinning heel kick to Edge.

Latino Heat is so smart, and you want to talk about back and forth action. Eddie Guerrero kicked at Edge and proved how cocky he was by jumping around the ring with shots to Edge. Eddie Guerrero with a quick snapshot vertical suplex then a nearfall. Eddie Guerrero with a headlock to Edge. Fantastic pacing and booking so far in this bout, the back and forth material worked extremely well.

That was a huge plus for the beginning stages as they set the stage perfectly.
Edge needed to get to his feet and with San Diego cheering him on he battled out with elbows to Edge, a hand full of hair by Eddie Guerrero, but a forearm by Edge, Edge with an irishwhip to Eddie Guerrero and he hit him with a back bodyslam. Edge needed some time to regain his composure, went to the top tope but a little too slow as Eddie met him up there and hit a nice superplex from the top rope! Eddie got a nearfall!

Amazing action here. Both men had been hurt before the match and now it was taking its toll on both guys in this one. Eddie Guerrero with intensity, viciously kicked at the leg of Edge. Eddie Guerrero picked Edge up and gave him a forearm. Edge threw Eddie Guerrero to the ropes, Edge looked to be in trouble as Eddie went to the top of him and looked for a possible Hurricanrauna but Edge tossed him out.

Edge pulled out the Ladder!

The fans erupt and Edge brings the ladder and went to hit Eddie Guerrero with the Ladder face first but he ducked at the last moment and Edge hit the ref! Eddie Guerrero grabbed a chair under the ring and gave Edge a hard shot into the back! Eddie Guerrero now outsmarted Edge in that prediament and then threw Edge back into the ring and with a steel chair in hand he went to hit Edge with a chair and he caught the ribs. Tazz mentioned he hit the face of Edge last week and now he attacked the ribs. Eddie Guerrero felt froggy and went up top after those vicious chairshots to Edge and he went for a frogsplash but missed! This bought Edge some time to regain his composure and make this another back and forth tilt, we usually see spots like this in Pro-Wrestling in the middle of matches. This allows the superstars to get back in the match so it is not so one sided and in a hardcore environment, it is definately vital they do just that and booking certainly comes into play here and it of course was tremendous in this bout.

Edge moved out of the way avoiding the Eddie Guerrero frogsplash. The ref is down. Both men down and they went to a commercial break in what has been in an unbelievable physical match. Keota came out as the new ref and Cole put over how it was still non-stop during the break.

Edge got whipped to the ropes and Eddie caught him with a sleeper.

Eddie leaped on Edge and had control of him now grounding him.

This match has been a roller-coaster ride and the biggest strength was how believable the story telling was mixed with the in-ring chemistry. Eddie Guerrero kicked out of a spear during the break. Edge then ran off the side ropes and caught Eddie Guerrero with a running bulldog and a nearfall! Wow. Edge thought he had him.

What a battle.

Edge up in the corner with Eddie down but Eddie Guerrero caught him as he took too much time. The leg scissors from the top rope by Eddie Guerrero but Edge kicked out and now Eddie Guerrero looked like he was going to snap. Neither man would give in. Eddie Guerrero with hard forearm shots to Edge and then he leaped up to the top rope looking for a DDT but Edge with a counter in mid-air hitting a sitdown powerbomb to Eddie Guerrero damaging his neck! Unreal material here. Eddie and his neck were in trouble.
Edge looking to take advantage outside the ring grabbed a ladder and put it in the ring with Eddie Guerrero. Guerrero countered with a dropkick to Edge holding the ladder out of desperation. Both Eddie and Edge had history in Ladder matches. One ladder in the ring already, but Eddie Guerrero grabbed another one and put it in the ring. Everyone on the edge of there seet for this one as Eddie Guerrero slammed Edge down. Eddie Guerrero in this back and forth bout took advantage of Edge wiht a couple of forearm shots and Edge landed hard on the ladder, wow!

Speaking of WOW!…..Eddie springboarded from the outside on top of Edge who was planted between two ladders. Eddie chants filled the air, beautiful.

Eddie Guerrero had sacrificed his own body to gain the upperhand and this was Latino country so it was understanable the respect for Eddie Guerrero. Eddie set up a Ladder in the corner and Edge was down, you wonder what would happen next. Eddie Guerrero was going to fly off the top but Edge met Eddie on the top of the ladder up there, both men at the top punch for punch, Eddie slammed Edge and his head against the ladder and he had concussion problems. Eddie with a sunsetflip from one side of the ladder to Edge off the other and he powerbombed Edge. That has to be it! But no! Edge kicked out! Respect shown for Eddie with the chants as that was absolutely incredible, words can not describe that.

Tazz was getting goosebumps and quite frankly I am too, I just love this match.
Eddie Guerrero followed it up with throwing Edge into the ladder and as Eddie charged towards Edge he back dropped him and his back hit the ladder. Tazz was speechless, this was beyond a classic at this point. Edge had Eddie Guerrero down and this rivlary got to the point where it was beyond personal now. Edge suddenly found himself in the driver seat and climbed up a ladder in the corner. Eddie Guerrero with a shot to the kidney, Eddie climbed in the corner and both men are spent. Both men battled on the top of the ladder and Edge gave Eddie a taste of his own medicine with shots to the head on the top of the ladder!

Edge then with an Edge-A-Cution on Eddie from the top of the ladder and he won!


One of the best matches in the history of Smackdown! Nothing but quality. Eddie was busted open and as mentioned got a standing ovation despite being a heel after the match.
The spirit of competion has never been displayed better on TV. Not about titles, about who the better man was and both these guys left it in the ring and wrestled a fantastic match with some bumps and counters unmatched by other ones.

They show the ovation for Eddie which is just unbelievable.

One of the best moments in the history of Smackdown! I love it.




16) Team Angle (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) vs Los Guerreros (Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero) for the WWE Tag Team Championship -WWE Backlash 2003

Supposed to be heels, Los Guerreros were so over they became cheered by the audience similar to the Hollywood Blondes in WCW.

Chavo talks a bit on the DVD about how fun it was working as a partner with Eddie and the chemistry.

This was the best match of the night and it was the opener.

That doesen’t say much about the Backlash 2003 PPV but at least this one was great and put on Eddie’s set.

This wasn’t as good as it could have been potential wise but that just goes to show how good these four are in the ring. They are capable of more but this one flowed as you’d expect very well. No complaints at all here pacing wise, it’s actually terrific just like most bouts on Disc 2. Being a tag match made it all the better.

Eddie Guerrero started off with Haas!

Should be some excellent exchanges with mat work-chain wrestling, etc, I am looking forward to this as I alwayd found Haas to be an underrated worker.

Eddie Guerrero WENT for an armdrag takedown into a side headlock to avoid Haas and his mat instinct as he went for Eddie and his arm. Eddie Guerrero looked determined asnd went into a sideheadlock, got sent to the ride and hit shoulder block, a nearfall, then a snap by Eddie and another nearfall. Eddie hopped around the ring showing his cockiness as Haas looked mad. Eddie chants filled the arena.

Eddie Guerrero then tagged in Chavo.

Chavo relaxed in the corner.

Chavo flipped in and hooked up with Haas in the middle of the ring. Haas left to the outside and Shelton came in. Benjamin and Chavo about to get it in and they tied up eventually after a moment of hesitation. Chavo with a quick go-behind to Shelton who brought on an armringer but Chavo countered with a waistlock, hooked the leg and then a cover and Shelton kicked out.

Some good material here.

Chavo paced around the ring and then tied up with Shelton again and twisted the left arm of Benjamin. Eddie Guerrero flipped in and hit Shelton with right hand and an uppercut. Eddie cornered him.

Eddie Guerrero had Shelton cornered. Los Guerreros trying to isolate one half of the soon to be WGTT aka Team Angle on one side of the ring.

Eddie Guerrero tagged in Chavo who went back to work on the arm of Shelton and went to the mat to hyperextend his elbow. Chavo irishwhipped Shelton the corner but he caught him with an elbow to the back and Shelton caught a break, Chavo irishwhipped him to the top rope and Eddie kicked him.

Eddie Guerrero with Latino temper came in the ring and continued giving Shelton some shots, and on the other corner Chavo choked out Benjamin in the corner. Chavo kicked at Benjamin and tossed him out. Eddie Guerrero took advantage outside the ring and hit him with some chops.

Back in the ring Chavo was tagged in and he went to work some more on Bejnamin slamming him down, tagging in Eddie who springboarded into the ring on top of Shelton with a moonsault and then got a nearfall. Eddie Guerrero then hopped around as he delivered some forearms to a young Shelton. A nice side suplex to Shelton. Haas tagged in.

Eddie went to work on Haas and then got clotheslined and Haas with an important back bodydrop. Benjamin choked out Eddie on the outside behind the refs back and a quick tag to Shelton and he suplexed Eddie on the canvas. Haas with a knee to the kidney area of Eddie Guerrero on the outside of the ring. Shelton got a nearfall inside the ring as Eddie kept a shoulder up. Eddie Guerrero in a facelock and Haas got tagged in and set Eddie up face first on the canvas as Haas held him by the legs.

Shelton leaped over him and drove Eddie and his throat region into the ropes, impressive double team move by Team Angle. Haas kicked at Eddie Guerrero who was all of the sudden in a vulnerable position here. Haas with a well applied chinlock to Eddie and the crowd clapped for Eddie Guerrero to gain some momentum and he did with some elbows to the gut and then a back suplex to follow it up. Eddie and Haas both down. Eddie went for Chavo but Haas with a double leg takedown into a modified spinebuster, awesome. Not only does Haas make sure Eddie Guerrero can not tag but he takes him down in the process. Shelton is tagged in and applies a rear chinlock to ground a quick Eddie Guerrero, smart move.

Eddie Guerrero out of desperation with a jawbreaker, almost tagged in Chavo but Shelton made sure he could not do it! Shelton with an ankle lock and then he picked up Eddie and hit an amazing suplex but somehow Eddie Guerrero got out that predicament, now Benjamin who is technically sound went into a rear chinlock yet again.

Eddie Guerrero down and needed to tag badly. Shelton methodically took Eddie down and was trying to beat him at his own game, Shelton moving around from a rear chinlock into a sideheadlock and had Eddie Guerrero and his shoulders planted and got some nearfalls in the process. Team Angle slowing the pace down as Shelton tagged in Haas who hit a back breaker to a fatigued Eddie Guerrero. Shelton then stretched Eddie and his face backwards and Eddie Guerrero was vulnerable. Eddie then desperastely with knees to the head and when Haas picked him up Eddie hit an explosive DDT and Haas up elevated Eddie Guerrero into Chavo so the tag was made!

Chavo was extremely resdted. Chavo worked away on Shelton in the corner and Haas charged towards Chavo and hit Shelton. Chavo with a big suplex but Haad kicked out. Shelton came in though and hit a big powerbomb to Chavo, Eddie Guerrero flew off the top with a missile dropkick to Shelton. Eddie Guerrero with the three amigos to Haas. Chavo was the legal man though and he crawled towards Haas but he kicked out.
Haas was hurt from the three suplexes from Eddie but then he caught a dropkick from Chavo and then Eddie who was illegal hit a frogsplash on Haas, Chavo covered Haas but got a two. Shelton threw Eddie Guerrero shoulder first into the steps ad then somehow Haas picked up a victor on Los Guerreros as Haas pinned Chavo with some help from Shelton on the outside!

Lots of fast tags, fast moves, team work and psychology so a well balanced match.

Everything bottled into one great tag team opener from the Smackdown brand on this event.

So in the end Haas pinned Chavo after Benjamin clipped Chavo’s legs during a suplex attempt at 15:03 to retain the tag team titles, but this was just all sorts of fun overall.

*** 1/2



17) John Cena vs Eddie Guerrero in a Latino Heat Parking Lot Brawl -WWE SmackDown! September 11, 2003


This was a unique match.

Cena was becoming amazingly popular as was Eddie who obviously had much more of a following and reputation at this time but this was going to be a good battle.

This is also up there was one of the better SD wars.

Cena cut some freestyles on Eddie that were pretty controversial as he accused him of not having a green card. Cena said that one of his first major feuds was with Eddie.

Eddie was the US Champ at the time.

Cena was ready.

Cena said CHILL. Cena then cut a freestyle before this Parking Lot Brawl surrounded by a bunch of rides.

Eddie Guerrero met him there and the brawl was on. Cena threw Eddie around and sooner or later Eddie Guerrero turned the tide and tossed Cena onto a car. Cena picked Eddie up though and hit a vertical suplex on top of the roof of the car which hurt his back.

Good stuff here.

Cena then with shots to Eddie and then walked around and pulled out weapons from a Mini Van. Cena grabbed a Lawn Mower and went towards Eddie and went to run him over but Eddie Guerrero countered and slammed him head firsdt into a car. Cena pushed Eddie into a car and he bounced off the hood. Cena grabbed a shovel and went to hit Eddie but he moved right away and the shovel shot dented the car and you could hear the crowd react. Eddie with shovel shots denting the hood and the lights of the car but Cena moved out of the way. Cena walked right into Eddie Guerrero opening a door and hittin Cena. Eddie Guerrero choked out Cena with a seatbelt beside a car. Eddie dropped some knees into the head of Cena. Cena came back with some kicks tot he kidnet of Eddie Guerrero. Cena threw Eddie into the trunk of the car. Cena was about to open the trunk but Eddie popped out catching Cena head first.

Cena limping around the parking lot and then grabbed Eddie and tossed him onto a car and the window broke. Cena covered on the top of the car onto Eddie Guerrero and he legally kicked out as the falls count anywhere here. Eddie Guerrero got his shoulders up this time as he just rolled out of the way!

Eddie Guerrero then threw Cena head first into the window and it shattered. Cena down and Eddie grabbed John and he threw Eddie head first into the glass, it did not break the first time showing how hard it was, then Cena did it again and it broke. Both men hurt and Cena almost got a three on Eddie. Somehow he kicked out, both men worn out with the bruthal physicality. Eddie Guerrero threw Cena back first into the car and Guerrero was down as well. Eddie tried to get to his feet and then he got up and followed Cena into the front seat of the cat and both men battled inside the car. Eddie said SMILE FOR MAMA and then he kicked Cena in the groin section inside the car, which could remind someone of a scene from Scream.

Eddie and Cena kept going at it as Eddie turned the wipers on and the fluid sprayed into the eyes of Cena. Innovative stuff, Eddie Guerrero charged towards Cena and he backdropped him onto the car. Cena trying to end this thing.

Cena picked Cena up for an F-U but Eddie countered with some shots and then a hiptoss onto a car. Spine first. Chavo then hit Cena with a lid.

Eddie hit a frogsplash onto the hood of the car and Eddie gets the win.

Some good stuff but not much else if I am being honest.

** 1/2



18) Eddie Guerrero vs Chavo Guerrero (W/Chavo Senior/Classic) -WWE Royal Rumble 2004


Watching this live I felt it was a little dull, don’t know what I was smoking because this was actually very good although not fantastic. The two wrestled back and forth as they obvioussly had chemistry together being that there in the same family of good workers and a historic legacy, not to mention the two had added chemistry in WCW.
Eddie Guerrero and Chavo knew this bout was personal and here we go!

Eddie chants fill the arena.

Eddie hopped around and the two tie up and then Eddie cornered Chavo into the corner and then Chavo got Eddie to the side ropes.

Both men keep the tie up Lesnar-Goldberg like except the crowd did not boo the hell out of them. Chavo with a couple of slaps to Eddie showing complete disrespect and Eddie just stared at him with a cold look. Crowd chanted for Eddie as he drove Chavo into the corner some more.

Both men cautious here as they felt each other out, no doubt the two had each other well scouted with there history. Eddie with a drop toehold and then a headlock to Chavo.

Eddie being the great mat wrestler he was, had his nephew down on the mat.

Chavo Classic on the outside watched on as Eddie hit a chop on Chavo and he answered back with a vicious one back to his vertical base.

Both men tied up again and Eddie got Chavo in the corner and began to choke him out. Eddie Guerrero with a slap to Chavo and he just shook it off. Eddie started to smile.

Both men very conservative is the only way you can explain the unusual pacing to this one. Neither men wanting to make a mistake. Eddie Guerrero sent Chavo to the ropes he came off with a shoulder block, then a side headlock, back to the ropes and then another shoulder block by Chavo.

Eddie with as chop, and then a chopping war broke out until Eddie hit a thumb to the eye of Chavo and then in the corner Chavo held Eddie off of him.

Chavo held his face in pain.

Eddie Guerrero with a single leg takedown on Chavo and he found room to lock in an armbar while down on the mat. This is a technical match after a slow start and then Chavo with a monkey flip to Eddie which results in him hiting a hurricanrauna to Eddie Guerrero outside of the ring. Eddie is a bit hurt, he climbed up the streps and Chavo Senior took the leg out of Eddie.

Chavo realized this as his dad assisted him and he gave Eddie vicious chops outside the ring.

Once back in the ring Chavo gave him all sorts of blows after a single leg takedown, then a double leg takedown. Eddie is the master of counter wrestling and even though Chavo had him down, Eddie countered with an armringer showing his technical expertise. Eddie Guerrero recieved a kick and then a back suplex. Chavo almost got the three and then Chavo hit a big suplex, going for the three amigos. Triple vertical suplex here but on the thid one Eddie Guerrero flipped over his back and countered, he dodged a DDT and then gave Chavo a headbutt. Eddie with a big vertical suplex, now Eddie Guerrero is going to show Chavo how it is done. The home fo the Flyers, Eddie hits a hattrick in Philly.
Eddie Guerrero goes to the top looking for a frog splash and then he hits it. Eddie got it.

In the end Eddie pinned Chavo after his Frog Splash at 8:03. After the match, Eddie assaulted both Chavo and Chavo Senior.

** 3/4

19) Brock Lesnar (c) vs Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Championship -WWE No Way Out February 15th 2004


I remember thinking Eddie Guerrero didn’t stand a chance in this match.
This was held at the Cow Palace in California so Eddie was insanely over and his name was chanted and Brock looked pissed.

Eddie signs galore and chants for him all over. Eddie Guerrero’s new high is to perform in front of these fans according to Cole.

This was a pleasent surprise, the match had a lot of potential but it came off even better then remembered.

If Eddie won he’d be defending the title at Wrestlemania 20.

Lesnar had a sixty pount weight advantage.

Brock shouted early and then got Eddie Guerrero into a corner and said he isn’t anything.

Brock shoved Eddie off and then Eddie got up and smiled. Eddie tied up with Brock again and he hit a clothesline to Eddie and then kicked at him in the corner.

Lesnar pounded on Eddie in the corner some more with kicks and a choke.

Brock with a big shot to his back and then an irish-whip hurting his back more, and then a back drop! That would do damage. Brock with a suplex to Eddie Guerrero. Eddie tried to get back in it but Brock slowed a comeback down with a knee to the gut and then took it to the challenger some more. Lesnar was such a dominant WWE Champion and had no flaws in his gameplan but he did catch a reverselbow in the corner by Eddie Guerrero.

The Champion caught a knee but still he irish whipped Eddie hard into the corner before hitting a shot to the jaw with both of his boots when Lesnar charged towards him.
Eddie jumped on Lesnar but he powerbombed him as if he was nothing.

Lesnar then circled Eddie around as he just held him like a piece of fish. He swung Eddie around and hit another slam followed by a belly to belly, while he said “Eddie aint nothing!”

Lesnar with more knees to Eddie Guerrero and then disected him bit by bit as he dropped a knee to the jaw of Eddie Guerrero. Lesnar leaped into the air and dropped his knee right in his face. Lesnar was quicker, had more agility and more power.

Tazz built this match up so great making Eddie Guerrero seem like such an underdog.
Eddie tried to fireback with forearms but again Lesnar hit a shot to the ribs.
Any time Eddie delvered a blow Lesnar would respond back. The third belly to belly by Brock of the match and Eddie Guerrero had to roll out of the ring to buy himself some time.

Lesnar again kicked at Eddie’s ribs as he tried to get back in the ring and he’s just roll to the outside but Lesnar kept this up more and more showing how dominant he was. This started to embarass Eddie.

Eddie hit a resourceful shoulder to the gut and he hung Lesnar’s head off the top rope and then he tried to drag Lesnar towards the ring post. The strength of Lesnar tried to avoid the collision as he knew his intentions. Eddie Guerrero created an opening for himself as he tried to take the big man off his knee, which would take him off his vertical base.
Lesnar’s leg power pulled Eddie into the post and he hit shoulder first however some damage was done to Brock’s knee as well.

Back in the ring Lesnar hooked Eddie by the leg and pulled him up with a fisherman buster, a big high cradle and then he slammed Eddie hard to the mat with a crushing blow to the rib/back area which Lesnar has worked on.

Eddie kicked out, and to say this match had good psychology is an understatement.
I would of liked a re-match.

Brock with a rear-choke and both legs locked in front of Eddie’s MUCH SMALLER body.

Eddie hit a jaw breaker, tried to go in for the kill with a dropkick but got caught by Lesnar who went for a gorilla press but Eddie got out of it and landed on his feet. Eddie then dropkicked him off the side ropes.

Every time Eddie Guerrero built any momentum in this match though Lesnar just shut him down.

A monsterous clothesline by the WWE Champion. Lesnar released a powerful German suplex to Eddie Guerrero.

Brock kicked at Eddie’s back and then hit him hard as he drove his shoulders into the abdomen/lower back of Eddie Guerrero.
Brock Lesnar is the most physical WWE Champion ever and he continued to drive his shoulders into Eddie’s ribcage.

No signs of Lesnar slowing down, just like in his UFC matches.

Brock though charged towards Eddie and he ducked and Lesnar landed on the outside holding his knee!

When Eddie worked over Brock’s knee earlier in the match this story came back into play.
Eddie Guerrero realized it was desperation time and leaped over the ropes onto Brock on the outside.

Both men down on the outside until Brock broke the count at nine.

Lesnar and Eddie Guerrero both back in the ring but Eddie dropkicked the leg of Lesnar off the side ropes, the wise veteran knew where to attack. Eddie kicked at Brock’s leg and then Brock missed with a clothesline and hit a suplex as the fans were back into it as Eddie had life in him!

Eddie then caught a stungun from Lesnar after he charged towards him.
Even though Lesnar had been wounded he was able to get back the advantage because of his conditioning and size/power. Brock then to his feet started to choke out Eddie Guerrero while he grabbed him and told him he was nothing. He grabbed him by the face but Lesnar got taken apart as Eddie caught an opening similar to Frank Mir on Lesnar in his first major UFC bout! I hope he doesen’t read these reviews! Brock that is…for my sake. Hey I train five days a week, but I am NO LESNAR.

Eddie with a desperation STF to Brock. The knee had been torked and Eddie drove Brock’s bad knee to the mat. Eddie then kicked at his knee because Eddie Guerrero knew Lesnar relied on the leg so much. Eddie like a shark, viciously taking apart the knee. Eddie tried to lock in a figure four which got Woo’s but Brock battled out with his one good leg kicking off Eddie.
Eddie Guerrero continued to pressure Brock going for the knee again and again but he kicked Eddie off of him. Eddie Guerrero landed a dropkick continuing to keep the Champion down and he kept shoving Eddie off. Lesnar knew he had to keep Eddie off the knee to keep his vertical base. Brock with an amazing belly to belly and the sound effects only helped matters to make you realize just how vicious the move was.

The fans chanted for Goldberg.
Brock went for a suplex but Eddie landed on his feet and countered with a leg scissors and went to the knee again. Eddie Guerrero continued the assault on the left knee of Lesnar hitting a dropkick and then he hit the figure four!
Eddie Guerrero with a figure four on Lesnar and will Eddie win the title? Will Brock turn over? The suspense of it all.

We all knew the match had brilliant psychology and WRESTLING but the suspense and drama helped matters, the crowd got better with time as well. Brock layed back and the crowd counted to two but as he sat up the move felt the effect even more. Brock reached to the bottom rope and got there. Eddie Guerrero then kicked Lesnar’s knee out at every turn and then slapped on a leg lock further hurting the knee of Brock.

STG again at the side by Eddie Guerrero as he twisted the knee of Lesnar. The versatility of Eddie Guerrero was shown as he grabbed the head of Lesnar while he was tilting the exposed knee. Brock was in trouble as Eddie Guerrero was taking him apart but the powerful Champion came back quickly with a quick release. A german suplex by Brock Lesnar!

Both men down again.

Lesnar caught a running Eddie off the side ropes with a Spine Buster hard! Awesome.
Lesnar only got a two though and was frustrated because he went for a pinning attempt a couple of times. Now Lesnar a head hook with a body scissors using his good right leg, and not his injured left leg. Nice selling by Brock.

Brock turned it into a sleeper with a rear choke as his legs were wrapped around Eddie Guerrero. Eddie seemed to be fading after coming back in the match and being in control for a bit of time however Eddie came to his feet but Brock kept his weight on Eddie. His amateur background came into play as he was riding on top of Eddie with his body weight but Eddie went towards the corner and Brock hit head first into the corner.
Eddie Guerrero went for a missile dropkick off the top but missed it. Both men down again. Lesnar up but limping and then he suplexed Eddie but did it with one leg, his only good one left the right leg.

Brock yelled “Just Die Eddie! JUST DIE.” Lesnar then with a waistlock while Eddie was stomach first. I’m not even going to attempt at a joke in bad taste there.
Lesnar kept screaming “just die” as Eddie hung on but Lesnar kept the waistlock in to wear down the mid-section of Eddie and this would cut down on his speed as well.

No signs of Lesnar letting go of this gutwrench until he hit an awesome gutwrench suplex to follow it up and then when pinning Eddie with his arms locked Eddie kept kicking out! Brock rolled back with a bridge forcing Eddie to kick out, forcing him to exert more energy which would ultimately take the life out of Eddie Guerrero so to speak.

Eddie on both knees tried to reach for something while Brock had the waistlock on hard. Lesnar got slapped by Eddie and then a headbutt. Eddie Guerrero got the Champion down to one of his bad knees and Eddie took it out again with a dropkick. Eddie Guerrero then with a missile dropkick to the back of Lesnar’s head and then he caught Lesnar with a headscissors. Eddie Guerrero to his feet but then Brock with his good knee hit him up high. Lesnar found nobody home in the corner of the ring and then Eddie Guerrero kicked him in the mid-section and hit a suplex.

Eddie swung the hips and hit a triple vertical suplex, the Three Amigo`s.

Lesnar got to his feet after Eddie missed a frogsplash! Lesnar then hit an F-5 which also took out the referee!

The fans chanted for Goldberg!

Lesnar get the three counted due to no official.

Goldberg came in the ring and speared Lesnar! Cole and Tazz wondered where he came from as if they didn`t expect him. That`s hillarious even when they builded to it.
Raw`s Goldberg speared Smackdown`s Champion OMFG!

Everyone was down.

Fans chanted for Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie hooked a leg but only got a two count. Lesnar was still able to kickout. A lot of fans thought Eddie was going to be champion after Berg interfered and now that he didn`t win at that moment a lot of fans stopped cheering.

Which is one of the reasons this climax is so great.

Eddie grabbed the title belt and stalked Lesnar from behind and as he slowly got to his feet (due to his bad leg and still selling Berg`s spear) Eddie Guerrero went to hit him with the title but Brock ducked and hit Eddie with a knee shot.

Brock got Eddie up high and went for the F-5 but Eddie countered with a DDT in mid-air on to Lesnar`s head hitting the title. Eddie cheated with that move, the only way he knew how.

Everyone on there feet.
Eddie off the top with a Frog Splash…1…2…..3!!!

Eddie Guerrero did it!

One of the best matches to go back and re-watch, amazing chemistry between the two guys.

This would of been a dream match had it not taken place but thankfully it did.

One of the best moments ever and a fantastic way to end this dvd.

My all time dream match besides Benoit vs Steamboat would be Bret vs Lesnar. Bret worked amazing with big guys like Nash and Taker, Brock worked tremendous with technicians like Angle, Benoit and Eddie. So Imagine Bret vs Lesnar. Five star potential right there.


**** 1/2



Disc 3 to be continued…

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